The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 7
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LE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 21;:. THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY All? CORPS NEWS Published dully except Sundays In Die Interest of (he personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Plying School of Blylhcville, by the Blythcvllle Courier News. 11 contains the nciw of the Air Base. m.n'iiKviLLK, AUKANSAS. TIiURSDA V,~Ai-ruT-^ Mashes of American Fun in New Guinea Three Debs' Are Among Stars Here Tonight With Camel Show The Three Debs, ihree lovely ylrls who went on the stage nearly three years ago after (hey had met as students of classical 'music THE THREE DEBS al (lie University of Missouri, are n detail of (lie l,i t cnmel Caravan Show which W in |nil 0]1 two loj'iniuiccs tonight nl tJie Past I healer, at b im d B O ' c | 0( ; k nicy are "Hlotidetle", liette I^-c Ambler, clatightcr of the mayor of SJieiiniuloali, town; ••Browiielle" Alma Jean Wilson, of Springfield, «!.. and "HrimcUe," Hetty Jane (-.ilbcrt. an ticcoiupllslicd pianist who calls St. Louis home. The Irio presents modern, sophisticated versions of old, new and classic melodies, whicli kce)) bringing them back for encores. The master of ceremonies is Michael Harmon, who sinus "NlgDl and Day." "Old Man River," and "CirlbiriWn," and who lifts been in the show business for n years. It is a variety show with fun, rmisic ami dancing, including Bob and Maxmc Clayton In tricky comedy • lap roiuinis; Clyde flagcr witli a hilarious pitchman act- wliorlle Masters, who beats out rythm on everything from benches lo inittons. and the iiuisie of Robby Kuhn and his HhyDim Boys. Army Cooks Taught. Skill Minus Utensils PORT BENNING. Ga. (UP) - Wlicii the Army cook goes to the battlefroiit, llic enemy shellfire is not goinu. .to .worry him in the least. . At the Bakers and Cooks' school at Port Helming every class is taught how to meet just such emergency when it. is charged with the all-important last; of keeping fighting men on the far - flung fronts'weII fed. At the Fort Bennlng school the cook might come into the kitchen and find most all of the utensils ; destroyed. U .Ls then his job to 'drum" up the soldier's food with anything he can find at hand if ... ,lt's nolhing.Mit, a •shovel-and a tin tiib: '. " ' " • And it's possible that he might even be liuighi to prepare a meal in a hole in the around. . Col. John M. Rooks, comnuuid- dant of the Bakers and cooks' school .pointed out. that when go- ins; into the field, American bakers and cook's tire provided with the' finest army equipment of its kind in the world. However ,he, said, If it were necessary, the bakers and cooks could function under -conditions that would make an Indian wonder what to do. The Fort Bcnning school is the "parent," of all .similar schools in the Fourth Service Command Monthly hundreds of new cooks and bakers are turned out, well tramed in the latest scientific and ancient methods Laugh It Off 'Ihe day's toil over, the usual complement fiirnccl out for n dance at the Gamp Pickett, Va., service Presently, Sergt. Ronnlrl Riopel attached to division lieadqnartcrs' foiiiHl himself gliding ore ,. ( hc flooi : with n fetching young WAAC. By way of makini; conversation Riopel remarked— "I'm pretty