Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 2
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ASSIST NATURE a little now and then in removing ofiViid- itijf matter from the stomach and bowels ami j'oti therc-by avoid ;\ iniiUitude of distressing de- rniifrciiients and diseases, and will have less fii.qitctit iTctd of your donor's service. ! Of rill known I agents fur this pur- ' nose, lit. I'U-ix-e's j'l<-,,s;,nl relleti, arctin: lie si. <lin'<: live (1. 1 Ley .M't: :il-» u a\ * i u C;i v j» r. Their si-ro'.xhii y effect is to V:\-ei) till: buwi/Ls u I'd! and ri e.ular, iH't to f|i-.'- tH-r eon'-tipali:, as other pills. Ifenc' 1 , tK-ir n'Kal [>"i>iil:ii ity v. T ith suffi'rer-i {'loin li:J)i'.n:i! c-nir [jii:itioii. piles and lliei:- atii'iiii.nit I'li-mitifoii and manifiili! deriiijxnn in-.. The ' Ivik-ts" arc purely sv^-iabli- ;;mi in-ifeelly liaiiuless ill ,'tily conclitiiMi oi' Ihe sy-tem. *'.o C'.'ii'e is rcqnii'efl wlifle li.-.in:;' H'l'-tn; they d<> not inlerf'.'i'e v.'ilh :h,' diet. lial>il--. or occupation, and i;i'iiduee tu, U'.ui, };'.i;Mir.{ <>rsli(H-l; to tile (.y-tein. Tlt'-y aet in a nn'lil, easy ami uatin'td \v:iy ;ittd tiu tv i'> lui ver.clion afterward. Their in-ill /utts. Tl«: Pellet", t-in'i- bi'innsncss, sick and bilious lieadachr'. iiii-.:'iii<—>;. ccMivrm"^. or const!pal inn. si it'"-inn inch, h'ss of ripp'-tiu-, coated I'^iU'.ii'.-. imih'vM mil, T dy^jn-p'.ia, windy iK-lrliini'... " li'-:inhiini," jiain and distress after c.'iiin^. ;im\ kitulrrrl (i'-ran^c-. incnts of 111' 1 liv: 1 . M<mi:irh and houvls, In profffof tiii-ir ^Kp'.'iin: 1 t-xcciieiice. it can be Irtitlifiilly sairl. that they an- a'.w.iys adopted as a liiriiscliuM tvim-dy nflcr the first trial. I'ut tin in s-'-alrd. ^i.-^s vials, therefore always fnVa and veliabli 1 . One little "Pellet" is a laxaiiv. tivnitti' niildy catliartie. As :; "dinti-",' (> ; ,11," ti> iiioniote digestion, or tu i-flii-ve distress from overeating, lake our rifle: 1 dinner. Th< j y arc tiny, sujrar-coat-il t;':aniiles; any child will readily take them. Accept IHI snirititnle that may be recnm- inended to lie "just as jrond." It may lie better for tltr tietilrr, because of paying him ;i better prulit, but he i:; not the one uiio needs bein. A MO I H <JA1 UHIMJ PLAN I'. It ClOSC 1 ' JIH .Illiv-l Illlll < 1 llH-lll-» IIS Vilihll. A Xew Xealand U"i'r.•sjininleii I Mijf- {^o.sts l.hai, 'he rava.^'es i-- <v:'t;t>.n Itirviit 1 , in sniiie <'i MI nt ries, ini::'iil he ffreiiily .re-.t.riet.o 1 by the intr.>.lii<'l inn. of tin- Ni-iv X,-aland ini'I h-ea lehin^ pliiMl. "ar;iii;. r ia albeiis." Thi.s plan:., v>'hieh is u luilive i,l' sniilhern Atriea, wa.s in'riidneeil l.o Now /ealand i[inli- .acuidentaily :il-.i>ul. seven years ;>;r<>, unit sine.i 1 tlu.-n il has I.H'I-II v-xlensiveiy propagated then 1 , 1,11 ui'ii'iiillt of it*, ef- I'cutive srrviee as a l;illei' ul' desl motive i:H)ths. \S'iuM-i:viM- ihe eUm.'ite is in'hl the pliint. is an exe-eedin^'ly free ffniw- er; it twines and elinibs with jrreat luxiiniiiKv. and pn'idnees immense ninribers of \vhite or pinkish flowers, which have a very agreeable see.nl. 'I'hesc llowers attract innumerable moths. On !i summer evening a hod^-e of nninjfiti will bo covered by ti perfect cloud o( moths, and in the morning 1 (.here will not bu a siiiffli 1 tlower that does not im- prisoti one or two. unit some.times us many us four insects of various sixea .genera. Tho net-ion-of tho "ai-ann-iti." ' is piiroly mochanieal. The calyx of • tho ilowor IK rather deep, and the rc- oeptuclc for its sweet juices is placed at its ba.se. Attracted by tho powerful scent and the. prospect of honey, the moth dives down tho calyx, ttm.1 protrudes its proboscis to reach the tempting- food. Kill before it euti do so the oroboscis is nipped between two titron}"-, hard, l>l;u:k piucers, whieii pnarci the passag-e. and once nipped there is no escape for the tnotli, whieii is held us in a vise, by the extreme end of the proboscis, and dios miserably. 