The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1050 BLYTHEVn.LF,, (AKK.1 COUR1KR NKWS ?AGBSEVEN The Mature B.v HAROLD F. STRONG Written for NKA Service The altitude we take toward our own disappointed hopes and plans ' determines our toward theirs. children's atUtude Mot eflk lSi . Mothers and fathers are wise who to react too sympathetically their children meet, hurl and Injustice. In my experience, T have often discovered that parents who become too emotional and Indignant over their youngsters' defeat. 1 ; are suffering from unacknowledged anger net resentment, over their own. I have yet lo meet the human being who tins not encountered frustration or injustice sometime in his life. Our youngsters' self-confidence Is a powerful incentive In strengthening us to come to terms with them, when we learn how easily children are influenced by negative and defeatist altitudes in ourselves. Your child needs more than the soothing syrup of sympathy when he Is discouraged by failure. Give him. Instead, love's vigorous and _ —f- confidcnt reassurance thai he can overcome it. In iier son's presence. « village boy's mother always referred lo him as a "poor homeless child." Her altitude constituted Ills problem. She herself had damaged his ability to stand up for his right to Justice and consideration from others Looking upon him as a victim of circumstances, had taught him to regard himself us one. When he finally found the strength to resist the victim role she had Imposed upon him. he ceased to have vic- timizing experiences. Back to this mother's exaggerated sympathy for her sou was deep self- pity for her own life's disappointments. O\'er-ea&ernc.*s to commiserate with our children for injuries done to them calls for self-examination by its—their parents. We do not contribute lo young- siers' self-respect and self-assurance by regarding them as unfortunate and deprived. Monday: Preparing children to deal with rralUlrx. Cooter to Give Comedy to Aid Underprivileged "Aimt Silly," A local talent comedy, will be given al the Cooler School Campus, Thursday and Friday nights at 8 p.m. The Lions club of Cooler Is sponsoring the comedy. Proceeds will go lo underprivileged children. Haskell (lHackl Norrld will have the title role. He Is supporled by .Inc. Burton, Arnold Jones. Bill Lasler, Marshall Thomas, Mrs. Velma Jane Campbell, Miss Joan Cooper, Mrs. Renna Luster, Mrs. Opal WcnUell and Miss Helen Maclin. The play is under the. direction of Mrs. Nell Adams, a professional dr^catic director. ^parade from Cooter lo Steele «nd Holland »'ill be given to pro- mot* the play, which will Include toylanrl review, businessmen's revile, girlR dancing chorus and other local specialties. No Hot Leads In Ky. Murder MADISONVILLR, Ky.. June 26. lyp)—Authorities said Saturday they were without clues to the Identity pf a gunman who killed a night watchman at a non-union mine near here Friday, Arlln Gammon wa.s slain by n burst of gunfire from an automatic weapon as he and a companion were patrolling in a jeep. Gammon was the father of two children and employe ot the Miners Coal Company at its new operation near the Hopkins - Muhlenbcrg countj line. Carlos Mitchell, ihe companion was not hurt. He said they were riding west past a row of new houses built for miners on Highway TO. A live-passenger coupe go!n& east, drew alongside the jeep Mitchell related, and from It poured a hail of bullets. Shols struck Gammon In the heac and he was dead, on arrival at hospital. fceds' Movie Draws Grins RERUN. June 26. (/T>) — One of Russia's most ballyhooed movies of all time — "Fall of Berlin" — was aiighed at in Ihe wrong places during its East German premier ast week The audience giggled when Adolph Hitler appeared on the screen, causing Communist officials lo hiss rcpealedly for silence. Although the. Soviet-controlled Babylon Theater in East Berlin was packed lor Ihe initial showing, applause was scattered and brief. Soviet Actor V. Savelev, Impersonating Der Feuhrer, reminded many Berliners of Charlie Chaplin in ''The great Dictator." He even adopted Chaplin's splay - footed walk. "Kali of Berlin" is Ihe biggest and costliest film produced by Moscow since the end of World -War II. H is so long that it is being shown here in Iwo parts, the second not being released until July 1. KKK' Note te Found in West Plains Bubba, Aged 4, Some Swimmer ST. LOUIS, June 36. (AP)—Come August, that pint-sized splash In the English Channel probably will Russell (BuBber) Tongay, Jr. Bubber. at the age of lour, has proved he i.s a long-distance swimmer by stroking 22 miles down the Mississippi River from Alton lx> St. bouis. lLsselij senior, snys the swim was Just a practice grind for Ihe channel effort to be sponsored by the Elks club of Miami. That's the Tongays' home town. Buhner's kid sister, Kathy, aged Iwo ami a half, is following his wake. She swam five miles down the river herself. Girl Saved by a Hair CH1CAC3O (.