Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 15
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Weak Eyes or Poor Sight. We fit glasses to relieve headache. Do your eyes water? Do letters blur while reading ? If you have any trouble withlyour eyes consult us. J. D TAYLOR, Graduate Optician, GRADUATE: f Dr. KioR's School ot Optics. 1 Tiie Cbicajjo Optlialmic College. Cockburn Brothers' Office. Rooms 2 ana 3 Spry Building, Write Fire Insurance in companies tluit pay losses promptly. Sell you a Life lusurancc Policy contract in a first-class company that cannot bo improved, We can dispose of your properly if listed with us at a fair value In a short time. i We have all kinds of property to sell or trade. Money to loan on farm or city property in any amount from 9200 up. Make your wants known by consulting Cockburn Brothers, Real Estate, Insurance and Loans. Rooms 2 and 3 Spry Building, LOGANSPiDRT, IND. Bicyclists Attention! After taking a long ride remember PORTER has the coolest and BEST SODA IN THE CITY. Wood and Iron Pumps at Wholesale Prices. Si's ft Wooden Pomps with Polished Iron orForcolain-linedCylinder3.?2.50 Six ft. Wooden Pumps with 3-inch Cylinders for 1% Iron Pipe $2.00 Large Cistern Pumps C ft.-long ?1.0-l The above pnmps arc 6 inches square, ' . ,: •; • ( "||[ Small Cistern Pumps 5 inches squa ro and C ft long $1.CS Iron Well Pump with 3-inch Cylind or for 1>,4 Pipe $2.7," Also all kinds of pump repairing do nc by John J. Hildebrandt, TEL. III. (Mutual.) 408 Fourth Street, LOGANSPORT. Maple Grove. Maple Grove. Lots on Broadway, Market, North, 'High, George and Spear streets for sale on very easy terms. Parties desiring to build can buy lots on time and use money for building. _ . , I can sell you improved city property or farms. Two houses to trade for vacant lots. Money to loftn. \ Joe T. McNary. The " Vendome/' FRANK BEAMER, Prop. The Venttome will be refurnished and made tie finest Cafe In tie city. Thte restaurant Is equipped with all the modern Improvements. Plenty of electric fans to keep nil cool while eating. Meals on short notice. Every thing the market affords in season. ; ^,,_ ETIQUETTE OF CVCLING. t I'ew Point. For r«lr Dcvotin of th« Silent Steed. It ia not strictly correct' for -a young lady to ride.unaccompanied. There appears to be n growing tendency among people of .refinement in this country to be more rigid iii the matter of cflaper- one, although ns yet we can hardly be said to have approached the strict-rules of the French, who do not allow a young woman to cross the street,' to say nothing of chopping or calling; 1 without being accompanied by a woman of mature jeais. The unmarried woman who cycles mntit be chaperoned by a married woman ; bnt, as • every one rides, nowadays, this is an affair easily unwaged. Neither most the married woman ride alone. If unable to provide herself with a male escort, she most be followed by a groouo or a maid. Iii this latter con- uectiou a woman is very fortuunte if among her men or women servants one knows bow to ride a bicycle. Women occasionally go to-the expense of having a servant .trained in the art. It is related that Mrs. Hamilton McK. Twombly, for example? went to the expense of having a servant take lessons so that she could accompany her upon her numerous trips about her country borne. The dress question for womeu is not yet settled by any moans, bnt uo self respecting woman will wear u costume that is hardly distinguishable from a man's or that ia otherwise conspicuous. Modesty is becoming at nil times, and especially upon a bicycle.