The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS OLUMK 1—NO. 2-11. ARKANSAS, FttlDAY, MAY .28, 1913 THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the interest of the personnel of lhe Army Air Forces Advanced. Two Engine Flying School of Blythevllle, by the Illythevilte Courier New*. U contains the news ot the All Ease. ii IGlovemen All Ready :\>r Bouts Bight, members of the Post Itox- I- Team finished Iheir training esterday with a light workout and adc ready lor Uielr bouts tonight vilh members ol lhe slugging team rom the Newport Army Air Field, hey are a hardy crew of athletes ul they have learned lhe art, of linging leather in boxing classes icld each day at the I'ost Gym. Tulored by veteran exponents of ing craft such as Stuff Sergt. leinenUs, former Arkansas AAU tieholder, Sergt. Gordon Donome, erstwhile terror of the New tork professional ring, and Pvt. Jon Burton. Blythevllle middleweight who has tangled with the est of them, lhe eight soldiers ire champing at lhe bit and rarin' i go inlo aclion. They will meet the ace fighters if the New|>ort team in tonight's latches al lhe American Legion Vrcna. They are in good coudi- on, well-trained, ami have su- iretne confidence in themselves. le eight man learn includes i oulslanding boxers as Corp. ioberl Morgan, State AAU liglit- icighl champ, Sergt. A. J. Hen- Iricks, veteran middleweight, Sergt. Ion Brandon, lightheavy who has icen action in the MldSouth Gol- leii Gloves and the Arkansas AAU ourneys. and Me. Fred Saenger, iglitheavy who demonstrated a iiplt'le stock of fistic ware in his ualden performance at, the AAU neet. These men and Corp. Leonard roclino. novice 145-pounder, Sergt. Hollxer. novice heavyweight, and ,wo other members of the team vHI seek lo .wnd the Newport HB- ;tegation back to llieir base, sad- lencd bill wiser men. The Soldiers •Friend . . . jevgt. Rice Crvvothevs Loaves For Miami; Tal- enlcd As Artist Virsl Negro soldier ol this slal-lon to qualify for officer training, 3ergt. Rice Carothers. of the 309lh Aviation 'squadron, left today for Miami Beach, Fla., to attend the Army Air Forces Administrative Officers Candidate School. Upon successful completion of the EC, Carothers will be commis- |uoned a second lic-iilenanL. Sergeant Carothers has been on |luty in the Plans and Training Department lor eight months. An Jirtisl in civilian life, with a studio In Chattanooga, Tcnn., where he l.vas a portrait and landscape painl- Tr, Carothers prepared charts and Ilk-played material for use in lhe |,raininj; program here. When Maj. Gen. Ralph S. Royce, I'hcii commanding lhe. Southeast •Training Center, visited the Field, lie was presented with an oil painting of aircraft in combat by Sev- |;cnnt Carothers. He also presented painting lo ivfaj. Gen. LcIJoy H. IWsitsnn, commanding general of Ihc Third Armored Division, who 1,'isiled the Field lo address a cadet • graduating class. Tlie presenlations |.vere al the Officers' Club. Paint- lugs by lhe soldier hang al the ^ost Theater and at the Officers' Friend and Samaritan In time of distress, the American lied Cross, - -is the volunteer agency created and siip|x>rt<>(l by the dollars ami goodwill of Ihc American people, extends a helping, liaud lo lhe man in the Service who happens to be In tough luck. A field director is on duty at many Army stations. He can Bft prompt information and action anywhere In the country through Ihe nationwide organization of county chapters .of the lied Cross. In this column the' field director al the lilytheville Army Air Field discusses examples of his work with lull protection of lhe confidence of those who consult him. BY FRED L. SWAN, Field Directur AuMTU'jti Ked Cross When u soldier at this field, who previously has been reliable efficient, begins lo neglect' Ins duties, the cause sometimes can be traced to worry over a ijtrsonal problem. In many cases, if the troubled man will come to the Red Cross office, we can help him limfj n solution. Here Is a typical case of a stattl sergeant who neglected his work! to such an ex- t;nt that he was reduced in rank. An investigation by the. Red.