The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY. DECEMBER 21, 1933 Kl.YTllttVlLl.K. (AKK.) rWIRlK.ll NKWS l r AGE THREE FCfl IISGREDIUID TD E Engine Lands Upright Atler Death Plunge $140,000,000 Has Already Gone to Lighten Mortgage Load. WASHINGTON (UP)—A slead- ily Increasing flow of government credit to debt-ridden farmers b rtiterl In n review of Farm Credit Administration accomplishments by Us Governor.' William I. Myers. : FCA, a fiooscrelt baby, is only EC-veil nior.llis o!il. Already. SHO,- fil.C"i havo Rune out !o liijliteii the fnrmeis' mortgage load. Re- glcinul banks have been set nn lo loan fanners money for production, markeliirf. and purchasing, the three main functions of raising crops, and livestock. These loans are made through co-operative groups. Oovc.-iiors of two-thirds of the EtaU-r,. aL FCA rcriuest. have named farm debt adjustment commtt- Th!s Is her first pastorate in she | lust dny, s.ilth tho Lord, that I has been n commissioned evangelist 15 years. shall pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons nnd your daugh- She Is one of seven women In tws shM prophesy means dial Arkan«s who preach for this do-!™" cn ' " s «' c » <" "^"- sllo "W now Humiliation wlitoli has 10 chuvcht-s I In the stale, ahc began prenrhiiii; Mrs. liuphii Diuighlcr ol N a/a re i ic 1 Urfor? her marrlngp In i nil', Mo., where her father, Ihu Hov. i K. li. D.imion, lived. Hi' wan uni : uf (In- ilrsl inliiMei.-! uf thh <k'- Mrs. lieu-lr,'. v.hlch she piefeiv. . we arc living In the fiilllll- ol this iiropliccy. I'oplar Corner Tin 1 re will b 1 - 1 a Chrlslinn-; Ire: and pi'Jjjrum at the l)chi.t c:ill«l miner uan "i^'.i'i 1 "| Friday nl|;hi. U'-'f-'inlirr 23, K.v1v«l lic-r tll!> li'.'l-inny-l'oiiSel college of llflluiny. okln. Tlio iwal churrh. fuimtlcd four . yi>:iis s\%3, now 1113 Ii5 mvmbDrs. the people lo Clixl." MIM. Knplu D.'Th? church uf (!•<• N.izaivnr l!K'.l:evHlo's llr.^t woman er is c:imln\! much cnmnu-iu in tills; clly ainonjj people who :uc at)xio:is[ lo meet the womun who can "i allnn-tive tin:iii-Ue of in IDM, founded liy Dr. P. V. Drcsr-i- Is the ii'jv.- pastor of f. r cimrch >rf u Mi'tiiodM. While this dviumii- the Naitari'iic. • millun Is nut a branch of any olhev llul Mrs. Rcasli'y Isn't a strungcr Ivhim-h U has the snme doi'lrlnc IIH lo the pronte ol this dniKrli win'thai of John Wesley. H Iwllr-vos rei]:icsled hi'r us ;< pastor nILi'r slic I Ihu Bibli' .scrlplmx 1 (if Joel's nrnph- hnd conducted two rcvivul, Iwiv.' <xy "Anil 11 cnmc to puss In the Flowing CO feet over the ri,'ht-nf.\"ay locomotive of the Carolina Sjicclal of (he Southern Hallway dime to. rest upright on its whrrl'., as pictured here, while cars were niinj like t'-vs along the tracK end overturned, in n wreck on n «nui-n curve ncnr Hoi Epiinns, N. C. The engrirrr, pinned under wircria^c-, died filter two hours of torture. Thtce other traintuc-n and 10 p^ssengt'i:- \veu injured. Mr. and Mrs. Wlirii ami famll/ h.iv,: moiX'd In l.uxora. Helvn Tcmlln;.r.ii s ;;enl lust week at Lost Cane vlaltlnj her falter, Boyd Tomllnson. Sherlcy Powell, Mitchell and Cayce Johnston of Rowland visited In this community Sunday. . Mr. and Mrs. George Farley and children visited in Holland the liast v.-cck end. ~'I Catching Co VICKS NOSE DROPS MEW AID IN hammer and Ire". These, in return, will form ,. ln«s>l committees to bring together' Jj.'^ 'p^ " u:rl debtors ^-^tors. iay i^ ^ The Farm Credit administration poverty-stricken to production Braggadocio loin Federal Intermediate Credit .... k jivji* ^uu^lill lutci iiiuuiait; ^icuib ™' Cl ' Cral f d "' ^ Ln , CD ,"I °!. lt Banks. By early December. 