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The Daily Timesi
Salisbury, Maryland
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French anxiety ver German reara- WANTED anient, I a-Jfilian Gm aod the Sua lestta. lit Roosevelt's bold bid for aew disarmament tod therefore, pro- wfr used by mm newspapers. Such industrial nn ti the ones rder aw-prised evea some of put fourth step concurrent ith i Paris, May (AP) As ft Redrew Carner-ie waredL such financial' diplomats mb bT directly and wkrfly dependent on the faithful tiorial defense measure Pans factor- t'tJ Wi i i.i Wail liaJhaJ a lshociatic associated with the conversations IB fulfillment of these three orooosaU ies mere ordered toda to retort to waxTm ns n.vo or cabtkxtu vara. f. at TmcktoM.

CiSaky atrw. UI-S4M B0N7 SUFFER FROM SOUR battles as the etrojrW Dairy At t4 Uaan h-. tmd.rr. Ma. prorreM here preliminary to the subject to existing: treaty rights; the paiive defense bureaa" within early in this alary, are out of the don conference.

Thev kirn to That all the nations of the world, a on the number of their cm- STOMACH, INDIGESTION 8 NeWB Pcbiitshirj Company jiktur henceforth. A closely inte-'take leadership one the London con AKTZBs CxrCKIE.VCCD MAM rot Of- ark. aanit tt yam af ft. Prafmfeir aiarrua ana. Aalraai tua V.i mn af th.

ALFtCB T. TKlTTT nl aad mm -j. Mar It-. Indigestion, acidity, heartburn and, caaauta t. isiirr tra ti and Infinitely complex society iierenee naa Dejan mi Bis asrect maa- l.U our simply eanont stand them.

DeT tJtPkl1t obstacles devel- opmc beforehand was a complete sur- Sjch thinfs are ia a iety resting on a capitalism ia which No American official would eom-the profit is the eiiiy thing that'mnt for publication on the possible A I I KlTKBIIKCED (LEEVg ma-r aaa Mltis, 0ua4 wark. A PVy a. UaWiu. 1I7-SUS sour stomach often lead to serious stomach trouble. Dr.

mil's Adla Tablet, counteract these conditions. Give qukk relief. Windsor Drug Co Adv. teutbones should enter into a solemn and de- and on their capacity, finite part of non-grtsion: This move came as the nation wai That they should solemnly reaffirm waiting for Chancellor Hitler's im-the obligations they have assumed tr portent pronouncement before the limit and reduce their armaments, and German Keichstag tomorrow on ths provided these obligations are faith- German policy in regard to rearma-fully executed by ail signatory poweri I ment. individually agree that they will send 1 Jean Chisppe, prefect of police, is-no armed force of whatsoever nature; sued the order to the Paris factories, across their frontiers.

jt applied to all establishments em- Common sense points out that if ploying more than 600 workers, and any strong nation refuses to join with to metal, wood, food, chemical, cloth-genuine sincerity in these concerted ing and Unking concerns, as well ai efforts for political and economic rmv siiddIv nlanta. TW aaehni implications of the message with respect to individual nations. So far as tm Uiae Mr aaw NOTICE lights the fires under the boilers. Unrestricted capitalism cannot operate) in ftsklac Sac IM anaiirre. aa any other way.

ilil-rmw all aili. ueaa fe Tha baiie- Sbt liwa. a. weary, ata. formal comment was concerned, it might have been just coincidence that the appeal with its words of admonition, was issued just on the eve of Adolf Hitler's pronouncement of German policy to be delivered in the tTHcurnow um REDUCE At Much As 1 Lb.

A Dajr OR NO COST! If wo dow are demanding; that the welfaro of the nation as a whole be The SaUaaanr Taaaa peace, the one at Geneva and the Th. mmril th Rekbstag tomorrow. MM af arty Mia aar MUi aayaala a. taken into account from top to bottom NOTICE I I W11X ArTKECIATg AN Of-BMttiBii ta writ, a port id. af raw Fin lawman auaiaaw.

