The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1933 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 9
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1933 iLTTHBVILLl, CARS.) OOUBIO HlWi . - ^ * ~ PAGE 8KVJEH HI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line tor consecu- Ihe Insertions: line) .. 100 .. 08c .. OBc .. 05c .. 60c REAL ESTATE . (Five average words to » One time per line Two times per line per day 1 firec times per linn per Jay bis times per line per day .. Uoiith rale per line Minimum charge 60s Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will he charged for the number of limes tl-e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy fuUnittcd by persons residing out- etrJe of the city must be accom- 1 anted by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. %. No responsibility will bo taken for more than one incorrect Ui- seition of any classified ad. Advertising crdcred for Irregular Insertions take the one time rale. Phone 306 or 307 FOR SALE: 40 acres, all in cultivation, one mile soulu of Gos- r.ell. HohitKl Qicen. 6ckl-C Come la, list jour ml e*Ute See what we have to KU E. M. Terry LkenKd Dealer Terrjf-Wortblntton lllle Co. Bljrthevllk rtaODe 617. POULTRY & EGGS Tnuin Fvittc ' C(i " 5 (lcilln wairani when it, cUs-' lOWn «I«S, . ! collt inued t |,o post office. Emln- Dllt 1$ Not UlllCial once had been Ihe comity scat _ ' • I since 1887 utter n turbulent, polltt- EMINENCE, Kan. (UP) — 'rills' cul campaign wllli RaViirma for ;ce booming little town which 1 Unit honor. boasts of 300 inhabltnnts, three Eminence Is nol Ihe only lowu •in- ral stores, three hotels, ti i to fall uy the wuyclilc. Old Kn- ewspnper and several other busi-l viinnn, Essex nnd Impcrlul also ess establishments, officially does live listed among (lie casualties. ot exist any more. The |>ost office department slgu-l ALLEY" OOP Flesh tffs dai'y. direct from hen- nery. Flrkard's frcxtrj, 1H1 thickasawba. «c kl-6 CHRISTMAS PRODUCE Special price on alt fruit, nuts, produce £ fir Xnus trees. G. <-' lawks Cor. Main & Lake. ISckt BUSINESS DIRECTORY NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. Ill East Main. Gc kl- DOGS, PETS FOR SALE— Boston Terrier Pup pies, little beauties. Mrs. W. McCullough, 7121 Carolyn Ave. Pride Add'n. -16pk2 FOH RENT Nicely Furnished Bedroom, 300 South Lake Street, Mrs. Georg Cross. 16ck2 FURNISHED 3 room apartmen 1315 W. Main. s Call 335-W 15ck Head courier News Want Ads. 'Peeping Toms' Organize In Kansas City KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UIM — A new type o( "i'ceplng Tom" has arisen to phigue pellers In 1'enu Viillcy Park, In the lieurt oi Kniis- ns Cily. Tlu-y have erected "|>ceiiliii, blind;." near the fuvorrd peltliis spots, und from thero they wnlcl: HACK HOME! AFTER A JOURNEY BESET WITH MANV TRIAIS^ AMD TRIBULATIONS, ALLEV OOP AMP HIS FRIENDS RETURN TO MOO,WITH AN ARIA LOAD OF DINOSAUR EGGS FORj HER ROYAL rAWESTY. QUEEN UMPWEcDLE - s|K>onlnE couples. The )icc|)vT3 HIT so well organized Una they lave » scout. The scout 1ms ix pnli- of Held Blasses nnd whenever he picks up n pulr of pctler.s HpproaclihiK a wooded spot, he cries oul: I'o l|ie Winds, boys!" No couples have reported troubled by them. being The- Crook and separated iii 1054. Uitlu churches SAHARA I'l-lcTd lower Ilinu imy other of the hit 1 . 1 . an«V v coals. SJ8.00 "We Cim'l Sell All the Coal So We Just Sell the Best" l> rE. r Robinson Lumber Co p ttr AGTQN J9.50 Highest in heal and lowest in iu>h o( nny red ash coal. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bv Ahem NEW Unfurnished 4 room apar ment, bath. Close In. Call 130. 15ck2Z New fnd Used Fnrnilure Bouuhi and Sold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 517 W. Ash 20p k 12-20 EXI'KIIT TypcwriU-r and Adding Machine llcpairing. U. S. lilauk- eiisliip, 11C K. Itose. Call 1G5-J. 21ckl2-21 BEDKOOMS close in, 123 North Fifth. See Ross Beavers. 12ck22 NICELY lurnished bedroom, men preferred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed Hardla. 23cktf MODERN Three room Apartment CLEANED. TAILOKS Look nice for Xrnas! llave your clothes cleaned &, retexed bj Unique Cleanine Service, .C»ll m 20ck!-20 with 764. bath, Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 310 W. Walnut. . 