The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE -EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 24, The Mature Parent: Facing Child's Problems Can Help in Solving Others By HAROLD K. STKONK yi'rIUen tor NKA Service It Is right to correct our children. We should claim that right- agamsl 8)1 comers. Sometimes we refuse to claim it because we are uncertain that It Is our right. Occasionally our other family re- Jatlonshtps seem to pre-sent such difficult problems that \ve don't feel equal to the task of dealing with our children's. But it Is by dealing with our children's problems that we often solve the others. i Consider the case of n wife I knew who lived In her mother-in- law's home. Accustomed lo authority, (he older lady objected (o the scenes her grandson made when ius mother corrected him. Her first concern u'a.s that her own son have peace and riu!t;t in his home when he returned at night. But the decision of the wife on IIic side of fear of displeasing her husband and mother-in-law failed in its purpose. Nobody had peace or om'ct. The home was kept in constant turmoil by (he demands of an unhappy nnd imcontro!l n d child, frightened by the of everyone around him. Only tt'hrn the wife became coti- UIU.11 °) I'l^IJ B P«M Ol{b' -)l![U pD3U|A her youngster was she able to champion that right effectively. As soon •AS she herself became positive and sure of It, she found that she could defend it with assurance and authority. After a month or so, there was peace and quiet In that home. What solved her problem with her child was a change of attitude. Her change of attitude also won new respect from her : husband and his mother, When we are confused, we arc apt to find our circumstances confused, loo. Sometimes It Is neighbors we fear to disturb by our child's loud protests at paying the price of mis- conduct. We will Indulge that fesir only to meet the tantrum again tomorrow. Our youngsters may have a good reason for being angry. If they have, we won't discover it by ignoring his kicks and screams. We will discover what It is by correcting his method of making that reason known to us. Like its, he must learn to res 1st Injustice. He,must also learn that he docs not have to resort to tantrums to win fair treatment and Interest in his point of view. Tomorrow: Fat lure needs more (han (lie soothing syrup of sympathy. Blyihevilfe Men Leave for Rally Five Blythevlllp IIIPII will ICJIVP today for Joncsboro to hoard the McMalh Special Twin to rine Hhiff and McMath's open INK cnmpjiign sncech. The BlytheviUe (ieleKatrs v.tll make the trip from 'Jonr.sbnro with 450 othor M<:Math supporters, including two from Wilson, one from Del!, four front Manila and ten from Learhvillc, T. F. "Dae" Denn said today. The four special I ruins for the rally \viil converge on I J inr Bluff around 5 p.m. Pnssenecrs will form behind live visiting hands to parade for eight blocks through the business district. The train will return to Joncs- boro at midnight, tonight. Continued from Pago 1. commercial transportation is found, the Ballou should be ready to sail for Rotterdam with the youth party Tuesday, Right now. the government vessel is due in New York for lay- up after considerable -service carrying refugees. The'students, traveling under the sponsorship of the National Student Association, had planned to sail Thursday aboard the Svalburd, a former Nazi ship used in the invasion of Norway, Since the war, the Svalbard has been rigged up • as an emigrant .ship, and was on its first trip to the United States. It is owned by the Norwegian government, will) the Norwegian American Line as agents. Michael Faraday, nineteenth century scientist who contributed much to the early development of electricity, was self-educated. Obituaries Services Are Scheduled f or Junie Naiiinc Shay Junle Nadine Shny. onc-day-okl laughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Sliay, died at 10:50 yesterday at '.ho home ol her parents In Ar- inorel. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock tomorrow after- loon by the Hev. Mr. Tidwe.ll, Pentecostal minister of o.sceolu. Burial will be at Dogwood RUIgc Cemetery Jobb Funeral Home is In charge. OLD SCHOOL GRAD—James C. Hornberger, Jr., of Succnsurma, N. J., spent five years in the Pacific war, and returned to grammar school at the age of 24. This year, lie graduated from • Roxbury High School at age 20. He's seen with two of his teachers who ar» younger tbnn he is—Mrs. Adeline Taylor, left, and Mrs. Celeste Mendes. Hornberger, known as "Pop" to his schoolmates, ij headed for u technical school. The International Trade Organization Wouid Set Structure Long Considered By Clark Beach WASHINGTON — The d tnin Ls- trnlioiCs campaign lo get Congress to approve the charter of the international Trade Organization' U TO) would set the capstone for a .structure has been which this, government helping for 16 years to build. The charter has been highly praised and roundly criticized, Whether it is good or bad, here is the story behind it: The government decided in the '30s that the great depression, was caused in part by restrictive trade Hcticcs by the U. S. as well as iier countries. .This nation's Ilaw- y-Smdbt. Tariff, adopted in 1930, raised important duties to re- rd levels. The U. S. turned lo Tdell Hull's reciprocal trade