The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1933 (AKK.) COURIER NEWS ;AGE THREE T«t: luUh 11:1-9 , The International Uniform Sunday School Lfssun for Dec. 24. • • • BY WM. E. GILKOY, D. D. KdJtor of The S1ILL lESPffEJEPEU Tax Action by Congress Awaited; Drys Arc Organizing Their Forces. BV FREDERICK O. OTIIMAN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (UP)—The new' year finds (lie resuscitated liquor action. industry embroiled in confusion, | It Is lo be noted that Isaiah's while the bootlegger piles Ills trade | vision ot world peace was not an almost as usual, Congress prepares| idle dream. Peace was not going to wrangle over whisky taxes, and. to come through sotne miraculous the ndinlnlslratlon worries about uf mysterious readjustment ol =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- Vision of World Peace right attitudes and right living. We are apt to think that 11 we have sufficient propagaiidlsm in behalf of peace, thai If we have enough international organizations highly endowed, that if we can only bring If there is any vision that live'" 1 * nations together Into" world world needs at the present lime, it I courts or leagues of nations, the Is a vision of peace. But wlren we I problem of overcoming war with ucinber thai the lesson we are P eacc «'llt be solved, dying ccmcs out of the ancient None ° r thfse a ? c studying world, and that the dream of peace Is still unfulfilled after all tire centuries, it Is obvious that we need guides Is to be despised or disregarded. We cannot work out great human plans without publicity, and appeal, and in ihtsc days not only vision but organization; but ultimately Die power of organization depends iip- )n Ihe extent and quality oj the forces organized. The nations never will disarm outwardly until they have become liiiriorl. quotas. | things, but peace, in the vision of Prices are high, but are expected Isiah. was associated with right to drop as soon as the holidays eousness and justice. lhe ijul iwtables is none too good and generally is little belter lhan the htst of the bootleg liquor which slaked Illegal thirsts for 13 years. Wets Are Happy ' Anti-prohibitionists nontheless are hanpy over the adoption of the 21si Amendment to the Constitution. A record-breaking vole by 3fi stales ended prohibilion hi lhe United Slates upon Dec. 5. The wets claim lhat lowered prices will drive the bootlegger out of business; that .the moderate tax which Cotwress is expected to adopt will make low prices possible, and that within a few months tl"> qunlilv of legal liquor again pre-prohib!tion | The Prince of Peace, the Ideal and righteous judge who was to establish his reign upon ea'rlh, would Judge the poor with riglit- coiisno£s. He would overturn the counsels of wickedness and injustice and trcal the meek ,ol lhe earth with equity. • • • There is the danger in our modern world of Imagining that peace can come without peaceful attitudes, and sound foundations religion. It is the things that are against I lie spirit of Jesus that are so menacing In the world today, both In national and in International life. As long as race prejudice and Intolerance and persecution rule in any nation the jK'ace of the world Is cdangcred. These live dnrk days in which wo are living, from the standpoint of the cause of peace; but the world Is being driven by events as much as by Ideals to solve this prubtan cf peace, If civilization itself is to be preserved. Tile forces ot war have bocome so destructive thai it Is commonly recognized that whole peoples may easily be wiped out with OIL- weapons and resources of PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Ome More We Have Secured Slridly \n. 1, -l-Polnt Tin key.