The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1933
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Served by the United Press LYJLUEVlLLb; COURIER THB DOUTNANT NEWSPAPER OP NOWnEfcBT ARKANSAS AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX-NO. 238 lc. Dflly Ne'tn. BlylbertU* Ooort«. Miviivlppi Vtllejr feeder. Rlvth»mi* H»T«M BLYTHRV1U,E, ARKANSAS,; FRIDAY, DKCKMHKK 22, I'M HOME EDiTlOiN SINGLE COPIES FIVE TRANSPORT STRIKE GRIPS PHILADELPHIA Newest of U. S. Sea Fighiers Three Alternatives Open to Farmers Receiving Plo\y-up Benefits. "Christmas presents" worth approximately $lf>0,000 were beins <lis- ' Iributed today to 472 fanners of t!ie Chickasawba district, of Mississippi county in the form of options on approximately 8,000 bales of government cotton. The options, which entitle the holder to purchase government cotton at six cents a poutid, are''part of the benefits to growers who cooperated in last summer's plow-up campaign. At the present price of cotton t!:e owners of the options have a profit of about four cents I-. round, or about $100.000 on the 8,000 bales. A somewhat larger nmoimt, it is understood, will go tn farmers of the Osceola district, :• larger cro|X>rtinn of whom took the option plan of settlement for cotton acreiys I'tirlrizctinn. The 472 options received by. County Agent J. E. Crltz represent all but 29 of the optioas due north Mississippi county farmers. White the options themselves arrived just In time for Christmas distribution, the actual cash they represent will not be available until later. Three courses arc open to the farmers who receive them. 1.—They may execute at the office of the county agent an "exercise of cotlon option and pool agreement" and, through arrangements made by the farm administration with the commodity Credit corporation, receive an initial payment of lour cents a pound or. $20 a bale on their options, with possibility, of further profit through subsequent price advances. ' "' 2.—They may execute a "notice of exercise of option." When this form is received at the catton option office^ at Washington the cotton will be sold and a check will be mailed direct to the producer In full and final transaction. 3.—They may home and put. it away to await a further advance jn price before exercising settlement of the take the option What is said to be the largest bell In the world is the great bell Another pawtrful fighting craft Is ready for duty with Uncle Sam's naval forces. Above is shown the U. S. S. Astoria, sixteenth of the navy's 10.0f)0-lon cruisers, as she was moored to the dock Just after the launching ceremony at Bremerton, Wash., navy yard, snc will be commissioned May 1. Mysterious "Marie Louise" Named by French. Investigators. President Roosevelt Resorts to New Inflationary Measure. WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP)— A new price lifting plan, supplementing Ite gold operations, t adopted by the- government today when It offered to buy newly mined domestic sliver for limited coinage The new plan was announced by President Roosevelt, who availed I himself last n|Eht of part, of his •wide powers under the Thomas currency . inflation amendment to the agricultural' adjustment act, In an official proclamation the president said he found it-necessary He enhance and stabilize the prie* 'o! silver to aid recovery and proteci the United States' foreign, trjde'. His plan conditionally opens' th< .mints for the coinage of staiida^ silver dollars for four years. The dollars will be coined from at lent 24,421,410 ounces of silver taker yearly from mines In Ihe Uhltei Stales and .its possessions. Onl; silver mined after yesterday will be coined. Last year's domestic silver production was, approximately 25 000,000 6unces, Miners who take to the mint an ounce of newly mined .silver, .worth 43 cents on -yesterday's commpdlt; market, will be'paid 64.5 cents [6 it. The price of 64.5 cents an ounce is one half the statutory price o 11.29 an ounce. It was establishe* by the president's requirement t'ria miners must cohsant to give the government one half of their sllve when offering It for coinage. aruthersville Athletes Hurt When Car Hits Pole CAHUTHERSVlLLE. Mo.. Dec. 2--FJIH' members of the Carnth- '!