The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
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V Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP I1OUTI1BA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION >, VOL. XXVIII—NO. 3 Bljthevllla Courier, Blytnevllle Herald. BlythevW* Dally New. MlMlMippi Valley Leader. RLVTIIKVll.LK. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, MAHCll 21, 101U SINGLE' COPIES FIVE CENTS Monkey Law Foe Defends Stand on Turnback Sulit, Snyint; We Are Our-Brother's Keeper." Decliirini; Hint "when (tie people have time to uiialy/c the situation they will lint censor in?," and announcing that he would "seek vln- dicnticn" as a candidate for reelection nt the next primary. n-?p- rtscntative E. E. Alexander in n statement issued this morning explained Ins opposition to Senate , Bill 507 resulting in Ihe mca- ^ sure, which wouid hnvo given Clilckasavta district of this county an even division with the Osceola district of Hie county's share of proceeds of the extra one cent gas I fix. bell)!- tabied by the house of upresemaiK'es on March 10th. Mr. Alexander's statement wns in effect a reply to vigorous attacks on him by taxpayers' groups i-.nd Ihe pn-ss of (he Chickasawba liibirjcl for his stand on the measure. He added n touch of humor to his statement by adding "despite umiors to the contrary nol intend to move to Hoi Springs or Osucola." Says We Use Koads Only about 830,000 in bonds nrc outstanding against road improve nient districts in the Chletasnwba district as ngntnst over SI,000,000 in the Cscrola district cf Mississippi county, Mr. Alexander explained However, the representative added, FLASHES HOB -MEMPHIS I'l-ANT MEMPHIS, Mar. 21 (III')—Tun negro bandits armed uilh &hci(- Finis and a riot Run lielj up the Virginia Carolina Chemical Corp- orallcn here today and escaped ullh SUM. They took i nn employer's tar when they ilrd. Shortly aflfr the rotilery an uimorcii truck ik-ixisltnl Ihe wrck'& payroll at Hie I'laul. OVEKTON'S CONDITION (illAVK MEMPHIS, Mar. Zl tlll'l—The rimitiUcn of Mayor Watklns Ov- c-rlon, weakened b>' an uttnrk of inlluemu liefore he had completely recovered from a rori'nl nprration, was tit 'orted jrravc U>day. Visitors \r*re forbidden from rn'erlnp his room and he lus been (old not lo conduct any city business ix?nding complete recovery. MKS. ROACH SEEKS DIVOKCg LAS VEGAS, Ncv., Mar. 21 tUl'l—Mrs. Harold Koach is here to secure a dvorce from her husband, (he noted motion picture producer. Hie United ^'js State Representative Robert Mm-! Informed m3ay. Undrr an as- ray. nbove, is nghtlng the Tennes-1 Sun1 f d nirae Mr ?' Koach ls * M As Viking's Crew Dared Ice Floes see law which prevents teaching to have come here about l)fc- \<-4'^ .> -4^\tV fv ' ! ^ S! *^^* i yf-M '••-••' 4 ~ • • ; £; -:$ - . .-A -S33**^^n **"3%*% the evolutionary theory in public: """"* 15 and has ma<ie 1}eT . .,. . __ . .. ' ' *^ I hnm. tn * • tyr-Kh^" rPsilrt^nc^ schools. He's autho of a bill to escind the tan. home '1» a • prKilfle residence awaiting passage of licr six mcnHis residence here to apply for divorce. PECKS OUT CHILD'S EVE TEN'SACOLA, Fla, Mar 21 iUP) An ansercdc rcusler i:tckcd cut the eye of ilirlrjra Tread- wdl. 4, today when the little girl went into his pen. . .._... A lllythcvlllc agricultural credit ! Cooler, who wns given n box of | coipomtion, the niylhcvllk' Cotton ; caiuly. A Ehiillur present wns iflvcn'finance corporation, organized last lUnrljntn Culllson. -use 3, dtiughicr fnll by Iin (Jrnwfovd nnd O. O. 1 of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. 0 Culllsccn, unrdav.