The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1955
Page 5
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BLTTHlTDLLl (AMC.-) OOTJRICT Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton <tl:M Oct ........ 3325 3331 3301 3309 Dec ., ...... 3324 3330 3310 3315 Mar ........ 3302 3307 3287 3293 May ........ 3306 3310 3291 3298 N*w Orleans CotUn Oct ........ 3327 3332 3309 3314 Dec ........ 3325 3327 3307 3314 Mar ........ 3320 3320 3300 3303 May ........ 3310 3311 3290 3296 'Chicago Soybeans Sept .... 221'i' 223',i 221 223>/i Nov .... 219', 220^ 3191/4 22Q3j Jan .... 221 322'i 221 222*4 Nov ...: 221 222!4 220!i 322ft Chicege Com Sept .... 1273.4 129'i Dec .... 128 129^ 12714 128'.s 129 Chicago Wheat Sept .... 186ft 198'i 196H I98ik Dec 200 201?i 199!<j 201',~ New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper . Beth Steel Chrysler • Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward JJ Y Central Int Harvester Kepublic Steel — Radio Socony Vacuum ... Studebaker Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Sears U S Steel ... 178 ... 75 1-8 ... 80 1-4 ... 163 3-8 ... 88 7-8 ... 140 1-4 ... 53 ... 138 3-8 ... 87 5-8 ... 4p 7-8 ... 38 5-8 ... 54 1-4 ... 49 1-8 ... 62 ... 91-4 ... 137 ... 109 1-8 ... 102 ... 60 1-8 Obituary Will Edington Burial Sunday OSCEOLA—Funeral services for Will Edington were conducted in First Methodist Church here Sunday by the Rev. W. O. Scroggins, pastor. Burial was in Ermen Cemetery with Swift Funeral Home in charge. Mr. Edington; who was 81, died Saturday night at his home here. A retired farmer, he, had lived in Osceola for many years. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Lizzie Edington, of Osceola, one brother, Charles Edington, o! $etten- erof, Iowa, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Jones of Detroit. MOROCCO (Continued from Page 1) slan and Moroccan affairs, announced the Cabinet approval after j a 5'2-hour meeting. j Despite the reported unanimous! agreement, it was known the Faure proposals drew sharp criticism right-wing ministers. Observers anticipated possible trouble from;, conservative elements w.hcn. the j National Assembly reconvenes j next month. j Other Provision* j In addition to the removal of| Moulay Aral?, and the establish-1 inent of a regency, the Faure: program provides for: j 1. Appointment of a new Moroc-1 can government representing the j niain political movements in thej protectorate. j 3. Negotiation ot political, eco-j nomic, strategic and cultural »c-| cords between the new Moroccan; government and France. i 3. Transfer of former Sultan! Mohammed Ben Youssef from • exile in Madagascar to France. Ben Youssef. exiled by the > French two years ago because of! his nationalist tendencies, agreed last week to the settlement. He was reported to have pledged thnt he would abstain from political activity on his own behalf] pending a decision by Moroccans themselves on his future status. The Cabinet action met the Stpt. 12 deadline set by Faure forj getting a Moroccan settlement j urder way. The Premier hopes to f avert trouble from the Arab-Asian! nations in the U.N. General As- 1 sembly opening Sept. 20. Leaders of the nationalist Dem era tic Independence parly *PDIi now on Madagascar comer ring xvith Ben Youssef warned of renewed violence if Moulay Arafa hun.s" on to the sultannte., "We hope that Moulay Arnfa I will renounce The throne in the j next few days." a PDI statement t ssid. "If he refuses, the proposed solution will collapse and we can fear a revival of the agitation in Morocco which we have sought to; prevent." HIGHWAY (Continued from Page 1) and points west, corning from the south will enter a by-lane at Mosely's Corner, one mile above the state line. Routes to Cooler and the Mississippi River, east, will be at state I road crossings. Immediate approaches to the new pavement will be of compacted gravel, rock and asphalt. As the new highway nears completion, the City of Steel and service and civic clubs, have started planning for beautification of the j by-pass highways. Holland and { Cooter are expected to join from I the south. 