-Cross • Mr. Swan disclosed lhe soldier was wor rying about his wife, -who was expecting a baby. The wif lived a thousand miles away an was not getting the proper foodi.Sh faced eviction for non-payment rent. We learned all this from Hi sergeant. , We wired the Red ' Cross'-'Soiii Service Chairman In the soldier home lown and asked lihn-lo hive.* ligalc. The Red Cross chnple there, after mvcsliagling. found less expensive apartment- for tl wife, provided money for niovir and rent, arranged medical cnf and gave her a special fowl allow ance. Now lhe soldier has been restore lo his previous rank. He lias pai back lhe money loaned by the Re Cross and is out of debt. If he ha come to our office when he fir became concerned about his wif we would have been able to ass! him then, thus eliminating all fui. pleasantness. Got some personal problem? Yo may need to talk them oul man man and in confidence. You may need information or financial help. Your Red Cross field director can't work miracles, but the chances are 10 to oils, lie can help you. We are here to serve you men at this field, autl we want you lo feel free to call on us when you necl help. Arkansas Claims adets As 'Sons/ Adkins Declares Aviation eatlols ol' t;inss <|;(-K were mailc the adopted ions of Hie Slalc of Arkansas us 11 ley dunned Iheir gold >ars ;ind silver wings Unlay in ilio Post" Reeroiilioti Hull, the il'lh class to be Ki'.'iilnali'd from the Hlythevillc At'iny Air 'Mold. Governor lloinov M. Adkins doc lured I lie munition of the •oinijj olVicers, from nearly every stato of the- Union, with he statement: "I am sincere in this, and I ain expressing Die wish of lie people of my Slate. If in Ui« stormy weather uhoiul r ou cannot focus your (hout;lils DII closer 'lies, think of us. The people of Arkansas are the friendliest people on! "I wish II were possible for nit 1 « T bring you the congralnlalions Smell of gasoline mom id the engine is usually due to .loose con- licclions in the line between fuel Inmip mid carburetor. Leakage litre often accounts for the car- linrelor jsohig dry when the car l.tored overnight. Camp Robinson Players Challenged For Game The BAAF Baseball Team has challenged the Replacement. Training Center squad at Camp Robinson to a game, Sergt. Robert Tubbs. physical instiitctor and manager of Ihe local leani, said loday. In his challenge Tubbs offered lo play Iho Camp Robinson aggregation either here or there. The Post Team played its first practice game yesterday afternoon, meeting Ihe 32(Hh nine. o f lhe 'II sliUss from which yon mil. 1 cannot do Mils, i but 1 can iresume lo speuk for each of the overnors of your native stales and o say that you have the admira- ion and affecllon of nil of tlic tome folks. retrying Vance. "And f can siiy further Ilial you etain un especially warm place In he hearts of .UiB-pcople of Arkanas. We in Arkansas are with you 1,000,000 .strong. Yon will carry with •ou our affection. And we .slmll pap rclleeled glory fi'om Hie. i;lor- ous victories which yon shall win.". Addressing the class as "you men vhp are off to join thp Acc.s of liniitiiii for lhe much bigger