Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1897
Page 18
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NEWEST IN Man's Wife Forced at the Muzzle of a Revolver to Betray Him. JUSTICE HAS TO ACT IN HASTE In Orfler to Prtrent Another Dlssrane to the Suite— Some Klce Corning Mother* and Sovereign* — Dares to Defy the White- cmpg — Charged with Conspiracy to Kob— Complaint Against State Aided College:* —Glaus Trouble at Anderson Settled. Bloomington, Ind., Oct. 14. — Two hors. s were stolen from Perry Hill, a citizen of Salt Creek township, Sept. 10. Jeff Adams and a companion by the name of Worley disappeared at thesame lime and general suspicion rested on them. It was found that Adams' wife had received a letter, and a band of masked men went to his house the night after and compelled 'her at the point of a revolver to give up the ii.-tter, which proved to be from her husband It gave the information that he was in K ntu.?ky, where, with Worley, he had tjone with the horses. A requisition was iU once secured from the governor and Adams was' arrested, but Warley could not be found. Adams was brought here, arriving at 7 o'clock in the evening. Justice Han to Hustle In Indiana. But in the meantime his arrest had become known and it was reported that the same men who had secured the letter from his wife were in town, determined to take him from the jail by force and administer punishment. To avoid trouble. Judge Martin, upon Adams' arrival, had him taken to the court house, where he was put on tria: and pleaded .guilty. A sentence was given of from two to fourteen years. At midnight he was started to the Jeffer- sonvllle reformatory, and was out of reach before the men who had determined 05 vengeance were aware of the situation. There has been much trouble in Salt Creek township over minor offenses. and it is thought that this immediate conviction will do much to put an end to such lawlessness. Some of Our Coming Soverelsr«i- Shelbyvllle, Ind., Oct. 14.— For several months a number of young mer have been giving the congregation of Jericho church, in Vna Buren township this county, a great deal of trouble by disturbing the meetings. One night last summer the preacher, Rev. John Reece, •was "egged" in the pulpit on a Sunday night, the eggs being thrown from the outside through the open windows. For this outrage a number of persons were fined, and it was thought the trouble •was at an end. Last Sunday night, however, the church was visited by a party of about fifteen persons, among them" being a number of young women. During the sermon of Rev. Mr. Reece their conduct was such that it was necessary to admonish them. This only aggravated the difficulty, the tumult finally being so great congregation church. Be Beady and Steady, Jack. English, Ind., Oct. 14.— John or "Jack." Xelson. as he is called, a contractor and builder, received a notice from whitecaps Monday night, warning him to leave the county or take the consequences. Nelson lives with his family Kome miles distant. He was once whipped by the regulators. He declares his intention to disregard the warning, and •will be prepared to give them a warm reception. Judging by his character, no one doubts his prediction. The people generally will stand by Nelson. OBJKCT TO STATE-AIDED COLZKGES. Presbyterians Attack the Three Partly Supported by »n Indiana Tax. Terre Haute. Ind.. Oct. 14.— The Indiana synod of the Presbyterian church has declared war on the three state supported schools for higher education, but at the time it was asserted that the or.ly purpose was to slop discrimination against the denominational colleges. President Burroughs, of \Vabash college, delivered an address, in which he said the state board of education as r.o\v constituted is an "iniquitous trust." The synod adopted a resolution commending his address and urginjr the legislature to pass a law removing from the state board the presidents of Indiana university, Purdue Agricultural college and the State Normal school. The three institutions receive the proceeds of a special tax, amounting to $200.000 a year, ar.d the church colleges hold that this gives them an undue advantage in the competition for nttend- nnce of students by enabling them to empioy more and higher priced professors. It is also charged that the board uses its influence with the public school system to the disadvantage of thechurch Institutions. _ ALltAXAS HAD A POT OF MONEY. that Reece and the were driven from the And CharicM Ht» Half-Brother with Robbing: Him of a Portion. Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 14.—About six months arc Charles Albanas caine to Fort AVayne from Germany to visit hi? half-brother. Henry Grodzick, and his wife. Albanas was a veritable "Monte Cristo." He spent money with a liberal hand. He liked Fort Wayne and its people. He purchased a $14.500 residence nnd moved into it with Mr. and Mrs. Grodzick. In a week Mr. and Mrs. Grodzick were turned out of the house nnd Albanas married a German girl, who came across the water. Tuesday afternoon Albanas had Grodzick arrested for conspiracy to rob him to the extent of J3.000 and later he *\vore to an affidavit charging Grodzick (vith conspiracy to blackmail. He claimed that his half-brother 3^iJ his •wife robbed him of JS.OOO and thai they have the money in 'their possession. TVhen arrested Grodzick and his wife each deposited JS.OOO in cash to secure their bond. For years Grodzick has b«en a respected citizen and owned a pretty cottage in Lakeside. Indian* Labor Federation. Marlon. Ind., Oct. 14.—The state Federation of Labor yesterday selected Terre Haute as the next place of meeting. Resolutions were adopted favorlnr the single tax, bimetallism, government control of railroad*, telegraph, telephone and express companies^ and denounced the recent shooting of itriken at LAttimer, The following officers were elected: President, E. A. Perkins, Indianapolis; secretary-treasurer, Robert Ralfe, Indianapolis. ISuriiU of Captain White. Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 14.—The funeral of Captain James B. White was the occasion of the gathering of thousands of people Tuesday. The old soldiers and various clubs, with the carriages, made a procession to LJndL-r.- wood, over a mile in length. The business houses, banks and factories voluntarily closed during the funeral services. Rev. Dr. Moffatt delivered a glowing tribute to the memory of the deceased. Farmer Exposes a Fraud. Elwood, Ind., Oct. 14—Many farmers near Elwood have received circulars through the mails advertising a new ar.d highly-recommended seed wheat for sale. They sent various sums for wheat, but did not receive any. Among the number was John Funke, a German, who $14.S3. Net receiving any wh«u, he caused an investigation to be made, and dine, the agent, was arrested. He is charged with using the mails to defraud. f;a> Killed HJ.s Flowers. Lebanon, Ind., Oct. 14.—William A. Billg-er. the Ilorist, has brought suit against the Indiana Natural and Illuminating Gas company for $4,500 damages, because a company workman left a leak in the gas pipe in making some changes, and the escaping gar? killed all his flowers and ruined the specially prepared earth in which the flowers were planted. Is Not Going to the Klondike. Elwood, Ind., Oct. 14.—A $500,000 fortune has been left to Sanford Pitman by the death of a distant relative in Wales, and he has gone to take possession. Pitman was a poor man. Pitman some time ago was caught by the Alaskan gold fever and had arranged to go to the Klondike region, but he r.ow turns up his nose when Klondike is mentioned. Blistrusted Banks and let It Be Known. Elwood, Ind., Oct. 14.—Joseph Baker did not believe in banks and when he sold a piece of real estate for $2,500 he placed the money in a tin box and locked It up in a private desk. Two days later, when he went to get some money, he found the desk torn open and the money gone. Baker, it is feared, may go insane over his loss. Settled the Glass Workers' Trouble. Anderson, Ind., Oct. 14.—The Indiana labor commission has brought about an _ agreement between the workers and the 'Union Window Glass company, result- Ing in the company signing the blowers' and gatherers' scale and resuming. The blowers and gatherers take a contract to furnish enough cutters and fiatten- ers. W. C. T. U. Wants u Vote. LaGrange, Ind,, Oct. 14.—The Indiana Woman's Christian Temperance Union is preparing to put petitions in circulation in every township in each of the r _j ne ty-six counties of the state praying the next session of the legislature to grant the women of Indiana the right of suffrage. _ Indiana, Docatur and Western. Indianapolis, Oct. 14.—The stockholders of the Indiana, Decatur and Western at their meeting yesterday re-elected the old board of directors. No annual reports were read. The election of officers of the road will occur later. JOHN BULL IS ALSO SURPRISED. Doesn't Scorn to Know Why Sherman Should I3e -Astonished. 