The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1937
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BOTHEVILLE 'COURIER NEWS i\ ;> ~ ;v i •'THE'DOMINANT OT^SP •' ' • VOLUME xxxiv—NO. 244. Blythevllle Courier Ulythevllle Herald Blythevllle Dully Newa Mississippi Valley Leader ARKANSAS AND 80DTHEAST MISSOURI ,ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31. 1987 SINGLE COPIES FTVP C , ' t f i JJ * "**• > When Panay Went Down. With U. S Flags Showing On Structure , „ ^ ^ "> • » -.-, • V •••!-/ ,.J » jiavs H^<jfltt*^8r$H "'' S VX4« k *l ! . ' " v • * x <•" ' ' i - , . ' .• •• * 41 i i i Says Nation Will Re Re- V f hewing % Maich Toward Prospenty Next Year " BY HOG Kit W, BABSON BABSON' PARK, Mass., Dec. 31. —We-ore not entering a nmlor depression; 1 '1938 will see a resumption of the up*ard trend which* began In 1933.' The first quarter may be poor-4much worse than Ihe early months of-1937; but later in the year I look for a substantial revlv'al. Do not confuse this current sharp recesslori with a major depression! Payrolls, prices, stocks, real esh and Jobs, should all bo. on their way to new highs by'the end of 1938. This December presents a r tremendous contrast with a year ago Then, the old year was riding into the history books on a great -rave "f ontMnlsm and hope.-."fiood times" lay over the horizon of '1937.' The dark . years': of ' 1929-1935 werc < Babson's Pattern Business: — Big Gain Over urr'ent Levels' Trend:'^SIron? '--Uptrend;' Av- rage Below 1S37 - : • ••'•' Corisress:—Wilr Give' Business deeded f? Peliet •''. •'• ;. '•'•;•,'''• Prices:^-5% .Gain Over, Present Level'-At Wholesale - I^irmsf—Income Down; Pro- its Slightly Lower Labor:—Few Wage Changes; More Jobs in Fall .Strikes:—Big Drop In Strikes Feature of Year Retail Trade:—Sales Below 1937; Pric e Tags Lower Living costs—Clothing, Food to Lead Minor Decline Buil<( ng-.-fGood Pickup to Besln By Midyear- Real Estate:—Values, Activity to Improve; Rents Firm Stocks:—Strong Rise As Bus hiess; Picks Up • Bonds:"—Substantial . Aclvanc in Medium Grades :Fcrei?ii: — ..Trade To Slow Down; No European War '.Summary —1938 to'^See fce "sumption of Recovery * L~- Here is the first picture of'the climax of the Japanese attack on Uie.U. S. S. Panay, the vessel shikli point to where the American flag was painted pii'llie top of the superstructure. Picture, taken a mile James, newspaperman, was carried out by injured Americans, rushed to Manila by U. S. 8. Steward, • , ' ';• ' ' ' ' Paolltc g in the Yangtze River. The arrows from the sinking vessel, by Weldon id flown to Sun Francisco by' Wans- BIITEJIBI Six Dogs Also Attacked At Manila By Animal, Believed Rabid .MANILA, Ark.. Dec. 31—A do? believed to be rabid, was here yesterday morning after had bitten a 10-year-old ; 'laughter of Hugh Tafum, and Mrs. Bessie MacMastcrs. It was also reported that Ih inhnal had bitten. at least si: ither dogs here during the ear!, morning hours and a genera alarm was sounded to keep a ! dogs confined.; The little girl was bitten on th 'eg about seven o'clock in th morning,\vhjle.playing In' the ya: -o£ her,. , hojnc...... T \if v dog " star Is lo attack 'the child a second Movie Stars Run For Cover When Club Is Raided PALM SPRINGS, Calif.,. Dec. 31. .UP)—More than 100 Hollywood Urn -celebrities were .rait ad curly oday when Riverside county au- lioritles raided Ihe exclusive night club, the Dunes, eight miles from here. No movie stars were arrested ant no names: we re revealed. -' Sheriff i'carl Rayburn and District Attorney Earl Redwlne am ten deputies led Ihe raid. '.'They / have :'bccn getting away with-too much out there—it was lime to put a slop to it," said Slier iff Rayburn. > 'As the officers raided the fashionable .establishment on. = the outskirts of 'his exclusive, desert resort startled film cclebrttleV dashed into. r ines artd Forfeitures ?Jn FORFEIT INTHEFTCH S Shoplifting Cases Tota $400 ^ *, ,V | ; Robert Jones and Pearl Wright, who were arrested a' week.ago aldnt with Mi's. D. S. Robertson mid j*rs Sam jolinson, all of Memphis, Ion charges of larceny, forfeited bofids of $100 each oh -failure to appfar in municipal court to "a iisvff r charges. .. •!