The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1943
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 28, 19-13 IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner Newi Will Be 'CASH ONLY, to Eitibllshe4 tins*. tenon ihe low CMt of elmni 1«l nda doo not Justify Hie n ^tnae of bookkeeping and ccil- et'llons, we liave adopted wllcy rattier than a »U« In -ate. No Exceptions to this Policy t CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ally rate per line fin 1 consecnInserllons: limun Charge !>0c me per line Ific mes per line per day <2c mes per line per dny flc mes per line per day 7c times per line per day EC Tonth per line DOi ds ordered for three or six limes stopped before expiration wll charged for Hie number of lime. ad appeared nnd adjustment o made, 11 Classified Advertising cops nittccl by persons residing onl of the city mast l« accom led by cnsh. Rules may lie computed from tlie above table dvertisins; ordered for ivrrgnln :rtions lakes the one lime raU. 0 responsibility \vlll be takei more than one incorrect Inser 1 of nny classified nd. for Rent For Sale -burner Florence kerosene stove wllh oven. \VI)ile enamel. Coul Itiumlry water luMilcr. Good condition. Phone 2092. ' 28-pklj-l Ulc delivery rnke. Electric wnler pump. D. H. Garner, Route ). Box 524. 28-pk-fS-l 'radically new oil burning circulator. Heal bnrgnln. 1C10 Chlck- asmvba. Phone 2500. 27-|)k-31 2-1 ncre farm. nidi Little Hlvcr bottom Inml, nboiil 15 nille.s NW of Hikoslon, Mo. $26,000-lerms. C. CLARENCE SCOT!' Slkeston, Mo. 5-npk-17 lorn, Alfalfa liny, Outs, Cho|K> & Whenl, Blythovlllc Grain & Elevator Co. Phone 2112. 5/10-ck-l U. S. ARMY LEADER 1OLDPISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites," (J. c. Hnwks, 300 E. Main. !>h. 3292. G-13-ck-13 Wanted To Buy '.li'dric refrlgeralor. Cn\ Mrs. Eil- Ktir Honim. Phone 451 or 3123. 27-pk-29 Will pay cash for $10,000 worlh of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 20c per tlm. for wire coat hangers, lluilson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tr Farm Needs Bring us your poultry, hog and stock henlth problems. We carry n complete fresh stock of Lcrterle senims, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-10-ck-tJ HORIZONTAL !,5 Pictured U. S. Army man, Ma].Gen. Bolivar 11 Lyric poems 12 Five and five 13 12 months 14 Half an cm 15 Kind of cloth IV Suffix 18 Ocean 20 Distant 21 Light blown 23 Novel 28 On account (abbr.) 27 Toward 28 Cleaning device 30 Virginia . (abbr.) ;31Gnpe 133 Expunged j35 Sun god 36 Jumbled type :37 Appears 40 Ditch .44 Either 45 Parent 40 Atmosphere 47 Ruthenium Aitfwcr to Previous Puzile C <? A UP Pit Rd AS MT1 SN IAT Dfl * A ? ^i. U A D 0 H \' f A N H ^ P [S T •V. D R E A M § _ £•' a N 3 L f E H 'i. o A I if D 1 it. j A c $ A T A L B Si o E os CAGIOS ARROYO DEL BIO c A B 0 T A I B R Qi W n * J G E F ^ i.'-'' A '1 1 P 5 N F. f. * M O T T E R 5 I fl I G E. R y ?; M A R 1 N G S O F 0 RN 1 0 OS LM' E 1 NT T|H E'l £F (symbol) CO Stratum 48 Honey maker 50 Small dog 53 Ampere ' (nbbr.) '• 64 Grain 55 Vice president (nbbr.) 57 Incline 59 Palm lily 00 Behavior G2 Female sheep 63 Pails of circles 65 He is com- Icn (abbr,) 1C Cognomen 18 Distress slcntil 19 Dine . 20 Enemy 22 Nellher . 