The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1966 · Page 21
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1966
Page 21
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Phone : 677-2300 or 4S7-4B38. QUITTING BUSINESS SALE--Save 1 up to 70%. King Distributors. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY USED CARS TRUCKS . COME BY OUR WAY. WE'LL TRADE YOUR WAY '68:impaia 4-door «, std. $2465 "SS Chevy 1 II 4-dr., 6, std. $2095 '85 Chevy 4 spd. ...-.:... .$2095 '64'Forii % ton pickup, ' -".V-a,. H4H ...$1575 FIKE CHEVROLET CO. ICuontown, Pa. Fona 583-7738 ICE DAMAGE I I I C T K I C gutter cables HORMELL'S HARDWARE .'.·43.N. Gal latin Ave. "Phoni 437-53 II . polk* across the land, doing what Uiey think the Supreme Court wants them to do, are putting strong curb* on how the press reports crime news. An Associated Press survey turned up numerous Instances of stiff restrictions imposed by Births Uniontown Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wit- Hams, 81 Ralph, Hibbs, Box 84, a son at 1:13 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 19«6. Mr. and Mrs. John Collins, 1601 Dennson Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, a daughter at 1:58 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 19«. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Frasconi, 31 Sangston Ave., Masontown, a daughter at 6:10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spinelti, Grindstone R. D. 1, Box 35, a son at 7:18 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. Mr. and Mrs. William Sangston, Smithfield R. D. 2, a daughter at 8:07 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallace, 72 Emerson St., Uniontown, a daughter at 11:13 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shaffer, Hostetler, Box 113, : a-son at 8:07 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. Brownsville Hospital Mr. and Mrs. James Clutter, 636 Lincoln Ave., Charleroi, a son at 12:38 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, J966. Mr. and Mrs. Michael-Burke, Brownsville, a son at 11:23 a.m. Thursday, NOV. 10,. 1966. Mr. and Mrs. James Shea, Uniontown R. D. 4, Box 436, a son at 11:43 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. . Mr. and Mrs. William Brpad- water, High St., Brownsville, a daughter at 2:37 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 1966. ConneUsvttte Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dancho, Smock R. D. I, a daughter at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1966- . : . Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith, Connellsville R. D. 2, a son at 12:12 a.m. Thursday, NovJ 10, 1966. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Newcomer Jr., 202 Park St.-Scottdale, a son at 10:27 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. . Mr. and Mrs. Homer Erne- rick, Mt. Pleasant R. D. 2, a daughter at 11:50 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966. LEGAL HOTICfS INVITATION FOR BIDS ON MOVABLE rURNTTURB Tuesday, November 22, 196* at 10:00 A. M. (EST), the STATE PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDING AUTHORITY. 101 Sooth Mth Street. P. O. Box 3161, Harrlrturf, Pennsylvania 17130, will publicly open lU sealed propoiall received up tn that hour for the 'purchase of School Furniture to be delivered to the Fayette County Area Vocational Technical School, located North Side of L. R. 28154 -- .B Mile East of intersection of Route 1I and L. R. 26154, Tayette ' County, Pennsylvania. Authority Project No. MS-SOD. Specifications,- proposal forms and bM envelopes may h* secured by applying to the Authority. , Propoaals shall b* accompanied by Certified, Bank Cuhler's or Treasurer's Check, made payable to the STATE P U B L I C SCHOOL BUILDING AUTHORITY in amount of not less than Five 5 Per Cent of the Bid. The