The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MA V 27, 19-13 Herbert Schwartz . To Serve Oversedjs Herbcr'. Schwartz, former. Luxora high scliool couch iind for many years head of the athletic department at Arkansas State College In Joncsboro, soon will be Srni-nc Fvnm Second Oil bound f °i' overseas duty ns rccrc- ocores rioni CK.UJIIU wn al|onal d|| . cclo| . wuu Uie AmtM .| CiU1 10 beat lied Cross. : « i J f>ll ,Mr. Schwartz lias subiriltlcd his resignation at, tlie Jonesboro school, effective July l and will report for duty July IS). He Is slated to BO Milter's Single Phillies, 1-0 By United 1'ress • If Ducky Wnltcis hs a moilo, It If Bucky Wallets has a motto, it 'Wlibii join team can't win the ball game for you. Just go out and win It yourself." For Hut's what B«cky did last night.' The Cincinnati H«ls were playing the Philadelphia Phillies. Going .into Ihc last half of the ninth inning liucky probably felt pretty discouraged. Hr'd lost three games in a row before last night. His'own team had scored only six runs for him in those three games. In one of them, Bucky allowed only four hits. , And last night he'd tossed nine scoreless innings against, the Phll- llrs. He'd .scattered four hits, and was never in trouble. But the Philly pitcher—Charlie Fiichs—had done equally as well. In eight and two- thirds innings, Fuclu had allowed only four hits himself. ^Up came Walters to the pialc. If Fuchs could get him out, the game would go into extra innings. Biit he couldn't. Bucky singled. Then Wallers tricked Puchs into niaklnrj a balk Ijy taking a long lead off first. That put him on second. . • Eddie Miller was the next baticr. Miller promptly smacked the ball overseas soon after, lie Is being granted leave of absence by the college in order to lake the new position for the duration. lie was In France for 11 months during the first World War as a- master hospital sergeant. He first became connected ,v.'HU Arkansas State 20 years nso when he went to Jonesboro from Royalton, Minn. He accepted a position with the Luxora school In 1933 hut later resumed his work at Arkansas State. No successor for him lias been appointed at Jonesboro. DePalmaDrove 150 MPH25 Years Ago; Now He Builds Planes Capable of 400 PSORIASIS RELIEVE THE ITCHING AM iii removing scales and relievo ilm itching of Psoriasis the antiseptic slim- iila'litig way willi Jllack anil Wliito .Ointment. Use only ns directed. Ouily .... __ ... tlcaiisowithBiackaudWhttcSkiiiSoap. I fourth yainc of Hie year. between second nnd tldrd. Wallers scoi-fd standing m»— to win the bull name, 1 to 0. In another National Lcpiu. night game, Hie Boston Braves nosed out the St. Louis Cardinals, t to 3. in. extra innings. Lou Klein ami Walker Cooper of the Cards homered. Bui Al Javery proved more effective than Mort Cooper over the entire route, and the Braves won the game for him In the llth. In afternoon names the I'lUsbiirijli Pirn Us sinothcico >hc Brooklyn Dodgers, 17 to 4. Vlncc DtMngylo hit, two homers. The New York Giants spoiled 'Lou Novikoff's debut by downing .the Chicago Cubs, 4 to 2. Only one American Leacuc Game was played, and thai was a ''night Same. The Washington Senators bunched three singles In the sixth Inning to edge, onl tlie SI. Louis Browns, 1 to 0. Dutch Leonard held lly KOISKUT MKI.I.ACK NKA Staff Citrresiwmlent PADMINGDALE, N. V.—Use of racing drivers as guinea plus for automotive industry development is no more, according to Ralph Del'nlimi, who roared lo 2557 victories In 2889 races over a spun of 27 years. Now, at 00 with hair as white as Ihe sandy slrclch at Daytoiia Ucach, the winner of the 500-mile race over Hie Indianapolis Speedway hrlcks in 1815 lends his smoke and dust-callus experience will) molors lo Uncle Sam as a meclian- Ical engineer in charge of Ihe transmission tabor;ilorle.s ;it tlie Hanger nlrcrafl engines division of tlie Falrchlld Engine and Aero- lilane Corporation here on Lous Island. Development and research i'in combustion engines will no longer look to the saucers filled with careening, sklddlnt;, timihlliiK gas buggies driven by madmen for testing of new ideas and study, I5e- Piilmti believes. All such rigorous condition!