'JClic "rutionaU 1 " of the process is not yet explained. The proboscis is so very slifrhtly inserted between ' the pincers (only :v minnto fraction of an inch) that it iippar 1 rontly can not nft'eet the yen- crative or^vns of the pltint, unless these may he the pincers themselves, whose actual contact tnny be necessary toy prod IK", tun. Upon dissection, the pincers, even in their ordinary position. • are invariably found to be ill most in contact, the .separating interval botit£ apparent i:nder a strong lens. It is therefore hard to understand why sueli p. process us the destruction of a moth should bo necessary to close this already mimHe i;ap. l!ut. at all events, the thin;; is done efl'eetively, and a plant of ai-:iujjia enverinfr aspaceof ten . yards in length will doM roy as many iumdreil m-'lhs every nielli, and. consequently, iHVVeiit the ruvupres of lifly times us nujtiy larvae- It is, however, .asintvular i'.iet that in New /ealand, where the plant ha.- ofte.n been cultivated fuu l-lie express purpose of destroying the detesied cod in moth feiu- pocup.-a pi'iiieiiaila), that wily insect declines !•• enter the lrati.--lVtr<iiD t-'r-jc Tress. ^ Aceordir;: to ti:o e:i':ir.cerr, of f.\? bvdroTVUpi. : ' b'.'.;v;ni t'r.e- level o3 Ihe Oult'of-Me.-;:.-o is,>:ie foot hi;;her th:::! it was in l.-.V 1 . ::i;>l, of einitv-e. the en- crcvaehraeiU ou t!-.e sunvuv.O.in.T eo'.'.s-.s has been frre::ter or U-s.s, ilepevulin;;- 0:1 their eh:!r:-.e!e-.-. In sorr.e places, where the ni;ir;7i:'.:il litnus. ;;re, composed of Homo hi«-h ro/cy WuA's. this elianjre of level h;;s rrone <ni from year to year without attracti;-? attention. On _tlio other .hand, many low-lyinj: points (some that were once inhabited by the primitive inhabitants or by the pioneer while settlers) arc entirely stibmcrgvd. The cflnseof this ehang-eof level has not. ns yet bwn ascorUtiued, but it is reason. ably certain that it is the result of cither a settliuj: of the dry land or of a . general and uniform rising: or upheaval in the- gulf bed. Ou the contrary, there isn't the least doubt but that there is, much less. However this may bo, if this :iqucou» encroachment is steadily maintained Keokuk will bo a deep water harbor and St. Louis and the whole of Missouri will bo entirely submerged in less tlian forty thousand •years from January 1, IS06. WAS A BEIGHT G1KL. J. Gr. FAIR'S WILL. ^ a Myst9rioug Way from Probate Court Clerk. She Wan Twice Uliirrlod—Ir TYiw at Monterey TlKit Mio Time Met tho 1'amoiu Novullst—Tficlr Ilortie Life a Happy Oui-. Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson, widow of the ilistin;,ni;s';ietl novelist who has ju.st died, is we-1! remembered by many of the older citizens of Indianapolis us. Miss I'Viiiniu Vander^riil, dtnif'.r.er oC a once prominent citizen of the Indiana, capital. In r>"<~ the Vainle.-jjrif,. family, eo;i:.istin,7 of i't-.ther. ITU.,' her. one ,'.o;i till 1 ! severai d-.in.^hters. lived in In- ijlis, and on Di-eeinbc'r 'J-> o! that ,'u..,s l-'nnnie \v.is i:;;irrii-tl to I (.KU.mnie i;t her home. She ivii'i a beautiful, hi^-'.i-spiriteil ffirl, d.-i.s';;: 1 .::, '.vi-ll-hreil fellow, oi'(.fo:nl family, a:id at the lime the match was eun- siden-d a happy om;. Durinjc liis rchi- deiice in Indianapolis U.Uxnirne wi:s :i elcrl; ill tho .supreme court under scc-retarv to (Jov. \V:'i;.-!it a;id tluv. \Villard. Mrs. Osbonrae \vas but. seventeen ve,;irs of ;>.;;e wliun she murrii-d her lir.st liu.sliiind. Tin. 1 wediHnjr was a brilliant afi'air, graced by '..he presence of tl:e i:hief executive of the stitte and other slat<: olucials. A year t>r two aficr the inarririfi'e Mrs. O.sbouriii! ac- eoi'npaiiied her liu.sbantl tu Californui, v.'here slm jifterward procured a di- vori:e from him. Although the latter was :i liri;-ht, coiifceniul I'eilow, he failed to (ret, Itlon,',- in the world, ami after their removal to California Mrs. Osliounii 1 wa.s eompelh'd to earn a living fur herself and <•! 