show hat soon will begin," Adkins said: "Within {mother 1'i months tin 1 Air Forces of the United Slates Army will be the most spectacular and terrilymg and the most Uc- sliucUve force tluil man could pus- sibly conceive. • • Anil Slill Growing "It must, be satisfying and ex- cjting," lie said. "To know that you are to become a part of this titanic force upon whose wings and shoulders may well rest lhe destiny of the world." Asserting Ilial. the U. .S.Armj Air Forces are equipped with Ihbus- anils of the world's best fighlci planes and bombers, villi the peak of produclion still to be reached the governor declared that the American pilots, bombardiers, navigators and gunners liad showed themselves lo be the masters h combat of bolh- the Germans ami the Japs. . "You men arc lhe cream of Hie American crop of manhood," he said. "You've got what 11 takes in the most, exacting ami demanding job of today—aerial warfare." Governor Adkins said the people, lhe land and the resources of Arkansas all are geared lo war and working al it night, and day, and added: "H'c Are Willi Ynn" "This land on which we Rather lias lor lhe past, year been producing a new kind of crop. You are Crop 43-E. Before you some hundreds of men from throughout the nation have stood here and received their wings and commissions." The governor declared Arkansas was producing the. sinews of war "lo back you up," reminding his hearers that. 01 per cent, of the nation's bauxite ore is mined in two counties of central Arkansas, that manganese, ?.hic, lead, antimony, titanium and quart?, are mined, and Ihal lhe ordnance ami munitions planls of the slate hud b?cn awarded (lie Excellence pennant of the Army and Navy. "I want yon to know," he said, "that lhe stale in which you won your wings and from svhich you producing Governor /« Guest At Officers Club Governor Adkins had luncheon nl hr- Officers' Club with Colonel .aiulou and MaJ. William L. Hull Urn-tor of training, and members »f their slaffs, Including the follow- Maj. Harry E. McGulre. executive iflicer; MnJ. Gene E. I.anyan, dl- eclor of Hying; Chaplain Julian A l.liulfey; First Ueul. Reginald. C Augustine, adjutanl; cuirt. FretP- erick K, volker, commander of the training group In which the ciu of Hie graduating class recelvei their pilot instructions, and ;<liiadron commanders, Cupls. H. D Slnnhojie, W. 11. Geely. G. P. Bablts and j. u. Lalihaw, Jr., operations officer; Ciipt. James S. WeathiMiy director of ground school tvnining; Capt. Norman A. Kavaimugh, cadet KClionl secretary; and First Lieut. Ralph W. Howard, commandant of cadets. SUBSCUIPTION. lUTES ON REQUEST Members Of 326th Squadron Will Iluvc PiLi'ty At Sliile Guard Armory "It's ijohiB lo bo a fish try", said ml. John K Mead, commanding officer of Hie Mill Siinailnin, In announcing lhe menu for llin monthly .squadron parly, which will bi' helil tomorrow night at lhe nlylhcvllle Armory. Klrsl Sjonjl. O 1). 'nicker and Muster Mergl, Cleorge P. McClaln imUle a special lilp lo CiiriillimvUli' Ihe oilier nlijhl lo make sine an ample supply of flsl would be obtained lor Hie parly. An uix-lu'slra I'oiuiiosL'd of musicians from the asisl. AA1-' llaiu will piny lor dancliii;. am[ ivlri'sh- meuts will be served. Hei-oml Ui'Hl .Francis X. Hi si|imdroii adjutanl, Is .somewlml worried about dance partners foi Ihc men in the squadron. "I'm nol worried about lhe married men, because ihey'11 bring their wives lie said. He sunui'slcd that wives gel a girl friend In (own and brlnt, her along, so lhal everybody wll liuvc a piiviiuT. 