The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 8
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ST* MARY'S KITCHEN, [ -. BY SISTER MARY j NEA.'Service SUc Writer I Many housewives hesitate to {purchase the inexpensive portions •w meat because' they are not i familiar with methods of cooking I these excellent cheaper cuts. \ While thp fimdamentnl .mr-tnods jol cooking meats are coinparadve- i ly few and definitely defined, Ihc j possibilities are Innumerable be- :tittn. Mix vw!l and add enough .illk to make moist. Spread thli .lixlure oh the moot. Roll and He. ' ' • Xfeit butter In casserole end put in vegetables, pnrcd and sliced. 'Incc meat on ted of vegetables, .prlnkle with «nlt and pom- over look. Cook In n moderately slow oven for -two and one-half hours. Remove, cover from casserole and increase heat for the last, hulf hour to brown the meat .slightly. Serve meat on a hoi platter surrounded by veietablcs. Limb tn Casserole Two pounds ftreast of lamb, 1-4 pound sliced taeon. 2 eiijis |x?ii.s. ! final! onion. E teaspoons sill, 1-4 tenspoon p:o;w. Remove skin 10111 meal. Add tall to 4 cups boiling \witcr nnd simmer meal and bones for twenty minutes, l.ii e c.i.sserole with L-acon. Remove meat from broth simmer buia-s lif. ruusc of the mary kinds and cuts and comlmle |of meat and.variations of season-, lu , n mlnm ,, s i m £- .' aical In c».vi-::ole and sprinkle i Breast of. lai(>h ;s an Inexpensive | «uh reinnlnln?, hat-on. I'our over i cut .seldom uced in the uvmafji.'! broth which has been strained • household. It's dclldously tender j Cover casrorole cios.t:ly and cook flavursoin?, Rolled and s,uifl- i td or served en casserole in a moderately hot oven for one hour. Add fresh peas nnd cook jpeas, the; rivals the more | thirty minutes longer. If canned | expensive chops nnd roasts. lp,n s nre u;ed. mid about fifteen • Your butcher will be glad to minutes before serving. Serve from i bone and roll Hi" breast if It is to i l-c cooked v.-iilionl stuffing. If u j hluflcd breast is wnnted, let him f tone the cut bi t do not have It i rolled and tied. In either event, I be sure to r.five him send the! ~. :usserole. Tunorrou's Menu BREAKFAST- C 111 lied j.ilce, cereal cooked with rulsliii, tomato GIFTS for Her Tcke away liu dnmgery of wash- Ing In the coming years. Buy "Uti" an Apex Washing Machine E. !!. OKI; SALES CO. ATTENTION MEN! A tinnll cash payment will .give you,- wlie the jwrlcct HOME. SI.T: our listings. THO.MAS f.AM) CO. GIFTS or Him V/hy not give him tm Oirite Cliulr Cushion, Treasure Chest in- Shenirci- IVi lor Christmas? ACTON 1'IIINIING CO. Fhune 1<J S'1'ETSUN HATS I i.y li:in a Ciilt Certificate In a miniature iiiu Ecx and let him ;.< : i'Cl It. 50. SI-.IV MEAD CLOTlllMj CO. ™ sure io 1.HY.: nun MI.UUH: c , t . ml| „, , , ,, k „ tones wHh tl-.p meal The bones ljONC HE O N: Welsh • mblt ™ * ^ "^5?±? " nd , JOi". ^"e" tofc "«l '""I n,«rra"l,™c or two dried nti.shrooms to make • a delicious and nourishing soup. Stuffed Breast of Lamb , Two pounds breast of Jamb, 2 medium sized nnlons, 2 carrots, 1 rolls, milk. tea. DINNER: Stuffed breast of lamb, rice In ti'inalo sauce, pars. nip patty cnlces. Chinese cabbage and Finall turnip. 2 tablespoons mine- """ ed parsley, i bar lea'. 6 pepper-!' stcnmocl \ corns, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 pineamxe snliul. milk, colfec. Have Santa firiin; her n box uf Holllnjjsworlirs Cundy, lltleil bag, cosmetic set. compact, stationery, card (able or purse. KOBl.S'SON 1)11 U(i STOKi: SII.K NECil.KJI-ES Daintily lalioro:! of Flat Crip- Blue. I'eacti. Pink and nim:k A gift she'll rpprecldte. S2an. J. «'. 1'ENNF.V CO. PAJAMAS .'.•'jjiie.lnns IH-A ..Rayon CunUnnv I'iijiiinii.