'Idren. Finally the couple; separated ley mutual n^ree- menl. In lift I Mrs. Osbonrne retnrned to Indianapolis with her thr;:o ehllilren ui)(.l prepared to inaki; a trip to KIT rope. She desired to cultivate a talent for art, which she had possessed from (4'irlhouil. She went to the continent and in Paris made sonic-thin; 1 ; 1 of a reputation as a painter. She remained in Europe three years and dnriuf;- this lime her youngest ohild died. Then Osbourue went JIRS. r.onr.Rr LOUIS s'ruviixs over to see his family and the difficulties between .himself cvnd wife were temporarily patched up. The husband promised reformation and -Mrs. Osborne returned Here, poing directly to tho home of her parents, they having- returned to their farm at Clayton, Ilen- dricks county, Ind. Mrs. Osbonrne remained there for three months, but heard nothing of her husband. Then, with her children, she returned to California, where one of her sisters lived. At 'Monterey she met Robert Louis Stevenson- About this time Mrs. Osbourne became very successful as n. writer. While in Paris she wrote a series of articles for St. Nicholas, her daughter, Uolle, who had inherited her mother's cleverness, illustrating- the work. After Mrs. Osbonrne had been divorced from her husband six months she married Mr, Stevenson. The eoro- mouy was performed at Monterey. At tho time of the raarriag-o, it was said that the parents of the English a-uthoi- were greatly opposed to the match. Do was an only son and' they did not want him to marry. When the newly-made husband was asked about the report, he simply said: "I'll show my wife to my parents and it will be all rijrht." Osbonrne disappeared after the second marriage of his late wife and nothing- has since been heard of him. The parents of Mrs. Stevenson are both dead, Mrs. Vande-srift passing: away rcoent- U-. Her older brother lives at Uiver- siclo. Cal., and her sisters arc located at Oakland, Monterey and Nebraska City, Neb. Her i-Ulost" sister lives at Danville, Ilendricks county. She is the wife of a bank ollicial of that city. It is probable Mrs. StovcYison would have again become a permanent resident of her native country had the health of her husband permitted. Mr. Stevenson gained his greatest popularity in the United States and had always a warm spot in his heart for America, lie took up a residence in the South Sea islands partly on account of his health, and was contented to live there surrounded by his interesting 1 family. When Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson ta-st went to Samoa they lived in a sm;:ll and uncomfortable house, but nfterwnrd built a .two-story building in the midst of a colony of natives. The novelist wonh! only have native servants about him. lie said that white men always grumbled, and taught the "boys," as he called hisscrvants, tricks. It was Mr. Stevenson's plan to have his wife manage, the garden and the house "boys." She also acted in the capacity of ;-,tiia:;ueusis to her husband. The prince of Wales is saul to have a remarkably fine-shaped head, the silk hat he wears being the sine known as 7.!s- The late czar wore a 0% and the present C::ir Nicolas an even T. Tho emperor of Germany has -a head composed of tiu aggregation of bumps, and covers it with a hat of the CJs size. Tho prince of Wales wears a larger hat than cither of his son«. —Neversink, the name of a New York river, is a corruption of Ne-vm- siu«, an Indian word meaning "JUad. No Clew to Perpetrators — Loss of Document Very Serious Thins as ' Contents Can't Be Proved. SAN l-'rtA.vriscu. -Ian. ?'