Authority reserves' the right to reject or accept all or any part of any Bid. ELLIOTT TALK. Executive Director State Public School Building; Authority NOTICE . Certain pieces of shop equipment will be offered for-iale Wednesday, November 30, IMC, between the hours of 3-5 P.M., at the Bally Park building formerly occupied by the Fayette County Area Vocaflonar Technical School. ARTHUR GUSEMAN Secretary Fayette County School Board CLASSIFIED DISPLAY SUN OIL COMPANY · SALESMEN · * Excellent Salary * Full Benefit* . . + Young Growing Company * Sales Training Program * Some College Preferred . ·- · : . . '· Please Send Resume To: B. E. SWARTZMAN P.O.Box* Greensburj, Pa. "An Equal Opportunity Employer". DO YOU SEW? . ^Experienced salesperson with sewing ability and pattern experience needed for yards goods department in Down- ;tbwn Uniontown. Write S.P.N.,: P.O. Box\848 Uniontown, Pa. , - courts and law enforcement.of- ficers on newsmen, photogra- ?hers and cameramen who cover police stations and courtroom trials. It may b« that the restrictions ?o further than the Supreme Court had In mind In a series of "fair trial" decisions climaxed last spring with the freeing of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard because "virulent publicity" surrounded his first murder trial. In throwing out the Cleveland osteopath's second-degree murder conviction, the court said it is up to judges "tn take such steps by rule and regulation that will protect their processes from prejudicial outside interferences." The movement to immunize juries from prejudicial news accounts gathered force last month when an American Bar Association study group recommended that .in pending criminal cases police, prosecutors and defense attorneys be barred from making public "potentially prejudicial information." Since then, judges and police officers have been issuing new rules telling the press what crime information they will be permitted to have and what procedures they must follow in reporting arrests and trials. Yet, the Sheppard decision itself said "There is nothing that proscribes the press from reporting events that transpire in the courtroom." And while the bar group recommended withholding certain types of information from news media, it also said: "The committee does not believe that the present resolution of the problem confronting us lies in the adoption of direct restrictions on the media." Justice Tom C. Clark, who wrote the Sheppard decision for the Supreme Court, told the Denver Post recently that nothing the court has ever said prohibits district attorneys and police from releasing information about a crime before there is a suspect. Last summer, he told the National Conference of State Tria' Judges, meeting in Montreal that the Sheppard decision "laic down guidelines the courts might follow, not guidelines they must follow." "We do not have to jeopardize freedom of the press," the white-haired jurist, a former U.S. attorney general, said "The press has made sure our democ racy works as it should." The AP survey showed, how ever, that judges and law en forcemeht authorities are citinf both the Sheppard decision ant the ABA group's recommendations in restricting the press before trial as well as during trial. When Dr. Robert. Spike, a noted theologian, was'slain in Columbus, Ohio, police officials were reluctant to speak on the record or to be quoted by name "We possibly might solve this case," said Detective Capt. Tom Sawyer, "and I'm not going to blow it by making a false statement or even a true one prematurely." In Charleston, W. Va., chief ol Police Dallas Bias- said the Sheppard decision was still being evaluated, but meanwhile "our entire department is under orders to release only the name of the individual arrested and the charges against him." "We don't want la jeopardize our cases," Bias