•;• . •', \' The four were arrested aft«r police found about.' $2 W worth j o stolen goods in ,thelr".'.auto'inol^ alter G. H, Grear Had notified that he piis" suspicious of. the which was in his" store. ' drowned out in 'a.hiirricane of »a<;e boosts dividend extras and pcojnti/" rhriitmas' trade My fore ra^t it that time was ' 193J will be the first year of real nrospeiitv •since 1929 1 * The entire year s before she could ty of her home reach- the safe- hut was'- beaten the'cactus and -sage" bifush and<-.-Mrs. Robertson, and Mrs. ElipuUjg- : for Iheir^chauffeiifs: ^ ,,| '^Si^^-Pjlfe, time I' Games of chnrice'-vver'e being op-' crated openly When-the raid, was inade, sheriff'Rayburn said. ,TVo ' off by her 12-year-old .brother, ; it .'.truck loads'.ot gambling equipment *as reported. Details of/the at-|-'were seizerf ahd'io, men:were;.ar- tack on Mrs. i Mile-Masters , could vested on-suspicion of violating" the gam should average seven to ei'ht per <•»!'• nhove J 1936.' 1937 Year:-of J'rosperity^ Prosperity dldicom'e. Business 11'! average 7 per cent above I" 1 "- Thi* past August the Bibsonclml -tin' at 8 per cent ibove normil hi^hei 'than It. had b°en for seven vcav But after Labor DW the snual! which had been Iwvintr all v»nr suddenly struck. High taxei. 'political .muddline, labor agitation. an* 1 thin stock,- markets created a. tornado of distrust and fear. The result has been one of the sharpest business .declines .on record. The • BsbsonchVrt is ; now 19 per'' """* below normal. The current elobm will continue to hurt business i during tho »qr]i- months of 1938. But while nctlvlty will average at least 15 ner rent below the first Quarter of 1OT7. i' should not fall much boliw current levels. During ... tlits discou'twin- period the base for n resumption m the 'upward 'trend will h" l«id. r ni" hot be ascertained v but it was definitely established that the do; was fire same little girl. •The dog was inve been 'seen one that bit th first reported to around the home Df Riley Duncan. It was chased away after biting two of Dur ill's dogs. The animal was finally found and killed by Charley Henry and it was understood lhat Ihe head wr.ultl be sent to Little Rock lof examination. The victims were advised to tal:e necessary . treatments. state gambling laws: : "You customers can go," Undcr- sheriff Steve Lynch told the celebrities as he announced film the raid. "The rest of yon stay right here and don't try'to leave." lafceriy" Monday 'and . Dried $100 each. At') thai time lit oilier two made 'bonds for'thei Apr-earance 'today, .• : }- The goods stolen came f rom.seve or eteht local stores.; ; '.; Will Taylor was fined .$50 on charge of obscenity and was.foun not guilty of a charge of dlsturbln the peace. Thirty; five dollars of tl fine was suspended,' mm lESTSHEfiE New York Will Give New Year Noisy Welcome U. S. Commander On Yangtze oieigneis 0\gani/o To Bionk Un Lo o t i n g; Police Abandon TSINCITAO Dec 11. (Ui>)-Vlg-. lan(*s liMlly ornaniretl bv IBM icsldents, charged Chinese oolcrs with batons In the ilrecti oda> «i Chines? police abandoned h«lr' posts bcforo n Japanese drive The* roar of explosions echoed »s hinese dymimltetl Japanese fuc- orlea and smoke ' from Incendiary :ircs drifted over tho city. I/obtlug .began again In thc>nrly hours of this morning In the .shopping quai'ler near the rich, • commercial secllon. Tho looters worked quietly and wllbout Utaortlw.VI'hoy. Mlftt mne panic filrlcken fearing the- vengeance .ot I he 'Japanese, approaching Irorji the Interior and started wliot approximated a mass migration . to. the southwest. '.