«.' high school basketball leiim Injured when their car plung- d oil Highway 01 n ml crashed into telephone polo n j cw m \\ es oul _ f Cnruthcrsylllc last night. I'he Injured were: Damon lii-r- ard. driver, laceration:; about (lie nee requiring 15 stitches to close; lex Ownby. cut about lliu scnlii; tobiirt Hamra, minor cuts and iruisc's ami Ovid "Sonny" Cook. •Tviiehed knee. 'liie qunrlel of cagen wns retnrn- ng Iroin u gume at Sleele, Mo. Barnard lost control .of the car when Hi attempted to negotiate a-right ""TO off Gl onto n brunch highway ling Into the clly while truvel- "8 at a high rate ot sp«d. A telephone pole Into which the car cu- PARIS, Dec. K ^lUP)—Two. steel nerved women srys dominated the international espionage gang under investiga'.nn here, police believed today. Otic of the suspected leaders, Madame Lydia Etahl, is- under arrest hero. Ilii; other they believe to be the elusive "Marie Louise," named as of Moscow, which has a circum-! Ihc ngcnt with whom Lt. Norman ference of G8 feel and n height of j Kaillie-Stewart. high born officer 21 feet. It weighs -143.772 pounds. | ; t; the crack Biitish Seaforth Highlanders, became involved. Bailiie-Slcwart is now serving five years as t!i» result of his con- victl'm of violating the official New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 22 (UP) — Cotlon closed steady opc;i hish Jan 1002 1007 March 1013 1020 May July Oct Dec 10.53 1045 10G4 1077 1035 1C48 1067 1077 low 900 1007 1020 1035 1056 1070 close 1007 1010 1035 1048 1067 1077 Charge 'Distribution of An- tr-Walrrislev Handbills Without License. NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 22 (UP) —A powerful New Orleans city administration, backed by its metropolitan police force, was-arrayr ed against Senator Huey P. I,ong's political empire today In a fight, over next month's city election..:' Police have arrested 22 of Long's workers for distributing handbills without a license. The dodgers- attacked the old regular organization's city administration, particularly Mayor T. S. Walmsley.; ; The old regulars, 'who have loll? controlled New Orleans politics, broke a three-year alliance -with the Long faction when the. sena- Leak Is Chirjfd WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 (pP>— Intimations that President Rooee veil's silver pro?iam leaked-pre maturely yesteivvy to trie a'dvSht age ' of brokers and speculator* were received 'iday In a telegran Irom Spokane, Wash., addressed t a member of the U. S. senate sccrets act by betraying to "Marie' tor tried to force them to accept Seeks-to .Recover $5,40( • For Agricultural Financ Corporation. . . Sam L.. Thomas, former secrc A Token ol Good Will eem-d ground.;. was broken tlic 27,000 Teamsters and" Truck Drivers Quit Their Work. Charge Reduced to One o{ Leaving the Scene of an Wcvcr tef °TQ 'we Confederate sulillcrs mntle a formal pledge of (cully Accident. CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 22 —With a charge of murder reduced to a charge of leaving the tcene of an accident, Alton "Frog" Hardy, Blythsville auto salesman, alleged driver of the hit-run car lhat struck am fatally Injured E. E. Phillips, '13, at Btcele Sun- duj night, was lelensed' on bond here today. The bond. In the -sum of $2,000, was signed by rils attorneys, Clfludo F. Cooper of BlytheviVe,. and McKay and Peal, local law firm. A hearing on the lesser charge, which is said to be a felony punishable by from two .to five years In the state penitentiary, r:.\ be .held-before'-Justice of. the Peace C.' fi. Braei here 'on Thm-.s- tlny, January 4. While Sleelc residents claim 'to have Identified Hardy as the drlv- IT of the death car, the Blythe- viliL 1 salesman is expected lo defend the char n 'r with evidence purporting to' show .that he, was in Blytheville r.l the. 