The Daily Journal from Vineland, New Jersey on May 20, 1940 · 4
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The Daily Journal from Vineland, New Jersey · 4

Vineland, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1940
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EVENING TIMES, VINELAND, N. J. MONDAY, MAY 20, 1940 Legion Auxiliary To Aid Poppy Sales Poppy Day will be observed throughout the United States on Saturday, May 25th, with the wearing of memorial popples In honor of the World War dead, Mrs. Theresa Nigro, president of the Theodore Roosevelt Unit No. 4 of the American Legion Auxiliary, announced today. The observance here will be led by the Auxiliary assisted by the Junior Auxiliary and Sons of the iU'gion. More than eleven million of the little red flowers have been made by disabled World War veterans working In over 70 government hospitals and poppy workrooms maintained by the Auxiliary. These little red flowers are recognized throughout the English-speaking world as the memorial flower for those who fell In the World War. Plans for Poppy Day are being completed by Theodore Roosevelt Auxlllifry and Legion under the leadership of Mrs. Nigra, aided by a lurge committee. Volunteer workers from the unit will offer poppies on the streets all day and will, receive contributions for Legion and Auxiliary welfare and relief work. Popples for distribution here have been made by disabled and unemployed veterans from Vlneland. 3110,000 popples are expected to be sold in New Jersey this year, 60.000 of these were made at Vlneland Soldiers' Home. Wene To Inspect WPA Projects Former Congressman Elmer II. Wene, who Is a candidate" for election to Congress again, will visit all WPA projects in Cumberland, Atlantic and Cape May counties, this week, which is "This Work Pays Your Community Week." Muny of the projects were created by Wene while he was a member of the 75th Congress and are still underway. He will also be a guest Bponker at a special meeting of the First and Second Ward Clubs of Atlantic City, tonight, the meeting to be held In his honor. HOLLAND i CHALLENGES THE WORLD ON FURNACE PIHCE5 it Actually More for Your Money in Every Way If you had less than per foot heat in every room laat winter, by all meant' see the fascinating demonstration pic-' tured above. It will show you exclusive', Holland features galore that cut fuel I bills, reduce furnace tending and' increase comfort. Yet, you'll know that.J part for part and size for size, this far' finer furnace costs less than any other. You'll also learn how Holland's scientific , ' engineering and installation make pot-!' (ible the strongest of all home heating 1 guarantees a .feet from factory to you,, tall the factory branch below ask for demonstration and FREE FURNACE INSPECTION. There is no obligation. 520 Landii Ave., Phonei 830 i Vlneland, N. J. 1 Ilftl I nijn FURNACE COMPANY liuLLKiiU HOLLAND, MICHIGAN World', largest Inetmllore el Heme Hoatimg end Air Conditioning tyiteme LEGAL IV C'HANCFRT , OK NEW JKHSKY TO: FRANK TOLOMKO, HAI.PH TOIXJMEO and VALBOUO TOIX- MKO; By virtue of an orrlfr of the Court of Clmncfiv of New Jfiwy, mud on the 7th dnv f May, 1H40, In a eamw wheifln ELLA M. GILI.IS In complainant, and RALPH TOLOMRO. ft ul. are dt'fttidatitii, yon ai-e required to apprar and answer 'the bill of bhh! complainant on or before the 8th day uf July next, or the said bill will be tukn ax confessed against you. Th said bill la fllt-d to foreclose a mortgase given by Jemie Tolomeo and Christina, Tolomeo to Fred tilllla, (luted March 5, 1H38, on lands on Grove Road, In LanillH Township, Cumberland County, New Jerwv; and you, KKANK TOLOMKO and RALPH TO-I.OMKO, are made defendantn to the foreclosure milt by virtue of being heirs at law of the said J"w T.,i.,n. ... deceased; and you VALBORQ TOLO-MHO, are made a dvieuutuii t .j foreclosure suit because you are the wife of Ralph Tolomeo, one of the heirs at law of the said Jesse Tolomeo, Deceased, who was the holder of th legal title to the premises In question, a foreclosure of which is prayed In the xuid bill. lated: May 10th, 1940. SOLVB Til SO, Solicitor of Complalnrjrt, lamina Avenue. -Vlneland. N, J. 8-13. 20. 27: 8-3 (Efltnbllahwl 19K5) , Published dally except Sr nrinv at 7 South Seventh Strwt, Viny ind N I by the Vlneland Timea f y jiiahlng' Co. Publisher MAV lkitCHTER BuKineM Mgr. ... C. t . LEUCHTRR Advertising Mgr. .. A. M. BASS City Editor Tto j, mULLKSAN Circulation Mgr. .. if fiWIg GORSUCH NlL resentntivee oca THhW 4 SIMPSON 369 Lexington Ave- N. y, c. r jTlP'i?''' Ries: My mall or car-i ;iTrr; lax months. 