The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1943
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1913 Published Every Friday In the Intwtat of Farm Pfcmilies of Thli|| Agricultural Section. BLVHIEVILLE (ARK,): COURIER NEWS-FEAIURES F3TO1 FITl* Suggestions For Better Fanning Featured For Thia SeetionV greuive Farmer*. • FEED SUPPLIES Increased Production Oi Livestock Means More Feed Crops Necessary Mississippi County fanners »rc now finding it difficult to purchase adequate feed supplies, re- J. J. pickrcn, county usciil, lecord Home-Canning Bobiri May Mean Glass Shortage—So Save Your Re-Usable Food Jars and unless aclcquixlc (ceil suplles, nre grown at. home, more trouble will likely t)c experienced next Winter. The county agent cllccl a recent. Arkansas (arm Inventory which shows a 22 per cent Increase In llic number of hogs over n year ugo anrt n seven per cent Increase h the number ol cattle. The same Inventory «lso sliows that Arkansas 1943- corn' production will likely be only,85.per cent of the 1912 crop. From (lie national standpoint tlicre-wilf be. a lO.por cent incrcasi In the'.number'nt nuUiuils to feed wlilie..present 'crop prospects indl catc'. a. decrease of about 12 pel cent In the feed supply as com pared! to 1942. .' In view of this'situation, the coun ty agent .said; tanners may hav to feed each animal less clurtn the • 1943-44 season or reduce 111 number of animals they plant to have. If each animal is fed a smaller amount, it will mean lighter wclBlit market hogs, .less milk per ' cow,' and. fewer egBS per hen. Feed prices will likely be higher next' season than at present, the county 'agent pointed out; and profits , from livestock enterprises will depend largely on the amount of home-grown Iced on hand, Radio frequencies, broadcast at "ofl-|ength" waves, generate and instantaneously Induct heat through solid bodies with no damage lo the'.structure. This is the method used in .welding wood SIKH'S for the wings of Army airplanes. ;y NKi\ Service V1RS. AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, "is expected to do such u vcc- .jl-brcaking job of home canning his summer that she'll pack from to 5 billion jnrs of fruits, vcge- ables, meats and |>oultry—about wicc as many as In a peacetime year. Tills Is Kding to take a lot of jars. The War Production Board iud the ulass Industry hope to novide a good many of them, but It Is important (hat these new jnib he. lidded to from other -sources in order to have enough lo p,o aroimd. Two main sources for supplementary jars are (1) old, Out sound regular home cunning jms whicli ale .stored away in many homes, and (2) glass jars in which commercial foods .have been packed. So round u|i all your empty glass jars and look them over. Discard nil with cracks, chips or other de- feels tliat would prevent an an- tiglit seal. Be sure a porcelain- lined metal cap has not bent or spread at the edge. 'Many of the jars ill whicli mayonnaise, ccllee, pickles and othei food products come from llic grocery store tire re-usable (or home canning. Save any you have, together, with their original caps, foi your own canning or to share will: your neighbors. Some coinmcrcia 1 jars in which frulUs and vegetables are packed cannot be re-used to) home canning, because spccia' equipment is required to vacuun seal them. But the re-usable com- Missowi Fanners Charge Pirating 0 f Workers Needed To Work Crops CAHUTUHKSVll.U'.', i\lo., Miiy tt.—'llic presence ol "lubiir thieves'" I'emlscol County Mils week •ought additional worrlc.s to IVm- cot fanners who are nlrcinly veiburttcned with liirinlnn proli- iiis ilue to high water, exce.ssivi ilns. seed shorliiiii'.s for replant- ig and an already aculc farm lu- iir situation, according to J. li lulclilton, member of the Count) virin Labor Couuiilllec. Already about !00 (o 401) workers ave been entlcei\ (rom Uu 1 viu'tou uiiiimmUK'.s. particularly ihe noril nil ol Hie county. Hutchison slat d 'i\tu Iruckers were apprehend •d "leVrultiug" the workers >h, vorK In oilier sections to pick brr ifs uwl do olhiT type:, r>I \vwk ievefnl days ngo, representative