The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on March 10, 2017 · C8
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · C8

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 2017
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8C FRIDAY,MARCH10,2017 weather T-storms Rain Showers Snow Flurries Ice Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front -10s-0s0s10s20s30s40s50s60s70s80s90s100s110s Nashville today 8 a.m.Noon5 p.m. TODAY 10 A.M. NOON5 P.M.10 P.M. FIVE-DAY EXTENDED FORECAST HIGH:LOW:WIND: National travel International travel City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Air quality index Today’s forecast: Yesterday: Source: Temperature (°F) Precipitation Almanac Lake Level Winds today Tennessee lakes Weather(W): s -sunny, pc -partly cloudy, c -cloudy, sh -showers, t -thunderstorms, r -rain, sf -snow fl urries, sn -snow, i -ice. Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Forecast high/low temperatures are for selected cities. Sunrise/set Moonrise/set Sun and moon Lowest 11 p.m. 445345 An indication of how cold it feels based on temperature and wind speed. Graph refl ects lowest reading for the day. Barometer at 7 a.m. 30.13 in. 51 5531 N 10-20 mph 53503943/2949/2954/3547/2747/31 Mostly cloudy and cooler Partly sunny and cooler Mostly sunnyPartly cloudy and colder A wintry mix in the p.m. Wind: NE 7-14 mph Wind: NNE 8-16 mph Wind: WSW 4-8 mph Wind: NW 8-16 mph Wind: N 6-12 mph Clouds and sun; chilly Mostly cloudy and warmer Cloudy, a shower; cooler Chance of a little rain SATSUNMONTUEWED Wind chill Yesterday’s cause: Ozone Yesterday’s high/low 77/37 Normal range, today 59/38 Record high, today 80 in 2009 Record low, today 17 in 1932 High one year ago 76 Low one year ago 62 24 hours ending 5 p.m. 0.00” Month to date 1.58” Normal month to date 1.17” Surplus for month 0.41” Year to date 6.48” Normal year to date 8.86” Defi cit for year 2.38” As of 7 a.m. yesterday Old Hickory 445.27 ft NNW 8-16 mph Percy Priest 484.44 ft N 10-20 mph Center Hill 631.07 ft NNW 8-16 mph Lake Barkley 355.10 ft NNW 8-16 mph Cordell Hull 501.29 ft NNW 7-14 mph Ky. Lake 355.00 ft N 7-14 mph Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2017 TODAY SAT. SUN. Amsterdam 52/40/pc 54/41/pc 54/40/pc Athens 60/49/sh 57/51/t 59/48/sh Auckland 76/67/r 76/66/sh 74/64/sh Bangkok 95/80/s 97/80/pc 98/80/s Beijing 66/37/s 69/39/pc 57/28/s Berlin 48/34/pc 49/32/pc 48/32/pc Bermuda 69/62/sh 64/56/pc 61/54/pc Bogota 68/49/pc 65/50/r 64/49/sh Brussels 51/39/pc 55/42/pc 56/43/pc Buenos Aires 75/50/s 77/54/s 72/49/s Cairo 74/60/pc 74/62/s 73/57/s Calgary 8/-6/sn 12/-1/sn 13/9/sf Copenhagen 44/34/pc 43/34/pc 42/33/pc Dhahran 84/62/s 82/64/c 87/67/s Dublin 55/48/c 56/41/c 51/38/sh Geneva 60/37/sh 62/40/pc 60/43/sh Hong Kong 74/64/sh 72/66/c 74/68/pc Jerusalem 63/46/s 59/47/pc 65/46/r Johannesburg 73/45/s 74/53/pc 81/55/s Kabul 47/22/s 46/21/s 51/28/pc London 56/49/c 60/46/c 56/44/sh Madrid 79/47/s 76/47/pc 65/40/sh Mexico City 75/50/pc 73/51/pc 70/47/pc Montreal 23/1/c 9/0/c 15/1/pc Moscow 42/35/pc 41/29/r 40/24/pc Munich 46/27/pc 50/33/pc 50/30/pc Nassau 85/68/pc 85/72/pc 86/70/pc New Delhi 76/53/t 72/49/s 74/49/s Paris 58/40/pc 60/43/pc 57/43/sh Rio de Janeiro 91/77/pc 92/75/pc 92/76/s Rome 72/43/s 63/38/s 60/44/s St. Petersburg 38/31/sn 37/24/r 38/25/pc St. Thomas 83/74/sh 83/74/pc 83/74/pc San Juan 83/72/sh 84/74/pc 84/73/pc Seoul 51/29/s 56/36/s 52/30/c Singapore 88/76/pc 88/76/pc 89/77/pc Stockholm 38/22/c 38/23/s 40/28/pc Sydney 75/63/pc 76/65/pc 82/70/s Tokyo 54/39/pc 52/38/s 51/44/pc Toronto 24/7/sf 20/9/sf 24/8/pc Vancouver 49/37/c 47/41/r 50/41/sh Vienna 49/35/pc 51/32/s 