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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York • Page 1
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York • Page 1

Elmira, New York
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IT Leads aoo rm uniay Telegram CIItClLATIOiV LAST SUNDAY 47,208 Net Paid FORECAST- (From (J. S. Weather Bureau) TODAY: Cloudy, windy, with rain or snow; high 34-38. Tonight: Colder, snow flurries! low 22-28. Monday: Diminishing winds, snow flurries; high 35-40. ELMIRA STAR-G AZETTE SUNDAY DITION? ESTABLISHED 1879. VOLUME 78. NO. 43. ELMIRA, N. SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 195i Associated Press (AP). Gannett News Service (GNS) VP Telephotos. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations TEN CENTS war JlUhllL 3 Communist Main leaked by INlew Toorodbes, tate Feared Holt Padl Climbs to 2 32 By MacArthur Jackson, Miss, Gen. Douglas MacArthur declared Saturday that the national administration "is preparing us for a war in Europe" after plunging the country, unprepared, into the Korean conflict. lie lashed the present leadership and said it was "leading us toward Thousands Homeless in Six-State Area Little Rock, Ark. (AP) A-new flurry of tornadoes, small but destructive and deadly, struck th a Communist state with as dreadful certainty as though the leaders of the Kremlin, themselves were charting L. i-'Al, -nc 77. our course." The 7 1 -year-old former Far Fast ern commander loosed his most criti South late Saturday as a widespread area from deep in Dixie northward to Missouri counted 232 persons killed by storms and rampant flood waters. Alabama, from mid-state northwestward almost to the Ten nessee border shouldered the onslaught of the latest storms three within a few hours. The toll: three dead, SO left homeless. In the six-state storm area, stricken first late Friday after noon, several thousand persons were homeless and more than a thousand were injured, many seriously. cal blast thus far at the Truman administration as he addressed a joint session of the Mississippi Legislature from the steps of the State Capitol building. He called on the people to "re-chart the nation's course" under constitutional processes, apparently referring to the nest presidential election. 'MacArthur, nhft Is regarded as supporting the presidential bid of Hubert A. Taft tR-Ohio) did not refer to President Truman by name, but pictured his administration and policies as a path to the ruin of the country The General arrived from New York at 2:12 p. m. (EST) aboard hardest hit by rha hardest hit by Arkansas, vicious storms reported 149 killed and between 2.000 and 3,000 home less. The latest town to be added to the Steamroller9 growing and ghastly list of stricken communities was Hartselle, in North a chartered plane. The arrival was west Alabama. The three dead thera were reported by the Alabama High Judsonia, Ark. Iff) The tornado-stricken town of Judsonia was described Saturday as looking "like a giant steamroller had crushed .1.1 i Abstract of Gen. Mac-Arthur" speech, and picture, on Page 4-A. way Patrol, in two otner ravagea 12 dwellings were toppled by J.v'f 1 1 mi hl winds. Harttetle com- The description was given by If anTvm between 30 and 40 Domes munity Farrell Conner, secretary of the were churned into debris. (AO hours behind schedule because the nilot had to fir off course to The roster of the dead, by states, miss the lornadit weather centered! was: Batesville, Chamber of Commerce, who drove to tht White County area "You'd think everybody would be talking that there would be a lot of noise," Conner said. "Instead, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop." Arkansas, 149; Tennessee, 49; Missouri, 13; Mississippi, 11; Kentucky, Alabama, 3. The dread task of counting and I i--li --1S i m-mm aAl i. I burying the dead, and searching AERIAL VIEW of part of terrific damage suffered by Judsonia, in heart of tornadp-ravaged area. (UP Tclephoto) through the twisted wreckage of homes and other buildings, continued throughout yesterday. In one area alone, centered, at Dversburg, the property dam i age was estimated by City Judge Lyman Ungram as edging toward $1 million. This huge loss included over mid-Isoulli Mates. After a rough flight that mad a number ot the General's parly air-suk, MacArthur was paraded through tire city and taken directly to the Capitol for his address. -A scheduled luncheon at the Governor Mansion was postponed until after the speech, lire crowd of thousands spread thickly over the CBpitol grounds applauded 21 times as the General charged the administration with implementing "the blueprints of Marx and l.cnin with unerring ac- curacy and gives the stark naming that, unless the American people stem the present threatening, tide, human liberty will Inevitably perish from our land." The speech struck a responsive chord front this anti-Truman States Rights stronghold, MacArthur termed the nation's leadership "fundamentally lacking in ranuritv unit vim il in chart a course 14 3 quarter of a million dollars worth il tin -r' 1MIL iiilaii of property leveled by the high