tlliKMily made ,i drive |liroiii>li til oiinly for seml-sklllcd workers ll iillrnad shops and rlglit-nf-wn. niilnlenance and re])nlr. Quite; i lumber were signed up by Hies 'ecrulLi'rs, It was reported. BeaC Courier News Want Ada. SELF-CLEANING HOUSE PAINT KEEPS WHITE HOUSES WHITE John Miles Miller Co. Distributor mercial jars can be sealed air- j on (lie tar shoulder nnd Is larger than a "toil seal"-rubber thnt (its caps for Type panying chart. jar' tight again and metal disks other scaling Hems needed to complete the .leal may be bought to lit, Odd-sized jars, those with odd closures and very small ones can be set aside for putting lip preserves or other products that re- tjuirc only a paraffin seal. Jars usable for liomc cunning may call for special attention in fitting caps. because of the varied closures. Sort them according lo (1) si/.e of opening. (2) jars will] shoulder (ledge wide enough to support shoulder rubber) and (3) jars without shoulder. .. A re-usable jar has an opening either 2,5-8 inches in diameter or 2 5-16 Inches, the larger opening being tbat of a standard Mason jar. This is called a size 70 and the smaller one is a size 03. This type jar takes a metal cap that screws down over a glass thread. Some re-usable commercial jars have' glass lugs, which; are merely ~nrodifier] • screw 1 thread s v *'-* r " Some jars seal for. home canning use with a separate rubber riiiR. Some use. instead, a metal 'demonstration Glass jars in which mayonnaise, coffee, pickles anfl other foods have been packed »rc re-usable fur Home tannin;. So save all you tel and be sure you h»ve the proiwr air-seal closure for tach one. disk, with rubber compoiiiio Hawed where closures U> III. n'l'c inndc You can't buy substitutes fo fliallotv-lhrcad. "llT-slzc jars o for any No. 03 size. So keep Uu original .screw raps or [Tut! simila ours, liefoi d re-using ' a -cpinmcr cial jarls metal cap. lie sure t clean out all the old .;i>iiij<;r lln or scaling compound, liotl a ci.. containing .scallny compound, tin- on. If a separate ring is for. be sure to' act the right si?e. The fiimilmi 1 "shoulder" rubber (its id tlie lid and sets tjutwcen lid and jar dm. To nnd the right . cap for tlie ' right jar, use a standard'sine (No. 70) Mason screw, cap as a testing piece. Try it on a Jar. If It Ills,. _ nnd your jar 1ms n shoulder, use /vC'SfJ'fC'ffOIIS cap as a testing j seruiic it. ,1 Inl- Tf (I 111 L- ill themsclve.s to be remitted in'C iso liable for siime fine and 1m- rlsonmi'iil. Mtiny workers who hwvfi been eernlted diTlai'e they are not [arm •orkers, but more limn 200 Inivu luvcd directly Irom Ihu farms In ho various aniuminHics. in one r two Installers, boys n'li'ased from ho army for atrlcuUural work, ave bci'ii I'ontacled by Hie "re- I'liHers" \vlin offer lilKh-paylng obs in uiluT branches of work In Ilier welkins of llu> country. Tlial eacrt farm worker last to eaulU'i'!-" Is n serious llwi'ivl, to 'oinlsL'Ot Initn gouls us set by the loveinmi'iil this year, Is clearly ndlcalcd, llulchlson snlil, when .inly last week the Kurin I.'ibor Llommlllci! IsMied an HOS call for 15(10 workers to i'liop Uu! I'einlscol crop. To cwouram 1 all 'available woikci'.s of the county lo spend every available moincnl hi the fields, and also lo discourage us much as [Hisslble tho dopurlure of farm workers to oilier Jiibs ulfeied by Ihe rccri'.ller.s, ciwiiniinUy and lownslilp represcnlaUves iuvve burn appointed In Carulheisvllle, Wardell. Hli'i'le, iiayll, Iliillund, Cooler, and llrai;u CJlly. Mr. lluli'lihon Is llu> Cnrutlicrs'villc represenla- Uve. Yoriitlimul nv.rlcillluro Iraichers nnil scliiml .suiierliileiideiils are inakinu ranvaf.;e.s among more rnn- luie sludeiils, and prepaiini; lists of UiDse who are willing lo work one or more, days pel' week lu tlie fields. Thi' I'emlscot County Ame- Karnu'rs hose lumls arc Inundated from liluli water or loo wel fioin excessive rains for chopping, we leuilln iidirin InnuLs lo tnnncra where chopping run now be done: Later, llirse farmers will lend Ihelr hands lo ;'i c c|iily" those farmers whose Inmls arc now wot. rtn upiwal Ini.s been mudo the IVinlsrai licil cross Chapter by the l^ibor CominHtce, lo Oliuplera In IIHUI In Missouri. Arkiinsus, Illinois ,uiul elsewlicrc where flood svalers have covered Ilio fin in hinds, to huve Ihixw fnnn , workers come lo county to help in Hie cropplnit. Tills. It' polnled oul, will alleviate the con- of the. relief ccn- ct those forced fi'om their farms and homes help provide for'them-" selves until the time tiiai.'Jhey'; can return to Ihelr, homes and, farms. ...,:. At least. 