The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 10
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•••m EIOHT Famous Coach Tells o Changes In Basketbni Rules and Why. KDITOR'S NOTE: Tills Is tin first of a series on luski'llnill li Courier Sews. Mun- articles li; Cuarh I)fan »ill a|p|iiMr from linn lo lime during the season. BY EVKKETT .S. Head Basketball Ouch, Indiana University BLOOMINGTON, linl.- In Ihc basketball rules lor the current season are few but sensible, with tllp direct resul! Hint the two grenler departments of tf.e Bimic— oiTemc and defense—now have- aboul the proper balance for fi sound game. Changes in the code this year "dress up" last year's radical changes. The new rules last year were well received In almost every section of the country. 1 A most important change and one with a direct bearing on the welfare of basketball in high schools- is tbe change In the placing of thi 1 center line under the 10-sccoml rule. Labt yoar this line was drawn through the center of all courts more than GO feel In length. The new rule provides lor division lines which will bo 40 feet from each end line, parallel lo tl'.c cud line. This change, however, affeols only floors under 75 feet In length. The fine thing about this change is that uniform playing conditions have been 'established for the game. This wns not (rue last year, when tlie 10 players were crowded in small offensive Tones, thus causing more bodily contact, rougher ploying nnd necessitating the calling of more tiian the' usual number of .personal fouls. Ti-.c three-second pivot rule of last year has been modified ellght- !y; This will prove a boon lo the official, but handicaps the pivot man. The new pivot rule states that a- player shall not withhold the ball from play for more than three seconds in his free-throw Inuc and circle, and he must get the ball outside the lane within that time or lose possession." Regardless of tlie position of the pivot man in these confines, the rule is the same. • * * The new substitution rule provides that a player may not reenter after leaving the game three tunes. The old rule permitted a player to re-enter the game once, but not twice as tlie 1933-34 rules permit. This change is looked .upon V.'ith favor, as it allows a liberal substitution policy which will-lend to relieve any extra physical hardship on individual players. Another change in [he code necessitates the handling of the ball - on all o-Jl-of-bounds balls in the front court. This ride will curb the "quick pass-in" plays from out'- of-bounds and increases the number ol set plays in the offense. This rate was made to avoid any misunderstanding as to which team had possession of the ball. Last year the had 10 seconds In which to advance Hie ball across the center line, and once across the line the ball could not be passed back over the stripe until a shot had been attempted, an out- of-bounds or jump ball play called or a recovery of possession of the ball. Under those conditions, any man on the offense could take the bnll back across the center marker. This year the rule Is essentially the same except that only the man recovering the ball after one ol three above plays occurred en take tre ball to the back eour^ across the line. This action must take place Immediately after til recovery of the ball. This change greatly simplifies the work of the official on this phase of the game. It any player other than the man recovering the ball takes the ball across the line. It Is a violation and the ball goes to the opixising team out-of-bounds tit the nearest spot to the violation. How Some of New Cage Rules Work BLYTHEVfLLE;. (ARK.) fJOTrKIKR VRWS -t»*. |JJ § '/.W>C\ ''^ff^ The new pivot rule sinless a player sliall not hold tho ball for more tlian three seconds in his free throw lane ... he must get it outside the lane within that time or lose'posscssion. A player may not reenter the gn.iie as a substitute after leaving three times . . . whereas he was permitted tore-enter only once aft-v leaving the gr.nm uf.der the old rules. All out-of-bounds balls must be huddled in tho front court . .'