The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1943
Page 3
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IE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS )LUME-4—NO. 246. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY HI, !!)<);! SLUiSGIUlTION'.KATKS'ON ; BEQUEST " _ THE BLtTHiyiLUI JUtttT AIR CORPS NBW8 §*Jy frKffrt ^r1l n '1^yi • to tht.inUntt of the.ptrtc^wJ . of tb» Army At foreei • Ad- raoced Tro •oilpf Ryl^t &clx>oi.,' of BlytteylUa.' by lof WrthtrUl* --Courier 'Km. •» cootaini tbt Min.ef "l£»- Air r •••>'';;-..,>wJ '. - :: - T.M*' our r hi istf uclprs ur .flight-instructors, who red thelriwlrigf and commissions ho'rifh ago 1 , have :report*d for r' at: the Blytheville .'-'Army : Air ley are: Second Ueuts. William hallos; Robert B t Harrison, Boy Williams and Roy, t Schexny.- ifutenant Chatlos in civilian life cbrppra'tlon manager, with. Colit- Colonies 'in .New: Jersey.- He iduated from; Rlverdale :C»untrj tool 'in- New Yprk,. In 1933. Lleiltenarit Harrison ••efiflsted in Air-Forces^in SeptembW;. -183S •was',an. 'aerial' radio operator II his appointment as a. cadet las On civilian life he was a de- ment manager for Montgomery M 'at Indiana, .Pa. Lieutenant Williams la- _ djiaie-6fHickory, Pa;.Vocatioh- School', and' 'was : a ,truck yer In; civilian'life .' .. ...-•• ileufenant Schexriyder »as i me nlc befo're eriterlrij-the^servlce father' i s proprietor of a baker; iV'jarmr.lfi Raynt,:LB'. ; i 11" Jour. were, transf erred -her om Randolph 'Held, :Tex'.' r . ^NOTES' 86 you want to'piayt^nn.iM Very ell. Courts - are -'being/built ast [he -BOQ area. When they are impleteil courts -w Hi be. bu^llt' in ie enlisted men's athletic area.' - Cabt. '-.WliUani" Brady 'and'Second; ieULi Guy Kagey, champion swords- en, .like-, to fight 'With : sabers, iere' were two,sabers on the field, ow there's =only '.one. -The. other as broken;.; .-'.;..'.... W , j.'. lEFEflS mm m, risers Have "Infield Trouble" And Are Outscored 16-13 Friday Tlie 103rd triumphnnlly defeated Ihe Athletic Department tenm in the, softball league Frlduy otiernoon by a score of 16 to 13. .Said Bill Adams, post athletic officer: "Part of our infield was weak.:We were strong nl first base but tht other Infield positions were pretty-bid." (Note: Adams played first base.) Lieut. M. J. Angcll, second baseman, and Lieut. Cecil Pinner, third base, .were not available for comment. Lieut. Cecil Garrison explained: "We were licked by our infield. Whenever (he ball was hit to first base,'Lieutenant Adams was a second passing the time of day with Lieutenant'Angell, or vice versa. In rebuttal Lieutenant Adams set the record straight, with the declnration: ,'T, didn't make an error. When I saw I might have trouble fielding the ball I left it for one • of; the other players." •'-" Lieut. Allen Hurley was relieved at : pitch by Lieut. Arthur Kamen, but that didn't help. Sergt. Robert Tiibbs, left, fielder for Hie Athletic Department, offered a poetic ex- lanatlpn. He said, "We put Lieu- enant Kamen In to put out the ire and he only poured gasoline on In earlier games Ihe 326th de- eited the'26th H-12 and Ilie 700lh Deal the 702nd 20-4. T3ox score of the Athletic Dcpiut- ment-TO3rd game was: Alhlellc Department Se Serjft.-Gordon.