13.00; one w? r.. after in. the Poatoffice at Vine- V" JBER: Audit Bureau of Circula J. tions; Amerm:aii iwai-i -uunu-era Aiwoelation; Bureau of Advertising A N.P.A. : New Jersey Presa A-Booialioo; National Editorial Aaaocia- Behind the Vr I in -miJ ft'A ti a siiitstKW MM ! WtlULLTWUVJU Hy HARRISON CARROLL Kinf Fenture Byadlrit Writer HOLLYWOOD. The M-G-M gang is having a big laugh at the expense of flre-eattng Director W. 8. Van Dyke. Van carries the title of major In the U. 8. ma- 5 rlnes reserve. He Sleeps, eais, j 1 breathes the war . . has more than a dozen radios In his house to lis ten to short wave broad' casts from Europe. On the night of Mav 11. Van Harrison Carroll Dyke appeared as guest star on a local broadcast to comment upon the war situation. He predicted that the Germans would not attack Belgium and Holland In the near future. That very night the first stories broke on the invasion. Since then, the ribbers on the "I Love You Again" set have made Van's life miserable. Bill Powell produced some tea leaves, sug gested that Van Dyke study them before making future prophecies. Checked Lana Turner on a re port that Artie Shaw has been looking at Bob Taylor's ranch In the valley. "I guess he did, all right," said Lana, "but now he's interested in a boat. All I say is 'yes, darling,' because I know he'll want some-thing else tomorrow." Lana gave me an Interesting bit of news. 'Two years ago, she tested for "Waterloo Bridge" and was crazy to make the picture. "It almost broke my heart," she said, "when Vivien Leigh got It, but I hear she s swell." Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable have been ribbing each other furl ously since they've been playing rival oil kings in "Boom Town." The day Tracy left for the east to attend the premiere of "Edison the Man," Clark arranged for a book to be delivered to him on the train. It was the most technical tome on petroleum that he could find. . "Read this carefully," Clark wrote in the fly-leaf, "and memo. rize as much as possible Just in case you meet some genuine oil men on the trip," , ' Remember the "Tall, Dark and Handsome" contest that Mae West Says Yets Are " , Backing Regular ' Republican Slate Thomas DeLuea, president of the Vineland-Laiwlls Township Regular Republican Veterans' Club, announced today that a pamphlet being ditttributed by the Independent faction supporting E. W. Koering and Albert Gallino claim that "veterans are opposed to the Regular; Opposition." "This Is a gross mlstatement of facts," DeLuca said. "Our organization has a large number of veterans who are solidly in support of the Regular Republican Organization and Its candidates: John W. H. Thornborrow for Township Committee; David W. Thomas for Freeholder. Senator George H. Stanger and the remainder of the Regular Republican ticket. Yfou'll enjoy and every Monday WEAF - KYW(philh) and N.B.C. Red Network 8 P.M. H1UMT Uim TIM 7, James Melton. Tenor Francia White, Soprano Donald Voorheei and the v k Bell Symphonic Orchnrra and Chorus Vi I 1 lllltPHonti , 1 ( NEW JERSEY BELLTELEPHONEj COMPANY The first American speedometer was invented by J. W. Jones in 1901. VOTE FOR GEO. H. STANGER FOR STATE SENATOR Scenes sponsored among the colleges in 1034? Jack Knehans, the Missouri university student who won it, considered coming to Holly- wood but finally accepted La West's advice to complete his law course. He's lust been made probate Judge In Cape Girardeau county of his home state and the Junior Chamber of Commerce la giving him a banquet. One of the features of the celebration will be the presentation to Knehans of an auto graphed picture of Mae West. It seems that, although he has want ed one all these years, he never got up the courage to ask. The Marx Brothers have decid ed to bring their tabloid version of "Go West, Young Man" to Los Angeles. It's the first time they've appeared on a Los Angeles stage since 1929. What's this about a Honolulu group digging up a half million dollars In an effort to get Bettt Davis to make a picture there? If the war hasn't extended to the Pacific, Brenda Marshall plana to visit the Philippines this summer. Her father, Otto Ankerson, is the manager of a sugar plantation on the Island of Negros. Brenda hasn't seen him in 10 years. Mary Astor's husband, Manuel Del Campo, has been advised to stay In bed for two weeks Just to take no chances on that concussion he suffered in an automobile crash. . . . Don'tPsuppose it means anything but Dorothy La-mour Is wearing a new ring and on the significant finger. . . . The new Paragon, room, opening at Victor Hugo's, will be decorated with gold leaf, black patent leather and 23-foot high mirrors. Drop curtains will give it an elastic seating capacity, anywhere from a small group to 300 people. . , . Jeffrey Lynn's terrier may have to have a foot amputated after being blttcH by a rattlesnake. . . . Mer-vyn LeRoy loves to kid Arch Ob-ler (scenarist on "Escape") about his clothes. The other day, he said: "Arch, you dress like all the 'Dead End kids put together!" . . . Carole Landis wrote the theme song of Bob Belasco, whose band opens at the Florentine Gardens. . , , Linda Johnson and Mickey Rooney like each other a lot. . . . Orson Welles Is giving the U. C. L. A. students a break. He made two . lecture appearances at the university. One in the afternoon at 50 cents admission. Night prices were a dollar. 