The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1950
Page 13
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TRTDAT, JUNT; (ARX.T COURIER KEW9 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople UN-AM' IHT «e see I SPUTT-TT/r PUFFWG IMEOtD CHUM, /V5KW * 5,000 A CARKliVAL PDG.'-~X'U- <3IM6 VOli * ISO -o BETTER GRAB IT 6EFORB X WAKe UP OFPeR YOU A LIKE SECOND HANP CAR." YOU'D NEVER NE6P A NEW MOTOR IF TH' V«JOULP EXP1AIN TH' CIGAR BOX OF TIN AN' BAUW WIRE LJWS7ERTH' SEAT. HE'S SOIN'ONA VACATION, AND THOUGH HIS SUB \-S AM EXPERT LATHE HANR HE HAS TO SHOW HIM TH' THINSS THAT KEEP IT RUKIN1N'/ OK) FINE WORK I PUT THAT PIECE OF TIM AROUND THE CENTER" AM' X^TEp. TH 1 CROSS FEEP GETS TO A CERTAIM PLACE ITS A LITTLE LOOSE AN' VOL) ausr SUP THIS IM TH' 6UJDE — MOW THIS PIECE" WHAT, OLD MAMT LiKeyo FACE/ GUARAMT66 BURKE A GOOD BERTH AND TOP BILLING AMD •gers rue PRICE:- ^| FRECKLES AND HW FRIKN1>S--BY MERRILL BLOSSBR : & Problem Television nn Friday « 0 p.m.—Headlines 0—News 5—niiclSoulh News 2:0tt—Movie Jlalinee 2:30—Fashion Parade 2:45—Household Hints 3:00—Her I Olswangcr 3:30—Howdy Doody 4:00—Caclus .Tim 4:30—Hello, Ladies 5:00—Kuhla, Tran A Ollie 5:30—Roberta Quinlan 5:4S—News Caravan 6:00—Parade of Stars 0:15—What's Now 6:30—We Ihe People 7:00—Versatile Varieties 7:30—Big Story 8:00—Cavalcade of Sports 8:30—FiRhts <it the Cenlury 8:45—Sports Short G:00— Midget Aiilo Kaccs 10:00—News FOR FREE ESTIMATES By Groce Mies Fletcher xxi i come because if I never sec It SHAFT of light blinded Gloria again, it'll suit me fine, I've fiot as the door from the next room have evidence to get my hus- TELEVISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE . BLYTHEVIUESAIKC05® •38E MAIN ST. .BIVTHEVIUE. ARK Anaplasmosla Is a deadly malnrla- lXe disease of cattle. 'o'iill Love Our Flowers I' BLXTUEVILLB FLOWER MART Memphis Hlwaj Phone 6002 15'OFF On Your £qlemon FLOOR FURNACE If Yo« Install It Before July 31st Do It Howl Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get thefamous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons Furniture was flung ofien. "It's I, Mrs. Benoni," Gloria said in a small voice, because now there was nothing to do but brazen it out and konk the Bcnonis first if she had to. "1— I'm afraid I'm a little late. But I couldn't help it" Gloria advanced through the door bravely, clutching her heavy suede bag and the pie box, which was by now somewhat crumpled* "Snoopin". hunh?" Mr. Benoni stepped forward menacing. "What's the big idea?" "I just wanted to b* sure this was the right place," Gloria murmured, glancing quickly around. It was the same back room where she had seen Mrs. Bcnon on that earlier meeting—a kind 0 sitting room with no, windows lighted by a single, bright electric bulb hanging from the ceiling There were several chairs, a couch in the corner, a table with an open vanity case on it and underneath were three suitcases already strapped as if the Bcnonis wen ready to go on a long trip. The; even had their hats on, ready fo instant night, Gloria decided, th moment Mr. Benoni konked her. "You got the pie in that box? Mr. Benoni demanded and startei toward her. His green hat wa tipped onto the back of his hea so that the light shone onto th scar, white on his swarthy fac and there was an ugly look In hi eyes Gloria didn't relish, The catch on her bag stuck bt: loria got the gat out and pointe t shakily at Mr. Benoni's middl r est button. "Stop!" she ordered. "Sto right there. I want to talk to yo first." Mr. Benoni stopped so fast h skidded a tittle and Mrs. Benon cried, "Why, Mrs. Brown' "Talk fast," Gloria warned. " want evidence and