The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1950
Page 14
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PAOK KUUKTWKN IAKK.J JUlvrt 23, McMalh Replies To Laney Charge Governor Sayi Opponent Fear* Six* of PB Crowd i,ri'n,K IIOVK, ,/m.e 23. «',•- y«u p/otmbly v/r/ijMn't think IhR crowd »t • political rnlly— y/liJch M£n't even }t*cn hrkl— v/oiiM \*> of iriHeli of * cn;n;jjilKn Usnc, lint aripurr.nlly ll'n nlwul lo de- vdJo;» lnk» one In Iho Aifc'insus KavotiKii'c rnce. Former Oov. Hen ltint.y. MCklnj; n Uitnl Icrui In tlii o/flco, hRi accused Ooverrior McMnt'i, v/It'/fi nut for /i sctoilrl trim. o; imttlne "pfEKSiuo" c;j Rlftle employes to we Hist limy »ltct)(I McMnlh'n forinnl opening ffilly fit- I'lnfi lilllff to;rj'jr- row nlghl . ycslcrilny, the nwiisntlim ilrfw n rul/ier heulfHl reply f;rwi McMfiUi. "My oppuiicnL ll^iicy; IB whin- Ing nlyoitl- my opening rnlly In J'lnc iJluff Dfttiinfny night," he Oovi-rn- or U>ld nn rrtlmMcil 'M i>tiM>nr. • I f!(., (;)tnrlr* (ArknNsns County,) Jl» Is snying I nm /uroing PilJc« I* r/>rne. "A lll«l" "Whit He's renlly flying (/> do It build up nil »11M In nOvniico t'jr tile MIC orowrl wn nrrr gtilnif to hnve. "Whfll he dufBii'l nr.tiin lo kii'jw I« Hint tlie-r« will >» n lot nl olt.l*rn« ilowri there *bo nrn lnl,ri- fflrt] In In6 jirotirrw <>f tl>* nlnl" nl Arknntns nmj them ttllf li<plenty Of Kootl Drinocinti win i>i" liitirsslod In prcr.prvlng Hie Dnii"- ornllo pnrty," McMnlh wont lo fft-. Ulinrlrs lo • Itend n flrti fry epousoreil l»y n MV/Ut-Miimiilc J/xtBo, (lo inncl" Ills (wlllloiil rclilnrks In n <:rov,(l In downtown HI. Charles before, go- liJB 10 liiD piojilfl Around. 1 :, wheie lie tlliln'l ilwrll on (lolHlcs. l,(moy touched tignln on rally liieslloii «t MuiHIccllo lull ntght-- mil gave It « now iwlst. Ho sBlrl lio wondtrcit over "some. tliliigR ribmll thin coming Rpeecli «t i'lti!) JllilfJ Bnliirilny nlgiil," <')ntsitwi» Iliilly I'llve '"ilie inilrond fnrc, /ui' nXfii;i|jlc. flom Con why lo I'inb llllltf IB $3.Fi3, M till Jnrinnr (<OVcrnor Biiltl "Yot I JiftVo R Cunw'fly /iow^j>fi|JDt' In Iront of m« which ftn.VR (hut fekikpte 1^) tha rnlly FUQ bnhlg'l fiw tn. ! wondur wlmt IR becoming n[ llid rjilin H ir>. | wonder If ll In going Ui Uio prcBcnl (iovornw'it emiiimlKii ftlllil." Kiko.Bt Monllci'lln n» he n tour of EOUlhcunl Ark- MJMI< Al Monlfocllo. Ml« Of one *( AriiBrifRc' follr illdlilcl "Krliuil- tliinl ooltcgnn, he proposed lliiil Ui" «<*te hnvn om hlg college clinllnr to 'f«XB« A. nllrt M. Mill OKlhllumn A. unit .M. Ilo »nld "n woiknlilo pl*h wouiil |IBV« Ui tm dtmloiiMl by & coirirntllen oX l]llnllfii?il cdll* oalOrii mul Ijuslnwri men." f»ilcy Obituaries S«rV/c»i Xr« Conducted For former Resident 8etvlce« lot Mis, Itcnc. Iltirtlcvw. »3. or Ui'iieh nrv-2. Aik., fuinioi resident ot lllyllmvlUo, wino co"' ilnclrci ftt I! BUI. Itnlny ni tin Knminll ?. Mll«li«ll ruiic'inl iitimr in Pnitiyoutil by the Itcv. i). <; M>plpgntp, Unrinl WON 111 l.lnvvml Cpjiiciery. Bile dipii Tiipr.diiy in UKlvcroily llt)a|illnl, LlUls Hock. Mrn, IJnrricos