The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1970 · Page 35
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 35

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1970
Page 35
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EVBCNG ITAMU1D unday Set rch · ' ' IMM Cbnrck «fl fkH Suntay.tMi Sunday. , ^ . Gttimittce on Finance KM pUMtd in every member visi- tatkm to underwrite the budget forl»H ';·,"· .':-. r, . · A; B. Seder Sr it. chairman of to ewnitite.lUchird Hughes chairman (rf the every mem- 'Rendezvous Concerts 9 Set NEW YORK (AP) - "Rendezvous Concert*" for the Saturday night date crowd are behg started by'SolHurok. . 'There wffl be eight programs .at Alice Tolly Hall in Uncolri ' Center, each one followed by a ^reception in the foyer where the ', audience can meet the artists and each other. -, Time performing will be Giro and Us Ballet'Flamenco from ·.Spain, duo pianists Eden and jTainir from Israel, pianist Hephribah Menuhin and flutist i Elahte Shaffer in a dual concert, actor |Emlyn Williams as 'Charles Dickens, g u i t a r i s t .MichaeTLorimer, violinist Guy Lumia, Soviet pianist Grigory SokoJov and New York. City Open soprano Carol Neblett. 1 ABDOMINAL X-RAYS " Women ,, who have had ab' dominal X-rays are 10 times mon likely to give birth to monogolid children than those ! who were not X-rayed, claims a genetics eipertr ' Matt k* WH. all s» VMh* pMsjM tar theeomingyear's budget at the church service. Those not pledging will be visited by canvassers in the nest week. Visitation wffl conclude en Sunday, Nov. B. The minister, Rev. J. Robert Gray, will speak on "Church Loyalty." ^ The, adult choir win sing "0 Saviour Blest" by Hoggard, and "Holy, Holy, Hornby Rasley, ttnder the direction of Robert C. Rumbaugh. Church organist. Katherine E. Keighley, wffl'play "Adagio In F. Minor" by Mozart, "Lar- gbetto" by Mozart, "Prelude" by Bath, and "March In G" by Handel. German Orange Dinner Friday . - German Grange W 7»' will hold a covered dish dinner at 6:30 p.m. Friday hi the grange hall.' · ' , ' Members are asked to bring a covered dish and table service. Master Clarence Ouseman will preside. i Woman Makes Problem* In Birth Control Plan CALCUTTA.(AP) - The Indian government, trying to make headway with its birth control program, was notified that a woman in Assam had her 21st child. REV. sUINES Rev. Raines Speaker At City. Church Rev. James M. (Jim) Raines, minister-aWarge · of me Church of God in this area, will be.the guest speaker and singer at the UmonUHrn Church of God, East Main St. Sunday at 6p.m. -Mrs. Raines-will 1 also participate, giving an original to- spiratkoal reading. The Raines have pastured churches in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, having most recently served the Church of God at Grampian. They reside at New Years St., Holiday Park. Mr. Raines is also 'employed by WMBS Radio a* an announcer. He is a graduate of Anderson College Geological Seminary, Anderson, Ind, The public is invited to attend. About OS per cent of the Syrian population lives fat rural areas. I Births US. ML V«M A*., , tows, a M at 1:17 am Ifew day, Nov. 1», m*. Mr. mi Mrs. BUMS F*r- dyce, Unseat Furnace R.D. 1, BozM^ a daughter at S:ll n.m. TuMday, Nov. 19, 1SW. Mr. and Mn. John Branson, f'arminfton R.D. 1, Box in, a daughter at S:X a.m. Tueaday, Nov. 10,1171. i Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hut-, nyan, M» s. Washington St., Masootown, a danghtar at :» a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10, IfTO. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Austin, 20 Fifth Ave., Brownsville, a daughter at 5:42 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11,1970. . Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sber- anek, » Banwde Ave., Brownsville, a daughter at 1:07 p.m. Wednesday, Nov, 11,1170. Communicants' Class Planned , Rev. Howard E. Brown, pastor of the McOeiiandtown United Presbyterian r cSurch, will, conduct a Communicants' Class for the young people who will be received Into the Communion fellowship of the church next spring. ; The class begins'Saturday at »:» a.m. in Sunshine Chapel and will continue each week until the course is completed. · Arrangements for attending the class are to be made with the Rev. - ,,! , T^W^P^B^WB^^PW ·£ ^p^ Speaker At ¥et$Program ' Water j: lUdhhet of Per- VFW 'and Mce of Scteot Dif. Wet, was fat* 'speaker at Vetertai Dqr anembly at MooeasenHlch School. Mr. R*dUhc* spoke of President Ntan's no-win potty in Vietnam whteh cafli for gradual withdrawal of troops to phase out the war. SOCK 1,700 students were in attendance. ' Mr. Radishek also spoke highly of today'* youth, saying that the radical element, although influential, is a minority. Ihe PenyopoUi educator said the, legitimate dissent is part of our democratic system, but urged peaceful change. He also questioned the value of educational dectoon* made urjder the threat of violence. PLEASE DRIVE CABBFtlLLT light, Law Class Election Tonight A meeting of the Light* Law Class, McCtellandtown , United Presbyterian Church, will take place in Sunshine Chapel tonight at S o'clock. Devotions have been arranged by J. Calvin Fleming. J. B. Christopher is the program leader. Nomination and election of officers will take place. Serving ott the social committee are Louis R. Vaccaro and Arthur Vaccaro. WANJIADS HIRE * BUY * SELL * RENT * SWAP WANT AD . INFORMATION All toett M» P.M. to 1:» Ml DAVOEEltTT -- The family of Arthur W. Datttherty wishes to humbly express our Ion and tt- preeialkn to all frtends and rela 6ves, for all acts of Idndnass and sympathy, during the recent loss o our beloved husband and father, A special thanks to Pastor Hunt; the lien's Btble Class who« provided the pallbearers; the lovely music the W. M. C. women for the lovely meal, and to all who contributed flowers, food and gifts. May God Mrs. Lottie Daagherty and family, STARK -- I wish to thank our many kind friends, neighbors and relatives for the maay acts of kindness and sympathy shown me during the recant death of m; husband, dark Jj. Start. Soeclal thanks tpJRev. WaMkoanlg, those ir assisted in any Wife Hazel .who sent flowers or manner. ' 2-taMe.Mriaii DUICHO --In loving memory of mi dear husband, Harry (Henry Duicho, who passed away one year ago today, November 11 My heart has been saddened, Broken since you have gone, No one else can take your place. But no matter when or where We wffl meet again some day, The days and nlgtll are dark And lonely for me. But I look forward for tomorrow We^IJhaa_se£ i yonr__Wiid i Wife ml«e*d These Are Pulitzer Prize Pictures THEY HELPED YOU UNDERSTAND THE NEWS · ' ' 1970-- fey Sftvc Irarr. Arm* gfu.enfi srf CtmtH 1949 -- by 0e(dl« Ad*m». fwmmary exetMtlvii en a Saiga* ,, 1967--«y Jatk Th*m»ll. Showing of Jamn M«f*,Wi dwrlnf 1965-- oy Hani faat. fr*m « portfo/lo of hit VlUnam War : ' pit hint. 1962-- by foul Vafnh, rV.sfaW KMnsjtiy and ' " · f/f«itk«ws)r conf*r 'on Cuban crMs. 1967 These pictures were not taken to win prizes. They were taken for publication in this newspaper to give our readers a clearer insight into events of the day, But when great pictures are chosen for great honors -such as the Pulitzer Prize- we are pleased to recall that we were able to 1 present them to you when they were still spot news. The pictures shown here were made by photographers of The; Associated Press. AP pictures have Won two consecutive annual Pulitzer Prizes and five in the past nine yean. Each moved over the AP Wirephoto network to this newspaper within minutes after it was taken. As a member of The Associated Press, a hews cooperative, we also have a daily selection of the best pictures taken by other AP members around the world. A number of these, too, in past years have won the Pulitzer Prize. This combination off'the skilled photo staffs of AP and Hs members and our own photo staff here, assures this newspaper of complete photo coverage, in... When prize pictures are still spot news - you'll find them The Morning Herald--The Evening Standard A m.mbwr of Th« Atsoerat.d Prim BLACK --In loving,mernecy of ou dear w«e and nether, Catherine Louise Black, who passed awt one year ago today, Wovembt One'year'has passed since that i»c day Tbe one we : loved was : eallet TeJMarhervefee, To sw her smile To art and talk 'with her awhile, To be together In ta» tame old Would be our greatest wish today, We lost a moer with a heart Wbomeeut more to us than wealth untold. , The voice Is mute and stilled the Ttiit loved ui weU and tnw. How Mtttr wai tM Mai to part frwn on* M good M you. . You are not forgotten, Lovtd OIM, nor wfll io« «nr b«. fa loot *· m and mnwrr last we will, remember Uiee. Surrounded br frieadi. we are lonetome. III UK mldit at our joys we are blue.' With a imlle on'our face we've a heartache. Lotifinf, Dear Mother, for you. We'll mlM your pmenee IB oui livM, each day that we're apart. And frieve that death forever i ailed Your undemanding heart. They »ay time hea all torrow And help u to forget, but HUM far has only proved How much we mm you yet. Very ladly rolMed"by buiband Kobert, and daughten, Darla JTan, and Bobbl Jo. A CATFnra! -- In lovlnc memory of our dear muband and father Perry La CattMe Sr. who puan away one year ago, November * 12. IfM. Bememberance i( a golden chain Death tries to break but an In vain To have, to love and then to part If the greatest sorrow of ones heart The, yeara may wipe out many 'But tms they wipe out never The memory of those happy yean When we were all together. So its only a grave that sun needs 'care Tor the dad we lav* in sleeping there ' Some may forget that be is gone But we still remember no matter Sadly muied by wife, son and daughter, -- Save Mgl Do your own rug and upBolstery cleaning with-Blue Lusfre7 Rent electric shampooer $1. ralrchance Radio It Xlectrlc, nurehance. Pa. DO YOtT HAVX adrinUngprobiem? Tl so, write "A.A.", P.D. Box «7 Vnlontown. Fa., P. O. Box SM BnrAiKvllle, or Pi O. Box (t Waynesbuig. Pa., giving details. WIG ntvraronr STOCK SALE -- Below cost, lot or by niece Can Mary S, Thomsi, 49T-MZ7 10-Uosl Found BEAOLI.LOST -- Male. Saturday in Upper Miaalewwn Wiltersburt Arta. .43M111 DOO LOST.