'lime of the accident. (o n President ol the United Suites. Hut this wiis ihe historic cere moiiy In the White House us General lllcc Pierce. Commander of the PHILADELPHIA, Dec. '22.': (UP> —Philadelphia's food supply- arid commercial activity 'were tied up today by a general strike of approximately 27,000 truck and de- cri' wagon drivers. . ' - Eiroil.s to enlist trolley, subway and bus workers were being made, but so far had not succeeded. Millions of dollars worth of merchandise, much of U Intended to brighten Christmas In thousands of homes, nud produce and 'perishables were piled upon loading platforms. .Under tcrnu; of an armistice with the union a few trucks operated, delivering produce and supplies 'to hospitals. Brcnd deliveries had "ul- mosl ceased. At the General Baking company and .other large plants no Irucks were being loaded or were dopurllnf. ' .;, Hundreds of pickets palrolcd plants and mercantile houses- to prevent truck movement Every Tennessee Division, U. C, V., presented President KooscvoR with »j available policeman was on duty, resolution pleilglni; the suppoil of 10,000 survivors of the Southern Heavy sfiuads were assigned to car Annies. Al left is Adjutant 'Jeneral Henry R. L<* of Nashville, Tcnu. Shoots Fal her So Molhcr (Ian Marry (lowboy I I Louise" the and other equipment which he was] tion. assigned to vtutlj. Agems of the counter espionage' that police service here named Marie Louse couple of "I just want them to keep up I B'ytheville, under Indictment on rat police skullduggery for a charges of emtr element, and Ills ullduggery more and then I'll Marie Loufee Schule, Latvian; show you how to stop it," Long said last night In o public address. Spots closed film at 1025. up 25., recently arrested In Fin- iar.U while carrying a forged Canadian passport. It was revealed i in t.oiKlon that, Scotland Yard was i ^a.,- "Mayor Walmsley should be revealed ashamed of himself for putting •*, /-. , f-i t t investigating evidence that Robert I\ei0 Orleans LOtlOn Oordon Sw | tZi American under ar- NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 22 (UP) — Cotton closed wry steady. open high low close Jan !)3o 1001 985 1001 March 1014 1011 1005 1015 May 102T 1031 1019 1030 July 10;0 10K 1033 1044 Ocl 10S3 10CO 1055 lOSlb Ucc 1075 1075 1010 1074 tjpots closed steady at 1000. up 17. Chicago Wheat Dec May .Dec Mny open 81 3-4 84 High 8! 3-4 lib low 70 1-8 82 1-2 Close 81 3-8 84 1-B Chicago Corn open 44 5-8 50 3-4 hi?h 44 3-4 51 1-4 low close 43 1-2 44 1-2 49 5-8 50 3-4 lest here, wis active in London last summer. Mrs. Mary J. Burge Mrs. Mary J. Burge. 83. died last night at, the nonic of n son. Dr. S.' tcday. citizens In jail." Three More Codes Sent to Roosevelt Today WASHINGTON. Dec. 22. (UP)— Johnson id the construction, graphic arts, and newspaper codes lo President Roosevelt n'_ _i M~ii1»i {Administrator Hugh S. Dies at Rettleton said he expected to send G. Burge, at N'ettieton. Ark., following a two years' illness. Funeral services were conducted today at Batesville. Ark., her former home. Johnson said practical agreement had been reached on tr.e codes and he hoped to put them through speedily. The deceased broke her hip twice The newspaper code still con- while making her home tiere with tains the provision for freedom of her daughter, Mrs. Herman Ov. the press. Johnson, while bellev- bonding company, the Fidelity and Casualty company of New York. were named defendanls in a suit to recover approxlmalely $5,400 Jrought by Roy Nelson, receiver for the corporation. In circuit court here today. The action charges a shortage in Thomas' accounts of $2.400 and his failure to credit purchases 'of stock by members of the mutual benefit cornoratton which resulted In judgments of approximately J3.- 000 against the corporation, with similar suits still to be settled. Thomas Is accused of converting 81.800 of the corporation's funds to his own use between December. 1932. and April, 1933, when the cor poratkm was thrown inlo receivership on petition of certain stockholders. Prior to that time tnd during a perld lasting from June to August, 19J2, a total of $600 was Railway Car Loadings i'"' Show Heavy Increase WASHINGTON. Dec. 22 (UP) — Tlie American Railway association announced lOday that car load- Siigfi of revenu" freight for the week' ended December 16 totaled 641.B32 cars, •zn increase of 170,229 cars over !hn preening week. ny United Press Return of some measure of prosperity to the nation's railroads was Indicated today in a United Press survey which revealed the heaviest holiday passenger