The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1943
Page 5
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LE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS I VOLUME 1—NO. 21~2. MLVTHIOVIUJ.;, AHKANSAS, A I' THE BI.YTHEVILLE AIIMY AIR COtiPU NEWS Published dally except Sundays In Ihc interest, ot llic personnel of Iho Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythevllle, by the Blythevllle Courier News. H contains Hie news o[ tlie Air Bo$e. 90 Records Of Classical Music Now Available To Soldiers Here The world's greatest music Is ojmpiiony Orduisti.-i lm( j e ,. Hie di*" ' ' ' i-eetlon of Artwo Tost'anlni- Rachmaninoff's Com-eilo ' No. 3 lierc Ninety recordings of - , highbrow stuff by famous orchestras have nrrlvcd nl Ihe Special Service Office. Musical appreciation hours are planned by Lieut. Ostar U lien- son, special service officer, if and when a suitable phonograph is obtained. Also, llic records jiiay be loaned to squadrons which have: phonographs In their day rooms. The records were paid for by persons who sent dollars and checks to Deems Taylor, radio musical critic, when lie commented in a recent broadcast that it would be a fine lliint; it recordings of eood music could be sent to military posts. The Blytlievillc Army Air Field was one of Ihe be.'it'fici- aries. Complete symphonies and t-on- certos are- included in the assoil- nient. The list of selection is as follows: Beethoven's Symphony No. :> in C Minor. p:,\;.ca by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of VVilhelm Funwartgler; Brahms' Symphony No. 4 in E Minor (Opus •>&> played by the British Broadcasting Company (Symphony G.-cliesuii under tlie direction of Bruno Walter; Brahms' Concerto in D Major (Opus 77) played by Fritz Kreislcr and the London Philharmonic Orchestra uiidei 1 the direction of John Barbirolll; Brahms' Concerto No. 2 (Opus 83) in B flat major, played by Vladimar Horowity and (lie NBC minor iQims 30> played by fcerfjei Kiichimniiiioff lln d the Philadelphia Orchestra. iliuuc<l I)V Eugene Ormandy; CiliKiy.s- SK-;uilmiit-s rendition of eight difliifiit selections, accompanied by the Victor Concert Orchestra; Numbers by tin' lied Army Choir of the USSIt; Popular overtures; Sibelius' Symphom' No 2 in n major iO|>us 43), played by the Boston Symphony Orchestra "under direction of Sense KouxseviUky; BriUim.s' Symiilioiiy No. t in C minor (Opus n;;t, 'pUiycd by the Budapest String Quartet; Tschaikov.-sky's Symphony No 3 in D Major (Opus ao) played by the National Symphony Orchestra under direction of Mans Txchiiikowsky's Concerto ... .. flat major iQpus 23> played by Construct ion Socialists 1850 Sought Here As Volunteers The Corps of Engineers Specialist.'! nrcriillment rogrini), uimomic- cd by Col. ft. n. Neyland, Soiith- wcstern Division Knglnccr, provides for iinallfied civilians between the a BOS of 18 and 38, nnd therefore -subject to induction through Selective Ssrvicc, to volunteer vance of their induction orders for the Corps of Engineers, Provision Is also mafic foi- civilians la the uge bracket between 38 and 50, Inclusive, who are not subject to tlie draft at this time, to voluntarily enlist for (lie Corps of, Engineers. Construction men, electricians, ensiluemen, utility repairmen, tractor and truck drivers, welders, machine operators, radio operators and repairmen, mechanics, iiowdertncu, riggers, shipping clerks, railroad men, and a hast of other .skills arc required. Under ibis plan trained civilian operators prior to their Induction by Selective Service Board may volunteer. Those in this vicinity wishing to volunteer are requested ' to 'communicate with Capt W. C. Stoltc (.'add Training. Now In Hands Of Major Hall Kindler; (area