24 First womnn 25Mnlcrlnl for stufllnK 27 Hike 20 Document 32 Exist 34 Iniquity '37 Cry 38 Before _. 3D Tree fluid 40 Domesticated 41 Tear 42 Weep WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 33 DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. W. Ash rh, KS1 VERTICAL 1 Therefore 2 Mental Image 43 Color 49 Wrong Bl \Vc &2Kiitron(y S3 Animal M Ccicnl grain DC Vegetable Bfl5'ossoss 50 Attempt 80 Mother Help Wanted Avon wnnls snips representative for good icrriloi-y In Blythcvllle. Commission nnd bonus wllh opportunity for promotion. Wrilc Box HI., Courier. 27-pk-31 hbcl apurlinent-s. One 2-rooi parlmcnt, one; :t. 014 I ream. 22-pk-29 rkcr's Rooms—101) Kasl Main. 5-22-pk7-22 Colored nml<l for general housework, no cooking. Dr. nisor's Clinic, 1214 Cliicktisawlm. 20pk29 Experienced retail saleslady for permanent Jo)>. Prefer jewelry experience. Salary $100 nnd up. Write fully. Box ,I.G. Courier. 5-H-ck-H conditioned rooms $fi weekly, •eabfldy Hotel, Dial 3998, 5-18-pk-18 cely furnished frv>nt bedroom, clc- ighlfully cool. Gentlemen. Phone . • 4-pk-(i-4 OCK! grocery store building nnd fixtures. HIT*W. "Ash/'I'Tione^SSl ': 3-18-ck-lf mfortable bedroom. Twin becis. Slenm heat. Chlcfcasawlm & 10th. Phone 2-113. 11-clc-tf mfnrlablc bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Plionc 251G. ll-l-ck-tl 37 )8 48 I 27 4» mandcr of U. S. ' .troops 3 Males •1 Bone 5 Wager GOne 7 Kentucky (abbr.) 8 uom 9 Deserve lOrtailroad (abbr.) 12PaviiiK 'substance 15 South Amor- « W &M 01 Nova Scoltn (nbbr.) 03 Hough Invn G'l Senior (abbr.) NEW TIRES Fur Curs, Trucks, Traclori T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. VI. Asli 1'liono FOR SAID Several small lll.v(ln<vlll» HnniM -rlnsit In. SUM („ jinoo. 'IVrini lie a\allalih>. THOMAS 1,ANI) CO. i%i;7 if 62 M 1 S® 7T W ('(M ,« « J$ : 53 5T si « Wayne t'lilck ami KnuMry Ff> li'.vlst (in \Vu.Yiiti quality when lui)INK f«'ds at ull kinds. HAYS STORE "I'armrr'i llrtdqutrlrn In lllylhefllle & MunelU* REFRIGERATION ui id ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! V. W. Til dim. Jr. Ph. 557 Illylhn-ille, Ark. STOKAl SKWKH l''ni' Sulo AM, SI/ICS Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Ark. EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Compute Stock »f PatU. HARRISON Auto Parts & Carafe Oliver Farm Fquliuntnl 511 W. A«h J-h. ZKi 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vukunlzint-TIre an4 Tube Kepatrlnx, AH Work Ouuantetdt WADE COAL CO. Alabama Itfil Asli Coal, N. II wy. 61 Ph. mi \\K NBKI) USED CARS «n4 TRUCKS T«p ia\ttn fur l,nl« Moilpln - - - "Sco Kc^y Bfforc You Kelt." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New I'tviiinlli.s & GhryMler* 121 W. Ash I'll. 2l'iZ DON KDWAUDS "The Typewriter Man" nOYAL, SMITH, COUONA, AND REMINGTON POHTAIII.K j TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd BTEEET PHONE 3383 | (Every Transaction Must He SaUsfnctory) USED CARS With A Guarantee That Counts! Every One Carefully Selected With An Eye To Long, Dependable Service/Buy Yours NOW—The Supply (s Dwindling. * llitl (,|.;it NI'.W voit- <'AI!im>l,i;T. lli'illllll'll! |;irin Ihilsli, i;irrn ]r:ilhrr ii|i)niMi>ry. liaillii, lli-ali'r, I'ACKAIil) 1111 4-IX)l)ll N, I'lulsli liliii'U, riullii, tinitrr A- ulillf slilnvall llroi. A ri'itlly <1e k an Mtr, A mil liny! W1I 1'ONTIAC 4-DOOK SK. DAN. Illuvli llnisli. Itailli), Him HIIICMl SI'I'CIAI, llll.SI. ln-iilcr atnl ninny nthcr cx- NIIHS fiOIH'H. llhii'h. ji KIIIII! (in*, 'this I'm- ha.s iinly lii-pn (ires .V 'l!ll:i Ark. llri'iisi-," ihlvi'ii u Mv tliiiiiitiHil niljes. Milt I'OKt) TIJlKllt. 