'Mr. Thornborrow is a veteran, having served with honor in the World War, and Senator Stanger is a captain In the National Guard. Mr. Thomas has given considerable service in the county to veterans' alTairs." Poultry Farmhand On Trial In Assault Case Benjamin Welnhold, of Maurice River, a poultry farm hand, went on trial today in Quarter Sessions Court, Bridgeton, for assault and battery on his employer, Wiliam J. Ahlbach, a chicken raiser of that township. Ahlbach said Weinhold and Mrs. Ahlbach went to New York and remained there for two days, and because he remonstrated with Weinhold about it, waa struck in the face. The defendant denies the charge. v You'll also enjoy talking with friends or relatives too far away tosee often CallTthem tonight! Evrry night after 7, (and all day Sunday) rates are reduced on , calls over SO miles. You Vin talk 100 miles for 35 ; 400 miles' for 801 (3 -minute station-to-, station rates within the UnitediStates),' v ' ' Aspic jelly gets its name from a snake, the asp, because it is cold to the touch. Genuine Falm Beach Suits, Ensembles, Slacks, Ties Exclusively With H. MENNIES SONS 617 Landis Ave. Vlneland Now it Can Be Told And Dr. Gibbs Swings Freely in Telling By LOGAN CLENDEN1NC, M. D. MY OLD FRIEND Dr. Adrian Gibb says he ii about to retire from practice, and the only advantage associated with it is that be can now tell some of his patients what he has been wanting to tell them for a long time. On her own tearful authority, I hear he said to one of them the other day, somewhat as follows; "Madame, you seem to be suspicious that your stomach is staying out nights and not working regularly at the office as it is supposed to do. You have Indigestion, so you say, or dyspepsia, and you have told Dr. Clendening will answer questions of general Interest only, and then only through his column. me about it at great length. In fact, the only time you show any vivacity at all is while you are talking about the delinquencies of your stomach., You are as interested in your stomach as is a mother in a wayward son. Yon may not i-ealize it, but while you are discussing this fascinating subject you touch rhythmically the place where you think your stomach is with the extended middle finger of your left hand. , " "Now I have Investigated your stomach with all the resources at my command. I have removed some of the secretion of your stomach, and while you seem to think it is incompetent, I do not find it so. The sample I examined seemed to be very strong. It was quite capable, I believe, not only of digesting an ordinary meal but even of dissolving one of the buttons of my coat. "The X-rays that you had taken in New York unquestionably fascinate you, and I don't wonder, considering the price you paid for them, but they fail to arouse my professional interest They look like just another stomach to me and nothing else. "You have brought me a list of the foods that a distinguished clinic has said you can't eat It is neatly typewritten, but I have been unable to elicit from you any real reason why'you shouldn't eat them. In fact, I may let you in on a semi- Barclay On Bridge A NEW CONVENTION ;. MANY PLAYERS, who found the Blackwood convention helpful in slam bidding, also have discovered- its principal defect it sometimes crowds the bidding too high. On some occasions it results in a sign-off at a contract of five-odd, which Is defeated because of ghastly luck in the distribution of the opponents' cards whereas four-odd would have been safe. At other times it pushes the level so high that only aces may be located and the bidder has to guess at the kings held by the side. . , , 4A85 2 V K Q J 0 8 J82 0 43 7 t94S V974 2 7 A 10 7 5 4 8 6 A 10 9 6 S 9 83 3 K Q 10 6 V A 10 KQ43 KQ J . , South. Both sides vul- (Dealer: nerable.) Bidding on that deal, with North-South using the Black wood convention and the opponents not calling, would be thus: South 1 la 4 NT S North Iff 3 a) 6 Or perhaps South would start with 1-Spade, North would Jump to 3-Spades and then would