-- Black rox Terrier Whtte markings. Kale. ' ISO Reward Call MT.4730. HIOE SCHOOL WHO TOUND -- OWs. Oft. Albert Qallatm. US- BLUE LUSTRD 5- Bvary make electric carpet sdsmpooer does a ·better job with famous Bhtt Lustre. Sun Drug'Store, Unkmtown Shopping Center, Margantown Rd ^Unlonfowh NOT nraPONSIBLB for any debts or obligations contracted by anyone other than myself. James Ray Byers, 84 MeoArthur Terrace. IfOT RESPONSIBLE For any debts or obligations contracted to anyone oilier than ,myseU. Wendell D. seeee 1« ConneUndle St., . Unkmtown, Pa NOT RESPONSIBLE lor any debts or obligations Incurred by anyone other than myseUi M a r s h a l l Rodeheaver, M Hickory Road, Unkmtown, Pa. r RESPONSIBLE for any 'debts 1 obttgttkmd Incurred by any one her -than myself. Roy I. lomnsob, Sr.. it Stewart Ave., NOT or wwi other *inan Thompson, Sr., Unkmtown, Pa, NOTICE TO JOB APPLICANTS Age · Discrimination In Kmn Sent Act The ABBA proffi ._ arbitrary age dtscrimiaatton in employment for persons bstvfven the ages of 40, anTtB and applies to employers, Witt » or more em«oyiM«,. tin; and labor ori Usements containing such terms and pnrases as "young," "boy," "glri;"or designating a certain age such as *-"age 39 to M," or other similar specification, Indicates "discrimination / against the employment of older persons and are considered In violation of tbe Art. Additional information' about the Act's provisions can be obtained by calling or writing the: U. S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, 308 B Street, McKeesport, Pa. Phone 673-9703. 1 -Help Wauled BEAUTICIAN -- Part tune. Jimmy Crsrotta Beauty Shop, 437-7061. . AVON CALLING ~ Holiday time Is just around the corner you need extra money now ~- earn SSS in your spare Hme sefltat AVON products. Call now for details. Mrs. Vesio 437-1110. - , BEAUTY "OPERATOR -- Experienced. Write T. W. N., Box Me. Uniontown, Pa. BODY MAN'- Experienced only. Excellent benefits. C h e v r o l e t dealer. For appointment, call 7359900. * ~ i, BOOKKEEPER-PAYROLL CLERK : --- Write Box 84», Uniontown, Pa. CASHIER -- Experienced. Apply in feerson. North Side Market. B22 N. Osllatln Avt. lit- CLAM BUCKET or magnet E O U I P M E N T MAINTENANCE PERSON -- Experience necessary. Top wages plus frlnms. Apply in person, Mononfahela Iron. Metal Co;, E.-Main St., Mononuahela. tEY PUNCH OPERATOR - Experienced. Write C, S, R., Box 848, Uniontown... , '.":'. ' LEAD GUITAR PLAYER -- For country western band. 723*5181 or 729-9204. METAL FABRICATORS -- -:Experienced, to work In miscellaneous Iran shop". Must be able to fabricate steel stairs and rails from blue prints. Steady work and regular overtime. Plant located 35 miles South of Washington; D. C. CalT 301-9.14-8192 or write W * W. Fabrication. P. 0. Box »M, La Plata, Maryland, M048. MOTHER'S HELPER to live In PHUbuMB. Week ends free. Nice home ft a residential section located near schools. Other help employed. Salary, room and board. Write resume to A.B.T., Box 848, Uniontown, Pa. 'ERSON -- Live In. Care for semi- Invalid lady. 437-9121. PERSONS ~-Fluinbing and heating. «B»ri»M osdr, Call after t sun. PEMON (or hre*k cab repairs, also Experienced. painter. ra a53seS.N«HSSe.e..