.>.— -The will of the late James (1. Fair was stolen from the probute clerk's olliee some lime Monday aflerrioon. and there is not the slightest clew to the pcrpetr.Uors of the crime. The discovery was made but half ;:ii hour before the usual tim. i\ r e-hx-'mg the olliec. Seme outcome in and asked permission t. tho document. A will tiled for pr^ is u public di.ieu'.iient Snd. lik« all ;>a- pel's in civil actions and probate proceedings, is supposed to lie open for the . inspection o( a::yone who is interested in the case an't desires to see it. WonhU'HS I'uji.'i- snIi-,1 uuU'd. ! The clerk who was linked to produce the will weni. to the pigeon-hole where it hail been last placed, lie took the bulky envelope on which was inscribed "Last wij! ami teslaiujn t of .lamest!. Jb'air" and carried il to tin: de.-k where the vis'.lor was waiting. U heuho opened it he was staggered at the cou- tents. The precious document wan noli 1 thci'c. In its place wa.s :i. lot of worthless paper which had been carefully folded and inserted in the envelope in an attempt to delay the discovery us long as possible. Search tor tin- JJociiiiii'nt;. The information wa.s imparted to the chief deputy. IK: ca.refu I ly scrutinized UH: envelope to make Mire that the will i was really missing. A search wa.s made in the pigeon hole where the document belonged. There was no sign of it anywhere. A thorough search of the en fire olliee, as far us it was practicable, \vas nuuie and proved fruitless. | The will was gone, but the investigation was not given up until long after the clorU's otiiee is supposed to be deserted. .'» s>rli>us J.iiS!-. The disappearance of such u will is a far more serious matter than would bis the disappearance of a will in uuy ordinary c;i.se. The great length and peculiar verbiage of the document render it, alnuist impossible to prove the exact language, which is important, even should there be no contest. Copies are in possession of the attorneys, but it there' is to be a contest the accuracy of copies would at once bo questioned. What is more, the signature of the dead milltomiire is gone. H cannot be produced, for the scrutiny of exports or for identification by the attesting witnesses whose testimony is to be offered in support of the will on hearing of the executors' petition for admission of the testament to probate. UNCLE SAM AS PEACEMAKER. Mexican mid Guatemalan Ministers Art- liruii|;l>t ToEBther by Mr. Grenliuiu. WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. — Secretary Gresham Tuesday afternoon broug-hc together the Mexican and Guatemalan ministers, Senors Komero -and Arriaga, at the state department, as the second practical step in a "peaceable settlement of the boundary dispute. While the conclusions reached -at this conference are not made public, there remains no doubt in official circles that there will be no war and that tho bad feeling- between the two countries will bo promptly dispelled. >'c£ro Thit-f Brutiilly Tortured. KICUMOND, Ky., Jan. 29. — A inob swung Garret Taylor (colored) to a limb beca-iiso he stole money from an old man. He was swung -up, then let dowu, but made no confession, lie was swung up again and again, but no confession. Finally he was left until life was ebbing away. A passerby cut him down und told him- to confess or that the mob would kill him. He owned up und the money'was found. To Attend Griinil Army JSncnuipuiRntn. KOCKFOBO, 111., Jan. 29.—Commander in Chief Lawler, of the G. A. K., started upon a tour of the United States and it is not expected that he will return to the headquarters in this city until the latter psrt of April, He is accompanied by the members oi his stall' and the party intends to visit .every encampment held ia this country this year, something never before attempted by a commander. Will SnCTcr No Kriliualon. WASIIIXGTOX, Jan. 29.