The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on December 6, 1956 · Page 60
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 60

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1956
Page 60
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Page 60 article text (OCR)

UNAWARE OF PEACE, 4 JAPS LIVED 11 YEARS IN JUNGLE By FRED SA1TO TOKYO. (AP)--Four Japanese army stragglers lived like primitive warriors for 11 years in the wilds of the Philippines, thinking all the time their country was still at war. 'We were convinced the war had ended tinly when we read a letter from the Japanese embassy last Oct. 28, telling of the surrender," said Lt. Shigeichi Yamamoto, 35, leader of the four. "We thanked the gods. We never thought we would come home to Japan," Yamamoto said on their return by ship. Flag-waving school children and [town dignitaries greeted them as returned heroes. Television cam- tain good, friendly relations with i bills from lanes urging surrender, the natives." The Japanese soldiers' adventure began New Year's Day, 1945, when Yamamoto and 38 men landed on Mindoro, one of three attacking forces, with orders to recapture the American base at San Jose, on the island's southern tip. "We trekked many m i l e s through jungles and mountains. Finally on Feb. 5 we were about but decided the enemy was Just trying to ferret us out for killing. We were always on guard against hostile guerrillas." Cpl. Jahei Nakano, 35, said, "five of our comrades succumbed to tropical fever in 1952 and 1953." Inevitably their tempers became strained under the ordeal, Yamamoto said. "We ate together but maintained military discipline, to make a desperate 'banzai'jwithout which we would h a v e charge against San Jose," Yama-icracked." moto recalled. "The Americans, in a forestalling counter-attack, chewed us up," Settled on Plateau The Japanese .scattered into the BEATING THE DRUM FOR SANTA -- Mary Ann Crutchfield of Beaumont whispers to her toy tiger that there are only 19 more days until Christmas, He seems startled to hear it. Miss Crutchfield doubles as a drum majorette when she's not helping Santa. (AP Wirephoto) eramen Intel-viewed them, al-(jungle, Yamamoto and eight men though they had no idea what roamed aimlessly for four months until they settled in a mountain- rimmed plateau 4,000 feet above sea level. The Japanese swapped belong- dai Japanese warriors)," said Ya- m gs with the natives for food and niamoto. "Our weapons were!a huge rusted, scythe-like native sharpened and greased twice a {sword. Using the sword's metal I television was. Kept Weapons Sharp "We lived like Robinson Crusoe, ! but were alert like samurai (feu- week- tive." Cpl. -but we never killed a na- Masaji Isumita, 44, expressed belief the four survived I because "we did our best to main- for crude tools, they built a thatched house. "The first three years were a hard struggle," recalled Cpl. Jintaro Ishii, 36. "We picked up hand- Made Musical Instruments Nakano made crude flutes, guitars and violins of bamboo fiber because, "human beings need music in order to live harmoniously together." Two years ago they became friendlier with the natives. "We started teaching them Japanese farming techniques. They invited us to dinner regularly " Yamamoto raid "one of the native girls--they wore only G- strings usually--fell in love with Ishii and begged him to stay when we decided to surrender." Ishii blushed. "SV was a nice girl. But our relationships were platonic," he said. 20-C CORPUS CHRIST! TIMES, Thurs., Dec. 6, 1956 B E L I E V E I T O R N O T fliCQIUERMOHNBOHES*: f irat vessel launched at the . Paltrier Shipyard m Janw WAvSWRECKEPINASTORM OFF BILBAO,SRNM 81 YEARS LATER *f!NAMlAl. HOCKS' I9J3 of Morocco WAS OVERTHROWN 5TIMES ·AMP MSTOWOTO m THROW EACH TIME f/ERULBDA tVrAMIWVC fl ofSUouis.*Vx DANCES WITHOUT' CAUGHT ALIVE Boy Won't Forget Ddd Shot Eagle By TOM McLEOD KERMIT. (API -- For a long^ time they'll be talking in the Royj, Walker family about the day daddy shot the eagle. The 'gigantic eagle, far from home, pounced from the sky this fall onto s. rabbit. While the eagle stood in the shade of a sand dune devouring his prey, a -pair of sharp eyesi those of David Walker, 7.