The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1043 ' ie Wiygul Guest Of Parents At Keisev Last Week OSOEOLA, Ark., April 22.—SelRl. . I-cffcrngf Wiygul of the Ferry Command spent Hie past week us , uuest of lus parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Wiygul of the Reiser community. This lime lust year Lpfferngo wns concerned chiefly with class parlies, senior ii-Ji>s and grndtiation from High School; in tin' inter- iiliiif months ho completed ills liiltiB in the Army Air Corps at ipppard Field, llicn to Miami, il., where lie b;£an )>is subsequent mouths of ferrying bombers to Africa, (lie Near East, India and I China over the Unrnia Road. l-'ollowint! his visit, licro he reported back to Nashville, Tcnn., and is believed to be in London Mils week. Lieut. Claudius Wllkcs and Mrs. Wilke.s spent Hie pad.-.secern I days as Kiiest.s . of her parents, C. M. Dial, superintendent of KeisT , schools, and Mrs. Dial in Reiser Lieutenant Wilkos, son of Mv, and Mrs. Norman waxes of Damascus Ai'k., is a graduate of Arkansas Slate Teachers Colleges and attended Northwestern University before enlisting in U 10 Navy as coin- immicnlions officer. He has spent the past ten momiw fn convoy duty in the Pa! cifie with San Francisco as headquarters. He was recently chosen ; one or 50 naval officers to receive ir y ! ai M° r a(ivilllc '* st»<ly at the U. S, Naval Academy, Annapolis lie and Mrs. Wllkcs. the former 5 T f C " Dtal ' WC111 f ™'» ^isei to Annapolis where they will live for the next yenr. Sain Haggard of Osceolu received hLs commission FrWay lit Mtnnil Hencli, Fla., as engineer In the Army Air Corps and was ordered to nport Immediately at an air field at Hotse, Idaho. Lieut. Haggard, who Is u brother of Mrs. James Uass, «ns formerly bookkeeper and office manager of the coca-Cola branch liere. Warrant Officers E, K. Smith Jr., and E. U. (Punk) Hiley arrived in O.sccolii Monday for ii iivo, weeks furlough with their families liotli men enlisted together last year tn the newly.organized Am- pbiljinn Command, trained together and have i rambled logether during their year's service in Ireland. .Scolliind,. England mid North Africa. They arrived in Miami last llim-Mlay, Ihence to Rnlmotitli, ra., by plane and to Memphis by train. They W ill report (o ra- mpulli in two weeks. The (wo c-oiiplfs drove to New Madrul Mo., Tuesday for n visit with Officer micy's mother and oilier relatives. Stores Mm/ Close At Carutlicrsville OARUTJIERSviLLE, Ma., April 22.—'f!ie Junior Chamber or commerce Tiiivif|«y |,,. B an a citv-wide canvass of merchants and 'firms, to secure opinions toward closing jonc afternoon each week dining Hi.- I Summer months, so that, residents ptiay participate in wiir-tiiiic duties, such as victory (gardens, s cra]> anves. ;iiul Ihc like Indcialions are, according to I'rcsident Jerc Kimjsbury, that the majority favor closing, with Wednesday nftej-jioon iipparcnlly meeting Hie greatest approval. The half-dny closing is now in effect in many Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas towns of this vicinity, which caused (he Jaycces to conduct. Hie poll here for mcrchanls' opinion. Read Courier News Want Ads. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NFAVS • LETTERS TO ' THE EDITOR Editor, Courier News: DlylliCTllk-. city of beautiful homes! Ves, and they lire betuill- fnl; large, spacious, ample room for the residents. No one, after u stroll through the residential section of die town could deny the fuel thai Ihc houses here are lovely. Hut have yon ever tried to secure living space in one of them I hope not, for If you have you found yon vvcie doomed to disappointment. I'i'ople are funny. They buy bonds, they give to the lied Cross, they pny their income tax and do Ihc liiimlrai and one Dimes the war imposes upon them, usually cheerfully and with rcnli/alion of (he sacrifices others arc making which make their efforts scorn puny indeed. Hut when 1111 opportunity presents itself for them to combine a genuinely helpful service and some mnnll remuneration, with little else than n small inconvenience to themselves, they either through