4o to GOO Jarm'Uoffica are available for flood refugees o desire to come hero and take advantage of tills offer, Mr. Hutchison stated, The necessity 'for the conservation of lumber has brought' Into the »iM)(ll|jlH u wood welding process which makes possible lliu utilization of various slwd planks that formerly would, have been 'dta-': carded as scrap In the' riloklhg of\ Under Ihe T'ederal rarm Labor ' rlcan U'glwn has iiiade a counly- 11 freeze" order iccenlly issued, wide appeal to stores (Inns and Hutcliinson .staled persons found rmulliiiB farm workers nre llabln for fine of $101)0 and limplsoiiiuenl. and Mint farm workers who per- omres to release employees whenever possible so 1 thai these may spend from line or more days pel' week lu till' fields. 1, In the accom- fits, bill your no shoulder, use On Use Of IlQlcnonc skelched in Type 2. If the lest Victory Gardeners buying rolen, cap won't screw down<. ; your jar one dust In quantities of line pound may have a sballo.w thread or lugs or less, or roleiionc spviiy.ln one (3-8 inch deep Instead of 5-8 Inch).'pint or less, may use lluic Insec- In (bat case, use .only the jar's tlcides for all garden crops, throi original cap or one like it. To go WPU's amendment to the irol with 1 the cap,' buy a' metal disk 'Ugh; irolcn- ... one rcstric'tion, says Cora Lep with Ilowed-on rubber compound. jColcinan. county home dcmonstra- If your test cap is too big, your jar .may have.a size G3 opening. Drnw a circle 2 5-1G inches in diameter on a piece, of .paper,; ami use this; as a pattern.,'fSct ; the: jar. (op ovei?!it, : and if lt" : .flts'.,'rs'b a No. 03. / • ., :. , v. .. --.•'•••-;.! ,., caier' ' cannot" VXiin lion agent. The original restrictions, set up lo conserve limited supplies of rotenone, set it nskle for, use only on jjcas lor control'of pea.aplilds or pea weevil, beans for, control o( Mexican bean beetle nnd cole crops other than cabbage. SiibsUliites arc Igcniirally' polsOli'oiis, ..but - usablfc nmernfs I'm vnm• rr o'-'" ; i' u '> pui.iunuus, .uui - can bi •:• 'r,-'-.-•'.-•??•',""::-.?%!" 'W7vf Mse,dfi|i-such crops'asV-abbagc/ffon jars, 'your county home pinch exposed parts need not ij, agent may know SOMETIMES - ON SOME CAILS-THE LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR WILL SRf<^> used. Victory gardeners buy In small (inantitics, Iuiwc\vr. and one small purchase of rolenonc is probably snflicienl for the entire garden, without -additiotial purchases -or serious reduction of. the total supply.. The 'amendment simply \ K i^ (nils the use o'f rotenone left over 'from crops on. 1 which it, is e lial for others' on which it Is also the best insecticide. And It also sayes the Eardcher'.s buying o!ht;i insecticides for these other crops So you can use rolenonc on anj of your garden crops, provided ym do not buy more than one pnnm ; I" dust form or one pint in spray form. ATTENTION FARMERS! New Ford Tractor Implements New USDA War Hoard reKnlnliims now permit farmers to obtain I'uvchase OrtilU-alv.s for new farm machinery, if they have already located Ihe machinery. We have in Htm'k (not lam-d) I ' l "' ul >' f>«' ™> lu llle r< >'- lowiiiK New 1'ower-Openilcd Imiilenu-nlB for the I'ord 2-llow Tractor: NKW TANDKM NKW HI:AVV I»ITV NKW IIII.SII A !!()<; 1>IS(1S NliW 2-ltOW MII1KM! in i HIIK'ITUS NK\V a-uoxv iinKAKiN<i. I'l.OWH See your Comity War Hoard for Purchase Certificates before these new implements are gone. Also see us for Genuine Ford Tractor parts, pulleys, \Vood-Saws, Power Scoops, Ktc. Phillips Motor Co. Trl. 