- Donohue, .veteran fjmaster," took Sergt. .Joe iHpltzer ito his ica're and'gaye.him-a. few 6int«rs'before : : the, the !gton Arena Friday' ; ni g:hit.' Wl jjnohije -told rHoIUer,- must hi, ten right, Hollier' won' by a "KO. A •promising boxer; Is Pvt. J..E. e'ynolds. Built likeia-buggy ".whip, itrf his lanky arm leU go sorhe- 1e' Is\bouhd' to ; get hurt: He ab- rf>s"punishment •• ; Uke • '•a:&pbnse An'gell, 2nd .... Tubbs, If 'inner, 3rd — ifcWhorter, ss itabler, c Adams, .1st jirrlson, sf — Camen, cf, .p .. iurley, p, cf .. Morrison,: U' .., 703rd McLain, asey, ss — Davis, 2nd .. Parnell, 1st . >iunley,-lf './,,,... • Pv t. - Dayid jMurphy , ;Went out' fqi ie, track. tt'jrri , when:.' there" was lie;. ,'Nqw that. it's "folded' he runs irffun,' a' long; jog; e)/ery;day/. •_• Lieut* Cecil .Sipnori, a.-flight in- trijclor,, ruhs ] the, obstacle 'course uteri than ;any oth>r..pffiper. You jn"quote Lieut. j(. J: Angell,.junior iyslcal director, on- that; Arid you lobld have seen-the lieutenant, run 'he n. he #as" fullback on. the Chi- a'jp Cardinal football team!'It was ;, jjrclty thing to see hlin crash he. line.: ' ' ;- : •-.".•, : ;-.- : --• ;ciay,.for;a baseball .diamond.ha: Sen found by Corp. ,Lebn Kantpr hy^ical ih-structor for theVNegri: oldlers. -And Lieut. Bill Adams', his oss.. wants to know .'where he go .-. He ^wants' some for 'a bascbal eld: Seems like; there's a shortage ven of dirt, some kinds, anywa) )r Is it being rationed? • •' ' Don't . argue . with. Pvt <• Ben iuzlewicz, MR of the;Town;Patrol fc was an All-Stale end In Penn ylvanla !n.;1938. That was whei e was a student-- at St. • Joseph' •ollege, Philadelphia; Hc'' d basketball and baseball and wa track star! Tall and muscular, He' till'In the>lnk.-; •_ '. • ' • B««<1 Courier Newo want -' ada The Soldier's Friend. . . Fi'lcnil and Samaritan In lime of dlslress, Hie American Kcd Cross, us the volunteer ngency created und supiwrlcd by the dollars and goodwill of the American iieopte, extends a helping hand to the man In the Service who happens to be In tough luck. .A field director Is on duty at iniiny Army slallons. He can get prompt Information and action anywhere In the country through the nationwide organization of county chapters of the lied Cross. fn this column the field director nL Ihe Blytheville Army Air Field discusses examples of Ills work with full protection of the confidence of Ihosc who consult him. BY FRKII I,. SWAN, Field Director American Reil Cross Willi Held directors at Oils end, and chapters at Hie home end the Red Cross Is able lo maintain a helpful two-way flow of services In behalf of the nation's fighting men. Field directors have responsibility for Ihe personal needs of servicemen, whereas responsibility which Involv families. If a soldier is at home and needs lrai)S|X>rta- tlon lo return to amp, it is (he responsibility of the field director, on notice from tho chapter, lo mnkc a loan If one is necessary, since military approval must be secured. The chapter may be asked by the field director, however, to advance funds lo iiiavcl Squadron Forms Escort And Musicians Play For Honor Guest The 3Slsl Army Air Forces Hand was the center of attraction Friday nomine as the musicians, bcdcrkcd In snappy new while erossljclls with polished brass buckles, and while Icgfjliujs, met Ciov. Homer M. Adklns. The governor arrived ,al 11:15. The Liuard Squadron, led by Capt. itobcrl 'Love, did the honors. After Hie nifties and flourishes that arc accorded dlstintiulshrd visitors by the bugles und drums, Ihe band played the Air Corps Murcli. At 1:30 the band marched cadcls lo (lie Tost Hccrenlion Hull, the scene of Hie urii'.luiilion cxcr- clst.s, and then played a 20 mhi- ulc concert as n prelude to the ceremonies. The were, rendered: Grand March," "Ihe by M. numbers I'llgrlm'f' L. Lake chapters have for those cases assistance to their AB H H ..42 ..33 ..42 ..41 0 2 il A Flying