said. Here are some specific exam pies of pretrial clampdowns elsewhere: --In Boulder, Colo., authorities refused to discuss their investigation into the fatal beating of .a University of Colorado coed, claiming that if they did they might endanger prosecu fion once the slayer was arrested. The Boulder officials would not even give the address of the house where the girl had lived. All this silence preceded the arrest of a janitor at the univer siiy. --In Duluth, Minn., the chief of detectives referred reporters' questions about the death of a Duluth woman to the' county attorney, sitting beside him. He in turn, shook his head and cited the Supreme Court. Newsmen were able to: determine only that the woman had died mysteriously. Later they were told her husband had been charged In her death. --In Luray, Va., when a .26- year-old tannery worker and father of five was fatally shot, newsmen ran Into a .wall of silence in trying to pry details from officials. The silence persisted for a while even after-a veteran patrolman issued a statement saying he had shol the man in self -defense. -In Bmghamton, N.Y., City Judge Walter Gorman «aid he would, not exclude reporters from a bearing provided they promlted "not to report ;«ny of the testimony to any ^ news media." ,--In Orange County, FU. Judge Douglas S. Lambeth granted · defense motion for- Rule lidding police and lawyers from alkSng to reporters before: the rial of a woman on charges of running a house of prostitution, ·le also Imposed several restrictions for the trial itself. When news media, attorneys complained, Lambeth said, "No one has quoted me law where it «ys the public has a right to enow. I believe that it does, but iie purpose of a criminal trial is not to inform the public of anything." -- In Springfield, Mass., Su- jerior Court Judge Robert H. 3eaudreau fined Margaret 3haw, a reporter for the Spring- leld Union, $100 for contempt of court. Miss Shaw was cited after writing a news story containing testimony given at a narcotics trial. Beaudreau said she had :een warned twice not to publish testimony given while the jury was excluded from the courtroom. The contempt power can be a potent weapon and the bar association panel dealt carefully with the subject. It recommended that its use be confined to flagrant instances of misconduct and not be expanded. A pertinent comment came from Hu Blonk, managing editor of the Wenatchee (Wash.) Daily World and chairman of The Associated Press Managing Editors' freedom of informatior committee. "It's my feeling that some judges are purposely going beyond what the Supreme Court intended in clamping restrictions on,news media -- such as threatening to cite them for contempt of court if they print whal happens in open court with the jury out -- in the hope that news media will disobey the ruling, be cited, and then take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, where, the judges hope, a clearly spelled out restriction on the press will be issued." Editor Elected By Journalists PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Roberl M. White II, co-editor and publisher of the Mexico, Mo., Ledg er, has been elected presidenl and board chairman of Sigma Delta Chi, professional Journalistic society. Delegates attending the con Vention's final session Saturday defeated proposals to change the society's name and admi women as members. The Associated Press was cita by t h e organization's historic sites committee for the estab lishment in 1875 of the world's first private leased wire for news transmission. Rev. Dane Tabor SS Assn. Speaker Rev. Dane Tabor, host pastor, is speaker for a meeting of District 19, Fayette County Sunday School Assn., meeting tonight at 7:30 in Little White Rock Church The program includes a reading by Ida Woods; music by Terry Cooley, vocalist; Dorr