engineer, Advanced Twin Eniti li ginc Trninlng- School, Blythevllle ' J-- "|..i., i-j f [Jill > LM IJJ Arthur Rubinstein and the London Symphony orchestra under direction of joi),, uai-liirolls; Chausson's concerto in D major lOpus 21) )):>iyed by .Jasciia Hei- fctx, Jesus Marin Kainoina and the Musical Art Quartet; Beethoven's Concerto No 5 in E flat major <Oims 73) played by licimo iloiseivitch and the Lnndon Symphony Orcht'stra under-dtre-- tinn of Gcoruc ffltnll; lieethovcn's .Symphony No 3 in E flat. , Philharmonic Hympliony Orchestra, under direction of Bruno Wnl- il has been announced. Tlie plan assures the volunteer Hint the work which he Is trained to do will be the work that he will be doing in the Corps of Engineers, { From induction stations the vol-1 uotcer will be sent to Army Reception centers and thence directly to the Engineer Training Centers at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Camp Claiborne. l.n.. or Jefferson Barracks, Mo. These specialists will be advanced in grade as rapidly as their training' justifies. Moreover, ... ,. .J.I lujjliull.v 1VO. J ...w.. >L,uiiiL>£ JU.MIUlTrt. iVlOlCOVCl, plnyed «•• the N C ,. V y m .j; (they will have the same opiwrltinity Group Of Flying Ofticcrs To Serve As Instruclors At Seymour Field Nine flying officers have been transferred from this station and 11 report [or duly as instructors at Seymour Field, hid. Included in this group arc First Licuts. Robert P. rprtimc, Ira c. Elrod. John J. LarkiiV" and Norman Hunvitz. and Second" Lieuls. Robert E. Kelly, Richard V. Stunii, Robert E. tloi- low-sy, Robert .\f. Loving Jr. Sidney Loclinnsky. Lieutenant 'Fortune, » flight I AI-, H,, i^Th """ ••-—••"•"•" ''"••«". commander, has been on tliitv here % £ il ,, \ r "''" , and M '- s ' - • • K - M. Loving of Covinyton, Va.. In civilian life he was an optometrist in Clinton. N. a. nnd is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jlmwitz of that city. He is a 1!)3S grnfl- uate of tiie Northern Illinois College of OiHomctry. Lieutenant Sliinrl was assigned as a flying instructor after receiving his K-iiigs and commission Oct. j3- in civilian life he was u student n(. Trl-stale College in Angola. Ind., and his home was in Brooklyn. . . . , . .„., ., •as a flying instructor'as soon as 1 hf received his wings and commission ii^ October. In civilian life I is the ion of .Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman Loehaiisky, IRIS East st Brooklyn, and is a ]<M1 graduate of Ne )v York City College. Lieutenant Lovlna was assigned here lo teach cadets l)o«- lo fly ly after he was rommis- lo secure a commission through Ui L . Engineer Officer Candidate School as other enlisted men. This plan is designed to speed up the normal process in view of their spceialfst skill. The tasks of the . Engineers arc many and varied. They build the bridges, construct the, roads, and demolish them as well. From Ihc Al-Cnn Highway to flood control— from Ihc United States around the arul c( unniLdiat L ]om , (1 since July. Hc was commiraioned in the Army Air Corps Nov. 1, 1941. He attended Princeton University for two years and was a student Purdue University for two years. He is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Fortune of near Indianapolis, jnd. Hc is married and has one child, a son born while the father n-as stationed here. Lieutenant Elrod. flying instructor here since September, received his wings and commission April 23, 1942, and was stationed at the Army Air Field at Columbus. Miss., before being assigned here. Hc is the son of J. E. Elrod, 2500 SeKvyn .Ave., 'Charlotte, N. C., nnd was a student at Catawba College. Salisbury, N. c., before he entered the Army. Lieutenant Kcliy. n flying