—Judge Urati- le v, of the district supreme court. Tuesday rendered a decision that the pension ollicc had no right, to reduce tho pension of Jiulgft Long, of tho Michigan supreme court, and issued a inan- damus uri the commissioner of pensions directing: him to restore .1 udjfo Long's pension to the original iignre. !>I:INCKTOS, 111., Jan. i!).— The farm residence of William Par.ce on the Owen Lovojoy homestead of underground railroad fame. 1 mile east of town, was destroyed by fire, together with the contents. EXPECTANT MOTHERS. Thit oar vonderful rcin«ly "MOTHERS; FRtasTi'• ^'iloH makes child-birth caiy may g bTwrthin ti* reach "t »^1 ™ I>--> v ° ml««l the « ?S|« to «»p Itollnr per tortlo. Beware of Mr S»Sls*con)itfr£eKiiaJ«l«ubsuvnM». » t TAKE NOTHING BUT K I I I I I MOTHERS FRIEND. . . 8OLJ> BV AL1L DKCOOKT8. . . • l^-Wrlt* for hoot "TO JfoTHERS" maflKl™ TIIESIiADFIEIJ»JUMJirtA,T«m«fc. I - - -"••!•.«•. tt Catarrh Is Caused^ by Impure Blood Hood's Sarsaparllla Makes Pure Blood [And Permanently Cures Catarrh. J $lr. J. IT. CarnalMn j l^tton, 111. 'C. I. Hood st Co., I.ov.'dl, Mass.: " Guntlomun: — 1 a'.n vary lui;'py '-0 -wrlto to you tli:i: 1 ll.ivo been ta!-:l:i;; Hood's S:ir- sapari'j'.^ for calarrli tt'lLli uruat success. I liavo been troubled wi:!i this complaint for over t'jn yc.-irs, with dull livaxluche ue.-irlj all mo lima. Att-T ui'.;Ii)S ttirca bott'.dj ol Jloo'l's S:irsnp:irlll:i, la 1 " cured at c.-unrrb and ck'ar uT t.;u lie:Kl:ic'.:o. I W.-K also L-IHIO- lud witb :i scalp disejisi.-, whioli was very aiinoyins, four or flvo years. Sineo taking JLIood's Sarsapar'.lla I ilo nut hnvo any ir;ic« oJ this tmublt;. I sleep well, Inwo a cood netiio untl ft-el .strmiR, quite In contrast to ie--'.ins be'.on: 1 ii.-san to Uilie tiii- jooJ " J. M. OKXAIIAN. l':it:on, lit iny Hood's Pills'' iro proirpt and efjcient, yol eaay la aelioti. Bold Uy all (IruijKl&u. 23c- HEAVY BLOW FOH DEFENSE. Oovertltji^sit M:iy i uti'o.l'H-*- JCvhU'UCe to Mii»\v I?1Mu:uH'u of Order'*,. CtilC.'-CiO, Jii!:. :.".).-•-.luilgu Grosscup at the opening of Tuesday moriiiii;;'^ session of the American Kaihvay tinimi ouuspiracy trial decided thai tho govci'iiuiviitt might be ivurniittetl to introduce evidence showing the issuance of orders and what tho witnesses would regard as the c.-ceen- liou of these orders. The ruling was a, heavy blow to the. defense, which came prepared with voluminous authorities to support its position, but was not permitted to argue the case. In substance. Judge Grosscup said that if it could Ijc proved that in pursuance of the orders of the directors of the American Railway union trains bearing m:iil had been slopped or violence committed, the conspiracy would be practically established. "Well," stud Attorney Darrow, -'you hold then that men have no right to strike'. 1 '' "No, I hold they have no right to strike unlawfully or in pursuance of an unlawful purpose." 0. L. Myron was on the stand when court opened. He testified that in pursuance of an order signed by Debs, Keliher and Rogers he had tried to induce men to strike on the Illinois Central. At Fordharn he had a conversation with Trainmaster Egan, who told him if he did not get out of the yards he would be arrested. The order signed with the names of Debs, K«liher and Rogers was not introduced, but Wallace Rice, being recalled, testified that he had taken a copy of the order and it was printed in a mo'-ning paper. As printed it was introduced in evidence, notwithstanding the strenuous objections of counsel for defendants, who claimed matter printed in newspapers was not relevant. George Bcaty testified that Vice Grandmaster Hannahan, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, threatened to take him off his engine unless he abandoned his train of his own accord. Hanuahan is one of the defendants in this case. Bcaty said he had not been subpoenaed as a -witness in this case, bat had come at the instance of Superintendent Atwater, of the Grand-Trunk raiiroad. IL K. Hurley testified that Debs and Howard made iuJlamonatory speeches, the. former declaring that Pullin:mc:irs must be stopped at all hazards, mail cars or no mail curs. Chiiriri-il \viUi .