Inferno—and a Cool Head 'Over There FniHiisle,'" by Kredlc Srofe, nnd the "Egyptian Unllct,' l)y Lulglnl. The iiiidieiicc heard!) applauded each number. Following the ceremonies and the sprech by the governor, the bant closed (he program with Ihe Ail- Corps March, followed by (he National Anthem. As Ihe cadets filed out of Ihe hall, (hey stepped off lo the strains of the "Shcnnndoah March," Members of the band send llielr Greetings lo their four men In the Base Hospital nnd 'wish them « speedy recovery. The patients arc Corps. Christopher Scallsl and 'Dernard Jaetfer, and Pvts. Edwin Busta and Antbony Ou/./.elta. 34 13 1G AB R H 3 4 4 4 .. 3 3chomp, cf 4 Mullln, rf •;...,..: 3 Iroves, p . ,ucas, sf Francis." 3rd . 3li 16 13 19-Year-Old Cadet Graduates Friday Youngest member of the cadet graduating class Friday was Sec- pnd.LIeut. Robert O. Stine, ID years old. ' .'. Ueiaten'ant Stine, whose home is In Alhambra, Cal., Is a 1941 gra<i-> uate'-of Wilson High School In Los Angeles and attended Loyola University, Los Angeles, before being accepted as a flying cadet last February. Two other members of his family are in the service. His brother," Ensigri J. H. Stine is with lhc Navy and.his sister, Second Lieut. E. B. Stine is with the Army Nurses Corps. Mr. Swan the man, to be reimbursed by Ihe field director. Field directors nsk chapters lo verify certain home situations. Only in the case ol moving lhc family of n sevlceman, or reluming n serviceman to the community upon discharge, do field directors request chapters for approval. Neither Red Cross field director. 1 ; nor chapters use the terms "approve" or "aiilhorine" when communicating with each other regarding loans to servicemen or ex- servicemen. Rnther, the question is made plain: "Will you reimburse us if we advance Ihe money?" or "Should we make a loan from our funds?" Blytheville Army Air Field soldiers should realize that while Red Crass chapters may be able to aid them in emergencies while on leave, the chapter is not nllow- to them the Red Cross office here. This ruling is neccssnry to protect chapters from imposters who claim to be servicemen or ex-servicemen, and from being duped by men who arc AWOL or whose emergency claim is not valid. Tech Sergt. Anthony Poskonka's dunce orclicstra beat out the rhythms when the newly commissioned officer.'; assembled Friday evening for their graduation hop. Two of the numbers they played were new arrangements by Sergeant Poskonkn. cd to advance money without clearance with Fire Drill Held liy Guard Squadron If fire breaks oul In lhc area of he lOCGlh Guard Squadron, they'll know just what lo do. They found out in u fire drill the other day at one uf Ihe barracks. To adr enllsm an nljirm wns seal In and apparatus of the lire dcpnrlincnl responded. Fire Chief Frank Jennings fjiivc ihc nien iiiMriictlons on the hand ling of the hose nnd lold then what to do in the event of a rea Fire. Everything went fine, nccordini to Lieut. Dyron W. btinson, com .ndinu ofliccr of the Gunrc Squadron, and First Sergt. Pan L. Yost. Against Japs' Release ..BRAWLEY, Gill. (U. P.)—Brawlcy Fort No. 1, Mothers and Wives of Fighters; has sent a telegram to Mrs. Roosevelt protesting against her statement lhat Japanese should be freed from concentration camps. Instead, they ask her lo use her influence to keep them Iherc "so lhat we will, not be stabbed in the back again.' 