instructor, came here in March after receiving his commission and wings following completion of training as an aviation cadet at the Army Air Field at Nashville. Hc was an office worker in a Dayton (Ohio) rubber manufacturing company in civilian life and lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Edward J. Kelly, 03 Wartcrs st ', Dayton. Lieutenant Larkin came here as a flying instructor in October, li;: received his wings and commission at Maxwell Ficld.Ala., ,«cpt. s. J-ii civilian life he was a stntisti- pian and market analyst for several large Nc«- York banks. Ho is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. J«rkin, 150 Fnirvlciv Ave.. Jersey City, N. J., and is a 1310 graduate of Fordbam University in New- York. Lieutenant Hunviu came to this station as a flying instructor in October. He had received his commission Sept. 5 at Maxwell Field. . and was a student at the state Teachers' College nt California, ''•'.. before lie entered the Armv. Lieutenant Hollow-ay came here »s a flying instructor in January, shortly after being commissioned at Maxwell Field. He was office worker in Montclair. N. J., in civilian life. He Is married to the former Miss Barbara Evelyn Tweed of Monlclair. Army Children Baptized At PosKhapel Sunday Chaplain Julian A. Lindsey bap- lixcd Ihc children of six military families in special 1'alm Sunday services at the 1'ost Chapel. The children who were baptized arc as follows: Nova Lynn Benson, daughter of Lieut, and Mrs. Oscar L. Benson; Anna Hridwcil Holmes, daughter of Cr.pi. and Mrs. James K. olines; ail Ciiitcliinson, daughter of Maj. and Mrs. Frederick W. Hutchinsoii: Roberta Knnpp. daughter of Capt. nnd Mrs. Robert S. Knapp; James Everett, Mears. son of Staff ficrgl. nnd Mrs. Everett vWMcars, and Roberta Anne Abcll, daughter of Lieut, and Mrs. Robert G- Abel!. The latter ceremony was :it the Abcii resilience, (i2l chick- asawbn Avc., in the afternoon. Team Seeks To Stage Matches With Blylheville Men On May 28th Leather sllngcrs from the Newport Army Air Field will be unable to keep their date to meet members of the Post Boxing Team in bo'uU here tomorrow night. Tlie athletic director of the neighboring field, however, has asked that his team be allowed to come May 28 Hc gave no reason for the delay.' ' Episcopalians Invite Soldiers To Services Military personnel of the. Hly- tl'.evillc Army Air Field are invited lit attend religions services <'it the Episcopal Chinch Sunriay allenmon at 4:30 o'clock. The liev. W. Norlhy Jones, rector of Ihc Episcopal church at .Jonesboro, will conduct, Ihc services. are the way for the fbrth-coinlna American victory. Snid Major General Eugene Reynolds, chief of Engineers, in Washington,- "We've sot n date^H-lllr a -certain iwper^hnnter: and an Engineer keeps-hls mcnts." PB5IHEHEEI Lieul. Col. I'mil T. Pretiss. shown in the upper panel of the above picture, bus completed his torn- of duty at the Blylheville Army Air Field and soon will begin highly Epodall/cd irainlni; al a field in Mortdii where he will yaln added experience In opernllon of the blj; l-'lyiiif Forti-isfses. Uesponsibillty for Ihc c.'idft training program 'here now rests with MnJ. William I,. Hall, whose picture appears in the lower panel. SUHSCK1PTION. RATIOS "ON Members Of 907th Squail- rcm Given Rating Of 98 In Weekly Check Nolhliii! is |)M-fcrl, not ovi'ii the •Will Quartermaster DetiichineiU. w'ooo-lnslciKl of n si-ore of 100, I" Hii' weekly Inflection o[ bullil- n>ns, Bounds, cqiiipinrnl and pi-r- MMincl IIIM Sntimlny, the 001th not u score of 98. "KiVH Unit Is pretty Jjooil," Corp Vr-i-noii |j. Wilson, iicllng ( sei 1 - Ki-anl In tJic iibsrnce of First Soriil J. C. Stevens, who Ls away on fur- ntili, 'I'lic eoriwral suid tlnil Uciil. IOKIM- LcKiiult. iiethiR rommumlltiK ottlm- while I.leut. Kdwln y.dun- owlcy. Is away on leave of iibseiu'e, was bu.slly engaged in (rylim to n \vuy (u „„!