-Misi'ipproprliition of Kiimln LIMA, 0., .'Ian. 2'.). — Charles M. llnghes. Jr., ex-cashier of. the First national bank of this city, was arrested bv a deputy United .Stales marshal of Toledo Mo'nday night on a charge of misappropriating SMO.WW. fund.; of the First national bank. The oib'cer took Hughes into custody at his home. He was taken to Toledo, accompanied by a partner of Lawyer Mackenzie, The hearing was set for next Friday. Hre in ilia Moiitn-ii.1 I.ilirnry. MoNrr.KAl., Can., Jan. 2?.—Mechanics' institute, at St. James and St. 1'eter street:-, containing the public 11- brarv, the most valuable in Canada on account of the uxtreine age of some of the works it eontains. was set on Sre. The damage to the building is estimated at' ijjO.OOO. It can be safely stated that inost of its thousands of volumes have been destroyed. \Vou-L Make ItTubllc. LO^TDOX, Jan. 20.— The Westminster Gazette claims to have authority for the statement that the earl of Kirober- ICT, secretary oi state for foreign affairs, -.vill not issue the consular re- norts received from Armenia because they confirm the previously received stories of massacre and outrage. ror~:Sewr *nrk Suo treasury. PHILADELPHIA, Jan- 20-— Gold coin to the amount of 52,500,000 was Tuesday shipped from the Philadelphia mint to the Xew York subtreasury. Within the .past week 510,000,000 in gold have been shipped from. the mint here to the ' York. .. importation WASHINGTON, Jan. 29. — The secretary of the treasury, in a statement sent to the senate showing the amount of sugar of all grades imported into the United States during each day of the sixty days prior to August, l^t'-l, says the total imports of sugar under No. 10 Dutch standard, amounted to 7,'>S,10S,- 110 pounds, --probably the hugest lig- ure attained in any one month iu the commercial history of the country." l.li.-l VH-IIIII 1-oinnl. MnvnoTi, 111.. .Ian. :.".'. --The sixth body, lhatr.f Adam X. IVrs^-heid, was recovered. V'Oin l lie ruins of the lien- ning brewery. The .-earehing of the Uobris was ended by the 'ind'nig oi [lei'seheid's hotly, as it wa.s fully as- eertaitied, tu the relief of everyone, that no other lives were lost. KNOWLEDGE r.iiu r ..u;i..t Slur'.i in :> T'.li-.iu-l- .... Lot-is. .Ian. •. 1 !).--Th. sin;:e:sin tho Delia J-'ox Op.-:-a eomiv.i- j i -..-.-itlv Used The ili:l!iy, Wllo live lu-t- iift v-two | .. - (ji." t!1 uthersaii'! etijuy Hfe ruc.i,.. with i, •' nu'ti' jir.miptlv SliUrelS 111 i.lC I'C.l.l .'"A v^'...i <_L'u.;'.i : . ^- VAp'. Ilultuil'. l.^ ,JUM, j.i..ii>|'nj lie a'.id uu'.'.iy other ]v.issen : :'er> on the ! ..: ; -.|i;i:it; tl.i ivel'idV best pr.idnct. 1 - to Vatidalia'- :in->ruing train were stuck [ •,, nee'!> i.-f i^i.-slia! bi-ing. will .-"ttt-st f..ir a ha!:' hour in the bridg Several o:' I he woiuvii fa into,', a'.i-l theiv ;v;is nr.ieh exei lenient aiu.nig tile entombed inisM-Mgi-rs. ___ .-> r ri'TPor".! , i,'.~l~lTr I '. < •- • r. SAX t'mxc:- ! C(.', Jan. I'D. —William J. llr.rlev i'.as ixvn arrested and lotiged in jail eharu'.'.l wi'.h aliempting to bribe a juror in the ease of K. II. McDonald, now being tried !'•»• perjury. forgery aud omiie/./.lemoiH. Hurley is the man "'Im hung the jury in the Ih-.-a trial of Actor -M. I>. Curtis for the murder ol' I'oiiec'.miu Grant. In . :ivo,- uf li',,.. -t Co, NKW VUHK. Jan. :.".'.— Judge Green, .if the United Mates district court, has decide.! i:t favor of Hoc A Co. The suit was against Walter Scott for t'.u: iin'nny'iMueut of :; patent for a printing-press folding machine. Tiii'J MAltlvKTS. t 11 li'Atjo. ,T;in H' Fi-orn—\Yns ilul! ami wciilt. vrintev 1'jt- ents. 5i."t).i,2.",i: .