132 ••s of two major acts of Presi- denl Roo.ievelt,'s snccinl session of Congress: Mortgage the Emergency Farm Act and the Farm Credit Act. The former aimed to hrinw relief to farm debtors; the lalter to create co-operative cilities for obtaining production credit, also credit for formers' cooperative marketing and purchas- asTOCiations. Henry Morganlhau, Jr.. called to head FCA and Immedi- ntelv plunged Into the task of co- r ucli asscciations. with aggregate capital of Sll.143,300, were ready to make loans. A few loans actually Imd been made. Many more associations will be chartered soon. 50 Million Capital Each Innd bank dislric£ has a regional bank for co-operatives, with $5,000.000 capital subscribed by the government. The central bank for co-operatives was established in Washington in September with S50.COO.OOO capital. By the enrt of November, this hank had made i Finally llplicvi'd Clrls | DALLAS, Tex. (Ul')-When two 1 Mexican girls held up Dcnlurn Boyd Hedge and Bruce Summer,' Q™Jardc and demanded his "••"ley, he didn'L lake them very ously—that is. nnl until they knocked him down, kicked him so who attend business eollCBC °" Chillicothe. Mo., are here for Hie Christmas holidays. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. White are , ...,.., the parents of a 10-pound son, lrnc l^ *'5 from ll(lrd n rlb and e:<- poukcls. Donald Moody. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Skinner spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Corbln Gallaher. Iir,-eal Brings Hoarded Golil QU1NCY, Mass. iDP)—The rc- wal of prohibition has brought in _,. _ ,. ^ , , . all kimls of money, even hoarded Miss Edna Ruth Davis, who has BQ]d co|ns IM w > |c ^ vyose(} L0 have been turned over to the government long ago. The Qulncy market, n package store, received, ordlnatinE government agencies loail com , nUmcn t s in cxcess at : tor and ^.^^ Mr. and Mrs. for supnlvine agricultural crcflit | S 21,000.000. had made actual loans Hubert Bedford Ihe President, by executive or-| or 513.500,000, and had out- der. consolidated in TOA the Fa™ standing nboiit S10600000 ' been attending Tennessee college el Mnrfrcesboro. has arrived home for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Curtis, ac' ,5 V? \""=>»" •-""". «^- in exchange for hard liquor, two complied by Mr and Mrs. . Al ... . IM ,, , Curtis drove to Pi'inceton. Ky.. Wednesday to visit their daugh- S10 to 120 gold pieces, Mono Lake, Calif., known as "the Dead Sea of America," has ceptiblc outlet. Lean Uiireau. dealing with I-'ed- OfTcrs Shortest Street C'luim , _ , ^ with I-cd- Dc r ftr[ , Governor Moreenthaul era! Land Banks. Federal Inter- \ V:BS nppfllnl< , d Acll sectary of SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (UP) mediate Credit Banks, and Joint — . .-"- i "•'."• Stock Land Banks; lending tunc- tions of the Federal Farm Board es established on a different basis; Treasury in mid-November, he Carretta St-eet, B7 feel from end recommended to state governors to end, Is being pat forward for appointment 'of local committees recognition as the shortest street . . . .. . . , h- handle debt problems directly, in an' American city. It Is a part n and crop production loan of-! to avoid forec i osures . Spec | al ca£cs ot old 3an Antonio and takes Its flees of the Department of Agri-.„,.,, , d wh extensions or name from having been a favorite jpri-ss-M srs^sssr ss^r^ ^ route ««^^~ strnction Finance Corporation. ^^^ on(? ^^ ^ ^ Kehef Expanded ! intends to continue the aggressive Boar Whipped Bear Machinery for making farm : ^^^ oul]ine(1 whcn PCA WJ . TACOMA. Wash. (UP) - Bears morlgaBe loans on a large scale,'j 0(|ni jjj nnd accordingly speeding relief to j . are no. scare to bears, at least a ! large black bear wasn't to Jef! ; Bartell's big 625-lb. hog. The bear Butterflies spend the coid win-' came into the Barlell ranch look- ter months in various stages; K3m^ ing for a baby pig. The boar sens- go through the winter as eggs, s- "" " " SHIP by EXPRESS Delivery anil Pick lip Service Christmas Eve Chrkdl::!? Day. Slippers for the Holiday Festivities Special Values Crept 1 T-Slr;i|> Sandal Hii;h Hcul, I'reity I'allern i- ?H.!>5 Soiiniless I'umpH, lil;iok Satin $2.95 i-Si'iimlvss I'timp!