The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1933
Page 6
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FACE SIX Study lour Hand Carefully Before Starting to Play It Today's Contract ProbUm ,_What is th« prewr biddlBf en this hand? If South slaye tti* hand at epadet, and West $p«ns a diamond, how should. Ibt cardE be played? \- * J 10 8 S » 9 5 2 « S 6 3 + A8 2 Eoluiiou lu nest Usae. 20 Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridie League . Do you know, thai it Is the elementary plays that trip up a lot of good contract players? u Is true Hint. In the large percentage of cases. t!ic declarer should extract the trump, but (lie declarer who does this without thinking often will lose a Iricit or two. I cannot repent too often theTd"- vlce to stog and think before playing io the second trick. Look the first trick over carefully—study the hand from al] angles. Today's hand is simple, but I was VAQJ «A(J2 *87 6 D < 4 K 75 V KS S • 7 5 3 + KQJI Duplicate—All vul. OiK'iilug lead—.J, K. South Wosi Xiirth Eu«t 1 * Vaks 2 N. T. Pass 3 * I'aas 3 N. T. 1'usu 4 £ I 1 *!* Fas:! Puss 20 GIFTS for Her 'I like nvay t:w drudgery of washing in tlie Coining years. Buy •ilu" nil A]>e< Washing Machine i:. I!. <!V|.; SALES CO. AT1KNHON MKN! | A small cash p.ijineiil will give .your wile the 1*1 led B |f t _ A ] HOME. Kr:c our listings. - I THOMAS I.ANlt CO. GIFTS or Him / Why not glvo him an Olflce Chair Cushion, Treasure Chest or aiieu/rer I'.'.] f or Christinas? A(,TON I'JtlNTINU CO. fllUIM! tO but South correctly continues lo bid spades until name Is arrived at. The Play West's opening lend Is Hie klmj ol clubs, which South. Hie declarer, wins with the ace. H South now starts right I" 1° pick up the trump. East will win with the nee of spades, then lead a club and five odd Is all that can be made. Al duplicate bridge ii is necessary to play for the maximum number ol tricks. Yon always have a heart to Icce !i the king of hearts lies wrong; so, before playing the trump, (he declarer should lead tnc seven of hearts and finesse the jack in dummy. When It holds, he should lead a small dlamoixl from dummv and win wllh ti-.e king in his own'Hand. Then ho should lead the six of p£>^>T' : \ ' nfe^^fe'i i-. - tf, • * t>Jtl&&; { }" : */• ---^T • r V - \- : I - i i r v — ' ' •• ( i • < surprised to find, in a recent dupli- ™ en na snou M lead the six of cate tournament, that UK mnjoritv | hearts anj 1 Ilc sse the queen, of tables failed to make the small Now th * aco of 'worts sl-.oisM bu slam. I played and the (hree of clubs dls- Whlte South holds only t»o and| n " d ? d ' .'LVVi"" °' ls thlrd one-half primary tricks liUi Vade ,' m 8 ^ ruflcd ' bllt M '™"2 • '" vM <i be lost, and If ihe hearts suit Is Icng and strong enough to re-bid; therefore, he Is justified in opening the contracting with one spade. ...-.- N<vlh shows the strength of his hand with a bid of two no (rump, are divided, the extra trick can be made. Now, of course, the declarer leads trump atxi sii East can do is tc win his ace. and ilic remaining tricks belong to North and Soul!-. New York Banditi StiU Od Gold Standard NEW YORK. (UP)-As far as two Ijandlts' are concerned the dollar-still is on the gold standard— and'only the gold standard. The two robbers, one of them wearing a policeman's uniform, entered a- five and ten cent store. 'We want the dough," they tolrt tne manager. Th.ey then took from the safe a sack containing about $1,500, most of. 'it In sliver. . 'fin, hell." said one, "there's too much sllirer In it." • i • . ^^ WS ^ to la ^ c ' " answay," saifl the other. . .* •» . "No.-; siy • the fintj^il-s too : heavy.": ....-' . '. . -While they were' • arguing the manager snatched up' the sack and ?a«< the cellar. ' : The' bandits -fl«l_ empty handed. ,':' v-rr^.r 1 .:. *v*v —ouuie. ;JO V Boston "?t£^ y: '."W°!o8l<:ai students, Corking. as - waiters .-in' '-Boston' -restaurants, .quir. their part - ttare • 'jihs I^?..'-.'-l'« r '.- f ! ktaWl . shm *nti. fa^'mv. tervlng liijuor.