Zack, accordionist, and the hosl church and a song service lee by Jeannette Bowers. Representation is expecfec from all churches of the district. Edward H. Savage is president. Progress Club To Meet Today Progress Club will meet today at 1:30 in the Derrick Avenue home of Jean Brownfield. Mrs. H. Null Hough, using (lie theme "Westward the Course ol Empire Takes it's Way," will give a report on the Old National Road. Martha Hankins will present a biography. First definite traces of the science of algebra were found in the writings of Ahmes, an Egyptian who lived about 1700 B.C. UNIONTOWN, PA,, MONDAY, NOVEMBER ·!, im-fAGE 21 lev. A. H. Hilton loepiul Chaplain Rev. A. H. Hilton, pastor ol ohn Wesley AME Zion Church, will serve as chaplain lor the nlontown Hospflal through ov. 26. ' In a project of the Unionlown Ministerial Assn., Rev. Hilton 111 visit patients who have no hurch affiliations or preference. DAMAGED NAUTILUS-The submarine Nautilus, first U.S. nuclear undarseas vessel, damaged In a collision with the carrier Essex during maneuvers, makes her home port tn New London, Conn., during Ihe weekend. Families of crew members were on hand as she docked to view the damage to her superstructure. --AP wirephoto BLOSSEB, UWISE IRENE - Ol Uak« Lynn, RD 1, Pa., died Sal- urdav, November 12, 1900, in Beck, ley, w. Va., following an extend, ed illness. She was horn July 27, 1896, Ihe daughter of Ihe lal« Jacob l. and tnura Conn, and was predeceased hy her husband, Ray Blosser, November 20, 1059. She was a memher of the First Melhortfet Church, of PI. Marlon. Surviving are three rlauehlors. Mrs. Eacl (Eleanor) Phtllts, Har. rlstnirg. Mrs. Berk (Jean) Lynch, Beckley, W. Va.. and Mrs. Robert (Marjorle) Fowler, Phoenix, Ariz.; ten grandchildren and three greal grandchildren: Iwo sisters, Mrs. Heba Bsker, Lake Lynn, and Mrs. H. P. (Jessie) Slsler, Winter Park. Fla. Friends will he received after 7 PM today. In the Richarrt R. Herod Funeral Home. Pt. Marlon, and until 2 PM Tuesday, November 15. the hour of service. Bev, Gerald E. Brown, pastor of the First Methodist Church. wiU of. flclate. Interment will (njlow in thi Evergreen Memorial Park. New Requirements Set For Scout Merit Badge Every Boy Scout and Explorer--even those with permanent physical handicaps--will be able to work for the Personal Fit- riess merit badge as the result of a new set of requirements which are cffeclive now, Dr. John Holliday of Murrysville, chairman of the advancement committee of the Weslmoreland- Fayette Council, Boy Scouls of America, announced today. "As a part of the broadening program that has made it possible for Scouts and Explorers Bedford County Crash Kills Two, Hurts Five HOPEWELL, Pa. (AP)-Two persons are dead and five injured as the result of a two-car, headon collision on Route 26 about two miles south of the Bedford County community of Hopewell. Killed in the accident Sunday were Duane Childers, 18, of Hopewell and Dianne Focrc, 18, of Everell. The injured persons, all from Bedford County, were hospitalized in fair and satisfactory condition. · Rotarians To Hear Of Carter's Travels County Farm Agent Rex- B, Carter, who recently returned from the Hawaiian Islands, will discuss "Hawaiian Agriculture" at the Unionlown Rotary Club luncheon Tuesday at noon in the Venetian Restaurant. Atty. Philip 0. Carr, club president, will preside. Two Persons Killed In Bridge Collapse ANTWERP, Belgium (AP) A 150-yard, four-lane bridge on the highway between Antwerp and Liege collapsed Sunday, plunging seven automobiles into the Nethe River, and killing two persons. Sixteen others were Injured. The accident occurred at Pulle, 10 miles east of Antwerp. Easier Seal-Drive Headed By Andretti PITTSBURGH (AP) - Racing driver Mario Andrelli was named chairman of the 1967 Easter Seal campaign Sunday at the closing