•'••' ';; 1 Oeriuans organised a foreign vlg- llan^a corps and the Clerivian aide :|o the former chief of police 'notified foreign consulates that the situation had become critical.". By morning Tslngtno was becoming a city of the dead. Chinese, po- Admiral E. L. Mauiuort, above, made commander o( the Vangl/a patrol with headquarter! at Gil lice: headquarters were abandoned conference NEW YORK. Dec. 31. '(UP)-- BarlendeKs pollslipd ' llu-lr glasii- ware. merchanls barred their vlndows and 1,370 i«llcemen rp- elved filial Instriicllons today on low to subdue a drunk' without cracking his skull. All was ready In Times Square along Broadwhy and 62ml street In Greenwich Village and Hav lein, for the usual New Year's eve celebration. Hotels, night clubs, theaters anc motion picture houses p l repar°< Cor record throngs of merrymak ers. A nolsj welcome »ill be extend ed to 1938 bj the hundreds o thousands of persons who vll pafide: through the Times Square after .'a thre e hour among officials, Thus'.the way was left Tree to oot and It was not until t(io for- vigilantes churgexl Into loolcrs wltl> their clubs und the KtrcoU' were cleared lhat order svns restored. Administration Attack's on , Big Pusiriess Increases Washington ^ WASHINGTON, D*0, 3!^ (HP)— Intensified administration attacks on monopoly aroused conlUctlng speculation today on. the tenor 1 of LVeslfenl Roosevelt'lB mesa»g* Jo congress next week and drew from .Senator Pat McCarran ,(Dem, NoV.), a wowing against "setting class against class." , , . • Deflnlte congressional reaction to ' "in null-monopoly barrage was'de; lnyed, pending delivery, of >Mr. "ooievell's message Monday, pari llcularly In view of belief that the president wll llako a strongly con* tlllatory altitude loward business generally without relaxing hU attack on' the 10 per cent he hju , blitined for most of the nation's economic Ills, *' y* Biulnet* On Bit Down, : ' Preliminary , flrewliU,' however, i allied around charges by Becre- ' lary of Interior Harold L. ( ICk««i < lhat a' business, ~«lfc down f strike against the government h«d caused llic recession nnd might lead' to Fascism In an address over a National broadcasting company iwtwork ickc!, warned the "Bourbons of we 00 tamlllen who control' America's wealth' that, unless they cooptr- nte, new and more' stringent f l«w» will be enacted undef' J the New ' jrea.and 1 sober one, by thejhoy- ^ands of Others^ who vli\\ altenif watcli night services at church'-'s Ihroughout tl>e city, It will cost »15 per person U> "make whoopee at the mast elusive hotels and clubs, such the > Waldorf-Astoria, the Carlton and the Rainbow but along Broadway th« patrons! to pay from five lo Most theaters have No Danger From High .Water Is In Prospect > t » However ,, 1 fr ••.. * *t t- . Spanish Loyalists Pui unteers From U. Strategic Points GIBRALTAR, Pic. SI. (UP) — All radio stutlmw In national Spain reported tonight tlul Clrnernl Mlmcl *™**'» rclllvlulla „_„ „,_. -._--;, . had broken throu|h loyalist lm«t (hc ^^ motor com p»ny Ickw «ud •>„ J "' """that Henry Ford U "to ,«tat : amounts to open rebellion ajatnat/ his government" , -, >' "In thus defying constituted »q- Ihorlly Mr, Ford U not, entitled to . the respect of the decent tew aW-v HENDAYE Franco Spanish Pron- | ng