-.. • -j \~rm IN- THE 'PHOBATE COURT FOR '. THE ."OSCEOLA -DISTRICT OF .MISSISSIPPI' COUNTY ARI'.KANSAS .'.••'.• ' '•'.a>.the.Matter.vol.- the Estate of /.. Mamie B. .Driver, 'Deceased .Notice-is hereby" given thai the undersigned, as administrator • of U» estate of Mamie B. Driver orceaied, ;wlll apply to -the prorate, court on .the 1st day ol January, 1934, lor authority to sell the ••following, lands belonging to taxi estate, or' so much thereof as may be nec«sary, to-wlt- Tho NEVi of Section 28, To»n- ihip 10 N., Rarge 11 E.. sitimt- : ed in the Chickasowta Distrkt of Mississippi County, Arkan- JAiiES D. DRIVER, . ' . Administrator. A. Welby Youn?. Atty. 13-20-27-30 . COMMISSIONER'S SALE • Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance wllh "the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery court for the Chickftsawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas, on the 26 day ol September, 1933, wherein J. c. Thurmond was Plalntilf. No. 5457. and -J. H. Hamncr, et ul.. were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, lor cas.i, on a credit of three months, al t!;e front door of Ihe Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 10f day ol January, 1D34, the following real estate, to-wit:South 100 ,fect of Lot Seven, Block One, Dougan Addition lo Blytheville Said sale will'be had to satisfy said decree in ihe sum of $1831.50 with 8 per cent interest from September 26, 1933. The purcliascr at suiil' sale will execute bond with approved sccmity, to secure the payment of the purchase money and a lien will be retained upon' said property as additional security for the-payment of such purchase- money. Witness my hand and ihc sea' 01 said .Court, o n Ihls, the 20th dav of December, 1933. R tr. OAINES, : Commissioner in chancery Frank C. Douglas Atty for Plaintiff. 20.57 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE .Notice Is hereby given that the ,K n< vil gne4 ' ^ commissioner of 'he. Chancery court for the chick«»»'n» District of Mississippi coun- ty^Artansas, will In obJdlei,« lo e V U * red cn Marcl1 2sth - r-K'v V \ c Chanctr y Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi county, Arkansas, m a cause whcre- Z\ UWe ' •* TTUSt « 'or th« .National Bank of Blytheville Ark. and R, L. Bradley, as Recelv' *r of said Bank were plaintiffs and FA. Robinson was defendant, on Saturday, January 13th. 1934. offer Pub £ c auc " on ' at th « f ^ e Cmrl Hous « I" le, Arksrwas. to the high- eat bWder on a credit or three <3> months, the following described J^PJrty. *Wch Is situated In the chlctasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, lo-wif ^ * s * ction Eleven (11), Township Fifteen (15) North, Rwie Twelve. (i2> .E.,^ save and except LoU One (i) and Two (2) of the survey of 1923 containing R Te Hundred Elgh- ty-n»e »Dd 2«-100 (585.28) acres more or Ie». 1 ^! P" 5 ** 1 ^ *"i be sold subject £ "* >w> « » tod of trust dated March 3rd, I»25 and owned by the PWeral Land Bank of St. Louis The buyer will be required to give ». «ol»ent bond to secure the pur- , ^ "^ * Ilen wl " I* '«e ^ ,ecu« to* purdiate price. Thbtte»<Uy of December, 1K3. , R ' u OAD **8. Cammlstloner. COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F Notice Js hereby given that the Undersigned commissioner in co'n- r rf°* ,*i' h UlC tCrmS Of ' " de "« rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawbn Distrlci of MIs- f/f'W 1 C°»ml y . Arkansas, on ' Ihc ^Ist day of November. 1933 where 'rlf M 1 !?"' 15 a " d Ullkl Johns «re Plantllls. No. 5491, mld Thomas Northcuu, et al.. were Defendants « 11 sell at public mictlon to the highest and best bidder, for cash frn 1 C / Cd " C ' thrCC " 10 » tl15 - "1- t!--C from door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law '"/^Clly of Blytheville. Arkansas' on the lotn day of January. 