The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 29, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKU OF 'lidRTHEA 6T ARKANSAS AND BOUI1IEABT MISSOURI • VOLUME XL—NO. 63. Blythevttle D«Uy New* Blythevllle Courier Elythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lemler B1,YTHKV1L1-K, ARKANSAS, SATUUDAY, MAY 2'.), 1 I'Ki SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Today's War Commentary Zero H6ur May lie Near In Mediterranean By THOMAS J. IKtNOHllE ol United Pin* It would be well during: the 'next Ti>w dn.VK to keep a walclit'iil eye on the Mediicrnmc:w front. The hour for a sea-borne Allied offensive from African springboards seems fast approaching. v -•-..' The objectives could be any one or all of the Ilitlian islands between Africa and Europe—Sicily, Sardinia, and 1'antelleria. Corsica, the Axis-occupied Krchirli island, probably can be ruled out for the present for it has not yet becii subjected to. the shattering air bombardment, that is scourging the other three i.slanilH. These aerial bombardments are'* the cue that amphibious operations lire imminent. In (lie world war, when airplanes were a compara- i .lively minor factor In assault prc-' liiiilnarics, the artillery was called upon lo deliver what were known as "fires of preparation" for IhC Infantry. For a considerable period preceding the infantry attacks—sometimes for several days—massed artillery woiild lay down a violent barrage oh the oujcctice lo soften It for the gfomid troops. /Today, • in this respect airplanes lunation us the artillery when the objective in amphibious operations is beyond the range of the attackers' big guns. Since May 11, when the main Axis resistance collapsed in Tunisia. Allied bombers have been hammering relentlessly at Sicily, Sardinia and Panlclleria. 'Job Nearly Complete ^Thcir job -should be near completion. The destruction of nearly 100 Axis planes in less than .two weeks—many of them, on the ground—is a strong indication that the'Axis supply anil reinforcement system on the Mediterranean Islands is on the verge of a knockout. '••'.• ' v : Constant attacks on Regglo Calabria, at the toe of .the Italian boot and oil the Messina ferry terminal just across the Strait of Messina are an example of how", the Allies ore trying to pinch off Sicily'from the mainland. The ferry ^ term JIM" at Messina has been particularly hard-hit and it is iinlikelyTthal the enemy Is able lo move much lithe fyay of supplies to, Sicily across the route. ' Memorial Services Tomorrow At Osceola For Flier Who Died In Crash OSCEOLA. May 29,—Memorial services for Ensign George D. Balloue Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs George D. Balloue of Osceola. wh< was killed in a plane crash ovci Pcnsacola Day May 20, will bc'helc at the Methodist church Suiiila. afternoon, at. 3 o'clock. Services will be conducted by the Rev. James S. Upton, pastor, assisted by the Rev. Harold B. Tlll- rnan, pastor of the Baptist Church ?nd the Rer. L. T. Lawrence, pus lor of Ihe Presbylerian Church with Mrs. John W. Edringtbii charge of the inilsic arrangements : In five more days, "Sonny v a: he: was. known to his friends am clitssmnlcs, would have : reccivci ills Navy wings of gplc hi letters of the past several .day_ had been filled with plans fo giaduallon nnd descriptions of II: Impressive ceremonies: in a lette received by his parents the,.da following the tragic accidenti h told of making reservations fo them at the San Carlos Hole!. li - Thus, although the entmy still is '. ? e '««cpla for the happy occasioi able tOifly planes into Sicily he is if lr - Rnd Mrs. ; Ballouc and having a' difficult time bringing' in '• J el V M|ss Mary Elizabeth . enough gasolihe. and oil .to operate ' together : ers r .Balloij . . with Mrs. Balloue's sis tiiem. : The airfields ofi ,b6th Sicily- ! ers ' Mrs - F - A. Mullcr and Mis - ' and.