winds and fire at the Municipal There, the hangar was demolished, ar -r uas 1 together with the 2" small plane it housed. National Guardsmen aided the weary and bewildered popu lace. jr V' 'V a aalsli nail nT" r. (... Kentucky's death toll was recorded i 4 at Scottsville, where seven members of one family drowned when flood waters of Garrett's Creek washed which will bring true and lasting a. tT m. ii VI W-- L.TriZSS peace. "Just as it plunged us unprepared away their home. Homes in the six afflicted states were ripped apart by the swirling black angry winds. Tangled skeins of power lines wen strewn pell mell, Spring crops were inundated, livestock perished. The storms burst out of black 1 'a into the Korean war. It now is preparing us for a war in Europe. At It tears down our structure nf constitutional liberty, it rears the threat of converting us into military state," MacArthur said. 'I he General departed from the prepared text of his address at only one point. After quoting Daniel Webster that "if ihne columns (of constitutional skies Friday with a terrible fury. There were at least a dozen separ ate tornadoes in West Tennessea alone. They came skipping up from Mississippi. Arkansas out 440 National Uuaras- men on active duly in the stricken area, while churches, schools and ar Practically by a tornado late Friday CtMDtl VIKW nf business district of Judsonia, smashed mories anything with a root were converted into aid stations. Rll. MtCl RI FY, National Guardsman, stands guard over the debris that was the termers and Merchants Bank in Judsonia. Ark. tropins seek to salvage some of the records. (I 1 elf photo). everything hut the light standards in this area was demolished. (I P) lelcpholo). Eisenhower Winter's Worst Storm Hospitals were filled to overflowing as emergency crews of doctors and nurses worked deftly to patch the injured. The Red Cross sent SO disaster workers, Includ ing medical teams, into the 19 afflicted counties. In addition, the Red Cross shipped Dulles to Cut HST Ties, UN Puzzled Help Shape GOP Policies By New Red Backers Woo Cripples Plains Slates of the in 224 units of whole blood and 274 r.oodland. Kan. If) A March blizzard, the worst Washimrton Of) John Foster Dulles, ton Republican for Itii; Kt no Vnkr.ln nnA inura units of olama. South Vote lrucerlaii I winter, swept atiu w.uvhi.i Press staff writer Ray eign affairs expert and the man who put over the Japanese peace UlSrupilllg ICICpilUUC tlUU ICllgldpil lUUIIIIUIUVflUVHia HllU blocking off highway travel. VlC- i Tk. Wnrrn cnounaii tun fuW faoft In ill ftflf'Lv MnilillUIIIC nf Colli Stephens, a combat veteran, reported from Searcy, in White County where 92 died, that the scene re- treaty for President Jruman, is cutting nis ties wun tne irumani i I Munsan. Sundav I Puzzled but administration this weekend. I (nHliV Associated Press Backers of Gen. Dwight D. liberty) fall they will not be raised again; they will be the monuments of a more glorious edifice than Greece and Rome, the edifice of constitutional liberty," McAnhur added. "Had he been alive today he would have spoken again the same way." The Cicnetal said America possessed world' leadership at the end of Woild War 2 but dissipated it by betrayal of China to Communist control, by giving Soviet Russia a strategic hold in Europe and by reducing American military strength to impotence. He asserted that "despite the billions we have poured abroad, I doubt that we have gained a single Communist convert to the cause of human freedom or inspired new or deeper friendships." MacArthur declared billions of dollars are poured into Europe while the domestic scene is witness-ing 'the greatest of spending in history a fantastic enon which defies all reason." MacArthur said it is "increasingly clear" that "American fiscal policy is being brought into consonance with the Karl- Marx Communist theory" that a division of existing wealth will bring about a universal standard of This policy, whether by accident or design, he said, is leading to a Communist slate when it is coupled with "reckless indifference" to constitutional liberties and "rapid centralization of power in the hands of a few." With the presidential campaign heating up, mines reponeoiy r.a Wvnn.ina. brnueht snowfall tolalina from 10 to 15 inches and one of war. a completely free hand to attack the foreign policies, t.o ist prisoI1(r tv winds up to 65 miles an hour. Highways already blocked by the heavyj "Refugees," he said, "are stream- where he disagrees with them, and to ne ran me nP-)Chln-e hopts of hnding solution snow were sealed up by the towering drifts whipped up by the winds into White County from all dt Ing or Ken iran rarty proposals in rewne. lo the truce-blocking issue. lgae force. is an advocate of an ultimatum i I d.i.. strenuth needed to win the General; policy toward Russia ot warning rH I allf llf I1P1 lence proposal ot friuay coniaineo tne Kepuniican presiocnuai nonuna-: snowbound bus 12 miles east aa aa my i I I I 'Symington the Kremlin that if it starts any more Korea-tvne wars il will face Zto "oi a deck. 15 hoUrS Diligent searching earlier had! TO uppo