'i'lw (un will begin nt p. m. and since It Is Suluday ntghl. wll last utitll l:M Sunday'morning. will go to bailie, around Ihe clock to back you lip." 781ST TIGHTENS CBIPKLEIIDEI Defeats 26th Team 10-4 in Softball League; 10Runs! On Six Hits The TOlsl team took a lighter Ri'lp on first place by defeating lhe 2litli nKKicgiilloii, 10-4. in a wild iiilcr-sciuadron Softball leaijue Bame: at the nthlelic 'area Wednesday afternoon. The victors scored their 10 runs on only six hits, wllU the 2Gth's lidding bobbles paving llii 1 way for lhe '(Olsl. O'Siilllvan, the loser's ace pitcher, hurled a good B«me. bill received little help from his teammates cither offensively or defensively. Stone, the TOlst's moiinds- man, also pitched an airtight game and allowed only four hits. In other games Ihc 25th defeated Hie 702nd. ti-5, lhe Athletic Department licked tne 704th 10-5, the Ale and Quail learn beat the Band lil-6, and the Medical Detachment defeated (he Ptyinu Administration 22-D. 701sl Ab. Gutlctlgc 2nd l i Bins sf 4 Stone p 3 Travis 3rd 4 .Jenkins 1st 4 Jones rf ] Hcrmly rf 2 Hunt of 1 Harlwig cf '.>, .lalosky U n Dacoux c White ss Valve and clulch springs weaken when compressed loo long or if the pedal Is blocked lo prevcnl clutch plates from sticking. FUNNY BUSINESS 'It's .his afternoon off I" "- USO Bridge Night Becoming Popular ^_ Honyiovannl sf ..3 Bridge nlghl al the USO every O'FniTcll ss 3 Tuesday is becoming popular and '' :1 Grntta Isl 3 2Clli Tiranllcy c Jackson If .. 3 33 Ab. .. 1 1 six lablcs are being arranged for next Tuesday by Mrs. Marguerite Brothcrton, USO program dlreclor. Soldiers who have become regulars al Hie bridge lablcs include Sergts. Stanley Sandier. John Todd, John Kerry. Frank Jordan. » and Jack Brooks. Dick Poore, Harold Miller and Corp. Steven J. i Darkin, and Pvt. Stanley Reding. | Women who join in as partners] include Mr$. Charles Criggcr, Mrs.' J. P. Lcnti, Mrs. Cornelius Modln- gcr, Mrs. l.\f. E. Pease, Mrs. Paul Pryor. Mrs. Hugh Wliilxell, and Ihc Missos Patty Davis, Virginia and Frances Mcllaiiey. Wlolkp 3rd C/.crnink of 1'rcsll rf ... Flynn 2nd . O'Sulllvnn R. 'i 0 2 1 'i 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 10 H. 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 4 LOTS OUT, BUI PUR DN Practice Blackout Fails T< Stop Fun At Barn Dance Wednesday The lights went out right In th middle of llu> barn dance Wed neGdny nlghl In (he I'osl Kcci'ea lion Hall. It wus a practice black out. The H-plece soldier orches Ini never missed a benl, contin ulng to play for the 15 minutes o darkness. Everybody kept on dancing. On soldier, however, sought the e.xl excliilming: "i quit, j t , ot | I1KBIJ , and then I find myself daiicln vlth imotlier soldier." Best JltterbiiHgers on lhe fli is determined by applause, wei fc, Larry Tallanclch of tin: 7(K)t Sciuadron, and Miss Hntinlc I.yu (alcliffe, ofL.Steele, Mo. He wn 'iwarded u', tell and - necktie, an tie won an. Ab ; , Corps bracelet. Bales of hay served as chair Vagou wheels, harrows and otlu (cms of farm equipment borrott cd from tlie slables of c. G. Smlt irpvided the bain atmosphere. Tables covered with a red check ered cloth loaned by Mrs. R. N Deck were loaded with sundwlclii ircpared by high,school studcnl.s In Mrs. 'Freeman Robinson's home economics class. Excitement spread as Sergt. Wnl- cr Terry, imprcssnrlo of the evc- ilng, amioimccd lhe big event of Ihc program, the apple-bobbing cotilesl. A pair of tubs iMrrowud from Mrs. S. M. lieck were filled with water, and then Hie contest was culled off. The apples had all jeeii eaten up. The girls, Ii7 of them, were trans- xuted from the USO Center and lack again by Army trucks. They wore slacks and overalls. 