•!>)— Linda Lou McAliley's tricycle rolled across a sidewalk and under a truck. The three year old girl crawled after it. Mrs Stela Gaiinsky glanced through a window of a nearby grocery. She WEST PLAINS. Mo., June 26. iVTj —Several hand-Iellcrod notes, sSgn- d "K.K.K.," have becu found on doorsteps and sidewalks here. The notes, in block letters on while pieces or stationery, react: ' "Attention all Klansmen: "Lot's go together and do something about Die corruptness in West Plains, a* no one else will. This concern* the police force and other leaders in this city. Remember Houston, Mo., anil you will see more need for the .same here. "K.K.K." Police Chief Vnnls Owens said the notes apparently referred lo the inability of the police department to nab a persistent prowler who lias rauspel quite an uproar here during 'hr past six weeks. The prowler has been seen several .lines peering into windows of West 3 ]ain.s homes, but always has eluded officers. The. "remember Houston, Mo.," >assage in the note apparently rc- "crred to the tar and feathering of i avail and woman near there several weeks ago by a hooded, masked ,aii(j of men. Chier Owens was inclined !o dismiss today's notes ns the work of i crank or prunkslcrs. He said lhc;r no known unit of the Ku Klu> Khm here. Several of the notes were (mint i the lawn of (lie Inlcrnalicna Shoo Company factory a.s employe. reported for work. Others were fount on doorsteps and some on riownto\vi sidewalks. Belgian Congo Has Elephant School OAMGALA NA BODIO, Belgian Congo — (iTi — Sixteen units were added to the Belgian Congo's fleet 01 petroleumless bulldozers and duly iCKistcrcd last month. They were the 16 elephants which survived this year's elephant hunts and were found fit to enler Gangala na Bodio's elephant academy. There they 'ill learn their trade. Twelve oilier elephants were, shot, led or were turned free «s un- ralnablc. saw the truck begin to move. Th woman ran out. grabbed Ihe. chll by the hair and pulled her to safety The tricycle was crushed. Arabs Kept from Haifa HAIFA, Lsrae!-(/I'j_Arnb passengers on steamships cSllIng at Haifa can look but cannol step ashore. The French steamer Providence frequently carncs a large number of B , ack walnut ls a flvorlu wood Arabs, along with other passengers for gunslocks. who Jiscmbark In Haifa. The Arabs aJwaya ask lor, and always fail to get, permission for ' shore leave to look around Haifa. Tourists of other nationalities get every facility. The ancient Romans ustd >f lead for pencils. DISSTON Light Convertible CHAIN SAW • Can be operated by w* or two men • Rugged yat light in weigM • Ntw fcn1 culling clih«l lyp* cfiain • Powered with Hi« M.icury Go»*- lin. Engine 30" Ugh! Converflb/o....$337 Helper Handle J1O.5O Wrlll or Cell lor Domonllrallonl Riechman-Crosby Co. Ill t. Fmt II,, Vtipkli • rt.ii I !<!< DO YOU OWN A HOME? HERE IS A SPRING SPECIAL: Any ordinary houst ^ treated for termites - 50 Racial Education Issue Discussed OKLAHOMA CITY. June 26. <AVA NAACP official said Saturday the move to get equal secondary education for Negroes should be made tn a southern staU other than Oklahoma. Roscoe Dunjee, a member of the board of directors for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said this stale treats Negroes in schools much better than Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia do. Dunjee said he doesn't expect the NAACP Attorneys meeting in Washington today and tomorrow to map further plans attacking Oklahoma segregation. The Washington meeting, hf added, will evaluate the U.S. Supreme Court's three recent arid-segregation decisions. jjy of them outlawed segrega- th^5 at Oklahoma universities. 9 Year Old Boy Now Feels Fine ban gf» fn JiVf'duciVy npfacm ob \»,(3)avoid*''lockin g h (4) makvt parking mnd garaging «oii*r. Harold Wood, 3849 Lafayetl* Ave., 8t. Louts, Missouri, calls "batter up" and proudly displays his c»p, which k an exact replica of the cap , worn by the St. Louis Cardinal*. Harold is now interested in al] kinds of sports and spend* most of his time, in the healthy out-of-doors. jferolcTs renewed in ath- TPScs seemed to atari just »fter he began Inking HADACOL. Before Uking HADACOL, he was siclt quite a. bit, but now Harold is one of the liveliest youngsters in his neighborhood. Here is Harold's own statement: "I am 9 years old and I ihlnk your HADAOOL, is very fine. My mother thinks it is so wonderful oecauss before I started lakil):; HADACOL, I was very thin and didn't feel like satins at all. After I took two bottles of HADACOL 1 started gaining weight and Mother says she is never going lo lei me be without HAD- ACOL again. It gives me such a Rood appetite and helps me keep away from colds. 