The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 2
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rAO»TWO BLYTHEV1LLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS HIES II FOR Long-Time Resident pi Caruthersville Was Well- Known Salesman CARUTHEKSVTH,E, Mo., April 22.—Mineral services for James A. Paul, Sr., SG. were held Wednesday afternoon nt the Methodist Church, with 'Rev, Elmer. Peal officiating. Mr. Paul had resided In this clly 35 years, slid during Ills younger yeais, \vas well known tln^ugliout this territory rvs n flour salesman. He first worked for (he Cape Comity Milling Co,, of Jackson, Mo., and 'then.Tor. 19 years for the Scott County Milling Co., of Slke- iton, in which position his territory covered several slates. He was n member of Southeast Missouri Drummers Association, belliB president in 1811, and after lie retired from selling, was given n lifetime membership in this organization, nnd annually attended tlio meetings. He was also a member of the United Commercial Travelers Association. • Bon, in. Alexandria, Va., Mr. Paul'grew to young manhood .In Virginia. He wns married In 191S to Mta Kulli Gillette of this city. Surviving arc Ills wife, Mrs. liuih Gillette Paul of this clly; one daughter, Miss Barbara J. Fmil, with the WAACs In Towa; two sens. Sergt. James A. Paul Jr., with the Air Cor|js In Texas, and J.iliji W. Pnul, U.,S. Naval Reserve, Idaho. Also surviving arc two daughters : by an earlier marriage, Mrs. Virginia Miles of Ualelgh, N. c:, and Miss Bessie M, Paul, Washington, D. C.; one sister, Miss Betsie • Paul of Lexington, Vn., and oiic brother, Henry A. Pnul, of Tampa, Fin. 'Eat The Basic Seven Every Day' * * * , , , "* Government and Food Companies Join In Drive- To improve U. S. Del Under 'Rationing Marine Recruiters To Interview Women MEMPHIS.—A party from the Marine Corns Oiricer Procurement OfTicc here will be in Jonesboro next Monday aiid Tuesday, April 26 nnd 27, tor the purpose of in- tervieiviiiK applicants for enlistment In the Marine Corps Women'.'! Reserve. Lieut. Frances B. Jackson, one of tlie first women coinmtssloned .in the Marine Corps, will accompany the party wlilcli will uc on duty., both days, from 8 A. M., to 5 P. M., In the Jonesboro station of the Marine Corps Recruiting Service in the Post Oftice building, Wpmen 20 to 30 may be enlisted for genera! service, anil those wlio have had at least two years college work may be accepted for officer training. Oflleer candidates must be between . 20 and SO. At the .present time members of the Women's Reserve are receiving their basic training at Hunter College, New York City; Smith Col- H'go,' Northampton,' Muss., .nml at Mount Holyoke college, Soull Hartley. Mass. The fathers nnd mothers o; young women contemplating enlistment arc cordially Invited to go to the Jonesboro Post O nice on cither of these ' days , to discuss the • opportunities ottered by Mn- )ine Corps service. The men and women on duly there will be glad to supply such information as may be requested and to assist applicants in preparing their preliml- iiniy- applications. ,' Women tentatively accepted in Jonesboro will be furnished with transportation to Memphis to be finally interviewed "and to receive their .physical examination where the examining nurses are on duty. Mexico Uses Balloons To Forecast Weather MAZATLAN, Mexico (UP)—Mexican meteorqloglsls are now sending small, 1 