The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 8
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•\c,K KK5ITT I'.M'TJIF.VII.I.!'. IAIIK.1 COIMJKIl ,XK\VS FRIDAY. MA >>;:!! Steeic :1;ly where lie hys tx'<?n 'r.>- ; tram mi ojicrntlon .for .| ~Nir. and Mr:. .1. II. Workman and •"' " ' " .......... ......... ...... .v..'ilili;jn <'<iw Molds Krrvrd fiom KlUnt Mon- Eldnn. Mo.. I 5ct1 ' Society— Personal I <••}>' J ' i'.nore '.nry uvi John Bli>:er. "• j Mi. u ml Mi-; Ix-!cr Cecil tiro Mr. Sam Hamra Is (raiisactini' ll~? |iron<l pan-ills ol :m S'-i jxiiind . business in S:. Louis this week. I "•«. l:or:i I-'ilii.iv uMil ni tlioir i Misses Ruth and Allco MTD.mli>! • hr.mi- ncnr Slncle. Mrs. Cecil \vili liave returned frcii! Chillirolhe.. !.<> murmbi-rrd as Miss Ell/aboil) v:::'.!ii'; tlu'i: :,on, I/- I liids from any Hank. rJair>.er on — Trust Company that may desire I",I TRAVKHPK CITY. Mi?h.. HIP)—' bcronie U;r> iiep=s!lory cf public T::.v-i<r- (V.lantlin Walker, l.l-ycar- finuls fur tin- O-f-'Oh l)I;:'.ricl o: rj!<J i-i'-i u-Mifil by i!::> Trau'!>:<• t;ily sny county, .iiul on lilt- Mi): i!;n h'.^.ul. I:, CIP only HV.IIK bavini; O f April, !U:il. al tlic County Cui:ri lg l;'.r-l nt Jin.llS r-oiimls of milk ii; C jn i n ( | K , city of Blyslu'vUle, sal:l in nine' liictatirins, Mcoi-illr.u t:> I!, court will wive bids from any .. :*,.rj:i o! .Muril'on, Wis., .sup- s , lch n[Ul!! Hanker or TriLit C.iin- ••ilntc-iulc it'. <A su'\:inriMl rosary i» pnny that may dc.siic to tecomc tlr-. i in. li;:: t.-si'. iY:<slfin AL.soobinii.iiqxisKo.j. , A ]m ] t \[ f duxls f;, r t'.-.i ' o! America. ' Oilcknsauba District of snld Conn- : allonrt- Mr., \vliere ilicy linve been in? college. ] Mrs. Hay Weaver ami Mrs. Paul; Frame were sue?s of Me.sdair ^ ' Frank and A. L. Jordan ol Ccoics 1 , ; Tuesday. : Mr. end Mrs. J. R. -Morpan. ne-1 romp?.!i!ed their erancl-danelueri Pi^'linc lo Meinnliis Sunday \viuri 1 i c!'. 1 unt-'envem U'eatnu-nt from u ::pt;'hi!i«t there. PauUne h sllglU- ly itnprovcd. Mesdamfs L. L. Ward and O Sliciiyo of Blylhevllle were visitors l:en' Wednesday. Mr. and Mis. Cooper Matli!?s, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. V. Wo Its. Mrs. P Jrhyjcck. rlay'ci 0:1 .cam. Wulu-r IVHs cf h!s i::(;tlHT former Mar baskellnll 11: • S'.ccU- High School ; Ally .'iuch Hank, Hanker or Trus 1 . : Company deslrlnn to become the | F ill at ll'.c home Puitngcvllle. tills IN TIIK JUHTICE OK THE PBACH COUUT KOIl THE C111CKV KAWliA TOWNBI1II' OF MIS- depo'sHor'y of [inbiic funds 6li-ill flic' COUNTY, AHKANHA'i. : w m, t ) le (;i er |( O f S ; t (,l Court. 01) or, ALEXANDER, :| x .{ r;VC sn | c | c i L1 y r : , t c:1 l c ,l l,ld Hal-! •Iny llic rate of Inti.-rtst ofTtrrd to i ' lc. paid uy !.akl bidder fcr llu 1 next two years rnsuliHJ iipan Csunly. funds Ibid may he deps:.l!i':l in pursuance to ^aU! bids, mid eaeii bid IK ateomiMnlcd by a «r- t)SC'Alt A JUSTICE OF THE PEACL. Jlniniii- Ilnyd. 