1 Attractive signs will be erected i near the entries to bypasses. Lanes I of shrubbery are in the discussion j stage. ; From the north into Steele, an attractive drive can be envisioned, because of the straight, short distance. Towns bypassed do uot anticipate to suffer any industrial or patronage loss, yet there will be adjustments in progress and growth. Compensating at this time will b& relief from a serious congested traffic problem, growing steadily greater. | The immediate area of Steele and i south Pemiscot County towns will! continue to have heavy truck traf- j fie because of natural thoroughfares; to points of origin and distribution • Tourist traffic will be cut in these towns, yet local traffic is now far preater than the combined a decade ago. The distance from here to Memphis will ultimately be cut ten miles or more, and the time perhaps 30 minutes, it is estimated. Negro Man Found Dead In Automobile Pi::k Young, 46-year-old Blythe- viile Negro, who operated Thelma's Cafe on Ash Street, was found dead in his ear just off Franklin Street north of Blytheville yesier- day. Young's semi-nude body was lying in the back seat of the car \vhen he was found by Deputy Sheriffs Holland Aiken and Herman Lane yesterday afternoon. Coroner E. M. Holt.said he apparently died of a heart attack Friday night. He had been reported missing since Saturday. Officers investigated the car after it was reported to have been parked on the country lane since Saturday. An ice pick found beside his body on the rear Hoor of the black 1950 Buick at first was thought to have been the cause of death. However. Holt, after further examination revealed no wound marks, decided the man hud succumbed from a heart attack. STUDENTS O.V MARCH — Public school students at Steele were out in force last week £o support Referendums One and Two, which are facing an election next month. All but two of the school's teachers marched in parade backing a two-cent per package increase in cig-aret taxes for school. Supt. Riley F. Knight said, "We wanted people to see how many kids we have." (Photo by Yeager) BONN Bond Forfeited Tommy Jones forfeited a 45' bond this morning in Municipal Tenant House Is A tenant house on the A. M. Brittain south or Blytheville was des- Court on a charge oi running troyed by lire at about 7:30 this! traffic light. morning. Fire Chief Roy Head re- j — — ported today. I houses. " Head said the fire was prevented i Another alarm at 100 Dougan from spreading to other nearby caused no damage. Head reported. (Continued from Page 1) "absolutely zero." Bulganin. however, said during the banouet exchange of • toasts that [he delegations had "worked hard on an exchange of opinions." "We think this will work for the good," he declared. The Soviets had invited Adenauer to Moscow to discuss establishment of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between their governments. The conference bogged down at the start last Friday on the issues of German reunification and German war veterans still held prisoner by the Soviets. The Russians turned a deaf ear to Adenauer's statements that the prisoners must be freed and the Big- Four must do something about reunification before relations be- tueen Bonn and Moscow could be "normalized." Bulganin asserted that his government was holding no German prisoners of war — only 9.626 war criminals convicted of atrocities Reunification, the Soviets said, j was an internal German matte]' j which should be worked out by the! West and East Germans together, j The West Germans say 100,000 war prisoners are still held by the Russians. And Adenauer refuses to negotiate with the Communist East German regime, contending that j it is not a valid government be-j cause only Soviet military power | keeps the East Germans from! overihrowing it. • Some Western sources were : heartened by results of the talks thus far. | One diplomat — who declined io| be quoted by name — said: j "Adenauer has won this round • hands down. He has not yielded an inch." Despite the previous tough talk at the conference table, the Kremlin banquet exuded friendliness. The principals swapped cordial toasts. Adenauer sat between Bul- ganin and Khrushchev and all three talked animatedly. The German Chancellor and the Soviet Premier embraced at the end of the evening. '•I am of the opinion that everything ends well. With patience and work, you can do everything," Bulganin said in his toast. Adenauer replied: "Our stay in Moscow has been made pleasant and we thank you with all our hearts. We leave convinced that this visit to Moscow had not- been in vain. It