Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 3
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yffi^ P. W. KINNEY, 51.3 BROADWAY. DEALEK IX Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. ot Spring's Soap, New School Suits i»Jti:vi:xr ANI> FA-'K AT FKO.H CHAFFIXG. MOLD ONLY BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE DKCESIBER ACCIDENTS Tbe ptcurd o IPHID nc^ioeD's published monthly by i.be Railroad Gazatie pho*8 that ID December ttiere were 152 railway Hccioems to this country. In which twKnij-nintf perrons were killed and ninety inju-td—»Q unusu- ully favorable report Sixty 6>x o' these accidents reru'ttd fri.m colll I siooa, slxi.y nine from derailments. and seveo from otner causes Ei;rhl derailmei ts were irom broken rails. Tbiriy-lbree of the collirions were cnargeahie to negligence In iipiraling. Of tDOde killed Out two were paseen. gers, thirteen were employes ana tbree treupni'SKrti. Of thoce Injured twenty were passengers, tnirty em- ployes und two but they Ioo1; so. The boy's clothes are made from p a'p a's old ones, dyed over with Oiamond , Dyes f 'lf _T»I_ _ The girl's dresses are dyed over, too, and many of the suits a;id gowns cost but': • n cents. i >'o rxpcrleuce Is m'fdcd '.y do ^oml work vriUi DJjt Ii'ond ')yfs.\v)iifh itn- inailonspoci.illy for honu; n^e. J-JX-ttlo'a bu>.^ ai.il iOsaiaplcsof colored cloth, frea WELLS, Ricii.iisusoN i Co., BurUnstoE, Vt. Tt) T.\X 1MYKKS. Trmxiirnrs 1 Oniv> City ot ,Jn 'iiiiry !.",. IS!).) Niitlci- 1.- li-n-iif Klvcn to thu I'if. cltj i>ri,"Biii pun. ii«< 0 unity, iiiilijiMi. UiHtth UiX II |i.|f!llf Illl IHftl IS FfW Vl:.l .it MllH lifil'i' nrri tiifi I wil un-il ••"• ititi City Tn' is 'TiT' Olll H 111 till' 1«W (l.HICtl f'T tli" pUn.DS.u n-c.ilvii.i; tun liufi iiniv ilti». Tli» r .lluwl..| Uiljir will .sli iw tin' iiti:nt)» of cunts l-vlcd 'Mi v cli iloil:i. s ihxiiUnS and Midi IJD!! Lojjiiri.ipirt, Ind. a of tlio l pur O-* innil »"' r,il<r rj fiiii'iY.V.'".'.'.' °)'-'a Sp*-i-I,Ll wa or wo.ks fund OS Totul nmoitnt ot lev/on rn I nnil inT.sonal [>r<>iit«r;>- 1 '-S ^miorul uriK^t*.s (in ftacli pull I (XJ On H i'-li rcuuUo di>^ r» i) > On eiieii mill • uoi: - M Kiiun |>H!'snn or NLY |K»T cimrgHit with tux-s may i»ny C'M' lull amount I'T^ii'-h UXI\H on or bnloro tlm iiilid Mimdui In April. ItW>. nr may mnl. on'lon purl!!" April iii»-iiliiii nt tin- fiit on or bnfiiri't c KiiM third <loiiilaj in vprll iincl llm TPIM,tilling mount or N'nY^mbt'r In c.tilinciii, on or Iwr.iri'tin-llrsi.Miinit'iy in Niv^-mur 1SB.5 In thnoiuiiH urtimitr [irf.H'-rlbivl by In*. Wlii-ii thnlli.si ii«r.iilliiii<nt Is not paid on or t»r<>r<, tlin "Mil lilrd Vlniiiliiy III April IlIU tilX-S for tlm wnti'ft yniir lircinnx fl-llin|ii»iit. I'lifl trwiiiirxr will not mi rp-uiunx ble tor tn- i'<'n;uts and elinri;r.Hiiii ikiliiunioru tuxus tv.iultlix,' frnm any mnwlon of ttui p-rsoiis ivuliii; to stiitu deilnlt-iy on uhiit property mid In wtiuse iiuiuo It FARTICUHR NOTICE. ' Tnx payo r .H should 'xnmlno their receipts bf fore leaving the ollke and know they ar« ior- roct. GEOUGE E RAR <KTT, City Treasurer. INCREASE YOUR INCOME! • r i doing It Wny not jou ? [omit $10.00 In Deuember wntwt, Our syitera lnanf?ur»te<l for •in b metlt or «mall tracer*, • ffers yon an excel ant .pp jrtunltj to try It Wrlt« n» tod 7 for lull toformutlon. PERKINS A CO., U4 Blltlto Bide. ClilCHKO, III NOTICE FARMERS. X*ner.» McQuIre A Hilwron will bo nt J. W I" 'H Coed -*'ora on North s;r»et Sii'nrdujs to W.i bit-i Wlr-lona uhock Ho\v«-t on wblcti they kiwe beoii ullowed u patent DR F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted. Chanp Cottas-s For Sale, Wanted Lots 'u> I Aoras v'or S-ile, Wanted Snul 1 I'.inns For -mle. Wanted BuslniM, 9looKH t'i>r dale. Wanted to Ex:Ur.T£a .-'arms for Cltr Property, Wnnt.vl Hurclri'Kli'.i o TV do for Farms. ADDKU3S .11. ,11. «;o:il.»