radio-equipped balloons into the stratosphere so that they cap predict Mexico's tricky weather more acurately. The newest balloon station was opened, recently at the important naval base of Mazatlnn, on the Pacific coast. The only other station of its kind in the republic is at the. Tactibatya observatory, near Mexico City. The small, helium-filled balloons are . sent aloft'. Automatic transmitters radio data as they reach certain altitudes. By MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food Kdttur There arc tliree vllal reasons why every American should learn to cat Intullleenlly in wartime, with'Us rationing and food shortages: You feel bcller; you work belter; ami'yon fight bettor. Now Ihe United " Stales Government, wllli the cooperation of many of the largest advertisers In the coun- ry, has begun a national nutrition drive. The slogan is, "Eat (he Uaslc Sevtn Every Day." All the available foods Americans Ike, plus a fsw they soon will earn to like, have been divided In seven basic groups. Prom each •jioup yon should select some food :uch . day—ami ealing more from one group ami neglecting another won't do the Irlck, Here's a breakdown of Die crouus: Group l: .Green inul yellow VCBJ- Inbles—raw, cooked, frozen or can- led; Group 2: Oranges, tomatoes, grapefruit, or' raw cabbage or salad irceiis.' Group 3: Potatoes mid other •syetables. and fruits—raw, dried, ooked, frozen or cnimed. Group 4:.. Milk and milk predicts—fluid,; evaporated, dried milk r cheese. Group 5: Meat, poultry, Itsh or .J8S—or dried beam, pea.s, niiLs or peanut butler. Group C: Brenrt. mid cereals— ittlural whole grain, or enriched or restored. Group 7: Butler or fortified nargnrlne. NO RESTRICTIONS Once you have selected .some food from end] of Hie lw,slc .seven sroups, go ahead and eat any other Foods you happen to like. Tlie new national nutrition drive Isn't, Intended to regiment the American diet. It is designed to improve Ihe American diet despite rnlloiiini;, shortnBes nnd high costs, However, bacon, spaghetti, mac- flronl, white bread and rolls not mrlchod,- white rice, cakes, cookies mil doughnuts do not belong in ihe basic seven groups. 'Iliey lie- long In the "other things you like" lategory. Three : squar:s a day Is an old American theme song. Hut thousands of war workers, for one reason or another, aren't eating he-man breakfasts. That's n tin-cat lo our steady .production of tanks nnd olnncs and shlj«. A p;reoti who starts work, on n meager breakfast, or without anything move Ilinn n cup of coffee, cannot stand the gaff all day ns well as the oilier fellow who n(c a. well-balanced breakfast. , , SURVEY MADB At onc\Wost Coast factory-eni- ploylng.SOpO 'workers It was found that the irmjority of the workers arriving; at") a. in. never ate-' breakfast;- bllt hadicottce'and doUg)imits i^tlioyvjsbl lo the" jCanlfctit In health certificate. The woman refused, The deputy clerk explained that under Texas law she had no choice. In applying for the marriage license', she would have lo leave Hie health certificate, The woman thought U over, picked up Iho heallli certificate and walked out. The deputy clerk was left holding the license. - Leyionnairm Hit}/ Another War Bond Members of the Dud Casoon Post Of American Legion purchased another $500 bond when they niel Tuesday night, at legion mil. Tills brings ihe total of bonds bought by tills (,'i'onp to $9,100, Plans were made at this