The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY. JUNR 24. 1050 •LYTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople AW, POT A HEADUOCK Or-i GOOPSOStV CAN'T YOU SEE THEY'VE PULLED DOWM MY FENCE I BUILT AROUNP OUR NEW PROMT UAWM TO KEEP PEOPLE FROrV\ COTTIM' ACROST IT? WHYN'T YOU STOP 'EM? STIRS Me ueepLY. PARTING FROM VOL!/ -~ HERB, WELL, IF .SHE HASNT NCTTIceC? IT AMD THE roe HASN'T, AWD I HAVEN'T, ITCEE- , TAIMLY MUST BE J A PEACH OF A V JOB/^- I CAME HERe WITH OrJE. FOOT IN THE TRASK CArt ~- Von 6TOKED ME UP WITH BISCUITS AND COIN/-**-IF VOU HATE THE SIGHT OF YOUR IT TO THE E NTI RE * 2OO THAT CARKiWAu CHAP PAAD M& FOR YOUR CONTRACT WHV MOTHERS GETT , FHKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL. BLOSSEB Hume on Wheels I -.<# P. Television on Saturday 1-.10 p.m.—Sports Preview llyi—Browns-ltcd So.v 3:30—linscbiill Srorclniiird 4:00—Western Feature 4:55—Commercial Ajiiieiil 1'review 5:00—American Forum 5:30—Life licgins al 80. 6:00—Ken Mllrniy 7:00—Ed Wynn 7:30—Trotting Ilaccs 8:00—Lone Ranger 8:30—Buck Ko£er:i 9:00—Wrestling 10:00—News Summary TELEVISION 8 RADIO Aiiajilasmosia Is a deadly malaria- like disease of cnltle. rtii'irLoveOur Flowers] FLOWER MART Memphis (liwaj I'lumr 6002 By Grace Nies Fletcher XXII I QNCK when she was a little girl and had visited a tui-m, Gloria Brown had heard a stuck pig screaming. The pis hod sonntied just like Mr. Bcnoni as lie pleaded for his life. Mr. Benoni's voice rose to a higher pitch: "It was Sadie that killed Sal. Lofty!" Gloria looked down al Mr. Benoni's wife, lying on the floor with the blood running from Ihe little hole in her temple and staining her gray marcelled hair. Killing's too^o'od for him, Gloria thought. Mr. Herioni was trying to throw the blame onto his wife, onto the woman who nad made him apple pies with little slivers of lemon in them, who had tried to save Ihe miserable little rat Mr. Denoni, with her own body because—bless her—she loved him. "1 never understood about medieval torture before," Gloria thought. "But I guess it might have some uses," Yet, when the little gray man's popgun spoke a second lime. Gloria drew a deep, sobbing breath, crying, "Oh, no!" The little gray man turned to Gloria. Gloria realized that now he was going to kill her. But she saw will amazement that he looked genuinely sorry. "1 got no choice in the matter,' Vie explained. "Be reasonable now Have I, Toots?" Gloria didn't' answer. She wfl ooking directly at the gun whicl was pointed at .her. It was th irst time she had ever looket death squarely in the face. The little round hole in the bar rcl of the gun stared at her am seemed to grow bigger and bigge until she couldn't look away, t queer metallic taste of fear wa n her mouth. Her throat was s dry that it seemed lo stick to and make her breath rasp But it was funny how somethin t, rltX Sco FLOOR FURNACE IF You Install It Before July 31st Do It Now! Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get lite famous Coleman that gives you Automatic I Heat—Clean Heat—iVarm- I^loor Heat. See A Demonstralion Today Chas. S» Lemons Furniture Ji . ;»s small as that liUte hole in the nd of that gun could hold so murb —Gloria. Mililiadcs, all ot their ves together, Mentally she said a prayer and ddrcssed it lo Mililiadcs: "Oh, my orling, I've been such a fool, but love you — " The shot that Gloria wailed for idn't come. Why didn't the little ray madman shoot? Maybe he •as enjoying watching her shiver nd shake, just like Mr. and* Mrs. lenoni trembled while they faced oath. Maybe the little gray man vas thinking, that everyone was like at the point of a gim- 3enoni, a Jack the Cork, or irown. All cowards! * * * AT Ihe thought, such an anger shook Gloria that she forgol icr fears. "No, by Bacchus." she Tied fiercely. "I am not a cow- ird!" Although it felt like lifting a .on weight, she raised her eyes 'rom that ever-widening hole in ,hc end of Ihe gun and, faced the iiUte murderer who had killet igain and again and who must kit yet again. But she did it and hei eyes met with his, "It's you who arc the coward," she accused fiercely. "You poor .ittlc frog of a man! Who arc you what are you without that gun Nothing!" Her eyes watched the man mov slightly as he raised the weapoi a tvitle to aim at her, but she wa not feeling afraid any more. Tli tide of her anger, and of her con tempt, rose inside of her sweepin away her fears and pushing he on in its vast, surging waters. "What have yon ever done be sides kill people?" she asked him "Have you ever baked an npp! pic? Or written a poem? Or born a baby? Have you ever done thing lo justify your verminou existence?" Without wailing for him to r ply, and his answer probab wouldn't have come from his U but from the gun anyhow, she went on: "No.. You've never been alive al all You're dead right now ami 3u don't know it! As dead as the :oplc you've killed!" Lofty Gordon's oyos seemed to ow a bit wider and a little more jrplexed, as if he wore looking something he didn't Ihink could xisl. As he slared at her, startled this slip of n girl who refused grovel and whimper and squeal the face of certain death, Gloria vopt on, proudly, gloriously: "Why, the Greeks looked upon eath ns nothing. They made jokes bout Uealh, wrote verses about H: 'Why. perhaps Death is late and Life is Death .nd victuals and drink an illusion of the senses; or what is Death but eternnl sleep? \nd does not Life consist of eating find sleep . - /" Gloria Brown, Phi Beta Kappa, ne-time secretary to the profes- or of classical drama al a great nd renowned university, and now vile of this professor's son, might lave gone on. and quoted the rest T the ancient poem, but for the untimely interruption of o popgun. ATIIEN Lofty Gordon's litlle gun " went oil, it did nol hurt her at II, at first. Bui it sounded too oud, twice as loud as it had sounded when it had ki»'cd Mr and Mrs. jcnoni Like two guns. MaybCfit .vas because it was a special shot "or her. And the sound v,'as followed by a hot slab in Gloria's flesh and a sudden push, like a heavy blow that took her breath away. She saw the room going round and round and it seemed like Ihe liille gray man staggered to keep upright in,-the .whirling room. Then there were fireworks, m vast pinwheel In her di?.7.y head. She realized she was falling to the floor, still trying to quote Greek poetry as she drifted away into a black whirlpool. "If only," Gloria thought, "Mil- it iadcs could hold me in his arms, I wouldn't mind dying." And then the merciful black waters seemed to close over bef head. (To Be Continued) COPR. t»M BY Ktt. SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO, U, S. PAT. OFF. "My plan for keeping Henry in nights while I'm away is foolproof! I merely put a note in his best suit, reading. 