-Sardinla are being plowed Bunder by; a .deluge of Allied, bombs as .?'jr--hombard'rrs -«»aV.e ; a'.'supreme effort 'to knock ''put' enemy air strenfth before the assault troops' Eb In. ••'••.', ,,-..,-'. ': The enemy is aware of our offensive preparations. The Germans and Italians both have -announced the presence ,'of Allied Invasion barges in' tlie harbors of Bizcrte and Sousse —Ihc first time tlie enemy has admitted the presence of any invasion boats so close to Italy and her oul- ! ,B.' Terry -of Jackson,' Miss were to have left Monday nl?b fbjr Pe'nsacola. for 'the frra'rtuatioi 1 -Enlisting '--•••"'-•'••'••-••» in "July trained 1942, yoiln at the Un posts. Big Coiivny Reported For weeks, the Axis has reported massive Allied convoy movements into the Mediterranean' from Gi- braliar. And last Wednesday, the enemy told of .a huge Allied troop convoy' entering that sea. Allied Mediterranean air strategy seems linked with that/In progress against northern and western Europe. The smashing British-American raids on Germany, Prance and 'Belgium make it impossible for the enemy lo concentrate his badly strained airforces In southern'Eur- ope. Hence, we arc able to split the enemy's air - defenses, giving a greater degree of insurance lor the success of. an offensive across the •Mediterranean. The final clean-up In Tunisia gave the Allies ^ excellent attack bases for moves against any of the Italian Islands. From Bizerte it is 1 Sicily, and 340 miles to Naples, Ilaly. From Cape Bon, it is only 90 miles lo Marsala and from Soussc, only 100 miles. Soiisse also is just IftO miles from Pantclleria, the small Island between Sicily and Tunisia which Ihe Ilalians have used as a naval base. Malln, which also could be used as an allack base, is within 60 miles of southwestern Sicily. Because of these factors, the Axis, doesn't know exactly where. we'll strike. We have successfully masked cur true Intentions by scattering out nir attacks along a 100-mile front from caslcni precce lo Sardinia. In recent clays, ho'wevcr, the' heaviest weight of our attacks has Ijcen directed against' Sardinia and Sicily indicating that these will be the primary objectives. A fact that is liable to escape attention is Ihat the cast Coast ol Sicily is only about 300 miles from Albania. And with Sicily in our bands, southern lUily might well be nculralicd, giving its an Op- iwrtunity to strike eventually Into Albania in conjunction with a possible Allied offensive Into Greece and thence Jugoslavia. • Soviets Bag 36 Mare Nazi Planes Ky llniiril PI-MS The Hcd Army Air rorce has liot down 60 'more German plane.s 11 Ihe furious air buttles over the .'aucnsiis. The day's bun brluyB lie three day.loll of Nav.l planes >yor Hie. Kuujtn lo l!)7. 'Ma'cowsUll oilers no details on he fierce land battle which the iernuins -'report has been raqhu; n the hills.and marshes aloiw Ihe ower reaches of Ihc Kuban liiver or Ihrec days. The German radio keeps i lounciiuj Hint (minus Russian alack s have-been hurled back with •"normous losses to Hie llrrt Army n planes ami men. At the snm'r hue. Berlin hints the Russians lave gained some ground In the Irive to push the Nnnis out of thclr Iny Caucasus brlcliiehead. 