1 ' London. Oct. 14.—The officials of the British foreign office reiterated that the Marquis of Salisbury agreed to join in a conference of sealing experts representing the United States. Canada and Great Britain, but they add that he did not agree to take part in a conference on the subject with Russia and Japan. The foreign officials will be unable to say what the British government is prepared to do until Secretary Sherma.n's latest dispatch on the conference ia received. The foreign office officials appeared to be astonished at what they termed the tone of surprise assumed by Secretary Sherman in his reply to the note of the Marquis of Salisbury expressing Great Britain's declination to b« represented in the conference with Russia and Japan, as briefly outlined in the dispatches from New York. ^_________ Street Cars and the Mails. Chicago, Oct. 14.—The street car companies have no authority to carry Uncle Sam's mail if Corporation Counsel Thornton is right. He sent an opinion on the question to the city council !a?t night, and from his standpoint the companies are operating under franchise which specific-ally prohibit transportation of anything but passengers. The Weather We May Expect. "Washington. Oct. 14.—Following are the weather indications for twenty-four hour? from S p. m. yesterday: For Indiana—F.iir weather; warm southerly winds: cooler by tcmon ow morning. For Illinois—Fair weather, followed by showers in northern portion this evening or tonight; southerly to westerly •n-incls: cooler toniftht. For Lower Michigan- Fair weather, followed in northern portion by showers; increasing southerlv -vrinds: warmer; cooler tomorrow. For Upper Michigan- Showers; brisk • to hi?h winds, shifting to northwesterly; cooler tonight. For Wisconsin —Increasing cloudiness, with showers this nfternoon or tonight: cooler tonight; brisk Boutherly winds, shifting to northwesterly. For Iowa—Fair wsathertlis momincr, threat- Peach §we«t, m«y look repine on ol« blotchy •kta- • wonuui. Moitf»cUl41*- Hgnrement» come * dUoriered liver nd bt p«rm«nentU removed by tie n« '1 DR. GREENE'S IAXURA CATHARTIC PILLS cathartic that does debilitate, and tie tie not aeDiiiuu.c, »"» —Ideal remedy for bilion«- ness. headache, constipation, torpid liver, dizziness, sallow skin andpeneral indisposition. Price, 25 eti. Made by the discoverer of Dr. Greene's I/ervura- wring weather and local showers this »t or tonight; cooler toniKht; southerly winds, ihilting to northwesterly. THE MARKETS Chicago Grain and Produce. Chicago, Oct. 13. Following were the quotations or. the Board of Trade today: Wheat—October opened S9c. closed nominal: December! opened 90Vic. closed 01*sc;. May. opened S9%c, closed S9»ic. Corn—October, opened and closed nominal; December, opened ar.d closed 19Hc; ilay. opened 21%c. closed 21%c, Pork-October, opened and closed nominal: .December, opened $7.75. closed 57.6.^; Jan- uarv, opened $3.50, closed SS.62%. Lard —October opened and closied nominal: December.opened $4.20, dosed J4.22V4. Produce: Butter — Extra, creamery. 21V-C per lb: extra dairy, 19c: fresh packing stock. He. ESS —Fresh stcck. 14,}ic per dozen. Live Poultry— Turkeys, 7@10c per It>; chickens (hens), 7%c; spring chickens, Sc; ducks. 7^@ Sc. Potatoes—Northwstern. 3S@4Sc per bu. Sweet Potatoes—Jersey, J2.75@3.00 per bbl. MUwmnkM Grain. MUwa-okee, Oct. 13. Wheat—Higher; No. 1 northern. 90c; No. S spring:, S8c; December, nominal. Corn—Lower; No. 3, 26c. OatsSteady: No. 2 white. FirmeV; No. I. I.ATB N£\* INVENTIONS. IB n new design tar eye-glares the bridge piece is made adjusfiUv to fit any shaped nose by means of a sliding arc, with set screws to hold in place. An adjustable book or card rack for ose In large halls where the seats used are chairs has a clamp to attach it to the back of the chair in front at any height. A newly patented fly-catcher i* made cf s. sheet of ordinary fly-paper lying on a flat board and inclosed in a -wira frame to prevent its sticking to peopl« or furniture. A new bicycle hub has an oil chamber in one side connected with the ball races by very fine tubes, through which the oil flows slowly to keep the bearings' lubricated. A new ice-pick keeps its point in on» place on the cake of ice while a weight mounted on the upper part of the handle is driven down on a shank near the point of the pick to force it i«iw tb» Ice. A handy pencil-holder