For th. part tia nui I baM NpraMtitea tht Central fin lawiiaam Company of baittmor ia this amioa. Alfrat T. rksat SO.

tl-Z-MM NOTICE) SINCE I BECAMM BLIND. I attended tha Brallla Keii for ta. Blind, ia BaltiaKm, wImt I received training a tha art of nakias braiau, mofM. chair caning, whisk bruom. aaa I appraeiata a epportunrtr to aer.

yoa. Albert Shiptry. fboM 12t. ISi-SMS Hi ecutive body of the Treaty of may shortly resom activity event the civilized mnrlrl aaiaoruad miMiitna, lUd iffip Be ti aUaan aar rear, jfii ta advi of the business and financial structure Such uuaLino-' TEXTOFROOSEYET both forms of peace, will know where ithe responsibility for failure lies. Entered as mmmVum Burner a TW Eva.

lac 7w filar IS. li aad aa TW Wnahaay Turnm. turn ltt. at tha aaaV at Saiuaarr. AUrylaad, aaSer ta AM at afarak a.

Wl, which ia precisely what the developing program at aWshingtoa amounts to we an not going radical; we are merely trying; to adapt capitalism to the requirements of modern society. DISARM A 1'FNT PI FA' 1 VT that natio such UUAAlllftiliLllI ILLA responsibility, and that all the na- Continued from page 1) itions joined in these great conferences as a result of the controversy over the German arms problem, it was learned today. Paris and London are busily discussing the revival of the council in anticipation of renewed application of the treaty previsions. The council is presided over by Jules Cambon, veteran French diplomat, and the United States ambassador frequently sat as an observer dur- FCR RENT No pills or tablets, no starvation diets, no strenuous exercising, no no sweat baths. All you need do is drink a cup of delightful liain Tea (made from ten especially selected herbs) with your meals instead ot the tea or coffee you are now drinking.

In taste, Dain Tea is like a fine it becomes dear that they are two- ran'flt thr policies in VW af Am Trmm If -rmuit and ttnui earner to action. This is the way to political fold: TEX AaaOClATfcD I FOB RENT: MODES BOMB WITH nail larc. poultry aouKa. on na. eadam highway Bear Salimhurjr.

Imaitdiat ana economic peace -I trust that your government will join the fulfillment of these hopes. Franklin D. Roosevelt. aatitiai ta. lu.

tor paaiutisa of all mi MiairKa embtaS la it ar aot im crS fcW la tail aaaar, act aba ta. local a ankiitiBMl Wmrvia. AH rntu ar rraaatttatwa at al Sninlrtil hamc an aia I Orange Pekoe. You can drink it not or auryiaod. i2-itM i ing the years of its activity.

The megsajre was abled dirsctly. For several years this executive to the heads of the following Govern- group has been idle but it still main- There lies today's great opportunity. This country, first to prove that democratic government could work, now has the chance to prove that the escape from the evils of capitalism feed not lie in a revolutionary repudiation of capitalism or in a revolutionary repudiation of democracy. SCHOOL BOARD SLASHES BUDGET yatvfra ItxrtMnj liprwimfra tiSVINE-TENhET COKIOKI ION NfW Tarfc. CatraW kuUias CUtmf, MT N.

Mxawaa First, the desire, disclosed or hidden, on the part of governments to enlarge their territories at the expense of a sister nation. I believe that only a small minority of governments or of peoples harbor such a purpose. Second, the fear of nations that they will be invaded. I believe that the overwhelming majority of peoples feel obliged to retain excessive armaments because they fear some act of aggression against them and not because they themselves seek to be aggressors. office.

menis: i tains its on i tains its Albania, Argentina, Austria, Bsl- Resumption of activity by the coun-gium, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Bui- cil is being discussed in connection garia, Chile, Costa Rka, China, Cuba, with two worldwide declarations, one TL'ESDAT, MAY 18, 19J3 coia witn sugar, cream, lemon or nr- ange. Yet the simple drinking of this! pfvtapabtufvtk akb annua remarkable tea with satisfying eatingj Ua should cause you to lose from 3 to 6 pounds of ugly, unhealthy fat a week. EVTl.A-ABTMf.VT lin Tea not only enable, you to Rrln. lose weight but also makes you lookrm. cmwIm at me, rhaa lm-R.

us and feel years younger. It is the safe, Cpton Stmt. H7-14M sane, sensible, economical way to de-J- 1 lightful slenderness. fob KENT: newlt furnished Bl'N- Mrs. Frisch lost thirty pounds from! vi.g.