'Plaintiff. \Villi--i" Miiiili WAH\lN(i flu: ciis. |i--rcii!.'-.i'i! i OltDI-K : Wi!lln:n Matlli- r^.s. is -.uinied to appear In llif '••i>- Ali'vjn.i.-r within ihirly c:ift> I the Treasurer of Mississippi County, days and iinswci- thc ruiiiiilaliit cf, Given under my tinnd as Clerk llic iilalnllll. Jlminle Doyd. of .said Coml llil.s the 13t.h day o! Witni-.-s my liaml us such JuvUc? March, 1031. 13-20-21 ol (be 1'care, on tills 12U| d'lv cf i MRS. JOHN LONG, Maid). 1931 20-21-3-10 I. County Clerk. OKCAIt ALEXANDER. .luslire uf Hie Pcaca. TRKA!:[in.V DRI'ARTMKNT. Ol- • A bnnqiK'i for thc titeele Ilixh -::lnn] ];M.< ba.'.i-.otliall (• nm v.-tll l;o u'lvrn I-.I-IT 'rin; evening by :i -!::iup nt f:ur, of : J K ••!<•. 'flic fitrelc ' l,cy: a:x- counlj cliimpiiin-i this. ;.f:iv !i;r tif'ir fomth consec ^.!iir mid :;-.^ v:e* I; p;.iUcl]iate the Bo'itluast Missouri tli.strlct Uui n.\Tui LI! a 1 . Cape Oivardean. A Cifd pally was jnjnycd at the t l:n:ni' "I Mr. and Mrs- David Hpen- E. Ponder. Cliavley Jonhins, Ij. J.| V tr, Saturday nlclil. Those allend- \Vi!?r:i nnd Roy Harper wore- - ny , w ,, 1( . M^.ses liubs'S Hpend-v and among those from Stcelo who at- ciarii Mai' Hiorni. Messis. Oiifs lendca the lusk^tball tournament Coi.per, Tninuiy Tianks. Klwoud at Cap.- Girardemi Friday. I nrnwn and Wiirdvuw D-ivls. Miss Aline Fields, fonverly of I M|. ;S oiiu- Klnu spi'iit Monday Iliis place and nov, of lllvllievlllri n i 1 .i 1 , v ,[;|, i, ( , r nimt Mr,. .1. A. MK-nt a short v.hilehere Men-: W ccxlard. ' ™ ( "' J ^ ir ^ V'"Ja31 "Tin'xi'-"^ '• if: hfi-r-bv Milk-IU'd. lo be ojicued In Ilic Ollire of the Sii|)LTVls:ii-4 Arciiltetl, Treasury Dcpar'tmcnl. | Wns!iliii;ton. D. C., at 0 o'clock, n. j m.. nn April 13, 1931, for the side ; »r donation to the United States i of preferably a corner lot, containing appioximalcly 27.CXK1 scpiare: fret, svilli a dimension of approximately ICO lineal feet, on the more !iii|K)it:!iit of Hie (wo street fronl- nj;es. centrally and conveniently I ' located and suitable for a Federal bnildliiij site a', Ulylhevlllf. Arkansas. Upan ajuilicntion. the* VJ ' ^'' Postmaster \vill suppfj 1 prospective | | r .. s " ' blitdcis with a circular ulvlnf; ,-.... ,' u !.' | particulars us to requirements nnd 140, chapter of Matthews for tlic- |,,, lrlll . tlons for Ilrc|) ' nrallon of W(is 1 ™^. h ^.± ar .fM. 0 -i«n't "«ta to 'accompany same. :. HEATH, Assistant Seu- for d I here dav afiernosn wilii fii"nds. Misses Irlr. r.nd Myril Mlcliii> of Cooler were shopping al local stores Wednesday. Mrs. J. Jones and niece. Mips ^^ ci?iald r.nwks Is siieinlliis .] K , lu .;.; : lv -ii, Mr ami Mis. T. I.. C. P. Howard nnd • inoliued to Car- Mr, and Mrs mall Kri'.iidioii Hull! Tucker of Cooler spent Sat- j ,niier.,vt:ii'. Kiindiy aftcrncon. : urday night svltli Mrs. Jones' .S.TII. j;,. ~.