Just out has a metal plate to pin on the vest, with a curved metal strip, lined with rubber, attached to its face to grip the pencils as they are pushed into position, A new system of irrigation for dry soil consists of a main pipe lying under toe surface of the soil, with perforated branch pipes through which the water flows to the ground around th» pipes. Lamp wicks can be easily placed in .burners by means of a new device, con* sisting of a flat bodkin with spring hooks in one end to hold the wick while it is being drawn through tha tube in the burner. To assist in attaching shields and number plates on hats without injuring the hat, a curved spring band is made to fit over the crown, with a shield or card-holding frame attached to its front portion. Spectacle-holders for attachment to the coat will hold bowed glasses as well as nose glasses, a special hook being provided to clasp the bows, in addition to the V-shaped holder en the metal disk to hold the bridge. new manner of fastening handle* on spades, hoes, etc.. consists of havinf a conical screw shank on the too?, wlt> notches «»t in the aides, Into whlcU scrsws are fastened after th« shanfc a as >;een screwed into the handle. To cut the thread while sewlnf • newly devised thimble has a metal projection on the side to cover a small steel blade set in the thimble, the thread being Jrawn into the shield and forced against the blade to cut it- JL parliamentary investigation into ihe operations of British usurers who Send moaey at exorbitant rates of inter- en Is now in progress in Great Britain. On« lady who kept a 'boarding house at Oiford "borrowed £30, paying interest on that amount during th« first montli. at the rate of 200 per cent! The see ond month she had cut the debt down to £25, but the usurer raised the interest to*220 per cent., a&£ it went on as follows, according to th« official report: Twenty pounds for the third month, 300 per cent,; on £15 for the month, 400 per cent.; on £10 for «fth month, 600 per cent.; on £5 for the; sixth month, 1,200 per cent. Tien 1.200 per cent was charged for other five months on a fictitious sum, as practically the whole of the £30 was paid 'back in six months. After this £67 was added as interest, making tie interest charged at this period up to 5,000 per cefct. In this case the lady tolly secured the lender by depositing fc«r pl«.te. It is now proposed to- make default penalties, fines and bonuses il T legal, a.nd to reduce pawnbrokers' in- Ureert to 25 D«r cent a year. RAM'S HORNS. The common saint is an imcammon stranger to himself. He is well balanced that will take advice against inclination. Christ taught to teach; not to win admiration or applause. Standard: "Do you think you eat another piece of cake. Tommy 7" "'1 think I could, auntie, if I stood up." Puck: "Can you ride your bicycl« yel?" "Oh, yee. It seems just as easy now as it. did before I began to learn." Standard: Timid Old Maid—"I hope, driver, you will not run away with me." Driver (reassuringly)—"No, mum, I'm married." Truth: The Professor—"I don't think tny lecture las: night was much of a Access." She—"But think what a splendid audience you began with." Atchison (Kan.) Globe: The world wi-11 never be regulated until we are as sleepy at 8 o'clock every night as ware when cabled early ia the morning. "He has broken my heart!" wailed <he beautiful girl. "There, don't take on so," said her friend, in tones of pity; "it might have beet rour bicycle."—Tid-Bits. Detroit Free Press: "Didn't I iell you that if you went swimming again I would punish you?" asked the stern father. "I didn't forget," replied Johnnie, "but 1 can't swim a stroke." In France it IB a punishable offena* for anyone to give infanta under one year any form of solid food unless such be ordered by written prescription signed by a legally qualified medical man. It is announced that the demand for horse meat in Paris is so great that norse dealers in France are unable to supply it. A corapany in Portland.Ore., has recently received from the French capital an order for 5,000 barrels of horse meat. At one time salmon was quite a common article of food in. Germany, so much so, in fact, tnat at Meissen, ia the Elbe valley, the farm servants on taking fresh situations would stipulate that they should not have salmon How to Re»tor* Lort Manhood i Perfect Development. This gT 6 *^ WOI % P. l81Jj! 5". WT ! tt ^.°?,\. 