The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1937
Page 2
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER '. 31, 1987 1 FLAPPER FANNY : By 'Sylvia -com mr'iiHttiunia UK T M uBC"u.».WT.orr.—~- Mass, will be solemnized tomorrow afteinoon at 4 o'clock, at Calvary Episcopal Chuich bf Memphis win, the Rev. Charles F Blalsctell' officiating , / , __„'. .".. mil be attned'in ;iie weSdin'g v Sress-wom by several bride* of the, Wilson famil.\ Fashioned with,, a very high neckline and puffed slcc'vcs, the gown is ol roscpomt lice Mid heavy »"o tatin Tlie'lace cdmiirlsri Ihe bodice and slceVcs and CAtendi In a ivvic'e i anel clown the front of the gown Ruffles of Valsnclemmes lace Wake a oillowy effect nt the 'front of the hemline Satin 103- ettcs centered with elusteis of Eccd peails and with iiiy Karl nda'nts omnuicnt tlie front of e bodice and ihe wiiEllmc e back. Rosettes of p n ir!s me 'also se\\n on the lice. The four and o,ie IwU v.ird alui, tram is lined with rows of jVilenciennes lace, nun r. white ;atin j)ow is on the undci side bride jvill weai , 11 v II of .'tulle attached to n cnp of .rls and will cairv a shower luquet of white orchid;! Miss Mollie Darnell of Mora .is, jWill be the bride's only at- inderit She will weai -v dress of [turquoise blue marcmlseUe and a« bouquet of purple orchid" ; ^Overtoil will be given in by her brothers, John ,nd William Taylor Oveilon ol [emphis Mr Wesson will be attei dcd bj ,is father as best wan Ubhei. will be Joseph Wilson Nelson Robert. * E L, Wil'on III -infl Frank Owen Wilson, all of Wilson, fcnd Can't Tlmrlow Craw of Mont- lEOtnery, Ala, brollier-in-lnw ol Wesson After a month's wedding trip bride and bnctegioom vvi 1 nake ^ their 'home l «t Wilson whcie ijndegroom has built a new I home.* t 1 : *, ," - IThVte 'tiucs'ts Allond rfd£y ISmcrieo'n Tlnb rs Hairs KirLy, Mis ThOnn Ma"i!an 'ftnot Mrs. James H Bell were'guests of the Tlmrsda uncheon club "when it met \es Iterdav at the home if Mrs C W tAffllcfc t • • Mrs Russell Phillies Ivon high and Mrs Kirtv liad sei - 6its of News Mostly Pmonal Return To Sanity In Fem- inihfe Headgear Predict- ec! fty Designers Dr. and Mrs. fred Child have returned from St. I>ouls ipfher llipy were gucsls ..of 'rtrs. Child] fiistcr, Mrs. H. E. Burns, aft • family. Dr. nnd JJIr?. 'Fred Child haV as their "guests Mrs. M. -J. Kolb 'c Chicago, Mr. and Mrs, p. C '/Snlrobiis 'arid children of l/wiis vil'le, : Ky,, and Mr. 'and Mrs. 'Oir Mhcin of Texarkana, Mr. ah Sirs. : Rf chard Ma'sbn ami son 'o , Mcnjphis will arrive tb'mbrroW I spend the week end With trier Mrs. Kolb, and Mrs. Antrobus are "Mrs. 'Child's 'sisters, and the Mr MNsins aft titrr brothers. Mfss 'enrol 'Ela'lne Mahgrum •> Covlhgtpn, Tfciin, is 'the giiest i'Mss Warjorle 'Smft Buccaneer Hat-Creation HAfcGKOVE . Hcr'toh Scott, 'of •Carutli6rsv|!l«, ' "Memphib- I dnui;hte'r of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Wiilth, for s'cvcral days. She -'Sr- I riycd 'Ttiesbay. Hcr'toh Scot is A •pk'tleht In the Mrlhodlst iiospital. Mrs, 'Russell Pliilllps and . Mrs.- J. A. IJccclx are in tolemjihis tBday.' Mr. ana Mrs. LOn V. PHce *ill : move tomorrow to Rogers, Ark., where Mr. Rogers has been transferred. They moved here six months ago from that town and "durltife S.— ^Ke riile 'that A woman hpuld.