'Hut Moscow says that there bus been lighting iiurlli of Novorossisk. The Russians report, furious ar- llllery activity yesterday ami last night on the Leningrad nnd Smo- lensk fronts. Moscow says Russian ;ains knocked oiit 22 small German forlillcd positions'and silenced 22 A' batteries uii Ihe Lonliiijrurl front. The Hiissians nlso Kay Iheyniiidc Mnall but successful attack on I'culified Germiiu pillions on tin: Doiiels lilvcr .front southcasl ol Kharkov. ' DR. m m NEKE'DI STIFF Caruljicrsville Officer Named Inslmclor For Missouri State Guard CAKUTHEnSVlLLB. ' Mo., May 29.—Capt. Roscoe 'M. IMercc, com- inniullni; officer of the iCnrulhers- vllle company of Missouri Slnte Guard, will be an Instructor at tlie Missouri State oiinrd Officers' School. ' to begin i June Glli, and last throughout the Summer, 11 was announced here Thursday. Tlie school will be . conducted on Quirvcr River,. near Troy. Mo., and'Capt, Pierce'Is the only in- Commciiccmcnl Program; Held At Stadium; 92 Seniors Receive Diplomas "Wo must nut lake democracy for uranled." Ur. Malt bills, president uf Heudeison Blale Teachers Cnllrjtc, Aikiulflphlii, warned members ol I lie IllyliU'Ville High School graduating class In ills comnH'n.r- menl aijdrrss at Haley Field li'Te last uliUil. lie polulcd out Hint ilemncnuiy Ims its pitliills inn- thai ,f properly applied nnd linked with "Jhnsiianl'.y u offers the mps,t Islnclory government yet coira'lv- ccl. '' , "Clirlsllnnliy and dfiiiorrauy ninsl 'orK in hiinn," hu cuntinued, likening rellRiou to n guulmi! hint of .he world in these troubled tunc.s, lie icneranid laifh In tlui courage ol young men and women of tculiiy nnd s.ud Umt modern stu- driils lire luily awnre ol condl- llons facing tiinn and are |ircpar- ed to cope wilh unusual problems. Tne American system of lili'U schools is iiiici]ii!i]lc(l as an Insil- sfu- di'iits, icacinM's and parent.s for sticking to Ihe Job In these restless and uncertain days. He called on Hie class and audience to honor iii thought (now members of the senior class and sludcnl body who were uimolc to be present for the cxciTilnp.s because thc.v hnve gone into service with the armed idrccs. 'I he urnduatlon program held before a crowded audience sealed In the High fjrhool Sludiuni. Tiic oxcrcises were opened with Ihe niiLHiipl prelude. "IJi'ead- iiniiKiil," Holmes, followed by the class proce.iiiDiial. "W'.ir Mi(:cli of the Priests," Mendelssohn. The Rev. S. II. wilfurd. pastor of First Methodist Clmrch, niiiilu the Invocation, after 'which n mix- sd ensemble sang "i imu Lile," Manu-Xueca. The spcaki'r was inlrnduc'jd ' by Miss Rosa M Hardy, high st-hou! principal. Cliniax of Ihc ptdyrain was prcs- eulatlon of the bljilomas by C. M. Buck, president of the school board. This followed presentation of medals and awards by Miss Hardy.' Fortresses Attack Big Naval Base Oi Leghorn In Italy's Worst Raid; Docks, Refineries and Railways Hit .Amphibian Jeep ~ • BfllTEfil ' Ftructor from -the Sixth ncaimcnt, T lic Rev. fi. Scott Ualrd pro- whlcli include:; Riianl units in nounccd the- benediction l.'.-fore the about 15_Southeast Missouri coun- '-• •• • •• —' : ties. f'erslfcy of Georgia and Lanibei Field, St. Loiiis. and as one of Hi ranking members of his class recently < been selected for assign rnent .to the Marine Avialio Corps. .,; He was one of 11 cadets kil'lc in the 1 midair crash of two plane described by the Florida pa|)crs "i " e_ worst tragedy to have occurrc in that area! Fog 'was said lo ha been heavy over the Gulf at the jinie'of' the accident around 8:30 in tlie morning. Lieut. Leonard B. Wiclpolski. of Buffalo, N. Y., was pilot of the big- flying boat in which . Balloue and seven others were flying. A smaller seaplane carrying two cadets collided with the heavier boat. • in a letter written the day before the accident, the Osceola youth said "we have only two more 1000-mile night.