The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1937
Page 2
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,, PAGE TW0- '. jSinisftf Parallel Dr^vh [9 with j jcar*i Anicril the BKONNHt "*"\** Ji * * ivtj Puropouii iviiin i§ A r IXHJpON,' Dec 29 -Euroi e MI tcrs ti& new jear with n sicken ln< i rea ( liz|fioii »mt its situation has deadljj^parallels to that \0>lc!i n e- ccdcdUhe World War Onjfew Year of 1910 just 19 fS°', (lie bells psale-1 loud Bopc for the fiHble four- fir f was o\ei Ideals Iniwlv fin boin ga.\c hope that . j&lcmisl would justify itself uj en*msc wvr bj nnUng a world safe fjt democrats, iihd b> cieiting n I-ea^ue of Nations which would settle** peacefully those disputes •Nhichjiad in the pist brought war. Tc4jij all those bright hopes seem %iiions(iaus irony The Leiguc of NaJMis, is brr aining- n mere hulk wThe United States never joined 1 Jinan, Italy nnd Oeininny Jiaicjeff il ad I onlj »ir"e great , Grrat Britain Trance and „ remain It has settled borne wars pud troubles in small countries »Biit it could not stop Ililr from Conquering Its fellow member, Abvssjpia nor Japan from dcvas- (alhvhitt fellcv, member dhim Noihinff Democratic Ihcrc At rho lime In mo-lein history' has Ijie world tscn so unsafe for t^iiia£i-ic> Gerir*an\,, Till), and Portugal me Fascist totalitarhr states,* Russia is a Communist to- fililarian stale Theic is nothing in <hc strong' regimes of Austria Bulgur)! Estbc-mi Gieece Him- gan, Latvia Lithuania Poland Ruina'jua ci Migoslivh thnl an Amprjcan o( Cinadian would icc- osniz<> -is democnllc ' IhCjlotallHrlan states proclaiming the fight to 1m c avis Kind o< goveijiineiU•"• they want, announce at the same breath llien light am' delerajlmU6n to interfere In the affairs of othei slates Tho t horror of a possible new wortrt^ war that all ngice would nnke^lbe world unsafe for civili- itioo, hangs over curope The bet men the present and irlod of 23 years a?o tliat' in the mst Woilcl War are rid sinister , The Rare lo Anns In ^Ifc five" \exrs~ b n fo^c ^lOH. Kaisei^st Germany prod-inning iUs, fear j>f bein^'cncircled by hostile;' An lrfl-iiuu»irj and llajj^Todiy Na.zi Serpiany, procjaimlno Jls fear of englrcleinont, has anotlici tflplq' alHance,-, this timet-ftith lialy and Japan Opposite.lo it stands close agrce- \ inent betnecn Trance nnd Biitim artf .bcUicen Tipncc and. £,nicl Ritisio, )mt as in those d^s stood (lie 3nple Entente of Britim, France ana Russia In -the jeirs befi-n. 1<)14 there was rf terrific irmaincnt rni" lo- days amis race makes It look smiH by comparison Italy once tlie weal sister ui alliances has an eiiormons uriny, a powerful air force and a great Jlhen Rulers Met -In 1912 and 1937 , DECEMBER 30, 1937- Today. M in .the pltmiy days before (ho first World war, kings. nml potentates vlsll each other in stale, and the relationships between whole peoples arc chunked thereby. A t )clt set the late King Seorge V visiting Ills kinsman Williclm a in 'Benin. Friembhii, railcjd to follow this visit, but look low II rrenlls 193Ts .visit (if Mussolini lo Hillcr. rl B ht, which blossomed Into quick allhincc Has Bright Color Needed For Party Season, Peels Easily fcy JlliS. OAYNOH MADDOX NEA Service RtnlT \Vrilcr TIio tailgcrltie peels as easily as '. rats, nnd that is far from :i)l. t hns the brljjht color needed or the party season, and -like the ist HKC cf summer, it won't be ire ton:;. Better make Ilic most of II now. , Tangerine .turn Tiro CUJK tangerine, pulp :uui "lee, I [enspnon grak-rt tangerine 'hid, l lemon, puhi and juice, 1'ocl tangerine's, separalo into cctions and remove .sei'ds. Cut tctlons Into Iralvcs, working over i bc^,-l in:order to cslfh all juice. _'iIM5iiro livo cups '(i)iilp aiui Tangerine Time Is Here mECI " 1I! Jim make makes i Jimiarj brcakfasls nicer and tangerine saUd ladles t tc time ixKitivcly gay. pan ..for nboiil, clear mid syrupy.' sterilized jirs and ns'-rdli 'iiuites. Jour hoi nurse cr Indies at r've"a' n: sti1ordS rl, 'of course. TaiiKtrino Sahd (Serves ^ to 0) One pear, fresh or canned 1 p- -tcdccl Krn|!cs t 1-2 urapefriiit " 2 W. ;Whltflclil,. and her tills week. Miss Jean Sluiw of Arcadli Mo is -..visaing .her Ei'iiiulparenU, Mr aiuj Mn;. E. A, Shaw r(his week Mlsfl .Minnhn [illi^abclli Tnjlor, Miss KiUhelhic Nichols and lius- [ca . however, belter a very ladylike ssil- tcr Cnvlcr, Aho nrc -attending tho Of 3 , , - i. IniiBcrlncE, 4 lattepocns olive oil, laUkspoon • lime juice. holidays with their parents. at Holland 'Arc Miss Geneva Best, Joe Calioon, \Villiiiin Wilson arid BOn Bailey. Ml and Mis B» I Blummei Mrf nnd Mrs Dick Best and Mrs r nn rs c Bes and rs Anna Cossets of Cape Giraidean and Mr uul Mrs Claude Edwards — --, ..— ...„ e u ,.^ ^-- v ^ouis,^were tho r gUests ol Uiiivefslty of Missouri nt Cclum Ml «"<! Mrs J D Best over tlie ma. arc .th'c guesis of thcii par- holidayt enfs this week. Buel Hollj, of Cooler \vho with Miss Virginia Fowler who Is cm-' lll '> wife Is at Woodnru Colo, for plcycrt by n cosmetic' compiny his htHlth Is rccoicling at a lies with a route out ol St. Louis spent 1'Ual there from., a .recent: ,ppera- ChriEtinas here with her mother "9 n - His parents, Mr. and Mrs and other relatives. W. • • r ' J".VL, I-A ii;ii~ t ixiup^i ivu.Mui]^, \vno 1C n p;ll span raa, pinch of cayenne, shake in flic John Oaston hospital . lialpii Rusliing. who IK a patient it dr nice [icnrs, tanscrincs and honey seed grapes, peel tear into section:;, Germany rushmj lo grcaUspecd mai soon army^is great as tint o f the Kaiser, is bujLling a mcJern fleet, and has an .i«(imcnsely strong air force. Russia on papci at leist is, one of ijt liea\lest-arnicd nations iii tlie Hforld willi a fir mole powerful -efficient nud self siiprartms armv^than that of tlie qzar rra.nce is spending $700030000 in TOS-IO improve an nlrcidy stronr a f m yr;:navy. and 'air force. .GrSit Britain,'-fearing Ocrmany'r resurient demand for lost colonies fearing Italy s rlso in the Mecht-r- T?ne£n worried bj Jipincsc tlnnb lo ligr posldon in the Fttr Fist v cooll> planning to spend seven anti a haW ( nUlions on a n\c jcai arm? progfam thai, is without parallel, plfhy Sinister P.irri;ra[)Iis Just as Lord Bildmic went Ir Gcriftab-y in 1912 lo talk about limiting navies so I/jrd IfaJifn;: went- recently to Qcnlnny to discuss a colonies Jus)/ as Ift the jear- p>-ccedln5 ISH.tstatcsinDn scurried about from countrj to country and laisers emperors and kings met with great pomp and ceremony forming alliances and seeking, to clicckmats oihtrs •» in 1037, nilii more grin- <llose ceremonies than anv \vith ^•tnch king ever met kaiser, Mus_o- luu >as fccsucd in a slate Usi( lo Hitler So Gpcrin 0 of Gcnmny. CjRnfl of Ilaly-,:- Dclfcos of France' and J.Stoyadinovitch of Yus&slavia have. )«-3ii circling about the imp. 