1 started my grandmother and grandfather taking HADACOL and they think it is wonderful too." Harold was suffering from a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin and Iron, which HADACOL contains. HADACOL Helps Build Yes, HADACOL helps build up the hemoglobin content ot your blood (where Iron is needed) to carry those precious Vitamins and Minerals to every organ, and every part of your body—lo the heart, hver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and lungs, even to Ihe eyes, hair and nails. Countless thousands are benefiting from HADACOL . , even hundreds of doctors have recommended HADACOL to their patients. Vou'll Feel Wonderful ,*k. with the first few Bottles at RMJACOL you take, or your mono- back. Accept no substitutes Insist on genuine HADACOL Only $125 for Trial size; Large ramtly or Hospital size, $3,50. We don't have to practice or experiment on yuur job— we have Juui \2 years of expcritnce. All our work is done according lo regulations, our work is licensed by Ihe Arkansas Shite Ptonl Board. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Iiliinkcnslii|i L. 3. Xellcr .109 Easl Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 Political Announcement I'll* Courtci News has been RUtlior- i7.ed to announce Hie lolluwinK candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8, TOR COUNTY JUDGE Holand Green FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H Aulry He-elnctlon Posl No I lahn .1 Cowan Kenneth S Suiter Posl No 2 Albert A. Banks I'osl No 2 r.. c. "Gene" Plccman (for re-elccLLon PosL No. *) W p. Wells fur stule Se*ulrtr W R. Nicholson J. lice Bcardcn SHKRIFF AND COLLECTOR Osce Nunnally BEFORE YOU BUY ANY NEW CAR Better Sea Stir & Young Motor Co. SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway . |>hon« 2651 r RIDES"LIKE R MILLION DELIVERS FOB ONLY S 2002 A IETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry *nd Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. K WER? Sure! Here's a whole hon- etful pf Fireball straight-eight power. Room? Plenty—in big, so fa-wide seats and generous room for elbows and shoulders. Style? Well, take a look-see anything on the road today that is so smart, so sleek, so quickly spotted? -But that's just a start in this beauty. Here you're going to meet the "ride of a lifetime"— smooth, level-going comfort in the quite matchless Buick manner. Just see why this is so: Most cars have coil springs in front. Buick has them alt around. Most cars now ride^on low-pressure tires. Buick adds to them Safety-Ride rims to cut heel-over and sway. Most cars drive through the rear springs, which means they have to be stiff. Buick drives through a firm torque-tube that takes up driving thrust, and roughness. And no other car—no, not a single one — has all these comfort extras plus husky frames plus Hi-Poised engine mountings plus middle-of-the-car seating plus the extra silkiness of Dynadow Drive.* « S(anrf(irrf „, «„_„„.,„„. Opl\oral at rrlro coif <m SurKH and Sr«CMt modtls. Opfioncrl tqvtpmtrrf, ole nrwj local fax**. If any, oAftffwwL a-f vojy tHghttf in odjoiVilng communi'rVoi rfu« (o skipping AS pfj'coi rubjtcl lo tJronge irithovl no fix*. Worth something? You bet it is. But it's riding luxury (.lint doesn't sliow nl> in the price tugs. Figures start at levels lower than on many sixes—yet every Buick has this matchless array of ride features. Better come learn about them — by firsthand trial. Can you sec your Buick denier today? WHATEVER YOUR PRICK RANGE w9MM***m*w***9 JTWISJ* jrAJV4> jnfin\»x* 8&fcrtout 8to/ck ft LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. The Strongest GRAIN BIN Made The Martin "Husky Raint" is U. S. Gov'i appro?*) —wciithcr-pruof, fireproof, ralproof Designed especially for soybean growers, this storage bin contains more steel than any other. The 2'/z in. corrugation prevents bulging and sagging Sold by Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blytheville Phone 6856 GASOLINE — TRACTOR KUK1. — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESIiL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. 2089— Phone—2089 Office: 116 W. Walnut Bulk Planl: Promised Land Walnut at Broadway Phone 555 WHIN »I1II« AUTOMOI11II A DI IUIIT lUICIt Will IUIVO TH6M In England — It's the Chemist Shop In France — It's the Apothecary Shop In Blylhcville — It's BARNEY'S DRUG For E-.pcrt PRESCRIPTION SERVICE

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