-. ;ui<! Itlue Kihhon 1'ri/e Itecf. Bought by Swift & Co.. from Nnliiiiuil Stork Yards. The Hi-sl is Not (iood Kmnmh fur Our Customers. C'lu.sed AH Day Monday, 25th. TURKEYS Hlne Itililinii. Four I'dint Ilirds Fresh. Full Drt'sst'ii in Our Store Pound 23k disarmed in spirit nnd uuruusc. I modern warfare. The fortlllovlioiis and until a neu 1 spirit of mutual good will and willingness lo live together lias supplanlcd the present spirit of dtslrust, commercial rivalry and the lust for power. The cause of peace still finds its great exemplar and exponent in and weajxjns o! defense today arc iilmast powerless to resist attack, wliers formerly such defenses would have been Imprcgmible. 'Ill ire Is no way out for Iniman- ily, except the right way. If thj nations will G/IVC themselves, they must be as attentive (o t".:c laws the prince o( Peace. H is in the I ol health and safely as Is 'nei'us- prlnciples of Jesus that the world alone can have hope. Not thai one would set these principles of Jesus over against the [waccnble and righteous teachings of other religions, but because Jesus expressed so fully and vitally In his life and teaching the substance of nil (rue Beef him- Itllilic :i Harm! SUak. 1.1 31K- l.ulll S1>;ik, 1.1) 33e Thlfk Itlh. ISP Shuiildrr, Huunil 20c PorkHams : 12!c for an Individual. Hence we must preserve the vision, and ai the same lime be Gceking constantly (o put It lntoi| practice, It is through peaceful ways and altitudes that peace alone can be restored to a world torn by dissension and distrust. insisted that all prohibition law, violators would be prosecuted, de-, spite abolition ot the law. [ Alphonse (Scarfacc All Capone, • chief offender in the whole prohi- wlll approach ftnndards. billon era. celcbraled the end of: Paradoxically, the Anti-Saloon the law which brought about his] League, the Women's Christian downfall by seeking release from] Temperance Union, the Methodist Atlanta penitentiary. 1 where a Chi-; Hoard of Public Temocranc.e. Wei-' cago judge sent him for falsifying Carolina fare and Morals, and other dry his income lax reports. urgnnizalions also maintain a — cheerful outlook. Thoy claim that the repeal of the 18th Amendment hns brought the battle out In the ooen. given them a chance to show th» evi's of liquor to the present p^ii^rat.ion, and has orovided a definite tnraet at which to shoot. Drys Revamp Staffs All the prohibition oreanizatlons nrc revnmttin" their staffs, nulling AGENTS THIRT PLOT Ing no worship services that evening. At 7:30 Sunday evening following the conclusion of the community tree program, the McL'.ocl- isl church choir Is lo present :i musical. Hayti Society — Persona! Th» woman's Missionary soclely drive, for members, and prc- «'"« Mpthodist fnr the bluest battle In ">« W m « °I M* 5 - at Powell thfir " historv. a war" which they Wednesday afternoon and Installed insist will return iron clad prohl bition laws to the nation bcfi vears have passed. the following officers foj- 1934: ore P^Went, Mrs. J. T. Buckley; vice kinson ^ .president. Mrs. D. O. Slater; treats- \ coin p any Man Charged With Plot to Extort $10,000 Ransom. HARTSV1LLE, S. C., Dec. 22. (UP)---Kderal agents loday charged to Henry P. Atkinson. 25. a plot to kidnap and hold [or $10,000 rnn- som the infant son of Charles W. Coker or the baby daughter of James L. Coker, prominent citizens here. The alleged kidnap plot was trated last night with the arrest ol Atkinson by agents. Al- an-employe of a products Marriage Kevealed at Death of Young Canilhersville Man CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Funeral services for John William Scoll, 22, were held Thursday at ternonn. lie died Wednesday niglit aboul 8 o'clock after an Illness of only eighl days from scarlet fever, which later developed into meningitis. ; The services were condu'cled