The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1957 · 29
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The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania · 29

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 24, 1957
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Bride Finds Out No 'Cozy Evenings' In Governor's Home By OLGA CURTIS INS Women'! Editor PRINCETON, N. J. (INS) Mrs. Robert B. Meyner admitted today that life as a governor's lady offers little chance for cozy evenings at home. The New Jersey governor's wife, married Jan. 19, explained "we haven't had too much time alone" since they returned from their two-week honeymoon, "just one evening in 10 days." But the Garden state's pretty, 28-year-old new first lady added quickly that she's "very happy" in her new role. 'Terribly in Love One reason: she's "terribly In love" with handsome, 48-year - old Governor Meyner, whom she calls "Rob." Another reason: v"People have been awfully nice, they've sent us so many letters and congratulations and home-made cookies." Mrs. Meyner admitted with a grin that the wedding gift cookies are what she's been feeding ber husband at bedtime snacks. "I cook a little bit myself," he explained. "But being a governor's wife doesn't allow much time for cooking lessons." The tall, blue-eyed former tf si hopping No mermaid ever elicited so many 'oohs and 'ahs as the one that wore Peg Anewalt's glorious red tresses (cut off years ago) at the Pearl Fishers Ball. The sparkling siren was created by Betty Wynn. IT'S THE 'ET CETERAS' that will make your costume this spring. The new Chanel look calls iof great ropes of beads and pearls, exotic pins and necklaces worn in profusion. We found them in glittering array at Benioffs new ET CETERA SHOP, 10th and Hamilton. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE HOME-MADE MUSIC For knitting families and friends together in close harmony. After you've had ORGAN lessons at KRAMER'S, 1042 Hamilton, they'll SING when you sit down to play. Group lessons are $1.00 and loads of fun. Private $1.50. CaU HE 4-9439. Make it a family project . . Today is HEART SUNDAY 7,000 volunteers are out ringing doorbells. Whether or not you GIVE, YOU will be given an important pamphlet on "HOW TO GUARD YOUR HEART." Read it. It may prolong your life. "BE THEIR GUEST" The RUHE MOTOR Corp invites you to drive the new OLDS- MOBILE over the roughest, toughest roads around. The new SPANA-RAMIC WINDSHIELD allows a wide open view of what's doing near and far. It's a rich looking roomy car that gives pleasure-in-per-formance and costs less than you think. CaU HE 3-4261 for your ROCKET RIDE and DO bring the family. They're at 15th and Tilghman. TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP, where they're offering smart winter coats at 1-3 and of original prices is at 962 Hamilton and not at 926. That was our slip. Hope we didn't lead you too far astray . . . A local organization is trying to get JERRY LEWIS for a one-night stand in Allcntown. DO YOUR FOOD - SHOPPING ON 19TH ST? TOO casually dressed for Hamilton? Then YOU'LL be glad to know that you can get all those CRISIS-AVERTING NOTIONS OX THE SAME TRIP. BALL'S 5c to $1.00 VARIETY STORE IS RIGHT THERE at 524 N. 19th with needles, threads, gift wrappings, infants wear, toys, etc. ETC. . . . "Trip of the Snowflakes" in Feburary's American Childhood was authored by Irene Welty, popular member of Lehigh Valley Writers. Irene is well-known as Al-lentown's one-time Superintendent of Recreation, a post the filled for 22 years. BAGELS AND LOX Have graduated from breakfast fare to SMORGASBORD and PARTIES. You'll find them at their tempting freshest at ROSENBLATT'S DELICATESSEN, (808 N. 20th) which is crammed full of appetite-teasers. One of their newest is frozen BLINTZES filled with cheese, potatoes or fruits. They deliver. HE 2-7885 . . . Ninth Graders at Raub are digging into their pasts for their autobiographies a must assignment. Some f them are out-punning Bennett Cerf with their titles. There's "Gott Helf Me! by Linda Gotthelf; "Glenn-dular Trenble" by Glenn Sherer: and "Melanie'i Felonies'' by Melanie Lesavoy. THE FIRST ROBIN OF SPRING and the female fancy turns to thoughts of PERMS and things. After COMBING the field, we found that the COLD WAVE as given by EDNA. 904 Walnut, involves no discomfort and gives you the kind of soft