tired. I've had a hard day at the office." "I'm tired, too," sighed (he dainty VfAAU. "Ive been shovcliiv sand all day." Visitors to, Camp Woltcrs Texas might- be • startled • to hear "tvo members of Uncle Sam's Armi carrying on earnest 'conversation in Japanese. One is Chinese, the. other n Dane Hie Chinese can't speak Enz- sli. Ami the Dane can't speak -hniese. But both are proficient in the complicated Japanese lnn-»- uage. ° So the enemy tongue has become the medium for lessons in En»and Cliincse. Invests $41.90 Monthly Out Of $54 Pay, Save. 1'iirl Of Balmicc Two Medlcnl Corlls orf | cc| , s '-apt, Dimlrl Snyducker mid First Lieut, William fi, Self, Jmvp been piomoled at ti, 0 ulviiicvlllc Army Air Field. Captain Syiidiu'ker been ok-vntod to the rank of niiijor and l.lciiti'imul self has been iniulc captain. Mivjor Su.vdacki-r raiiiu lu>ro In August, a monlli nfter he uns commissioned u cnntnln. He had i>i-cu 11 sjia-liillM in otihthaluiolORy a I dilute of NorlhweMi-rn Univml- ly Medical School. He Is married Hi ihi- formor Miss .Ik-villa Hllbbs of Clilengo, in,, mid they |,, m . j wo children, Ih'nry, ng« 5, mid mull Iwo. /nicy innkit tlicl'r home nt I51C West Walnut Slmi. Captain Keif was ordered here In August shortly nflcr rccclvlii.i his first lleulcmmi's commlKslon In civilian llfo lie if,is 11 New York Phyxlcnn. He is a ijHO Bindualo of the Medical School al. New York University, lie Is. mniTli-d lo this fornirr Miss Mnry Kveiyn Walters of Davis, w, v«. Paint Sign on Itoof To Keep Plane* Off - '• 1"&K. All is not war in New Guinea ns IJ. S. forces Hike lime out between Untile will) Iho Jii.c lo cn\nv hemsclves in eood old American fashion. !.'„„ from Homo ,s uiourb, o ih i y uy I ni vetcnn ' (ravclmg movie moimlebnnk. Joe E. Urwvn. who i u -r is U( > ",-o,neivh, , ,, (v w C , cV' . rel.c.i « o m ule. . signpost indicates ihc boys are farther ultimnie (li'slinatmn. 4 Horn Home than Irum their The dairy cost to France of Lrermnn occupation would build 4500 modern workmen's homes Dog'From Down Under '•***.• 1'lc. Hutch is a small, tousled Kngiish bulldog, and is the diirlin^ of the 704th. St. Sergt. Norman Lcduw To Wed Miss Audrey Colby Staff Sergt. Norman Lcdcw, as- ;istant sergeant major of Ihe Personnel Section, will he married \fay 5 nt the Post Chapel to Miss Audrey Colby, of Augusta, Me. The Tcrcmony will be solemnized by Jhnplnin Gerald J. llogan, with a celebrated high mass. „.., -ergcant Lcdcw has been at this [ reminded that station since August, Me enlisted J lc= ind snow July 28, 1941,. at AuaiLsla, Me., vhcrc he was an employee of the late Highway Department, The bride to be Iras been employed as a fingerprint technician of he Maine Stnte Police Department since 1933, when she and the ser- Rcant were graduated together al the Gales Business College al Augusta. shelter, and knows when it's advisable to use the laller. FUNNY BUSINESS "''Ifllvvays stick, up.tliis Bulcii Proudly Wears First Ai/my Stripe Private Btilch has been promoted to private first class. The an- Jioiincement was made public today by First Sei'St. Joseph Nico- deiiius of lhe ,704th Squadron and was greeted with approval by other members 6f the orfinnizalioni all of whom were -ylad to see Butch gel ahead. . -,. f . . . ,:• 1'fc. Butcli enfisted.inHie Army a month and a half ago al this station. Prior to his induction