-jjofsess at l^ast "oho craz>' lit Kis been •completely upset this winter- because there 'are 'few hats hat 'are hot crazy and many verge oh 'the redlctilous. Yet 'so long as ;Key are 'considered Wart, wo-. men fef use to 'be daiiriWd. 'Ptir .'spring, Kbwever, Inaicallons arc 't fiat 'th'efe "will be a fetufh to Eo'njething like reasonable s'Cyles. •' ' ' ... • fh'e , 1&U-1915 tendency will 'be quit* prpftbunc'ea In. the more th- fo'ttia), ?eBsy-tb-we"a> "typ> of hat Thij... 'ls : %"press'ed in the rather small, ! rouri<I "canotler" 'hat, witli {hick bfirn' and -cylindrical, equally 'thtck-lbo'k'frig crown. These are completed by the old- fashioned hatpin, 'which comes in more 'as im ornament than actually to 'fix (he Ht on H'h'e head, but which carries 'the "femhrl sconce one 'step rflier.. . • \ ' Tins )> been pretty jjooJ to us, Chuck. We've got cadi other and their stay here, Mrs. Price has been j. I. "11.L 'i-'i.;! C1 y?-;« "tku unuinVrc K^nl* '* ' ittlVu (InHirii \t\ ^'tul/* '/ili'tK nfnrlr Ur ouf health iinii SI S7'in'the savirijS bank very active in ,* work. Mr tuuener, Mrs C H Willev ind] Vt« Sun-liini- Swift jtslciflaVi ailerncbn at her home. [ Mrs. U II. Moore won Die club prize, liosieiy, Mrs. Willcy won H>e !i csl pilzc <.aids nnd Mi, Green, us piescnlcd 'uth Inndkcichiefs Mis Tnvlor >indd n salad mrsc after the gufties (vhich were played In rdoins flccoratcd for AUlmnl ' Blinn u€( llclil Christinas. T | lc nn nunl alumni bantiucl vvas llayti Society — Personal Price is connected with the Railway Express c^mptay. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weldman will retiirn today from OHiry, ind. wliere they have been visiting relatives for the past Several 'days. - I. R. —B a ker has- returned -from, Okla., where he spent, Christ mas, Mrs. Baker remained for 'a longer visit. • } Mrs. Tom Little, Misses Virgin!: nnd Frances IJttle, Anita strack and Nancy Kirschner are in Mem turncci hcr e last night after a wed loud " tcoursl , AfflicV fentcl Ti Hbiee noun ci this cilv was perfouncd ii Blvthevillc Tucsdaj evening, Ihc |i|2J" Rev H L>nu Wade, Mclbodisl ^^ cr lucre, sajmi, Ihc doubl" (|yc corcmouv in fo piosence of ,,„„,. and Mrs fruce nsliei, of its Mis j Give iDa'tice. at [ W*m«n"s 'Club Misses Wvnelto She|Mrd antl iMary. Frarfces Guerm entertan'icd Iwifti • a dance test night al Ihc I Woman's club. :Tney received with tBddiei Saliba and Howard Moore[Mr and Mrs Oas Shepherd, Vr I and Mrs' Willam Guenn and Mr I and,,Mrs tox Logan •' Apnfdxifniterr 100 of 'he h'gh Ectool and college set were | guests * * * k'TJsfcy' Will |(>ue*Bcfrel bappcr I Maf Vsrej will entertain with la buifet supper at 7 oclocl to I night* at his home for members o! [the iindal rjarty of the wcddinj | of Miss Liriian Dietrich and Dr I Joe E "Beaslej whicli will tak |place| tomorrow afternoon at fi\ locj: at the Fir't Prcsbjteriai | Church. - oofctmas decontions will b red iWith cut flowers on the ta [We » Gufc of town guests Will I Miss tPearl Schultz of ,Cape Gir V irdcau Paul Dietrich of Cap JGlranleau, and Mr. and Mrs. Sim 1 Michfc of Steclc A %rl was torn jeslcrday to [ Mr ?n& Mrs WHllam Dhorits of [ Osccola in lhe Mtmpliis SI Jo 5cj>h r s hospHil i *'•.