1 FUNNY BUSINESS „., uflDETSGETH fewest Type Of Link Trainers Installed; Operators Take Course l-'lrsl enlisted nmn In the Kmopcan Thraler of Opcrn- tlmis lo be recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor Is stair Stft. Muynard 11. Smith, of Caro, Mich., and hi'ic Is his own lliiillliiji account of the exploit which occurred during his mission over the continent. The Americans' target was (he submarine base at St. Niv/itlre. and Sergeant Smith was the ball- lurret sjunner In one of the bombm. His citation, as a cau- dlilale lor Ilio Untied Slates' highest award (or heroism, dc- claies that his act.s, ". . . . whlrli by tho will of God aloiu) did not cast lihn ills life. PIT- loiuinl In eompk'li! .self-sacri- lln 1 and utmost cfllcU'iicy, were .solely ro.spon.slble for the safe iclurn ol the aircraft and the lives ;if everyone aboard." 1IY STAIT SKHG'l'. MAYNAIil) 11. SMITH WrlKrn for NliA Service l.ONHON. May 31.— We dropped our uoiiilis smack on Ihe tui Then the fun began. We knew Kockc-Wnlls— they were as IhlcK n.s Ixv.s— were trying to gel us, lint bemuse Hie lallgunncr was biicllj wounded, we had no winning to what happened. Tlie first Indication 1 had of in (lack from the rear was tracer hi/zing by. The next Ihlnu new was u liell of an explosloi 'lie radio room was complclety li nines. /Ml the oxygen ct|Ul|>nu<n uuiilil lire, Comitumtcallons were omplelely knocked out. Immediately Ihe ship became full if smoke and gases. Wo couldn't ircallie. Luckily for us we were :>w enough not to need the oxy- en tubes, so we .stuck our heads out of the waist windows. Hut Ihe gases were rushlnn oul (lie will- lows so thickly we couldn't breathe hat way, either. The situation lltln't look very good. Meantime, Hie radio operator hud ionic back Into the waist. About 5(1 20-in. in. shells had lilt his room. Thinking, with perfect. Justification, there wasn't a chance for the >tanc, the radio operator bulled nit tlie waist window. The right (mist gunner followed him. ' nuring Uils time \ve \vcre choking for air. You Just couldn't breathe. The entire ship seemed iflre. The left waist gunner tried io bail out but got cauyht half ft'iiy. "What's wrotiu, fella?" I askctl. "Is It loo hot for yonV" KNKMV. AT HKKI-H He sii'l'd he thought there \vnsn'l a chiince, so I pulled him over , to (he rear escape door, pulled Hie emergency release, kicked the door off and helped him out. Just about then things really looked bad. Fire prevented the men In front from [jetting back I was all alone in the waist, which An eight-foot fence Is used I keep out deer on the Broadmoo golf course in Colorado Springs Colo. , Hold Everything WOUMPEO CRBWMS/M , burning like hell, and being atlacKcd we bolt Varsity Softballers W i n,", Second Contcbt Saturday Morning, 2-1 lllvnlry llelween lhc U'o soflball tennis of (he Mlsl Army Air Forces ' lliind Is becoming more und more "' Intense oven • though lhc varslly Ijeiil (he second bam Salnrdny mm-nlng for (lie Reconil lime. •I, Wnllcr Uiike's second tenm wenl. nheiid ni. Slalf Sergl. Pclo' Sllvi'i-lo's varsity In Ilie (list by 2-1. However, the , varsity innn- , , need lo lie H up In (he llrst of Ilie third, Ix-nke's leiiin went wild In their hull and .scored seven rims lo'iimko lhc neon: D-2. All Kccm- ed losl for lhc vnrslly but Ihe hoys kepi on working and nmn- niiCil one In the fourth,- Iwo In Hie IHIIi, and four In Ihu sixth lo lie-' Ihn score 0-0. The seventh wenl lor (ho vnr- slty by fiiur runs us Pitcher An' i Sallla iiinnii|>ed to kecii Iho' second learn scoreless, pfc, Wll- llnm VIL shirred for (he second .team by milking scvcial nkc cat- dies nut In left Held nml gctlln,) llH! only home run of the game, Corp, Nino llniidhio nnd I'fc Joim Huckiis culled strikes and bases lo Iho .Millsfiicllon of everyone. I.lne-upM were as follows: Viirslly ScMiiid Team Mllchcll ... If Clmtllcld Bllvurlo .... S s C'nrdnmone Cermlnurii . , ef iielimimim Ilreyan . . . c cifrulnk 'I'oiniisltc . . r; Mmu.m Mnccl . . . Db liadocy Oniilslon . . s r Spclcr Wudctiprnhl 3rd Vll McGlnnes . . lb Shaw Sallta . . , . p Hothcr o P l>> 21) -tb ss rf If sf cf 7//£ FOf?T$F.SS COULD jys; ir otpu'f,.. Ilvn-'s nalhuil. |>I|IIII|IIK Slufr Si;l. iM»yii:ird H. .Smllli—also lhc sketched iiiiiircMlou.s nf snihe nf !!»