'l">:i Aullinriziril Kurd Tniclor l)mli:r Ulsllifvlllr, Ark. Please linit your to 5 minutes. Odieis aie waiting" M= Lany Long Distance calls go through about as fast as ever. But sometimes there's an extra-heavy rush on certain circuit's]—especially to war-busy places. Whenever that happens, the operator will ask you to limit •., your Long Distance calls to 5 minutes. The idea is to give everybody a fair share of the wires.That \ gets to be more and more important every day. • SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO." There's A Reason- Why there arc more MJROCS officially reyistered than all other breeds! Dunns thrive in uvury set 1 lion ol' I he Utiilod Sl;itc.s— parlkuVarly in this iirwi! C<)»- liicl one of I In' fiirmiTK lislod ht'Iinv Tor liBiirt.s on DUKOC I'KOI'TI'.S! Miss. County Duroc Breeders Ass'n Top Pedif/rcc Durocs For Sale />'// These Members: J. C. BUCHANAN C. M. ABBOTT CASTLIO BROTHRES Blytheville, Ark. B. S. WHISTLE Black Oak, Ark. J. R. WHISTLE Manila, Ark. Blytlicville, Ark. STANTON PEPPER Huffman, Ark. L. H. AUTRY Burdette, Ark. BURDETTE PLANTATION C. G. SMITH & SON Burdette, Ark. i* ;• Blytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. C. H. WHISTLE Whistleville, Ark. E. S. BOLLARD Blytheville, Ark. JOET.CAGLE Blytheville, Ark. Old American HEAVYTAB Asphalt Strip Shingles, WIATHERIIID ASPHALT li * »)Kli<1 blcrul of • ipltllt iptclaLly jiroc- *»tcil (pr ^renter wt*l!itr «»Ulanee. It It »n exchitlvn CM Ameitfin I'roccn iru ' I* uml l?0">o In «ll OM Aiii*rlc*n H—VJ. inf> Aipliait Strip Nnle ihe double ihicknaii of the poied "jiortlon ol \\o nbove cnlnrRecl •hinule—tliii protect* iKo "henrl" of ^ thn ihlnglc And givei it extra long life. * When figuring on n nrw rnof, tm» n*-w njper-icrvjco Heavy lab Atphnlf 'Strip Shlnjfle offeri (ho tnftt word in e*trm -•( . value At reeuonnlile coat —You get ft,t(ffi lifo — /'.'.tfrn Wcnthcr'. protection' • nti Extra beauty »l No Mxtrti foil. C«ll ui up or corue In our office nnd let ui cxplmii n}\ Ilio nd* ; vnnln^ri of thn New OM Anicrlcnn Iteuvytab SKintflo and K'V« •you eilliiiate* on work you may have in iniiiiL DELTA LUMBER CO. IHythcviltc'H Only Home Owned Lnmlier Company 2(M N. Second Phone 4'J7 Published Ity The Delia Implement Co., Hlytheville ;; Scrli-s 1 I'tlih.y, IMay 2K No 4U , f KHKK for the nsMt\K • • . » new, HO'page honklel on Victory Gardens, .complete «itli index ami illiisliuliiin^. liolli iiniiUeur.,itnd. f;ai(liners will find this lumk a Dl New i!(n|i|iii)(!iil. ddivcriuH of .Ihe iwA \\cuk include: n Iraclur-uiillivntor In B. C. Gill, . , of Dell; and McConnick-Decniit,' Nu. 0 tlniwii mowers to .S. I 1 '. Powell, farmiiig ' Sonlh'of Hlylhcville. nnil C. A. Dtiviill, of; . , the Ilightuwcr coniniiinity. .,.';,-,,, Dl Alliiirl llolliiiKsmirlli, (if tlie No. • t) Coin-' inunily, has itn Inlcrniitiwial Trjick in OT'.- ( „-.. rcpiiir H|I(I|> f«r ovorhiiul jliis .wcek.i Any-,; j W one willi an Inlernalinnal 'Truck will save lime and money lirinKii'K it 1" " |t; Intern^-,;;;'•; llnniil Di'Mlcr for repairs. Dl Klo.vtl Simiwon, of IMiinila, says, lie huH-sev- ... i:r»l cxti'ii iniilcs lic'd like lo ."sell. Get" in . touch with him if you're iiullie nuii'kct/ Dl— '. •"•'.::''::,.,.,„„. We delivered another Dixie 2-row coflon .••' rh'npper tliis piist week—lo ICrie- Itollanl, 'of<. : -. Varliro. ,We otn probably, make delivery on 'j a few more of Ihtsc cho|i|ici'.s. i I'til.yonr-ur-. '•• di'r in now. ] ' ..') r —DI—. r,.,..v::..,i;Y ; The !)()U.\3(i Irnctor tife.s yoii'vii been "ask- 1 ' \\\K for wore received thin week. Bring US' ;• your certific'iile.s. '••',.• \Ve tjIroriKly advise llial farmers'whovwill; need dtislers Ibis Fall place orders 'now., ll ' will be mighty good insurance againsl <i \ |irol)ahle shorluge. . . ' •'• ' : Dl : , .'...;;., .,; J. !!. Holly, of Holland, has his JlcConnickV Dcci'ing No. iil Combine in our shops now for overhaul. If you're going to have your combine repaired and checked this year, i \vc'll iipprcciiitc if you'll get il in now ami,, . avoid the last minute rush. ; r i DI— ' • ! TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON'T HAV! IT STUCK HALFWAY h into • SMrf TOOAYI

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