•* CfVei Dlnftcr FcV Bridal Party 1 Mr arid Mr- A r Dietrich cn- Itertithed last nvlit with i nin [ncr jrarty in th k nose room of I the Hotel Nobte m "honor of their Miss Lillian Dietrich and Br Joe E Beasley who will t|>. only ate,u tl|thclesss ^T4''^l^^V-^^S; of Memph 's The senlm- %,res ntf arrived 'today to spend the vveek en >. Kami,! with Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick Thoma arrived today fro be^ln'lhe we entahT Vr B ll •„ J ccll a)Kl (WrinE Mplywcux is srioWihg seVera'l 'o fcse, "cariotteYs" 'for 'chilsc and juthern resort wear, in stitchcc iffctas or in combination of strav raiding "an^ 'felt. Siizy is als ork'liig on this Imc, and Is goin i for higher crowns and a genera mpre&sion of width. She has sev rhi 'hats' ^with, deep upturnc Brims vvhfch iare^evtr flaftehe sack, but look -as 'though they -list ust iWn : rpll«l ftp all fcrcmhi. 'Sfiorts -hats... in Hghtweigl li«-' 'iTi-TA- Vi«i/n' Vilnli hll* frrfT^l 1 Huff man 4-H Club h 37th Club In County The 37th boys and girls 4-H Club n Mississippi county has been organized -at Huffman with 22 'char- er members. Officers of the.-club'are:' Joh'n Acie stokes, 'president; Neely Perry, vice president; Pete Walker, secre- Ary; 'Claude Raymond Cassldy, reporter. Miss Volma : Loflin, Mrs. Ma'Ud 'Ca'ssidy, W. M. Crow and Louie Walker are the leaders. Rca'd Courier ifews Wa'ht Ads. elis', have: high but frrcgu ' Everything for, your, enter* laifimenl ahft cbiiiftfrt. Last Time Today < 'ROSftLIE' with ^Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell. Frank Morgan and "Edna Mae Oliver _, Also Cartoon. Admission Matinee lOc & 26c Admission Night 16c * 36c W This dashing "buccaneer" black felt with deep upturned brim is designed for wear with 'bust-length jacket that 'schlaparelh launched lii her mid-season collection. This jacket is in dark green cluvetyiic •frith black silk embroidery on collar and .cuffs'and "biscuit" "buttons In black. , ar cfpwris. ''feomctinfts the 'fbIded.'.. r oVer : at cltWcr. end orm >a double prak. Violette Marsan . has' devised "a hrart-shapcd .rbtfh- high'c'r ift-6iie--side which s very new. .Brims sire simple, a'tiicr 'mannish, and '6fteh turned In a. few inches' .underneath' to achieve. that : - new thjck effect. 'Rose ,Valpls pT*'fers hats with jr'irris "tWat 'are turn'ed lip oh pn'c side, to :S^rt' r off :the iSrbfile. Crowns here flre/'cbiiical -arid worked with eAcri'istatipris arid pinluoks, • in Wth , 'felts' and straws. Thp ;rhost rec'ent h'alTdrc'ssin'g stiyles' lia^e iriftue'rice'd th'e itiodlsts 'agreat, .deal, .too. The tendencj tn'TglleJftic'halr.ln the top of the head i arid toward the ffon'L 'is re' '' '' '-' '- 'fo r , 'clcScIy-fltfc'd crowns . tha^ R , good' •, cftil ; of 'th'e hair 'show in 3 "in., front;.* hilt 'ferfc 'dOTr " back. ^^ Cal'iitlieTsville •Society — Personal Saturday Only <l < B! Ihe ii"hlei of rs. Claudia Wilt of Oklahoma. y, Okla. She has keen emploj- •as a le.ulicr in the IVayti hcols 'system for, rovrral yenre, lhe following officers were elected: Miss Jessie Reno, president; Murle Chlsm, vice president: Mrs. Gladys Gvvrn.i iah laiiricl .. 'tacguih" • 'crown ; fof will secretary and treasurer. 'tomorrow. Mrs. Joh'n to Memph: will attend a New Year's ;'ev'e party at the Peabody 'tonight.'They' nc-ojs ss-sicm lor. n-yr-iai yemb. Mra . chfe/Tfainor and Mrs. J. "j.^n ,.^ M ori3ay'' Trip hriftrirrnmii !<i ll\r* '"fir <if "••"««•»• * • luiin 11 IIUIIIL iviuii^oj. •S H H Brown \i I the late E ' DmlC11 " " lolored . Mr " " M ," r ?' 