traffic •;lncc the depression began. The Increaws ranged from 10 f*r cent to fin; Mines greater than last^year. SAN DIEGO, Cal., Dec. 22. (UP) —Five hundred' miles of desert today separated tho principals of n $tr'arige shooting' affray In which E?'J. Turlcy. naval rcservLst,- : allegedly Vns '"hot by hls~15-ycar-"old daughter 'so • \liat "mother could marry a cowboy." Tiirley was brought to the navy hospital here in a marine plane from Springcrville, Ariz., vrherc his daughter is under arrest. Authorises i|iioted the girl as Wing she 'had been directed to shool her father by a message received from her mother on an Oul- Ja board. CWA Quilting Project INTER HELD FOR FIX us™ ITSH barns, subway yards, and bus ter- • nilnals, where strikers' delegations sought to prevail upon workers 'to [Join them In sympathy. Only a few minor Incidents of violence were reported. One' Incident was "the placing of a dynamite cap on a rail which exploded wllhout caus- ' Ing damage w.ien a trolley passed over It. The Brotherhood of 'Teamsters, Chaulfcurs, Stablemen, arid Help- i g u r e Abandonment nue .Sharing proposal. WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP)— Tfie house ways and means committee today formally voted for a liquor tax bill carrying a levy of J2 a gallon on whisky. It was estimated that this would yield approximately $220.000,000 to the federal treasury annually. ; It was understood the $2 tax was fixed after the committee decided It" would be Impossible to put through at this time the proposal for sharing revenues wllh wet stales. The tax was CO cents less than proposed by President Roosevelt's Intcr-dcpnrlmcntal alcohol committee on the basis of a revenue sharing program. , The tax fabored by the committee is equal to 50 cents per quart, i ocmparcd with the present tax ot 27 1-2 cents per quart. f ontemnlates ers ' s r>° ns0r «' the strike, said it .-/. - 1U ,"H-, ™ s <*"«<> m 'he "defense of NRA." -l :ilt OI KeVe-! T " e workers would remain out uri- . •II the Philadelphia Rapid •Transit accente^ the-ten*it; 6! a"Mttlerhe)it -.," S. F. .Boling Bound Overj Without .Bond on Mur-iSix Shocks Required der Charge. S. P. Boling of Manila waived for Death Chair Victim CHESTER. 111., Dec. 22. (UP)- prcllmln'ary examination on a j Tliree men convicted of murder, one charge of murder before Acting I singing o hymn, anollier protcst- 1..J... TT r~ „„, ..... I I .......... „,.. „!.,_.„ Judge V. G. Holland In municipal i ing hi court yesterday and was ordered 'speech! | |lnom , cc (],,, t l,| r ,j held to the spring grand jury without bond. , Boling Is the slayer of Paul Co- less from fright, were put to death in tie electric chair al state prison here loday. Six shocks, reaching a maximum drivers, officials said. Accident Victim Sues . : -; Arians for $10,000 George Daniels has filed suit igalpst Wolf Arlan and ills wife, iocnl merchants and junk dealers,'' »nd their son. Alfred Arian, seeking $10.000 for Injuries allegedly' abstained w!u-h o 'car, on the lunnlng board of which he was riding, collided with Arian's truck. The accident occurred October on Division street In this city. Arinn's truck i>a-> being driven by his son at the ::me of the ncci-. tail, il Is claimed. Daniels claims' he received |,e-!mar.ent injuries, particularly to P. C. Daniels. pelvic bones.." Doug'ias Is counsel . for- Fur Coat, Dresses Stolen From Store Lobby Window A fur coat oi-c several dresses, valued at 1200, v.'-re removed from a lol>uy display window at tile Nr.tionni Brokcni^e company store, in the 300 West Main street block, sometime last night. • TIA Bunting rrOjeCt '• " U ""S * U1C bln > cr OI ' nul t -°- *"* SHOCKS, reacnmg a maximum T]le di s 1)1:iy , vi .,,| ow . | s a sf:o ^.' f I M J t U i • l day ' M"" 1 ' 1 youth, \vlio was shot of 23,000 volts, were necessary to .. . ,,, , ,, , inh'hV 1$ In Need Ot Materials'down on the streets of Manila oar- kilt Harry Shelby, first of the trio 0| „," 5> "c "iid b not within. | ly this week. A habeas corpus to be executed. He was pronounc- Blythevlllc housewives who havelhearing may be asked by the slay- cd dead ni 12:31 a.m. John Allen, Uts of cotton cloth on hand canjer as a move to gain release on ! 