(»V. Spr- Block , Indiana. Ho Couldn't Driv- IMullN. Svurix Htrivtlie, Oalo, relates an experience all the more wondur/ul because he is now nearly seventy. He, says: ' I wouldn't take $100 lor thr* good Dr Wnealer'ti Nerve Vliu I7,«r bus dona me. I always worked hiird and was careless about a little ntom»eb '.rouble I hud and s eep- lesanoss, wbica I suppo-e accounts for the narvoui trouble which struck ma about four years n(jo. Limbo of my rii_'ht side got so I couldn't control ihem; at times 1 couldn't bold a cup In ray hand to drink (rood it, and in a cro<vd would unconsciously bit people with my jarktog right arm. Tbt doctors cttllud It nervous purnlysis and Slid that at my age., I coulda'i be cured I saw Dr Wheeler's >" Vtiali/.er advortlssd in toe R-!| and got, a sample bottle of ii, which I thought helped me, co bought a bjttle Tnink I huve used three bottles, and they have made a steady man ot me. I huve not fait as well la four years and am still improving. \Vby, for two yeirs I couldn't drive a nail " Mr. (roldllnger, in whose store tbo interview took place, fully oorroboia- ted Mr S*artz' statement, saying his cure was a surprise to all who knew of tho case. We are authorized to say, this medicine for control and cure of nerve troubles. Is sold by Ben Fisher and by all druggists. H. E. TRUAX, M. B. Spoclal attention given to Nose, Lang, Liver •Ed Chronic DI.WLSftS. OHIce and Residence over State National Bank. Hoars lu to I- a in , 2 to 4 p. m., and 7 to S p. m. All tails promptly attended. KROE'JER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, G13 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING. JAN. 30. Get n bl? bargain In a table cloth at the Bee Hive's remnant ealo before it olosea. .It I* very bad taste to attend a party, reception or bill in calf shoes; nt Olio's you can fiod the proper thing. The Journal has a few birdsoye views of Logaasport left. They can be had in pasteboard tubes for mailing or preservation for fifty centa. S. M. ClosaoQ has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also East- era money in any amount to loan on montage security. Office No. S19 Pear street. The Lidlos Auxiliary to the B. of B. R, T-, will give a aupper on the evening of'February 20, at the residence of Mra. George Crawahitw. 119 Canal street. Price 15 cents. Every, body Is Invited. He 8uv«u • ilfe. A section man on tbe W abash saved the life of a young woman Monday. Tbe lady, who IB from Elnood, was crossing the Watiaeh railroad bridge west of Blddle'a Island OD her way to visit South Side frlenda, when a train bore down on her. The young woman would have met death had li col have been for the brave action of the em* ployo of the road, who caught her and held her out at tbo side, out of danger until tne train passed. Tbe whole affair was rather trying to the nerves of the actors and tbe witnesses. A HuuiftiDld Trenure. .'X W. Fuller, o' UunajuQarie, N Y., Bays that he always keeps Dr. King's .New Discovery In the house and his family has always found tbe very best results follow its use; tbat be would cot be without it, if procurable, br. A.. Dykernaa, Druggist, Catskill, N, Y., says that Dr. King's New Discov ery id undoubtedly the best cough remedy; tbat he has used It in his family for eight jeare, and it has never failed to do all that Is claimed for It. Why not try a remedy BO long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at B F. Kaosling's drug store. Regular size fiOc. and (1. l>r*th of a Purmrr Resilient. Dr. E R Taylor baa received word from his brother, Dr. Harry Taylor, of Paris Texas uf the death of the wife of tbe latter, which occurred January 18ih. This intelligence will be received with sincere sorrow by tha many friends of the deceased, who lived In Loganaport ten years .ago. The body will be brought here some time In the near future for burial, it being at present preserved In a vault at Paris, Texas. SIOII