-; over the Gulf, each taking around six hours, to make before graduation." He had never had an accident since en-, tering. the air service and would have been the first Marine flier from Mississippi County. The final report to Ills parents from the commandant of Ihc Naval Training Cenlcr at Pcnsacola was received Wednesday and read, ."Intensive search operations have failed to recover the body of your son, Aviation Cadet George Bal- ouc. making it our grievous duty to inform you at this time that must assume-the body will not be recovered.'' Balloue's battalion commander, Lieut. W.- p. Walts, in a personal letter to his parents spoke of bk unblemished record, excellent military bearing, and outstanding ..... sonallty which showed promise of -•:fm\; :' e.l9 r SP-,.VU!r.tcaoh subjects in'. which lie- received special train- Ing last year al'liic'' National Stale Guard Officers School nt stur- britlac. , Mass. 'Instructors will in- clUdc Slate Guard ollicers who are .specialises in the. .subjects they will will also school is teach; and Federal officers .'- be Instructors-. for.- commissioned The and non-commissioned Slate Guard officers, and-.will be conducted similarly lo regular army officer training schools. Instructors will work i teams of two or three, leachiii" icir specialized subjects. In nrt- itlon to the. regular.subjects, there ill be map. reading, aerial pho- ography, and field maneuvers. Classes will last for one week 'ith new classes coming each week uring the summer months^ Subjects in which Capt. Pierce 'III cither teach or assist, include ve, following: "Individual Movc- icnt; Infiltration; Riot Comunl Urinations nnd '^Signahi; Terrain \pprcciatlon; UseVof Gas, Grenade Guns and Masks; Obstacles, Road Hocks and Minor Field Fortillca- ions; Mounted patrol; Oreaniza- 1011 • of-Defense' Positions;-- Attack n Defense Positions; and Coiin- er-Paralroop Acllon. . class recessional, "Pilgrim's Chor- s," \Vagner, was' played as' ftte eniori;, M ln.. cn\K^ Uiid'..guwiiH''f'i>S^iir slowly •from the, field. Tne class lumbered 92, but only 85 were able ;o be present .for Ihc ceremony because several are away in service, receiving their diplomas by proxy. Music for the program was under the direction of Miss Carolyn Haley, assisted by the High School Chorus with Miss Ann Uecn as :i:- couipanisl, New York Stock* A T & T 154 1-8 Amcr Tobacco 59 Anaconda Copper 291-4 Beth steel 64 3-4 Chrysler 781-4 Gen Electric 38 Qcn Motors 53 .: Montgomery Ward 45 7-8 N Y Central 19 3-; In! Harvester 68 1- North Am Aviation 123-4 Republic Steel , 18 3-8 Hadlo '-. 12 1-4 Socony Vacuum 133-4 Sludcbaker 121-2 Standard of N J 561-8 Texas Corp ,- 501-8 Packard . '..'.. 4 S-8 U S Slcel 56 3-8 a fine naval officer. Mrs. .P. A. Mullcr and Mi.vs Lillie B. Terry of Jackson. Mlw.. sisters of Mrs. Balloue. arc here and will remain over for the service. Sunday., which will be the firs memorial services held for n loca boy during this Pupils Here Invest n Bonds Uncle Sam's children in Btythe vllle are not only patriotic but arc good financiers. The slogan for loca schools was, "every child buy r bond ', with Monday morning being set aside by the principal as Ihc lime to buy bonds Central.leads; the list with $9,412. 10 worth of bonds bcng'sold Ihcrc Hits year. Sudbiiry sold J3.734 woth Lang 5103150. and Yarbrb J2.113.00 a lota! 6f $16,292.00 for all Ihe ele mcntary schools of the Blylhcvlll dislrlct. ' New Orleans Cotton open high low close Jail 1974 191 Mcll. ..1952 1962 1951 I960 195 May . . 1D40 1950 1939 1948 194 July . 2017 2022 2017 2020 201 Oct. . 