- i, uoblnson nnd sou. Ben-i Abn?r Ashcrait and Mrs. Ashrrafl.l Hil , ^, :M H,itn r( |ny nlijlil witii Mr. Mis. Paul Frame and Miss Del- j ;iml MrSi i,. c. .Spuntcr. cie Stewart I'ave as their suret. 1 Mcsdaine.s T. i. Hroaks. Raymond i this week. ?,fr. E. B. Lymau ui ^.^111.^1^:. transacted business In Slcelc. Wed-; ""* and d. I!ro<,lcs were i nil- i ihelr nephew. Elmo Simpson of' Paiasould. i niy:licvillc shoiwre. Thursday Dr. and Mrs. J. R MfDanlel are; evnoon vifitinx relatives at Pontotec. Miss.! ,,- ho ', vrm! , ns missionary , 0 clely IJ , T.I ii in n , o! the MiMhodlsl cimrcii met Man-! of Hlyniovlllci drly R u,. moon vvmi MrS . a. C.: llowen willi sixteen inembi'is !l? r .;lliy. Harold S. Jones, county supcrln- i Undent of schools, transacted bus- : enl. Mrs. O. A. Dumvnnt rea dev ;]tlse • •nil- ' luess here. Wedn?sday. Uavid Stwnccr of the Enti force and Carl Hailey of C ersville spenl Monday in Memphis. • M(Silam?s Hurley and Spencer' si>c:)l Monday with Mr. and Mrs. | Charley King of Dciilan. I . Mr?. J. W. Snyder anil daiishter. j "*; DriH'ie. of niylhe-villc spent a few' al . , . iirnurnin >»'» * » P " 10C-K2 p- cut Mrs l r ,,111 he wil'h It »» J NOTICE Notlci; ls ^'^ B lv f» 'l'"t .County Court, of Mississippi Conn- ty, Arkansas, will on the Gth day o! ^Iss CJiira Mae C.onn o Cooler ; Aprl , mi M thc CaaM Cmn hciu.s with friends here Tucfilny. spent 'lie weekend will! Miss Kirtiy • „„,„ , n thc CHy Q , Osccol . i me[w is improving al last rc- nnd Vlrplnl-.i HOME THEATRE ool . lr ; April. 1931, - . """J 1 ; room in thc Mr. nnd Mrs. W. T. Ualley mot- j Sr.?ncei-. ! cud to Dlyttievllle Sunday lo vis- j Miss l.ola Mao Hlaylock of the; U Mr. nnd Mrs. Oscar Bailey. ! Haye.n spent lust weekend with, Rav Workman of Porlageville j Miss Jewell Pclly. I spent lost week end as the finest, of! vi 1 . and Mrs. Clcn Oarrett visit- •, t!i)K-r Workman. j cd relative.! at Cooler. Sunday nil- I Frank Harper and Mrs. Huth; .-moon. • j I .nvhorn attended the show in Elythevlllc Sunday evening. Hi-vos S:ijith underwent an o)ier- ation for apiiciidicltis at the Meth- cciisl hospital In Memphis Tr?s- day. He pcits. MifMS fiinn Ciider motored to CarulVnrsvllli.i Sunday where they were quests of | M:ss Ciider'= mother j Mr. and Mis. A. li. Rhodes and ! children were called lo Lawrens- j burgh. Term., on account of the ill- i ness of Mrs. Rhodes' mother. Mr. I Rhodes and children have returned but Mrs. Rhodes remained with licr mother until she improves. Mr- and Mrs. 11. A. Spcncc have I relumed from Hnrrlsburg, I.each- j ville and Jonesboro. Ark., whcr? | tliey have been visiting relatives. , Miss Clara Mae Sloan ol Crater , spent, last week end with Miss Ruby Spencer. Mrs. J. H. Burdine silent last week end as the guest of Mrs. J J. . Fields of Blyifc.ivillc. i Hans Beedtni;. son of Mr. and. Mrs. Guss B;cding. v>as returned ; froin the Blythtvilic hospital Turs- j SALE Stoncvillc No. 1 plnntiug seed incli ittul .sixteenth Ktavlu, saved lisforc any rains, bit? Ijoll, cnsy