. to curb the "quick pass-in", plays from out-of-bounds and increase -the number of set plays used by offense-. Auto Exhaust Kills Doits WESTON, M[I«S. (UP)— Police here have ntlllxed an nutomubili' uxhaust lo 1 provide an Inexpensive and humane method of killing In- Jured or diseased animals. A rub- Grid Stan Pick Bczullw ATHENS. O. (UP)— Three full pages of Ohio University feminine pulchritude, selected by University of Michigan championship football men, appear In the ohioan, student magazine, here. Three of Ihc schools' beauties each occupy a lull page of the publication, their pictures appearing in the order tliey were chosen by Ihe Wolverine grklmen. ^THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1033 JOHN MASEFIELD in Poet- _I.aurealc of Rngland. Ottawa was made the capital of Canada In 1S5S. Thomas A. Edison v>'M torn at MILAN,.OHIO. Read Courier News want Ads. K-ivc=™ HOU " for sorat! Ilme ' c rpc ' KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)-Ouy ble from memory for 10 . * ' ' W. Green Is belie have . - tablished a 'record that, will stand present he is on a tour lures. le B. hours. At giving lec- Drink BUDWEISER Luxora Defeats Keiser for Third Straight Win MJXOHA, Ark—The Luxora hi"h school boys basketball team won Its third consecutive victory when H tieftalcd Keiser. 20 to 11. Tuesday night. The girls team lou to Kei- K.T. 28 In 2G Hayti and Wardell Divide Double Header HAYTI, Mo.—Tr.e Hayti Indians split a double-header with Wardell ul the local gymnasium Tuesday. Ilayll's second girls team started the game. Th e first team went In In the third quarter and played about half a quarter. The final : In the lethal .go the Texas League was a lough row for umpires j two or three minutes, hud the reputation of being Ihe toughest town i'^ Several yenrs n; o hoc. Galvc.slO! n the circuit. Jack Daly nnd Louis Weir were old hands at the yame, however, I her tube runs from Ihe exhaust i .score,was 43-3 in favor of'Haytl ' to aulcg house i,, the rear of pu- \ The boys game was fast and the "• Animals placed ! score was close all during the garne. ihambur live only | The final score was 22-21- In favor Ice headquarters. ! of Wardell. and after u particularly sti'cnuous session one n'ternoon, they made ip Ihelr minds to pull one on the fans who had grown so-loud. Before Ihe game the umpires, nfter announcing the batteries, in- 'ormcd Ihc crowd lhat, In view of past. Incidents, 'hey had decided he only lair way. to oiricinle a game in Galveston was from the stands. Whereupon they walked off the field and look seats, Daly In the front row directly behind the plate and Weir behind first base. There hey sUiyed for o full Inning, calling [heir decision. The stunt went ovor and they had no lurlho.- trouble from the Galveston fans. latcur i;tlo, It might havcf Kcni-saw Mountain Landts' mon- csimiM «ncli a nickname) ickcr never has l:cen shortened by "Old Frank" would be appro- niato. Several writers did become nliumtc In. the point, of calling ilm that in tnr>h leads, hut the •exl day h« was Francis OulmiiL again. As soon ns Robert Tyre Jones \imrared with a mnshic he was christened Bob'iy and the name .•inns to him. When baseball wrll- :i:- applied the imine of George ilciman to Ru'.li. they were com- i.ittlng Ihe smart exception to what rcemcd hlj natural name, : Eabe." * • * By Any Olhrr Name Other nthle'os named Francis Hive been ca:led Frank easily. Some thai come to mind offhand nrc Francis HC-KHII, the catcher: Francis T. Hwler, nctman, and Francis X. Shields, also a ten- niscr. But cal'ins Francis Ouiinet !• rank Is just Im h nn i ( 0 do. It can't be lhat the man himself Is too disniflcd or priestly, .