come the Blackwood convention, landing the side in O-Spades. South, of course, would not go to six when he learned his partner had only one aceTVYest should naturally lead his A and another diamond, which East would ruff. The club A then would set the contract- Distributed by King SALLY'S '' Ik S2d 7 Jmt HOUSE CLEANING-. jJPSTK ' v When it comes to theatrical costumes, nothing succeeds like jtvico s'' J &r7 - 1 siw JTj . n0thi"- 1 BACK ROAO FOLrS ''f " ' "" "" "" " "' "I'-- "r' '-'"" IS. 1 ,1 t. I . ,1, , ,.,.., ,.,.11111,1 WIWIIMW""11 "' professional secret and tell you that your husband called me up and asked me practically with tears in his voica not to give you any mora foods you can't eat because be likes some of the foods on that typewrit ten list and, according to him, sinca you got it you won't have any of them in the house. "Amonsr the numerous treat ments that you have undergone you tell me of the 'no breakfast cure.' You asked me my opinion of that and I will now tell you. For a great many people of my acquaintance a no-breakfast cure would be a very good thing, but for you, no. You need a good many breakfasts in succession. You are thin, you hava half starved yourself with your crazy notions and most of your trouble is hunger. Of course, your stomach growls. It wants work. You have forced It into tne army of the unemployed, "My advice to you would be that your suspicions about your stomach are not well founded, you nave a good, sober, industrious stomach. Your trouble is what you think of your stomach. Nothing, not even a stomach, can stand up under a continuous barrage of contempt and scorn and abuse. "My first order to you is to eat a meal consisting of everything on that list that the distinguished clinic said you couldn't eat, and eat 1 it with confidence. "Then go home and empty your medicine chest. Throw away all the cathartics and soda pills and artificial digestants, and greet your husband tonight with a kiss and tell him you feel fine whether you do or not, and that you are going to have cucumbers and lobster and beer and ice cream for dinner, and you want to go to a movie afterwards and then to a hot spot and dance. The shock may be bad for him for a while, but he will survive. Lady, you need to come alive." EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. Clcndmlw haa even pamphlet which can be obtained br reader. Each pamphlet eella for lu cent. For any on pamphlet desired, tend 10 centa in coin, and a Belfaddreased envelop tamped with a three-cent itamp, to Dr. Lovan ClentleninK. in ear of this paper. The pamphlets are: "Three Weeks' Reducing Diet", "indigestion and Constipation". "Heducfnv and Gaining". "Infant Feeding". "Instructions for the Treatment of DiabeUa", "Feminine Hygiene" and "Tha Car of the Hair and Skin", very tough luck. Horace M. Byrnes, of Harris-burg, Pa., has developed a change in the convention whereby 4-Clubs becomes the asking bid instead of 4-No Trumps. In reply, 4-Diamonds shows no aces, 4-Hcarts one, 4-Spades two, 4-No Trumps three and B-Clubs four. The 4-Club bidder asks about kings by using 4-No Trumps over lower responses, 5-No Trumps over those which are too high for 4-No Trumps. By this method, the hand shovn would be signed off at 4-Spadt. A call of 4-Clubs would ask about aces, response of 4-Hearts would show one, and 4-Spades "would be the final call. It would be made in spite of the opponents' crazy distribution. Tomorrow we will present the very latest way of extending the idea presented by Mr. Byrnes, in what we consider tha best con- vention of the kind yet devised. Tomorrow's Problem J102 VAK74 K6S2 J.K8 aQ 9 6 3 t985 8 J9754 t A K 8 AQ J74 A A Q 6 2 (Dealer: South. North-South vulnerable.) ' - What slam bidding convention would enable North and South to reach the maximum possible contract on this deal with the mini- mum of guesswork and rlsk? Features Syndicate, Inc. SALLIES I TT I 47 0f V. . SQJ108 $ Ul 2 ; e 10 9 3 j I lint ep w Three Persons Hurt In Local Auto Accidents A ten-year-old boy narrowly escaped serious injury, last evening, when he was knocked down by a car on the Vineland-Bridgeton Pike at Rainbow Lake. He was one of three persons injured in weekend accidents. The boy, Edward Schiapelli, 10, of 309 Elmer street, was treated at the Newcomb Hospital for brush burns of the forehead, left elbow, right ankle and left knee. George Bakely, 98 York street, Bridgeton, driver of the car, told State police of Malaga barracks he had slowed his car at the bend in the highway and the boy suddenly appeared in his path. The boy corroborated Bakely's state ment, troopers said, and no complaint was made. Two others were injured slightly in