-; In !)|v|i Flmilcc with (irit nl contraLtin;.: color. Sot $ M-:H' VdJIK STOKE ._. _ _ Iliauly llrinss lljijinincss ; )i:e Chrl:.(niais St-a:--on will mean :uo:v to iior if :;he lias a now ieiinaiiuit. Make her a present <<J t.'j:c. (•HACK M.ANOItE SIIOITK IIA1NTV SI.Ei:i« TOGS I t •<,-.• us and Puinmiir, tailored of :i nice <iu,-.!ily ;-'Hk Crop..- In Pink, 'Ir.i Itou and nine ;it $2.05 NEW YdltK STORE soft bread crumbs, 2 thin I s!'ces bacon, 1 egg, 1-2 teaspoon j ' pepper, 2 teasjxxms salt, milk. Krive Opened on ll»ndblils SALT LAKE CITY, Utnh (UP) Use of insil boxes as recipients Rcmuve bonci from meat nntl|f 0 r handbills mid clodem mis of- Eiimntr . bones for thirty minulcs.; nclaily banned In Salt Luke City Strain nnd rescive stock. Put by G. S. Chambers, local superin- ; racon through fine knife of food icndent. of U. S. mails. dulli-rlng . chopper and mix with bread up mall boxes with such printed : crumbs. Seas m with pepper, add mallei- hinders delivery of mail It parsley and slir In egg slightly was claimed. FOR ,MBfV ONLY! ! ! If you \vsnt to make your wife love you CM year round give her n Dodge or Plymouth automobile Reasonably priced nnd cqulppi-ci with nil Die conveniences dear 1/1 a. woman's heart. HAKNl'TT AUTO SALES | Only Two More Shopping Days Until Chrislnias. I mrm* EAULY Our stocks ar« complete now an:, a small payment will hiilil :ni;. ailicl..- until GUARD'S JKU'KLKY STORE llelrna Itubemlrln's C<ini|YH(s, I'eu-dcrs. l.irwllrks Exclusively ill Itorum's Give Something Practical ihe will appreciate a gift she car wear. We iiiggcsl Scnrf Sets, Hosiery, Purses Gloves, Hats Rlouscs, Sweater Suits. Dresses and Sweaters :inci Skirts. THE LAUIKS TOGGEKl- A BEAUTIFUL WATCH /'mild make her most happy. The new styles as created by Cruen Sulova nnd Elgin. GUARD'S JEWELRY STOKE A loitliif gift ror your wife—A Frlidtlairc, ihc most modern :lectric refrigerator on the; niar- :e:. K. 11. Ore Sales Co. Trum Sarin, A New Permanent rldd to her 'happiness at Christ- inns by giving her a new Permanent at our modern shop. Margaret Dem Beauty Shoprie A ROOF that borrows beauty from its "thatched" effect . CEE the beautiful pattern of the roof pictured *-* above. It has the quaint charm of the English [ thatch roofed cottage. The interlocking of the 'i i shingles breaks up the monotony -while color; blends add to the attractiveness. I- The Universal Shingle has an exclusive pat- : . ented feature which locks the shingles together against prying winds and driving rain. Let us tell you of our attractive plan of • payment before you re-roof. ^Certain-teed Universal Shingles CEI)Alt CHESTS For the younger girl or mother... One of there beautiful Walnut finish Cedar Phests. IIUItltAKD FURNITURE CO Only Two More Shopping Days Until Christmas. We suggest •• Cosmetics, Purses. Candle Holder-;. Bud Vases. Nun- ni-lly's Candies, Perfume, Atnmlz- " n, Compacts, Stationery. Kodaks FOWLER DRIH; co. (LOCK OUT WEATHER) E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO e Co The Re& DISTINCTIVE Girrs Alomtors. Pcilumc Sets. Bridge Cards, Compacts, Paiujburn' I Candies, Houbigant and Coty ll-irfume Sels. Hentlng Pails, an flier gifts she will like. BELL'S PHARMACY 1HK PERFECT GIFT "FOR HER" ELIZABETH ARDEN'S I : VENETIAN TOILET Preixiintlons EXCLUSIVELY AT BORUM'S \\'f Know What He Wants rirkc-i- Desk S".l, Pipe, Clgar.s, or] aiiaving Sot or Shoaffcr Pen | DELL'S PHARMACY j He'd Like a New Scarf! have Ihc very kind ro TOGGERY THE Your sentiment-.: are best expressed when you .^ay it with FLOWERS. Hcuicm's Home of Flowers. Give a Pen and Pencil Set, Billfold or Shaving Outllt. KOBINSON DRUG STORE Gifts Any Man Can Use Ni-Fadc Silk P.