48/29/pc Warsaw 45/34/c 42/32/c 42/33/sh Zurich 54/29/sh 55/35/pc 57/37/pc Albany 37/8/pc 21/6/pc 26/9/s Albuquerque 75/45/s 72/42/s 69/42/pc Anchorage 26/12/s 28/10/s 30/14/s Atlanta 70/39/pc 63/41/pc 52/38/c Atlantic City 44/22/sn 33/23/pc 35/24/s Augusta, Ga. 81/39/pc 66/43/pc 52/34/r Austin 78/61/t 74/48/t 59/39/pc Baltimore 45/18/pc 35/19/pc 40/20/s Billings 32/21/sn 33/25/c 44/20/sf Birmingham 67/37/pc 62/38/r 55/40/pc Bismarck 15/6/sn 15/3/sn 18/-1/sn Boise 59/36/sh 60/41/pc 60/39/c Boston 37/15/sn 26/11/pc 29/14/s Chrlstn, S.C. 81/43/pc 61/44/s 55/37/r Charlotte 68/31/c 55/30/pc 45/26/pc Chattanooga 62/33/pc 54/33/pc 48/31/c Cheyenne 62/34/c 49/30/pc 55/28/sh Chicago 31/16/pc 33/17/pc 37/26/pc Cincinnati 41/18/pc 35/19/c 40/23/pc Cleveland 33/16/sf 28/19/pc 29/20/pc Columbia, S.C. 78/38/c 62/37/pc 48/33/r Columbus, Ohio 37/16/c 34/19/c 36/20/s Dallas 72/58/t 73/42/r 59/41/s Denver 68/36/pc 55/37/s 65/32/pc Detroit 31/13/pc 31/16/pc 33/21/pc Fort Myers 85/63/sh 86/65/pc 84/64/t Hartford 40/12/sn 26/9/pc 29/11/s Honolulu 82/69/sh 82/70/s 83/68/s Houston 77/61/t 72/55/t 61/44/pc Huntsville 60/33/pc 57/33/r 51/35/pc Indianapolis 38/20/pc 35/18/c 38/24/pc Jackson, Miss. 73/44/t 65/40/r 57/38/c Jacksonville 84/51/sh 70/52/pc 74/49/t Kansas City 44/25/pc 35/18/sn 43/30/pc Knoxville 55/29/pc 44/30/pc 45/25/pc Las Vegas 82/61/pc 83/61/pc 84/60/s Lexington 46/22/c 37/22/sn 45/25/pc Little Rock 60/34/pc 47/29/r 48/28/s Los Angeles 83/60/s 83/61/pc 88/63/s Louisville 49/27/pc 39/25/sn 46/28/pc Madison 25/10/pc 30/12/c 33/22/c Memphis 58/36/pc 48/30/r 50/32/pc Miami 82/64/pc 83/68/pc 81/68/sh Milwaukee 28/12/pc 31/18/pc 34/24/c Minneapolis 22/8/pc 26/10/c 29/19/sn Mobile 79/48/t 72/51/c 60/45/sh New Orleans 77/60/t 70/57/sh 62/51/sh New York 39/19/sn 30/19/pc 32/18/s Oakland 69/51/pc 70/49/pc 70/49/s Oklahoma City 61/44/pc 54/30/r 54/35/s Omaha 34/22/pc 34/16/sn 39/23/c Orlando 86/62/pc 81/63/pc 82/61/t Panama City 76/53/t 73/56/c 70/48/sh Pensacola 79/52/t 72/53/c 64/49/sh Philadelphia 40/19/sn 33/20/pc 36/18/s Phoenix 87/59/s 88/64/pc 89/62/s Pittsburgh 35/13/sf 27/15/pc 33/14/pc Portland, Maine 33/8/sf 18/4/pc 23/6/s Portland, Ore. 58/40/sh 54/44/r 59/45/r Providence 38/14/sn 25/10/pc 28/10/s Raleigh 68/30/sh 51/30/pc 45/27/sn Richmond 56/24/sh 44/24/pc 44/24/c Sacramento 72/48/pc 73/48/pc 77/48/s St. Louis 45/26/pc 36/22/sn 45/30/pc Salt Lake City 63/37/pc 61/42/pc 62/43/pc San Antonio 79/62/t 74/52/t 62/43/c San Diego 73/56/s 72/58/pc 72/58/pc San Francisco 66/52/pc 67/51/pc 67/50/s San Jose 72/51/pc 73/49/pc 76/49/s Savannah 82/46/pc 65/50/pc 63/40/r Seattle 52/39/c 51/46/r 54/47/r Shreveport 71/49/t 61/39/r 54/36/s Tallahassee 83/49/c 78/52/c 68/45/sh Tampa 80/63/pc 83/65/pc 81/63/t Tulsa 59/42/s 46/27/r 54/34/s Wash., D.C. 47/23/r 38/24/pc 41/24/s W. Palm Beach 82/63/pc 81/67/t 80/65/t Wichita 53/32/s 41/22/r 51/32/s TODAY SAT. SUN. TODAY SAT. SUN. TODAY SAT. SUN. FullLastNewFirst Mar 12Mar 20Mar 27Apr 3 Today Saturday Today Saturday Sunrise 6:05 a.m. 6:04 a.m. Sunset 5:50 p.m. 5:51 p.m. Moonrise 4:08 p.m. 5:09 p.m. Moonset 4:55 a.m. 5:34 a.m. The patented RealFeel Temperature is an exclusive index of effective temperature based on eight weather factors. Today Sat. 8 a.m. 42 29 Noon 51 40 5 p.m. 43 26 RealFeel Temperature ® WEATHER ATLANTA - Workers grooming the infield dirt at the Braves’ new SunTrust Park on Thursday wore hardhats that cast a misleading image. Most of the hard work is complete. “We are completely through with the major elements of the construction of the ballpark,” Braves president of business Derek Schiller said. That leaves about three weeks for finishing touches before the