«. Part Urn* er rail time. 4avssil freoi 11 to S Route start. SAUSPEMCW -- Married an* aggressive. Income at |M.M* sod UD. FVjfyff B«"*tls "eoiy in own handwrtSssl. Our salesiximiss know of this ad. Kstkmal sales organization. Beetles stitcklr con- aKS37*ntj.. S.O.T.. BOX su. Uafeatown, Pa. ' SALESPI8SOMS -- Kara money in your spare time and enjoy a free wardrobe twice a year plus M per cent dfeeount the, year around on SMJC3 BEPMSZNTATIVZ for ' local candy wholesaler to cover two couanes jn bis car on commission.. day adv .' per r week SIS. . Call day advance: Can 4J7-4OW, Catalaao after 8 p.m. per Mr. SBTPPTMO ·! LUGGERS _f»r : . shift. And psjckaglng workers for day shift. Apply fei person at Weils Packing CoTftrkey Hollow Road. Donors, Pa, . SHORT ORDKR COOK restaurant help, wan Perkulator Beetaur.nt, St. between 1-S. , a n d restaurant help, wanted. Apply M W. Main Seluia 17 A--hsticflMi Offatat -- Ex- earnlio.eoo to 115.000 per sr_shojt tratntag. Tor ap- *M-aM700. or write United Systems, Inc., ckcrs Center, P. O. Wheeling, West Virgin!.. HATH TUTORING Cn 4M-7S4i'artor,4 o'clock. PEBSOKALIZED F L I G H T IN- STRUCTIOlfS, FAA and VA ap* proved. Can SJ«,M»5. Ask for Rick. 19-Mujk*l, Drama PIAHO AMD. VOCAL 1 1NSTKUC. TIONS -- Terl Vlncant, 437-WB4. ANTIQUE-ami moderni- clocks and watches repaired: , All w o r k Maratteed. Curt B o f c h i n a BBiabeth St., Hopwood, Fa! formerly' with FayJMe Bank Trust Of. 437-H74.. ) ' ·ator-ser- ' "1SS. swnc CJBS8POOLS, teptle 'tanas' cleaned. Maoni equipment National Sanl- tatfon Co. Can BSt-SSSSj OARAGX DOORS -- Commercial, ^ residentlsl radio eon- Aerators, sales, service. _ Deor Co. of Laurel High- ..D/JTMl. Flessant. Phone KEYS Dice's, M Morfantown. St. shatlMMd, ,Lawn . TREES T8IMMBD of removed. Best References. 4M M*i.. 21 A-fcio4 TV Service HARRY'S T.V. -- Repair, buy or sen, 4VMMS4 or tsV-mM., CV and Stereo Hepatlrs. OSry Crayton, 4»t-laW. "^ black and white. WOLrB* -- r Prompt service. 'ork fnaran- . 4J7-1149. ALtiMODKRN.HOaUES-Bring your , plans and specifKatfons. We will - underbid 'any and Vail are-fab builders. We give the most for your money. Loans up to so per cent. N.J. Keller Construction, 71 Itan- -c)s St.. Craig Meadpwst 43T-S8M. IOME IMPROVEMEBTS -.modeling, an pbases; Room etoinatss. 100 per cent financing available. Charles LaHy, Hl-Maln Construction. Phone 438-31J8. HOME IMPROVEMENTS --· Paneling, ceilings, room additions, baths, kitchens, electric Keating. No job to email. 434-4828. 328-2717. HOME REMODELING --All phases indoor and outdoor. Room additions, gamerooms, roofing, tiding, paneling, cefllng^ etc Free estimates. ; nPho'ne.Roy:;DeWitt Jr. Residential Remodeling Co. 437-OHO. PLAWUNQ to bund a new home? Planning to remodel or add to your .present one? -all Pepe Con- strucflon. Phone 437-33*. KEMODXLBRS -- Experienced. Kitchens, bathrooms,' room additions, 'ceramic Hie; paneling, game rooms, roofing, siding, far- ages. Free estimates; Aned Construction CO. 438-012? STONE MASON CONTRACTOR -Retaining walls, sidewalks, porches, in or outdoor fireplaces, etc. Phone Delbert Russell 437-9992. 23MU9 And Carpet Cleaning BLUE LUSTRE -- One of the finer things of life, Blue Lustre carpet and upholstery cleaner. Rent electric shampooer 11. Petro's Store, 44 Searight Ave.: .Uniontown. 25--RwfoirPhimbirig-Heafing FURNACES-Electric, gas and oil Electro-Air electronic air cleaners. Walter H, Cook ..Heating. 438-8187. FURNACES - Electric, gas, on. Air conditioning: · .home, commercial, factory»Dliflcult work our specialty. Henry J. Cooper Co.. low. Col- fey St., 4'-"9": eve. 438-8970. :OOF 'LEAKING? Furnace smoking? Prompt service. Paul Whetzel, rear 274 Derrick Aye. 1 438-6501. 26--Insurance, Surety Bonds INSURANCE -- Buy insurance that 1. jngu.,,,,,05 Agen -Phone 4.T8-354S. ·pays. Sesrlght Insurance Agency. it E. Mains. Phr--··*·---* ADDITIONAL CLASSIFIED ON PAGES 36, 37

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