trea- es in 1934. Under them this coun- y reduced tariffs in propo/tion to ncdssions by other countries. Mfiny other restrictions remain In -the world, and new ones erel7I>\ull up—quota systems, for- grt^txchange controls, dlscrlmin- oryy."Barter deals, cartels, hidden xes, trade preferences and irth. Before the second world ir was over, the U. S. began its fort to abolish all the barriers \c U. S. was the chief sponsor the International Monetary md, which was established to abilizc foreign exchange. It led ic movement to sot up the World auk, to lend money to impover- hcd nations for rehabilitation and evclonmenl. In December 1945 it proposed that i international Trade Oignnlaa- on be formed, to wage a con- milng world-wide attack on every /pe- of trade restriction. The Ua- ed Nations sponsored this move- lent, nnd a. preliminary meeting :ts held at Geneva in 1947. The ations assembled there agreed on wo things: (1) The outline of * barter for the ITO, (2) A so- ailed "general agreement," through 'hich all the nations there adopt- IT S WET IN THERE"—Jo-Jo and Jerry, new polar boor cubs al the Detroit Zoo, have no mother to guide them—into the water. So trainer Eli Sorak took on the job of teaching them lo swim. At first they seemed reluctant pupils bec.-iUFc, as pictured above, they dashed out of the pool the first chance they sot. However,'when left alone in another cage, they jumped into the water and slashed about hke a couple of krcls in the old swimming hole Radio Done by Bonded Serviceman Every .Job Giniranleed Everything in Mi/sic Supplies ami Repairs il. MAKE RECORDS You'll l.iivc Our Flowers! m.VlHKVll.I.E FLOWER MART I Memphis iriwaj t'hone (MZ <J|irn 7:30. Starts »:00 MUSIC STORE 1107 E. Main I'horic 6811 Saturday —DOVIll.K I-'K.VniRE— "LEATHER GLOVES" with C.nnirrnn Milrlielt and Yirfiim:i (Tray n.i's "RED STALLION OF THE ROCKIES" lln Color) with Ccni- ricllicr ami Arthur Franz "Kaiilcri of {'arson Cily", Serial anil Cannon Sunday & Monday ' "LOST BOUNDARIES' I'lllST IH'X 1\ m.YTllKVII.I.F TWO CAKTOOXS AND WKSTI-RX FKATUKKTTK American families now own 191 million life insurance policies, an average of more than four per family. DOWN WITH "THE REAL SUCKERS" -Paul Abbott. 27-year- olrl veteran, wlio's submerged in a glass-top tank in Shafer Lake, MontiL-cllo, Inci., because he's sore about hidJen taxes, eats hit fiisi me;il "down under/ 1 Unable lo keep his head above the tax v.'ineis, Abbott went down in a I0-by-lt)-fool slcel and glass tank e<|uinpe[J with fluorescent tights, radio, telephone and easy chair. There, lie says he'll live with the "real suckers Hie swimming kui'J"—until Congress takes some action 1L to favor Ihe laxpayinfi dads of the country." Masons to Meet Masonic and Eastern Star groups of Blytheville and Dell will meet tomorrow afternoon al 2 o'clock at the Baptist, Church In Dell for the St. John's Day Service. The sermon will be by Rev. J. W. Knowles, pastor of the Dell church. hair in the picture. You s«, Clemenceau was completely bald.** Hollywood Continued from page 4) tiling in "The Garden of Allah," and lie doesn't want moviegoers pausing before posters showing him with Barbara and going "Ilnimmm." Bubbling on Boyer's cinematic stove now urc a production of Albert Cutnus' "The Plague"—the an- llmr killed MGM's plan lo do It with Spencer Tracy, and a screen biography of _ Clcmcnceau, the French statesman. Boyer grinned: "I can afford to lose a few more RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR K;ictory-Tr»in*d Mechanics' Any Make or Modjto Prompt Service Reasonable Price* Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Fred Callihon 1 10 So First St., whether any politician should tie eUirned to office. ed a code of International commercial practices. The code forbade quota systems, hidden taexs and various discriminations which nullified the effect of lowered tariffs. 'This -"general agreement" was not a treaty, but the U. 8. made it a part of all its new reciprocal trade treaties. The ment. In ench of its new treaty U. S. sat right down there In Geneva and negotiated such treaties. Incorporating the new agrcc- ncKolintions since then it has made the agreement a nart of the treaty. The ITO c': 1 "-'"r_ addled at Havana in 1948. Includes the principles of the general agreement, but it goes much further. It binds the nations to seek to end all types of restrictions on international trndc, including cartels, government subsidies and so forth. It, would do little to abolish restrictions now in effect, but It commits the nations to negotiate continually to find ways to gradually reduce them. The trade reforms would apply to all the nations .which subscirebd to the ITO charter. Representatives of '53 nations a-j greed on the charter. Only two government.'