-ii'iiU'Ht^. ?'.':ift : iii>i. i-ii-.irs, li/j.S. 1 ) ,S;>rii:i; -i-'nti'iit-!. ;:i -"J.t.'i..'>J; M r.,:«:il.s ; iti.S 1 .); KuJ I.o n -, fl.ft'i'ii.rs: li.ve. j~.:w : .:-.'.ja \VHI:AT—Aerivc, uiiscit:cil inul lower .N'o. 2 L'ush, jOit50,'.ic; J;iini.jry, -]ll..,. r )0c. M.iy, 5','^ Mo. COHX —\\'c:'.'i! »lth [in iii-llvc ir.irio. No. J and No. -' Yellow. -:0!i'c: N'u S. :iS' 4 i-: iuul No. ; OATS—Fulr trading iiiul lowi-r. Osli No. C. 27(Ii'.7:-.ic: M:iy,-~ J a t-i 11 !]!-- Siiinples easy; snp- plv s'.n'alt No. 3. :.!>!.<!'.:W'.ji-; N'". X \V line. IiOli (iiflh-: No. ^.-S.t-^S ; o; No. -' W'liiti 1 . 31-/.SJi-. Kvii—MurUct \try sw.itty. No. ~ in store, ;»>. S:nntile ioi.s. SI •(.SI -i^': May delHi-ry, rilla'^.'c'i:. UAitLKY—Sold hdrly well mul nilm) a sliinlii llriner Coinmoii to KOOil No.-t. •ISitli-'c; No. '.I, MKSSt'ORK—Trading w is modcr.nely aoiira. Prices lowtj". QuoMiilons rini^rod [it S 1 .'..)- 1 j^ JO. '£: for c, s!i rcwiiliir: Jfl.S-vifiilO 25 for Jun- uiiry, unii Sfl.T;H©]0.53 for May. L.AIIU—Katlier nciivo and lower. Quotiition 1 ) r:llJ^L-d UL $G.liT]3(i.'l7';4 for I'iisl 1 .: J0.^5itG.4T>i for January, und jfl.4-;M@0.(J5 for May. LiviiPoULTHV—Per pound: Turkeys. DiJOc; Cliiclttn.s. riSTWo; "Duchs. 8@0j; Gcesi;, par doz..S3.0030.00 BUTTEH—Creamery. l-/.'^3o: Dairy, PC OILK—llcndliubt, ITS icst. K!4C', GAsollnc,87 dci; s. lOc: 7-1 dCK s, Ite; NuplHlia, O'J <Io.''s, 7o. i.iuuons—Whtsliy quoted steady nv $],'•£ pel gallon for highwinos. -~~^^ I NKW YORK. Jan. -0. Ftocit—State and western dull. weak. WHEAT—No.2 red active, excited and declined lo v,Uh the west and on continued, liq- uldiitlon with cables easier; May going to 57^c, or ?;c o"lo-w Die former low rocord; rallied y f c, now steady: March. 57o: May. E7M(35S:<ci July. 58 l-ica5?y'jc: August. 5S?iijt50^iC. CORN—J«©lWe lower with west; moderately ^ active, weak. February, 47M°: Muv. *f 1I-10J • , 4XW. July. «.ft43Xc: No t', -Isjic. OATS—No. S dull, weaker. February, 33'^c; May, ;)3*331-10; Slate. •W,&40<:; Western, • BEEF—Dull, unchanged. POKK—Moderately active, we.ilt Mc.ss, J1I.7! LAUD—Quiet, easy. Steatn-rcodered, f0.82;5. B'uTTKli — Quiet. Fancy creamery, tlrm; Western dairy. 10 il5c; do, creamery, I2S--I2; do. tacior.v.S&t-fc: Klgins.24c: lmllailonci j eara- erv. IDjtlBc: June creamery. 14®i. y Oc. CHKKsli—Quiet, easy. State, lur^e. OiOtl'.-ic; fancy colored, 11WC: do. white, 10-JiiiIlc; do. small. 9'/,ill?ic; part sktms,'.i'/ifOi".", 'uU skims, ^©.'ttc. EOCS-Llmcd, 1031"c: Western,ISVic. I,lvo Stock. CHICAGO. Jan. y>. HOGS—Mirket fairly active and fcelinc weal;. Prices S-/.10J lower. Sales ranged at JJ.S.ii'4 4.00 .'or Pi!,";; J:i.9i)(})!•£> for light: i-I.O'.i-j.'i. l.'i ror roush picking; o-i.OJiii.-tt for mixed, and S4.:!Jii'I 55 for Heavy jjacliins and snipping lots. CATTLE-Market rather active. Prices stroni;. Quot..Mons ranRCd at W.SjlJ.'i.SO for cnoice to extra siipplni: Steers: j t ::u .M .SO for gooil to choice do.; $-1.85 r,l.-f) tor fair to Rood: S3.3 n; i S.DO'for common to medium do.; W.uO'f.:i.iJiJ '.m Batchers' Steers: >jiOJ.o:.93 for Stocl;crs; siflO;«:!.i'iU for l-'ceaers: ->!.:W /--'.70 for Cows; k'.TOit.3.JU for He iers: Sl.Tbfi3.7Ti 'or IJillls: SiTiai-l IS f o r Texas Steers, and siOajJ.V,!.) for Veal Calves. i<.',iv t iii'Tnei'ile-i emuniei.--.' u> Vbo .',! l.'i tl'.e '.:,*'•.;•, the rcl'i.-iiir:;; :iml Ii'iily i iN ,,..;'i|,,., ,.,,!,•.,/ htMti.-.i'iK-i- cinil I'everv ,..) iieri'n-iiieiiiiv e;irif:r oiiist:|i:i!iini. ...-I willi !.!ie :ne>r-!V:i! oi 'lie n;edic:U • r.i'-s-iifi liiv.-i:';••: i' :ii'l> <.'" ''"'' ' 1 -' f -' .,;:,,, th.'ii. iir.I i' is cedei'lly Tree iVuni •-'vni|> n!' !"