citizens of America,",Ickw •»»• tier, Dec 31 (UP)-3panish loyal- .. Big business might wisely, WtJ Ms rushed the crack- American j^ own hoiue'ln order.bjr correct^ battalloni of the Wl^rnatlonal vol- - - - • — addition to pointing apparent- .nd Lundberg In his book, 'America's Sixty Families", Icke* advised big business to purg* ItaeU ot IH Ford, Its Qlrdltrs and JW I Hand. r \ „ 8f»lhlnriy Allwlu Ferf \ Referring to the naUlnal Uber' I relations board decision agmlnrt; Dig Lake, west of Blyllievllle. has reached liood stage at.a gnuge read- Ing of 230 at Hit highway 18 bridge, because of the recent rains, O. O. Redman, Drainage District 17 engineer, said (Ills,afternoon and were entering frrucl alter n fierce battle Report from Seville said tliitl General Vicente Koj»; '(tovemmtnt learier, had) brrn taken prisoner. lnto'th«lr fVotit Hues today lo stem the .nationalist, attack .on loruol, now dm eloped In^o one of Ih" bUgfst battles of the civil war Men of the Abraham Lincoln and fiber battalions' ftho IB months at home In the United elates by purging airdiem and . presumes lo tell tlvo }]tl*)UlllC3 V^* VWH »»«y f*—r-r- " \ they should or should not do about troubles caused by UbQr,laws.lT ^i * ickes oald bl K buslneps v alw, 'hould "call off Its, lol^>yt»t«, 'oau .. rtlt ^IIICUI r tllVIVt nun .un-^i HUMHI Il|JU Ufc ILUIlhtT 111 IIIU (JH'^VJ kjmv>.<i -injn«\i *•— •• —» - — j---^-» - • unnm Allliougli Hie walcr is up against i were clerks, mechanics, teachers or off Its newspapers and conunem*- ,atro s! the bank, It Is 1 not considered da,,- sUld enU in -school and now ; are lor,, can of 1Ui lawyerj, . v^anfl ten dollars. Mrs Taylor was lined $10 on a I boosted tho bos olflce mile, charge of disturbing the peace but ; The police .who will concentrate her fine was suspended. !" Ihe Times Sttuare area have J R Gcan *as fined »25 on. a been Instructed to use persua charge of assault and battery. Ho slon, not night sticks, to make] was granted an appeal tp"clrcult drunks stay within court and his bond set at'jlOO. „ until it reaches about 248 feet or nine feel higher than it now Is. Mrs. B. W. Cowan, 78, Succumbs At Manila FEIEU, STftlE serins rally in 1938 will be much stronger than seasonal. Good 1938 Trend By next Fourth of July, buslnes" should have recovered from a third to o half of it? late 1937 loss. The revival will Dirk un momentum during the second half. How far it. will Two Are Fined Dollar In Traffic Campaign The Rev. N. H. Rhodes and Mrs. Minnie Lee McGregor, who were chargctl with violation of parking laws, "paid off" yesterday with minimum fines of one dollar each, since it was their first offense, It was announced by Police Chief E. A. Rice. Police plan to continue a drive, stnrled shortly before Christmas, lo enforce the traffic laws in the down town Motorists district. parking wrong, double parking and loading and un- go" It is,' %f course" impossible to say now. Nevertheless, as a lorn shot, it would not surprise me if . the 1937 peaks were equalled before next Christmas! Because of the poor first quarter of the new year, the average of for 1938. however, will be slightly under—roughly 10 per cent below—the average for 1937. The Important point next year Is'the trend. A poor start (but not much Idwer than current levels), an Improving second quarter, and then n sharp upward surge during the final four or five.months is my Idea .of the 1938 business pattern Business Nee^s "Relief" In making these estimates I am counting on cooperation fron Washington. A year ago mv opllm Ism for 1937 wos tempered by the labor issue. I said: "If this Issue (labor) Is not handled properlv, business could receive a very rude setback." Now I am tempering my 1938 optimism by saying that Congress, must cooperate with business or this present slump could continue loading on the streets will be ar- he said. ill T€LL YOU 6Y BOB — BURNS _ Only Half of Chickasawba District's Cars Have Been Tested With only a few hours lo go, the Blytlievllle tcstlno station for automobiles and trucks had tested only about one-half of the number of machines in this end of Mississippi county. Of the approximately 5.000 . cars and trucks in (he Chickasawba i district. 