„ two piilnls In cxl biitimljiyVj Inspection. The seme of OB Is Ihe holiest, slnndlni; achieved by nuy unit. JJIKI wcrk HIP finni) wii.s lied with Ihc •SOlli Hylim Ti-nlnlnc Clroup wllh Ilii' modest score ot 97. mid U. S. Bombers in Action us, •NA „ ^t^-v^toSi^ x ^ s boiiibns svooj. Ion out the Miitliein 'liniKlmi loinilnslik," Uouiul V n ,„ „„ no,,h,nsl ,K,o, ,u,,y be sun ,h c v,hi.c- ....... u,! ,,n,,l rtlrforco photo from NKA telephulo). ofthe aid on A " Uva, (u Post Teams Start Play In League Tcum.s from the Athletic Dcpnrt- mcnt, tlie 700th and the 7Clst 1'ly- Trulnlne Squadron, won »|>cn- Bumcs In the liUcr-squndron l :oltl)3ll Icacuc which bc|;an at Iho post yesterday nflcrnooit. The Athletic Dcpnilmiini defeated tlm lOliUth Guard Squndrun 27-() behind the five-hit, plkliltii; of Corp. Conrad Ulencr. The, 700th defeated the Mth .1-3 in „ Hula ronlcst, And the 701st beat Ihe Hying - Administrative Oflleers' team 12-1, Track athletes at station have been invited to compete In a sports carnival at Tuskcgce Army FlviiiB School, Ala., May 15, Lieut. Bill Adams, athletic officer, announced todny. The invitation was extended by the special service office there through the physical training department. Five more obstacles will be added to the obstacle course at the athletic area. This will make 18 obstacles in all and will complete the course unless Lieutenant Adams has some more diabolical ideas. Lieut. Cecil Garrison longs for the good old days when he was just a junior physical director. 'Ihe job of keeping statistics for the inter-squadron softball league has been added to his oilier duties and he is busier than ..the proverbial cranberry merchant.' He liiw 20 teams to keep figures on nnd they'll play over a hundred games In the first half of the league. Real is lie Dream Of Soldier Causes Premature .Reveille .-. , *» --C.—,. . A soldier's dream Dmt he rm<| been bitten by a snake tioi only routed Ihe bugler and top .sergeant out of bed mi hour and 15 minutes 'in advance, but his whole company. Camp Harkclcy authorities haven't released the man's name but every member of Company p of the 59th Battalion will vouch that it's true. The company was' on bivouac ID Ihe vicinity of Abilene, Texas, when the soldier half roused from his realistic dream to find that his arm had "(•one to sleep," Hazily linking the dream with the numbness, the fellow bolted from his pup tent and shuttered the pre-dnwn stillness wjlli his screams. This awakened others and the bugler, healing the tumult, figured he had overslept and began blowing reveille like mad. This, in turn, brought out top kick 1(. O.' Davis who gave off with car- splitting blasts on his whistle. While the company was sleepily lining up, somebody noted that the hour was only 4:15 a. in. and lipped off the sarge. Tiie goat of Company D did no more dreaming that day. Passover Feast Observed For Jewish Soldiers Here I Stai-tinn lineups for each were: 1 -Vlhldic lleiil. in AiiKdl, 2nd j'lWis. l.M Adfims, c iMcWhorter. ss • Stabler, 3rd Owens, cf Dinner, p MonLson, If Gnrrlson. sf Hurley, if l?^n team 1 25lb Pnsbn, ^f Brown, 'Jml Wai-lick, If Meyers, 1st Fallcla. c Chandler, 3d Anderson, cf IJoran, if Clemens. ,ss Adams, p 701 Travis, c Twca.s, 2ml Jenkins, 1st Kordus, cf Peevy, if Kattncr, sf Jalasky, .ss Hartliige, if Uarnott. 3rd Stone, p Giufcury, 1st Knliil'Jil. 3rd •Miislno, c Ulrcla, cc Slallen, Kl SwecHiiuolln. vf Reynolds, 2nd Ulllosnc.'ic, 'cf Naln, ]> ; fillU U 7011 MfUttcy, 2nd Olsen, sf Korbfl, ss Gilbert, If Sawyer, 1st Hlnklc. 