1 Bill McElvaney returned lo .his ir nr-wn nf thirpilv M chn5 ' 'Ertgnr, Duncan to their home in St.:Louis yesterday after LI Br r*"., °.L, L,? li ,., 'VL I'omc "t Memphis Wednesday vlslUn - K "„*. and Mrs. Bob Burns rcivn is deputy clerk in cunly- clcrk'^ oilicc, having his pcsiiion for Ihe post r three years. I'Aflcr they had vLsllecl Were with/for two'days. two D»»c n »'s parents, Judge MVd liss Chavlinc Nations Weds j. C. iVicMi CAKUT!lEnSVlLLi5. Mo. Dec. Mrs. J. B. Duncan. Mrs. Eva Walker is seriously ill; (i on remains uhc'rian'gcd today. at the home of her niece, Miss | • ' ^~ Eva Walker. , I . Bolen ChiUoii of Flat River, 1 Mo., Is lierc visiting his aunt. Mi's. Cora Reno. . I Mr. and Mrs. Albert \VilsOn and ton, Don, returned home Wed-1 solcmnlxcd' A'ngclcs. Calif., was Wednesday at eleven o'clock at- .he home of the bride's aunt, Mrs.l Frank tftlcy of Dexter. Mo. The isicr of Dexter, - read the single ring ceremony. A string ensemble played nnp- lial music. Thc ceremony <*as H. T. Grldcr since i Thursday. Misses Adclc arid Gladys Hafnrii,' Mrs. E. W. Roy AbdelnPur of Fulton, Ky.,|Hushing and Mrs. Marcus Lim- '. Joe"Bcasley which| eArly. spflng: 'vyear 'and "stressing ij-*--^.-_iAv.. Vthis.idea'^f'ilieight ln''froht'oy US- rig {M 'trimmtngs-ibows, 'rci'thcrs and ™.-on. Tills fdr inore 'formal wear,'- notufaily. A •. bat by : Viblctlc Marsaii slii'ws a 'mddera'tc.halo brim ccVrh- bhvert 'with a .ta'pering, 'round 'biit flat-to : prjc : d "crown, th'e brim ebn- tinuihg^in a 'chin slira'p tied with a narrow ( white pTqiie bbvv. For ^evening, ma'hy wbmen 'are I wearing vSrtei - v'erslohs of Mbly-1 HBux's.,i,"BoWin'i" hat with liigh, uplufhed brirn, worn oh. the side or.'at "trie "back of 'the heart, or Siizy's/c'rbwnless "Chechia" in ostrich o'r "marabou, worked in vertical bands on black net. These usually accofnpa'ny the informal din- ner'concert dress completed by a silver 'fox cape or jacket. For the opera and the more formal functions, veils 'ai- tire rage <of- the moment. These are usually 'pailletted and are either Mis. IJcRcisrn Guest Speaker. The Business and Professional Women's Club held their regular nic'cting in 'the directors room of (he Tirst State Bank building Tuesday '-evening. A short business session 'Ws held after which the program committee chairman, "Mrs. Nellie McClanalian, pfesent- p cd Mrs. Morrcll DeRelgu, ,vho %ftv'o a review of "Thc Seven Who hcrt," by Frederic Prokosch. She g*ve : '<> life-sketch of the t\venty- efflif-'year-oid author. 1 C(i!leg»'i"(Jirls Entertained. Mr. -and Mrs. : Roy Head are both sick 'from •'Influenza. Their, con'di- Steele-Cooter -'lifiss Mary Laura Tisladt. home for the holidays from Boulder, Colo., entertained three tables of friends 'home from college, with 'a bridge party Wednesday after- nbcn. Miss Ethelinda Reynolds held high score and received hosiery, and Mrs. Joe Webb cut foi •'consolation. • and received linen handkerchiefs. Miss Rccvrs Entertains Clubs. Ark., spent Christmas In 'fills "cltj with Mrs. McDowell, wlio is a lhe home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L."T>. fidge'flon Mrs. Bess Bay Roberts, who has been ill during the Christmas vacation, 'is sbnle'wh'a't improved at this time. Miss Opal Reeves' and Mrs. Everett Reeves jr., spent Wednesday in Memphis. They tBok Mr. Reeves down for examination at a clinic and returned that, afternoon. Mr. Reeves remained for further examination and probable