at the home, with interment in Litlb Prairie cemetery, "the Rev. E. I,. Wilson, paslor of the Presbyterian Cheese I'ul! Cream No. 1 Pound 15c Bacon Sliced No ICmls I'ound 12!c Pure Lard » 7c President Roosovelfs demands ur er. Mrs. Snerman Hill; recording j lhe Coter brothers. ,ny here which i-o owned by chuich, ofliclating. Pallbearers were that the Democralic platform's secretary. Mrs. Berl Hall; corre- j-nrnise of reneal be carried out.isuonding secrelary. Mrs. Don Cha- cihtnined aclion in Congress at the P in : superintendent of sludics, Mrs. short session lasl winler. On Atkinson was taken to the stale measure of safety. He was arrest- „ ... ..,. . . n .Roy Whitner; sup!, of children? ^ unt ie r an old law that was said 2fl n foint resolution proposing the > work, Mrs. Nell Gotcher; supl. »f jj y officers never to have been In%. ?.M Amendment was deposited in mission work, Mrs. A. W. Byrd;' voket j This charted him with "so- >r th» Dcnartment of state. I sup:, ol publicity, Mrs. Uoy Wyrick. Uc jtmg a person to commit kidnap- On Ariril 10. Michigan achieved * * * ,., I ing and attempting to commit kid- the distinction of being the first Russell Brooks and Morgan Abies, naping." . • rdomhi" ' , napng." . • to ratify the amendment. I who were injured in an automo- [ jj e was' "arrested in a - ' . Other states- followed rapidly until I bile accident I>r. S. The onlv <v\ ti'ttiml repeal South Carolina. 3.2 B«r Whll» lhe stales were votine on prohibition, citizens were Riven Lso Kuhlman, Prank Phillips, Oene Ebmore, Oiarles Cone. Wendell penitentiary at Columbia as a Mflvc s an( i B JH stout, the latter of - - . -- Kennett. Mr. Scolt was graduated from Carulhersville high schcol. where h'_> was a star athlete, particularly in football. Three or four months ngo he was secretly married to Miss Hazel Morely, the maiTiage bsing reveal-. Shoulders H Hens Full Krcsh Pound 14!c Hams Swift's Knipiru 1'miml lOc Oysters ^ 29c Pork Steak a lie Salt Meat 7Sc Lamb Leg IB 18c Wednesday evening . house: Federal agents sa'id that by' ed'crurlng His lllrjess when lie asfed the express demand of the President. Congress modified the Volstead Act. on March 22. mak- ipi bnpr legal one month later. The brew was limited to 3.2 oer cent ' of alcohol by weight, but achieved such napniartty that pracMcnllv every brewery. In the country ran at capacity to .supply l>" demand. Now lhat the 18th Amendment no longer Is In force, the brewers may 'make beer with any percent- P»P of alcofiol. Most of them intend to produce n product little if hnv stroriecr than 3.2 on the ground that trood beer depends uoon flavor, and not alcoholic content. The federal eovernment, meantime, h^s promised to keep ISouor nf those states where its sale is illegal. Manv states, which voted for national repeal, intend to keep Ihelr own drv laws. Pry States Thf* drv states inclcrle Alabama, Arkansas. OforPia. Iowa, Mass- nrhu. c x:lls. Miimesola. Missisippi, TVT's^onri. NPW Hampshire, Norlh 1 Carolina. North Dakota. South ^-;...-,i|,.^ TPIHWWCC, Vermonl, Virginia. Florida. Idaho. Kansas. Ken- liickv. Maine. Nebrnskn. Ohio. Ok- Irthomn. South Dakota. Texas, Tltnh. West Vtri;inia. and Wyoming. Several of these states are rrmsidcrini* various methods to leealize the sale of strong drink wl'hin their borders. Wet states include Arizona, California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Marvlnnd. Montana. Nevada. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. Oregon. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. Wnshineron. and Wisconsin. Control of llqitor sale In Ihcse . slsi'es varies widely. In Nevada, nloons arc oncrating almost thev did In the gay nineties. In New York, citizens must sit down to drink, while in several other rtate-s they cannot buy liquor by th<> drink, except when they order a meal. Capital Must Walt The District of Columbia, like a stcDchild. must awnlt Congress' ncllon before it can get a legal drink. This action Is expected to be forthcoming this month, but very well. - ' | who - Seth Compere jr.. who has been family, in Little Rock attending to bus!-'! . fr!e:xl of ness and visiting with relatives, has '. M r - V returned horn? .inrS..nOra returned honv. Miss Vernice Stanflll spen'. Wednesday evening and Thursday In Memphis. / of Luxora Succumbs Mrs. Nora McClintock, 20, wife Miss Margaret Hill, a member of o! I. J. McClintock. succumbed at the high school faculty, .who has '- 1:30 'O'clock yesterday afternoon at been !U and unable, lo teach, is ' ..... now up. Mrs. Joe Kohn, \vho has been the Methodist iiosuital In Memphis I after a two weeks Illness. Mrs. McClintock was a resident in St. Louis visiting relatives and j of Luxora where she nad lived lor shopping, has returned home. - '. several years. and had a number ol friends and relatives. ' : Funeral services were to be held , this'afternoon at Sandy Ridxe cem- : with the Rev. Mr. Stanfield i officiating. The L. G. Moss Un- : CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Mr ' < lcr 'altin8 company was in charge and Mrs. H. H. Brown have been i of funeral arrangements. i elected worthy patron and worthy '• Mrs - McOllntock is survived by matron of the lo:al Eastern Slar her husband, her father, S. P. Wal- Easfern Star Officers at Caruthersville Named CCCOANUTS "53, APPI I<\ I)cli . c "> us . Wlnesap, IT.! FLLiJ York', Itnmt; Iteaiity CRAPE FRUIT ^g'"^ TJIATO^.^^ BREAD Un:t22 S; r W No. •>' s$. .jt'^^v. you are suffering, you ant relief—not tomorrow— DR. MILES ANTI-PAIN PILLS relieve in just a few minutes—• chapter tor 1934. Other officers are; associate ml- ! iron, Mrs. Sibyl Mofflt; associate Caruthersville Churches palron, Howard Cunningham; con- I ductress. Mrs. Floyd Ncelev: ass-->- ! "'II ObterVC ciate conductress, Mrs. Fred H. CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Plans Blomcycr; secretary. Mrs. J. Tho3. for Christmas programs in this city Markcy: treasurer. Mrs. c. G ' " Shcpard. 1 avc been completed, these in charge announced Thursday alter- Thc following officers have been noon. The programs will include appointed by the incoming worthy a community Christmas tree at the matron for lhe ensuing year: mar- Baptist church Christmas eve. Sun- shal, Mrs. Jimmis K. Long; chap- day, the projram to bjgin at j lain, Mrs. Ixmnis B. Markcy; or- o'clock in the afternoon. i ?anist. Mrs. Sylvia I.umsdcn; war- > At t:e Sundsv morning hours ot der. Mrs. Katie Nlckens; sentinel, worship here, all shurches are to Mrs. Myrtle Long; and lhe follow- present special programs, there being Star Potnls: Ada, Mra. Hose rrr~_: Frazell; Ruth. Mrs. Gertrude Hud- spclh; Esther. Miss Mildred Helm: Martha. Mrs. Mary Cantrcll; and Electa, Mrs. Letitia Simpson. The new officers'will be Installed Saturday night. January G. Mrs. Candace Green of Dexter, worthy <<Mnd matron, will bo the Install- \ ing officer kcr, and eight brothers and sisters, less than half thu lime required for many olher pain-re lie; vini; medicines to act. Next time you have a Headache, or iVeurnloin, or AJiisculnr, Sciatic, Rheumatic, or Penodic Pnius, jnsl take nn Anli-Pnin Pill. Ix'arn for yourself how prompl and C0eclive these litlln pain relievers are. You will never again want to use slower, less effective, less palatable medicines, after you have used Dr. Miles Anli-Pain Pills. 