• fents which mm him » rci-mii- mfnilntlnii fur lhc (/'iingrrssl'iiinl IMcilal of Ilimtir. This nuimcr, SI, Is fniiu C:ini, Mich., anil is :; fnnm'r Inlcrtml Iti-vc-nin- :IKCII|. <)u his llrst inlsslnn over Iho rnntlmnil, hn reiiiiilncd In a hlnrlni; linmlier, li:i(lU-rl Ihe Iliiincs, (fulfill ulT 'fnur (icrnuin ullarkcrs, nml iiiiiiisli-iiil In a wuuniled iiiiii|Kin1<m afli-r lieliilni; ullicrs In csciiiic. home lieforc Iho red hot emliers A bnllcry of Link Trainers has been added and the new machines are being used by cndets in their advanced flight, training program. Tlie Link Trainers, oflcn referred to as ground planes, are of Ihe newest type and have several features which were not included in previous models. Among these arc the radio compass which indicates to the student, Ihe exact degree of the compass reading nnd a runway local izer. The Link Trainers arc operated by a crew of enlisted men working in Iwo shifts. In addition, 14 ciilisl- cd men are being given-an intensive Link Trainer oiwralor course under the direction of Staff Scrgl. i.VIark G. Collis of Ihe 25th Training Group. It is a six weeks course and students must attend classes seven, hours n (lay. Each cadet must have a minimum i of 14 hours link training (luring tvdv-iviiccd flight training. The In- lerior of a Link Trainer Is similar lo Ihe cockpil of n. plane and contains all Ihe instruments which arc necessary for piloting and navigation. was were sides by fighters. Fortunately there was too much (o do to spend anj lime thinking about the future— if any. I grabbed the fire extinguisher from tlie rear of the ship, wrapped a sweater around my face so 1 wouldn't choke to death, and tried to put out the fire where It was most dangerous. There was too much fire nntl too little extinguisher to try lo cope with It all MKI/TKI) MKTAI, Khoulder which had penetrated Into the. lung. Then I laid him on his wounded side Uo prevent drainage Into the gomi lung In of hi'innrrhiige) und administered morphine-. (JAKTHIIK1KS i;.\l'E.(H)i:i) Then I worked oul a routine. I'd work on the lire. I'd go lo one waist gun and lake a crack at (he Focke-Wulfs. I'd give- aid lo Hie gunner. I'd go back lo [lie lire, Then I'd go lo Iliu other waist gun and take another crack at the Germans. A couple of limes Ihe fire nearly won. Our ammunition boxes slnrled smouldering. 1 chucked one oul the rear eccaiic floor. Two others started In explode. How Ihcy missed us I'll never know. Then I noticed that half of Ilie. conlrol cables III the ruillo room The most dangerous spot prove,; ^ ^ l)l " m><1 ""' m|!h ' " lhc rest cooled completely Uic' ship buckled up. We did. Our pllol really knew his stuff. Even Ilionuh he had less than half the controls to maneuver with, lie. set us clown like a feather, It was Just as well he did. Five mlnulcs after we got unto the lovely ground the ordeal by -fire proved loo much. Our ship Jusi, buckled up In the middle- and died. Lieutenant Bavta Takes Illinois Gnl Ab Btide Second Lieut, Gilbert L. Umlu, who received his bnrs und sllvei wings as u member of Friday's eiulel