10, Shelby's nephew, was electro- do their part toward keeping the bond. Boling, It is understood, I culed at 12:44 a.m., and Martin CWA program for women In this claims he was attacked and threat- Gray, negro, died at 12:57 a.m. community Iimrl.GnliiB If they will ' J ' " " ' ""'" ' '" ' '" bring them tn the courthouse > here n quilling i rojcct, established; feeling had existed between Ihe pair, Schradcr, 84-year-old widow, she . by Codny a few minutes be-j Shelby and Allen were convicted ore the shooting occurred. Ill of the torture murder of Mrs. Mary recently under the direction of I 'or some time. Mrs. Ho t(j with i was tortured for five hours and fin- on ward Prcctor, Is threaten- Bertha Carter, ncgress, was fined I ally killed when she refused to re- lack of materials to carry , five dollars fo rsteallng an article ' veal the hiding place of money the Stock Price* A. T. and T. ............ 107 3-4 . Annconda Copper 14 1-8 time she had been an invalid and her condition had been serious for the past month. Other sons who survived her arc: ttw Rev. M. E. Burge cf Maiden. Mo., G. C: Surge of Monroe, La., the Rev. S. J. Burge. J. H. Burge. E. B. Burge and C. C. Burge, all of Batesville. Mr Osborne, Mrs. John Hargett and Mrs. Paul Damon went to Batesville for the funeral, Joining Mrs. Osborne who had been at her mother's bedside for some time. V Bethlehem Skul 36 3-8 Chrysler 54 3-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola 94 General American Tank 32 7-: General Electric 18 1-: Genera! Motor? 3* 3- Internatlonal Harvester -10 Middiewest Uliiitles .... 1-8 Montgomery Ward 22 1-2 New York Central 33 3-8 Packard 33-4 Phillips Pelrolcum 15 1-4 Radio Corp 63-4 Pierce Child Dies Herman pierce, seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Pierce of the Promised Land community died late yesterday at ihe family In? the provision to be superfluous, consented to its Insertion at the Insistence of the American Newspaper Publishers association. Johnson has said on several occasions that a code without such a clause would not in the least threaten the traditional American free press because of the guaranties contained in the constitution. , , allegedly withdrawn In excess of Tl 'e women engaged -In the pro' , | from the counter of a local store. ; men believed six; had hidden In salary and expense ac ,. I Ject ar -i- - --------- • ------ — • — - -----count. During the period of the'™ 5 anticipated, and scraps of - - 'e working more rapidly than'Iars of disturbing the peace. Utility Moves to Block PWA Loan Application BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec. 22. (UP)—A petition for an injunction to restrain Tarrant City, Ala., from going forward with its application for a public works admlnls- ii action, tratlon loan lo be used In construction of a municipal power conversion alleged In the summer of 1932 Thomas was bonded by an-| Other surety company but The Fl- delily and Casually company assumed liability under the prior bond with a rider attached to its bond. Issued later, as well as liability for losses subsequent lo Issuance of Its own bond, the plaintiff contends. i Tr.omas, now in Memphis, U at liberty under bond pending trial on criminal charges of embezzlement in which indictments were returned about two months ago. Embenle- ment of funds of borrowers from the corporation. Is alleged. P. C. Douglas is attorney for Receiver Nelson, who brought the civ- hoinc. His death followed a two | today. plant was filed In circuit court here weeks attack of malaria. The deceased Is survived by 'his parents, six brothers and sister. Funeral services were held this the Rev. Mr. Rhodes officiating. In-' St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N J. 1 7-8 45 3-8 Simmons Beds „ 16 1-21 morning at ihe family home with terment was made ,-vt Sawyers cemetery. T*c L. O. Moss Undertaking company was In charge of fu- nerul arrangements. Texas Co 24 7-8 R. Rtr-fl 47 1-2 The petition was filed In the name ol Samuel S. Hall, an em- ploye of Birmingham Electric company, the utility now serving Tarrant City. The petition attacked validity of i the municipality's contract, with a ' consulting engineering firm employed by the cltv for aid