blindness or pure selfishness refuse ihe plea. For in these large, lovely, .spacious home.s are countless living rooms, rooms which could be tilil- by visiting relatives of men at the Air Field, for whom this could be Ihe lust opportunity to see Ilielr loved ones. And there exist also untold numbers of apartments and potential apartments that could house families of od'l- cers and enlisted men. if the owners would but open their doors to them. A recent independent survey showed countless large houses being occupied by .single individuals or couples, leaving the rest of the house idle. Ami many large homes have additional living facilities which are being selfishly held for entertainment of guests and owners, Should this deplorable situation Urges Women To Can And Sell Surplus Fruits Arid Vegetables PHILADELPHIA (jj]i> _ p,, r ,n women and suburban housewives «'ho last yenr put up 3,000,000,000 jars of fruits mid .vegetables arc urged to cnn and sell "something extra" to avert a serious food shortage this year. "It may be Ihe means of adding tremendously to the limited supply of canned foods in tills country," Carroll I'. Slreeter writes hi the April "Farm Journal and dinner's Wife," To open up n huge market for home-processed foods, the publication has asked the Office of Price jAdministration to penult side of such food without rationing, or to reduce Its point- value below the scale of commercially-packed foods,Half of 1'iii-k ('hdme.1 "The armed forces and lead- exist hi Illylhcville, the city of beautiful homes? No. and let us fervently hope the townspeople will reall/e that here Is n real opportunity to do something which will be appreciated by n great number of soldiers, and nil lit little or no cast or inconvenience (o themselves. Come on, for Heaven's .sake do not allow tills opportunity to pass unheeded; do this one more thing lo help mil. Have YOU 1111 iipiirt- inent or room lying Idle. Sgt, llerinnn P. Speler. "The Best SourceOf Supply For Over 60 Years".... EVEN with a war going on, we have the largest stock of merchandise in the history of our business. We usually have items that are unobtainable elsewhere. Our store and warehouses cover an area of Jiffy thousand square feet. MANY customers have learned in recent years hy stopping at Osceola they usually find what they want, even at lower prices than they could, get in Memphis, and save over one hundred miles round trip. Your fnends and neighhors will tell you that our store is a reliable place to trade. ^i'i* WE ARE now hooking cotton pick sacks for Fall delivery at guaranteed prices. We sre the world's largest cotton pick sack dealers,' one of America s largest jobbers in iron, steel and wire products, and one of the largest seed dealers in the United States. CARTWRIGHT'S Hardware Furniture In Osceola, Arkansas, Since 1880 lease- im ro ,,| IT1> , ly |ml ln „ cll)|m lor Unit of tl u . i-omim.iT-1,,1 puck," HlM'i'liH' snlil, "if W( . imiiix'ii to art » snort crop t|,, T . Jn , ly ||, ko w( .|, over Imlr in- Mild it was pimlulf oiiii- cumim would imck- Imlr the -uii uiul vt-ijeirtbli's consumed by i'illiiiis this yenr. Two iihnw for Insuring Hie nmil- ty a tlu> food, nml tlicn fur scll- IB U, art- ])H1|X>M><|; "'• J" I'omimmily mmilng con- more tood cnn lie pul- up, for tin- limp, w«rlt inul equlimii-nl ln- vulvi'il, >ilmn uy any ollii-r miHlioil, niivli iriurrg cnn bo cslnljllslieil !n nluli school mill cluircli kltcliens. I'lioj' will mm out H fnit-iy mil- foi'iii, lili'.li qiiullty ))n](lucl. "2. Community or county schools fiin hi- ostHbtlslieil lo wlilcli Jiull- vldunls would brlni? lliolr own Imiiip-c.-iimcrJ goods fur .vnlo, Contributors Nliuiild lie limited to i-x- lciii'fd, »I>.U V enniic-is; non-neld ti'tuWi's slMiuld hi! enuiiKil by -Ksiirc roulti;r only; i-vory Jur slioiild Iji- )nin-h>(l with die CIIIIIU'I-'K inline'. ndiliTKi.Miml onniihiK method; food .should, IK- held n % nuinlh or sci to li-l juKslUli* .