2,344 had been tested Tip ' until this morning. The time limit Is tonight. Today, a heavy stream of vehicles were being tested but it Is estimated that not nearly all of them will have been tested by, the close of the day. Fifty-four were tested yesterday. [ Tom A. Little, owner of the sta- i tion which is one of three in'the •ounty which officially tests cars 'or highway safety, said that he ;iad been notified that there will DC no further extension of the final date for testing. State police will start an intensive drive Monday to arrest all motorists whose machines have not been throush a safety lane. These motorists will be hailed into court and the minimum fine of $5 imposed. MANILA, Ark., Dec. 31.-Mrs. B. W. Cownn, long a resilient of .faniln, an active church worker! uid the widow of the i late B. W| iowan, died at her home'here ta>i njr. p.p twp p n Social Secur- ifcht at 10:30 o'clock after .a|K"t BCtWCCn OOCia! OCCUr ity Agency, State Welfare Office Reported night brief illness, old. Mrs. Cownn She was 78 years „ is survived by one son, H. W. Cowan of Manila, and two daughters, Mrs. Max R. Langc! P. M. Sweet of Bltyheville. Funeral arrange merit- 1 ! had been completed this morning. „.... . LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 31. (UPi — of Boulder City, Nov., and Mrs. | r} e ]i a bi(, sources revealed toda lhal an open break occurred lato no '' yesterday between State Welfar Commissioner MLss Gussle Hay nie and the national social sc Negro House Destroyed j Sg^JSrSEletS?.' E « By Fire Early Today Kansas city, MO. 1 The break between the two rift small house, at the corner of | Iclals was said to have been over Second and Roosevelt streets, was appointment of dsilrlct welfare d!' case workers In among the best world, were sent Itito the lines, six miles northwest of '(Terucl at what was~ expected to be I ho most critical point of the nalloimllsls' allack. Are Well Armed WnroM Peters. United press-correspondent with the loyalists, saw Ihe Americans go Into position. Where In the earlier day ot the war they hardly had rifles the Americans today had tanks and armored car units, Peters reported. * it\/n i.*" i LUIP, .-«" —• --— • -- • . ^ men In the | olay ball with the American people. Opposing the Americans the men mus i c for the^ dance which will of other international units and the new Spaiflsh ReiAibllcai\ mllltlO OuachlU Still Rhine : LITTLE HOCK, .Dec. 31. (UP) — Bod wealher conditions through: out this week advanced' the rise of rivers and lliclr tributaries In south Arkansas to almost four feet above lood stage, the federal weather bu- eau said today. Lowlands In the vicinity of Camen ant) El Dorado still were under water today with the Ouachlta, at he former standing at, 29.5 and .5 feet over flood stage. The weath- r bureau forecasts that the river would reach 30 feet late today but hat It probably would riot rise any ilgher. Although a slight rjsc was reported In some sections of HIE ol : ni " tem|Krft t, ires ne'ar zero with fog district wells In the vicinity ot „ KJ t , ie dlruculUes .Airplanes. Smackover were reopening today, ( ny|n 6 despite the bad weather,! It was said. lias Perils