-ittribiiles man;' sec in him. It liai>ix?ns that Cornelius McGllli_ ci.ildy is bolli dignified and priest. !y. but the 3oj-f have shortened his names to Ccnnle Mnck. H is hard to ca'l to mind any other personals in sport during (he last decade who have not boei: '"chert to a ni< Knamc. Judge Hooks and Slides 1 "I «••••«••* ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & NITE— lOc And No Nfcknrmc: Francis Oulmct has come along jaunt along the fairways since he turned back (he mighty Vardon and Ray at Brcokllne on a foggy- day In 1913. The New England veteran even now Is tuning up his game at Mianil Beach for another whirl at l!ic championship A championship he re-won in 1931 'after 18 years of trying. He has been one of the strange pcrrennlals of sports. What seems to me stranger than his unusua career Is the fact that they never have hung a nickname on Fran els. He .remains Francis Oufmet In Oulmet's lender youlh you'< think some wag of the sport "ages would have had the ingen ..ity to dub.htn: Franice. Mayb° someone did, but It never stuck "OH Rrrakr.'Oh, No! -When he came b»ck; strong tw " J.wirs ««p, at the age of 39, aw knocked 'down a fln* A«M to nli :he sports scribes, but -perhaps hat Is because a front name like Xencsaw Mountain Is loo good as It is to suggcvL abbreviation. Francis gots or year after year as Just Fraud.-.. He always will be :hat. And probably he always will N> playing a flr.o game of golf.'too. Re.-.d Courier News wane Ads. Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Ni^ht 6:45—Iflc - 35c 25c Ed \Vynnc The I'nrfocl Fool THE CHIEF FOX NEWS - - COMEDY Coming Attractions Week of December 24 CITZ .SUNDAY ONLY, DEC. 24 ' Otto Krueeer, Hen ,Lyp.n, Una Merkel, Isnbel Jewel . i and .ilosciit 1 K;irns in 'WOMEN4N HIS LIFE' Paramount News Ooniftly—I.idi Grey Chaplain in "Season's GreetinRS" James Ca MONDAY, DKCE.MIIEK 25th t ney, Mae^ Clarke iind Margaret Lindsay in 'LADY KILLER' Cotortone : Musical Revue Silly Symphony Cartoon TUESDAY'- WEDNESDAY, DEC. 26 - 27 Marie Dressier and Lionel Karrymore in 'HER SWEETHEART Paramount.News . . , • Comedy "Midsummer Music" with Charley Chase THURSDAY - FRIDAY, DEC. 28 - 29 Kay Francis, Ricardo Cortez, John Halliday, Gene Raymond anri William Boyd in THE HOUSE ON 56th STREET' Oddity Comedy "Happy Warrior" All Sfar Comcdv SATURDAY, DEC. 30 Krankie Darro and Dorothy Coonan in 'WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD' Serial - - Cartoon Friday & Saturday MAT. and Nile—lOc - 23c -TOM -, A j Xe n million •* o m t n ill rilled lo lie t m *' .Maeuclien in Uniform' VOW- doTotnea 0)I£CK in li e r Amen can picture CRADLE SO N - G A Paramount Picture Silly Symphony Leon Erro! Comedy Programs broadcast Daily Over KLCN at 12:20 SUNDAY - MONDAY, DEC. 2-1 - 25 George lircnt, Margaret Lindsay and Eugene Pallette in 'FROM HEADQUARTERS' Novelty Reel and Comedy FREE SHOW MONDAY MORNING! For Kvcry Kiddie in This Entire Section! All Shorts Subjects Comedies • Musicals - Cartoors Starling at 10 :,-JO A. M. We want every child nu this section to h" nu r guest on Monday Morning at This FREE SHOW! TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, DEC. 2(5-27-28 James Dunn, Claire Trevor and Harvey Stephens in 'JIMMIE AND SAILY' Fox News and Comedy FRIDAY - SATURDAY, DEC. 29 - Jhon Wayne in 'RIDERS OF DESTINY' Serial - - Cartoon More than ever it's THINGS to WEAR this (Christmas M EN always have preferred things..,to ,wear to" .gadgets and gewgaws. This year many actually need the'm. Husbands and fathers havr; foregone new suits and overcoats so that wives and ,-nildren would not feel the pinch; many a young'fellow lias .seen the price, of longed-for ties or shirts invested in a dinner or the movies. Now is the time to make it up to them, , and giving sensible, stylish things to wear is the way. The pr/nce/t/ gift is a Hart Schaffner & Marx OVERCOAT $ 25.00 '•<- $ : OTHER SUGGESTIONS ENKO AND MANHATTAN' SHIRTS 31.35 to §2:50 PAJAMAS 81.35 to $7.50 GLOVES $1.50 to $3.50 TIES $1 to $2.50 SII.K MUFFLERS SI 10 $4 ROT3ES $5'"to $22.50 INITIAL BELTS |1.50lo $3.50 HOSE 35c to $1 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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