treatment. Miss Annie Laurie Tipton spent Wednesday in Portagevllle, Mo. where -she was the dinner guesl bf Aubrey Wrather and his parents. J. W. Tipton and Harry Cunningham spent Wednesday In Memphis. ••• ••- -• Miss Mary Laura Tisladt, a rtu dent in the University of Colo rado, Boulder, Colo., will leav •Society -"— Personal Mrs. Jack , Salllo Hamra of Cardfrell arid R. 5. Ha'mrn of Ca'ruthersvillc were here Wednesday vlsiling Albert and Henry Hnmra. Mrs. Wendell Hall and son. of St. Louis, were hero Wednesday Saturday evening for school 't resume hcr studies. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Trcecc c Pasccla, Mo., arc announcing ih aniv'al of an eight 'riifd 'orie-lia' pound girl, born Sunday, Dccejr ber 20, who has been named Vir ginia Rose. Mrs. Albert Lawson spent U Christmas holidays with Dr. an Mrs. L. B. Hall near Dyersbur Miss Oii'a'l "Reeves,'a "teacher in i Tenn. Mr. Lawson drove 'over fi one of tiie Evans'viilc, Ind., high her Tuesday evening .and tb< schools, lidme for (he holidays, entertained, for the rnemebrs of were accompanied home by Mr Charles Rohrer, the former Mi her thrsc "cliAis, tlie J. C. "club, 1 Mary K. Hall, who will spend se Saturday afternoon club, and eral days here. Monday Night Contract club, £t| -^ her home Tuesday afternoon. Misses Harriett ,Ji)dgc q'f New Madrid, and Dorothy French and Mrs. Everett Reeves . jr., were guests. ith John Wayne, Marsha imt & John Mack Brown. Isb cartoon and ferial "Wyste'ri- rilt," with Trahk Hawks. Continuous showing, dmissien till 5 p.m. lOc & 'Jlie lis&ifln after 5 n.m. !€& & 31c Sunday -Monday IO»H, a 1-rformed before (he fireplace ylsllins Mr. nud Mrs. Bert Hull. which was banked with ferns and Thursday morning sf.c left tor foiled plant.i. n»d the room was e cftly lighted by shaded lamps ihd tall white tapers Arranged en Ihc mnnllc. Miss Rut!) Norman, of Dexter, tt-v, fcridcsmaid. and Mr. Jack I-\vlcr. of this city antl brolhcr- In-law or Ihc bride, served Mr, MacMillan .is man. Mrs. MacMillan is the (laugh- I be iaricri b"cArk at tomorrow aflfcraoon at the First Presbstcnan I Churth guests were rrte*ftbers of lh n |\veddlhg party including the fol- I lowing oul of town gucSls Mr [ and Mrs.. Sims. Michic of -Steclp Hifrnphrcy Harfl> and Jam6 I Hardy of Leconrpte La ind Ml* j Pearl'Schultz of Cape A four course dinner [to trie U I Christmas [ (UAg ':ririg place card 1 Contract of C. F. Nations of Ibis clly.l Glass. Memphis, where she will visit her brother. Mrs. Hall will return here Saturday. Mi. Hall will arrive here Saturday from St. Louis and will spend the week end with his parents. Miss Kalhcrinc Hamra and Mls3 EloLsc Tipton of Tiplonvilic, Tenn nrc l;cre this week visaing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Verne biuigh spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. L. L. Rushing, Mrs. Ralph Rushrng, JiJck 'and Able. Rushing visited Ralph Rushing at the aim Gastoh 'hospital in Memphis "nsday. Miss Mary Pounds spent Tilcs- ay niqht at Gibson as guest of ilss Ruth Hughes, 'fhc son of the Rev. and Mrs. C. R..Hunt who h!