The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
Page 6
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Injury Fails To Check Chapman r Cotton, British Oben Titlist, Probably u World's No. 1 Golfer - 1931 W1XNER5 ,rEW YORK tUP)--Ma]or golf winners of 1937: U ( 8 National Open: Ralph GuMahl, Chicago. U S National Amateur: J'''.inny Qcodma, Omaha. Pritidi .Open. Henry Cotton. British Amateur: Robe it F "eeny, Jr., New York and t'ttdcn. U S. Women's- Mrs. Estcllo J'W^on Pago, Chapel Hill, N C. British Women's: .fesie An-! der'son, Scotland. U S National P.O.A.: Denny Phi.te, Boston U S National Pub'ic Links Eruce McCoimlck. Los Angelas U s National Intercollegiate:- Fred Haas, Louisiana Slate Sun Ch pnan, akin, this, Is m.rsh,, two .njurecl Huge™ on ;,ls bandaged lea hand but. Vi • ,-. „-, .u,,,,™,,,,,,,.-, ,u "° '^ S ' M ' iS '''"'* l ° S " 3 ' lllat llls ''" nal '^ lmtv llt '""'back for California j, sc't for m United Stale, B , -Britain, (lie »»'• C " ls °" ClmpmBirt dlglb required 11 .slUchcs a, the result nf coming ,„ contact vilhthe nlmL' great goim- nadons of -.he Eto of a window pane. He and Dolt.rl arc expscM lo carry (l ,e hi of ihe hodfo,^ tt ± nenlll<;l Alnbnmn I.* n,^ n^' 1 i-i ™ ^ 1L ' V\ S'llHKT CAM KKO K United Fress Sports Kililor WHY YOlilC (UP) — ucnnj EJu'te, qulet-cpoken Baslo»i<m, itcrd out In ID37 a-i the only golfer ti score n repeat \iclory in any of the itmjar golf tournaments in the United State? m 'Britain, l!i t»o world Fhute held lih United Slates I's'lrnal Professional Golfers ns- fociation ciov.ii while oilier dc- f 'tier;, nmntcur nntl pro alike i saw their glories pass on to ri- M>l-s , The U s amateur am) open crowns went to men. who sub- fcribed to the old tiy-lry-agaln theory Johnny Goodman, the livable Omaha insurance salesman, finally won the amateur nf- Iw falling eight limes, beating r»y Billows of Poiij'hkcciisie, N. Y.. in the 3C-hole final. Huso Falph Gnldald. who quit jolf n few years back I realise he tle- cpnired of ever « Inning enough )Tncy to Ine on, held his shols n line on the flml day to capture the open with a record 281 _, fcr the 72 holes "7 Prilfsh lillrj Stay at Home .iThe Britl-h retained tlicir tides the amateur goiuj to Hobeit -Fweeny, an expatriate from New York, and the open to Henry Cotton, rated by manv ns the No i player In the uorld today. Britain, luroe\er wns> not so fortuu- fte m Rydei cup competition, ilie annual meeting of profession!-,! trams The 1937 series went to (he United states Precedent was cs- tabh:lied because for the first, time a visiting team won the <-e- nes Strangest golfing spectacle nf the year was the exhibition played ty John Monlague, former Hollywood "jittery niiui" nnd Babe Ruth, along wilh Mr?. Sylvn Annenberg awl Babe Didrikson nl iota nnd the rest if given a half wuy decent supporting cast Feller Expects to Weigh 198 I'ouiids Next Spring Feller Is spending the holidays with his grandparents, arH enjoying everything that goes with thorn He has been doing a lot of hunting millet Bob says that his millioti- dollar mm feels ns good as. ever. In the last month of the season he demonstrated that the trouble that kept liim on the sidelines uiiltl July had totally disappeared. Feller got vld of his tonsils several weeks ago, -and explains that he has since had more pepper. He was growing every day before the operation, but .started to take on weight even more rapidly following 11. He ex ier next 198, He weighed 183 poun past fall. He's going to be tiulic i boy—and quite a rrght-lmnchr- when he grows up. Starting when he was 8 year.! old, Feller developed his carlv speed pitching to his father with tlie side of the liarn as n backstop. When Klnnlek was 0 years old. WEDNESDAYjOECEMBER 29,' 193? j i Announces Honor Roll OTOWAH.