Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 10, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1891
Page 6
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SOLID MEN, SOLID WOBK. Ready for the Builders' tional Convention. Na- Bon 1 the Now York ttxchange Will Entertain » Great Crowd of Notable Guoat* — Arbitration and 9'l**r, .Important Subjects to B« [OOPTIUCnr, 3891.1 The National Association of Builders 3iolds its fifth anmml convention in New York beginning February 9. The meeting is notable because of the representative men who will be called together, •the important questions which will be •discussed, and the widespread interact an the decisions to be reached. First, as to the men. The association Ta-s organized in ISSo. The delegates to 5ts convention are elected by building 1 JOU5 ,7. TUCKER. exchanges, or similar bodies having' Membership in the association. Each "City is represented by a delegate at .large, who is a director of the association, and by one additional delegate for •every fifty members or fraction thereof. About forty cities are represented. The officers of the association are: •Tohn J. Tucker, of New York, President; Arthur McxMJister, of Cleveland, O., first Vice-President; Anthony Ittner, of St. Louis, Mo., second Vice- Prewdent; William II. Sayward, of Boston, Mass., Secretary: and George Tapper, of Chicago, 111., Treasurer. Among the delegates who will be present are the following, whose names are well known in the trade throughout the country: 0. W. Nbrcross, Elisha I/ittlefield, E. Noyes Whjtcorab, James Smith, of Boston; George C. Prussing, ~W. P.,Ketcham, Joseph Downey, John Katvle, \V. H. Alsip, C. \V". Gindele, M. B Madden, R. Viesling, F. E. Spooner, TV. Goldie, D. V. Purington, P. B. "Wight, of Chicago; D. W. C. Belleville, !E. D. Tippet, M. P. Scully, of Cincinnati; John D. JIcGilvary, F. N. Davis, •of Denver: B. F. Swain, David Pufi- ~man, W. U. Louvett, Captain Goss, of •Kansas City; -George W. Libbey; E. F. Ztobson, of Minneapolis; W. Harkness, Jr., Stacey Reeves, John S. Stevens, Charles Gillingham. Murrell Dobbins, Samuel Hart, George Watson, of Phila- of'what such a building -should he. It is one of the chief objects of the. National Association to encourage local exchanges in its membership to put up Bnch buildings as feat in Philadelphia. It includes besides the fatilities necessary for the ordinary"~cxch.anf*e business, a permanent exhibition and ,& manual training school'.- These two features, in the opinion of -the builders, are of the utmost importance. To Philadelphia belongs the credit of first carrying- out successfully the designs oi the association. The permanent exhibition is intended to bring peace out of the three-cornered warfare which has always been waged among owners, builders and architects. It is worth while speaking- of it here, because the idea is so prominent in the minds of the builders, and because the coming convention and the visit to Philadelphia will doubtless result hi the establishment of similar exhibitions in other cities. The builder: has always claimed that he was unjustly at the mercy of the architect. The latter, according to the ordinary business form, holds the certificates of pay, and the builder can not get his money unless the architect is ready, to say that hia designs have been carried out, A builder sometimes finds it hard to make 1 an architect state distinctly what kind of work he wants in- the various parts of a building. The architect makes his plan, the builder goes ahead with the work, and the owner isn'teatisfied. 'Then-the owner goes to the architect with a "kick," and the architect lays the blame upon the builder. <; This isn't the sort of wall I intended," he says, and the builder can only reply that that was the sort he understood was required. It is often impossible for the owner to decide where the fault lies. There is need of some satisfactory arrangement of samples, which remain unchanged, and can always be used as a reference in case ef disputes. This is what the Philadelphia exchange building supplies. Therein is a-wall fifty-eight feet long by four and. a half feet high, divided into twenty-one parts, of which eleven are of stone and ten of brick. They illustrate twenty-one 'standard forms and styles of finish. A numbered placard is affixed to each of these divisions, debated; and among the champions, on either.'side, will 'be Mr. Sayward, of Boston, and 'Mr. McAllister, of Cleveland. The 'former is inclined to look with favor upon any reasonable plan of . arbitration; the latter is a Scotchman with plenty of fight in him and he ob-jeets to dictation. A SCENE IN CHICAGO. GEOEGE TAPFEK, TREAStTKER. <3clphia; Edward ^'JUaifinson, John Scribner, J. Donohue, of The general programme includes "flaily sessions of the convention at ^Masonic Hall. Forenoons and afternoons will - be occupied - in ' this way. On Monday evening the builders will visit' the New York trade school at First .avenue and Sixty-eighth street. There will be general sightseeing at all available hours on Tuesday. The biggest theater • party ever given in New York will . occur on Wednesday evening. The committee of arrangements has made a bargain • *Sor a whole theater—one of the Broadway houses—and they will run it to suit themselves. The regular attrac- •A *ion will be given, but special gags will introduced, and a ''gag" committee been preparing them during several It is a.pity that the general not be permitted to discover '^what sort of a gag can be turned • out ^b^ the rules governing bricklaying and ^'"masonry. Handsomely engraved invi- ft "tations and gorgeous souvenir pro- will also be included in the j v j3istof special attractions. The house J*.^vin be decorated for the occasion. ju Thursday evening will:fitness the |>;grand banquet in Lenox Lyceum. It is ia. spacious hall, but the services of ex- 3>ert designers have been required to S-ssoJre the problem of getting in seats -enough. On Friday the whole .party wfll jibe taken to Ph'il adelphia by special train. ,e trip will be. under, the direction the JSTcw : Yorkers, but-the entertain- m the Quaker City will bo in e local exchange. The special, reason of this .visit is to e builders a chance to see the j of the Philadelphia exchange, 3 wfcieh is TOjrarded as very near the ideal r> and on it is a f nil description of the material and methods used in construction of such a wall. There is no juggling with samples of that kind. An owner can select what he wants, and the architect can designate it by number. • When the-work is done it is easy to -see whether the plan has been followed by the builder. In the basement of the Philadelphia exchange building is the trade school, and the builders will have "a chance to compare it with that under Colonel Auchmuty's charge in New York. The importance of establishing such schools is strongly set forth in the -'Declaration of principles" - of the National Association, The association urges the establishment of manual training as a part of the public ; school course, but if that were done there would stiH remain the need of the special -night schools undrtr the direction of the various local trades organizations for the benefit and improvement 'of apprentices. Colonel' Auchmuty's school -teaches -brick- laying, .plastering, plumbing, carpentry, various kinds of painting, and blacksmith's work. Doubtless -there will be addresses and debate upon the trade school question in the coming convention. ' But the most interesting of -all the subjects to be considered is arbitration. This matter has been, for the past year, iinder consideration by the folio-sling committee: J. Milton Blair, Cincinnati; Anthony' Ittner, St. Louis; George -C. Pressing, Chicago; Marc. Eidletz, New York,' and David A. Woelpper, Philadelphia.. A report has been prepared for the convention, and, whatever may be its nature, there is no doubt that it will be warmly debated. The subject is intricate. In the first place the association recognizes and encourages the formation by workmen of trades unions with a central body. It also claims a similar right .of organiza- BIAGKAMS KErBESESTTNG SPECIMENS STOitEWORK, BEICffWOEK, ETC. tfon. Given, then, the two kinds of organizations, shall arbitration be the means by which in general disagreements shall be settled? If so, what are proper questions for arbitration? How shall the joint board of arbitration'be formed? The association is not a unit on the first of these questions. It will prob- The association will probably recommend some plan of arbitration to the several exchanges. It can do no more. There is no provision for enforcing action. Hitherto, however, the orders formulated in the general convention have had a widespread and important effect. As to the proper subjects for arbitration I had a conversation with an officer of the association who told me that as a general rule the Guilders granted the workmen the right to decide for themselves the question of hours and pay. -.-. This was not a matter for arbitration. In the. same way, the builders assert, the question of employing or discharging this or that man, is a matter for the "bosses" to decide and should not come before the board of arbitration. -Such an arrangement, if agreed npon by masters - and workmen, would seem to amount to a permanent arbitration upon certain questions. As to the constitution of the board the gentleman- to whom I have, referred thought the standing committee of the exchange would answer as its representative to meet a similar body from the trades union. A paragraph from the association's declaration of principles may be interesting as showing the general ground it takes and as indicating to the sociologist whether any form of arbitration is likely to be recommended which will diminish the number of strikes in the building trades, so frequent in the last few years. 1. This Association affirms that absolute personal independence of the individual to work or not to work, to employ or not to employ,' is a fundamental principle which should never be questioned or assailed;, that upon it depends the security of our whole social fabric and business prosperity, and that employers and workmen should be equally interested in its defense and preservation. While upholding this principle as an essential safeguard for all concerned, this Association would appeal to employers in the building trades to recognize that there are many opportunities for good in associations of workmen; and, while condemning and opposing improper action npon their part, they should aid and assist them in all just and honorable purposes. That while, upon fundamental principles, it would be useless to confer or arbitrate, there are still many points upon which conferences and arbitration arc perfectly right and proper, and that upon such points it is a manifest duty to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by associations to confer together, to the end that strikes, lockouts and other disturbance may be prevented. When such conferences are entered into, care should be taken to state clearly, in advance, that this fundamental principle must be maintained, and that such conferences should only 'be competent to report results in the form of resolutions of recommendation to the individuals composing the various organizations participating, avoiding all forms of dictatorial authority. In preparing to receive the visiting members of the craft, the New York Mechanics' and Builders' Exchange has been' assisted by the Building Trades Club,. an organization which'is the only one of its kind in the country. Of course the club members are nearly all members of the exchange, but the club as a body acts independently. It has handsome, rooms at No. 20 East : Twenty-first street, and these will be pre-; pared for the reception of the visiting builders. Among the interesting things which they will see there—exclusive of a first rate'-lunch—will be a fine collection of photographs of all the principal buildings in the city. . The handsome, well- lighted room now used for billiard-playing will include both the lunch and tile photographic exhibition. No doubt the visitors will vote unanimously that the Building Trades Club is a great institution, even as it stands, though it is nothing to. what it will 'be if its ambitions designs are carried out —and there is no reason to doubt that they will be.. The-club is negotiating for the lease of a new. home which one of tlie members told me was now a "palatial residence." When they get it they will fit it up in a manner well fitted to supply both business and social needs. The first floor will be used for business purposes. There will be opportunities for conferences between men engaged in different departments of building work; between' contractors and sub-contractors for instance. Stenographers and typewriters will be furnished by the club, and all sorts of documents can thus be speedily prepared. On the floors above will be the'rooms; for social purposes; the cafe and parlor. It is an institution likely to be duplicated, or at least imitated in other large cities by and by. Its membership • is drawn exclusively from those actively engaged hi building work. It has been in existence only a year and a half, but is already an asstired success. The club "talks shop" and -is not ashamed of it. ' Within its walls one hears nothing but discussions upon subjects relating to building. "The -chappies .in the clubs on the avenue talk clothes and society," said a member to me, "and the athletic club Bien -talk slugging and rowing. • Our conversation is a little more solid, that's all. The club has done a great deal- in introducing builders -.to each other socially. 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