13ckl-13 AUTOMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcohol, GPA glycerine, Model T ioi» & side curtains, $1.98 up. WOLF AEIAN, 128 E. Main. Call 308-KeS'c i lace-118 E. For. Auto Painting Body fender Serrjc 38ckl2-28 JORDAN airline "8" car, 14 S Motor for 'repairs. Stanton A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. ' 16p k23 LARGEST STOCK USED FARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis j Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 AliTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait, call us for better service. Phone 633. Shousc-IJttle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 Call ts When In Need Of Guaranteed Jlerchandise Tires-Uatterks - Replacement Parts HUiJBAKD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept 1C kl-l Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-JIo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when yon need a wrecker, Day and Nijlit Service. Call 633. Shousc-Littfc Crcvrolct Co. lOc kl-10 JJATTERIES Battery & Radiator Sen-ice We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re• cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Suouse-LUtle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 New Ford Butteries Rental - Bechnrging - Kcpairin^ •tn TIRE & 13ATI-BUY STATION 25C kl2-25 RADIOS All Radios, including R. C. A., are being closed out at cost for CASH at Ilnbuard Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 SPORTING GOODS You will find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at Uubbard Hardware Companj. ICC R12-16 I-IIONE 107 • BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But \\c Treat Yon White" 1C kl-0 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phone no. 4ckl-4 FOR SALE 7 Fresh Cows with young calves, plenty of springers "that will be fresh soon. Must bo sold. Phone 211. 4c-t! BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cash. Business good, rent reasonable. J. P. 1 ittle, Holland, Mo. 6p kl-S LOOK I 4 yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; 3 yds. PcrciUo for only $2.98. Hush your ord^ r s to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, Caruthersville, Mo. 2pkl-2 AUSTIN COUPK. perfect running condition. O. M. M.crgan, Phone 203-J. *i NOVi "(HW vlt'Ui- <3EV !\ VOWS OF TH BLOKt VvinH ' •PLUG HW W^i "RE^J SH\FF£R NOSE BACKHOIAU.VEWAE l'.Wt COL) LTD U6HT rA\ TH 1 T3KCK OF YOUR NECK,\F THEY OWNED ^ LOT V CRLMrAY &H.T O'F TRtES THEV NEUY& OP THOSE "BH&HTERS STARTING UP-TOSELV TRttS T\ISHT ACROSS THE STREET FROPA usv A NOTION TO <bp OVE.R AMD TtLLTVAtrA TO Of-V- THW LOT- THW \T RIGHT BEFORE ™tV GET OUSTED OR 3UMPIN- HtY WEED TLOCK y CROWS 9 / « WAN1A I SEE QUEEN \ UMPftTEEDLE 1 . /I'LL SURE BEGLftOTO ' GET RID OF THESE \ fi'SW THiNGS— \ 1HEY\ ! E 'CAUSED US PLENVV OF TROUBLE? SO RIGHT IN, ALLEY — HER ROVAL HIGHNESS IS EXPECTlN 1 YOU- unfurnished. Phone 27-ck-U. WANTED TO BUY IVAU'TREE • MERCHANTS •? WANTED TO BUY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must condition, Phone 764. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES UWt TO GOOD .TfA-V. W«ft VOO MV. VttL\»i St. MORE HtAV OT L\«EW\W I'M WtUt We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, batteries. Phone 176, Wolf Arlan, 128 E. Main. 22ckI2-22 REWARD for return of black and J. W. Pinkley, Gosnell. 15pk22. two of them Yale keys. Owner may liavc same by identifying and paying for this ad. The katydid and the green grasshopper arc' inconspicuous in growing grass. KiG T1MK STUFF! WASH TUBBS ClOTHES ARE OF THE \AjnOLMvlS THAT MOME.Y CAK 6uV. CTpODAVTHEY R1OB IN A FLASHV, u [fc-CVLINDER CBR. DRIVEN BY wo SMORT WEEKS AfiO WASH, GAIL, EASY LIVED IhJCRUDE L06 CABIMS, WORE CLUMSY, ESKIMO COWS AND BOOTS OF WALRUS HIDE, AMD TRAVELED PIVG MILES AN HOUR A YAPPIW3 D06 TEAM. AN ELEGflNT CHAUFFEUR. 'statesman author, HEY OCCUPY PCMTHOUSE APARTMENTS - IKJ THE CITY'S MOST fASHIONfiULE H01E1. Kassachusebts, HIS SI.EKVE! SAM HAS SOMKTHING SALESMAN SAM (JoW, ussen, e^'MDooV 1 I fMJK'ouuc6.THf>T ('FA COMMA utc.e. DOrU' FIMIE OJORK OUI1IU& TH , Ffvsr .THIMK6R. I-BUT t &OT A HUMCH HE'S OC1H TA OWE. CUE CP Mcx) TAW3 CL(\US MOS-T OF Ttt 1 Ttl' MOST! No\U,HOPTO IT! VOUR. wiwe. cep'T. WISHES " The common domestic cat belongs to fclidac family, \vhilo the dog belangs to the canidae family. GOOD COAL IS THE • CHEAPEST COAL I'UHK FKUI) -IDEAS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LW.e FUSI IT IS ! i vJAVJMA SEE -THOSE GOY5 60 ACTCR EACH , 07JER VJITVI LEFT HOOkS AMD i. UPPER CUTS!.THIS TOVJW WEEDS S> SOME 1 — 1 i SEE' YOU \sfAMT TU PfJECIPITATE- A FEUP OF LlSTfcN.HEMEWS >feU kWOW HCW TAG AN' LQOKIM' DAGGERS AT EACH OTVER A COUPLE DAVS AGO? WELL... THEY'VE MADE UP! 8$} ... AH L V-'ANTA DO SOi'AETHIM' To 6ET 'EM AT E.ACH •TOATSITyou TOOK-THE WORDS ] RIGHtOOT'OF / ! \ THAT'S JJST LOVELY ii There is no coal, West of Hie Allegheny Mountain*, as high in ieat and as low in ash as the ••r.,- That is a bold * CS**j s tatemcnl, but it ts ethical, because it's true. We have authoritative aailysis on flic on all coal ar.d can prove this claim. SUFKEME Super-heat n the only coal of its kind and sold only by (his company. 6x3 Medium Size Lump Ton - $7.50 Hcat A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior Ccal & Mining Co 304 W. IValrnl - Phofte 7M SUPREME Super

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