-ipollniic <lc- vclop; uiul tlw luiiiniKoi 1 NhotiUI Iju onpidilc of doing Sat lonst .11 roiiuh Job of tirntllni;." \ (intfcrs (.ViuRil 1'urchasp 'Oils food wnul-'j 1» offered lo Ifriici-rs, wlio would' buy whnl Ilicy nri'detl. "There Is leadership enough In every county or comnmnllv to mate this . plan work," Sli-ei'ter Biiltl, «ui; lt esi. co . ,>pei,ii| ou W | tll "a farmer's co-operative t| lv ( OWI1 board of l m ,!,-, a ,;ooil !slroii|! wo- awns diilj, a group O r ™-o|)i'ral- .[ Bi-oeers. or olliers." This food could In.- sold fresh, fried, brint>d plekted or cnmii'd, Home itardeners — nnd home nimiers-wW i mv e to do the (lib Most of them have uU'ciuly hi- creased their garden plans for their own fiimllles. H Is up t 0 uu-ln lo ineivase them niinln lo "pi-uilueu and preserve .soinclliliiij e.vlm for others.'" Promised Land News Tin' Votmi; l'ei>|ilo of llu- Promised UUKI Mellwillsl Clnueli will put on an Knster imueunt !-mi<lny lllljhl, April 25. Ht H o'clock. The play Is eutltleil. "Busier victory," 11 drnmudniiloii of eyeiils duriui- the Crucifixion and IteMirrcctlDii of Jesus. The cnst Is composed of the following rlmrnelrrs: Abigail, Mrs, Virijlula Y<imi\j; .ludllli. Mnrgiucl Ann Hill; itutli Miirllyn lllmlimin; Caleb, All.iin Dudley Hardy; ,|o,se.i, Calvin Hill; Ijimum, Jack tikellon; Miiry, Florence Necdliam; Martini, Mary Jflo Hill; Comi'lln, Imon(utt) Needham i Kunlci', llounte l.ynn liall Dliwled l;y Sturltni! Younu-' musical director, Hlolse lllndman- children's director, Mrs. Vlrulnln YOIIIIB; niaslei' of i-i-ri'iuoiili-.s- HIM (iotlwln. Austin, Pa.- Overcomes Calamity For Fifth Time 'unlucklest bill, 'pluckiest' ;••••>' lias JICPII many limes "own Inn never out. ' A point, wllli 1,000 population', Which became known an tlio nucleus of ihe slate's prosperous lum, JIT Jmhislry Austin has survived its mill major calamity, look ihem «ll In stride, and its municipal lenders now proudly predict H-ls lii town 1 "'""'''' °f iH'comltiB n "tihost Here's Austin's cnlastrophe rec- '<! for I lie lust lialf century:In 1890 n fin- destroyed Hid en- i re business section; In 1391 a lire vax.ed )i)fl liomcs; Jn 1311 ft Ilootl killed no persons wrecked Mines nnd a pulp and paper mill th? lows only indiislry; hi 1039- III n depression closed the mill, n million-dollar bUHlnenn; In 1043 iftev the mill reoiiened, It wns de- slvoyed by July flood wnter without, low of life, but the town's only rnllrond lino wns wnshed out Tim mill was dismantled, nnd .li« railroad company ulmndoned (ho line, but an Austin "resciio .'ommitlec" of business li-ndei's ol>- :nlned one iii'iv Industry and imve several others "on (he fire." Protein-Rich Soybeans May Be Meat Substitute PULLMAN, Wiish. (UP)-A 10;Tiit soyburm-r to replace the royal hamburger m betn A contribution to U. 8 .aarleul. two from A <,la, the soybean offer. jub.t.htl.1; protein' »ndf a t°tou\e »ie placa of meat 'on the Ameri cnn. dinner table, according W?ur oI P.,, superintendent 's cxnerlmejils With -'thn ^ «*"»"•• which griS . In -Irrigated regions of Y«»hl'«Uin, are under "tudy o he Washlnijion Stale college hor- llculliire deparl;nent. Tho college 'reported tliat-lhcee «»«"Bnnj richer In 'protein S ll tlinn other beans nnd can be scd to Mlcr advantage by the hiimim The flavor is rich »iitllke,. nnd S ll e hlly BWc et, Lk iiig I>B vegetable hlBhly dcslraWe for Pemiscot Beats Quota , Mo'. Anrll . ~ Pemiscot Comity !ms oversubscribed Us W ln of Ihe war loan 'li'lve bj- mote tlirm $12,000, 11 was announced Tuesday nflernoon hy KoUcrl, C. Mt-lirlo of tin.?, cily county war bond sales clinlrimu'! M«l>rle said the quoin, for Ui| s county wius $388,000, and u, a t S al ff s ill'Cftdy made tolaled slightly more limn $400,090. Tills represented Is(mo. prices, - MchrJo said, nnd Hint .his money had already been collided, Pledges, to be collected lal- cr, ninoutil to several thousnnc lollnrs. •&\ \ ( JHE 2NJQVVAR LOAN DRIVE ION! PUBLIC NOTICE ; ( . , . l,\ _ 'V :: . , , , ^ ^ ,,•, ...;,.'•. -.., ., From every fighting front comes a cry for help! ^ •^'••-i.i.rv .' .,.