first official unveiling when the Braves play the New York Yankees in an exhibition on March 31. Only season-ticket holders are invited, and Schiller says a crowd of about 20,000 is expected. Schiller acknowledged the new park must be accompanied by improved play from the Braves. “We came out of two years in a row where we struggled as a team and conversely struggled at the gate,” he said. “It’s not lost on us we have to deliver two things at once. We have to make sure the baseball environment at this new ballpark has everything to offer, and I believe will satisfy even the most discerning baseball fans. Then we also have to deliver a very good baseball team.” There will be open ticket sales for a Georgia-Missouri college game on April 8. That will be the final public trial run before Atlanta’s home opener on April 14. The biggest attraction for the Braves’ new home may be the mixed-use devel- opment being built around the park. A crane still hovers over a hotel directly behind the stadium. Schiller said some restaurants, bars and a concert venue around will be ready for the start of the season. He said more will open during the season. SunTrust Park, in the suburbs, about 15 miles north of the old Turner Field, has the feel of a traditional stadium, with green seats and some brick walls and a large canopy. It also has a modern feel with LED lights and “internet capabilities unlike any other sports venue in the country,” Schiller said. “It should be the fastest Wi-Fi and in- ternet speeds of any ballpark as well as any mixed-use development in the country, if not the world,” he said. The new park has an interactive area for kids, including a zip line and a climbing tower. The Chophouse, a restaurant and bar in right field, features outdoor seats with cooling cup holders. The bottom floor, on field level, allows fans to look through a chain-link fence only a few feet from the right fielder. AP Astatue of former Atlanta pitcher Phil Niekro stands outside an entrance to the Braves’ new stadium in Atlanta. With about three weeks until the Braves play the Yankees in an exhibition game, finishing touches are being placed on the team's new suburban SunTrust Park. Only finishing touches remain on Braves’ new SunTrust Park CHARLES ODUM ASSOCIATED PRESS AP Construction crews work on the infield at SunTrust Park, the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium Thursday in Atlanta. MESA, Ariz. - Oakland Athletics ace Sonny Gray will begin the season on the disabled list with a lat strain and has been shut down from throwing for the next three weeks. The team made the announcement Thursday, and general manager David Forst said there’s no timetable for the right-hander beyond the preliminary stretch. This is a big blow to the A’s and Gray, who was eager to start fresh following a forgettable 2016. He was scratched from his scheduled outing opening day last year because of food poisoning and never had the kind of season he envisioned as the leader of the rotation. He spent two stints on the DL and went 5-11 with a 5.69 ERA on the heels of back-to-back 14-win campaigns. Gray, who received a $3,575,000, one- year contract to avoid arbitration, initially had plans to pitch for the U.S. in the World Baseball Classic. A’s Gray has lat strain, will begin season on DL ASSOCIATED PRESS TIM HEITMAN / USA TODAY SPORTS Oakland starting pitcher Sonny Gray, who is hoping to bounce back from a rough 2016 season, will begin this season on the disabled list with a lat strain. The former Smyrna High School and Vanderbilt star has the potential to be the team’s ace.

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