accidents. Miss Evelyn Solomon, 19-year-old Vlneland High School cheerleader, suffered contusions of the right hip at 12:20 A. M. yesterday, when the car in which she was riding collided with another at the intersection of i West and Landis avenues. She was treated at the hospital. Her brother, Stanley Solomon, Fourth street and Landis avenue, a former Vineland' High School football captain, and Chris A. Scholl, 410 south West avenue, driver of the other car, escaped injury. Landis Township police summoned the drivers to appear before Recorder Thomas DeLuca on May 27. Earl Fish, 38, Park avenue and Delsea Drive, sustained a twisted back in an unusual accident. He was riding in a Public Service Taxi When the vehicle struck a bump, causing mm to suae oft tne seat and injure his back. He was admitted to the hospital for observation. The accident occurred at Second street and Landis avenue. Martin Sharp, 24, of 403 south East avenue, was driver of the car. Borough police were notified. Enrico Michelon, Lincoln avenue, and Elio Sartoli, Walnut road, were drivers of cars involved in a minor collision on Chestnut avenue, near the Dealsea Drive. Landis Township police released the drivers when they settled the damages. Frank Raymon.d 917 Chestnut avenue, and Theodore C. Schultze, James street, Closter, were each given suspended fines of $2 for careless driving by Recorder DeLuca, last night. Their cars collided last evening on Riverside Drive, between Oak and Garden roads. Cars driven by Harry H. Cross, Main road and Grant avenue, and Stanley Tobolski, south Delsea Drive) collided at the intersection of Second street and Landis avenue, last night. Borough of Vine-land police released the drivers when they settled damages. - Snagg Promises Economy To Voters Of Buena Township John W. Snagg, Regular Republican candidate for Buena Vista Township Committee, announced today if he wins the nomination in tomorrow's primary contest he will give the people of Buena Vista Township a businesslike, economical and honest administration. Mr. Snagg is a resident of Newtonville and has resided in Buena Vista Township for 22 years. He is a direotor of the Vineland Egg Auction and a prominent poultryman' of South Jersey. He is also vioe-president of the New Jersey Fox Hunters' Association, an ardent sportsman, and has had many years' experience in municipal and civic affairs. 1 Report Foremen Are Dismissed A report was received today which could not be confirmed that Edward McCann, WPA foreman on curbing and guttering projects in Landis township, had been dismissed last Friday after a WPA investigation. Louis Harmon, Vineland WPA foreman, was also said to have been dismissed. THE OLD HOME ryr- x-ct m it vet ti i at Stanger Proves He Introduced Buena Road Bill State Senator George H. Stanger today submitted documentary proof that he had introduced the bill which authorized the con struction of the new Buena-Ham-monton state highway. The bill, Senate No. 45, was introduced in the State Senate by Mr. Stanger on January 24, 1938, and after enactment, became part of the State's Statues and is known as "Chapter 43 An Act to add Route 54 to the State Highway System. "At a meeting held in Mt. Vernon Hall, Friday night, my opponent, Howard B. Hancock, said that the matter of building this highway 'had already been put in motion while neither Mr. Stanger nor I were members of the State Legislature' and that 'neither could make serious claims for credit.' "My opponent ia clearly avoiding the facts, or mis-stating what he knows to be the facts. I append herewith a transcript of the bill introduced by me in the Senate on January 24, 1938. The bill authorized the construction of Route No. 54 extending from Lincoln avenue, Landis Township, to Buena, Buena Vista Township and thence to the White Horse Pike at Hammonton. "This bill was subsequently approved by the Assembly and when enacted into law, became known as 'Chapter 43.' These documents are public and can be referred to by any interested person. Certainly Mr. Hancock would have been closer to the truth if he had taken the least trouble to refer to the public records of the Legislature in which he seeks to hold a seat. "This new highway improvement is of importance to this county, and I am glad to have been able to bring its construction about." Submits Documents Senator Stanger submitted the originals of the following documents, which prove his statement: "SENATE NO. 45 "STATE OF NEW JERSEY ' "Introduced January 24, 1938 "By MR. STANGER "Referred to Committee on Highways "AN ACT to add Route 54 to the State Highway System "BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: . "1. The State