<s been visiting The hritlrgrnom born in; Mr. .ind Mrs. Alec Khouric and C-inada -where his family had children of Fulton, Ky:, returned brge : limber Interests. He Is head I to their home Thursday accorrt of the isurbank division ol f.ha| panietl by Mrs. Wolf Khouric and CaTifornia Real Estate Company.! (laughter, -Miss Anna Mac. wh : '• —• will visit relatives In Fulton un Lutherans To Hold New ^""fna". Mrs. Kar, Land, o Year's Service Tonight \ C ? M 0\ly. Mo., arc the parent ° jot a seven ixmntl baby girl wh v ... matle hcr advent in their home L • , '' .l'".,.; xt .~ DM. 10. and has been christened hKE" 1 ?,.,* .. '. ; f ..°. lt * < -' *"»"»'• Mrs. Ernies was belor, short Mid circular or 'trail over the slioulders, mantilla-wiric. Tnc most, becoming and bewitching nre those that just mask the ej'cs and are caught up on the temples with a diamante pin. Bridge "played at five tablcf in rooms decorated with bowls Mrs. Bob Wins Lighting Cohtest and vases of Talisman roses. Mrs. [ 31. — The Rotary Club yesterday Ivcrson Michic of the Monday | announced winners in the 'annual Night 'Contract cilib held high Home.". 1 Christmas Lighting Con- IN TtCHNIC«tOR comedy and Movie Snapshols plus Special News Reel "Attraction "Capture of Nanking." Also a story of Ihc Panay Incideht- Coiitinutyus showing Sunday. Admission . Sunday, Matinee arid Night 16c '& Me AdrhiS;i(in Mon. Matin'<!c lOc & 26c on Mon. 'Sfighl I6c * Sfic Irny. and received a hcntwdOd t test, which ' was ridged by out-of- Mrs. Erhcsl Hazel of the. town persons. Cooler Couple Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary •J. C. cliil> held second high arid) 'Mrs. Bob Cunningham won first was given a baking dish. Miss prize of $10, and as the judges Mary Shade of the Saturday At-, were nimble to agree on the next tcr'noon club was presented a pair/two, prize money of 57.50 and of siihoucUe pictures for \vx j ?2.50 was pooled, and then divided score. The guest prize, bath povv- equally between Mrs. John Martin horn the past week left ycster- 1 , C/\RTj"IHITRSVlLbE. Mo., ^ Doc. day for his home In California. .—Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fowler Chester 'GcEt,rln K has returned U' CocKr, south cf here several to Memphis after a visit here 1 >n i] «. celebrated their flflicili with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I wedding anniversary this week. Henry Gcstrmg. ! They were married fifty years s vjo Mrs. Lois Reid of No. 9 Is visit- 1 in llm.sbn County, Tenn.. coming Ing her mother, Mrs. John Hussell, to Pcmiscol county about forty who 'has ben very sick. Mrs. Russell is some better at lliis time. Miss Frances Vaughn, bi Memphis, who lias been visiting her der, went lo Miss Judge. and Mrs. Carl liloker. The Rotary Club has sponsored ROXY A'dmission 'Always I0« & Z6« Show 'every night. Matinees Fri- dky, Saturday & Sunday OWy. iFHday & Snnaity Matinees star) 2*15 y.m. Saturday Co'.itinuoria showing from 1 to 'p.m. Night shows start Gite p.m. years ago nnd have lived here since. -They, have nine children living. Mrs. Lena Hudson, Miss Ruth • Fowler and Edgar Fowler, •parfiiUi, Mr. and Mrs. Albert | all of Cooler; Mrs. Mamie Harold Vaiighn. Hie past two weeks "la'i'c over IHc week end lo tak6 lip a he*v position in Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. 