1993 1995 1989 .1993 139 Dec. . 1973 1880 1973 1980 197 Arkansas liriefs 1»K ()I!i;K\, May M. (HI 1 ) —Frank Ilurki:brr. of lie IjllPfli, a lirakcinnii for thr. Kansas <'ily .Soul hern Itailway, rtrown- fil wlu'ii bis train ran into a nashcil out ,'cclion of track and fell into Flat Creek, The acoirtrnl occurred when the train, R locomotive and i rnhixisr, was goilif from Allrrno (n Winllirrip. ZZ miles sniitli uf Dr. (juccn. Three other men were injured, bill noun seriously. July S;p. Chicago Rye • • prcv. open high, low close close ! 9:i',i 00 931-; 95% 93« . &'.'<• 98 95 97% 95'<, 1 KI'lilNGIMI.K, May 20 (lll'l —Damage from a fire, at a Siirili B dalc ibcalrr Is estimated at $20,00(1. Owrcr \Vi S. SOIIIICIIMII of Fayr.tlr.villr s-.iys tbc loss Is rarlially covered by insurance. The fire startril in the rear of I be liuilrlini; anil spread l<i the ceiling and fronl. Tbc orf- Ei'n lias not liccn dlscovrrrd. Salvage Workers at Pearl harbor 'I iiiiilSliii Throiiisli swhllni; Hood waters of Ihe Aikanstiii Ulvcr, this combination' land imd'walcr Jeep 'was ''driven IS mill's lo brink Jack Coker, ID, Irom his liniiin In Muldiow, Aik., lo Kor|- Hmllh li'i imilcr'gb Ah cmei'^ ficucy appendectomy. Hod Cioss Nurse Knllvryii McCiirlhy accompanied, i'rlvnlc Thorn, Jequ' driver from Camp Chalice, Fort Kinllli, on Iho trip. A blnnkcit hns linen placed over Coker lo wni'il; oil chill winds and spray. ,(lt'!:l Grow pholo Irom NKAK • '•'-'• • Americans And Japs On AlLu In Strange Battle Above Clouds llv ilnllnl 1'rrss I In Ihu Orient, the Chinese and ,'nie Americans lire flKlillMi! I 1 "- 1 ' 1 ' thn Jiipmuiw! Iroopii me, lrndln« way nbuvr. the clouds over Allu, ill blow lor blow-, one ol the sliaunest battles'of' llils 1 or any other war. The Navy .announces we have ccmiucred the'important Fish-hook Uidije. hiid have ,»i|iici7.ccl ,1)10 cn- cmv Info one small men southwest of, Chlchncof'hnrbor. ..ptlicr purli of' the island, says the Nnvy hm'n- are "now devoid of en- The biitllc for I'lsh-Hogk Iil<l!!i! was fonglit- by Ihe Americans with little nir support because of bad weather. Tlie Japanese were dua III nlmve the clouds on ruyyerl rldyes. some of them topping (JO degree slopes. Thai's pretty close to beiui; a straight, cllll. Most of the Japanese couldn't even be seen by the Americans. The American soldiers had lo combat all this, and snow and Ice and heavy machine gun fire, loo, to set. at the enemy. The Navy makes clear It was no easy Job. But now, the last pocket nf Jap resistance Is between the north wall ol Chlclmgof vulley, Hoi I/ bay pass and Clilchayof harbor. , The Jiipsneso ,t,enl u Iliahl of I ,-30 bombers lo raid Ltmralmn. nil Important, railway center. Just 110 miles nortlienst of ClnmnkliiK Thi)' raid • unused an alert In' II Ai Chinese onpllal that lasted more than 1 two hmirs. ••.'.• •In Telurn. the .sent for the, Hijrd straight day, to'lmmmer •fclmng,' cin Hie lllVCI'i •• 1- lolianijc. I:;, the main base for Ihc Japanese forces <lrlvlnn down (lie Ynnglzc toward Oluingklngl • acnerallsslmo Kai-shek's troops have practically slopped the Japanese drive down Ihu river and me hltlbiii the enemy hard on all fronts. < In the Auslrnliini end of- Ihc I'liclllc, .General MucArtliur's bombers hnvo pounded Wewak,' on the nortlienst Now Guinea const. The planes Hew Ihrmmh lienvy weather to spill Ifi Ions of hl ex|)toslvci> on three airdromes. .Sixteen lire.'i Hint were hcllctvrd lo be Kiounded planes were observed frraii the nir. P A Troubles To Be Ironed Oul; JO Per Gent -Price Cut 'Delayed ..'