Kmphasiied NEW YORK (UP) — Oases from burning paper, cloth, and other materials are ' more fatal than Firemen and PoKcimen Stage Dance The firemen and policemen will have their annual benefit New • Eve dance tonight at >th» city hall Richard Leon and his twelve piece orchestra and a singer, Miss- Dorothy Dalton, wttl furnish the at 9 30 o'clock. . _ The hall will be decorated with were the nationalist Italian Black mal , y colors of crepe paper Bigs Arrows, Ihe Moorish regiment" -,f balloons will be distributed owr from Africa, the foreign legion and | n le celling to be released during^ the Spanish Knsclst. mtlltln. ' ..... » 'Hie battle was being fought on groimd covered by ice and snow svenlng and confetti and serpentine will be given to everyone »t the taice « -, faced an almost Impossible job. Stock Prices at 7:30 o'clock rectors and , kansas. Ar- destroyed by fire this morning. R. Lansing, negro Cwner, who . McDonald, here yesterday for a occupied the house, said the fire meeting of the state welfare corn- started from an overheated stove. \ mission, the that directs flames, according to Dr. William H. Eiwton, technical director of the Fire Protection Institute.' ;Vp») York Cotton Tunnel Linked To Druids On Valentia |»le for some time. Many of our current troubles come from fear and distrust. They art largely psychological. Congress today must treat business as a doctor shouW treat a neurotic patient Rcoldin?, harsh diets, enemas, and the like are "out". A few sugarcoated pills in the garb of kind words and a complete rest, from new laws .Is the prescription which Almost every paper you pick' u; towadays has gol some nrticlfe In t on how to keep this country out of war. I don't believe we'd, ever tave any wars if all thiS countries would call their spies home. No niatler how innocent you are, if you keep your cars opm, you're gonna hear somebody s*y something that will git you etcited. One day I went over 1 Atinl Sophie and she was ; Ing up. she says "That Mrs. Jones lold Sue Perkins that I wa.U sneak and that I was always pikin' into other people's affairs." I sn?s "Well how do you know 1 she sud "" and Aunt Sophie says It?' Seek To Enjoin Erection Oi School For Blind LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 31 .(UP)— Ciilbert L. Pearce, Searcy attorney epresenllng W. M. Walls and four jthcrs. today filed suit in Pnlask County circuit court seeking t enjoin state education official from authorizing construction o new stale school for the blind The new building was provide or by the last state legislature. The suit alleges that the act was In violation of an amendment of the state constitution which prohibits floating, of sate bonds with- ou a prior vote of the people and DUBLIN (UP)—A subterranean assaec, about which even trie oldest Inhabitants know nothing, has been discovered on Valentia Island. An Islander was quarrying stones whpn he uncovered an opening, with steps leading down. Policy and several local people attempted to explore the tunnel, but werc forced back by foul air and water Several theories are advanced re garding Its origin: That It is a smugglers' "cave" dating back from the time of the American, John Paul Jones. That It formerly connected the IslaVid with Skelllg Hock monastery, H miles out to sea. Natives long have believed that such a tunnel exists. ' 'That It is of Druldtc origin There U a stone-lined turret near policy forming group Miss Haynle's work, ntimated that appointment of county and district workers made by the commissioner's office were lo persons not qualified for that work. McDonald, It was said, returned to his Kansas City home at the close of the commission meeting denying himself lo the newspaper men. Employes of the commissioner's office, here declined to commen on the alleged break wllh 111 NEW YORK, Dec. 31 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high ijan ... 