-ay, is the first organlza- 1 who won third honors in. the vot- n 0 n of Us khu! In Uie country to I inn. ; obtain help from (he federal goy| The three wlncis were elected'eminent In expanding its crop fl' by nn nudieuce numbering more | untieing program, tlinn 500, nnd weie nmong the 50 officers cf the company have Ill'le nlrls enisled In the revue. I received word of. the granting of iPnliidn wns ntlrncllvcly cesium-j n $33.000 lonn lo be used for ln- Ird us the Cocn Coin girl, ropresrtil-j creasing the company's cnpltal ! Ins the Cocn Coin Bolting com-: stock, thus expanding Its loaning I puny nnd drew liberal npplniuc by j nblllty in n ratio uf nliout six to I rendering n clever dunce. ' I onc or $tao.OOC. j Diane, attired as nn old fnslilon-; T | lc company was organized last ed girl, represented Cross Food (nl i p p c hnnrlly lo nuance the hold, iKhop, and llnrbara, chnrnclcrlzins i n(! 0 [ cotton, nnd prior to tlrt Ice noes io iic« Island, olf ihe no,theater,, consli Sfti S "° 11S<)rC<1 "* """ **' vm W "' ll lf ^"? ^»m of- Newfoundland. Here yon sec members of the Viking's c,e, „,. oi, n previous expedition Into fn,•' Clev^Zi.uues worn by the lots] ^ATi«\?m ta«aii fhli nnd their uni-e.licni.sud "nets" w»«| to'S 18.500, nnd if that does not Patricia Wise Leads List of Baby Beauties By n decisive vote I'lUrlda Wife, 7-yi?nr)Olil dnneliHT of Mr anil Mrs. IJoyd V. Wise, wns selected by | the ntidlencc nt Ihe home Theater | Insl light as winner of the Junior I lU'iuily KCVIVJ uiiil wns nwnrdcil a j dlnmond rlna nnd the title "Little i Miss Hlytlievi'.le." ! Second iilncc wns uwunlcil In Ihe . balloting to Diane Cooper, anc 1, of Mr. nnd Mrs. l?en Local Organization First In Country lo Benefit from $10,000,000 Fund. A gilm s-qucl to this scene was. ennclcd by survivors of Ihe explosion aboard the sealing ship Vlkln when they fcugln Ihelr way to safety ncross Ireaclicrous lei Newfoundland. Here yon sec members of the Viking's northern waters, they returned th/ough (lie broken, shilling Ice fields wllh n catch of seal. Creating a New 129-Mile Ozark Lake mnny voles for others tlmrf tho j .„.„„. jun'lcldcnt Ihe coin|!any tas Ihrre winners nnd ]irncllcnlly every j . ( , tn gi vcil tenlatlv ail the bonded roads are in the 4^5 flOA Ci ni h Tnr-,1 I ni-ie county and "we use thel^ UJ ' UUU 'J'rUClUle a lOlal! Loss; Plan Immediate! Rebuilding. reads in the south end of the coun- {y the sair^ as in the north end." The only money (he stntc highway department has spent in the south end of Mississippi county since the enactment of the Mar- liroau road law was for the build- Ing of a gravel read from Highway Cl north of Luxora to Ashport ferry on the Mississippi river,-Mr. Alexander slated. On Ihe other hand, the Mississippi county representative declar-!j . n d, the north end of the county i ..lm a gravel road froni P.lythcvilK •[ ^ "th e ""coniia grai'ion'wa^"' Armorel and on to Huffman. "I | .-• - -- Club Women Protest Conditions at School! PORTAGEVILLE, Mo., March 21 —A fire of unknown origin broke out in the high school building here early yesterday and had gained such headway before fire fighting assistance could arrive that the entire structure was n complete loss. Practically nothing was saved I BIRMINGHAM, Ala-, Mar. 211 ! (UP)—A public mass meeting to; i protest conditions at the Alabama } ' state training school for girls will j |be held Tuesday night. The meet- | ing was called by the Alnbnma Woman's Democratic club following a meeting last night. Reps. W. Cooper Green and I.cwey Robinson, Jefferson county •-, Armorci and on to HI. man • i discovered . Tne bu(w , n ,. abored for a year to get the high- uc(J - a t $65,000. . • .. •., " ! vestigatcd conditions at the school.; 1 have accepted nn invitation to nd-1 way.department to gravel the Bly- t hcville-AT morel -Huffman ToJd," Mr. A!.?xander stntod, "nnd it wns done with not a single cent cost to taxpayers." In voting against the measure to give Chickasawba district an eounl share of the gasoline lax pro- AU records oft sludenU lyid hooks belonging to the school were completely destroyed as were many articles of property belonging to stu- j dents and faculty members and building overnight. lllll.II £L]Ult? Ul lim mt&ullllu 1.1A LJ1U- AIIU 1 - ll , i cceds. Mr. Alexander said. "I took . *" h ° ru8 '' " le . !oss . lvas ""'V P«- ihe position that it was not right j t ' a .' y j overcd ^ Insurance it Is for the north ond to share equally ^^V™ 1 ?'