1934 the following real estate, to wit ' South half of Lots One and Two and all of Lot Three, Block nve, Bugg Addition to Blythe- M"? SSlc wl " bc Imd " eC '" lhc Sllm « f la The purchaser at said salo will required lo execute tend wl approved security, Co wcllre V," ament of the purchase 'mo, 0 a llcn wl" be . "». ha " d a '«t the teal courl. on this, the 2011, Jay of December. 1933 L. GAINBS. ln C1 »»"'>'. 20 . 2J Frank A »y for Plaintiff. the rcb5 ' 8iven 'hat ""^1 b5 ' "> cr 0 ', Ch , lcka -' ia »''-'' District of S' C °" nly Arkansas on / ° f No «mbcr. 1933, , Commonwealth Buildinc * L ° 5a " Awjlatlon was Plauililf 8 , NO. 553«, and Hucy Mtchie el a were Defendants, will sell at pub"? a*".™ to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three month., at the front door of the Court House, between the I,OII.N'flINO I'AJASIAS .'••iiuc-Jiiivj nev. ..liayon Corduroy l':ijain:ui i[i !il|jli .••liacta with n-ni of conlraHiiiK -color. Sol (5. NKW V;,!(K STOItli I!r:lll(y llrJnijs Ilappiurss 'J'hi- Chi!:,(inas Season will mean iiicrc to her if :;hc has a new ].i.'ii!uuiciit. .Malic her n pres uf unc;. CJKACI; r:i.,i\oitE SIIOPFE STETSON JIA'J'S i'l.y him :i Gin (Jciillkate In a niliilaturt iiGi ]Jo>: and lot lilm !.«.'i-cl It. 55. NI.IV .IJl.'AI) CLOTHING CO. SII.K \I:<;I.K;KI:S Dnlnllly tnlluKd of l-'lal Creiw in I DlliC', IVach, I'lnk and ninck A Kilt .slie'll ii|)])ioclnlc. $2.98. J. C. 1'K.NNKY CO. DAINTY SI.I-KI' TO(JS Clmns nnd I'uiaina.s t.-iiitjrwi of n nlte (|ii;ilUy L'ilk Crejx; In I'mfc 'lea RIM and Dint at sa!)5 NI'.W YOHK STOIII-: Only Three More Shopping Days Until Christmas. BAI'.I.Y i Our f.tock.s sir: comijlete now and j n sm:ill payincnl will liold any citick' iinlil Chii.slmas. (iiiAitii's ji-:wi;i.icy STOKI-: ' From Sarta, A Nnv I'ermaiu-nt Add to her li.i|iplne.«s at Clirisl- nms by giving licr a new l>er- mnnent at our modern shop. Mansard Drcn Ih-auty Sliiippe FOR MB\ ONI,Y! ! ! If you want to innkc your wife love you [he year round give Her a Dodge or Plymouth nulomobilu. Reasonably pi Iced and c(|iii|j]>r<] with all the conveniences dear i-j a woman's heart. BARNKTT AUTO SALKS ; You cnn please him wllh a Pipe, Hlillold, liox of Ciyars, Shaving ! llrush tr u Fbslilighl. ro\vi.i-:n DKU« co. He'd Like n New Scarf! Wo hitvc the very kind TIIE LAJHES TOUliEKY Hflrita ItuliLnslcin'.s t'omp.icls, I'L'Hdcrs, Lipsticks Exclusively at Horum's Give Sonielhirj I'racllcal She will appreciate a gill she cnn wear. We suggest Searf Sets, Iioslcry, Purses. Gloves, Hats, Blouses. Swc-atcr Suits, Dresses anil Sweaters and Skirls. THE LADIES TOGGEKY A BEAUTIFUL WATCH Would make iKr niosl happy. The new styles as created by Union Bulova and Elgin. (JUAHIVS JEWELRY STOKE CKUAIt CHESTS [ J or Ilic yoniiBt-r girl or mother... One of tlioTe beautiful Walnut finish Cedar' rhe.its. IIUIiRAItn FURNITURE CO. Only Three More Shopping Days Until Christmas. We suggest Cosmetics, Piii-. • Candle Holder;. Biul Vases. Nun- belly's Candies. Perfume, Atoinlz- rs, Compacts, Slatloiicry, Koclnxs. FOH'LEU DRUG ('O. DISTINCTIVE GUTS Alomizcrs. Pcilumc Sets. Bridge Cards, Compacts, Pangbuni's Candies, Houbigant ami Coty's r-trfiime Sets, Heating Pads, and .'her gifts shs will like. BF.I.L'S PHARMACY I'HE PERFECT GIFT "FOR HEIl" ELIZABETH AH DEN'S VENETIAN TOILET Preparations EXCLUSIVELY AT BORUM'S <!lv<. a Pen ami Pencil Set, foil! or Shaving Outfit. KOIII.NSON DRUG ST011E Blll- --- . Gifts Any Man Can l!se vuiir sentiment'; nre exjircss- 1 Mi-Fade Silk Pn lamas S4.95, Homer ':d when you .Miy II with I-'LOW-j I'ajiimns S3.95, "I'iiotnix GralnlM LKS. Hcatiin's Hintic of FloM-ert, WL-inkle-|>roof Ties 50c up, Knox i - " ;IS - S 55 nml 5750 ' Initial Hankies wifc - A '"" to v*c. AHOY.- ,,ncl Fruit of the " 1<XlCr " 1 - flom shlrl -' i SLC5 up, Overcoats f IT-II.I " oif. S , - V01 l r Have Santa Bring her a box of Holllnssworth's Candy, ntted bag. cosmetic set. compact, sta-' llonerj'. cnrd table or purse ' I RoiiiNSON nnur. STORE ! IIAYNKS MtN'S SHOP SATIX UNDIES bcnutifu], Irr'.roir, siititi in Teal Rose. Pink !