— The honor roll for the third month of' the Rod Line School and the perfect attendance t record has been checked. honor roll Includes for tlie lirsl > Marie Albright, Jessie! grade • xnects to te 1G pounds hcav- E ly ,™' Vll ' el1 xl spring .' . . tome In at uulnn Ic weighed 183 pounds tlit Those hav Coats, A., O. Wheeici, Everett Webb and J. D. Fahr; for the sec-i OJUl grade—Eugene Mnrtln; for the t third Krailo — Curtis Underwood | and Marvin Johnom; for the fourth grade — Charles Hicks, Gliidyse DIckerson and 13clty Lorin:i> Long; for the fifth jjrade— Oma Knight and J. IV McKnlghl; for Ihe sixth grade—doma Mc- Elyca. Virginia Morgan :,nd Onell flng perfect atleniJance w for till 1 first emilc: A. J. Bell,: baskets In the hay loft of his torn. " . . Hurl Clayton, isilly Jo? Hicks, Dv.'aln Martin, rt. O. Wlteetcr, Jfuncs Chambers, Douglas Dicter:on. Everett Webb, Jissie Coals, Bailiara Hyde. Modene Clnnlon, M:itf/.u-cl Ciavv'cti, and Rmhle May Strand; for the sirond his father rigged up a couple of —Kalpii Clnnton, Joe Chambers, I 'J"s'- J r MeKnlglu, Emm .lean Ar-' liny IUL U »ji iu& 17:11 n. ••-•.•nji[,iii,, i-ji ma .it'll[I ;\L .- was here tliat Nile him his JloW ••"«! f-oiilse Clnyton; for UK younger brother practiced basket- , |™' 8 rallc — Marvlng Johmon, n 8i>i'ist Alabama In the F'nVadeiia Rate Bowl, Jan. 1. n Flushing, K Y Nearly 15000 persons, of Better Than Varsity 'L' which marled Montague' public apccaronce He had but Chancy Rohm, slai of the Louisiana State backneld, defies cnjonc to produce a better trophy than the one to which he is iiolnt-lng. ••I'inky-s" pride mid joy happens to be the seat of Norman Hall's f , football pants, the result of n wager made over the outcome of tlw Won I LOUlSlllna SI " te ~ Tl " lme Eamc, captured by the Tigers, 20-7. The first! ° f " 1Clr tronsm ' W1XS ' h » bet made hy tlie rival captains. Pemiscot Medical Group ^CARUTHERSVn.LE. Mo., Dec. T->. TM.1,... ... ^^ • "*• I1UU Will, ' leCEntly been acquitted In n t r j a | n p r t . T , j at Elizabelhlown, N. Y on an old Ul ' "• J - AflMinO, Heads robbery charge ~ No Super Lmksman Montague, of whom fabulous ales of golfing prowess had been told, showed m this brief exhibl- Ucn (it had to be cut !o nine holes because of the unruly crowd) that lie is a real golfer, but has "ot jet showed thai he is a supor linksman " Byron Nc'son of Reading Pa triumphed in the Augusta National, one of the tourneys' the pros best like to \un while Johnny Re\olta of Chicago won the ?10COO Miami Biltniore open, an- cther \\ell-regaided plum. Several youngsters in the pro ranks ha\e come up fast. Nelson is one of them others are Sain Smart of White Siilpluir Springs W Va, and Dick Melz of Chicago. Guldahl remains an uncertain quantity After winning the National he captured the Western, "' ""• •• . — .... but his ploj has lacked sparkle I"° llsc P!lst H J' (lc; Piul = Corner, in recent months ' —~ Percy Wright To Head - Cariithersville Lodge CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Dec January, with a Mr. Mottcrt, a past diEtrict deputy grand master and a past district deputy grand U'cturor. ns the installing officer. held herc eB " 1: "' : """^ W *™ 0g ',^,.?L* e .^VT 1 >!«"?•'.'««« Other ofllcers elected were: Dr. A. J. Specr, uscrliiir, vlcc-.urcsl- denl; Dr. W. R, Llmbaugh, /[ayti Mcretnry-tieasiner, re-elected- nnrt Dr. J. R. Pinion, Carulhmvine censor. Dr.-Pinion is n, e ictirins president. Dr. Llmbaugh was named delegate from this county lo the sUUc convention lo be held in (h c spring Dr. Charles Floyd rjnj,,, of thls_ city, was voted a' membership in (lie society. the BY HARRY GRAYSON Sports Ed««r, NBA Service VAN METER, la., pec 28—Van Meter and Adel,,Just a mashle : shot to the north here In the corn mid hpsr country, have a combined pon- nlation of HOO, but boast more triilv t'ceat athletic heroes per " "" than any other district, in United States. Van Meter Is the home of the justly celebrated Hfibert W'liiam Andrew Feller, strikeout wonder of the American League. Adel turned out Nile Ktnnick phenomenal sophomore quarterback who gained- more recognition on All" teams throughout the nation' tlian any other Iowa ijlnyer since the Aubrey Devlnc era. ...... Willie the good people of 'Van Meter want |t distinctly understood that Adel can't get away with claiming Feller on the ground -that shoothi" the year around. Kinnlck, the Iowa guard of lodav, Is ns accomplished on the basketball floor as on the gridiron. After Nile starred wll'l Adi>] 1fH\ for three campaigns, the Klnnlcks moved to Otiiahn, where ihe current Hnwkeyc luinliiary pcrforme;! .';.