..' S 11 ^.™? 11 !? 1 when we had only a small amount of bonds while the south end wns so burdened by bonded indebtedness " "I was actuated purely by motives of justice and in compliance with the spirit of the Martineau road law which provides for the retirement of bends in improvement districts and my position on the bill was in strict compliance with this attitude. dress the meeting. GETS m rams this source to begin a rebuilding project within the .next few days. An additional bond issue may be necessary to secure a sufficient .amount for "a satisfactory| building. The Portagevllle high school was erected five years ago and was at that time considered one of the best buildings of its si2e In Southeast Missouri. Plans are being made to continue high school activities in va- Osceola Jury Finds Bob .Ferrell Guilty of Volun-, taiy Manslaughter. . , Cambridge Conquers, child In the contest lecclvcd sup port. ,'c approval on an application lor nn additional $5,000 from '.he slat?. • ••• Mr, Cruwford said this afternoon 1'hat 1 Indications were farmers of this vlcinty would tnko ndvn'.itago of the compiny's credit resources to their limit. . Bethel and Wallace Free, For Six Months on Order of Parneil. Mike Wnllnce and Frank nethel, Monelte youths, given 18 year sentences at a criminal court session { here hi the spring of 1929 on statutory changes, after a supreme court decision had prevented their electrocution on a previous conviction, are now at liberty under six months furloughs, granted by' Governor Parilell. .• and- Bithel.i M.iny Applications WASHINGTON,-March 21. <Spc- cinl)— A BlylheVllle credit corporation has been granted the first. ! loan of $30,000 from Ihe federal $10,000,000 fuiul authorized lo be used In the establishment or strengthening of agricultural cretl- I It corporntlons or livestock loan I companies, nccordlng to announcement of Ihe agriculture department. . -. One oilier loan was granted at the same time, to an Th» K»ia b «town here. OSCEOLA. Ark., March 21.—The; first week of the criminal division of Oxford in Annual Race! lion to local churches where class- matter from local but countywide interest, they will ncl censor me. I did what I did because it was right in principle and in compliance with Ihe Mnrtineau road law. pit,: rumors to the contrary es will be conducted. Improvised classrooms will be equipped with new equipment for school use as ; for the defendant, introduced evi- v " slt y w* ™<=c today. ! as though lives depend- Brew Disappears from Church at Prayer Meeting WHITESBtJRG. Ky., Mar. 21 ... criminal court adjourned here' PUTNEY-ON-THAMES. England vesterday aflcr trial of a negro. : Mar- 2 ' (UP)-Cambridgc dcfeat- Bob Femll, charged with murder • ed Oxford Jn th-'83rd renewal of in the first degree and alleged to|" "" have shot and killed George Can-: - - - , — — ".*•, ....... *. ndiiy another negro, near Wilson' cd an victor}', the Cantabs swept i (UP)—The congregation in a little on Christmas Eve nlghl The Jury's nrcand Ihe horseshoe shaped 4 1-4; church nt Vlco was kneeling in verict in Terrell's case found him . mile courre in _« _^ IHia »t ^^l 0 ^ guilty of voluntary mnnslaii?hler, ~ "" nnd his punishment wns fixed at two years and six months in the \ ovoi their ancient rivals. The time was 19:20. soon as it arrives. James Hooten Holding penitentiary. Bruce Ivy. attorney. Over 6,000,000 Jobless for the defendant, introduced evi-1 , n i T u .