In drafting its PWA implication, Noel Marconi Named , :l°^ f ^ lh ^5™ ™.. r ,2° m . Women Still Aloft are proving Intc'tquate to si them with irmtc-i'nl. Persons desirin-; to help may bring the material to the quilting loom, which ho* been established In the circuit rotrt room. Crump was fined five dol- her fann home. Gny wns found guilty of klllins -a neero woman. : Joseph R. Osborn of After 2 Days in Air Poplar Corner Dies Friend of Murdered Gangster Found Slain CAMDEN, N, J., Dec. 22. (UP) — Seeking to clear up the gangster execution of Michael Dorn, alias Hugh Mike Duffy, of Philadelphia, police today found the bAdy of » second man. known as a friend of Dorn's, likewise riddled with bullets. Dorn's body was found last night . . . I In a wooded section off the Mor- LOan Apprauer|rilton-Medford road. j Police began search for a LEPANTO, Ark. —Noel Marcom! 1 " 10 ** onl J' as "Dustx." a close of Lepanto, formerly superintend- 1 friend of Dorn's. In tre hope Hut ent of the Lepanto Lumber company, has been named appraiser for the Home Loan Corporation he might be able to clear up the slaying of Dorn. In this search Dusty's oody was discovered In ft for twelve counties in Northeast] dumb of woods at Mulllca nill, Arkansas, with headquarters In some 25 miles from Ihe spot where Jon«bcro I Dora's body had been found. MIAMI. Fla, nee. 22 (UP)—! Joseph R. Osborn. 75, of liie Pop- Mn,. Prances Harrell and Helen lar Corner community, died yesler- Rlchey ncnred Jhe 50-hour mark, day afternoon at five o'clock at the cday in their attempt to set n:rotr.c of his son, James W. Osborn, rew world's endurance flight rec-|in that section. His death was at- for xvomcn. The "flying toudoir" successfully passed Its seon:! night In the air over Miami and this morning made Iributed to pneumonia. Funeral services will be held tills afternoon at Poplar Corner will the Rev, Mr. Horn of Manila of- lls sixth successful refueling con- flclaltng. Interment will be made tact. The plane, 'Outdoor Girl." started on its thlri day In the air as the 48th hoi:r wss reached this nt Manila cemetery. The L. O Moss Undertaking company Is h; charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by hL afternoon nl 1:0',' Mrs. Harrell and; son. with whom ;:e made his Miss Rlchey rcVnsed no me,«agc3j and n daughter, who lives in Texas from the plan?. Mrs. Harrell Miss Ridley ' _ hope to break Die existing record WEATHEK if eight days, four hours, and six] minutes, set last yeai by Mrs. Hai-l Arkansa.'-Goncrally fair lonlgli rell and Miss L-uiss Thaden. Thcy; nnd Saturday have set ton da.u ns the goal for Mempnts aml v | cln |t y _ Fa | r to Ihtir night night, Siturday clcudv. A bullet-proof vest, made of a- Tre maximum temperature here nickel - chromium ^ molybdenum' yesterday was 62, minimum 33 steel, is being worn by Japanese I clcc.r, according to Samuel p. Nor policemen k i rls, official weather observer. ho store proper. Entrance to the -Indow was by breaking a. mall lock which police said <•£-: cred little protection for articles n the window. ' ' No clues to II). 1 Identity of the hicves or the missing articles had aca discovered t'daj. Three Alleged Members of Dillinger Gang Slam CHICAGO, Dec. 22. (UP)—The. earch for John Dillinger, notorious ndlana outlaw, was intensified to- lay as a result of the slaying of hree gunmen, tentatively Identified 1 by police ns members of ials gang of murderers and robbers. The slain men were Identified hrough tlwir finger prints as Louis Katzwit7. 28. Sam Glnsburg, 33, and Charles Tattlebaum, 30. Tlie gWimen were cornered by 20 policemen m an aparlment which )o!lce had be:n informed was Dli- Ingjr's hldccul. Police .had no other Information, Captain John Siege said, to connect them with the Dil- McCutchens to Give Christmas Movie Party Al! Ihe girls r.nd hoi's in Bly- IhcvlHe mid vicinity are Invited to bs Ruosts of Mr. and Mrs. O.'.W. McCutchen for t free Christmas movie party Monday .morning, 10-SO o'clock, ai lire Roxy theatre. The show \v!!i consist of flims, •-.•specially suitable for children, .such as animated, cartoons, com- '?.[ edies. musical shorts and specialty .-Y numbers. ' ' '

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