>:ul Blue, cxiwrtlyl ilornl Sll|i.s. Dance Scu\ nnd! O(,\VMS. NKW YO){K STOKE SII.K PAJAMAS With or withoul sash, plain or brocaded, tesi qiuilily, all culoi.s. SG ;mil $7.r,(). -N'KW MKA1> CI.OTHINt; CO. GIFTS J ,'l' e Home Santa CLius' Hcadijunrtor i >Ve> Sell Everything—UK- hrsi i]uril- ily Xiniiii Cilir.s. Radius, Musical IpslliimeiiUi, C-lJKlU'S. Laiii|):;. IA-II- ln-r (Joods, Glassware, ElWrieul Gifl.s. I'AnKHCItST CO,, 10S K. Mniu Make your home modern and convenient lor Christmas with l'iiili-ln cabinets, shelves, break- nook, wall brackets: It. J. rctersoji, 200 N. 2ist Your dinner will not be complete valhoul FLOWERS for Xnias. Ilrutun'.s Hume of Hovers quick MCT] Oil Ranees C,o-;lcy Radios, Scaly Mattresses Btnnibero!! Mattresses, Dclu> Splints, Lounge Chairs and Otto-, Rockers, Occasional Chnlrs i luilio Couches, Chllds Beds, Child: ji:wl:ers, nigh Chnirs, Desks, Ccdai ! Cl.erts, Card Tables, Tables—Oc- L^Ioniil, llad'i, End, Medieim Cubinets, Mirrors. CHARLES S. 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Only T hree More Shopping Days Until Christmas. A Photograph—thr Prrfrrt - Xirns Gift. ItciluceJ holiday prices, llu- l-i rt Doyle, rt.<t door to Western Llr.Ion. C.ive yourself u Xmas giit. Have your WATCH.repaired by an ex- •>nrt. O'Bryam, Afflrid-c Jewelry Slnrc. Eeauliful. inexpensive arliliclal WREATHS for the graves ol lovrd cues nt Xmas. Heaton's Ifuinc of Flowers Only Three More Shopping; Days Until Christmas. lours -Described by law. in the City of Blylhevillc. Arkansas, on the 3d day ol January. Ifi34. the following real estate, to-wit: Lot 14 Block 8 Hichiaml I Plnco Second Addition lo Bly- tlieville. Arkansas. Said Sale will be had to satisfy snfd decree In the sum of S1C29.93. with 10 per cent Intereft from July 1st, 1933. THE purchaser at said «le will bc required to execute bond with approved security, to secure Ihe payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon I said property as additional security I 'or the payment of such purchase 1 money. ; WITNESS my hand and the ! cal of said Courl. on Ihis, the p day of Dec., 1933. R. L. GAIN'ES, Commissioner iu Chancery 12-13-20 OKLAHOMA CITY. Okl.l. HIP —Eastman Rich.irds. oil million air-2 Indian, pnitl $100 for a ham burger stand concession al Hi sl;ite fair so l-.c wcu'.d have n cer tnin and private, place to cat wins, lere First Strawberry County ncrcasc of strawberries harvested. HAMMOND. La. (UP)—Tangi-i according to a federal bureau of pahoa Parish. Louisiana, ranks as'census report. Washington Coun- the first county in the country in ly, Ark., is second in acreage. HAKGA1NS I\ \ KW A USL'l) FURNITURE R.J.DODSON '. 3 " E. Main - P|, n ,, c is., GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy MOONUGHT i"\ f Jj Nexl Dnor lo Nabcrs Grocery PLATE LUNCH - 30c Jloinc Midc PaMrks Frlfil Chicken - Steaks HKRT DUGAN, Che Open n»y and Ntjlil "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less \Vc have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, Hut the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We 1'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We hnvc no delivery. No porters or hij;h powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for'Less? It's no secret as to how and why. Come In jind He Convinced. We Accept the ChallanRe. OUR MOTTO BURKK HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Free Ice Water and Rest Room for Hen, Women and Children NOTICE TAX PAYERS IN DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 17 The low rale for 1933 taxes in llii.^ District makes iil possible for everyone lo pay llicir '.axes. llosl of the Ifimi owners have given splendid cooperation in the appeal recently made that these taxes bc paid, however, there are a few who have not yet paid and it is to them that this notice is given that after January 1st, 1934, the 25" penally :iml 10',' attorney fees and other costs will attach on all 1933 (axes unpaid at that time. CLIFTON H. SCOTT., Federal Roteiver, Drainage District No. 17.

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