-, IKut'k t!re|K! $2.45 Hortmloss I'unips, Kid and I'alent $2.95 Uliiue.'ilonc Ornaments 2,ic and JtSc I'r. l.iivciulitr Sccutvd Host 1 , Vury Sheer SI.00 Others S<)e A Piiir O. C. GANSKE farm debtors, was expanded tremendously and loan volume began to rise sharply. Beginning in August, volume practically doubled _ __ _ _ inrh month. From June 1 to Dec. \ n the chrysalis ola3e, someaslar-, The batlelated five hours .'and 11. more, than D 1.000 loans were vac amj ;omo hlhi!i . nBt , adult' the boar won. He lost an car-jfmV.I made. In November alone, Sa4,-lf 0 rm •• • "• ' 000.000 in loans saved many a. farm family from the auctioneer's She Tried Gly-Cas As A Last Resort! Now Feeling Fine Practically An Invalid Years Heforn She Hesan Gly-Cas; fmiMn't Work, Conlined To Hrd Many Times With Rheumatism, K i ri ncys Caused TrouHe Too. Never has there been a medicine introduced here in Blythevillc br- for that received such :v winespreatl and sincere prake as is now acccrded t'cls new Gly-Cas. People all over this section are talking of thj merit of this new remedy an'l MliS. CHARbES BENNETT praising it at every opportunity Read what Mrs. Oharlcs Dennett wife of a well kno^yn local mechanic who resides at 101 E. Sycamore St., this city, said recently: "I cannot praise Gly-Cas cnouj:- for 1 know I would have been an Invalid the rest of my life if il hadn't been for Gly-Cas," she sai<l "I had been constipated and kidneys were disordered for years allowing my system to fill lip with R«:ful poisons. Rheumatism attacked me about five years ago and ^'hat t have endured since Is unbearable. In awful pain from hip? to Iocs, would cry out in agony. Often confined to bed three and four days at 3. time and once for six weeks. The past two years wort had been Impossible. I tried everything, medical authorities, baths springs, hot packs and all kinJs o medicines but none gave me ar relief—Until as a last resort I began Gly-Cas—It was wonderful. It I dlflercnU-clcansed my system free me of all that former suffering, in fact stave me 6uc )i g^,,] rcsu it. s | almost seems miraculous to me Able lo do my work, get aroun with ease, enjoy life andreaMyfee fine. It is wonderful people ca get a medicine like Oly-Cas." Gly-Cas U sold by Klrby Bros Dnig Co, and by all leading dru stores In surrounding towns. Railway Express Agency G. G. Catidill omo Ing a kidnaping tackled the .:SOLD.; •-.••• •.'•. PRESCRIPTION'S ' ' ' DENTISTS AMD PHYSIOAMS J t Going Somewhere for Christmas? If EO we'll wash and jwlish your car nn short notice. Just give us a couple of hours find v.-a'll return tha old bus looking as nice nnd shiny as .-' '3<l. Besides that we will attend to all llic liltlu detiils of (jetting your car ready fov the trip . . . gas, oil, grease, antifreeze, battery water, air, etc. BILL WUNDEKLICirS Main Service Station Main at Fifth Phone 711 The naiitf Prtsfrijilfau identifies the preiTiia- t'wiii which leading ileiilisls anil physicians fire prescribing lor their patients to be sure they get the preparations uhicli it-ill tin them the most yoinl. This is the Home Treatment Leading Dentists are Prescribing for Tender, Bleeding Gums / If llic of giving your lender, scnsilivc giinis the ircatmcnt Ilicy should Inivc has caused you to neglect [liem, you can now gci llic liomc Ircntnicnl al your drug si ore, which leading tire prescribing for liicir ])ntien!s. In feel ion causes softening of gums. It eventually loosens tcctli. Slop the inflaiumalion while you ran. Begin brushing your leelli and gums with Prescription Tooth and Gum Powder. Dentists who arc responsible. for the success of Ihis tooth powder approve it as n home. I real men t for sensitive gums which become sore, and bleed, after brushing. You can get it here al any drug store by just asking for it by llic name — Prescription Tooth and Gum Powder. Doesn't cost any more lhaii preparations you use al home for other purposes. KIKBY DRUG CO., Distributor EVIDENCE OF PURITY INSTITUTE OP INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Lnbor.itorks WASHINGTON, D. C REPORT I [, 1VC j,i5 ( completed n coinprclicnmT an.itysis of lllis product and llic assay shows ihat it con- fotmi lo llic highest sl.ind.ird of efficiency and in my opinion il mtcls every desire in a perfect preparation. Subscribed aild sworn lo before mo , ' '£!-•' L^~3 *.<*5B

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