The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1957 · Page 29
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 29

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1957
Page 29
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'Pennsylvania Week' Only Shadow Of 10 Years Ago By LEONARD A, UNGEH HARR1SBURG wi _ - A decade ago, Pennsylvania Week was a robust, tub-lhumping spectacle Ihat bravely conveyed lo every corner ol Ihe commonwealth ihe message, "Pennsylvania has ecerylhmg." The wecklong observance was slarled in IWfi as (he brainchild of Sen. Edward Martin, then governor, and his secretary of commerce, the late.Floyd Chal[ant s IV'ayjiesboro publisher. Martin kept--and still docs--a Unconscious For 2 Years MOBILE, Ala., Del. 16 «? Richard L. Havens, 23, ended his second year of unconsciousness today. He has been unconscious since Oct. 16, 1955, when his car sped oul of control on a county road and overturned in a ditch. A companion, Charles L. Husley, 18 was killed. Dr. William li. Patton, brain surgeon who treated Havens in the early days of his injury, said he suffered "irreversible, general brain damage? Doctors give no hope of recovery, and say he can remain in his present condition indefinitely. Havens lies in a bed in his parents' home in adjoining Prichard. He cannot move voluntarily. He cannot speak, sec or hear. His mother, Mrs. Joseph Havens, says she thinks he may be able to sense the presence of others. Havens is fed liquids only, through a tube. He received r a series of operations and trealrnent in [wo Mobile hospitals before he was lak'en home 2^4 months after the accident. Safety On Railroads NEW YORK. Oct. 16 W-Tne railroad industry stands an excellent chance of selling a new safely record this year, leading rail executives were told today. The p redid ion was made at the annual presentation of the E. H. Harriman Memorial' Awards to railroads with outstanding safety records. Gold Harriman medals were won by the Union Pacific, the Chicago Eastern Illinois, and the Bangor 4 Arooslook. Certificates of commendation were presentee to nine railroads, two switching and terminal companies and the Pullman. Co. James G. Lyne, chaipnan of the Harriman Awards Committee anc editor of Railway Age, declared in a speech prepared for the annua awards dinner that fatalities in railroad a c c i d e n t s showed marked decline in (ha first six months of this yean If Ihe Irene continues, he asserted, the rail roads should belter the 1956 rec ord of 0.18 passenger fatalities per 100 million passenger miles. Horses Tranquilized Fgr Queen's Visit . WiLLTAMSBURG, Va. On - The crowds waxed ecstatic yesterday as Queen,Elizabeth II and Prince Philip rode through this restore colonial Virginia Capitol in /phaeton drawn · by two brown horses--but the-horses were pret ty tranquil. There was reason lor the cquan Imity of the horses. They ha( been dosed with Iranquilizing · drugs against any sudden show of spirit that might jeopardize Ihe safely of the royal British couple Dogs Sent Into Space On Rockcls; Reds Say MOSCOW, Oct. 16 (B-The news paper Soviet Fleet said today thaJ dog pioneers in space travel h been rocketed successfully lo distance of 130 miles in space. Previous reports of experimcn tal flights with rockets carryinj dogs mentioned altitudes of up t 62 miles. It's A Matter Of Fact nail journal in nich is recorded an amazing lisccllany of population, indns- lal and election facts of every tie of (he 67 counties of the com- itnwealth, . The journal became an object ( conversation between Martin nd C h a 1 f a 111. Pennsylvanians hould know more about the state which they live, Martin con- dcd, ChaHant immediately countered hat Ihe stub-penciled entries in ilartin's "little black book" could be published as a starling point toward know-'your-slato efforts. .' On Aug. 15, -1M6. capitol news- mod received personally audio- graphed copies of "My Pennsylvania" from Marlin. Two months later, Martin proclaimed Ihe first Pennsylvania Week. Forme: 1 Gov. James H. Dtlf followed through spectacularly on the idea during Ms administration H reached the poifc where railroads in tho slate set, up a special train which Duff and other dignitaries loured the entire state during Pennsylvania Week. The October observance saw the Commerce Department throw more than $J«),000 a year into coordinating statewide activities. Local communities were, provided with publicity kits. The Pennsylvania State Cham- ber of Commere* created s pro-i grain of selecting ."Pennsylvania Ambassadors." They were Pennsylvania natives who mndc good in other slates. Distinguished D a u g h t e r s of Pennsylvania were chosen. Scores of communities sel up speaking programs. A slalev/ldc essay contest on Pennsylvania was created. Bui Ihjs year's observance, Oct. 20-26, will be only a shadow of the once · tremendous publicity stunl Ihat had begun to compare with Texas' e/torls of self-praise. What happened? The. biggest reason was a decision by former Gov, John S. Fine that money earmarked (or Pennsylvania Week could be better spent elsewhere. Fine urged Ihat the observance be continued «t the local level. When Gov, Leader took office In 1955 H was the some slory: No funds. There was also a change In nl- mosilicrc. Lender's aWos note that Ibc $100,000 tlmt had been spent.for Pennsylvania Week Is uow being allocated for advertising this stale as a good place (o locate new Industry. The gijvcrnor's Pennsylvania Week proclamation Ibis year spoke of many of the commonwealth's aflrlbule^. The latest "n'siit-lo-know ruling from the Justice Department is thnl (he 'Stole Sanilary Water Board must be keep its minutes available for public Inspection. · But the .board need not print copies of.the mlnules (or general THE BVXNINQ STANDARD, (JMONTOWN, M., XHUHSUAY, ocrom:* jj, dlstrlbutlo.1 M reporledly demand-, ed by »om« Interest* who sought to use the "rlflhUo-kncv*" Inws as a lever (o force *tieh a printing. Tho 1957 Legislature adjourned Juno 20. Now, nearly four months Inter, the Legislative Journal is slill Incomplete. Tlio detailed proceedings In the House and Senate during Ihe Until 10 legislative days must still be printed, leading some lawmakers to fume rl (he delay, Legislative employes blame the printer; the printer blames the legislative employes, Pily the taxpayer who would like to check the journal to find .oul how his assemblyman or sen ntor.voted In the final days of the ACME DOES IT AGAIN Join The Crowds,.. 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