•> well for Benson High Ihat he v.'as named as an All-Nebraska forward. As n sophomore at Adel. the chunky little athlete hit a hoi streak which saw him average 12 points a game for 32 Raines. His team reached the llnal of the Iowa stale tournament nfler scoring more than HOO polnls during the season. IflU'ii Hani Yards fertile Ci'rouiut for scouts Kinnick stood out throughout Iowa's rather disastrous football campaign. The Old Gold and Black I beat only Bradley, but Wisconsin repelled tlie Hnwkevcs by only a touchdown, Indiana by only a field goal, anrt Michigan uy a point. The Haw key es made more yard- nge and first downs than Indiana and Michigan, and scored 10 points on Minnesota in the first-period. Kinnlck (loos everything v.'e!l in football, and is a superlative punter. What is more important, hc in equally outstanding in scholastic nbllltv and leadership, so much so that 'ns a sophomore he has won a \>osition as proctor in the men's quadrangle on the campus. It's seldom that a sophomore is given the .supervision of 100 other students. Kinnick ranked in the 'upper 1 per cent of -the freshman class last year with u 3.7 grade average, which is just .3 short of a perfect mark of A. II might he \vlsc for both tase- ball and football scouts to' snoop nromxl these central loiva barns. Tlie residence of Ihe Ditto ot Wellington has the popular name of "No. 1, London." H i s ' the first Otl:cr Samton, Senior Warden; J. \v. Nceley, Junior Warden; Fred Blo- racyc-r, secretary; W. L. Cnntrell, treasurer, re-elected. There are several appointive offices to be filled between now nnd the Installation night, which will lie announced later by Mr. Wright. : Thi! baseball diamond wijs in-„ - „ B . uul .u" U i U1 ,'- trodllCDd lo the s l )0rti »B w° r M by it Is the seat of Dallas county the'y " lex ' (intll!r J - Cartwright, who was point to Kinnlck with pardonable <li£Snllsflctl wltli tlie haphazard pride and relate how he played on ' Wiiy of P |ilci "K Hie bases. His in- thc same American Legion baseball i novlltion ° r Ptaciug the bases an team with Bullet Bob for two years f f ct - " imrt is «»<:l>»n6cd even to- Both boys are 10. Both arc ail- y ' round athletes. Kinnick is n catcher, and If he backstop as well ns he plays football, he'd solve the Cleveland catching situation. ! ccmls nlnrc This central Iowa country is as the air. flat as a billiard table, but there's nothing flat about the meetings around the |>ot-bclllccl stoves of the hardware nnd produce stores and oil stations of van Meter and Adel these winlry evenings. Here, you hear of what Feller is going to do lo the Yankees next season, and what Kinnick would do to Mirine- QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. S SAVB a MONEY AT 0 GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main Tlione , nicKnlulu. Marie Simpson and Juanlla McElyea; for the foiirlh grade—Huth Turner Dell niwls, Thclnm Arnold nnd' ic-na Slsco. For the fifth grade - Oma Knight. J. n. McKnlghl and Amos CJmnibcrs; and toe Hie sixth grade —,Marle Arnold, Chiylon May and Albert McKnight. Rend Courier News Want Ads. IF. . . . You Take Advantage of Our FREE SERVICE for Brakes . . . Lights . . . Battery . . . Wheel Alignment you . can be sure of good 'performance from your car all through the winter. LET US SUPPLY YOUK "WINTER CAR NEEDS." Ford Anti-Freeze Pmtone Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Theme 810 DENVER (UP)-The will of Er- ,vln Charles Putnam set aside $1,WO for flosrers to be placed on the graves of his former wife and himself each Sunday and on Memorial Day and Christmas. PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY -k Phone 141 * FOWLER DRUG STORE •mr NEW SENTRY CO UL this t imo BILLINGS TOD"TOPS" LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For G.M.C Trucks and Trailers Offers A New and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NRKU Including . . . BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 323 "SLOW MASH" **| Bottoms Up KOTUW STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY | You'll Say It's SPECIAL At The JRJ C L 90 PROOF BROWN-FORMAN DISTILLERY CO.. AT LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY Going f Hart Schaffner & Marx and Mansfield "GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY" SUITS TOPCOATS deeply marked down to *33 75 "COME AND GET 'EM" As usual the best is always at MEAD'S 313 WEST MAIN STREET

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