1 roedii Ws great dical aut hority, shows how manly vjs or It points out how to be cured of nervousness, despqadency,_ impotency, at home, without ,nter!cri.DX !_>,-• XT'TTTfT V TTT?'R"P MA.XHOOD AND HOW TO ATTAIN IT," •wilfbe mailed free, in plain, sealed wrapper. NCVuf IN/BAN • out a miaet*-- •blecxitlearcfor-wmnt. of knowin»;»h»t todo- forthettuefrt*, HUN*' DHCpS of men «r» mffennf from the menUl torture* of* Shattered Nerve* Felling Memory. Uoet Manhood. Elmer Uhl and family have returned from a six weeks' visit in the west. Deafness Cannot be Cured by local applications, because they canaot reach the deseased portion of the ear. There ia only one way to cure Deafness, and mat is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless toe inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nice cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces, We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circular, free. F. J.CHENEY &CCo.. Toledo, 0. Bold by druKffists. 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the beft. Impotenoy, Leet Vitality, Varioooele. brought on by tbDK, excesses and indiscretion*, or by tewre mental strain, close application to tmiineu or e«W' ° rk ' DR. PERRIN'S Revivine • th» only remedy that hns ever been diir overed that will positively cure ibc»%. ervous disorders. If taken as direc'.ed, Revivlpe bring* «bout. mmediate improvement audefl«t*curcs wner«- all other remedies fail. It has cured ihcuund*- for dinner more than three times a week. The empress of Germany finds pleasant recreation daily in the not uncommon practice of keeping a diary, in which she records her royal experiences, but jealously guards the volume under lock and key, not even allowing th§ emperor a glimpse of its contents. JUST FOR FUN. She—They say that pie wlthmrt cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze. He—I don't know. I always take both. "Why do they call that little Miss Flirtly a sleight of hand performer?" "Because she has refused a dozen suitors or more." "You are very dear, aren't you?" asked the lady shopper of the ribbon clerk. "That's what all the boys say," replied she, sweetly. "Have you any modern engines of war?" asked the visitor, "Yes," replied the Spanish general; "we quit running our printing presses by hand long ago." Mrs. Mann (meeting her former servant)—Ah, Mary, I. suppose you are getting better wages at your new- place? Mary—No, ma'am. I'm work- Ing for nothing now. I'm married. SMUlltm In Ireland. Advices from Dublin are to the effect that the Socialist Republican party »f Ireland IB growing wonderfully. Thin Is substantiated by the fact that during a recent demonstration in Dublin, which was organized and carried out by Socialist*, and created a great uproar, with cheer* for the social rcro- lution, upward of 200 heads were cracked by the police. Whenever anything Becomes popular in Ireland, heiwl cracking Is resorted to by the "motherly queen'i" constabulary, which only serves to make the thing more popular. Of course, the home rule capitalists and pijiiticians, who have been fooling away a life time with compromises, are singing their step-at-a-time aongs, but their conservatism is disgusting to ti« working classes of tho nation.—Commoner, Portland, Oregon. Aggressiveness without control. the animal turned' loose. is brashes become filled with dust and grime their usefulness is soon spoiled. Great care should be taken, to cleanse them frequently in ammonia water, never wetting the wood which holds the Iwlstles. They should then be dried In a cool place; never in th» «un_ Tie pastry fcnih, which Is mad* without Btetal w".w* to corrode, Is fa- •fllar, bat tier* are good brushes with biirtlM an Around and a long handla which are excellent for cleaning oat Jar*, deep pitchers and each exasperat- t&C articlae which moat b« kept clean tB. SBjte Of theft i*lfiC*ieiWe farm. Dr. J. G. Kogers has returned from a business trip to Kicbmoncl and Fort Wayne. We Away absolutely free of cost, for a limited time only, The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser; by B. V Pierce, M. D., Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel ace Surgical Institute, a book of 1008 large pages and 300 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any one send ing 21 one-cent stamps to cover cos' of mailing only. Over 680,000 copiei of this complete Family Doctor Book already sold in cloth binding at regu lar price of 11.50. World's Dlspen sary Medical