*'/ ,','. * ,A ••'.', , m This is IT! This is the call yoH must Kccd-tVie plea you must respond to. On every fighting front America moves ahead. In the tortuous swamps of the tropics, on the raging seas, over the air of Europe and in Africa our troops arc striking hard. . • 'And from everywhere there comes a cry for help. "More tanks, more guns!" cry the soldiers. "More planes, more homlis" beg our flying squadrons. They're ready, eager to strike at the enemy. And they turn to America—to YOU—for help. And that is why your Government makes this urgent public appeal asking us to lend it 13 billion dollars during these momentous days. NOW... as America takes the offensive . . . your dollars must take the offensive, too! You must act at once! |i> ^0? Yes, it's going to be hard to dig deeper. It's going to be hard to give up all spending except for the necessities of life. It will be easy for the patt-lime patriot to find excuses for himself. But think of what the millions of men fighting this war arc giving up! Think of the thousands who have given their lives and the many more who are pre- // pared to (lo so. If you can still Pace this one fact squarely ^ JL am) fail to buy more War Bonds nnd still wore War Donds —then no appeal in the world" can reach your heart, »,-' ?^\| Invest in your own security! During this drive (beginning 'April 12th), yot: may tie visited by one of the thousands of volunteers who arc working to make this 2nd Drive a great success. Welcome him! Because he's there to help you make the safes: investment in the world—at a good rate of interest. Listen to what h'c has to tell you. Sec which of the various types of .War Bonds and other securities is best fitted to your needs. 'And remember, every dollar you lend means another step towards security after tin's war. le means money to take advantage of the many opportunities tlm will he open to you when peace comes. Money that wiM guarantee you what you want in the future. Hut don't wait for the War Bond representative to call. Go, right now, to your nearest hank or Post Office or place where they sell Bonds. Buy all you can-am! then more! Join tiic big offensive! Answer your country's call for help! S^~" ' '•""-• - — There are 7 different types of U. S. Government securities-choose the ones best suited for you: UiritBd States War Savings Bonds-Safe E: 'Ihc perfect invttftncnt for individual and family savings. Givci you hack $4 fot every $3 wnen cho Hand matures. Designed especially for the smaller investor. Dated 1st dayofmomh in which paymqnt is received. Interest: 2.9% a year if IjclU to maluti<y- Ucnominaiionj: $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000. Redemption: nny time 60 days after issue date. Price: 75% of maturity value. VA% Treasury Bonds of 1964-1969: Readily marketable, acceptable as bank collateral, these Uomli are ideal investments for trust funds, estates and individuals; A special feature provides that they may be redeemed at par and accrued intctcst for the purpose of satisfying Federal escite taxes. Dated April 15, I<>f3;ducjuncl5,1569. Denominations: $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000. Redemption! Not callable till June 15, lyM; thereafter at par and accrued interest on any interest date at -1 months' notice. 1'ricr; par and accrued interests , Other securities: series -c" Tax Not«j %%Certificates of Imlcblcdness; 2%Treaj. ury Bonds of 1950-1952; United Statei Savings llomls Series "f"; United Statej Savings Bonds Series "G,". ?>v.V^-loSffit-S-?-', v "P^llfe' THEY GIVE THEIR LIVES.T. 5 ,^ -— • KITED STATES TREISUIY W»« FINANCE COMMITTEE II YOU LEND YOUR MONEY! sTAfF-mr«»r rend coHNim? 1 -"' (This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. Ark-Mo Power Corp. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. Th e Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Huddleston & Co, Zellner's Tom W. Jackson Jiedel's Keiscr Supply Co., Reiser Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemons Tom Little Hardware Co. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Slipper Shop Robinson Drug Co. Phillips Motor Co. L Rosenthal, Inc. Rock Saliba A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocers C. G. Smith Swift & Co. Oil Mill Thomas Land Co. B. G. West Floyd A. White THEASUR1TWAR FINANCE COMMITTEE - WAR SAVINGS STAFF-VICTORY

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