815 821 „ av Ul cl May til social security board. Will Hold Pemiscot Cfop Conference Jan. ' talktn' on the party line— llalways listen in when them Iwo cits ars nn article providing that money or property of public schools (Continued on Page E3jm) . tolklnV' cu-.not bo u:cd fcr anything lluui sch(K)l purpose.',. trie entrance like a chimney, covered with coot traces, and the name of the .district In which It was found Is "Tinnles, 1 which folklortsls ctlicr say derives from the word "lelne, I Gaelic for fire. CAR UTHERSVILLE, 31—Pemiscot county's mtal soils and crop Mo., Dec third sconferenc will be held at the court hous here Tuesday, Jan. 4, M. D. Am biirgey, county agent, ycslerda announced. The program will b bored upor. local covnly problem with reference to conserving t! siilI, Improving, pastures an c/^ptlng cropping !jf>tems to i dividual fauns. 824 836 842 845 852 828 831 842 848 852 low close 815 819 824 828 834 842 831 838 844 849 847 851 Former Carutherwile ~* Druggist Dies Wednesday OARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, Dec, 111-Friends here have regreUUBy learned of the death of Harry ^ca^'d^a^g^lHen^ ^e^^^at Donlphan, Mo, Wednesday. He of the mixed year and SJE r-. r-as afSwsr M .• - osl session Bonds comn A. T. & T l« '-^Ueven Years, leaving here In Anaconda copper 29 i-^ ^ world War veteran, he Associated D. G c '~41 ,nssed overseas and had been la Beth. Steel SB 3-8 u, health , or „„„ time, but bb Boeing Air 3' ™ condition did not become alarm- Chrysler .' 47 ")-3 tnj ,^1 the day before his death. Cities Service 1 7- 8 He came to this city followinj i coco.'cola ...:... ••114 discharge from the army, and dur- General Electric 41 1 3 j nK their residence here, be and ...... Spots closed steady at 838, up 3. Chicago Wheat open 00 85 high low close 90 1-4 89 1-8 89 3-4 85 84 1-8 84 3-8 Chicago Corn May Jul open high low close Vl'3-4 61 7-8 61 3-8 61 3-4 61 61 3-8 60 3-4 61 1-8 General Molors 30 Int. Harvester 62 Montgomery Word 31 3-3 N. Y. Central '. 16 Packard 4 Phillips Petrol 38 Radio " Simmons . 23 Schcnlcy Dlst 19 Socony Vacuum 15 Standard of N. J .. : 45 1-4 Texas Corp -.391-4 U. S. Smelting '59 U. S. Steel ...' 54 Mrs. Henton resided In the Carle- Ion Apartments. Federal Health Senke May Withdraw New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 31 (UP) —Cotton fulurcs closed steads', one to five points up. Jan Mar May Jul Oct Dec open 832 837 844 848 857 861 high 832 841 850 853 859 864 low close 832 830b 837 844 848 857 861 Livestock LITTLE ROCK, Dec 31 (OP)— W B. Orayson, state health Mft- c?r. <«IRV revealed that the fedetml public health service la preparing <i withdraw funds from Artnua** counties which failed to ctnrrtbBte their share of money to county MM district health units. 841 849 832 859 864 Spots closed steady at 850, unchanged. PAST ST. LOTUS, HI.. -Dec.- 31, (UP)-^Hogs: receipts, 6,000. Top,'8.50 Heavy welghls, 8.25-8.50 Light weights, 7.75-S.25 Bulk sows, 6.25-6.75 Cattle: receipts, 8,000. Slaughter steers, 5,75-12.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 6.00-7.50 Plav^hter heifers, 5.25-9.50 Beef cows, 5.00-5.75 Cutters and low cutters, 3,75-4.50 WEATHER Arkansas— Mostly tiottdy, probably occasional ralnc In tbc aovtb • portion tonight and Satvdty nut In Ihe northeast portion colder 3*tad»y. Memphis and vkintty — tonight and probably rains, somewhat colder; ptrature tonight, « to J»; day colder.

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