• I dence to prove that the killing was I at r eali LaiflOnt tSumales | an accident. I Arthur Berry, negro, was ac-l WASHINGTON, Mar. 21 i quitted of a, charge of grand lar-: Secretary of Commerce Lamont to- 1 jirnyer last night whcn someone itlrred rcstelessly. Other worshippers looked up nnd beheld a strea mtrickling down upon them. Outside it was not raining. For a moment they were puzzled, ^"'•c Miller volunteered to ascend Into the attic to Investigate, and _ upon returning said he hud found en csn'nitfM- of home brew - . . , leased on furlough on 'snfurday, March 14th. Tills is the second furlough grr.ntcd the pair who were given 60 or SO day furloughs last summer. They did not Ixgln their in Andalusia, Ala. Biytheyllle. re- _ celved preference In the granting' ot the loan over applicants ,trom Mississippi, Alabama, ; North a:..c! South Carolina, Texas, Missouri and Georgia. • . . ;. TlW members of the .committee, taws'- T.- Tuhi',- B.-• C.•: ffvf. 6i£ 'i~ '~ Major General B. F. Ciicalham, stated they have received rewr.s from numerous state .committees Indicating -'Increased activity by bankers and others, and that most prison terms until several months 0 [ the state committees are vislt- after thelr second conviction whcn i ng po ints In their territory from Ihe state supreme court failed to sustain appeals. The -tsvo trials of Bethel and Wallace attracted attention lliru- out the county nnd were more clo:ely followed by the public than any trial hert In recent years. The two men were first convicted of statutory offenses against the person of n young LeachviHe school fnchcr nnd sentenced to death in lences followed. whlch applications for loans have been The committee elated It was making all hoste In grant- Ing the loans, but they must be siade In accordance wllh requirements of federal nnd state la\vs nnd on tlic basis of Information carefully obtained by compsient men. Innocent Man Slain in, Companv of Alleged Will Give One Act Play Home Wrecker. HEBER SPRINGS, Ark., Mar. 21 \ <UP>— The efforts of Charles For- \ High School wll be represented Companies Must lie Sound . "Where Ihe local management of the electric chair. The supreme thcr:c correlations has teen'good," court reversal and 18 year sen- Chcnthnm said, "theyhavo prospered; where It has been bad, results have been uniformly., pcor. Although farmers nre In need of immediate credit, facilities it Is of tin! utmost importance, to them and their communities that theje I credit corporations and livestock OSCEOLA, Ark. — The Osceola' loan companies 1)2 ruefully organ- in Contest at Jonesboro with liberal support, as guson, world wnr veteran, to en- 1 Ihe district pre invilatlon school i In the cnse of Blythevillc nnd An- force the "unwritten Inv;" which! meet at Jonestoro on Tuesday. ' dalusia. . he believed himself justified In us- ; March 24, In the ona oct piny con- j "With conditions 05 they are , ing tecnuse his home had been i test sponsored annually the ; in Blythevllle and vicinity we feel Invaded, today hnd resulted In the; University of Arkansas, i death of to men. one of whom it i winners will comoete In ty representative wns limping ntout his 'ilfice here with the aid of a cane. NOT SO GOOD "• ~— uaii. i nc iaaL \.ujii|jij;r^4 vii MLIODVO Invaded his home nnd had teen in-; L 0 uUe Hale tUmelle Welnbcrg. thr.ale wllh his wife. He surrend-, Joslc young Mary Margaret and ered Immediately after the shoot-'. j oe Bowen Ing. mented successful revival meetings miLuuu 3uii.i.