ei, were rescued Salurday rcctions. An Army aetacnmeni is Directing traffic and won't let anyone pass except emergency vehicles. Traffic is packed for miles on U. S. Highway 67 south of Searcy." Stephens added that people walked the streets as in a daje. Some had lost every thing but their lives. It was the worst storm ever to hit Arkansas. The deadliest previous lTo Testify conflict with the United States, re- To Run tor failed to unearth any switch in the. Eisenhower, met rescue crew which first had to to An announcement on old communist aemanu ror ioruu Saturday to map trieve another crew and a snowplow Dulles' status, probably in the Aiil of an exchange of correspondence, vI I 1 tl rmlii S. Senate parriauon oi an prisuncn oi mci Korean war. strategy. which oecame bogged down tn is expected this week senator Konen ian oi umu nr fts. Washington Gen. Alfred M. A UN Command spokesman Sat St. Louis if! W. Stuart Symmg- in tne inline unties win re avail- Grtlenlncr came Washington Sat-lurday night called it "almost a ludi-lcurrently has tne insiue iracn aner All roads in Nebraska were storm was June 5, 1946, when 6 intensive southern ciimpaisnina ana ton of St. Louis, former aide ame m.ih-m.i. mdav te I Onaress he views crnus siiiialinn." Department reported. ilonn association with GOP leaders 'the Highway President Truman, announced Satur- "We have a fine treasure hunt 'I he nation's worst tornado disaster in Northwest mis for occasional consultation Dwight D. Fisenhower about probably will be in touch wilhlthe pending $7.9 billion appropriate Slate Department about once a'tion to carry on the Mutual Secur- I in the South. and highw ay travel Major presidential campaigning Kansas was halted. day he ill seek the Democratic nomination for U. S. Senator from Mis- rolled on in. Ncnrasna. Wisconsin) The Southwestern Bell Telephone going on," the spokesman said. "The Communists keep sa.ving there's a treasure in their proposal. We say we've looked and can't find it. They say look again it is there." Along the war front, Allied in occurred Mar. 18. 1925, when in a single day 689 people died in Missouri. Illinois and Indiana. Heart of the stricken area was at Judsonia, near Searcy. From there Jack Hogan, Associated Press photographer, reported that half i sonri Co. reported 638 long distance lines' gc( (he down in Kansas, and at least 28' 5UOoort is a matter that ha-, land Illinois, all wilh forthcoming primaries. I Taft made a formal request that ibis name be removed from the New Index to The Telegram company-sired 'Jersey primary election ballots. His fantrymen smashed a Communist attack in the west Sat eC 7C 6C 7C SD towns were without phone service. The Weather Bureau warned Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa to brace for the storm, five tn 10 inches of snow and die town was wiped out and that, overall, 75 per cent of was damaged. politicians guevsing. Until his recent resignation as head of the Reconstruction Finance Corp. (RFC), Symington was one of Mr. Truman's top trouble-shooters. While tdiloriolt Mirror ot tht Port Patting Show Radio Dsolhi ity Program. But, in answer to reporters' questions, the Chief of Staff of the European Command and close friend of FJsenhowcr, disclaimed any knowledge of a question looming even larger in American minds; Will Eisenhower give up the supreme command and return home to campaign? Gruenthcr said he didn't know and, when asked if he thought Fisenhower replied that "if he does he hasn't communicated it to me." wcek. His home and headquarters are in New York City, where he is a lawer. In his own party, Dulles has 'not yet declared for any candidate for the nomination. He has long been associated with New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, who is supporter of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Had Dewey been elected President four or eight years ago It was understood that Dulles would have become his Secretary of State. From an airplane in which he was wasningion neaaquaucis saiu iw wrote New Jersey officials from Wisconsin, where he is on a speaking tour. Taft has accused New Jersey's Gov. Alfred, E. Driscoll of political trickery in throwing the state's GOP organization behind Eisenhower. urday. An Eighth' Army spokesman said the Reds fled in disorder. Overcast skies limited aerial action to a few close-support strikes against Communist positions on the eastern front. Fifth Air Force pilots reported heavy winds were forecast for the President hasn't openlv esprcss-jmaking pictures, Hogan said he could dutec. Uh himself on anv candidate, his'see families grouped around small Bi.iip Mnnt rrnnriit ii lowest' I act son Counlv Pcndergat organiza- fired seeking to keep warm. Broken Theaters 7 Sports 1. 2. 9. 40 Social 1, 2, 3. 4, 5C Moris Code Vsrtt end Weril Tsltviiie il temperature for so late in the yearjtion has already come out for Atty.ltmbers of their homes furnished tht 17 degrees below zero. (Gen, J. E. IBuck) Taylor, ftieU near1 Driscoll denied it. The primary is iApr. 15. several Red supply buildings kosong were destroyed.

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