Highway Commissioner shall, as soon as practicable and in accordance with the procedure set forth in article one of chapter seven of Title 27 of the Revised Satutes, lay out and construct as an addition to the present State highway system the following - described route: . , - . , "Route No. 54. Starting at the intersection of the White Horse Pike and Route No. 39 from thence into Buena Vista, and following Lincoln Avenue in Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, into Landis Township, Cumberland County, and thence across Landis Avenue to a point where Lincoln Avenue intersects Main Road, Landis Township, Cumberland County. "2. This act shall take effect immediately. "STATEMENT "The purpose of this act is to add Route No. 54 to the State Highway System." ' s "CHAPTER 43 "AN ACT to add Route 54 to the State Highway System. "BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: "1. The State Highway Commissioner shall, as soon as practicable and in accordance with the procedure set forth in article one of chapter seven of Title 27 of the Revised Statutes, lay out and construct as an addition to the present State Highway system the following-described route: 'Route No. 54. Starting at the intersection of the White Horse Pike and Route No. 39 from thence into Buena Vista, and following Lincoln Avenue in Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, into Landis Township, Cumberland County, and thence across Landis Avenue to a point where Lincoln Avenue intersects TOWN u Main Rnnrt Tunt- Cumberland County 10wnslip, immedTahte.yaCt "Approved March 30, 1933 .- Electric Kitchen Show Success The Vineland Electric Kitrhi, Show closed Saturday night the conclusion of a four-day 'e hibit that . was weU attend Commissioner Samuel L, Gassei closed the exhibit with a few marks, in which he referred to the fact that the rates for elec. trie current and power in the dis trict served by the Vineland Municipal Power Planf. compares with the lowest in the State Commissioner Gassei urged local residents to purchase electric ranges and other home utilities in Vineland, as all standard mow., are available here, and may hi- )uiuins uii u.o uiiracuve terms as elsewhere. The following were winners of prizes on the closing night of the vuieimiu cieuLric ruxenen Show Cash prize of $5.00 Mrs. Alida Wilson, 818 Wood street. Cash prize of $2.50 Mrs. Andrew Lar combe, 528 Harvard street. A set of aluminum wear valued at $13 10 was won by Robert Bond Oak road. W. H. Sell, of west'n... den road, won a special prize uucicu uy me - iyoiok Hardware Company. Dealers exhibiting In .the show reported closing many sales of electric ranges, refrigerators nr,n washers, and expressed their inanns 10 tne puoiic ror the interest displayed. G. M. Loper Rated Strongest Candidate The RpPiilar T"pmnrriit. rw 0 u. uhv vsicalll zation of Cumberland County to- uay turrccieu a statement made in the Evening Times last week in which it was stated that Harry Adler defeated Senator Stanger in an Assembly race in iiwo ana was considered the strongest candidate of the Regular Democratic party. G. Milton- Loper, the Regular Democratic Organization choice for State Senatorial nomination defeated Stanger in 19S6, and haj the unanimous endorsement of tne party because he is rated the strongest candidate for the post, the organization pointed out today. , 'Round Our Tovn By W. J. ML Who is the local attorney who is emulating' Diamond Jim Brady with his diamond horseshoe and diamond tootii ?-... Speaking of attorneys, one of them is getting icorched by the heat of romance! Tony DeBruno purchased a suit of clothe and had them altered elsewhere, with the) result he was given a nl.e 29 Instead of 84 which plwes him in the Boy Scout size and is Tony fuming! Ira Wood reports the croackers are croaking at Thompson's (Wood's) Beach and Rowland ra ter informs us the dogwood is very pretty at Parvins ... We might add the dogwood is exceptionally fine at Bridgeton Park, where the free zoo is a big attraction this year ... ( Saw Frank Jones, Velma Kh.hardH, and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Matlack in Washington, yestee. The community is becoming ra bid over the forthcoming election with chaps so excited they are wagering foolish sums and argu-ine til the wee hours of the morn ing on the vote-getting ability of their favored sons." Birthday greetings today to Ida Janetti . . . Earl A. Turner . . . Pat Defero . . . Richard A. DeMaria . . . Carl Amlularo . . . Joseph Viola . . . Joseph Pollizzi . . . Herbert Moser ... Eleanor Tuso . . . Lois Johnson . . . Rose Marie Kitiinda-ro. By STANLEY IT

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