! have adopted it. Prnc-- tically all nre waiting for the U. S. to raitfy it first. Meanwhile, the U. S. has taken still oilier steps in the Interest of world commerce. An important feature of the European Recovery Program CERPI, launched in 1048, is the Orgnni- izntion of European Economic Cooperation. It Is composed of the 19 countries being helped by ERP. Through it they are seeking ways of removing trade barriers among themselves. The President's Point Fmir program would help underdeveloped countries to build themselves up lo the point where they could abolish various restrictive practices, hindering trade. The latest move was the appointment of Gordon Gray, former Secretary or the Army, to be head of a committee to study means of filling the "dollar gap" after ERP ends. (The dollar cap the $3.000,000.000 difference bi>Aveen what Europe bnys here with ERP aid and what it sells here.) This might lead to further towering of U. S. tariffs so that foreign dollars can go further. BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATPF Saturday DOIHII.K FEATURK "SOMBRERO KID" with DON <t!Kl)) BAKKY ami LYNN JIVRtCK PLUS "HENRY RAINMAKER' with HAYMOM) WAMIUKN and WAI/IKK CAT1,ETT (Continued from Page 4) thirds majority was require. The vote [ell five short of the necessary 1[)2. Democrats supported it almost unanimously. But several Republicans who had supported the call for a constitutional convention when it was a GOP proposal ill 1017. voted against it 111 1919 on purely partisan grounds. By that action. Illinois lost its chance to give its cities more home rule and provide the much-needed tux reform. As the next best thing, the governor supported a so-called Gati'v.'tsy amendment which would permit the voters to pass on three amendments to the constitution at one (ime^ This proposal Is on the ballots for the November election. One other major setback which Governor Stevenson received was ou his proposal for a Pair Employment practices Commission. Race relations in Illinois are pretty tense. Southern Illinois, around Cairo, is farther South than Louisville and has complete segregation. On the positive side, the governor points with pride to the work of h I s Little Hoover Commission, which worked on state government reorganizations for the school system, reorganization of the Depart- nent of Mines, overhauling of pub- lice assistance programs and the management of state hospitals and institutions. Even Republicans concede that the governor's staffing of his major assistants and his braintrust in the gavernor's mansion were good, and not mere political spoils appointments. But, says the governor, though what he did in one ycur was more than had been done in many 10- year periods in the past, it was a mere beginning. He could work at this political reform for eight years and still not set it all clone. As to whether he will seek a second term as governor, he is somewhat evasive. After all, he has years more to serve in his first term. When the time comes to make that, decision, it will be necessary to look at the record and see how much service of good government has been given the people. That's the real lest in determining Saturday Owl Show "FLAXY MARTIN" with Virginia Mayo ,t /.arliary Scott Sunday & Monday "AFRICA SCREAMS'' with Hurt Abbott i I.ou Coslcllo AM) "THE BIG WHEEL" with Jlirkey Itooncy and and Michael O'Shca Also Cartoon HELEN WESTCOTT-MILLARD MITCHELL-JEAN PARKER """""'HENRY KING '«**"»NUNNALLY JOHNSON S««n Plaj by *ffi*m 8a«rs I Wrtnai Srftn • fion. i $!«i b, WMam SOMII t h4;t deToth lYail Ridge Road in Rocky .lountnm National Park, Colorado, s the highest continuous highway it the nation. Pour miles are above ,2,000 leec (limbcrlinc). Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Alalinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 Saturday "ARIZONA COWBOY' with REX ALLEN Saturday Owl Show "TRAPPED" with LLOYD'BRIDGES WANTED EXPERIENCED SilESMAN To Sell Formal! Tractors and International Trucks. A Good Deal for the Right Man BEN F. BUTLER CO. OSCEOLA For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS Sunday S: Monday "MALAYA" with Spencer Tracy and James Stesvurt RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "6 GUN MESA" with JOHNNY MACK BKO1VN Also Cartoon and Serial Fire-safe, weather-tight, rodent-proof. /Permanent, long-tife construction. 3 con v en ient'. sizes: 14' x8'- — • 1000 bu.; 18'xll' — 2200 bu.: IS'xKT— 3276 bu. .••:.. Order Butler Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Saturday Owl Show "MY LITTLE CHICK-A-DEE" with MAE WEST Sunday & Monday "SECRET FURY" with Claudcfle Colhcrl & Rnlicrt Warner News ,t Short!; For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of coses investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wa$ improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced aftet The use of Mountain Valtey Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it ior a few weeks. | h is delicious, pure-lasting, and may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley j i Water AVAILABLE • ORDER HOW! RIGID FRAME & TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMINUM BUILDINGS Quickly erected — in day* Instead of weeks — to meet urgent demands for on-the- farm grain storage. After grain is markeicd.your Butter Building gives you year-round use as implement or livestock shelter, for hay storage, many other farm purposes. Sec ui today for full information on these sturdy longlife building*. A MOOUCI op CAPACITIES tar fetter SwMinii 78,450 BUSHHS By shoring up 5 fcec •long sides and endi. 13,000 aUSHELS On the floor twtthouc ihoring) MANUrACTUHINO COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Aiilhori?.ed Dealer For * Butler Steel Buildings Genera) Contracting Vj>.0. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blytheville,, Ark

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