graduation class, v,i\s vmu- rlcrt to the formei Miss Ilctlc Jane Moss ot Jerscyvllle, III., at the Post Olmpcl Thursday nftpnioon. Tho ceremony was pu fanned by Ctmp- ntn Gcinld 'llognn, Miss Florence J'roxob of Jerscyvllle, was brldcs- nnld, mid Pvt. Ocoigc La Palme, chaplaln'.s nsslslnnl, was best man, Meulciinnt ilJurtn enlisted :in the Army before the Selective Service Act wnn patted and wns ncccpted ns n n nvlatlon 'cadet last ^fn> He rc- IHirtcd ; to tills Held for advanced training from.the Army Air Field ill Greenville, Miss. In civilian life he was nn office' worker In Town and lived with' Ills father, Joseph Burin, al Fairfax. He Is n 1034 (.nidunlc of Fairfax High School, l.timlicr Hats in War PASADENA, Cal. (U.I 1 .)— "Him her has gone lo war," according lo lhc West Coast Lumberman's i«- .'ioclalton In convention here, nhcy reported Hint M,OOU,000,000 feet of West Coast lumber went Into war con.ilruclloii Ihe past year. All pes of sen and air craft which •e made entirely of wood nccounl- 1 for much nf it. lo be near the. gas tanks. About, I now lhc heat hud become so In-1 tease It had incited the fuselage and gasoline was pouring In from lhc lower left whig lank. I knew the gas wns not dangerous ns long ns it wns burning— not, dangerous from lhc viewpoint of explosion, Explosion was my only fear. 1 knew (he Hying Fortress could tnkc anything as long n.s It didn't explode. I hnd just about put oul Hie worst hit when I glanced back "It's a habit—the general is always reviewing somebody!" and saw Iraccr.s streaming at So I put down Ihe extinguisher and went lo work on one of Uic tuns for a minute. Then for the first lime 1 saw cur (all gunner had .succeeded li crawling oul from Ihe tall. One look told me he was severely wounded. I found wounds In one Ht get* more »peed into hi» mes*^ge» with tho aid of a ^ •" ' ~ • ''^tiMt* iivjil H - . - ^ '•- ' '- .... Read Courier News' want Ms. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Aenn fr*m Rich BehoM /A Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drag St»r« Main ft Lake Phont 2822 Officers' Uniforms Coniiiiirc the fabric, .ind workmanship of llicsc fine farmcnts before buying! ;'i Heller Minuses 1(7.75 Khistifiiic Trousers i;i.7;> ''inks 13.75 Summer Trousers 7.()0 Summer Shirts s 'Id Well, I put an extinguisher on them until llicre was ,ia more llvrtil In it. V'ranllnilly 1 ooked around for another. There wasn't one. I grabbed a drinking water bottle. SMI!' Just when ever.vlhlni; Mviucd im- •r conlrol, 1 saw we were llylnij very tall-heavy. 1 losscxi nut cvery- Ilitni;—gnus, clothes, equipment— that, hadn't burned, ioiu Hw;n cm 11 Just' was i|iicslion whether we could get Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Th. 519 Karl Slone, Shop Foreman 307 E. Main FITTKI) ItY Doctors J. L and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETKISTS IN ni.YTHEVJI.l.K SINCE 1022 8PTICBL STOBE 209 W. Main SI. I'hone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . . SelherltiiK I'actory Method. No Crrlifie.ilc Required On I'nrscngcr Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. LOYEICH 'L^ rh*M in The Modern Ice Bo»< COOLKUATOU F(ir Kcimnniy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 111 \ sniul-clollnr it n crcilure llnr lo n starflsli. in a ted at for hAvltig your help the war 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on Central Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY ll'rtw.j- A Walnut Ph. 553 SHI ALL LOANS • Afiythlnr «f Val». East Main Loan Co. KM r. 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