he was found most any day among the civilian employees ' at the Qnartermastfrs Platoon. He has a roving assignment and pends considerable time in all departments of his squadron, but most cf his attention centers around the supply room whore hc is vaguely referred lo as "nssislniu supply I ".' l; ' rergcaiH." n "d Policing \ The Grounds i Pvt. James Crawford has toi! swcllcsl set of leetli In llic Army, They should be Kood. He had (o wait nine months for them. II Ihcrc was a shortage of lhe USO Badges To Be Given Girls Here Fifty jjlrls, Including 37 O f 131y- l.D. Tex. (U.IM ~ Mot so IUIIK into, n low-fly!ii|{ traln- i'r nliintvnl' Urook.<j Field bounced lliihUy oil Ihe roof nl the old Quur- Icrmii.sln 1 Ijiitldlnjf, which was looted nnir the r-ni! of n runway. ffo oiii! was hurl, but, the occupants f thin liullillnti wei'is more (him ntilly nnnoyed. Next diiy [i »!(.' .M<jii-pl n lnly vh- Ime from 3,000 -feel—was iwlnlcd on thu roof; "KKEI"-'EM KlA'lNG." Rend Courier Ntwa Ads. iUedlcal iMachment at the 13AAP i Corp. John Wieisjos is recaideil ;U one of the most accomplished men of the Medical Detachment of the UA1-P. where he is on duty ns n pharmacist. U c ,- :i ,,. mid does smoke 'a cigar while Inking a shower. "I," said Slaff Seryl. Robert K. Nichols, "am an expert in such oiallcis as pinning diapers on !>:<- - >">,illibv. Ul nil: i m.v iilll^, LJIL'HUUIIti ;j ( 01 sliilf 1 icy make dentures out of sp, thcvllle and 13 from nearby com- aftcr havms his chcwers removed, numltira, who have, Hltcndcd 10 lie just had to wait, his turn. Craw- or more of the USO parties us ford is n driver alluohcd to tlie dance partm-rs for llic- soldiers, will receive USO 'Ooninumliy Service Corps name budges. • " • ' '('hi: first of the budges were, presented by Miss cienevleve Whalcn, associate director of the USO. nt « iiicetiiiK of the Community Service Corns girls Tn<s>dny nlghi <>i the City Hull. Topping the list is auburn-haired Miss Amelia Modinger, who has attended 3li oi the -It Friday nlijht craiiccs. Mine others have iilteJiricJ '.'i or more. They arc Miss Ruth hies, feeding Infants', 'craonm'* ! ifenderson, :)0; Miss HeUy Inem to sleep. I have served a lonu !"». W; Miss June Workman, and varied apprenticeship in this *'""' "'•"""•' "• ••" ------! field." married.) (Note: The- scrgcanl is not If you have the idea that an expert with Ihe loils is n .slim fellow with wasp-like wnist. take a look at Corp. liill Ijaskerville, one ,of the best fencers on tne Post, lie | is 5 feet 4 and more than iOO Dounds. Cotton, according to scientists, s being planted and picked somc- vhcre in tlie world every (lav of hc year. '' Read Courier News wani actg. "°" )1CI '" stillc -' ; ideal conditions of the Army's winter resort, four miles northwest of the City of Ulylhcvillc need to be back home there's I snow. Take Sergt. Jnmes H. Herbert, n dispatcher at Group Operations. Two weeks ago when he went on furlough it was too warm for an ovcrconl. But. in Massachusetts! Ooboboy! Did the sergeant ever pet frostbite) ..- 20; Miss Miuirtfi! Muilinucr. 211; Miss Martha Ilrulhcrlon. ati; Miss Marie Abraham, 2G; Halllia. 