time lo sciio two hoys from this community- to Boys .state, scheduled at UUIe [lock from June 5lh to 12th. Several other civic groups have agreed lo send boys in cooperation wilh this project. At (lie ,lime .meeting which will be held in connection with (he auxiliary, the slate president, Miss Claudia Kykcnctall, will make her ufflchil visit, anil the state commander, Col. Hendrlck.s Lackey will invited lo attend. Culbreath Initiated sences from Illness; general improvement of employees' health; increased plaul production. Health Certificate Wins Over Wedding License Mobile siiiick fours such as this cmi'. are, trumllcil l!n»ui;li m;my war- tljne /adorlcs. anting lirkl, mld-iiu-al rest {irrlnits-, workers can restore Midi- energy ivllh milli, hot i-offre, samliviclu-s and candy 1 . n largo foimdiy on tlio Atlantic Ecaboanl, most of (lie workers had only Danish pastry and coffee for breakfast. At other factories producing ninmunilion a lai'ge majority of the employees bought stilt drinks rather than milk or fruit juices when they got tired. One of tlie most important phases of the new -National Nutrition nrive will be to gel factory workers lo understand the importance of "tlu-ce .squares n rlny." Luncheon Is Important. It should contain unc-tlilid of the day's food requirements. Trenching wives how (o select biilnnced and appetizing foods for the lunch box and cn- courniiliiB faclory manasers lo in- slull canteens Is part of the pro- irnni. Absenteeism, accidents, Illness and other ciuiscs or ludusti'lal slowdown con be lessened through intelligent feeding. Servcl, Inc., of Indianapolis reports: AhsenteelMn cut in per cent In first four mouths following Insinuation of Victory Lunch .specials. These followed government food rules, and provided balanced meals supplying more Ulan 1-2 the daily food needs. The Themipid plant at Trenton, N. ,1.; reports: Dnriiif five-minute recess 1500 employees givfp ',-. jiiiU, ii)i,lk. (free). 'Resiilts: 30 per cent reduction in .accidents; fewer nb- AHILENK, Tex. (UP)—An Abilene woman evidently Uilnks more of her prospective luisband's health certificate than she docs of tiic prospective husband. When she :it'|)lled at Hie county clerk's office for a marriage license, llu- deputy clerk told the woman she would have lo leave the You Can Get This Ffiili EaJ ^** Miller's Corn Floko» I'ont I'Jil,*—Vcu get tliU liui! arL-tnty Mt t[t-<?. ^0 Inch lutilKMXl boiT wllli jiU-tin pilp. "'"•*' •Vli!ilily'l'°N» "'"' '""'• •'"' l APPY GROCERY H OUR &MKT. 100 W. Main ST. APK. 2:tnl, 2Kh M 2(illi For Your Easter Dinner! PliONE .18:1 Iluuiniing birds cannot ivalk. CHiCKASAW West Main Near list St. bat, starts 12:45; Sun. ttarta l;« Nieht shows 5:K Escept Monday, 'open ;.is Continuous ib«w« S«L tad 8m. pCAC N«. * .liH-Ii Sprat, Cream- Aftc "•**• o-(,Vo|), 1(1 Coin is feil ASPARAGUS,, ",:'Tii, s 23 MILK " A "y,,!S 2.9' ftnRM No - 2 • hlck S " ral - t:rcam f Oc UVnn siyie, M |., )in ( s JO APPLE SAUCE N 2 c n 1-1 I'oinls WHITB, Vt (Jal. Scsko CLASS 45 CRACKERS PRINCESS OR SUNSHINE 11 OZ. BOX ik 1 LB, BOX I9c 2 IB. BOX 35 C Al 1UFQ VLIWCO ORANGES POTATOES Nl) - - 5 C!Inss STUFFED N«. S Glass QU10KN Ci " ir "™ !1 ,-o N ;r" T,ast Time Today Double Feature "MISS ANNIE ROONEY" with Sliirlty Tfmple "PASSAGE "FROM HONG- KONG" with Francts Fairbuiks Friday & Saturday ^Double Feature "SUNSET IN WYOMING" with Gene Autry ^ and 'FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE' with