K'Wtrd. •100. The readers of tnla pap« will be pleaiad to learn tnftc tn re Is at le wst ons drs idful dts«u» tbat sclenco bas been able t > cute la all lu stage! nnd tb:tt is 0<icari-n. Hull's C uarrn Cure Li cue ouly positive cnre QOW Kni>*u to ttid mdcilcal fr.iiecu'ty. Cnurcti Oi'mt n eocutltutloaal disease, requires a co.Ktlcaciintl crddtmen'.. Hull's Catarrn Care Is tafcen Incernallj, »ccms dtroctly, upoatneolD.idancl cnujunsardica-iotctie srscem tnnrebr descr ijlug tne foundation of tne dlsens* and Ktrlaettie ptcienc stretnttti or buildl m ap «ne oascl'iittoa iiiid iisst«ta<ui»carBin doln^-ics work. Tne pripnetont aares-itnucij falcti in Its auratlre powers, tb^t they offer One auadr«J Dollars for miycasrttn tt It tails to core. Send for list of tejtlmoaUIs. Address K J. CHB>"Er Jt CO., Toledo C»~Sold bj Druggisw. 75c. EAST B0a>'l) SHIPMENTS. 0 uufl r-niumauLa last weok amounted to 64 953 lima, againsi, 43, 588 t.ons for tbe pcecodlng; »etk, aud 58 604 for ibe currti^pOQfliog week of ihe last year. Tne roadb carried toncajje KB follows: Mioh lean Central. 4 71(1; Wnba^n, 4 330; Lnko 'horo 4 MS2; Fort Wiiynor 10 988; P-in HinfUe. 5 976; Baltimore & Umo, 710 ; OK.IKI I'runk. 2,890; Nickel Pi-i 1.0 6502; Erie 5.789; Big Kour. 1 755. Snlyrn-nts wore mado of ihe following artiolu-i in ton,-: Flnur 3 776; grain and mill stuff-', 22 667; p'OvlniorH lard, eic., 11 Su7; dre.-M.-d beef 8.740; butter, 1,140; hides 1.854; lumber, 3 80S; mUcollanejus, 1 272 P*n Bundle fireman Chas. Helvle who was li jureri in a wreck about two months agn, expects to resume 'work in itfew days Business a: tbe local Pan Hindlo freight offi;e U showing 8itfn8 of im- provornent. During tae past few dtiys many more card wore loaded and unloaded ihtin for several w«eks bsfore. Tbe net earnings of the Wabash for the month of D-comber were $70,000 ahead of the earnings of the corresponding month, of the preceding year, ihe increase coming (rum economy in expenses cali-fly, and at ttie same lime OD account of tiome Improvements in business In tbe aouth*edt. A. Pun Kindle swlichman whose name was not learned, was killed In ibe Bradford yard Monday afternoon. He was riding on a cut of cars wben he was thrown to the ground, striking bis head on a rail and crushing his skull. VVben picked up he was beyond aid and died ID a few minutes. Conductor W H. Buel was an eye witness to tbe fatality. By a decision of Judger Baker and Woods of tbe Federal Court at Indianapolis the Peonaylvaata company must pay to Charles R. Lynde the sum of $36 000. In 1864 the Columbus Chicago and Indiana Central railroad now the Pan Handle Issued one thousand bonds of (1,000 each of which pUialift holds thirty-six. Waen the ro;|d became part of the PenneyIvanh-Joompuny the latter re fused to pay the bands, but the court held thai the company when It came into possession of ibe road assumes Itu debts and other robpODaibiiitles and tbat It must redeem ihe boi-ds. It is not often that a railroad man misses a train but such an accident happened to Road Foreman of Engines A. J Presoott a few days ago. It was his intention to go over tbe east end and No 46 was the train selected, but wben He got to the station he was surprised to le'arn that the train was gone although it still lacked eeveral minutes to ettfht o'clojk. Oa reflection ItoecurreJ to him that a new CArd had come out a few days ago am that the time of No. 46 had been changed from 8 to 7:50 o'clock, just enough to cause him to miss U. However, many a man. has had a much more serious accident from overlook ing his time card. I ,1'he PtiuiT.il of II.