association, Buffalo, N Y. __ . Wise men know It is folly to bullc on a poor foundation. Relief ob tained by deadening symptoms 1 short. Hood's Sarsaparllla cures am gives lasting health. Hood's Pills cure nausea, sick head actoe, indigestion, billiouscess. Al druggists, 25c, __ For Pin Worms, Eczema, Hives, in fact, any of the various torturing itchy diseases of the skin, Doan' Ointment is an Instant and positive remedy. Get it from your dealer. HUMPHREYS Centralization o* Indtutry In Europe. The centralization of industry in Europe is going on quite as actlT«ly as in the United States. The factory Is crushing the workshop, and the Wf store the *mall shop. It is interestlnf to note that the French consul at Berlin tells his home government of tli« Increase of this tendency In Germany, •while the French consul it Glasgow •pe*ks of the tendency in. the United Kingdom. Both Germany and Great Britain now have numerous associations for the limitation of supply *nd ragnlatlon of price; organizations tiat cornwpond t« the tnuta that exist is tk« Unite* c u R E S AND WILL CURE YOU. Ve positively guarantee it in every cue. price Ji.oo a, box, or six boxes for $5.00, 1 jail in plain wrapper upon receipt otprl( »rder from our advertised arents. Addmo ther communications to TUB Dfc. PHUT MEDICINE Co., >:« For sale at B. F. Porter's and Johnston's. Tennessee Centennial Nashville, Tenn. Way 1 to Nov. I Big Four Route. The Ureat southern exposition lux§ create* groat taterew throughout the country applications are being made .M.to th» route to reach this great southern oltj. Tb» "Big Four" has the best line from the But with through train service to Cincinnati from. New York. Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland an* Columbus; from Detroit, Toledo and Saaduiky to Cincinnati; and from Chicago atd Benton. Harbor to Cincinnati and Louisville. Dtr*c»; connections arc made with the Q. t C- Bc-uW- and the L. & N. By. Full inlormation wUl to*- cheerfallr given upon application. Alf the Way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabasfc Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of th« Gran* Trunk Hallway between Detroit and Suspem- slon Bridge and those of the Brie B. K, from. Suspension Bridge 10 Buffalo, the Wabwh K B will run ita own trains Irom Kansas Cltr Omaha, Des Molnes, SL Louis, Quincj, Hannibal, Keoltuk and Cnioaro to Buffalo. Doing th« only road frem Missouri and Mississippi BJ»er points having Its own line and trains runntot into Buffalo. Through oars Irom KaniatOlty. St. Louis and Chicago to Bu*a.« wlth»u» WITCH HAZEL OIL Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. "Wounds & Bruises. Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. Eczema & Eruptions. Salt Rheum & Tetters. Chapped Hands. Feve;r Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. Corns & Bunions. Stings & Bites of Insects. Three Sizes, 250, SDC. and $I.oo. SoWbydrogglisM, orBentpoK-poJdonreceiptof prioe Mayor Harrison u- "hicafo, made a record of eighty-two fish •lity^even woodcock in a day's sport •ear Skanee Station, Mich. Since Bret Harte—who has dropped hie first name, Francis—was United States consul to Glasgow from 1880 t» 1S85 he has made his residence in Great Britain. At present lie lives at 74 Lancaster Gate, West London. Hamlin Garland's first published poem nett*d him |25. He paid |5 tor Grant's Memoirs and $20 for a silk dress piece, which he gave to his moti- «r. The dreas made from it was tfce first of that material she haft owned and worn. The following are said to be the sfx •wealthiest -women in tho -world: Senora Couslno, $200,000,000; H*«r $50,00«,000; Baroness Bordett S20,OW ; eeO; Mmt Barrio*, $15,- Hiee Mary Garrrtt, H»,000,00f; FIGHTING WOLVES This is only one of the exciting experiences the two yottng Americans had who were victims of a vile conspiracy. They were "exiled to Siberia." Exiled • To Siberia Is the title of the story in which Wm. Murray Graydon tells all abgntit. - liver > REGULATOR WILL CURE ... ALL COnPLAtNTS AND W5- EASE5 OP THB Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Biliousness, Jaundice^ Haadanhf, Constipation, Pains in the Bid* or Back, Sour Stomach, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of the Bladder, Female Weakiue* Gravel, Diabete*, Drop*?, Brick Dust Deposit*, In fret all dlMMM arising from Liver or Kidney orders. Price, $1. jituoit Medicine Ik KWTOK,lY;

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