Is Mirvlvcd liy tsvn llilcn, Mr», Blljn tl. Aclkilis of tlcMh rjllA'r. ulul Mrs. llrln-y Mlililn of Uuuilcvllle. MltK.j Ivvn lirvllirjrn, tlcorgo Atwl« o[ Millt. Koi'k mill Floyil AI)Ph ill l/jlllwllle, Kv., nrlil her mulltcr, Mr*. Mary Lcvicr ol Jiffoh Orovi*, An (nwli^nlfd Kalrr tirn^r »l. tlw honip fif Wllllo n, UBIUIOII, 1011 IMltjnll fitrcnl. Nn» I ho fm,-v or », firo Rlnnu iilelit. No ilmiinjji! rwultwl. Mxilil- half Oin nnllnn lin.» hrrn mn|i|Kd iiy llir I" M, Orotimlr^l tini- vc>' ll\ (Vl= iwr-t TO yrnin. liul, ninny ninur flip tMW mil i>f ilnlo. SERVICE GLASS MOUSE TOR Gf'S —M«'l<- nt pl'i.'itic reinforced v/ith glaw fiber, thir, portable shelter for ifjililfiry [H.-r^nncJ tutti c^uJfi/ncnl v/n» unvellcrl lo the public al finllin" Field. V/.-j.shinKton, IJ C. Tho hul, pmi'Ir «f 1^ «srpwmt«. *ni£-n.h;ir^f;.'ibJcj eoctionr., cnn be built o; dJKrnnntled by three men in DO lei -tTi /riMjnton, Kf»:h S!f)-f"f>t fibtJlcr tvrj nccornrnud.'iU 1 12 ;n(--n hrirrackR-slyle, or 20 under field conduit."'*. Ildic, fx/ln Council of Cruji'-'r. Miss., A Bccrtlrtry in tlir: AtJjnUint General's OHIcc, U uslfjii (a fnnllcl lo I*/it tbrj hut's itlrcn^t^i. Labor Hearings Again Postponed 130TTUE BABE - Nora Nc« >^:<YII of (ho hVu M; at UarvAUl, 111. st r IIr;irinxR fi'f/rri two C'nrutJuLT inr-n on ch;ir(;pB of vio!Ftt]r>n Mi^^iurl Inbdr ntutuU\ tv;lr;n tfiiurtJ prfjvlonRly, received H i;oiitinu;rJH:p ytv.U-rdriy, 'Hi* hcfirUiKfi for tfio two Na »l CiiiR CuinpMry eiirploycrjR, D J-'otd mid JiirrKT, /Juvl^r, v/fjrc ro iird yiv.l,ridfiy unLH JIJJIF; 25). nnr c-lmrt'/xl v/Uli vtdlsiUii'/, ». Inw which jwy/t tlifit- u irifni c )jn )ri cvcntfrd fro m I:M^IIK!I Inwlnl fininrjynionL by litres of a cnn- tlrlrd ntin- Thry Iki? of KfW iiDinpiiiiy enipldyiMM. Tin: two inrn nn: iillfKed V/ li'ivt/ pifvenled n fellow uni;i[oyn: from niJikinK ilHlYdry o/ fin uppiifiiite 'luring the Milke. Avid Aphid Annoying III VIIII 8 I UK. Onllf, <AI', — "WANTtf/.): An Iron cmtulu. or njililtl." Mo such public ii|i|.;.iii hiw lici'M innclii by Mir University of I lull liere., bill lirllher Imvw It* F:X- perlji been Jiblo to linEt. (he Rpreiir] (if Itii' [irenl P'';ich uphill. Thin omnium flle/i IhruliKh cloinH of in.-.ccticidi! wltli'Hit liiinlux ii Imirj r.prt'fitlhiK u vlrilr, thlil. CHIWM cnnlaroilpp. nia'iiiMi. Thlr. I.I :i dhrnr.n v/hltiii <in Iwu tuci'iil. oceiinlons 1i»a llllJIt'd n third nf Din r.nrly nii'loil Type of Sweets Determine Decay the Apjill than The the — M'/— 'Hjc klud ; t?; you c ;i L en n y ;n :i k ': a i:R In the nrnounl nl l/^lh ou have, I3r^. Jf, V/, JIUK- inJ |,con A. OrtcnhcrK nf [i: Nulvcrxfly fAborutory ol fhyftloltjuy reptirl. awtct'. lriK Ktftin f/j f>c UIL- iJuriKcroua i';y v/rllc If) Dtutril Purvey. irriiiK'' Ir. probably wlluht 1^ W.U don't filay 1'iiv/, in the NAVY Omllnucd Irom 'f'ar.tinK Vfirtous lonrls .mtl bcv- i:;:iK'r,=i, th«y fount! thai peak r.on- EriiUftllMn of mi^siJ' l;i saliva v/erc rcfichc-tJ v/lth cJirrnc-l candy, orange julci: find H'^pc fruit Juice, Then tnino inlxetl nical, «oft drink*, chcv;- li>K K'Ji'i. if-f-' crearn and crackerR. Tlicy: wrrR I'ttlr, of tfic Initial concent rAblun of sii(('ir- HOT/ Ions? DIP hlfO) level of fllJKf'r ];i*U ^l. n -'J IP Iniporliuit. they fltiln. 