'Hie sol- iier.s were In fatigue uniforms. Miss Gcnevlcvc Whaleil and Mrs. vlareuerlte lirotherton represcnled Ihc USO staff. Among the guests and chapcrones were Mrs. Elton [Cliby. Mrs. Cornelius Modingcr, Mi's. J. A. Leech, Mrs. Waller Pope, Mrs. Jack Homer, Mrs. J. U. Bob- ilaski. and Miss Emily Dale Gray. Sergeant Terry performed prodigiously In preparing the hull for the event, ami Lieut. Hugh 11. Montgomery, mess officer, assisted hi Ihc planning. • t Plenty of Potatoesi'HeJ Lieutenant Arigel! Stars At Bat For Soldiers In Game Weduseday The Alhlellc Dcpnrlment sMt- ball icain derenli'd the Osceoi* llluh Kchool nijlsreijallon 17-6 In u colilesl played there Wednesday nftcrnooii. The Kdiiie was marked- by the lieavy hlllliiB of Lieut. M. J. Arifiell. Junior pliysleal director, who rjot five hlU out of five times al hat and scored three runs, l.lnul.' Allen Iliu-ley, Junior physical dlivclor, nlso was outstanding on the pitcher* mpiind and allowed; the uiijxxslllon only six hits. The box score of the game'was: Athlt'Ki' IK'iil. Ail. R. H. Allgi'll 2nd -, The Army slill has polaloes—much' (o llio 'dismay o[ K. IVs. Hero ] a (jtmi'tul of Secuiul Army soldlerH, bllU llirougli n pile ot llioso j 1 '*" - delicious spuds on muneuvcia In 'rcnncsscu.' ~ —' Governor Adkins A Veteran Of 1918 Campaign In F liliul.sny Isl Krlso If Owens cf Pinner 3rd Unblor o llnrrUon sf Knmcn if liuley p Clov. Home M. Adkins was In- nxliiccd 'at (he rudrl lii'adiuillou e.xeiclses lodny by Col. Ifurl M. lUiulon as lhe Uilrly-smmd gov- eri'.or of Arkimsus and a veteran if (he first World War. "For the second lime hi :i ijon- cratlon we arc engaged In a world ,var," said Colonel Umildn. "The sons f )I men wlio iinswi^red ihr call of Hielr coiiiilvy a ([iiarler-ceulury iigo are in iiiili'orm, fp.llliful to the Iradilion ol Ihelv falluu-.s, clial- (liug the enemy at a safe distance from our shores and so preserving lhe security of our soil and om- homes. "It is particularly titling thai our distinguished gucsl, UIHIU un occiisldii of the uresor.1 slKuKtcnncu, should be one wlio. in lhal oilier war, was among the yoim^ men who served Iheir counli'y In Its lime of national emergency. "Our Biiesl can sjicak as one wlio Joined lhe tumps o[ his stale when war came. I'lillstlnti In Ihe Arkiuiims Kiillunnl (Hiaid, and •ii'i'ving uvvi-i-ctiH wllh (lie American Kxpcditloniiry I'Mrces In France with .such distinction that, when victory was win, he. returned wllh the rank of caplain. "Ho speaks also as Ihc representative of Iho people if the Hlatc of Arkansas, sluco ho la Iheir chosen lepi-i'scnUHve In Ihe affaire of state, a poslllon lo which he was called aflcr many yeius of public service. "II Is a high privilege, to Introduce at this lime, the Governor of the State of Arkansas, and MI also to preKenl U) him the Dlythevllle Army Air Meld and Us iicuonnol, the. great mlUlary Imlnllnlltm which bus sprmiB up In his siutr <hirlii(; Ihc last year, and which loday Is for tlie filth lli:ic ^nidual- Inu a class of aviation cadets as cuijiinki.iloiiril of Mirers and pilots." Cook :ird-i:f llnnlslcr liiul WlllKOli Cf-|) ...,, ''liillliw'lf ".'.'.'.'.'.'. Roberts 1st .. Whiles rf Duller i: Lynch 1 «;, cf .,. ',', Lynch sf-cf Moore |i-3r(| . Hale sf W 17 All. R. 0 ',2 >;l ..1 1 31 H. 1 0 : ,;0- ' ' 1 jl 'I . I 0 0 . 