convention session of the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. Andrelti, of Nazareth, Pa., has been the national driving champion for the past two years. with physical handicaps to lake an alternate route to earn the Eagle Award," Holliday said "the new requirements for the Personal Fitness merit badge now have five basic requirements plus seven general testing areas." The five general requirements include medical and denta examinations, understanding of physical and mental health, personal health habits, and a daily program of exercises suitable for all-round physical develop ment. The seven personal fitness tests for which Scouts must earn a minimum number of point from not more than five events cover the fields of swimming arm strength, muscular endur ance, speed running, endurance running or walking, jumping and body cordination. A Scovi must also demonstrate reason able proficiency in a team o individual sport "Since Scouting should serv all boys," Dr. Holliday said, "; must be flexible in helping a boys to set goals to strive for The new plan allows boys wit a permanent physical disabilit. to attain the Eagle Scout ran' by qualifying for alternate merl badges instead of any regula requirements that lie is physi cally unable to complete." Casteel To Address New Salem Rotarians H. M. Casteel, Uniontown, wil give an illustrated talk on a vacation in New Zealand am Australia at a dinner meetinj of the New Salem Rotary Club tonight at 6:15 in New Salem Presbyterian C h u r c h dininf room. The program was arranged by J. B. Christopher. Roy Hoover is club president. Barge Explosion Injures Two Men SAIGON (AP) - An acciden tal explosion aboard a barge In Saigon Sunday injured two stev edores and sank the barge police reported. They said dockvvorkers were transferring a load of chemicals from ore barge to another when the blast apparently was touched off by cooking fires started by other workers for their evening meal. Angola, Portuguese province in Africa, is larger than Texas New Mexico, Louisiana ant Tennessee combined. THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW r HEAR we WAS A HOCUM CHAMP.TOO- U H t l L H E R A W O U T O F THIUGSTOHOCW.' SEP -ITS JERKS LIKE HIM v^MO GIVE FCEE SPEECH A 8ftP UAME. 1 r REMEMBER HIM SOME ATHLETE! HtPLA-fEP HALFBACK OK TllE FIELD AMD LEFT BACK IM IHE ClftSSCOOM ty rooTflAuoROMESE SOMETHING TMAT HELP PIGS TOGETHER! ONE"EXPOIT W EVERf GRANDSTAND-BUT , OH,V/HV DOES HE srrHEAR us?? New Donnilory it Grove City GROVE CITY, Pa. (AP) irove Cily College has an- outiced that constnictlon of a 1.6 million dormitory will begin mmedlately on its Mercer Conny campus. The three-story ulldtng will house 162 men. DEATH NOTICES CHESLER, ADRIAN SR. -- Age 41 years, ol Sutlon Ave., Hopwood, died suddenly Monday, November U, 1363 at 6:56 a.m. In his home Surviving are his wife, Clara Dob. bersteln Chester and the follow Ing children, Adrian W.. Jr., of Duque sne Unl vers ity, Tim ol hy Mary, Robert and Donald al home; his father. Frank Felong, the following brothers and sister*, Miss Mary Chesler or Unionlown Matthew of Urilonlown. Mrs. Jo j«ph (Emily) Uptak of Connells vtll«. Mrs. Vincent (Eslellc) Per galsM. Mrs. John Sylvla Franks and Fred Felong all of Union town; Mrs, Donald (Marlene Crable of Springfield. Va. He wai preceded In death by a daughter Catherine Ann, April 14, 1963 and a brother, Theodore in June 1965 He was a member of St. Joseph's R.C.. Church, the church commit lee. Polish Club, E.P.O. Elks No 310, Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Isaac Walton League. Friends will be received tn the Haky Ku neral Home, 1.19 W. Fayetfe St this evening from '7 to 10 p.m. Tuesday from 2 to 5 and 7 io U p.m. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete. B.F.O. Elks No. 31 will conduct ritualistic service Tuesday evening at 1:30, C3RASSO, CARMELA--Age 69 years of ,27 Shultr Ave,, Conne.lsville Pn,, died Friday, November 11 1G6«, In the Connellsviile Slat General Hospital. She was bori June 26, 1897, In Italy, and ha been a resident of ConnellsviH since 1917. She was a member o St. RlU's H. C. Church, Connells vllle. Surviving art lour sons: An thony J. Clrllll, Connellsviile, A bert and John c'rllll. both of De troll, Michigan, and Michael Gras EO, Atlanta, Georgia; three daiigh lers. Mrs. Edward Williams, L« mont Furnace. Mrs. Carroll Tav enner. College Park, Md., an Mrs. Sylvia Jordan, Connellsv.lle and Iwenty grandchildren. Friend were received at the Brooks Fu neral Home, 111 E. Green St Connellsviile. A Requiem Hlg M«ES will be Intoned al 9 AM tc day. fn St. Rita's R. C.. Church Connellsviile, with Rev. Fr. An drew DlSanlo, as celebrant. In terment will follow in St. Rita Cemetery. GRIFFITH, THERESA R.--Ag« years, a resident of KN Cre«n St Brownsville, died Sunday morn Inc. November 13, 1068. at 11:4 AM, In the Brownsville Genera Hospital. She had been a residen of Brownsville, for Ihlrly lw years; "She was born February I 1001, In Charleroi, the daughle of Ihe late George and Ma Flynn Rfgby. She was a membc of Ihe St. Peter's R C. Church Brou-Tisville. Ihe CD of A. an was a Past Grand Regent. Sur vlving are her husband, Georg Grir/Jth: one Bister, Mrs, EJlra beth Harrington, Charleroi; on brother, George Richard Hljby Bloomlnffton, Tndlsna, also severf nlecee and nephe*s. The famtl will receive friends in Ihc Ros Funeral Home, J26 Front St Brownsville, after 7 this evening A'Requiem Hlah Mass will he in tcned Wednesday at 10 AM i S(. Peter's R. C., Church, Browns ville, with Rev. Fr. Edward P Gearing as celebrant. HANDLAN. JOHN RANDOLPH -Age 83 years, husband of Catha rlne Cooper Handlan. of Markleys burg, no. Pa., died Saturday. No yemher 12, 196S. Also survlvin are a sister, Mary Handlan Mills Washington, D. C.; one nephew Joseph Handlan, Vienna, W, Va. one niece, Mrs, Seward Hanmer Massena. N. Y.; and one cousin George H. List, Wheeling, W. Va Friends may call at the Hum berla Funeral Home, Confluence today from 7 to 9 PM. Funera services will be conducted Tues day at U AM. Rev, Joseph Lewi will officiate. A private intermen will be held In Ihe Greenwooc Cemetery. Wheeling, W. Va. Th family requests that flowers pleas be omitted, JACOBS, JOSEPH, SR. -- Age 7 years, a resident of 123 Main SI West Brownsville. Pa., riled a 1:40 AM, Sunday, November 13 13fi6, fn the Brownsville Genera Hospital, following a brief Illness He was a retired employee o Maxwell Mine, of the U. S. Slee Corporation. He was a mem he of the UMWA. Maxwell Local No 4701, and a member of the Sa cred Heart R. C. Church, Browns vllle. He was born In Hungary August 1, 1B93. Surviving are hi wife, Anna Jacobs, and the follow ing children: Mrs. Marian Under ti]o. Brooklyn, N, Y., Joseph A Jacobs. Jr., ot Houston, Pa., Mrs E.sle Kopnicky, Kansas City. ML.i sourl, Mrs. Dorothy Orag, Alken S. C. Edward Jacobs, Winston Salem. N. O.. Mrs. Eleanor Weil kamp, Alexandria. Va,, Roherl A Jacobs, Bridgeville, Pa,, Mrs Betty Behary. Neptune. N. J and Mrs- Shirley Dowltng, Mapl Heights. Ohio; twenty two granr children and one great grandchild He was predeceased by his br loved wUe Kathleen Caroline Ja cobs. En 1553 and by a son Er nest R. Jncohs, wJio was klllec In action during World War II In NH5. Friends an: being re celved In the J. W. Klslnger Fu neral Home, Brownsville, where prayer service will be conducts «l.Q:.1D AM Tuesday, followed h a Requiem High Mass al 10 In Ihe Sacred Heart R, C. Church Brownsville, with Rev. Fr. Joh Nyeslc. as celebrant. Inlcrmcn will foitow fn the LiFaye(.e Me morlal Park Cemetery. MORRIS, SARA--A[?e M years. Smithfield, RD 3, P#., died Friday November II, 1W6, at 7:30 p.m at the University Medical