-1U" o'Oi.uii'11. Toe luuoral ^orvices uver t,oe remains o( M mo O'D innell.the sixteen- J ear-old dauynter of Mr. and Mrs. James O'U mneil, were htld at St. Joseph's i.hurcb at 9 a. m. yeoierdiiy. Tne R«v. Fdfher tVi-ichrrjiiQ of G-t* City, an Old friend o! the family, con ducted the funeral wnich was attended by a lart'e QUtnoer of the friends of tbe decaasnd. who came, many of them witn beautiful (lor.il trioutes. to lake a last look at toe fjtoe of the loved one Tne pall b !arere were Will B u-fgemtn. Cnas B reker, Frank Kinney. WiU'Duon, Eci Moclland und ThOf. Shu(Ti-ay. The bjJy now rejta in tho Brine- hurst vault at Mi. Hope cemetery. Woen the father. James O'O.iunell. arrives Irom England, the |•em(ll^^ will be placed in the fioal resting place In the family loi, iu Ml. Si Vincent cemetery. Bill V.iu Kvcr Try Electric biuera as a remedy for your trouble=? If not, get a bottle I now and get, rolldf Tins me»lcme has been founc to be peculiarly nd»pt,. ed to tfae rfiliof and Cure o! nil /emule cumplalots. exertino; a wonderful direct tnfl ieoce in giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have lofd of appetite, constipation, heaaaclm fiioting spells, or are nervous, sleep less, excitable, raeiancboly or troubled with dizzy spalls, E euorlo Bitters is tbe medicine you need. Health and strength are guaranteed by its use. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Keeping's drug t>tore. Mny Lone n Mrs. Scott Reese of Twelve Mile,has been in. a serious condition for eome time from the bursting of a blood vessel ID a lo*er limb. It has been reported thai she would loeo tte leg and possibly her life, her condition being considered daofi-eroue. AB overheard by our reporter: '•John, please get some sugar at Black's; hei'ji'ves more for the laooe; than the other dealers; to economize we must be careful to get our money's worth of everything—and Ob! John, don't forget to stop at Ben Fisher's drug atore for a bottle of Brant's Balsam, it only costs a quarter and it cured my cough so quickly before, I DlMUtron* Effect* of the VTllion Sncmr Trn«t Tariff UIII. When the democratic party and the sugar trust enacted tbe sugtu- schedule of the 'U'ilson tariff bill the measure destroyed the basis of reciprocity and would undo the frreat work of James C. IJlainc. Every day now brinjrs ncw*s of some fresh example of the policy of retaliation which foreign nations are inaugu- ratin<r agiiinst the United States. Already the.American people is beginning- to renlize tlm the repeal of the reciprocity provision of the McICinley law and the lilaine agreements would injure tho loreijrn tr:ide of the United States millions and tens of millions of dollars annually. The open protest of Germany, mnde at the time the sugar schedule of the Wilson bill was pending in the senate, w;is ihe first intimation of foreign! displeasure. Secretary Cnrlisle transmitted the protest to the finance committee of that body, but the influence of the sugar trust with the democratic senators caused it to V>c ignored. Xow Germany is prohibiting imports of American cattle and provisions, ami insisting that her policy of retaliation ng.-iiust American products is justified, because the sugar schedule of the Wilson tariff law violates solemn treaty compacts entered into with her by the United Suites. German inlluenoe has drawn Denmark- into the policy of retniliation. France first imliea'.ed her inlontions by shutting out American packers from all opportunity to compete for the contract to supply the army with provisions. Xow France has followed Germany in putting nil embargo on imports of cattle from America, on the pretext of pleuro-pneumonia in the animals. Within a few dnys there have been strong intimations that, Ihe new Austrian minister, who 1ms not yet even presented his credentials to tho president, is eharyed to be;riu an attack upon this same sugar duty almost immediately: and if concessions cannot be secured, it is expected that Austrc- Ilungary probably will follow the example of (.let-many, France and -Spain in retaliating upon the United States. With the first of .1 unwary, the great republic of ISraxil, with which our export trade had