.",';.".' , ' Hj llnllrd When the n«\v War Mcblltaitloii Hlrcclor James .'Byrnes ' sllsl down at hh^desk lie. i will, piled v ' Ainefican F '• -"cr Almost. No Op|x>sitioii ; In Mass Attack /. JRy,. United . I'm* ;.'; , One | hundred; Flying fortresses atliickcd tlie great Italian port and . nhvnl bltse 'o'f. Leghorn 'yesterday' hi Italy's worst, American olr riild of Ihc wt\r; '.:''.'" :, ,. .'-.•• • The raid was nln<io- Virtually. ' without ',bjipnsitlon.' "riio/" damage w'ai! tremendous -ii[id the Rome ta- ' illo . snyji .tlie casualties were mini- proiifi, All ''bur 'planes cujnc back KHtoly.:','.,•.':;-' ',:''" >. • '; j"'."'•' rTmv Ptjflrcsses ; came from Ge'ti" KIsenlip'wcr'K,' cp'tnmnnrl ' hi Nortli Mrlca' arid,'made 'a- round trip -of teller Itian, 1000 miles. I/cijhohi h iniiie'.liOO.milf-i'.iiorth of llniuc and s'oh' thc'lilg'lirlnn''shore. '• ,, Ilonilx; gained .(lown on Ihe docks,'' shipyards,, 61| rcdlierlfs awl. rall- jvayii. Olio 'oil.frdfliicry ,wns destroyed, Numcoiis'* bombs landed oirthe oil IsiikN,- in. the. city's lii- iliullHl •: area and -In die harbor. Thre6 slilrisfWere' hit and ; bndly ••* (tRiilaHcd^ln'.the .harbor./. ;. ^. ( l*dgtiorn',' which isi known as Llv'; 1 orno to tlic.-Itnllnlis, is. Italy's third _ '.]'.'".. .WHi'Shlps arc iniido. In. the-Orlando shipyards in Leg-' horn, nnd .tlie .city nlso : has Iro.ii, coiipcr,: textile -mid,other- Industries. Hcsldci '. feeble, an'.l-nircrnft fire,, were !mct' piily by^ 10 f>laiie«. .Oiie was sh'iil down kiitl'.the other Axis.(IcfendC'rij fled. IbnvliUj the Forlrcss liotiibarii- ' iorsUddrop tli«lr. will., i-v •'So Bi'onl-vi'Hi.lho.destruction that .he .Amcrlcnns cpliUI still sec thft:'.' 'laiues and-' suiolie' 1 125"miles away,'' I'fipy' rtrtld (liey." turned -the lieart' if 'Leoliom Iht6..»,regular sea of, thiltic:«if(l thnt thore was nb.doilliL ,' llmt-thl« vuld.oir.LtBliQrn was liic , heaviest t .'air'/: blov : Italy; has, yet . sulfcrcitl,'. •; ;'i.\a : , • ,1 :,•;•..;..• ; -; : '• .Tills'llunci. fnld on. Lcghorji. flW ';! Into the' so.-ealled Allied invasion..', : p»llern,--For ^.Leghorn. Ls : rcgarclc'il;.-''. iSi'one;' O(';',the*l(»lc»lr':bo'fi61lhciuls'!'- : Vi One of '.the. biggest u( .them. Is the' lioubtp be.inltln'li . Ihb Office of Pflco Administration! ' The OPA lian 'bccnV .forced . 16 Hisli'iono the proposed .10 per cent cut in the ' price ,!o( •incut, ,-butlef and coffrc promised for June 1st. The reduction, li. and -when ll goes lnlo,etTect,' : ls/ tojbe .based on R $425,000,000 suteirly.' program, '' lity FIVE APPOINTED JPRf PHI Autry Chairman of Group To Administer Food Price Regulations Appointment ol a County Price Pnnel was announced today by .f. U Cherry, chairman of the War Price and Rationing Board, Mcm- bershli) of the panel is L. II. Au- Iry. chairman, John D. Wells. Gro- vcr Snider, W. C. Illgglusan and Ed Jones. The Price I'unel will administer the Food Price Regulations under which retail grocery stores operate. Mr. Cherry said the Price Pane! Bo|h rnon and women aided in the salvage of American warships sunK in the Jap raid on Pearl Harbor and only recently raiser! and • "filled. Oil-covered diver has just come up from a trip inlo the interior of the U. S. S. Arizona, while Hawaiian gii-1 cub sleel sections from a warship so metal may be reused, >• would luive same rrh'ton id the V/nr Price and Hjillonlna Hoard as Ihc Tiro Panel, Ihe Gasoline Panel and Ihe Miscellaneous Panel. These llivee Panels hnvr Ivrrn -lu existence in the county Inr some months and have adnilnislrrnl Ihe mtionlng piogram of lliese rom- niodilles. Wllh the appointment nt the F'rice Panel. Hie Food Price Cimlro' Program Is now nilinlnlsteiril In (he county. In tiic luture. croc'jrt