-' can now be ^undated in the laboratories, Nevertheless, he says, vaelny has more than justilk'd Its existence because airplane motors wouldn't be as developed as they arc now wilhoul the drivers who took engines out of the text-book and put them to actual test. I'OWKK IS HIS OHJIiCTlVi; From the day In 1D07 when lie slipped Inlo a special Allen KhH:s- lon as a raven-haired, sparkling- eyed Italian of 2-t, and made 65 miles per hour. Dcl'alma never was a thrill seeker or speed maniac- qualities often wrongly associated with men who risk their necks for prlxe money. It was the start in an ambition to get the most power, durability the Browns to four lilts, to win his ROTE doubles America's rotenone supply LETHANE 60 fortifies rolcuouc . . . makes a better dust. LETHANE 60-rotenonc dusts have been proved by commercial use from eoast to coast. LETHANE 60 is a product of pre-war research by Kohm & Haas. LETHANE 60dusts are identified by this emblem. Ycllutc CUrROCIOK-Rohm A Huf copper fungkidc gives effective blight control Sate* epraying lime flogging o/no=;lci. ma by local mixer I. Apply daj oc night. Identified hr ihit emblem. equipment so acarcel VIliOrcUPROCIDECANBE USEnTlTB ROTEXOHEORlTrRETHRUli ITO& Mrli Aw P. Jk Fft- Of and si>ecd with the greatest safety from gasoline motors. He carries tliat hope with hlin'lo Ihe laboratories today, laboratories .much quieter nnd far removed from dirt •acks and the Indianapolis Spced- •iiy. Like all great ftlhlc'lcs and sports- luii though, Del'alma likes lo oublc back over memory hine, and ie remembers his 1-1 years of com- Ktltlon with the Immorlnl barney )iitficld, with whom he split even victories, nnd his association vith Cnpt. Eddie Rlckunbacker vlien nick was a gangling ki;l who sat high in the scat of roaring chariots. UePalma recalls ills closest, call, in event of the 1915 Indianapolis running,,, when he chased Darlo Rcsta 455 miles. The drivers were fnllvtncd mid almost axlc-to-nxlc when Ucsla's steering column broke and his machine skidded cra/lly in DePalma's path. Dealh wns imminent bill iron nerve and the Guardian Angel of racing drivers shoved Del'alma's car by the whlrllnj, Rcsta, enabled him lo pick up winning lap and the $3(i,QQQ lo first-place. KACINfi GAVE FI.VINO I.IPV Dcralma traveled 159 mph us early ns 1010 in a Packard Special on Uaytona Beach, but now concentrates on sciulliii; younger men through the skies at, 409 and better. The game might be doomed, but DePalma holds his sport up as the most honorable of nil, one which has never been tainlcd. That Memphis, 4 lo '.], and New Orleans look an 8 lo 0 decision from Knoxville. Atlanta and Lltlle Rock play a doiiblclieadcr Thursday nlijht ill Atlanta, Nashville plays In IJlnn [ inyhain, Memphis In ChalUmoogil and Knoxvllle in New Orleans. By Uniled Tress Lltll; Rock's Travelers served no- ice Wedncstiy, ji-.giit Hit Ihcy still lave much of liis stuff that eitrned tlie Southern League pennant last year. In ttioir games with the Atlanta Crackers the Pebbles came from behind In tlie first match lo score it 4to :i victory. Manager Huck Fausclt's trip!; In Ihc seventh with two men aboard spelled the victory. The final game went to Little liock, 10 lo 3. DlniilngliHin and Nashville split a dcubleheadci 1 . iioth contests were extra inning affairs— the final go- Ing dc:p into the night for fourteen innings. The first game went to Hinnlngham, 2 to 1— a scheduled seven inninx affair which went eight frames. Nashville tnnk tlie second game by a 7 to 4 count. In the other games played Wednesday night, Chattanooga nicked Baseball Standings SOUIlll-iltN LK\C,VK W. L. Pet. xliirmhiRham ........ 21 11 .U5li xN'ashvllic .' ........... 1911 .033 xUttle Hock .......... 10 11 .5D2 Chatlanooga ......... 1712 .58(i xNcw Orleans ........ 15 13 .455 xMI'unla ............ 12 IB .423 xKnoxvlllc .......... , 10 19 .34 Memnhls ............. 