The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1937
Page 8
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AGE EIGHT - BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS , THURSDAY, DECEMBER SO, 1937 Medical Progress Marches On In 1937 )evelopinent Stands Out In Yeai of Advances In Wedicine, PV DR MORRIS F1SIIBEIN tUJtor, Journal of. the American Medical Association The outstanding medical ad• <v 1917. were particularly thcs" relating to the control of de- iwntla praecox and the neu uses of tiie drug called sulfanllamlde. to every field of medical practice and for every possible group of diseases, however, neu discoveries were announced and ne\ steps taken forward which \\lll prove of Immense benefit to the public ,lri; the. field of infectious diseases, the year's ending brought the an- rcun«ment of Identification of Ihe virus responsible for measles Tor infantile paralysis, it has teeh established that the organism f"itf~> the body In the vast majo'r- ity of cases by way of the nerves <-.,'*••> tr"i r-t the no^e It has been suggested that this enhance may be .blocked by the use of sprays containing zinc sulfate solution. The procedure is difficult and its exact value has not been established; though reports from Toronto relate that 12 cases of Infantile paralysis had occurred among some ?ulldr°n who had been sprayed, In contrast to 18 cases among some 6500 children who had not been sprayed Mmny Types of Pneumonia • In the control of pneumonia, new. types of serums have been developed for several types There seem to be as many as 25 or 30 ''different types of the pneumococ- v cus responsible for this, disease. r< By a special laboratory test, easily performed In any good hospital laboratory, it is nosslble to find out'_ early just which type affects the* person concerned and thus 'to \treat Kim with the specific serum. 4 ~Ot special Importance among • the infectious diseases Is the at- r ,lentlon now being paid to the ven- rereal diseases—syphilis and gon- *onhea. The opening up of this "subject by the Surgeon-General of * the United States Public Health Service and the co-operation of "newspapers, magazines and public " forums'in disseminating knowl- * edge, Indicates that we will soon be able to point to records of the | control of these diseases : In Early Stases .For whooping cough, new.,vac, clnes have been developed alleged to' be useful both ill diagnosis and to' treatment i : *T* ,,In Denmark methods were devel- 'oped for Inoculating children t against diphtheria by putting the diphtheria toxold into the nose rather than by injecting it nndet >h<> skin' These (".pertinents are, - however, still in an early exixirl- stage. Famous Fbreigii Ffyeir HORIZONTAL . I, 5 Flyer , famous earty ' In this century. 11 Portion. 12 Instruments. 14 Uncommon. 16 Waslrel, 18 Reverence. '19 Devil. 20 Lton. 21 Rowing tool 13 Knock. >5 Str'iK? > 6 Upon, >7 Skirt edge. !9To scold. 10 Northeast. 11 Toward. 12 To rectify. 35 Noisy outcry. 18 Frozen water. 10 Eagle's nest. 12 Chaos. 13 Mister. 14 He was also sn airplane 47 Stir. Answer to Preview Pnule 49 Those that VERTICAL lease. l Burdened. 50 Overlays with 2 Part of a shaft 41 Night before. 13 Fence rail. 15 Grafted. 17,Eggs of fishes. 19 Mineral spring. 22 Wine Vessel. 24 Conjunction. 27 Mohammedan nymph. 28 Critical reviewers'. 31 Pedal digit. 33 Musical note. 34 Northeast. 36 Somewhat > liord. 37 Light colors. 39 TJ break open Hornersville Society — Personal «old. 3 Indian. 42 Neither. 52 Sun. 4 Therefore. 43 Sorcery. 53 Flavor. . 5 To'nod. 45 Artist's frqme 58 Island. C To ogle. 40 Tissue. 50 Harem. 7 Electric unit. 48 Jar, i; I Dormo use. 8 God o f w ar. 511 .ai r. 62 Me was the 9 Curse. 54 Wing. first man to fiylfl Group of 55 Male child, the English railway cars. 56 Twitching. <pl.) :i This . won 57 Before. 63 He was a international 59 Southeast, native of lame, (pi.) 60 Provided. 