2:(; Miss lilecn llngnn, 23. and Alto Marie I). GTciishaw, 2J. The SO girls on the list %vill have ,11 dinner parly early in May nt the Hotel Noble, according to G. W. Daniclson. USO director. Arrangements arc l>clii|> made by JMLvs Wynt-Hn Sbepberd, acting CSC chairman; Mrs. W. I,. Uor- iicr, Mrs. ,1. A. Lcccl] and Mrs. El- OK WUh Army Cook MHOOKH FIEIilJ. '1'ox. IU.I'.) — Oiiring a class in plc-mnkiug al a Brooks Field mess hall, a young non-com made the following sutj- "1've heard that bits of Mircddrd lemon i ind make the Hipriiijjni; very Hold Everythirifl A postcard from n cliiip we sent uway bisl , week—il xnys 'Wish you were licre!'" PRESCRIPTIONS FrtHhcst Slock Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores The Modern Ice Box COOLKKATOIt lor 'Economy And Nenicrl Tom Little Kwde. Co. tbtae tit rORT Sl-EKIIMN. 111. (Ul't ... Myron Miller of Racine, Wis., only college freshman ever to win ai>. NCAA boxing championship, hu.s been a\signbd to duty at, Korl Sh.i- iilan. As a mcinber of (he Univrr- sity of Wisconsin boxing itain. . Miller wo tithe 165-pound title in _ Ite " a I lhe recent ISMS tournament. . "WJierc did you hear that?" in- tpiired Hie tnslrnctor. "From my mother," 'Tut it in your notes, boys," said the instructor. "That's yowl enough for me." A Easter Flowers xmslrr I.ilirs. lllailts of 111;lll bp;ni[if u | >' hinds. p,,[tcil A/alras, H.vdninffn, n c go ni a. 1 .. in»(lc-up-hr)\cs of aaorlnl platils. Vantages of flarrtcnias, tJnsrs, <)i cliiils, Cnrnatians and Yields. ri.Aci: votitt OKDCKS KAIII.V ?'i(l ilon't |,o disanpointcil— .loin '.In: Kastrr I'.iratlr. wllh (lowers. 1'lanls (Jrown ;n Our Own (•rccnhouscs. OPKX KVKXIN-OS UiNTff, SUNl'AV Heaton's Homo Of Flowers 200 Uavls Avc. rhnnc S Courier News wtint ads. Complete Stock Stool and Kl;is(lc TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Dm* Store Main & Lake I'htme Any Shoe Can lie If llic uppers arc still fond. H'i'iff llicm (o us for niiality work.' HALTER'S Quality Shot Shop '21 W. MMn Try our "Own Made" !ce Cream Ole Hickory Inn fr«m High School FITTED »Y Docton J. L wit J. GUARD OI'TOMETRISTS t. IN BMTTHEVIUJ; KINCE 8PTICBL STORE 203 W. Main St. Pljone 2912 Docs Ywir Car NKKD THKSK? Ilullco-Scnl Covers (Hlllller— Hadio rug I.iRhls— Lock Gas C:i|i A complete, line of Polishes LOY SUBSCRIPTION Pinner Kclurns Wearing Wllli !!old biirs rrphidiiir hi), slaff sei'ncaiu elievrons, Second 'Mciit. Cecil l>lmui' ))«s relumed lo duly nt tho lilylhcvllle Army Air Hem Mi R Junior physical lilsfntcl- or. He was reusslnned to lhe 1'osl after being israduated from llic Of- acers oandldalc ache,, ., . Mlwnl Pinner nune here in . . . . ic Army. After ., n« a mouth In assisting tiio ,.,„. w lie officer In (he physical tmln- "1ST 1 ' " l '. (1 '"'«'«l «nd was made a Muff He wns lu-ceiiled as nil ,?,"'«""" ••"""• "> ' Nli """ «"•'"• ,h,,"' i 3 ' '"""! f " lnll( i' ll >l! for Ihe Ualnli^ l,y ,,„.«!,„, ,,„, (( , s(s f , Officer Caiulldnlc Bmird here, liloiitoimiil I'eniH-r Is a 1912 u'rtid- ""'". of \yiUcnl.iirg OolU-fie, Sjn-lnn- folil. Ohio, where h c received his deurce In jihysk'nl cdiiciilloii Up wns on uiiUHInndlnK basketball uncl Dnsebnll plny.