9 12 .300 xNlBhl same. NATIONAL Brooklyn xSl. Louis xlloston ' xPhiladclphia xCincinnuli ittsburgh W, L. Pet. 21 10 17 10 14 10 15 12 12 1'i 11 15 .030 .58'} .5U9 .428 .47-3 .400 .310 light be due to the caliber of men ke DePalma, who was never rcp- imanded on n track and never en- ered a protest. It could easily be said that the port has done more for progress jf science lhan any other on the ulendar. Better yet, the kid over the Ruhr ir South Pacific might get an ex- tra ounce of juice and an extra notch on the throttle because men like Ralph DePalma. Itarncy Oldfield and Eddie fiickenbacker put their lives on the line many limes for a few bucks a copy. That seems just, a little more Important than any of the current wrangles between musclc- jcrcrs and team-sports backers. New York ..:.... 12 1H Chicago . 9 20 x—Night game. AMEHICAN LEAGUE W. L Pet Cleveland . .... New York . .... xWashington . . Detroit . Philadelphia . .. Chicago 1G 11 H H IS 13 13 12 14 15 10 12 St. Louis 10 12 Boston . x—Night game. 11 17 .520 .483 AX .455 .393 Our new Pan-airc. Special Dobbs open weave. Cool and rugged. For general wear all 'summer long. Other New Straws From 3.50 up R. D. Hughes': & Co. By HAltKY GAVSON NKA Siinrls Edilor NEW YORK.—President, RoDsor veil says he probably -will appoint a three-man committee to consider and in thiid-diiuciisional language and muenelalure. Having kept its hands off this long, the government might just Lethane 60 anil Cuprocide Dusts and Sprays Available Through Arkansas Fertilizer Company * Little Rock, Ark. problems of wartime sports make recommendations. It won't lie long until every man, woman and child out of uniform will be on a committee of some sort. Then corodhintors will lie needed lo coordinate coordinators. • 'Sports require coordinators like 1 need malaria. Why put a bure/iu- rat oir every bench and sideline ,nd tn every dugout and graud- tnnd? There are too many club- lousc lawyers as it is. There are restrictions on cvcry- nic. There are the OPA, ODT, the ]imipo\vcr commissioner, rubber ad- nlnlstrator, economic stabilizer and what not.. If sports, as such, in- ringe upon the rules put forth by bodies and officials, they should have the power to .set them down, which they did not possess or at least did not exercise lu more Mian one instance in connection with racing. President Roosevelt makes it clca ! that the sports committee would have no power. That seems to b the Idea "all the way along the line Sports magnets, promoters ' officials who have, run into Wash ington with imaginary petitioned for a war-lime coordln ator or committee, are making mistake. If their respective games, dodges and rackets can't find their own niches and grooves in the all- out effort, naming another commission isn't going to help. Without any great degree of leadership, sports have muddled I along very well on IViclr own, have contributed no little lo the war effort. Another commission would only be a hindrance lo what already is taking place along the proper lines. Professional boxing, for example, suspected it had troubles until it got commissions to elaborate on and put the slightest of headaches as well sit this one out entirely. this summer There are much more important things to be done. And if the President can fiiu among our KtO million three mei who can iron out the problems real>and fancied—of professional amateur and Intercollegiate sports tuul plain recreation, with their various subdivisions, he will have uncovered three Solomons who vould be ol vastly more service on he United Nations' board of trategy. , Such a triumvirate would have ,he boys home in time to celebrate the Glorious Fourth with three steaks in every pan, and automo- )llc in every garage and free lie-r and chips throughout the permanent peace. Read Courier News want ads. HkHDt TO CARRY—EASY TO USE SAVE YOUR TUBES Get DIXIE Patch! a RELIEVE BED SORES Ka?o. snnlhe cbntc. Form medicated ronl of prelection Iwtwccnakinniulclmfnigbcd-! clothes will] Mcunnn, formerly Mexican Heal Powder. 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