'Medical progress marched onward in 1937~ At iipper left, a Toronto, Ont., school .pupil is receiving a'nasal spray -which scientists believe may be clfective in preventing Infantile paralysis infection U. S. Surgeon-Oeneml Thomns Pnrrtm, upper vlght. opened the first efTective public campalgi against syphilis, and Dr., Adalbert SMHit Gyorgl of Budapest, Hungary, lower left, won the Nobel Prise for Important researches Into Vitamin C. Iron liing treatment In respiratory diseases Is facilitated by the partial lung developed nt lower right, which makes It unnecessary to encase the entire. body. 'y_^ In 'the field of the nervous arid ", 'mental diseases, special Interest ' 'attaches to the development of Ira technfc by which doctors can re'-.^ cord the activity of \ailous portions -; r Jof .the brain In the same way that '.they record the act M ties of the f "heart. , - " Most Important, hm\e\er, arc the * f new method 1 ; of treatment of adol- -i,escent insanity—so-called dementia v praecox In this condition, once i ^ develops, there Is progressive de % generation of the Intellect The nev ?^ methods of treatment involve th ' Injection of Insulin to the point a . which the patient becomes uncon V sctous and>may even develop con ^ vulslons Another method is to in \ ; . Ject the patient with the dm -" known as metrazol which produce O compulsions like those of epilepsy. for- 1937 to Sscent Oyorgl who is i credited with Isolating and contributing greatly to the knowledge of vitamin C. It was announced also tliat vitamin B had been developed In pure form, that a new liemorr- liaglc vitamin called vitamin K had been Isolated, and that vitamin A had been developed In crystalline form. , New Iron Lungs Developed Medicine turned Its attention also.partloilarly to physical thcra- peu'llc devices. During- the year new types of tents for treatment with oxygen and other gases were developed. New respirators and ron lungs were Introduced which over only the: upper half of the Kxly. - ' There were also developed new levlces for administering/heat, to lie body, using the short radio waves, and other new. devices for aiding the hard of hearing. l> ypes of machines were develops .0 "pro'yltr the' alternating vacmm vhlch makes possible the, filling and. emptying of the blood vessels in the legs to overcome dc Carutliersville Society — Personal ilves Dance or College Set Miss Ethellnda Reynolds, enter- ained thirty boys ad girls' home from college Monday evening-,at he hom e of her parents on South Ward, he young people danced and will return the latter part of the week. * * * Mrs. Jack Edwards of Popla Bluff, Mo., spent Tuesday in till city as the guest of her mother Mrs. Nina Pate, and other relatives Mrs. Edwards returned home 'tha evening. Sister Mary Marcellus, who ha spent the holiday season with:'he brothers, William and j. A. Hayde a'ndf their families, left Tiiesda morning for Taos, N. M. 'yan Wtlks of St. Louis, Mo., spei the Christmas holidays here wit amused themselves at ping-pong, his mother and other relatives. H A thin wire mesh between lay- rs of asbestos is a feature" o[ ew coats for Mlscow's traffic paj rol. Heat by wireless will be ptctf d up by this mesh; the ng transmitted by a special radio tatlon. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goodman ol Washington, D. O., spent the Christinas holidays, here with Mrs. Oceanian's parents, Mr. and Mrs, A. V. Kennett. W. n. Schelle of Detroit, Mich., Is tier<' for a week's visit with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Scliellc, P"'. and Mrs. p. E. Wynn and children spent Christinas with Mrs, ' /vnn's mother, Mrs. Maud Newlln, in Marlon, 111. . Miss Pauline Ml&ell, who Is at- tendlnj cetral College at conway Ark., spent the week end here will: • aronts, Mr. and Mrs. WI1 Mlzell. Mr. and Mrs. Winn Smith of Her- n.i.. mm. ure the guests of Mr ir j Mr c '•?'" Burton this week. ! i Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bunch and Miss Marie Bunch of Chattanooga, in soent tne holidays here with Mrs. M. P. Schelle and family. 1 Miss Lora Shaw, who is attending Culver Stockton College at Canton, Mo., is here for a week's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sliaw. ! Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Seeley of Flint, Mich,, are the guests of Mr. vif. Frank Hanners. Mrs. M. C. Brannum, Mrs. Earnest Brannum and daughter, Mary Nelle, of Hornersville; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Halse and son, Billy Don, of Senath, left Saturday for Lake Alfred and Haines City, Pla., to spend ten days. Mr. ad Mrs. O. P. Kirkman had us their guests for the week end. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Crosno of Mt Vernoii, 111, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hicks and Mrs. N. G Yeargln of Paragould and Mr. and Mrs. Prank IJtzenfelner of conran. Read Courier News Want Ads. A NICKEL DRINK-WORTH A DIME ficlencles of the circulation. Among public health problem^ of great concern nre the Increns ig number of motor accidents; the development of new apparatus, and better control of air conditioning; the development of new leg- Miss Paris Entertains Miss Barbara Faris entertained seven girls 'with a slumber party Monday night. The girls conversed until a late hour and enjoyed n midnight supper of sandwiches, fruits, cake and candles. A breakr fast of waffles and sausages was served the guests Tuesday morning before they left for their homes. Harriett Ann Pierce Entertains Miss Harriett Ann Pierce, assisted by her mother,' Mrs. E. C. Pierce entertained thirty-five boys am girls with a dance at her home 01 Ward AVenue Tuesday evening. The Christmas decoratioas and lights will return to his work Friday. Mrs. R. E. Kent has as her guests, her brother, J. A. phelps and wife and daughter of Con way, A, 1 ** and Mrs. I,, H. Campbell of Little Rock. Ark. The visitors arrived Tuesday evening and will remain until Sunday. visited' with Miss Martha McElvain. She returned to- her home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown : of Memphis. Tenn., spent the week end in this city. Tliey were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Nickens and family. They returned home Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Armour spent Christmas in Amory, Miss., with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCarty spent Christmas with relatives. Mrs. Mccarty visited her parents-at"Elaine', Ark., arid will return home Sunday. Mr. MpChrty visited, with his mother at Hickman, Ky., and returned late Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Harper spent a few hours in Kennett Saturday niorning visiting with his parents Mr. and Mrs. T. a. Harper am son, Ernest. Mrs. J. K James and daughter Reiser News Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wilson.and daughter, Mary Elizabeth, spent the past week end with Mrs. Wilson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McClain, In 'Conway. H. P. Lovelace spoilt the Christinas holidays with his mother in' Champaign, 111. Mr. and Mrs. "Doc" Harlan, of Truman, arc spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Watson. J. D. Hightower spent the Christ-inns holidays with his relatives in Sardis and Pine Bluff. Mrs. ' J. T. Chllds, of Memphis, spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. W. W- Anderson and with Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Chllds. Mr. nnd Mrs. Homer Pratt and two children, Charles and Bobby, recently of Detroit, Mich., spent (lie week with Mr. W. S. Smith Phillips "66" Gas Tax Paid All Leading Brands of Beer, Liquor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton .61—Holland, Mo r 'i^f'i-f^ ,-/ " -^•£*$^*, Islatlon for controlling -the'purity U5w i throughout the house.- and safety of toods, drugs, and • ' . • l - - ' cosmetics; and Investigations of Gives Dinner the dangers to health brought p ar t y f or gun about by the spraying of fruits and T n(! home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. vegetables .by various poisonous Kent was the scene of a dinner These methods shock treatments. are known Already many substances used to prevent parasite am age. '.'hundreds of cases have been treated , and the results are extremely en- "vcouragtng. \. Operations Upon Brain ' la surgery the outstanding oper- ,',aUve procedures of Interest are • : those upon the brain, and upon x" the 1 sympathetic nervous system for j", the relief of high blood pressure '* and for the control of some con- ditkms affecting the heart, other *.'i operations have been performed directly upon the heart in order i'tq improve its circulation. New "" have been used in treat- nu.