llosplt; Morgantown, W. Va. Surviving ar her husband, John E. Morris; on ·on, David, of Smlthfleld. H-D, 3 five grandchildren; one brother Donald Ross, Greenshoro; Ihre sisters. Mrs. Waller (Madge Huiflni, Greensboro, Mrs. Charlc (Mabel) Morris, RD 3. Smtthflel and Mrs. Altha (Bernlce) Blanc SmMhfleld, RD 3, Friends are b tnff received in the James f Vance Tuneral Home, SmltMkli until 2 PM today, the hour c i«rvlc«. R«v. John C. Mahler wl officiate. Burial will follow In Lh Old Frame Cemetery. oundUble Talk or Scout Leaders Old Trails District, Westmore- and - Fayette Council, will hold roundtable for leaders in Cub acks tonight at 7:30 In Union- wn Area High School cafeteria. Ronald Nehls, roupd table as- slant . district commissioner, ill be In charge. DEATH NOTICES AYLOIl, DELMAR EARNEST Age 50 years, ot Pt Marlon, died Monday, November 14. 1B66 in the Unlonlown HoeplUl. He had attended the Lake Lynn Method Eat Church and was a member ot ihe ATL-CIO Local No. 379, He was the son of the la(c Earnest Ddmar »nd Berlha Naylor. Surviving are his wife, Lore u a Shtpp Naylor; two sons, Delmar. Jr. of Strongs- vllle, Ohio and Robert of Lake Lynn; one daughter. Miss Mary Naylor at home; one brother, Ray Naylor of Untontown, R. D.; six Bisters. Mrs, Marguerite Cooley o( Haydentown, Mrs. Beatrice Holt of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Dolly Dennffi of Smithfield. H.D., Mrs. Ruth Sapp and Mis. Elizabeth. Shlpp bolh ot Lake Lynn and Mrs. Esther Watson, of Gary, Indiana and six grandchildren. Funeral arrangement* are Incomplete and will be announced by (he Richard H, Herod Funeral Home, Pi. Marlon. 'ETROCK. MICHAEL S.--Friends are being received at the lato residence, where a prayer service will he held Tuesday, at 9:30 a.m.. followed by a Requiem High Mass at 10 a.m. at the St. Hedwlg R. c. Church, Smock, with Rev. Fr. John ft, CflRallggJ, as celebrant- Burial will be in the church ceme. tcry. The Rosary will he recited this evening at 8:15. (Brownsville Telegraph, please copy.) REGAN, GEORGE--Age 75' years, ot Dunmore, Pa., and formerly of Greensboro, Pa., died Thursday. November 10, 196S, In the Scranton Stnte General Hospital. He was born In Austria, Hungary. He was a former member of SL Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church, of New Salam. and the UMWA. Local 6310. Greensboro. He had been an em- ploye of the Duquecne Ll«ht Co., Greensboro, tor fifteen years, Surviving are a fcister, MTG. Anna Bllletz, Greensboro, and several nleceB and nephews. Friend* will be received In the Voney funeral Home, MJ son town, today from 1 to 10 PM, and where services will be held Tuesday morning at 8:30, followed by a Divine Lllurgy at 9 AM In St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church. New Salem, with Rev. Fr. Joseph Chornyak, as celebrant. Burial will follow in. the Evergreen. Memorial Park Cemetery, Pt. Marlon, Parastas this evening at 6:30. RETKOFSKY, EDWARD-^ Age 69 years, husband of Laura-Chambers, Relkofky, of the Jumon- vllle R o a d , died in the Un- lonlown Hceptlal, Saturday. November- 13, 1065, at J2:05 P.M. In, addtlion to his wife, surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Donald (Alice) Newcomer, Erie, Pa., and Mrs. William (Elva) Conroy, Un. lonlown: two sons, Cart P., of PainesviUe, Ohio, and W. Wayne, of Media. Pa.; nine grandchildren and live great grandchildren: one sister, Mrs. Lena Thomas, Cleveland, Ohio; one brother. August, of Newboro, Pa. He was predeceased by two son-;, Hilly and Bobby. In 1025, and two brothers, Arthur and Oscar, lie was a member ol the Central Christian Church. Uniontown, a veteran of World War I, a member o( the vrw. Post No. 47. Untontown. the Disabled American Veterans. Chapter No. 58. the World War 1 Veterans, Fayette Barracks. No. 279 and the Circle Club, of Un- Ion town. The family will receive friends today' from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 PM. in the Harold S. Gleason Funeral Home. 114 E. Fayette St., where funeral sendees will he conducted Tuesday, November tfl. at 1 PM. Dr. Earl P. Confer will officiate. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery. The VFW Post No. -17 will conduct military irervices at the graveside. SABOL, ANNA {VanKULA)--Age V5 years, of House 197, Footedale, Pa., died Sunday, November 1.1, IMS, at her residence. She was bom January 19 lfll, in Czechoslovakia and h,id been a resident of the Footedale area for the p«t thirty seven years, She was a member of the St. Procopius R. C. Church. New SaJem, and the Altar Society, and · member of the Zivena Beneficial Society, of Uniontown. She was predeceased by one daughter Anna, in 1965. Surviving ar« her husband, Michael Sabol, Sr.. and the following children: Mra. Joseph (Elizabeth) Wassil. Footedale, George, of Footedale, Andrew of New Castle, Mrs. .Raymond (Margaret) Phillips, Brooklyn, N. Y., -Mrs. Joseph {Marte) Manclnl. New Rochelle. N. Y., Michael. Jr., of Buffalo, N. Y., John, of Los An- gel«, Calif., Mrs. Steve (Dorothy) Mlchalovtch. Los Angeles, Calif.. Mrs.- Norman (Eleanor) Malone, Long Island, N. Y., and Joseph, of Los Angeles, Calif.; twenty sbt grandchildren; thirteen great grandchildren; two sisters. Miss Elizabeth and Miss Anna VanKu)a t both af Unlontav/n; two brothers, George VanKula, Detroit, Mich., and John VanKula Unionlown. Friends will be recelv. ed after 7 this evening In the Vlto P. DeCarlo Tuneral Home, New Salem, and until 9:30 AM Wednesday morning, when a Requiem High Mass will he Intoned at 10 AM In, the St. Procopius R. C. Church, New Salem,- with Bev. Fr. John J. SkraJc, as cele. brant. Interment will be In the church cemetery. SLATER, LUCY F.-Age 67 years, of Conne 11 s vllle, Pa., RD 2, died Saturday evening, November 12 1DB6, in the Councils vine State General Hospital. She was born February 2, 1899, at Maple Summit, Pa. She was a former resident of Pt. Marlon and Eobtown. Surviving are her husband, Sam. uel Slater; one son, Robert Slater, Freemont, Ohio; four daughters, Mrs. Charles Arnold. Coraopolis. Pa., Mrs. James JustiHo Pt. Marlon, Mrs, Charles Nicola. Akron, Ohio, and Mrs. Delbert Yauger, Jr., of Warren, Ohio; five grandchildren: one brother. Her. she! Anderson. Bob town; thrre sisters, Mrs. Grace Porter, Union(own, Mrs. Louise Baker and Mrs. Lottie Lilley, both of RD 2, Connellsville. Friends will be recciv- ed at the Brooks Funeral Home. Ill E. Green f St., Connellsviile, after 3 PM today, and where services will be held Wednesday at 2 PM. Interment will he In the Greenrldge Memorial Park. SWEABINGEN, ANNA MARY--Age S3 years, of Greensboro, Pa,, dted Sunday. November 13. 1066. at 6 AM.. Tn the University Medical Hospital, Morgan town. W, Va., following a lingering illness. She was horn October 27, 1313. at Flat River, Missouri, the daughter at the late Louis and Mary Szaho Torma. She had been a resident of this area for the past thirty five years. She was a member of the Holy Family R. C. Church, Greensboro, Surviving are her husband, Elmer Swearingen, whom she married July, 1931; one son. James Elmer Swearlngon, North Roynlion, Ohio; two grandchildren; one brolhcr. J.imcs Torma. Greensboro; one sEster, Mrs. Tony (Margaret) KuHlko. Bohlowji, Pa. Friends will he received at Ihe Michael Lucas Funeral Home, Car- mlchaels. after 4 PM today, and where a short prayer service will be held Wednesday at AM. followed by a Requiem High Mass at the Holy Family R. C. Church, Greensboro, at 9 AM, with Rev. Fr. Thomas J. C-issJdy as celebrant. Burial will follow in the Evergreen Memorial Park, Pt. Marlon, Pa. MOMMtHTS Althftttsed Dealer Vtf I. Main Rf., umuntown, fv

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