'In ihctBillan wars of 1912. Ttr.ncE and Germany saw their ,new>ar -vrcapons tried cut in actual, combat SO todaj Germany, Italy. France, and • Russia, watch thtir tanks, inachme guns airplanes and other arms tested in Bpaij) and China fewtlMi Banding Together Ertn more than In the feverish :rl914 jears the lesser nations mg franticallj to arm and , remove sections from grapefruit' Combine oil, lemon Juice, • Itnio inns at,i lt ' cc . salt and spices. Pour over have an i m'xcd fruit nnd sUnul in refr'l-j- :rater undl chilled. Armngc a N. Holjy, who .have benc at li, bedslric have rctnriicd liome. -..—, -- -- _.. ..„ 'inj 'Mr. and'Mrs Hoy' Fender and cream Memphis. Is much • itnprovcd at! famH i of st la\\\s and tfoward (his time. | render of Scarcv fArl., hsiv'c re- Mr, and Mm. Leslie Hatlcj Invc > turned home after i,. with moved lo Cam:lcn, Tcnn Mrs , lllcil l«ients Mr and Mrs *P E 'Fender df Sttclc x Mr Gnss Allold, .of Cooler, ,wlio. Frank, mil I s"*talnca injuries while working - ; :l ol pale green chicory and lark erccn walcrcircs. place the nannnktl- fruit on this garden, servo-. wllli the holicy cream IrcKing and listen lo the ladles ( Ah!" Hcncy Cream !)rcssin ff Two egg yolks, 1-4 cup strained loncy, 2 Inblp.sp3ons olive oil 3 '•.atlrapocns lime juice, shake pap- ika. tinch sail, 1-2 cup slightly .our cream. ' Beat yelks. Heal honey over hot vatcr. Combine honey and yalks u top cf double boiler. Bent un- i! tlilckcncd then slowly fold in il. juices and scaroning. :aur cream stiff, Ihcn fold Into !i\cr mixture. Chill, then serve Steelc-Cooter Holland Society — Personal Hal Icy was before her marnace Irene \Vliilfield Miss Jullictt „, and neaumont Smith liavc return- M 1'urmcr's Gill, has been taken «i home after a visit with Mrs. j'P a hospital in St: Louis, nncy Smitii at Briglitcn, Tenn. j ' Ml '- alul Ml ^- Lonnie Anderson ^fr. and Mrs. Shirley Farmer <yid.<lauglHer, Agnes, left'over the rpttit last week end with relatives ^t"* end to mnke their home at ' JlcmpliLs. Pontiac, Mich. Miss Eiila Gray has. returned' ''T a visit with her parents at Zaltna, Mo. •.'•' Mr. ana Mra. Clctns Bailey have . Mr. nnd Mrs. H. A. Spcncc and Mr. and Mis. II. B. Spcnce ' nn;l children spent Christmas at Harrisburg, Ark., as guests of Mr and Mrs. 1. M. Grecr. Mr. and Mrs. N. Konry and daughter. Olga. and son. Phillip spent Christmas with relatives In Ilcrrln, III. Hoy Workman has relumed hlr, iraslllon in Sikcslon a qimding ihc linlirlay.s here with his wife and daiiBhter. Mr. and Mr.-,. Emmolt Yatcs if lo Supl. (inrt Mrs. Jack Wimp ol '.he Ciotjr high school arc speiul- "W their vacation with Mrs. Wimp's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. '•V. Van Ambergh, of Jackson Mo. . Major Griffin, of Lake City, a:- ompanied Miss Eunice Qutfcrlc '.o her home in thu dity Sunday ifterjshs had spent several days .vith her mother there. Mrs. Joe 'Russell, who been me leriously 111 Monday, is unimprov- ao "today. . • ' Mr. and Mrs. Tlioiiias C. Wliit- cf ;5carry, Ark., ore Ir.e of his parents, Mr. and •- i-niillivvv 1 JILl Mcniphi:;. spent hsl week : O J. needs of Cedar naplds ;ln,. former principal of the Hal-' : mnd .school spent |] lc p, r ,i wc ^ end there with friends Miss Addle -Russell, of Kcnnelt the (jiiest (his week of Miss .ildrcd Edwards, of Holland. The Bins are roommates at Stale Teachers college m Cope Oirard- L.IU- Other students from till; •EC who are .spending the . to keep the var fire .their frontiers. Poland, armed - teeth, tries to keep amicable ith.boih mro»ctag Qermany and uEia'oti either hand while IJth- uuil« t t»t\la, and Esthonla three *ttle BalUc states, band to«n nDlance, sfeihg theif &, territory "« *, -sAWnJfioy «IK( route beWcen Jr»W«S?tC!