doubled during three years of reciprocity, closed its porUi to the admission of American products at the reduced rates formerly yivon. Spain's damaging blow to American interests has been given in closing Cuban and Porto Rican ports to American breadstufTs in particular. A detailed statement of the exports to Cuba during the months of September, October :ind November of,lS'J-J, as compared with the same months during 1S03, makes tbe shrinkage very plain. Taking the month of October in cacli year, the exports of flour shrank from 28,737 barrels to 4,631; of corn, from 62,300 bushels to 1,072; of lard from 3,031,219 pounds to 700,421; of hams, from 477,201 pounds to 344,232; of bacon, from M0,720 to 209,402 pounds. Tho tables prepared by the exporters showing 1 the "extent of the, discrimination apainst United States products under the maximum tariff recently imposed by Spain have satisfied the state department at Washington that there can. be no opportunity for American trade unless these charges are abated. The preat exporting- houses of the Atlantic cities arc clamoring at the doors of the state-department, and threaten to appeal to congress for some speedy action to protect their business. They report tbat at present the United States is losing a trade of 700,000 barrels of flour per annum, all of our commerce in machinery, formerly purchased by the Cubans exclusively in the United States, all of the hardware Weak,IrritabIe,Tired "I Was No Good on Earth." Dr. Miles' Nervine strengthens the weak, builds' up the broken ; down constitution, and permanently cures every kind of nervous disease. "About one vearaffo ftraxafitictot trith nc.n-oitsitesx, tilccj>!cxxnc*m f Creeping sensation in my legs, (•ilifiht palpitation of inv heart, Distractinff confusion oftliftniiutf Seriotia loan or lapse of iiicinoi-y. We.iffbted. •foirn frith eare taut trort-y. JC completely lout appetit* A>iil felt my vitality ireariiia out, I trrr.v treat:, irritable a it it tired, 3Iy ireifflit iras reduced to ICO Ite* JTf* fact JT tra-s no good, oil tartJt, A friend brought njo Dr. Jliles" book, "New and Startling Facts," iind I finally docided to try a bottle of DK. MILES' Ke- oratlvo Ncrrino. Before I had taken one bor.tlo I could sleep ns well as a lO-yr.-old boy. My appetite- returned greatly Increased. mien I tiail ta);en Hie nix-Oi bottl* JEfj/ irciylit increased to 156 bit., Tfie sensation iitiiiylcasiraitflonet Sly ne.rvf.it steadied, completely; Sty Kif.utory iraii fully rextorftU, 3!i/brain scciiictlclcarertiia n crc,r* I felt aiffoodananyiiianoii-e.arUtf Dr. Stiles' Ucxtoratire Xcrrine A great medicine, I (insure von," Aupiist.i, Me. WAT.TKIS R. BtTRBAJtK. Dr. Miles' Kervlno is sold on a posltlv* friinrinii'o th:a MH-tlrsr.bottle will nenoflu All druciisi-ssoU it!ii.SJ,6 bnttlos forSS, o* itiWllI lH"sont, prp|Milil, on ro<-i'ti)t. of prlc» bytlaoDr. Miles Medical Co., £ll;hart. Ind. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health lint what, else was to be expected '.if the t,Tt':il democratic party that, at Chir:ijr<> in 1^','C, denounced lilaine reciprocity as ;i "fraiul" ;ind in 1S04, \vliilo fullowinff tho dielatos of tho Mijjar tni!>U ruthlessly destroyed the fjroat work of .James (I. l>].iinc In order thai, the suprar trust inig-ht rob Amwieim Mi;i:ir consumers of millions of dollars and democratic senators line their pockets with ffoUl acquired by \Vall .street speculation in the sugar trust's .securities.