who have difficulties under Price Hcgulalions w'ill be able lo secure their information from the local panel; consumers who have problems arising out of mlsimdorslnml- Ings may present their roinplahiLs to the Panel for its consideration The Price Panel should serve a real purpose .in enabling belli the merchants and the consumers lo properly imdcrslanU the Price illations, Mr. Cherry said. Take Half Holiday CARiriHERSVn.LE. MO.. May 29 —Seventy-eight Caruthcrsvillc firms closrd Wednesday atlernoo:i in almost city-wide half-day closing, as is being done In pracllcnlly every Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas lown during the Summer months. The drive started Ihrec weeks ago with about ten firms closing, nnd progressed steadily. »r <>. More Anil 'congressional' hostility lo- wiird subsldl/.rilion '(is a i])cmi.s of slivlilllxlni: . food prices ' has bceu growing. '."•", ,':';'' i The whole rpllliaok prosrnm on food price. 1 ;—some quarters' think— niny Imve lo'lw Juflkcd "'until, nib- btllwillon IJlrcetor nyriics -,hns;.ii clinncc to review it; ' ' Grade- labeling 'Is' another OPA ipulicy (hut Ls-under nre.,A' House llnvesllRntlng .comiiilttce.'lins. con-' ier)ogli«L.r , .. j Italy. Tiic city sits ..p<!i)lrisul»t-juUlrtg' 1 ,intO. th'p i uijilrl^li ! .'8eo ahd.ilii Jiippronclialjlp'; from" tlirti!' Jilrics,. Ih, benches nrc flat and'satidy. A cunalruns to tiic AVno 'Hlvor 'and LcL'liorh': is ii.vcrltr. ilbtt, Bntbwny/.to ''Jlaly's.,industrial . and •'iigr|nliltursl. J !i6nrt'|-^ Ibc po •'. Vnllcy.: tjnlte'd Press corrcsixiiulcnta'•: Peyholds_ and Elcapor Packard snid 111 their'.,book,''"Balcc-hy/-,Empire", Uvat'thoccmsl Rrovii\tl Leghorn war, so'Uiicicfcii'ded' was-re])orl- cd.ll1at:,llie',6rcws of/British sub-. ; (narllics f,BCtunIly landed aud.siin- iiccl -thfirfeelvfs.'on.the,.beaches, I KVirty 'American Ltlierntor' bombers, raided : Fp!!gla -Airport in Italy lui 1 ' 1 rnile6,"ihflrthcnst r bf -Naples. Hcavj' : British-bonibcra raided Augusta ln. ! glc))y TJitlrsciay night, and the Sardinian airfields. Panlclleria ixilnLs -In Sicilv ™ ' . "« rl »8 li ,"" "*';: In nil .|rie an e Walker, C.H.C., n Illytlicvllle each .lent. Hirl USNll will be Tuesday for the purpose of lulcr- vicwlng npiillcanls for the Navy's ScnHces, it win niniounceil today )y Ilobcrt E. Iinrrell Petty Officer in charge of Ihc local r<icrultli\K station. Tlie Nnvy needs men In all lines of construction. Ratings as high as chief jicUy officer arc open lo I hose who can cnmliry. Any able- bodied man between the ages of 17, and 50 who either Is a skilled tradesman or who Is hnndy with tools of any kind and has some training or experience In construction work will be ruled as a pc'.ly officer. The pay ranges up lo $1 BU.fifi ]xr mouth deluding on the experience nnd rank given. 'Hie followng four young men were rated as 'carpenter's males S-c In Ihe ScaDcM yesterday at Little Hock; .lames Thomas Mlzcll Hat- old Frniicls Dbyle Hnghcy .Umln Hiidglngs ftnd Charles William Hart, ol nlythcville. 'Hiey will be ordered lo one of Ihe Navy's Construction natllllon '['mining Hla- llons the early part of June. Chicago Corn July Hep. open IPS!! low close pi.rl. 105B I05H Issue. Its chairman,' Ken'. Lylc liorcn. sftys he .will 'Introduce legislation to curb w|iat he calls "tyr- ntiuy ami caprice on 'our home front," • - , \' ; . 