'So you're all dressed up— why?' EUREKA/A MoME I'KISCILLA'S 1>OI- Knows What She's Doing liY At, VERMEBR YOU'VE GOT NO COMPLAINT! EVERY TIME I BEAT YOU 1 MAKE I'P FOR IT BY 1E.LPING WITH THE DISHES! NOT SO LONG A3 THERE'S DISHES TO BE DONE! I GUESS YOU'LL JUST JEVER GE.T THE HANG OF THAT GAME, HA7EL! ANOTHER CANASTA AND I'M OUT! OH, WALDO! YOU'RE MEAN! HY MICHAEL O'MALT.EY and KALI'H I,ANS NOT UNTIL MID-AFTER NOON. 1 CATCH IT IN THE NEXT TOWN OVER FROM DOBBIN. GOING TO MISS MUCH.' VIC FUNT CAPTAIN EASY So Lonjf BY LESLIE TURNER WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Qur Work ine work • Woodwork tacluring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing REMODEL NOW Nothing Down—Up to 36 Mos. to Pay It's easy to finance your home improvements—or a new g:tr;iK c —through IJiiildeis- Supply. Now you can get a low interest KHA loan witli easy monthly payments. Don't delay any longei us for the details. Builders Supply Co. r Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 WATERMELONS! Ice Cold 4c Lb. Warm 3c Lb. Cantaloupes 20c Biytheviile Curb Market 130 East Main SHOE REPfllRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship H-flLT€R_S JUflLlT 12V*" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS Unlimilcrl Funds—• Attractive Terms A Complete Mortgage Service UNITED SERVICE & KKSKAKCH, INC. R1 Madison Bltl?., Memphis, Tennessee GKOrtGE O. VATKS, Hep. niytticvlnc, Arkansas FOR SALE (,'ancrrte rnltrrt-i 12 tnch to 18 inch, plain 01 rcrnforced Alsn Conrrrle Huildin; Hlock> cheap ci than lunitx-i (or barns chicken houses, pump hnascs, (r.nani houses tool shrds We deliver Call us for tree tsttmatc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Clion» «SI USED CAR SPECIALS! !)»r> STimKllAKKfl C11AMI'- 'ION. Klllly equipped wllh Over Drive, Itudlo, Clim.Ttlzer, Ihitc SWe IV.ill tires anil [ill-Holder ....... $1505 313 I'l.YMOtrrit SPECIAL I1KI.UXK. Equipped wllh Radio, Heater. White Side Wall Tim ... i Wonderful lluy 1919 STUDEnAKER L A N T) CRUISER —DEMONSTRATOR Fully equipped ffllh Over Drive, Radio, He.tter and has LOW Mileage ................ Used Truck Specials 1915 STUnEII.AKFK Hi TON with 12" IIODY and In Ver- tert Condition 1918 FOIIM H TON I'lCK- CI'. Low Milpage and In Kxc. CnnOlllon Visit Our Service Dept. Free Wash .loh With Kach Grease' i\m! Oil Change Ciiamblin Sales Co. "Vour Friendly Sludebaker Dealer " R.K. & Asli Phone 6S88 I'LL CAIL YOU WHEN I RE^H THE BWLROftD M" DEAD HOKSI3,/ LEAVE VOUK AND MAIL THE MAP BEFO2E T. J HORSE WITH CATCH MV TEftlU ^^ ED PJ6W.., HUD GOOD I /It's ft RUGGED KEGIOM WITH IOT5 ER-AS I W%S SANIM 1 / OF OPEM RIUIG6. BUT WE'LL MEED I PERMISSION TOCEOSS W FENCED \ 'UMD. DRAW \>S A MftP lOcATIW V TH' V/ftTEE HOLES, AW ^ VVKATfe THW?..OH. iSLJEt QCNNA. MISS YOU! A Very Good KCIIKOM UGS RUNNY HERE, GUV'MOK.' A 1 TICKET TO THE KINEST SHOW IN TOWW .' THEN WHY AIN'T YOU USIN ITi FOR GIVING THE RIGHT ANSWER. MISTER PUSSYCAT, VOU GET THIS TICKET TO ONE OF THE FINEST •r' THANK SHOWS IN TOWN/ ) yOLJ, GUV NOR, IT SHOULD BE RIGHT ALONS HERE SOMEPLACE/ I'LL RUSH RIGHT OVER.' IJY V. T. II AM LIN ITS ALLEYS. /TWS PROVES THE,/ THEN. WITH THE ~ — -----MX Ri6HT V, HIS IS. HE'S NOT FAK ANVAY.' TIME-MACHINE / VIEW-SCREEN H*-V- WIPE. WElX HWE SOMETHING f TO GO TO MOO IF WE'RE TO LEARN WHAT HAPPENED.' BY EnGAR MAKTUN HOOTS AND HKU HUDDIKS RtVCVK '. \T WONi'T

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