1 ani much pleased with your Anti-Pain Pills. Thoy sure are wonderful for a hcodachc and for functional pains. I hava tried every kind of pills for headache. but none satisfied mu as your Anti-Pain Pills have. Ann Mikilko, SI. Benedict, Pa. DR.MILES* PtESCilBIIG REV ROME TREATMEHT FOI TEIIER GIMS i Accident Victim Succumbs to Pneumonia If the cost ot giving your tender, sensitive gums the treatment they should have bus caused you to neglect them, you can n o w get the home treatment at your drug store, which leading dentists are prescribing for their I allents. ...„ --------- ,.„.„ U1I11N ,.„,„,;„ „ = ------- Infection catses softening of realignment of federal alcohol su- rccolve <i In a car wreck- Death, gums. It cvcnlually loosens your perylslon. Dr. James M. EXiran. r f owev 'er. ^wos attributed to double | teeth, stop the inflammation while ' CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —The remains of J. c. McCralg. 58, of Hayti, were laid to rest here in the Little Prairie cemetery Thursday afternoon following funeral services at Hayll. , He died Wednesday morning at he Blylhevllle hospital where he *. ~~ .'.Ollrtiul' lt:?!!IIV UIUIL mtlv. . . , * V, V Legalizing hard drink caused n ''"d been taken following injuries liquor in the capital probably will , h "' n , !r not be available le?nllv unltl Mny.'r,™ ™> IM ' erstwhile prohibition director, be- Psnumonla. the hospital attaches came Distillers' Code authority, ve P° rlln g that he was on tte road v,'lien his organization folded up '° rccov cry from the injuries sus- Mr. Roosevelt put the whole linuor lalne(l '» the accident, __ ___ business under control of the Fed-' McCralg, accompanied by Lester looth powder approve It as A home ml Alcohol Control Admlnlslra- Spear, drove into a ditch last Sat-1 treatment for ^nsillve gums which ilon. uraay night near Hayti, McCratg become sore, and bleed after Clerks in the Department of receiving a broken shoulder, and brushing You ctm get it here at : ou can. Degln brushing your teeth and gums with Prescription "Beoth end Gum Powder. Dentists who arc rcsnonsible for the success of this Anti-Pain Pills G. G. CaudiU Central Insurance t(M N. Broadwa) Thont lo; BARGAINS IN NEW * tJSKIl FURNITURE R.J.DODSON M.I F_ Ms In I'hnnr 15. Justice almost destroyed all the minor cuts and bruises, while Spear •records of liquor law violators when Utah voted, but were caught in tli« nick of time by officials, who sustained only minor injures. Read Courier News Want Adi. Ro'jtnson Drug Co., and Klrby Bros., distributors, by iust asking | for It by the name—Prescription Tooth and Cum Powder. —Adv. 1 GRADE A Raw Milk I'hont 7< Craig's Dairy PUMPKIN immmmmtamm | COFFEE Frtn'.'h, Lb. - - 21 c ..Towel. 2 Llis. - ,'J5c Jewel, .'! T.hs. - .lilc SOAP Crystal While 5 l.nrse Rars - If 10 Small HiirK c. c. im; /.m 1U LETTUCE '"",£ -I8's uth .,iirt;C' Smooth')^ Lb. L No. 2'/> :\-m. Itoltlc Of c 0 COOKIES (,'hoc. SPINACH &*f BANANAS MO|IO I ar ; GRAPES te If' 8y : DC AC Stohley'a 1JTC lE-rtO N.I. 2 Can 10 TOMATO 'S .VINEGAR Q r.1£,. W , MINCE MEAT *?L W Celery Ivxtni Knncy Well lilcachod . Stjilk 8c Cranberries lOc Butter ring Hrnok Pound Pnf f AA ^ as6 * Sanbohi, Lb. 25c llU 11 Be Country Club, Lb.--24c FLOUR (Juuntry Cluh - r,-l,h. Hack'.-. ,-.29c 10-Lh. Suck - - Me 2tl-I.b: Sack ; - -'99c- licst Cream. ^l-I;b. Sack ' 39c CHILI SAUCE SALAD PEARS c. c. •ire 2-/2 EXTRACT BRICK FIGS Fr £ li s "'"" ! c - c R-.)/. HOI uc PEACHES KAfv.. CORN C FRUIT ™* Can OLIVES Slutted "inl Iloltle CATSUP ft. lottle K RAISINS .fJ E .N«LISH WALNUTS . iu;i:i Oop. SAUCE Cra ± ? en. W BRAZ(LNUTS Fr t.l3 u CANDY Aa °K.«lfl'' Crackers-i:,g 19c 19c ' Guaranteed Dozen Butter (V-imlry Cluli I'rcsh and lhe licst Pound 17Sc Cake LnrKv 1 •!-''!!!!? An(, r cl Fond Special Hnrvesl (Vike Regular ."illt Ciike. K;ich - - - - Asparagus 17c Pineapple 12|c Oranges Sttickly No. 1 Quality l,gc. 8-1,1). Hag GINGER ALE I.nlonia Club nrKC 2-t-Oz I'ottle Each lOc

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