!:-> is fi>i sil< "y ;iii ilrus;- i-t.sill'.'ii'l- lil.'i SI h'lltlc.x lllU it is IIIUH- •!;'.e!i:vei : . by i 1 ,-.,- O:: iiVerni;, Fi-; Syr up '.. niiij , u-h'iM' iniRie i> iirinii'i! <in every ..i,'l;.l^i:, :nv. tl:i- li.-llll". 'Sv-. I1J, ,il Fit.-. •,',i Ix-iin; -vll ihUin.ie.l, yuli oill »•>' OI'KN* TO VI,L. Our n.-w i hi-tni . .1 luni'iili" 1 - uri .^iiwul.'HIcii a .1 lllVvvtlU^ltls ' l 'nl Mil 1 t 1 ?'*!" 1 Vv';-,lL b IVt-t OIL liH" n in;. :> J d 'r.'. 1 fn ."Pi'i'i all' n "» lUMMvil.iii.Ty M">' luiion \ii-lil rmr CHS- I.oni'-rs '.'in •• 11 .'i tlilj |iu>M:s " r m- tlf>l lnvt"-t- iiii-iiTs an.i n'i'"i'" MI-CIUI .iH« j iulo«. c'usti or ou ti nnirjil'i "'•» t 1 *- r> M*-r t'-lit. Luiinm,s;.K>n IU [H»r cunt. Wilti 1 'ni- |iailini!:us. tSH'JtAtfttXKV & <•'».>! I'.A\V, 10 >Vnll rtin-i't. >'<.'«' V'orK City. COLUMBIA PAP CALENDAR For •» *> <t 1895 A Desk Calendar is n necessity— i most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all — full of dainty silhouettes nnd pen sketches and entertaining , thoughts on o'Jidoor exercise and • sport. Occasionally reminds you ol • the superb quality of Columbia K-_\ cycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Addrm Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention till piper. Hartford, Conn. Thf prospect ot lellenrom dr.w'Ic catt.'irtlcs for persons. trouble<l »itti c-uisilpatlon Is poor I-i'.s«l. True i hey act upon thf l)0«.p!s.DUttlilR •y an with vli-lt-nce. and thplr op»r;nIon tends to 'e.-ikfn tun Inte.-'tlnf.s, und is prejudicial to th<; inch. Hosti-u-r'i. Stom ch Blti« s is an tual lav.i'.iv^. b tit n-lth'-r «'lpe-i ,ior pn- !es. Kurthi'nuore. It promotes dluesll nand a rcKUlar action of tln>llv,.r and kldnpjs. It Is an oarrlTiisalnsta-d remedy lor malarial comp ai tsHndilu'umiiibm, and ISO'crrat benefit ID t.'ie wrak, UTV us an ' ac^J. As ;i meillcl- rial -tlmulant it cannot lie surynsswi. Pb^slcfaris IT recomrct-nd n, and Irs iirof^s^onal in eni N In'!} bornt* Ont hy popular Apn-Hi" and )-lei-p s-if l")tli by ihls agreeable jnvUornn' and al.U'ratlve. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria, Forthat tired feslioi; with headache, t»k« a few doses of Rsntfbart's Pills. Ooe a dose. Sold by B. F. Ketshcg and KeysiOne d-ue nore. Chi Idren Cry for Pitcher's Cap*^ria. If your chila .r .c iul, give Bine- hart'* Worm Lozenjjes A ciose or i»o will remove tee cause, which is owing 10 worma. Sold by B. F- Keea- ilcg aod Keystone dru^r §toro. Wliy Cnllilri'n Frt-t. v Tbe cause ol froifulneaB in children U largely owinK to tho existence of et macb worme. There peets of child- bood itflimetbelloiogof tbeetotuacb, wbich Is followed by fevers, flushed cheeks and irritable, nervous condl- lion, wblcb POtnellmes end in SpabmS. Tfie faffst., i-urest and bsst remedy to remove tho worms is RinehartV Worm Sold by B. F. KeeelSng and Keystone drug store. «-»m Blcfc. •"•« jrs^^^ <rn.-< u CbUQ. sno cneO tor Ca ou»p u> Castort*. sue g»ve L Cau.-c uf lut TIrcil I'pi-llBB. Thewnrra -umme'- duj» develop the Utent g- roiB of disease, caused by torpid and inactive liver— sickness tooner Or later will ,'ollow. nnle-8 tbo liver Is rendered active, and me b<;=t remedy known to produce actlvl'y of 'his organ is Kinchart'rt Liver Pille. Act promptiv «D(1 tllnctlvely. Sold Dy B. F. Keesling anc Keyetooe drug ttore. Children Cry for Castoria. for Or-r fiflj y<-«m Mrs. Winsiow's Soo'.Din^ Sjrup bas been ustd for over flfij \c-ars by mli- iiocs of cBoiheru /or toeir cbilcren wbiie tectbiDfj. with perfect success. It iooihva ihectiUd, sofieo* tbe gum*. aUa^satl paio, cures wild colic, and fs ine "bust remedy for diarrboei. It «i 1 relieve tbe poor little fufferer immediately- Sold by druagisia ia every part of the world Twenty-five ceata & bottle. Be sure and asi for ' Mri. WloBlpw'B Sooihlcg Sfrup," »nd 1 DO other kind. . igMaafeM^^al^^^^

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