-ijainas S4.05, Homer I'.ij3inus S39S, Phoenix Graintex Wi-inklc-proof Ties 60c up, Knox I'ats $5'anil $7.50, Initial-Hankies tic lo ^Se. Ano-.v and Fruit of the Loom Shirts S1.G5 up, Overcoais i!5 up. Society Hnmd Suits an<l Cnaif. : IIAYNES MtN'S SHOP SATIN UNDIES beautiful. Ivf.roiis sntln In Tea Rose. Pink ^:>d Blue, expertly •ilorcd Slips. Dance Set-s and; ir.wns. NEW YORK STORE SII.K PAJAMAS With or without fash, plain or brocaded, best quality, ail colors. $G and S7.50. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. GIFTS Home HVE s<jiiit'th:n» practical—cutlery. liirj cagi-s, aniiiiinsini ware, is. elcilric irons.' clocks, «u;clics OliKUKT KTOKE CO. Mul:e >our hcnif. 1 mcdcrn and convenient for Christinas with 1 i.ilL-in cubinuii;, .slic-lve^, uteak- • nwit:, wall brackets. It. J. I'tleriun, 2Uti N. Scl»t Vtur dinner will not be complete without FLOWERS lor Xmas. lieaton's Hume or Flowers Von can please him with a Pipe, Bililold. Eox i,f Clears ahavlni; lirush or n F!.i..:hll2ht. FOWLEU DRUG CO. Quick Meal Oil Ranges Oosley Radios, Seoly Mattresses, Slumberon Mattresses, lie lux Spring;;, Lounge Chairs and Otto:. an, Rockers, Occasional Chairs, ; indio Couches, Childs Beds, Childs ilockcrs. High Chairs.'Desks, Cedar Cl.cits. Card Tables, Tables—Oc- Lii-ioual, Rad^t, End, Medicine C-abincts, Mirrars. CHARLES S. LEMON'S Cc.od Furniture at Moderate Cost Gifts for Kiddies &PECIAL assortment of gift novelties, games, stationery, candy BORUM'S Give Ideal Built-in Furniture All Kinds ol Cabinets ARKMO LUMBER YARD lie Perfect Gift —What women love — KAYSER'S underwear, loves, hosiery. Rcnwmably priced. Jack' Applebanm's j| Family GIFTS A r,if( |-,,r All Ihc Family— \ De!co lighting plant. Also Deico Radios for country homes E. I!. GEE SALES CO, RAD10S enjoys. F.. -A ?ift all the family Ask (or demonstration n. CEI: SALES co. THE IDEAL CIFT A Theatre Coupon Book for the tnmil..- or friends, 52.50 and S5. Good anytime. KIT/: and ROXV THEATRES Only Two More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Only Two More Shopping] Days Until Christmas. r I Give Something Electrical •Ir,bl!! and Floor Lamps, $1 to S1U Westinghoiiss Irons, Heating Pads Percolators. Toasters. Bathroom Heaters, Wnflle Irons, and othe niplianccs. Xuras Tree Decoration mid Light Sets. Walpole Electric Shop VCS W. Main . Phone 31 We H.ive What They Wanti Skates, Tricycle 1 ;, Scooters', bicycles, Coaster Wagons, Buddy Bikes, :a nines (Steveni, Hamilton and lirlngfield) Pocket Knives, Flasli- I'ghts, Watches. Hunting Knives, Uuzzy Barton Air Rifles and com- Lination Scout Knives" and Axes, ludin^ carrier. BtlRKK HARDWARE CO. -We Sell For -Less" GOLF EQUIPMENT If he plays golf lie would be delighted with n new-club or two a box of balls. A complete r'cck at all prices. lUJllBAKD HARDWARE CO. DRESS CLOTHES Tuxedos nnd til accessories. Tuxedos priced lv!5 to $35. NKW MEAD CLOTHING CO. MEN'S LOUNGING ROUES Pretended Rayon and all wool Flannel Robes In a choice selection of colors. $4.49. J. C. TKNNEY CO. CAIUNET SMOKERS JIc'II really appreciate one of these Cabinet Smokers Low priced, loo. IIUBBARD FURNITURE CO. E-icyclo. Tires, Horns. Saddles. Baskets, Handle Grips, Spokes, Wheels, Rims. Brake Parts, Repairing. Carney's Simp. 113 S. First St. Plrone C43. TABLES; TABLES! Colfce Tables, Occasional Tallies Tind Tables...Every kind of table ...And tliey nl'.vays make an ac ceptable gilt. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. CHRISTMAS TOYS-for aii a s cs Only Two More ShoDoine SiHcially priced. Oberst Store Co. r, I i ,- r-i • UaVS Uritll flirwimni; PRACTICAL GIFTS Give the children things tiiat will last such a.