pick- iiiK, turns out welt at gin. 1'i-ice ?50.00 per ton. Less llian ton §3.00 pet' luuulrcd or will exchange ono for two for ;;ooil prime seed. XH. Smart, Sr. 112:i West Alain 1'hone ual GROCERY and 'The Beauty Review' With I'icltiro 'Desert Vengance' Stnn-inff Biic.k Jones Admission—10 ami 35c. With oacli pftid admission- One FI-OR Volo for "Aliss! Hlvlhovillc". Sundav nnd Monday Phmie 177 Wo Deliver SATURDAY AND ' 122 W. M;iin MONDAY BANANAS Pou nil Largo IK'iuls Kiic'h Sc CELERY Knch 1USTARD GREENS I'ound' TOMATOES rniH-v Ripe I'onnil 20c STRING HKANS Blythcville Hrancl. One Can KIUOK with n for SOAP Silver Leaf White Naptha 10 H.irs For f M ft RITZ THEATER Friday and Saturday S:c 'The Conquering Horde' with Richard Alien and Fay Wray Adm.——10 ei 30c. 'ii-vg5j > S'. Sf?*Ty^v ?E '-'W x \v -«^-.~----'aj«Bp Sunday and Monday ^mj$$P** See ^-^^ . . x v. William Powell \[ ^ rf ^ His Latest and Best T'icluve i,A Strictly Krcsh Country I)o/.en 20c PEAS Wist'nnsin Petit i'ois K;ich 17c 3 Tall or li Sinitll Cans 23c TOILET PAPER Cream Sack Soft Spun •1 for 44c Campbell's I! for FLOUR Infallible 1'lain 21-Lb. Sack 90c FLOUR Hai-vesl Se 2.1-I.h. Sack 60c No. 1 Red Pock 35 c r£ SAUERKRAUT No. 2Vi Cans OCS/» ;{ for £*+J\* SALMON Chum Pink Kach lOc Admission—Jlatincc— 10-25 & 40c. ' Night—15 and 40c. Adm.—Jlatiiuo & Xight- 10 and 25c. Kitchen Queen or Capico Plain 12 Pounds VEAL CHOPS r.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO, Phosie 85 Pound 12k Half. I.b. 2Ir; Whole Pound ''"re Il-y. Wrinpr Your ISuckel j'niind VEAL STEW Pound Pound FULL DRFSSED HENS E»»-*S PI66LY Bargains for Saturday and Monday BEADS 40« VALUE Three lOc ccJtee of PALMOLIVE SOAP and one full-size package PALMOIiIVE BEADS Firit time ever offeredl Stock up Now! *-*' Strawberries, Fresh, Fancy Florida, Pt. 25c Potatoes Fancy ™ Ib. 2c Red Fresh Fancy Bright color Ib. Bananas Gol t[ ipe Ib. 5c Lemons Largu ± 19c 5EU Grapefruit Celery 'tl 2 for 25e Lettuce Lare Head 7c flnnlac sta v man '' ; Winsa P H|J|Jie5 Extra! Fancy,! 4 Ibs. Oranges y New Florida Valencias, New Texas Green Lb. ^t 2!c bunch 6c Snowdrift 6-Lh. Pail 87c Size Red 9L 4 Ibs. lOc Jelio All Flavors 3 Packages 20s vwni •vii' v« Clover bloon Pound Spring brook i B^^^BBH^H^^^flBBB^^HHBBHH^lBBH^Hwlf^^^^MB^i^ H ^^ BBH ^ HIIMIHIH ^^^^ >H ^ B ^ HHI *^^ H ^ E ^^> : '*i^ Pork & Beans Ca3 ns 20c| Coffee Sunset Geld Corn *S£g2 cans 25c Tomatoes *££+ 25c Pet or Carnation 3 Large or 6 Small Blue Bunny Plain or Self Rising24-!h. sack Oi Beans Miss Lou String- less, 3 Cans 25c Meal Dixie Cream 24-lb. Sack Lard Ib. I25c Lard Com|loraii Pound Mixed Sliced Ib. 17c I Bacon Genuine Armours Siar Sliced Ib. Pork Sausage Ib. 12!c | Shoulders Neck Bones ib. 6c Pork Whole Pound 12c Roast Ib. 12 Roast KC Brisket Ib. lie New Barrel Spare Ribs Ib. iOc Steaks BabsKB c eef Mince Meat a ib.29c Pig Fe t Pickled 3 for ians, Ever-Good,

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