'Ilicrt v/cre rinlck dropfl In wn^nr conccntra- ll'jn - 1(| mlriiittn fiftcr thr taking of Boft tlrhikn, Jnlceft, and chev/tuK KU/ti, Crack er/t. leu crcmn, mixed tribal, nritl ciiritii:! nhowcd much flfowfir iTropin, In that order, Uriish- !DK l<:i:th f fcvc minute after ent- IHK carint?] candy dropped »iif;rtr concrn trillion to a no^lt^lhlc n- mounl. Ccrntiill wn.n nxU:n?.lve|y iif>ed In nuclei)I Uinr*, but Uic knowlcdtfC' *'wn lust during the MltUlUt AK«ft. Mmlnrn POIHand cement, (lit! not nppnrtr nni II ^8^1. proved by ConKrc.iJ. there seems little qiKstlon that Iht lawmakers •"111 look favorably on the project. Alynif Fxjmtv/hat simitar lines, the Gentile Arme^l Services Committee /eaterdfiy ajljiroved a 4350,000,000 tons ol experimental types — and th conversion of an additional 200.00C tons of existing craft. sng cra. A SenEit* appropriations subcorn mlttec also acted tp step up th Continued from Paje 1 meantime h« had become Interested n the history ol art, so he took a /ear's post graduate work In that ield. But that didn't pan out, he told . Senate forelsn relations suo- ommiUee yesterday. The commit- ee \s investigatln? his role In the Lmerasla. stolen documents case, as ;e]l as pro-CommunLst charges made against him by Senator McCarthy (R-wts.). Following his college work, Serv- ce decided on a foreign service career. He pawed his final State Department examinations In Janu- iry !J33. but lack of assignment ienl him back to China. There he eventually landed a clerkship in one of the VS. consu- ar offices. In 1335 his anpointment as a foreign service officer came ihrough. Since then, much of his career nas teen spent in China and the Par East, where his wartime serv- ce has been denounced by one former U-S. Ambassador, Patrick J. Hurley, and praised by another Clarence F.. Gauss. For a time Service was attached to the «ta/f of the late Gen. Jo seph Slilwell, onetime U.S. commander tn the Chini-Burma-India theatre. His Job was gcttin? Information about the Chinese Communist-!. He was ordered back to this country In the spring of 19',5 and In June nf the same year was arrestec alon'^ with five other persons aUe ?ovcrnrn<mt raiders had seized nun dr«tr of secret government docu men'. 1 ; in the New York offices o the nox--delunct Amerasia maga zinc. The Indictment against him vx. dropped, and he returned to th foreign service. McCarthy's Com mnnlst - in - government charge against (he State Department las February brought Service back Int< public print again. Boy Leove* $4,000 CHARLEROI, Belgium — IK',— A Charleroi exchange agent has been searching for t. young boy for seven years to give him 14,000. In 1943 the agent was holding the prize money M. a aar'ime "Wlnle- AW" raffle A boy about 12 presented himself at the agents office with the winner number and demanded the money. Thinking him a bit young to walic out with 200.000 francs In his pocfcet. the agent told him to return with his father or mother The youngster returned two days later without his parents, but still determined to pick up the cash Suddenly he turned and ran out of the office and hasn't been seen or heard of since In spile of advertising and police searches In schools. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III, June 23. WV-<USDA>— Hogs 1500; barrows and gilts active, .15 to .25 higher than average Thursday; .sows uneven, mostly .50 to .75 or more lo'jcr; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 20.25-20.60; top 20.65 for few loads; 250-260 Ibs 19.7520.10; few 20.25; 270-300 lt>5 19.0010.75; 140 Ibs 170 13.25-20.25; 100-130 Ibs 14.50-14.75; sows 400 Ibs down J5.50-16.75; few 17.00-17.25; good 410-500 Ibs 14.50-15.25; heavier weights 13.00-14.00; stags 105012.50. Cattle 600; calves 700 generally about steady; odd lots medium and good steers and heifer yearlings Davis Services Held Funeral services for George Davli, who died at his home Wednesday, were held at 1:30 this afternoon at the Home Funeral Rev. E. G. Gate. Burial was In Sandy Ridge Cemetery, Survivors Include his wife, Ellz». bcth Davis of Blythevllle. 26.00-23.00; common and maijum beef cows 17.50-20.00; odd (Plead good 21.00 or better; canners and cutters 14.50-17.50; medium md good hulls 21.50-23.00; cutter and common bulls 19.00-21.00; vealcrs steady to 100 lower; good and choice 27.00-31.00; common »nd medium 20.00-26.00. $75 f/'ne Assessed Willie Austin '«a.i lined J15 and costs In Municipal Court this morning on a charge oj driving while undtr the influence of lirjuor. a mnMull hob natipmuL If you haven't lasted "Cream" lately, you've Dii&scrl a iJouhle-rirh experience! It's now ftmnolher, mellower, yet hciirtic.r lluin ever! Try the greatest Cream of Kentucky of all limel KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND. 86 proof. 70% train neutral bpirtts. SchciiJcy Uist. lur.» tVmLftir' Hot Weather Tlicvu- luil siinuiior (loy.H <ln mil fm Ints of in', . . .gi'iiuiiiu Ire lluir.s pun', rryslnl rlcar . . . .Itio ice llmt :ulils so much lo ynnr (Tailv liviiiK. let- lliiil (ii'ciis vt-Kolnlili-.s ^iiMU-ii; i-oiil.s yiuir mid ilriiiUs vvilli lluil fiosly, (iiili- liiiK Imili iiiul >:ivcs lluil conl. crisp timcli li> .vuiir .•.iinuiH'r soiilnoils mitt .siiliulM. (•nurd DKiiiii^t Iho luil •Isi.v.s .'ilu'nil l>v kt'i'|ii»K Inls uf IUIK) fvo/iMi i;ra- ulnn In' on lunul.. .mill i', il i-nsls MI III- Aik-Mo Ice Co. BROWN AND WHITf WING TIPS Regular 12.50 Two-tone Tan & Brown Stylo Regular 12.50 Smnrt Brown Woven Leathers f^ Regular 12.50 — — VJ Brown & W/iifc Moccosin Stylo * * Regular 14.95 — | | Meads Offer Big Reductions In Closing Out an Entire Line of Nationally Advertised Summer Shoes Slylfsfi Mesh \V/"n<7 Tip Model Regular 74.50 — 11 75 75 * 111 MAIM 1T*III ^^WWJ ^rHHW^nWWB^P A few pair* of year-round styles in solid colon, Broken Sizes, Closing out at HALE PRICE

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