^ Tricj'cles. Coaster Wagons. Skates, Air Rifles, Hl- cycles. etc. All priced most reason- rbly. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Days Until Christmas. Santa Ckius' iieadguarters e Sell Evcryt.hing—the best i|iial- ity Xmas Gifts. Radfo^, .Miuiical pslriiinents. C'liidies, Lamps, Ua- hcr Goods, GlaMwarc, KKctrlcal .-ifis. 1'AKKllUKST CO., 10D I!. Main GIFT NOVELTIES ;cok EntLs, Ash Trays, Whal-Hols. Vases, Boudoir Lamps, Table amps and novelties of ail kinds GUARD'S JEWELRY STOR1' iturwocd combination BRIDGE TABLE and Fire Screen, s5Uf)- Munvood de luxe [ray, 54 io HOKUM'S DEEP NAP BLANKETS 70x80 Deep - Knap Double Blankets in a beautiful ran?e 01 p. a I els. $2.79. J. C. I'tNNEV CO. Only Two More Shopping Days Until'Christmas. Ciive yourself u Xinus gut. Have your WATCH repaired by an expert. O'Brynnt. AMridfr Jewelry Store . , j, A Photograph—the Perfect Xirns Gift. ReduccJ holiday prices. Ilu) • rt Doyle, re\t door In Western I'r.ion. Eeautiful, inoxpennive artificial WHEATHS for the graves ol loved ones a', Xmas. llcaton'^ Koine of flowers Only Three More Shopping Days Until Christmas. $750 Free Gifts Tomorrow Morning and Afternoon Grand Prize Awards 10:30 A. M, Free Show and Auction RITZ THEATRE 2 P, M. Hubbard Furniture Co. Kirby Drug Stores National Brokerage Co, Hubbard Hardware Co. McMullins Cash Grocery Ben Franklin Store will be required to care for -slat.?; HELENA. Mollt. (UP) — The unemployed during 1934. Between ICO acres cut-ovei hind, near hard lead, dcsc to weli rtcve!opc<i com- ' t:ii::iity. soil bla'-'; sand loam, cnn '.v cleared for $7.00 per acre, ad- Iririnr br.d-i p;T, tor S40 lo SSO iwi arre. prirc $10.00' per acre, c.isli. r-r.C liavo fir.n who will buy' •t S70.M un ternv and contract to • build t-,vo tenant ho;ises and clear 1 40 acres, pay nil taxes In you' IW. A real in-.'.strr.ent for party! v.lth cash. ' i H acrts Kll Ir. r; ,,v.T.ion. good soiLl BtM'ir"- $1.500 lo:.n Federal Land Fnnk. iiy snull cash payment, nun I'd a deed. 60 aci s near Lewnto, 65 in culll- ••utior. two sranl! housc.v one barn, lard i-as record of producing bale and better per ncre. very fine soil. \vcll cltnlncxl. c>i> roll for $30.03 pp;-] Tie. -r.m" f isl. nwumc Sl.OOa: !rian to Fi'(l.;ral T.atirt Bank. : Till:. 1; .1 ucuiil-rfiil targaln. c •jv.-ner.; »-aiu I', s :c il lo dissolve : partnership | Union Insnnmcc & Kcally A(?incy w. M. nurin sion has estimated that $4,552,047 to be out ol"work. "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Vc have the Most Complete Une of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest. But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why nnd How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'ay C:ish - - We Sell for Cash. We have no delivery. No porters or hijjh powered .salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's nn secret as to how and why. Come In and He Convinced. We Accept the Challangc. OUR MOTTO ItURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Frre Ice W»ter nod Rest Rooms for Men, Women and Children SMALL FARMS for SALE 50 A. NEAR 48 SCHOOL 80 A. NEAR -18 SCHOOL 80 A. NEAR SURDETT Ii—10 A. TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER 2—80 A. TRACTS NEAR POPLAR CORNER G—10 A. TRACTS NEAR MARIE 5—50 A. TRACTS NEAR LEPANTO 1—fiO A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE 1—5, 1 ? A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE 1—SO A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE I_40 A. TRACT NEAR LEACHVILLE Also have many more places not mentioned for sale cheap with small cash payment and balance spread over term of years. J. W. BADER Blytheville, Aik.

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