0 Hallo, cf Talhncta, :tr<l lllalock, rf Walker, p Hy-Ailm, Meyer, 3rd Reese, i: IMIcs, 1st Howard, sf Tavelly. If Joimson, 2nd Volkcr, ss Maddox, sf Latshnw, if I'ni-trldge, i> The Feast of the I'assovcr was telebrated Monday at the Women's Club for the benefit of men at the Blythcvllle Army Air Field. Members of the Jewish congregation in Dlythcville served the traditional Sadcr feast, the ritual before and alter being conducted by Kub- bi Jerome; Rosen. fiabbi licsen drew a parallel be- tivccn present conditions' in the world and the trials of antiquity which arc significant in the current holiday observance, when llu- Jews celebrate the exodus of their people from bondage; in E«ypt. Cash for Your Car Any Make — All Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS Sec us al mice if you n:inl In sell your car I OK CASH. No delay—drive in nr telephone and our icprc.sciitative will e.ill al otirc. Phillips Motor Co. Tel. .153 !)Ul & NVill-'Hl This Easter Give Flowers! We litive jusl received a uetv sliipmcnl of fjcati- i t'fiil polled iiliml.s— Select yours now! \ Camel Caravan Show Scheduled Tomorrow A Camel Caravan Show with comedy, music, singing, dimclng mid clgni-cls will he nt the I'osl Tliu- al«r tomorron- iilBlH wllli ]icrrorm- anccs nl C and 8 o'clock for soldiers and members of Ihclr fnmilics The lively show includes Uob and Maxine, n comedy icnm willi n tap rotitlne and .specially niimlwrs; Clyde' Ifasser, with H novelty pllcli- inan's acl loaded with cicver patter; Miclinei Ifarinon, a tlrninnllc linrilonc who ,-ilso cmccc.s liic show; Charlie Masters, Hie di|).sj--(loodlc driimmcr; the Three Ucbs, a irio (if lovely girls in a vocal orograin, mid the music of Bobby Kulni and His Rylhm lioy.s. The tncinbci-ji or the arc old hands al snuppy vnricty eiitcrtnln- mciH. recruited from the vaudeville staRc. the radio, name bands and iiisht spots of Hie Jjlg towns Sunrise Services On Easter .Easier smulsc st-vvltcs will be held on the Hying line m^i fjumluy mtirnlng by Chaplain Julian A. Lindsey lor Ihe ln illl«i-y personnel and their fiuuilles, and for civilian employees of the Air ijase. The bund will march through (lie Win-licks IIKMIS ill f>:45 o'clock play- Ing apprupilale music to .summon the men to worship, mid ihe «<>rv-, Ices will be held at 111 If: o'clock 'Hie band ulso will play during Ihe services nnd will offer a recessional at, Iho conclusion of Ihu program. Hymns will In- sung by , ( choral group from (he Methodist, linptlst and Presbyterian churches of niy- Iheville, supplemented by n number of soldier vocalists. The singing will lie lo Ihp music of an electrliml organ played by Kernl. Uonald I, Serlbner. 'llic Itcv. juincs Ovcrhulser, pus- lor of the Illyllmyllli! Presbyterian Wiiirch, (VIII deliver a brief address on an ICiister theme, speaking (i-om an esjyciiilly , ronsljuclcd woodeif l»nlfpi-\u .til jhc .Base Ppmillon.s liull-.llng. • ••' • 'Usual Protestant cervlecs will be held nl .(he Chapel at 10 o'clock Kaster iiljjh MHS.S will be wild by Clmplnln Gerald J. Hogan at 0 o'clock. .. .. He recently flew lo Loiils- vllk', '"1'iic scenery," lu> wrote to his wife nnd two ( |iuiijli||.i-;; up In Maine, "ivns uonieous, H wns loo lute to see Ihc Ocorulu pencil I rets In bloom, Inn everylhluif wiis'ineen and pi'otly, it's u wondciiul sl|(hl to see Hie country, down here, from 2000 iiiul JOOC feel li|i." Hand Tunes Uj) For Dance On Saturday A H-plece novelty orcliestru com- liusfd of niKji)licr.s of Army Air Korces Hand l.s relieiirsliiB spcoliilfy numbers for an ' Busier ilance HiitUKlny nlRhl a| the Offl- t CITS' Club. ' I'd. Mntnlce Wllk. who played .Ihe llddlu In |h« Nile aym|ihony I Orchestni, will iiiescnt u violin I solo, and 1'vl, Wnller M, Unike, who i-nniniMl Hie aiplliils of Europe for 1-1 years with his own band, will sliift his recent composition, "Heavy ilnngs Over My Head." It will lie u nnisicnl iroiit which would do credit (« a llroadway nishl spot, iiccordlng lo Warrnnl Officer Ita-nuHlt, M, Kuschcl, Ihc Hand leader, who now him W inusl- '•ItlllS 111 his OI-fjIllllMltldll. I'ormal i^owns or "as yon urc" , will be suitable dress lor Iho ladles, jiiccordlUB to Capt, .loscpli 0.