Radio g.r. one package. Mrs. Strain reduced four yhoM Ui-W- ni6t pounds the first week. Mrs.

Marks for bent flbnibbed apartment by Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Ger. Chechoslovakia. Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, BOOKS WILL Bl IK BUT THOUGHTS ENDURE (continued from page 1) There is justification for this fear, misuoners. It was pointed out that a Modern weapons of offense are vastly It Is almost like going- back into the stronger than modern weapons of de Who Was SO OUmpy tnat Size 4. dresses Twa room, kitchmta and bath.

Vary da- middle ages to read of Germany's at- offldal, cCOUnted for the tempts to put the torch to all books! State education budget and are negli- fense. Frontier forts, trenches, wire entanglements, coat defensesin a CaU at 107 many and the other by President Roosevelt The president it was said in government circles, was urged by Paris and London to present his disarmament views with an implied, if not outspoken, common opposition of the powers to German rearmament and its consequences. The 50-minute talk yesterday of Norman H. Davis, American ambas-sador-at-large, with Foreign Minister Joseph Paul-Boncour has allayed were tight on her can now get into -J aiM34model. or t08 E.

CoJIa Ara. whkh do not conform to the notions'10' "ems in the county budget. wora, nxea lorricications are no A reduction in fuel costs of $1,000 i longer impregnable to the attack of of Adolf Hitler. I aKiltn (m tViji Kai4yf Vi i. i.

nlanM Iimvh MnkiU Those bonfires dotting publie squares, reduction of 13,400 i nthe expenditure land battleships called tanks, and from one end of Germany to the for fuel in 1931. A reduction of $1,400 poison gas. may have seemed to the Nazis like the' hown in the maintenance costs of KRFF TRI 4L i 1 1 11 Right now-rore you TS a letter or postcard for free trial oi Harold Hrn. 1210 n. Divun st.

in-i6 dain Tea. Your request for free trial brings trial supply by return mail and for rent: fi rmhhed afartment full $1.00 treatment which you mayi thra mobi. and privat bath. WatCT. hot try under our 10 day ref und guarantee.

ZT, Try Da in Tea at our risk. DAIN TEA Ave. Him Ida McGnth. ii7-i 857-210 N. EUTAW BALTI- more, MD.

Adv. park Avenue Apartments If all nations will agree wholly to eliminate from possession and use the keacon fires of a new day, a day i rVi inri intt has Koan sviuAn Ikvr whs whkh everything -non-German" is to( County Commissioners regarding ae-be destroyed. In reality they marked on the board's recommendation tthiopa, Finland, France, Germany, England, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Honduras, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Persia, Poland, Peru, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Siam, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia GERMAN GOAL IN ARMAMENT IS STUDIED (Continued from page 1) want it without jeopardizing his life-work and his ideolopy. He wants peace, security, equality and gradual revision of the Versailles Treraty." "Never at any time," the news service said, "'has it been possible to ascertain -what concrete disarmament measures France intended to carry out even if all her security demands were conceded in. The pretense today is that the world is waiting for Germany to show hers is a waste of time." Captions reading "fateful days' for replacing the Camden School.

the camps of an army engaged in the A. NOTICE! Newly decorated and completely fumUhed lor unfurnfehed. Second floor apartment. Lara. weapons which make possible a successful attack, defenses automatically will become impregnable, and the frontiers and independence of every nation will become secure.

The ultimate objective of the disarmament conference must be the complete elimination of all offensive weapons. The immediate objective is a substantial reduction of some of these weapons and the elimination of many others. This government believes that the program for immediate reduction of aggressive weapons, now under dis- rodma. npnum, lorelr in rummer overlook. Application has been made to the Friid.ire, Hew 50 Size LYDIA E.