--grev, round with wonder as he spied the unusual sight. David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walker, who live in house number 17 of the El Paso "Natural Gas Co. main line camp, six miles north of Hermit. The spot the Mexican eagle selected for his hunting was only a few hundred yards south of the Walker home in the pleasant, poplar-shaded camp. Explores His World David, as small boys have done i since small boys existed, investigates and explores the corners oi his environment, even to the sand' dunes and the wild creatures! which roam among them. Making a bee-line back to the house, David yelled "Daddy, I Daddy! There's a great big eagle 1 out there in the sand. He's eating a rabbit!" Roy, still enough of a boy hinv seif to appreciate David's excite-'t nient, arose from the divan in front of the TV set, paused long], enough to load an ancient ' single-shot, bolt-action .22 rifle, and followed David, who was prancing up and down with anxi- | ety lest the eagle fly away be-! ! fore daddy could see it. His fears were needless, because the majestic bird was consuming his rabbit with as much deli ben: lion and nonchalance as if he were dining in Antoine's. He knew he could whip any bird that flie^ ir these parts, and most oi the four-footed creatures. If something came along he couldn't j handle, he knew he could spread his seven-foot wings and fly away. Worried? Not he. David, unaware of the eagle's calm point of view, was relieved when he saw the huge bird still placidly munching choice morsels of the unfortunate hare. Shot Misses Mark Motioning David to silence, Roy crept within 60 yards o£ the preoccupied eagle before attracting] hi; notice. Too late, the big bird' saw him and unfurled his wjngs to depart. Just as he rose slightly from the sand, enough to divert the hasty shot through his right leg Instead of his heart, Roy fired his lone cartridge. The shock and pain brought the j eagle to earth, and without thei leg to provide clearance, he could; not rise again. The hunters, wary j oi his beak and talons, gathered! him up and bore their unusual! bag home. David and Roy duly impressed the feminine portion of the Walker household, consisting of mother and little sister Cathy. Sister Runs Off Cathy is 3. She fled from the awesome spectacle with piercing yells. Mother threw up her hands and exclaimed: "What in the world!" "ft's an eagle, mama, a real live Mexican eagle," David shouted. Neighbors assembled. An old- timer in this vicinity said he had never seen an eagle hereabouts. The eagle glowered malignantly at all comers. First aid was administered to hit wounded leg, and it was fastened in .place with adhesive tape. CHOICE GOLD CUP DECANTER Sleek, slim, truly a decanter of regal elegance! GOLD ctr POCKET FLASKS Curved to fit the pocket or hip, crowned with a I'A oz. cup. PINT · HALF PINT TEXANS... Turtlt Mokes Home In Copter Air Duct JACKSONVILLE, FU. (AP) A Nwry ·itoktatr overhauling a MfertW Corf* Mltaipttr opened * lartantur ate dact -- and ^--^^*Jf ^ ^^^^A-^^^^k fctp^td HMMI · W4BOB lUTUe. ft «M MMdlftrf tat alive MHwAr kMl (MM t the a li tm. IM M «M! BPw » ^ NEW "GOLD CUPS" BY *. ^T--- v One straight Kentucky bourbon-made only one wayrdistilled and bottled in the same Kentucky distillery Take your pick of these three new ways to buy this 7-year-old straight Kentucky bourbon--at no increase in price! Old Charter's family of new "Gold Cups" gives you convenience to fit every occasion. The important thing is the whiskey that's inside--rich, mellow Old Charter. This is one straight Kentucky bourbon, distilled and bottled in a tingle Kentucky ilwtillcry. Aged there, too, for seven long years in charred barrels of oak. The iwilt U a uniquely rich flavor, unmistakably Kentucky bourbon. But see for youwelf-try the new "Gold Cups" by Old Charter. There's no increase in price for U»e*e convenient ways to buy Kentucky** finest ftrtight bourbon. THE CAP IS THE CUP whiskey tht didn't watch the ctock ... seven long years! i · I I Y fmfm,, .. Also available j'n the regular Stb, pt. and ^ pt. bottles, if you preto. DBTHIWTEO THROUGHOUT TEXAS BY fCNUND MTMWTOtt, INC. KCNTUCKY STMlOrr IDUftMM WW3KCV

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