leaves deep impressions on us. You read all kinds of reports about our talks in the press. Sometimes the newspapers .report correctly and sometimes not." VICKREY - (Continued from Page 1) 000 a year when he ran for office and that previous prosecutors have not had assistants and secretaries. Buchanan said, "If Vickrey can't handle the job by himself, he shouldn't have asked for it." Buchanan further charged the prosecutor with trying to keep too many jobs. He said Vickrey receives $2.400 annually for his duties as City Attorney at Hayti .which is Vickrey's home. Chare* Politic* Buchanan told Vickrey in Court Monday that he wouldn't appropriate money for a secretary even if Attorney General John Dalton said it was legal to do so. Buchanan accused Reed and Vickrey of being against him in his bi4s for election. Buchanan serveu a four-year term as County Court presiding, judge and has almost 3',3 years of second term remaining. Barksdale and Reed serve two- year terms which end next year. Vickrey said, "They were hampering my office by this lack of cooperation purely because of political reasons and personal ill feeling toward me." Joseph Allen, New juaarid, 36th Judicial Circuit Judge, appeared before County Court last January and said Vickrey needed an assistant.' and a secretary because of the vast amount of work handled by his office. Buchanan said he didn't think [ much of what Allen had w say. He further commented by renewing Allen's recent request for retirement and said Allen would receive one 'half of his $11.500 annual pay for the remaining two years of his term if he 1* allowed to quit. CftM ElCM Buchanan Mid the County Court was $126,000 in debt when he took office about t'/a year* ago and-now has an excess of 1148,900. He »tated this was because he wouldn't stand for "such nonsence" as hiring assistant prosecutors and secretariei. Vickrey said Republican* havt been controlling the County Court since Buchanan has been in chargi. Buchanan revealed at least tn-» car dealers, who are Republican!, were among the 21 signatures Buo- hanan got recentl yin a vain attempt to oust Otfc Monan, a, c»r dealer, from his post aa Deputy Commissioner of Revenue for t&e county. The Deputy Commissioner Kile various automobile licenses. Buchanan denied Vickrey's claim that he promised him an assistant but changed his mind after Vickrey filed temporary injunction on t«« saloons and five alleged gambling places. Buchanan said he had no interest in the establishments but; admitted a nephew-by-marriage, Harold Hinchey of Caruthersville, was named as defendant in one of ih« gambling injunction*. Buchanan accused Vickrey of being "publicity crazy." Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry E»t. Ulk. 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Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 1 p.m. (or Ritz & Rarj Program Announcements TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Find your name in our ad and b* our guest to see "Tanganyiki" A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAl PICTIIRF Plut Cinemascope Short "White,Heron SAVE CASH INSTEAD OF BUYING TRADING STAMPS! When a cash and tarry grocer handling trading stamps claims that stamps are "free" — don't believe it! He can't absorb the cost of stamps and stay in business —so. he recovers their cost in higher prices [or items not usually advertised. Safeway's policy is to keep everyday grocery priteg at least 3% below those'of "trading stamp grocers". This means, big cash savings to Safeway grocers." This means big cash savings to Safeway customers. And.Safeway' weekly special men more cash saving. This ad Effective Wed., Sept. 14th Margarine Coldbrook Quarters Margarine 2 37 C Mill rill IV Bleach Ujllf rill IV Petor C°™aHon 1 J. T °" Tint S 2^ 31 C Cherub Baby P»r. Toll Tin, Betty Crocker Yellow, White, Choc. 17 ex. Box Pooch Brand At a Sarings 16 ox. Tin Cake Mixes Dog Food Kleenex TISSUE 400 Six* Box 28 C 7 C 26< DON'T FORGET! Safeway will meet the lowest advertised prict: of any competitor —item by item—day by day—in Blytheville. Quality considered. Minnie Lee Jones Studio 807 Chickaiawba Private Lessons in PIANO Gudiutc of Progreulve Swtl*. St. Lo«li Dfurw ArarrlMil Con- Mrvilarr tt Mute, Chluf*. FrlriU cUnn f«r all «l«ENROLL NOW Phone POptar 2-29S4

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