(ures, involving the ' employment of all softs of pins edles,, screws and skewers. A ;» > """'>'"" 1 interest in .allergy or 'tlvlty has yielded many .lions. It has been shown :-«rtain forms of food sensl mav be reflected In unusua conditions and ways utlook Seen Promising In Furniture Industry GRAND RAPIDS. Dec. 31 tUP) —The outlook In the furniture in- ustry is the most promising in everal months, according to liarles P. Campbell, secretary of he Grand Rapids Furniture cx- losition.* "Furniture business has been at low ebb for many months," Campbell asserted, "and the re- enl furniture market was probably the poorest of recent years as ar as sales were concerned, but party Christmas evening, given In honor of Jlmmic Kent, a student at Kcmper Military 'Academy, Boonvllle, Mo., who Is home for the holidays. Christmas decorations were used throughout the home The dining room vras aglow with the light of candles during the serving of the three course dinner Those present were Miss Tlpton Ross and Jlmmie Miss Betty Huffman and Joe "Bud dy" Latshaw, Miss Betty Kent and Joe Pinion. Maurice, Janes spent Sunday in Kennett, Mo., with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Jasper Janes. Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Lay of St. Louis, Mo., spent the Christmas holidays in this city with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Swift, and with his parents at Kennett. Miss Lola Shoptnw, who is em- iloycd at Kennett, Mo., spent the lOlldays here with her mother, Mrs. Brown Robinson. . . .' Mr; and Mrs. Harold Bryantspent Christmas In Kennett, Mo., with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Barnes and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barnes of Kennett, spent Christmas Day In .this city as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Edwards and other rclntvles. ;•' Miss Mary Elizabeth Holliin of Wynne, Ark., arrived Sunday and __ Miss "Mary Sue will leave Sunday ; and Wilmer Smith. for Columbia, Mo., where Miss 1 The Rev. James T. Randall will James will resume her studies at hold Sunday night services at the the University. They have been Methodist Church at 7 o'clock. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. ' — — ; ----------Ross, during, the Christinas vaca-', Irish . potatoes are .stems, and tlon. sweet potatoes are roots. Honors Son with Dinner Midshipman Winifred Rhodes and Miss Mary Tipton Ross and Midshipman Clay Mitchell and Miss Betty Bell Donald of Slkeston, buyers who attended the November | Mo., were entertained at dinner show left the Impression they would return to the January 3 show to make heavy purchases." No price Increases are likely tn ! been devised to give relief. Devised fiC v Tte advances In the field o S"'_<Jnn»' Include sulfanllamlde, whic 515 *—rectly prepared — has bee especially valuable In strep- |R5iteoecu» Infections; In certain forms . particularly that af- j the eyes of Infants at birth; '• meningitis, ,tn mastoldltls, and L infection at childbirth, and also "'other types of Infection. The j of this drug Is believed a new era in the field of _ and drug treatment, ifis <>f, «p*clal Importance, although '. reiatfd alone to 1037, was the St *ork with the new f,, jinc Insulin which Vgreater comfort and safety % patient with diabetes Pa" 5 ** ft mudi lew frequently oU tjp* <rf insulin. the January market, said. Monday night by Mrs. A. B. Rhodes. A blue ann silver motif was carried out In the table decorations and favors. The two young men nre on . Campbell Christmas vacation from the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. They fch««k»l concern new Si»ac,h as vinathene, 1 cydoofopane. -Tt' of'new Infor- [ the vitamins led fry our NEW SENTRY COAL this time GAY & BILLINGS PHONE .75, IF.... You Take Advantage of Our FREE SERVICE for i Brakes . . . Lights ... Battery . . . Wheel Alignment you can be sure of good performance from your car all through the winter. LET US SUPPLY YOUR "WINTER CAR NEEDS." 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