Roger Pryor .SERIAL: First Ouytcr ot "Dirt. Tr«y w. Comedy 25 C 5" CHOW-CHOW* FLOUR PICKLES LEMONS SWEET POTATOES ,, " '"• " ,,, 5' 18 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SALAD DRESSING , 20 MAYONNAISE s ,,» kcs 28 LEE & PERRIN'S 35 24 U. MARY ANN, PI. or Sr... 1.15 48 Lb. MARY ANN, PI. or Sr.... 2.25 96 Lb. MARY ANN, PL or Sr... 4.45 RESISH SPREAD , 20 DRESSING HEINZ PINT in o^. DDRKKK'S RKKF STKAK SAUCK 25' NOTIHF* THIS 1S T ]I K '• A s T \\ I'olKcr's, Maxwell House, Cauovn, Cliaso nviibC. WEEK ON NO 2<; )\ COFFEE STAMP. THIS IS A J,f,ST 01' H- * S:lnl)(ll 'P' Sunnybrook, Silver MDIHI. OUR COFFEE: and Dean's. All Fresh Stuck. CHEESE Wiscotisin nil Cream M». 341 ROAST VEAL CHUCK Pound Franks LARGE SIZE PURE MEAT POUND- 2Sc 01 FQ VK(!ACO or A! '"' SWKET ACc ROAST Lb. PORK SHOULDER Lb. 32' SPARE RIBS SAUSAGE FRESH POUND I'URE I'OUK «JOc Lb. OQ , Mo., April 2?.— Kodgers <1)11I| Cnlhreatli, KOII of Mrs. a. W. Lincoln of this city, a senior in Missouri University law selimil' nt Coluinbln, was one of several Initiated iiHo Hie "Blue Key," honornry .sr.rvlcc rrulrrnily for juniors mill seniors, It was Iranicd lici'o WcdnoMlnv. nil! liiis Open 7:00 p.m. Shnw Slarls 7:30 p.!i). Adm. Always lie and Z5o Thursday *Cadeis 0s Witll Vreililic lliirlliiilnmcw N'cws — Seleclcil ShnrtK. Friday and Saturday 'Arizona Roundup' : Tom Krciie. ', SKUIAL: '•!'<• rils nf Nyn!<a," Chapter Tlirer. Saturday Midnight Show ;,'V ^'Mexican Spitfire at Sea' • will! I.upe \'eley. & I.oon Errol St'leded Sliorls Sunday and Monday WAITER HUSION • RICHARD WIOKt c»»itd by MICHAEL CUDIIZ juti* ruf (i fic^rt t*\tu rj itavat Uu;* AVu-s (if (he nay Scledeil Shorts' NO ADVANCI-; IN I'HICE On Tills OulslaiKlinj Picture; THURSDAY, APRIL- 22, 19-13 ': Port Bragg, calif,, is a civil community; Port 'Bragg N C Is a military post. ' '' TEST 9 f*? • ^~~** KTROlf uFJEUVTHISWAy I'rws MorMim l.el IUTII Hmuili . , rra pruvc Moroliikt' (jipji nunljly. I'or luintir cu mnnulollo,, several years ago Head Courier News Want Ada. ORANGES Florida, Lb. GRAPEFRUIT GREEN ONIONS >ng Bunch 5c RHUBARB I'nimil 15 WHITE SQUASH , ........ 14 YELLOW SQUASH ......... 15 CARROTS Tl M «stanl or -Turnip Home Grown, l,li. -IFi IU GREEN CABBAGE , 9 CELERY POTATOES ONIONS .STAI.K KACII Malm Itussct I'ound NK\V TEXAS POUND SPINACH " OM1 9 SERVE VDURSIlFA^ TOP PQMr VALUES AT BOTTOM WICtS TOMATOES JUICE Hlne Slanips 1), K & V Expire April .10 Standfird No. 2 Can GRAPKFRUIT 4(i Oz. Can .HliCK 4 32 24 GREEN BEANS "£.' 14" JACK SPRAT No. 2 Ciin PEAS CHUM SALMON ' S 22 KETCHUP GERKER 2 Cans IIEIN/ 8 O/,. Knlilc Spend Cofiee Stamp No. 26 BEFORE SAT. NITE CANOVA I CHASE & SANBORN I Lb. 30 ,Ib. 30 FOLGER Lb. 3? 6B0CERY ITEMS BELOW ARE HOT ftflTiOftED 49' IHJ'n'KR, ;\'i ()•/.. I)KI,-flIONTK 1 I'ound Hiix CKU.OI'IIANK fjnt 1'ACKACIC BAISIHS \L? 15 mm CKACKERS ' \£ w Cookies, Box Easter HAMS! Select Yours Early Delicious Whole Hams and Picnics — UCUC HOMK GROWN llkllO .yrcsh Dressed, Mi. FRVEHS f S,, BROILERS VEAL PATTIES BOLOGNA "" "",r* 22 C I AMR ^'^' ^' lo ' cc Orsidc, I.esj l|). ;jg c LHITID Chops, Lb. .|Se, Shltlr. lb. H5c and PA Ihe Slick 1,1). SACONENDS 81h ,, 25 C BROOKFIELD SA Tu 25 BULLION BLUE CHEESE ££%, '165 75 C CHEESE CREAM BflLLftRD'S 'lKESK, AKMOUH'S -Irtc Same as I'hila., Pkff. I* I5ISC1 Jrra Prices Effective Friday & Saturday LIBERTY SUPER MKT

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