versatile curls that can be ' feathery, bouffant, or sophisticated just as if you brought them with you on your way thru heaven. Buzz her at HE 3-7332. Helen Stevenson has a full schedule as New Jersey's official hostess. ... Busy Days Every day at "Morven the stfit mansion in Princeton, Mrs. Meyner has to receive committees, plan official dinners, answer letters and check inventories. In between these chores, she makes official appearances around the state with her, husband. . "It's more of a job than I expected," she said. "But every wife has quite a job." Her father is president of Oberlin College in Ohio. Mrs. Meyner, a distant cousin of Adlai Stevenson, said the easiest part of her new official duties was the hand-shaking and name-remembering. ''I've done a lot of volunteer political work," she pointed out, ' "And I learned a lot through dad's job too." Mrs. Meyner showed her political savvy in dodging questions about future plans for her husband, a potential Democratic presidential nominee in 1960.- "He hasn't said," she smiled. The governor is scheduled to announce March 7 whether he will seek reelection next fall. -v ltertcck HERE'S A WORK-SAVING TIP Did you know that you can air your drapes and pillows in your AUTOMATIC DRYER? If you don't have one, look into the GAS models. Ours fuctions like a hot July SUN in a March WIND and we never have to worry or wait for service. The UNITED GAS IMPROVEMENT COMPANY is always Johnnie-on-the-spot and NO CHARGE for service. The Upper Milford Home-crafters have a good program gimmick. Their OWN members are their program Head-liners, each one speaking on her own special interest. Last meeting, Mrs. Charles Treich-ler, who is very clever at making hats, treated her fellow-members to some of her millinery know-how. DONT LOOK NOW BUT Your Foundation is Showing! It will show you at your best if you get it at LAVIN'S CONTOUR SALON, where they do such a CAREFUL FITTING Job. And it won't peek out at all when you're wearing one of LAVIN'S new ALL-IN-ONE SLIMMERS that dives real LOW in BACK in order to accommodate the new BACKDROP STYLES . . . Just got a line on more of those Ninth Grade Epics: There's "Slipping Thru An-Nette" by Annette Gable: and "A Beryl of Fun" by Beryl Snyderman. Sound like Best-sellers. OUR HOME NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD At long last, our home is beginning to look a little more like the pictures in 'House Beautiful.' BUD SCHOEN and his R.P-A.'a that's short for Room Planning Advisers) introduced us to the lovely clean-lined PAUL McCOBB pieces. They fit right in with our assorted periods and kind of give the whole place a face lifting. SCHOEN FURNITURE at 24 S. 6th, right off Hamilton, is a regular gallery of FINE CONTEMPORARY FURNISHINGS . . . Our first grader reciting the Pledge of Allegiance: "One Nation In A Dirigible." SHE WHO SEWS WILL ALSO RIP (It's part of the game.) You'll do much less ripping, though, and turn out SMARTER LOOKING clothes after you've had the SEWING COURSE at SINGER'S. They're offering 20 hours of instruction for $15. (Teenagers $8). Day and evening classes and make the garment of your CHOICE while you're learning. Buzz HE 3-4137 to register. . .Another first grader, overheard at prayer. "Give Us Each Day Our Gravy Bread." PSYCHOSIS, NEUROSIS, NERVES A-J ANGLE? Ready for the Analyst's couch? TRY DANCING INSTEAD! There's nothing like the rhythm of the CHA-CIL-CHA for making you relax those tensions. CLAIRE MACK STUDIO will show you how and you'll have a barrel of fun while you're learning. Call HE 5-4021 for an INTRODUCTORY LESSON. Studio at 7 S. 10th St. Open weekdays till 10 pjn.; Saturdays till 5. PLANNING A HOME PERMANENT? Let HELENE KRISTIE, 17 S. 8th. cut and shape your hair first te its prettiest contours. She'll give you helpful hints, too, on how to achieve the kind of hair-do's you see in glamor mags. Call HE 3-5135 for an appointment . . . Was awakened in the middle of the night by our daughter who announced that she wouldn't be sleeping any more tonight "And why not?" we asked. "Because I finished my dream," she said. For INFORMATION ABOUT THIS COLUMN, PLEASE Call HE 3-2309. Adr. v, v f . . : y . i I" r- : I ' -vOi f - r. I '"'" y; ; '(-;,;J ' , r ' JOAN R. RTJISZ Joan R. Ruisz, California Man Are Affianced Announcement has been made by Mr. and Mrs. John O. Ruisz, 235 N. 7th St., Allentown, of the engagement of their daughter, Joan R.. to Roger L. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Miller of Montrose, Calif. Miss Ruisz was graduated from Allentown High School and is a sophomore student at Moravian College.- Mr. Miller s a graduate of East Lampeter High School in Lancaster and attended Lassen Junior College in California. He is employed in White Plains, N. Y. Beth-El Group's Program Feature To Be a Comedy At their meeting Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., members of Temple Beth-El Sisterhood will present a comedy entitled "Marvin Marries a Biddle," based on a story by the Hebrew author Ru-fus Learsi, and adapted by Mrs. Pat Kauffman and Mrs. Jane Kindelehrer. Appearing in the cast will be Mrs. Alfred Kinberg, Mrs. Joseph Goldstone, Louis Brill, Dr. Louis Diamond, Richard Griff and Louis Freeman. Mrs. Nathan Melman is hospitality chairman and Mr. George Finkelstein Is in charge of the program. Mrs. Irving Miller, president, will preside. A FINER PUDDING Next time Cottage Pudding's for dessert, try adding Va teaspoon ground nutmeg to the dry ingredients. Tastes good with lemon sauce and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg over each serving. JKjfjQ Ulillidm Use Our 30-60-90 Day Charge or Convenient Budget Plan Daily 9:30 Thursday Paul Geors MARY Virginia Girl Is Fiancee Of Thomas Laudehslager Jlr. and Mrs. Noah J. Ridings of Strasburg, Va., have made known the engagement of their daughter, Mary Katherine, to Thomas Laudenslager, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Laudenslager of 217 S. St. Cloud St., Allentown. Miss Ridings is a graduate of Beebe-Brecker Troth Told The engagement of Patricia Beebe of Souderton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis W. Beebe of Woodlyn, Pa., to Raymond E. Brecker, son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Brecker, 743 W. Emaus Ave., Allentown, has been announced. Miss Beebe was graduated from West Chester State Teachers College and is teaching at " the Franconia School in Souderton. Her fiance, a graduate of Allentown High School, recently was discharged from the U. S. Navy and is attending Moravian Preparatory School. An August wedding is planned. Nonchalant Knits The bulky cotton knits, so much in favor just now, make wonderful week-end wardrobes. For instance, you can choose a striped knit middy cardigan, a solid color knit sheath, a pair of tapered knit pants or shorts depending on where you do your week-ending. There will be no wrinkles, no packing problems, no laundering problems. Wash and hang them, up to dry. Those three pieces alone constitute a smart, versatile, practical wardrobe. Women represent about one-fourth of all government employes. Final Week, Mid-Winter Sale of Floor Samples Ends Sat, Mar. T SDinifiirag HLoomm The charm, warmth and beauty of this Pennsylvania House setting makes an "occasion" of even th simplest family meal. You'll take pride in owning these lovely pieces, faithfully reproduced JHL. D A.M. to 5:00 P3I. 12:00 to 9:00 P.M. RIDINGS Strasburg High School and the School of Nursing at Winchester Memorial Hospital, Winchester, Va., where she is now employed. Mr. Laudenslager was graduated from Allentown High School and is a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University. A June wedding Is planned. PATRICIA BEEBE St: Elizabeth's Guild to Meet The Ladies Guild of St. Elizabeth's Epsicopal Church, Hall and. Wyoming Sts., Allentown, will hold its February meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. In charge of the program will be Mrs. Marie Bouchat, Mrs. Alma Gaumer and Mrs. Esther Toman. Sim 0 from Colonial styles by expert craftsmen finished for lifetime service and It's so pleasant and easy to shop at King's to select your Early American Groupings for the living room, dining and bedrooms. Come m and see our store dhplayi of open ttock Ptmwyfvwa Hovto fvmtun in sotf cneny. UIillidmil.Kinq f' 113 N. Eighth SU Allentown LOIS ANN GRAVER Lois Ann Graver, Richmond Johnson Become Engaged Mr. and Mrs. William G. Graver, 628 Oak St., Allentown, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Lois Ann, to Richmond Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson of Buffalo, N. Y. Miss Graver was graduated from Allentown High School and is a senior at the Allentown Hospital School of Nursing. She is a member of Phi Alpha