£:>LuL icti*.u meetings -—-•-• i , i. i .vi...v. at East Prairie nnd Vanduser Mo The grand Jury, which wns dis-1 «-ml?a southeast gale nccompan-, ^ a!l tlllrln? where he preached to capacity charged after a thrre dav session led by heavy rains slruc* the coast.. Jcrv , Cl , s antl crowds nnd won 177 additions to in which 60 indictmenls were: Velocity of the wnd was higher : to be found. Someone had crept the last half of the stolen It. churches. I III VMMIJIk WU UlUiWlLlltJIl^ Tlttt . .it II J V. II .found nnd 19 no .true bills rc - ; than had been predict^ by wealh- SEATTLE. OT SO (jOOD i'-- cnurcnes. louna ana iy no .true onis re-. -••~ ~<UP) — Two-for-onei Services here are being held at! turned, complimented Mrs. Frankie; cr oltlclals - nre gocd odds in most games ofj'he uiual hours Sunday and at] Webb for the sanitary condition ;• chanc.?. but fury rc-aclcd unfav-17:30 each evening. of Hie Mississippi County Home Passes Still Seeking orabley ngainst Ray R Lusk when! '""' * Krt o+irortu-/v an-vnrrtnf.o nf' - o Condition of Youth Who Shot Self Still Critical l:c gambled with a dollnr and won Wfll p on (/i, DPCTPPC two years In the federal prison for " IU ^On.Cr^uegrees making one counterfeit dollar. the attrnctive appearance of' ] the grounds surrounding the home.; i They recommend that Ihe Inmates' at Osceola Monday-: DS furnished more clothing, that! I -MARIAANA. Ark.. March 21. (UP Widow ant' Old Friends Willed His Liquors; Osceola Bar Elects PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—Rare old wine and liquois to his widow and three will left by Edward Fi Sullenger Resident OSCEOLA, Ark— Chas- E. Sul- Irnger JOLIET, Mnr. 21 (UP) — Com- parntlve quiet prevailed but national troops remained on guard today over the joliet :vnd Stat-35- vllle prisons where riots of Ihe last week have resulted in three deaths and property damage In excess of S500.000. The danger of further serious rioting apparently had been re- V M Cl MARI Young Negro Slayers | __ Frnnk ,,, mtcr jr .. n . who at- i tempted suicide at a dance here j __^ _ WYNNE, Ark.. March 21. (UP)—; tarty yesterday, was In a serious ] men's "Mutual Fire''insurance" Com- .athcd 6tl "•" clcctcti P'tsWcnt ot tha moved. Almost all the convicts . ' Osceola Bar Association at the an-1 remained in tMr cells 2 4 hours a Hen- nlnl elecllon o( officers here this i ciay. Many cf the ir^n -vho had _„. otfernoon. Mr. Sultoiger succeeds; been on „ bread, cofiee, and water d!ct f ° r a f " !1 WCek ' in an New York Cotton NE WYORK, Mar. 2KXIP)—Cot-i tnevil [j- . .. , I the tubercular patients be segre-1 sherill's posses continued their, condition today. " OSCEOLA, Ark—Tenms compos-' eatcd nnd P r °P clrl >" cnie(1 tor - a \ ld hunt today for two negro youths Hunter said he was despondent pany. "Some of the wines nnd liquors," t£ to Texas because of 111 health. I -:oe Clay Ycung was elected sec-, ugly mood, but they could do no than shout their protests. j ed of six numbers' each of the Ely-: lhat one Inmate who Is insane, 'IK sought in connection with the slay- • over a high school love affair. He Hcnson" wrole'"tn"ViiV will '""belon"^ retar y of the association nnd a j „,,,,,. 1 ' - "• "- ~ ' - - - - • -—I ' Honry rammmceon^professional ethics | Students Find UnklSSed and Wilson East- 1 ,"" 1 to tnc statc "sylurn. ton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1083 1089 1032 1039 j ern Star Chapters, will demon-. Mar May Jill Oct D2C Jan 1090 1102 1112 1127 1133 1153 1115 1180 1183 1180 1094 1101 1118 1156 1150 1157 1172 1180 1180 1183 ftrate the work of the chapter nnd' . . . />i i • confer degrees at a meeting to be'; Aviation LlllD 10 Permanent . held here Monday evening. March ; 123. when Mrs. Annie Stuttle of : Pocnhcntas. worthy grand matron i of the Arkansas Eastern Star, wlHJ be an honowd guest. ing Thursday of L. T. 1 Glover, rhot himself as the orcheslra was' to Justin Peters. i plantation foreman, near here, i playing "Home Sweet Home." [Glover was killed when he went Spots closed steady flt 1100, up 10. Orleans Cotton PHILADELPHIA. ! lo the cabin of Mo« Miller, father of lhc 5' omlls M *s sou « ht - Al1 argument to iio«Td during which i Glover is said to have shot and (UP)— A nor- . killed the elder Miller and then imanent aviation salon will scon be i was killed by one of tnc sons, •opened by the Aero Club of Pen: 1 .