0-ryl. A 1311 CIIKVIIOUvT • TOWN vt-ry < v i'm)mn\i l ul cur to o;i-- SUDAN, niiick llnlsb. l.nls or evlras. SKI.IOCT YOIIHS NOW! MANY O'I'llKltS TO CJIOOSK r'KOM— ?7fi up. ICftoy (i.M.A.C. I'iiymcnl I'lllii We Never Close Sales Dt'lil. Open Unlil 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 1'hone 578 Want office manager and book-keeper. Either man or lady. Permanent position. Good salary. Tom Little Hardware Co. S-17-ck-lf RATION CALENDAR June 15: shoe BUmp 17 Expires. Lost Lost or Strayed ack liovsn mnlc, \veighl about HOO,pounds, a^e R years. Wearing (;ras.s lialtrr. One youni; mare mull 1 , wt-iyhl. al)onL MOO pounds, oolii manth. Can notify owner—call O. N. Hill, Wilson or v.'rilo .1. R. Mtildleton, lit. I, Rox 122, Osccola. 2fl-pk-n-3 lack mare. While spot on forehead, branded riijlit hip. T-ast sren BiirdPtle vicinity. Reward. Write Mattic .Wilson, Osceola, Ark., or jihoiic OM. . r )-2Apk-30 Wanted To Rent urnishcd house or apartment, desired by 1,1.. wife and tally. Call r.2l, extonson m, or 3110 after 5. I.leiil. 1'nllak. 25-pk-2 Lnrge blno Kiiitense nnd cardboard l>ox iH, hus stntion 0-10 o'cluck fiatnrday night. Kewnnl. Mniitlp UracWy, Gen. Del., St. Joseph. __Micli. 27-pk-20 NOTICE OF FIUNG OF APPLICATION FOU MQUOIC 1'KKMIT Notice is hereby given lhat Ihc iindcrsignci! 1ms nied with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Sliite' of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or .spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as Dell Bum Company, Tull Johnson Jr., Main Street, Dell. Arkansas. Application is for permit to he issued for operation bcgiimlnj; on Ihe first day of July, 1943 mu | to expire on the 30th day of June, i4. as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, 1938 and Sii|j|)le- inenlal Regulation No. IS effective July 10, 1937. Tnll Johnson Jr. 5-20-43 Services most complete line of notions and gifl.s. Hemstitching and buttonholes nxprrliy done. War Budget sewing lessons, $1.50 for two- hour sessions. Complete course $10. Classes now fonnini;. Singer Sowing Center or rail 2782 for an appointment. 18-ck-li-18 For Sale or Trade 50 A. in SE Mo. Well improved. A. in cultivation. Fenced. S2.- (ifjfl down. 20 yars on balance. Other |;oo<l farms, reasonable (cims. Harry Golden. Manila l:. 5-2f!-pk-28 We want to boy Homes, We have pnrchaaen for all kinds of homrs. if you want to «11 quick, ttt THOMAS LAND COMPANY H. 0.' Campbell. If you want In liuy imirc \\iir Komls SK1.L US TIIK nillNITUHK YOJ1 AKK NOT IJS1N(5 for cash! Also liberal trade-in allowance fur old fnrniliMK on new. Alvin Hiinly Kurn. Co. 301 E. Main Phone 2302 WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING I'b. U42 1ZI5 Mara KQNA, T. H. (UP)-ltal tails nave a current commercial value of two cents each. They are paid for out of a $2,000 legislative appropriation for rat. eradication in Kona Next to going to school, or better than going to school, school