- Iron!), ineuernl chulrmiin of the event, Will Sin iv Cltonifr Tin; Lane Colk-gc. Chorus : of, .Mckson. Ti'iin.. i-oiiiiiosi-d of a? Niilp-o vocalists, will- sing Sunttity: lit • I:M o'clock lit s|n'clal Eastevi. .service fur Negro sol<lleis 'At-'-fhel 1'ost chnpi'l. and jignln iit 7:30 for nil incmberii of thu Command.. A chorus of Hly'iliL-vlilc.iili'igc-r.'i' also will shi|! in Ihe •uft(:rno'6iV'kfil''-' J vices. Tim sermon -will bi;',,by,itho' llcv, L. H, linn, paslor of CiirUr'5' C.M.K. Toinjili;. ' . ' ' Flight To G<-or f /ia Interests Corporal Corp. K W. llcmnctt of the Officers' Mess spent the weekend at, Albany, On, Hy!j>s to Turner Field with Second i.lciit. b. U. McCor- niaek In a two-cimlne. ship. 11 was the corporal's second cross country PRESCRIPTIONS I'Vosluwl Stock Oti.'it-.-inlecd J}cst (Vices Kirby Drug Stores The Modtrn Ire llox COOLIOItATOR I'm- Kmnvnif ami Ki-rvlce. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Ffaone 515 Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Druj Sttre Main A lake Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED the uppers arc .still good. Rring Ihcm lo 115 for quality wotk, HALTER'S Quality Shot Shop W. Miln Ph. 2732 The Flower Shop I'lione 1D1 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream (He Hickory Inn \trrnt fr»m School FI'ITKD «Y Doctori J. L ind J. t. GUARD Ol'TOillKTKlSTS If,' IlLVTHt'VII.I.E SINCE 1922 iPflCBL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NKED THESE? Balter.T— Covers Oiiniter-lia.lio 1'osr IJgliUs— Lock G^is Cap A complete line, of Polishes 171 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrt Hcpnir Work on Gcncrnl Motor.s Curs. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwtj * W«lnn< Ph. (U SMALL LOANS O» Anrthlnt it Vkl». Main Loin Co. SM R. Mala _ PbeD. Z«M Orders Now. CorjiRm of every inscription. THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY Gr.EiVCOE RI.nG. Phone Ifll — Nile Phone 2G10 Stale Line -.'.Ssrvke Station.,,: a'AVK -nil riilllfps Quality Oaso- llnis & Oil. I'rumpl, Courteous Spi-rJw. Ojifialol by nits.' if. i,.' Itcynoltls. OPERATING HOURS I'V A-ll-C' Cdtiptin II<ild«rs' SUNDAYS: (I "A.M.. •!» y • I'.iM. . "• AM, .WKHICDA'Va.'. " i) A.M. ID 12 Noon'— 1 i I'.iir. (« s j'.iii. ' ; -'~ c. s. Webb Cities Service :'"' • Station ';'" <IIivy. Gl at C'nllcm' ffi-u',' Tracks) • .'..'. Phone <J21 We Fix'Flats —'- -' Washlnj; ft C>r«.i<iTiig"Oiit" WF. 1-H.Z, AM, PRESCRIPTIONS '' AN1> SAVK YOU MONKt STEWART'S J; Druf Store .. Slain & !,;ikc . phone 282J AIRWAYS BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR 1 CUSTOMERS ,., OITIci.ih iiisliiicl tint our Ufisi-s sloji at rcfiular bus slops" only " H'liili: al llic Air Ilase. 1'kasc culcli llu; !ms nl your nearest slop. ,_, HUDSON CLEANERS Special care ttikcn in cleaning uniforms.'' Hutlons cnrcfnlly hnndlcd—I'lcats find crenses' hnnd finisherl—2 day service, Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AW CORPS INSIGNIA/. ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORK" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties, etc., in Blytlicvllle Uian at Robinson's. Latest Magazines-- Fo\m- taln service—sonrtwlchesl " ." Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinson'i!

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