- Officers esxpresse the belief the (JEW ORLEANS. Mar. 21 (UP)— | Co'.ion closed steady. Open High Low Close • 1031 1035 1081 1085 1096 1100 1095 1098 1113 112fi 1120 1125 1152 1156 1150 1156 . jsylvanlo In their new headquarters; yo'.iihs are heavily armed, Thieves Force Garage, |ln the Fidelity-Philadelphia build-! . _ ' v Take Automobile Wheels] An exhibition oi drawings, prims | hicomc Tax Receiots ! I pMM M(in-crvat^/\r nl'nnllltK nf mr'v *• O f Victim i Beach Bandits William . Smedley and J. Anderson Ross.iW'P 0 ^^ by the president Is com- They and my wife can agree upon ' P° sed of Bruce Iv T. J- T - Ccston " ' ' the proper division." ! 8 " d D - F ' Tn >' Ior ' MIAMI BEACH. Fla., March 21 . (UP)—Forcing him to stop his car! This City Hall Really Osceola Epworth League Has Been Sold | to Hold "." on the. beach late yesterday, three armrrl bandlU held nn Mnescha R™enber,M' ManhiU?'iSS £ . ° . . ' 3 Mar May Jul Oct Dec Jnn 1172 1177 1181b 1172 mi ! nnd newspaper clippings of early Two wheels and tiros were slol-iaviation events will tell the story] en from Bob Blaylock's truck last'of the trend cf man's effort to fly. night police were informed this Onc of the features will be a draw- , ;r.orning. Continue Under 1930 REHOBOTH Mass. (UP)—The ' OSCEOLA, Ark.—The Senior Ep- j d slory about the slick swindler; wortn League organization of the j .Ihnd, Jewelry salesman, and" = took 1 *'ho "sold" a gullIK-; gentleman ! First Methodist Church will spon-j""'' I jewels valued at S37,00a I «w <*ty hall has come to life here sor_an_ ••Echo Service," beginning ! ed9 Brides Unattractive BETHLEHEM. Pn., (UP) — Un- kUsed brides hold no attraction for the students nt Lehlgh University The quesllon of women bobbed up in class conducted by Dr, Stanley Thomas. "Do you Insist." the doctor asked of the pre-med!cal class, your future wife be unklss- WASHINGTON, Mar. 21 (UPi- ing by Leonardo da Vinci siiO'*'i:x ' Income tax receipts continued to- The truck was parted in a locked : his conception of a flying machine.: diy to fall below those of last year. enrago nt Blaylock's residence, 630 Another is a newspaper story writ- With collections on March 19 re- West Ash str.;et- The lock was ten by Edgar Allen Foe telling of • ported as $44,178.143, which com- 1185b forced by thieves and access gain- a trans-Atlanllc night. It was used pared with 470,652,867 for the same Spot* clos«1 steady nt 1060, tip B.]cd through the door ot the garage.'as a filler in an old pnp:r. collection day last year. !-bwl "alone nerfcc'lv l<"itlmale : at 7: 3° o'clock In the church au-j Forty-seven said r.o. while 33 j ]in >.it along '-""""ej d!toi , um Sunday cvcnln . com . i wished to enjoy the first kiss. One j Rchoboth citizens have sold ihelr ^ memorallng the 42nd nnnivercnn' i Insisted It made nc difference. M j . . D j. I town hall to the local American; c£ organization of the Epworth Monday Arizona Radios \ ii!S \ m p^t for o;10 dollar, me , League. WASHINGTON, Mar. 21 (UP'— [sale a I that nominal figure was ef-i Antlphonal 'singing will feature- President Hoover will reach Ponce, fected with the stipulation that the a musical drama, "The Wanderers ! ' ' ' ...._. . .. _. ... WEATHER Porlo Rico, early Monday morning, Recording to radio reports to the navy from the bEt'^shtp Arizona. veterans' organization would maki [ Returned." The program Is beinj; Arkansas—Ocnrrjlly fair, some- ii£ce.'ysary Improvements on building. the i directed by Mrs. Ell Myers with, what colder tontsht; fro;t if wcath- {Mrs. J. W. Edrington soloist. l« clears tcnisht; Sunday f«tr,

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