children love rat hunting. One school in a single week enhanced its financial standing in the community by turning In and collecting on 1,534 rat tails, Each school niter- ales every two weeks with the use of the traps. Dr. W. F. Hrewer Dentist BIytheville, Arkanw SPECIALS Extractions |i.oo Full Dp'r & Lower Plales $35 up 1912 BIytheville 1M3 Defoe Furniture Co. 126 E. Main Dial Wanted: Us*d Furniture. Al- 10 yon can trade your oU furniture In on new. J. E. JOHNSON Fire, IJfc and Casually INSURANCE \n N. 2ml Street "Better Safe Than Sorry Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Oct More and Better Food for your radon books. S Dellvtrlra Dally G. L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. Division Si. Fhrae Ml Swearengen & Co. SFOT COTTON BROKERS BlytheTine. Ark. PIANO, ORGAN and VOICE Classes announced for SPRING Mrs. Dnrolliy W. Fowlslon, B.A. M.S.M. OltfiANlST ft TKACI1KR Minislrr nf Music, First Prr_sbylcrian Cburrh Writr Mrs. IVnvlstrm 1101 Chickasawba or Phone 2049 DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:80 Clinic 514 Main ISIytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 $8,30 'BIG THREE 1 Ford Summer Reconditioning CHANCH TO SUMMKK WEIGHT T,UI!R!CANT Kcmovn ln-nvy ivorn-nnl Inlirlranl from tmnsmission and flilTrrrnliiil ami frnnl «hrel bearings—replacing with New lishl wriijIH Siiimiicr I.nlirirniil. CHANGE TO CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS Tlip rlYiriciicy «f spark plugs is small aflcr 10,000 mltrs of use. CROSS-SWITCH Af,T, FOUR TIKES Crrally innoasrs lire lihc. "Big Three" Summer Special Only $8.30 Drive In Now Tel 45,1 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Your Car Wasn't Made to be driven only 35 Renew Your Car The Factory Way Inslall New Piston Kings. Install New Pislon Pins. Grind Valves and Clean C.irhon, Adjust Main nnd Connecting Kod Hearings. Kcf.icc Valve Korkcr Arms. Clean Oil .Srroon anil Oil T.incs. Time Motor Complete. This inrhnles new rincs - piston pins - fraskcls - oil All for only $49. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Blylheville'i Finest Service WASH TIJBHS liy ROY CKANF- &ECCWD SURVIVOR IS "BLME5J 1 HOPED 80Y5,THISI5&0||J6TOBE A REAL CELEBRATION,' Ilv FRH1) HARiMAN Thu l)i)i'l(ir Vows //WE CAM'T ATrCKJD ' TOTPUST STKWM- THW BLASTED HEAD AIN'T /\S DUMB /•-S !•,» PIGGERBO--BUT VJIi'LL TAKE CA IVE GOT 'E JUST LIKE FOR ^, QUICK RIDE. OLHA TOWM.' RED.VDU IKJSUOTiDl W-JD HE INSULTED TIE DOCTOB TiV /MV ItoTELLI- --1.IVV3 I^ACK WJO The Last Straw HOOTS AND IIKR HUDDIKS «v 'KIKJAK MARTIN Hy V. T. HAM1.IN The Goinj; (iels; OKAV, __ HERETHEV / ~, FELL^... COME...LET / THEV'LLA THIS 15 EH HNVE / GET IT... 1 OLCK Tin' Flame Still Snwlflers liy ftlKRKIM.'HLOSSKK KRKCKI.ES ANI) HIS F JEP.RV is MAD AT "LARD IM nor INTERESTED! for. TAKING LAMA AWAV -WHAT DO I CARE FROM HIM .' HE SAID HE'D IF LARD TAKES LAMA PUNCH LARDS NOSE ' DAMCIM6 AMD HAS >-—n-' }~t* I r -~*T t> — ;^€fefe 8. Clean ami Adjust Carlm- rrtor. 9. Clean and Spare Spark Plugs. 10. Clean nml Space Ignitinn I'olnts. 11. Adjust Octane Selector. 12. Clean I'url Pmuu Screen. 1.1. Insiiccl (Icncralor. 14. Insprd Slarlin^ Molnr. Clicvrolcls only nny ii(l<iitinnii| puds exlra

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