$tU!4f<ahd B t- IJSf"»«* Jn 8 ^h»ky alli- • Hwa/i&rwW 'ip snd'allacli fragments of It to . b «i r German - Italian - Japanese system. • •••.*. Even Ihe peaceful and 'democratic Mimtrlcs of Norway,.,Sweden and Denmarlt. alarmed'.at. the .-chatic* 1 pf conflict m" the NorUi Sea be- ween Brilain and Russia ar c arm-' ing Belgium ahd Holland have tojt (slth In ailiatnees •tod treaties for lefcnsc, and ave falling back on new irniament and <lcfci^Go ' in nit the lirger tountrics, \viUli i great pSrt W the budget gotrw n» tii« irm^;a6b,-there are'hl?h- : \ taxes, and a feverish simulation i! i-firosoerlty ag the munitions vith ominous fury. Irased the K. & ,K. Inn near Steele and will make their home in Steele. Mrs. Bailey was 'before her initrrlngc two weeks iijjo Miss Imogen e Manning. Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge nixon, <tt St. Louis, have been visiting relatives In this vicinity. , Mr. nnd 'Mrs. D. K. • Hudson, of Peach Orchard, have returned -• after a visit in points of frorldn. Chester Bomar of. Springfield, O,. Is?visiting relatives here this week. VOliR ____ PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Satisfactory Wort Low Prices SOUTHWORTH {^••Orrr • Joe I«a»'jaBH OILS! ENROLL NOW! Modern Hcaiily School Classes Startin K .lar. 3rd. Tc.'ichir, s , n lJ phases of I!e;iuly (,ii|l ur( , ;,„,] mccl i,, „„ re . tjuircmcnls fo r licensed operators m Ai-kansas and Missouri. Modern Equipment-Competent Instructors Special Courses for Young Men and Barbers Low Enrollment Fee For full details call at the Eagle School of Beauty Culture Bldg., 2nd & Walnut Blytheville.'Ark. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS A:hou*ewife>s New Year resolution: "Resolved, that I buy all my groceries and meats fr6m the Liberty Cash and get my savings in a Xmas Saving dub account." , Statistics show that Memphis has the lowest food prices in the United States FRI. and SAT. Our Prices Are the Lowest in Town ffl/. and SAT. Crackers CHAPE FRUIT 3 10 CAULIFLOWER LETTUCE CABBAGE POTATOES ORANGES NOODLES CAMPBELL PUMPKIN Lord Chcstcriieid or Chase &• San- tiorn, Ltj. d For Mew Year Lack 90c 46c BLACK EYED PEAS For fiood Luck toose in the New Year Pound tf HE BUTTER Canova or max. House, llj PETIT POIS PORK BEAKS Choke Blue 9 1C Rose, Lh' *"2 KRAUT No. 2 >/, |||(J Can" 10 I IDIIV CHILLI SAUCE LIDPi -.16 -Qz. BoUle TICCIIIT IIOOUC Ambassador MC or Re{) Cross, *l r .PEANUT'BUTTER Beech Nut, IMed. Jar 12 C Oysters pint 23c CHUCK, l\b Kic, SHOULDER CI,OD, U. ......22c THICK RIliS, Lb uSc m LIVER Pound 11' ' SPARE RIBS 17 KC STEAKS ,, 32 MINCEMEAT ,12V WHITMORE 1 'OLISII Ho.v 8 l Mft-WAX PAPKR '-10 Foot Roll -8 l CORN' ^l .Starch, Box * 2 CHOPS, LI) , I2i/, c ROAST, Lb " 15 C STEAKS, Lb .'.'" 20c Bacon Fancy Sliced Lb. 22c Picnic Hamlb.l7!c PORK BRAINS . 15 MIXED SAUS.SGE 10 COMPOUND LAPO 11 BOOTH SARDINES 10 15 C SOAP 2 For UPTON TEA "£,22 CORNED BEEK 17 APRICOTS PURE LARD Pound 12 C BACON Black Hawk «|OC Pound 28' POTTED " EAT VIENNA SAUSAGE Can 5' SPAGEHTTI liox 3 ( GRAPE JUICE, Uosc- Mary, I 17' TAMALES Dog Food Champ or Hi-Test , 5 -Limit, Can 4c Loose or Maca. Pound 5c Evap. .• Extra . Fancy lie Tomatoes Jello All Flavors 3 Pkgs. For Cocoa .Cook's 1 Lb. Can 7c

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