PINKHAM'S TABLETS FOR WOMEN TLey relieve nd prevent periodic pain and associated disorders. No narcotics. Not just a pain killer but modern medicine which acts upon the CAUSE of your trouble. Persistent use brings permanent relief. Sold by all druggists.

most hopeless of all lost causes-the' 1 toulxt are open to ithe Commissioners. Approval of the attempt to make force triumph vewnd.y,, outright rejection, or the ideas of men. approval of the proposal with a res- It has been tried before, over and ment to levy a portion of the cost over again. Roman emperors this year and the remainder next year Epanish inquisitors have tried it, Rus- rvin inns Ifrirr ap ian czars and French kings, courts UliAAllLSl I Ui appreciated. C.1I Rem.

'that Manarer. Phone UM. M.11W4M James A. Kenney, Jr. for bentfive boom afabtment- rurnnhed.

All eonveniencea. Special rata. for a license to sell beer, lager 8" itZ porter, and wine, fermented malt or vinous liquor, or fruit juice contiin-JFOR rent: brick boisb complete- WORLD ASXED civil and religious and it was never worked. Icussion at Geneva, is but a first step (Continced from page 1) ivuiiuiihu liwilt nana furnubmt for tare month, thia auat- I I i i ing one-half of one per centum or 1 1 ideai noma for th dimmer. Ha.

alee. uuis u. auw trie rdnger.tion. more than 3.2 per centum of alcohol phon. I37.w.

204 New York Avenue. 11S-S46S Books have been burned and their na presidents oi an itM MieV( that the pTOpoaed immediate author, have been burned, all of the, flSnm en0URh- Nevertheless, resource, of great kingdom, have by weight at the premises known as FOR RENT: FIVE BOOM SECOND FLOOR KnnATr'c QTnrlV Station I lrtmt loratea JlS Broad St. Hardwood iftviuivjr um rivv vsvuiwoy noon, rurnuhed SS5. unfurnished 27.t with I garas. ion May IS.

Clow in. C.ll i m-R. Ilt-I46 W. MAIN STREET Salisbury, Maryland FOR RENT: BGl'SB ON CAMDEN AVE. enhsted to stamp out dea.

that It went forward today in direct I influence toward the ainment of i did not like; and nothing of permau-, language, without the usual protecUon further guccessfui 0f disarma-l ence has ever been accomplished. The ot.mtUc cod- ment I fight against a book against an m'JL "7 suted in th dearest way, there' ngni against a book, against an wea, would befor, tht of every I Br. thrw gtDg to UDon in against a song, is one fight in which rre.t nation around the globe, and present discussi.m.? JtimaU defeat is written in the stars, most of the smaller ones. First( the nMt (r.ffhen a man gives a book to the Officials here indicated they did not nnjt ttep toward this objective, as incluninn nf Rnait. amnnir i inc.union oi Itunaia XrMnrniH ih.r hi.

Knot among juiuauijr uuuincu in me mucuunaiu i pln the said license to be known as an 1 opponit Normal school. Apply Dr. h. c. jON SALE license, which would per- mit the licensee to sell the aforesaid roR KENTtFOl H00s AND ATH for consumption on thei A modern jmprovemenu.

with g.r.... premises Only. 1 Plenty of, hot water all year. Rent ha. ance Chapter 213 of the Acts of iii-ns the General Assembly of Maryland of 1938, and is on file in this office.

Any FOR rent: uss N. division street, exceDtioni to the issuance of the' Kr EljMhcth hot air beat, em-car Second, to agree upon time and pro- The Best Value Per Dollar in the Entire Burner Field THE YORK OIL BURNER THE FINEST OIL BURNER OBTAINABLE cedure for taking the following steps, ft 77 "i1" recipients as in any sense a ges- meat in it and not just a Ule told toture 0f Russian recognition. Although muse idle minds he contributes-this was the first direct diplomatic something which his fellows will use message to pass for. years between as long as it contains anything of rVlin' "'im. Third, to agree that while the first I and the following steps are being I.