'Cleo Tucker rc- A ~if~ <1 l!,e I'll- hcr Sixth anri N;in . Mr . served and , 'M i M old k,i,,rht trlm Lulncran Walnut Mrectr ^Sf -Kr ["'. .,„ r ^^w»h vX?A.L J "• I ; • '' Mbs Manrlnc Mc- Mrs . T . A. McNail pcnt the -wtck 'end al CrysUil ci Ct Milrlon ' ll! """ rc hcrc vislt - j An invitation lo Ihc public hast fco:n cxlcnded by the pastor. Mrs - Jcnnlc Rowc C»W« •6lal-etri6re w?is ho t- | ess is the members of the [day Contract club and one I Mrs .Walker H Baker, yesterday | »t het home I Mrs",.! T Phillips won the prize * '•"" on cloth and Mr* Blake Vtd a &al*d course, nts were decorated in a "» '» % r. Bridge CfA MC«|L i'aylor enlcrtnln« •* f ct \ j lb« „ Thursday ^*^«*>^ A ' - .. ( sssmbiy Of God Church ! to Hold Service Tonight Orvcl Surgeon. M|ss Miss Florcda McCoy, of New Madrlrl, was here Su'nday vlsll ' Ml '- an<l Tnin cf Tyler, Mrs. Mary Shcpad and Mrs. -Emma Allen of Hayti, Mrs.i tala Weinloek, Blint, 'Mich., Mrs. 1 Mat'tie Harris, WOodvain, Ky., and Miss Clara F. Weary of Kansas thls contest since 1934, and each City. Mo., spent Christmas In this y ctlr a . Inr 8 c .number c' '--'•- tity as the guest of Mrs. W. P.,'" 1 ? 6 bte " "g''' tc[l a1 " 1 ' Robcrbo'n 'and son. Waller. | " EJirt Henry, who left last week 'fcr Dr. Brfnfclcy's hospital in Lit-' tic Reck., is much improved and. in expected home early next Mrs. A. 'C. Bnmvmclt sps<it : l Cliri.slmas in -Albion. Til., with in'rjl children and with her parent? I ,'3verctl McDowell of Helena '1 YOUR MM PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW ,Sa« is factory Work Low Wices SOU til WORTH ^^Ovcr Joe turned home after several days Olis Fowler, Rowland, Ark. ' N6. with the latlcr's parents ati •Mr. hml Mrs, H. L. Casey have rntm'nctl alter a visit hjth relatives in points of 't'ftnncssec. • Mr. and Mrs. Tele Coltman and sons liavb left for an -extended visit wilh relatives fn Long fecach, Calif. Paul Milbrodt of Joiner, Ark., who has been here the past two weeks will leave tomorrow for his home. cWcVs COLDS 'and Liquid, Tablets Salve, toose Drops first day HtaVlacne, 30 minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Carl 'Pepplcs. Dr. and Mrs. R, P. McCutchcn nnd watch night service will bs!'-.hlldren, Mi. and . Mrs. Harbcrt Try I .Lin ; held tonight "et the Asrembly Af God church beginning al eight q'clcck. ',.-..The program will consist of choir selections, special songs snd choruses, prayers and sermons. An invilalion has "been •extended "to the public. Ilud^cns and chftdrcn and Mr. and Mrs. Harry 'GettllVgs and children \ycre the dulirtr guests of Mr. arid Mrs. John Henderson at Concord Monday evening. Sound travels.- through hot cum- mer, air. at 1268 feet a second, nnd through dry zero air at from 1088 to 1150 feet a second. cw works of man would be discernible by the naked eye from the rnoon; the Great Wall of China is one that would be seen from lhat point, Heitionhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Site, '*nre »hi *«h ItM «h*»s?s »rid eon«iiten« o? . , .j foot (ttments »n< skin c»ncer» lnt»t*d t nrtd at «nr clinic. A8 . :NIES Read Courlcr'News Want Adi. PIMM M Btnb«tnie, Ark, GIRLS! ENROLL NOW! Modern Hcauly School Classes Star!' ing Jan. ;?rri. Teaching all phases of Heauly Ctillurc ;rinrl mcclihg all re ^uir'cincrits for licehscd operators w Ar^iihsas and 'Missouri. \ / .. • . • Eqiaipihent-Competcnt Instructors Special Cotofses ioV Voung Me* and Barbers LoV Enrollihehl FJe For full details rail a| tht Eagic School of Beaaty Calture 'Cooper Bldg., 2nd & Walnut " Blytheville, Ar*. Friday - Saturday Also C'artobn * Serial, "Ka'dltt ratroV" Sunday - Monday B&FFLIN6 MVtTtftY!

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