0 ' 27 Organize Post Baseball Team Tweniy-onc caiHlldnlos for Ihe rust Negro Unlisted Men's BaM- bull 'ream icpoi-ted for I lie first praclice of the seiison Wednesday afternoon. They engaged In hitting and fielding practice under the direction of Corp. Leon Kanlon, phy. slcal instructor, nnd worked out for an hour at Ihe baseball diamond across from Ihe Base: Hospllul. The Initial practice will be followed by regular training pe.rlods nder the supervision of a manager, who will be appointed .soon, A buse- l diamond for exclusive use of these, soldiers is vuuler cnnslructlon mil will be rciulv within a few days. I lent. Bill Adams, nlhlrllc ofH- cer, said Hint efforl.i are made lo schedule gumes for the 1.5am with a .stjuud of Negro soldiers slatloned at. Ihe Mnlden, Mo., Army Air Field, and with a Blylhe- ville Negro Independent lenm. He Is anxious to schedule games with oilier teams In this vlclnlly. KEEP '" P' M ^. Tame that unruly VAIIB lcok - kili '""re. Keep ,TUUR Imlrwoll groomcil wllh Morollne Hair Tonic. Lnrgo hot Ho 25c. Sold everywhere. E«R<I Courier News want ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores • Fry our "Own Made" Ice Cream le Hickory Inn ICTCM from High School Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drrjj Stfr« Main ft Lake Phone 2822 /A Office rs' Uniforms of Compare the fabric and workmanship IhcM line jarmcnls bffore buying! Better HIoiiscs .............. ;!7.7, r > Klasti(j(ie Trousers .......... i;!.75 . Summer Trousers' ........... 7.!)!) Summer Shirts .............. g.fll) Schneider To OCS Blair. Sei-Rl; Clare 11. Schneider, personnel clerk of I'asl Ilcud- fiuarteis, allachod in the 700th Training. Squadron, left luilny for Mlnml Uencli lo attend Hut Army Air Forces Otllcer Candidate School. Upon sitcce.«.sful completion of Iho three uioiilh.s COUI'IKI he will lju coimiiis.sloned a second llciiteiuuil and assigned a.s an aiimlnlstrallve oJllcei-. Serijciiul Schneider lias been on duty here since last aulumii, lie enlcred Hie .Service In Mny,' iota. Ilia wife, who bus been living In I!lylhc,i'llli>, has returned lo [ier home In Ilulfalo, N. Y. Pvt. Lewis S. Krau»e ; f Assigned To Duty Here IH't. Lewis S. Kraiise has been transferred from Maxwell Field Ala L • lo lhe Ulythevllle Army Air 'Heidi'' and assigned to duly with the 26th Tvnlnhijf Group as a radio mechanic. Private Krausc was Inducted, 'in the service last September . In Murch hi! completed u 12 weeks course In radio mechanics at Tr»ux Mold. Miiillson, Wls. A former real- dcnl of Sun Prairie, WLi where hh wife continues lo live, he is'» H!:iU uriiiliiatu of Sun Prairie High •Schnol. In civilian life he^u'cm. ployed ns a meal culler '• Servicemen n.tli Free • ' SAOHAMKNTO, Cal. (OP) - it'mber.s of (he armed services have been tjivon free use of California s 1-enm.i under a law exempting Hem from lhe ixviulrement -tm,' s ale.flslilinj licenses to take BaW fsh. The law, passed .recently 'by li" Icslalnliiri), wilt be In effect only for lhe duration of the war • > Prolcnt alimseil nkin nml nootllo willi MoTflalin, formerly M(!«!onn !>„„. AN N 0 V S "of licnUnuli ii lilnlcTski,'," Ljimlimr flow drop tanks weigh Read Courier News want ads Auto Repairs ^^•^^•^"^••^•»^™^ ^^^^^^^^•^^•••••••^•^••^^••i Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Ph. S19 K«tl Stone, Shop rorcnin StJ E. Main FITTED BY Doctors J. L ud J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLVTHEVJIXE SINCE 1S22 8PTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . , Scllicrllni; I'.iclory Method. N'o Ccrtificale Rrnuircd On Vass««Ktp Cars, Quick, IKptnd- able Service. LOT EICH m The Mndfrn Ice Box COOr.KKATOR For Kcnnoiny Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phon. (II 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw«y A W«ln«l Ph. U3 SMALL LOANS Ou Anrtlilac ft Vmtut. Eatf Main Lou Co. 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