—Allianv Journal. A Viciim of CUIIIty. Dr. Nathan Schwarzkopf, a.n' Austrian medical man, recently met with . his death in rather a curious manner. - Qnc day,while walking in the street, he noticed that a man's hat had been blown oft by the wind, and ran to pick it up. While doing so he received a blow oil the hand from the walking. stick of another pedestrian who was also trying- to stop the hat. This ao-' cidcut, which appeared slight at th< time, resulted in a suppurating- wound,' and ultimately in general septicaemia,' from which, in spite of timely surgical treatment, death ensued. The deceased "victim of civility," as he has been : termed, was in the prime of life, being -. only forty-three years of ape. I have ooufidance In it, besides itseco.l and a lar £ c proportion of the potato 1 Money to Loan. Any one desiring to buy real estate can. secure a loan to ba repaid on the monthly plan. Interest only 5} per cent. Consult J. T, COCTBUBX, Boom 3, Spry Bulldliff. What l* tho Work uf the Kldnrys t To remove from ih» cloud us 1m purl ileu. Tne products of cell wastes which have boea burned up ic sustain log life and gUlag strength, to tbe Byeietn. Every particle of blood la tbe body goes through, tbe kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to Perform their work fully, sooner or later the system s pois med. Therefore, San Jak Is the indicated blood remedy. »rTom Debility. E/ery person, having 1 nervoua deblll- y organic weakness, or filling mem- ry is entitled to sympathy of every looest parson, and should have ex ended medical aid such as is found in San Jak Sold by Beu Fisher, druggist. Jn«t RreHved, carloads of sleighs from the celebrated Fuller Buggy & Sle'gh Co., Jackson. Michigan. Come one, come all, coma everybody; we have slalgha for the millions. Prices below the lowest. . Call at GEORGE HARRISON'S, 617 Broadway. ew ptrty slipper* at Otto's, hand turned pumps. ind nomlcal to use; the bottles are extra large, while the dose IB only a half teaspoonful." Get Brant's of BCQ Fisher. Bncklen'M Arnica Salve. The beet Sttlva in the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or DO pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per DOT. For sale by B. F. Keesling. trade—a very important part of ourcx- ports to the \Vest Indies. The total reduction in our exports to Cuba for tho year since the lapse of the reciprocity agreement will amount tonotlcss than 50 per cent. These are but fragmentary instances of the disaster which the Wilson tariff, by-repealing tlic reciprocity provision of the McKinley act and the JJlainc agreements, h,as brought to the farmers, manufacturers and exporters of the United States. They indicate a loss of millions of dollars, which will react upon American industry and ramify through all its departments, injuring labor and capital alike. C5?~Th,e administration has a tariff war on its hands, and it hardly knows what to do with it. Had the reciprocity system been continued it would know precisely how to handle it; but it threw away the weapon of defene* which it held, and now it is shaking before the bulldozing undertaking of_. Germany and other countries. That it will submit is quite probable, and that' the continental countries, even if tho , differential sugar slion^ 5 , be repealed, 1 will continue their diltv.-'"' ntial war in also quite probable. All this comes of an incompetent congress and an incompetent administration.—Cincinnati Ga» zette. \ C27"H is perhaps not surprising that a democratic administration should break down all round in the inorc-im*' portanl functions of government,, bnt it is rather strange that it cannot even gum a postage starup correctly- Tho current stamps arc the v.-orst of their, kind. They arc not up to the-standard. in color and won't stick. This is what a nation gets which admits to power such an imbecile and at the same time Mich a flagitious party. It ought to be dipped in the gum arabic of its unsuc- ceSbful philatelic experiments and hunjf. somewhere to dry.—X. V. Tribune. -.16 I f\ FEW LEFT. ! ••£ Jf':;. ' The Journal has a few of the beautiful birds-eye views of Logansport left PartieB desiring them, can if they^awisb, get them, in| paeteboard tnbes for [mailing or preservation. Size 2§fr 44 inches. PRICE 5O GENTS.

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