,1 I license must be filed with the under- Main Street, mtiii. uw ftuc v.i.umi. n. a nnvlif inn that n-h a step as phone 1 signed within a period 01 one week 174. taken, no nation shall increase its existing armaments over and above the limitations of treaty obligations.

But the peace of the world must be 11S-S4M the president proposed could not succeed unless it had universal from the publication of this advertise-! assured during the whole period of 'ment, otherwise the license applied for will be issued. The manner of 1 filing exceptions is described in the Act, a copy of which is on file in the Clerk's office. IRA D. TURNER Clerk of the Circuit Court for I Wicomico County. APARTMENT FOB RENT IN CAMDEN SO C.mden Ave.

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Gord eats and beer on draught Admission Free Dancing 25e each 9 o'clock until Capitol Garden Open Every Night Thursday, May 25th Vie Vicker. and his Orchestra FOR RENT: FIVE ROOM UNFURNISHED lit flonr. All ci. ment of a dream, the clothing in words of vision, the incarnation of an idea; and it is one of the ironies of existence that such things, utterly lacking in material substance, are among the world's as To be sure, you can take the book and burn it You san take th? author and burn him too, if you like; you can send soldiers into homes any! dispossess any people you find reading the book or talking about it But you accomplish nothing, aside from adding momentarily to the world's of pain and it. list of heroes.

History will remember you only becaui-e yoa tried the Impossible. And the thing you fough. Rgainst will go on working, as long as there is any work for it to do. Your bonfire, will die down and their a shea will grow cold; but the flames that was the book itaelf will keep on burning as long as men anywhere need its light i NEW SOCIAL ORDER EMERGING I Poplar Hill Ave. phon.

lai-R or call at 70S FOR RENT: -CLEAN. AIBY. SUNLIGHT roiHnii. apartment, eaa be arnnced. Con-ventently located ntar downtown eeotlon.

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nn half miba Imtm s.1,. ni Slowly but steadily the pic-s of that gigantic jigsaw puzzle at Washington are falling into place; und they do it begins to be possible gvt an idea of what the outlines of our new society are going to be like. Those words, "new society," tic m.t go beyond the facts. Almost withujt. realizing it, we have swung off from eur old course at something like a right angle.

If we have not swung nearly as far as some radical leaders would like, we have certainly swung a great dea! farther than anyone thought posible as recently as six months ago. Whether we like it or not we seem to have put rugged individualism in the grave and patted the earth down smooth. We are switching from an restricted capitalism to a controlled nomy. The social reponsibtl.t of the men who employ labor and control money and guide inrfuMria! agricultural production srr in the pro rsi IM IU4' la.iO Kord Cabriolet 275.00 i mm rord Roadster 1910 Chevrolet Fordor 1929 Ford Tudor 225.00 Sedan 250.t0 150.00 FOB SALE: THBEE REBUILT CASH trm anHable ir Snoa, Lunch Counter. Reataurant.

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iit-sts FOB SALE TOMATO PLANTS. FEFPCR plant. Aer r'ta Am areed- 15.00! i-eras treeakow. Ill peaa. fit Fhoaa 1IS-S4M 50.0-1 cess of getting written into law.

a a That meana a change as tremenlous as any that has come to since we won oar independence from Great Britain. It means thst American soil will Inns-er nurtare the picturqje and L-iTirtt NEW no St a lMh. hot Cn ineulawa. n. ih-r rt- hW-M, Hiaen.

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lit Main St. l'bone 1287. fcalbbury, Md. COME IN, WRITE or PHONE (ot full informotios i -Baal Beta ta Baal tu-usa FttRD DEALERS iFoR SALE LARr.E REED R4BT CAB- Tck aut.vrsts of the pst the! jf.W, the Jy Could, the Eet-I Salisbury. Mi.

Phone IMt rat. ai fca. mw. raA aaa- Mi. jinjei.

m4tm Verv r-m III. tsa SfT-B ar rati 11..

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