Pi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Mr. Johnson is a graduate of Avon Preparatory School and Lafayette College. A member of Sigma Nu fraternity, he is graduate assistant at the University of Connecticut. Sacred Heart Sr. Auxiliary Plans Card Party The Sacred Heart Hospital Senior Auxiliary will sponsor a card party and social on Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the hospital's Notre Dame Hall. Mrs. George White is chairman of the affair and her co-chairman is Mrs. Harry Krum. Members of the committee are Mrs. Clarence Schilling, Mrs. Alton Berg, Mrs. Ann Hargat, Mrs. Anna Heydt, Mrs. Paul Bender. Mrs. Alfred Kuebler, Mrs. Michael Foley, Mrs. Rob- ert Potter, Mrs. Roy Dye, Mrs. Al Thomas, Mrs. Francis L. Haggerty and Mrs. John McKen-na. TABLE ON WHEELS A rolling table in the laundry Is often more convenient than a built-in counter, because it can be right where you need it beside the washer for sorting the laundry, ready in any spot for sprinkling, and beside the ironing board to hold clothes before ironing and flat pieces after ironing. and beautifully satisfaction. ; A - ife: jfi , "t tf't tJ'V' l-.v v it : - l I i j - V 1 1 I n - -v n & : w . u W-" ' Si. grXPAT CALt-CHRONTCtE. Anciitoww. Pa Tthrwy U. 1857 gfl Even for Small Rooms- Home Decorator Advises Dark Colors, Gay Accents CHICAGO (LNS You can follow the latest trends in decorating your home but there is nothing old-fashioned about being practical, either. It is stylish this year to have pale walls, preferably white or beige and light-colored fabrics on your furniture. ' 'This is fine for a house of grownups but not for one with youngsters and pets romping around," says Richard HimmeL " Himmel is a 36-year-old designer of luxury furniture which -was shown covered in oyster-white silks at the recent International Home Furnishings market. . But In his own apartment in Chicago, the walls, the upholstered furniture and the rugs are varying shades of charcoal grey brightened with touches, of yellow. "I didn't want to slipcover our two children to keep the furniture and walls clean," explained Himmel with a grin. - A member of the American Institute of Decorators, Himmel said women with small children should not be afraid of using dark colors, even in small rooms, rather than the "so-called fashionable light ones." But the trick in using, dark colors is to keep to one per room. "Never put a dark brown in the same room with a dark grey," advised Himmel, "use varying shades of a single color instead." It is easy to bring touches of bright colors into such a room with pictures, tiled surfaces on tables, ashtrays anything that The True Values Are At.. i 1 j HAM II LTON mn4 SIXTH Vi i - x smartly flattering cotton jacket ensemble in misses and half sizes 5.98 Remove the waist-belittling peplam jacket, and presto! ... a charming scoop neck dress with self belt and side zipper closure. Tie silk prints in charcoal with maize and lilac, and navy with turquoise and pink. Sizes 12 to 20, 16Vj to 24V. DAYTIME DRESSES SECOND FLOOR We Glee and Redeem ZrtC Green Stampt can be wiped clean quickly, he said. The sofa designs for 1957 are longer than ever. Most new ones are 100 .inches plus. But, before deciding on such a length, a designer urges women to measure the available wall space in a roorru Larry Peabody of Boston. Mass., said the SO inch sofa is still the length that fits best in modern' homes because of the large amount of space devoted in windows. . Peabody said, however, that the advantage of a long sofa-more seating space can be worked into a small room with upholstered sections. He said: "If you put a 100 lnch sofa into a room that is 12 feet by 15 feet, youll have no place for tables. But you can put a 50-inch sectional on one wall, another 50 inch sectional on the adjoining wall, a corner table in between and be able to seat just as many people." The Warren Sells Married 16 Years Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sell,420 S. Berk St., Allentown, noted their 16th wedding anniversary Friday. Mrs. Sell is the former Joyce Frederick of Northampton. Her husband is plant superintendent of E. C. Carpenter Co., Allentown. They are the parents of three children Sandra, 14, Larry, 12 and Timothy, 2. AUi ALLENTOWN, PA. i 'i i Mail and Phone Orders Promptly Filled! Call HE 4-6281 r r f

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