'Ihe main complaint appears to be the fact thnt Irnile names that Imvc been developed ortr n period uf ycura will lie eUniluftted by n general use of grade lalielllng. John L. Lewis Is 'meeting today with his United Mine Workers Inlminllonal p.ollcy Commltlcc. No details have been announced, but II Is believed thai, the union offi- clnlii will decide wlint lo do about the coal Held truce that ends next Monday midnight. opera,-. loiis-21 'eiiomy. aircraft were shot town, plii-s, an undetermined nuiiH x:r'dcstrbyed oh:' the! ground at Foggla . arid oii the ' Siirdinln airfields, ; :"..-.', . :.',:. ',: -:- '.•'" ' • .'Allied planes' also sahli i Kxpimlion Date Of Stamps Extended To avert an end-of-the-mouth buyliiK rush the office, of Price Administration has extended tlie expiration dale of blue stamps O, II and J in war ration book. No. 2 through June 5,'it was announced lodny by Chairman ,1. u Clier- ry of the Mississippi county war price and rationing board. These blue stamps whlcli are good for Ihc purchases of canned and processed foods previously were scheduled to expire May 31. At the same lime blue stamps K. L and M were made valid be- blnnliu; Mny 24 and will expire lOMi 10511 July 7. v r.hlp 'off the"Greek .Coast,, The Allies 'are'. keeping 'up the air otfenstve In, the West on/!« fierce scale,, too. A big Ion Allied 'plaW.3 crossed Ihc Clianilel towards Boulo; Imlay. And tiic Danlsli n off llic' sir—a' American heavy twin! Euroj» by dayllghl. Duriiis the night lirllLsb licet air/ small German English Chiuincl three niorc of a t\< er UAF plBiics ntta PI Innslon coast so seV cxplocljiig bombs shoop southeast Eliglnnd. New York Col ton open hlgii low close 1999b ' 10011).20cb Jan. Mar. . lfl'8* May 1 July Oct. . 197D 2049 199S 1982 1989 1933 1981 1979 1978b 1973 2052 2017 2049 2018 -2027 2018 2021 2020 Dec. , 2005 201U 20<H 2009 2005b Cliicqffo Wheat '• oi«n.l>ish low close • ' ' H3- July .' I43>> 145 '14311 Sep. .144 145'.i H3;t 144% HUi G'J3rien Obligingly Eecorls Fliers f Best Girls' NKW YOHK, May 29 tU.P.)— asked him to; throw a, parly for A dlspapix>inlccl young woman Harold S. O'Brien woke his wife up | their sweethearts find sisters. And Is ' Miss Eleanor Wcrfel. She w,as at n a. m. today lo tell her he hod lit was the fH6rs who' put up the to have gone along. But she Is a just been out with four pretty girls. SlSfl-willi specific Instructions to. VVAAC and her top-kick wouldn't Ifc added lhat they had run ' let Ilicm know if that didn't do tlie let her off. through $150. He explained without batting an eyelash that It lakes .a .lot lo dine at the Blllmore, lake In a play and go nlghl-clubblng afterward". And Harold O'Brien Is alive to .swear that Mrs. O'Brien's answer went something like "Why, dear. I'm so proud of you. You've been a patriotic and gracious gentleman." For Mrs. O'Brien was In on Mil) secret. .Her husband had gone on trick. One of the Illcrs Is Captain E. E. Ilhoads of Oil City, Pennsylvania. He wanted O'Brien to show • tlie dimmed-oul bright lights to his "best girl", Lillian Bollin of Columbia. South Carolina,' and her friend. Miss Florence, Cla.vistn.' Lieutenant Joseph McMe'on of Maspcth. New York .chipped In his share of Ihe $150 for his sKfcr, Miss.Alice JvrcMcon. And Lieutenant Leonard Marks of New York City forked his fling at the request of three [over In: the Interest of his fiance, army filers out In : Ihe Pacific who) Miss Fanny Papndells. . , The girls say I hey had a swell time. O.iBrlcn—a hotel cmploye^- dld everything right—down to corsages for the ladles' gowns and flowers (or the dinner table. After they saw the Pulitzer prize play, "Skin of Our Teeth," he look them back to meet Tallulah Bankhead, the slar. Says O'Brien "Rerjbixty had a good time And so did I. But I'd rallier be an assistant manager than a chapcrone." "My , wife! sh.; didn't, say a wordI '

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