-r on u,,. lenms. . v ,rs u ' rMl5 New Recreational Hall Now Under Conntruclion • A comblnnllon nymiKi.sliim illl( | wrentomil hall will be complete!) wllhln npproxhiiiiliiiy n month Oapt wulirr V. !,„«„„, ^miuin'l- ^K u llccr ot the :i<yjlh Aviation Squadron, nnnoiinced Knlny •niu new lmll<lln B i low ' m , (lcr ranstitictlon will lie Ktmlh.r In do- nll and eonslniutlnn ln Uln ,,^. t KocrciiUoniil Hall, it W ||| | )c ],„!, ei«ni||h to accumodiilc nil tiiciii- rs of both Negro oinanlwitlons M will bo amply ciiulppeil wllli I'UilcUe fucllltles and win, ', Int'gc state. The new bntldhu! will \,u ,, sc ,i nlso. for eliurch services. Rosa Transferred To Pennsylvania • Mi'sl Uoiil. f'nimer P. iioss, ciiilct supply officer since lust O~- obcr, linn been Irnnsferred from this station to the Mlddlctown (Pa.) Air Uepot. Uoitcnunt Hoax', ivus commissioned Sept. 2. following coiniile- on of offlceis' training at Miami Ileiich, Kill. In civilian life he was connected 1 with llm n. \y. u n ... ( Umilier. Company ih Mlnnenpolis Minn. He received his education at I'rlnectun University; 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrl Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwiy *'w»)nat Pb. S53 SMALL LOANS Of Anrtbtac tt Eari Main Lou Co. SM E M*1a — f taint ZM* Easier Place Ti'lctfnipl) Orders Now. Cnrn>(e» of rrerj tacttpllon, THE FLOWER SHOP ItELIVF.KY ANYWHERE OLENCOE HOTE1, BI.DO. I'hone 191 — Nlte Phone 2618 Captain Snydackcr Made Major; Lieutenant Self Gets Captaincy „„,„„ °' U ' C Blytllovlllc Arm >' And he Invests $41.90 of it_$4 jo fi month for n $5000 soldier life Out. of the $|2.'I 0 llmt la left lie buys another ; War Bond every couple, of months. U-wtmonth he Madson seldom'goes' to town; hc lite Army life, For rocrcallon he writes letters to friciids and members or Ills' 1 family. I'llviilc Mridson Is 35 and ellgi'olf lo make a]>|)l!catlpn for dlschnree provided there's''i'm .cracnUiil joi> In war Industry waiting for 'him and provided lhe Army would be IK lo let him BO. fiut Merlin • Madson will lick the jjny thnl trios l» bust him buck to n civilian Suys ho; "This Is homc-for the duration, plus six months," Madson w;a's inductee] Sept. ir, at routine. Ill,, where- lie was a •iluicmnkor. He has two biothcrs In lhe Army? why of comra! John Ls nt Huleii Field, Tcx.,.nnd Alex I? nt Kllmore Field, N. J. Two Jirolh- ci'S arc soi'C at the world Ijccnuw llicy'ro loo old lo get. In. Hiiccoons'dmik every particle of tlielf food In• water before catini; it. 'I'lio lumldcd huimiii eye cun sec about (j,000 slurs on n clr-uv night Jml4Mi!esToThe State Line Servide Station on Phillip^' CJiiallly G*M- Ilnc g. Oil, IVompt, t'omtcuus tici-ikc. Oiwrjled by Mrs. II. I,. IfcynoldM. OPERATING HOURS J'V A-IJ-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS:. B . /Ul. to i) I'.M. AM, WBKK DAYS !> A,iU.'<o'!2Noori 1 i'.iM. to S I'.M. CS : Webb Cities Service Station (Hwj. 61 al Cotton ntll V Tracks) I'hpne 921 We Kl« Hat, _ _ _ 'Washing & Urcislnr • oor WE FILL ALL DOCTOK8 PRESCRlPTiONS »NU SAVE you MONET STEWARTIS Druj Store Mala A Lake Phone JS22 AIRWAYS BUS LINE _ IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS . inslnirl thai uur buses slop at regular bus slops nnlr i Ihr Air Basr. I'lcase catch the hu.s at your nearest slop. [ HUDSON GLEANERS Spcciiil. care liikcn in rleaniiir- uniforms. ; Hullona f.-irerull.v hanclU-cI—T'lcals and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories —Insignia .SOUTHEAST AIF{ CORE'S INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "TUB RKUAni.B DRUG STORE" There's no wlrttr tclectlpn of shaving needs, cosmeto. norelMw. Service Men! Meet Your Friend al Robinion'i ! I

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