then you ca have the darn necklace and wel and out of jail. Did you sec Lofty 11 Jack Lhe Cork? Llow did he ct my husband's kniEc?" Oft my kilchen table," Mrs. enoni said, eying the pie box in loria's lefl hand. "I saw him. I •as in tlic vestibule- when ue Icked it up with one ot my lea owels." Ciioria's right forefinger uried suggestively around the rigger o[ Ihe gun, and Mrs. Be- oiii made no move toward the ie box. Instead, she added: "He Hied Cork and left the body on u r dumbwaiter because he—he lated our grits. When a guy gets nto the dope rocket—" "Shut up!" Mr. Bcnoni said udely. A IcnLher thing appeared sud- lenly in his hand and he started .oward Gloria. She pulled the .rigger of her gun convulsively. fJLJT nothing hap forgotten, lo rc appened. She had gotten lo remove the satety catch like Sammy told her to. She twiddled frantically, but now Mr Benoni was only a couple of steps away, with the blackjack dangling from his bear-like arm. "I knew wasn't loaded," he exulted. Desperately Gloria flung the pte with all her strength straight inli' :iis ugly face. "You—** He spnt out a won Gloria had not heard in polit Boston, society. He brushed away apples, sugar and pastry, whicl blinded him for a precious secont —almost long enough for Glori to dart through the door. Behind her, Mrs. Benoni gav a liltle cry as the necklace ciat tered to the floor, lixit Glorin di not linger for a glimpse of il green and gold magnificence. Sh was almost through the door whe Mr. Benoni grabbed her so cruell she cried out. He lifted the black jack—he wouldn't just konk he now, Gloria knew. He'd make sur she would never talk again. "Benny!" Mrs. Benoni screamed. "Don't!" Gloria closed her eyes, her senses whirling in a maelstrom oi terror, put up her arms instinctively to ward oft the blow—but curiously, it didn't fall When Gloria lifted her cowering head, he was staring over her head at the Joorway beyond, tcr- »r slowly congealing his pasty ice, while his arm dropped with ie blackjack dangling ncrve- !ssly. Gloria twisted about, gave a lad cry. Standing there like [arines come galloping, gallo] the rescue, was a small gray gure. lie would know. Gloria hrilled happily, how to get the afety off the gal he was pointing t Mr, Benoni. "Lofty!" Mrs. Bcnoni, agonized, ung hcrseU in front of her hus- and, begging, "Don't shoot, Lofty. We can explain everything!" "Mr. Hansen!" Gloria gasped. "Yeah. How yuh. Toots?" He iirew her a crooked gray grin, here' was a queer sound like a id's popgun going oR. Mrs. Be- ioni stopped begging the man to isten to her and slid'in a sprawl- ng, awkward little heap on the loor. A HORRIBLE truth dawned on Gloria. Reuben wasn't the errible Lofty. The man she knew as Hansen was. Hansen, the little anitor, the man who called her 'Toots," the man sne'd promised give a piece of pie. the man she thought had been protecting ler. "That's for Sal," the little gray man snarled u he giared down at what had been Mrs. Benoni an instant ago. The jewels had fallen : from her hand and winked back' at him like evil Little green eyes. He leaned over, picked up the necklace and the sneer on his face seemed to Gloria, who was rooted there in horror, to grow and grow until it filled the whole space about him with nauseous venom. "So you thought you'd turn th« beads over to the federal dicks, did you, Benny Boy?" he «sked, sliding th« necklac* Into Yiis pocket. "No!" screamed Mr. Benoni. (To B« Continued) WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 Satisfaction Guaranteed Blytheville Glass & Paint Co Phone 6716 Rent A Car . .. 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