—Bearings. CYCLING WIT AND WISDOM Tho drift of cycling HOW is tho enow drift. Too much air is almost as bad a none at all. Economical people nre uot usuall; that way with regard to their cycling advice. If cycling was all sunshine, wonl< it not be wishing and soarcbiiiff fo shadow? Some men expect their wives to bu; a dollar's worth of cycling with 100 cents nud keep the change for spending money. Never bny a secondhand wheel with out first trying it ou tho road, nnd never consider such a trial thorough until you have driven tho wheel up hill. An old tire patch can bo quickly re moved by holding the tiro over the flame of a gas jet or spirit lamp, care being taken not to burn the rubber. Never ride n wiieel where the cranks have, become looseued. Do not try to find n remedy by drivisg homo the olc key. This is rarely satisfactory, but a new key is always so. Nothing lightens tho unpleasant task of ridding a wheel of its accumulated mud or dust like a brush, which ia not too stiff aud is supplied with a handle, not too short.—Wheel. FAMOUS FOLK AWHEEL. Lord Bra&sey and his daughters have caught the wheel fevor. Amoug the London women who ride are the iPriucesses Bonaparte-Wyse, Co- lauui and Orsiui and the Duchess Gal- 3es.se-BeJmont. Thu Princess of Wales thinks plain black enamel and ordinary plating good enough for her tricycle— n genuine example of royal modesty. ' Princo Albert, tho heir presumptive to tho crown of tho Belgians, is proud of tho title, lately conferred upon him, of high protector of cycling. , Speaker Eeed is quoted as saying, in response to tho question what ho considered the most important problem now before the public^ "Bow to dodgo a bicycle." For tho Antlbrftklstn. Few of those who ato loudest in their arguments ngainst the equipping of bicy- clps with brakes bave any idc;v of the actual facts involved. A mau weighing 150 pounds aud moving at the rate of 20 feet per second, which is only 14 miles per hour, has a morntmtum of 3,000 pounds, leaving out of nil consideration the weight of the wheel. It ie this 8,000 pounds tho autibrato people would have the public bolieyo they cuu easily aud quickly stop bv the use of the toe of 0110 shoo nnd tho bnck jpedal- iiig of one leg.—Wheel. ULTS Measure the Worth of the Man, and His Abilities and Skill in His Profession. And the Splendid "Results" Obtained by Lyman P.Walter, M.D.are Talk of the City and Surrounding Country. Repairer In I.ea«ne With Thlorci. Au up town physician left liis wheel for repairs ut a small shop iii the neighborhood of his house, aud when lie wont for it was informed thnt it had been stolen and that the proprietor of the Btoro was not responsible for thefts. Investigation proved, however, that the repairer was iu league with a baud of thieves, who took wheels from his store, altered their numbers, destroyed name plates, repainted aud then sold them.— New York Advertiser. Bloomer Glrln Are Temperate. The Philadelphia TQlcgranh Jins started a teapot storm by statiug that "the habit of drinking has spread among liulios since thoy havo tukon to bicycling." Tho Now York Sun 1ms invagtignted tho irmttor, and the mass of tho ovidouoo is found to glvo llut contradiction to the chargo. It Is most assuredly falsti. It Is only another ineffectual llt.tlo arrow from tho fvntiwheol- ing qulvor, uud the hide of tho cycling body Is now sufficiently seasoned to treat It with contempt.—Beforoo. A New Knellih Chain. A new chain bus appeared in England which is causing considerable comment on the other §ide. The chain at its baso resembles -the chain now In use, oxcnpt that on each alternate link there la a triangle nborit' an inch in Tieight. -Tho apexes of the trianglo'aro connected transversely, M well m the bases, Itig claimed that;a two pitch chain Is thereby obtained. Some well posted critics on tho other side Bay that tho.scheme IB not feaeible,~New York Tribune. , ... Increase OF Patronage^ Forces DR. WALTER To Return to this city f Remain at the Murdock Hotel Until DR. LYMAN P.WALTER. Eyesight Restored, Deafness Cured. TESTIMONIALS FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO HAVE BEEN BENEFITED BY DR. WALTER'S NEW METHOD. Unquestioned Endorsements From Logansport Folks of Standing and Prominence, Attesting the Superior Abilities of a Man Eminent in Medicine, Skilled in Surgery and Active in the Search of Scientific Discovery. Endorsed by People From, Surrounding Cities, Dr. Walter's Fame and Skill are no Longer- in Question. __ _ r ALMOST EXTIBELY DEAF, It is no dream or illusion; no fairy story ;md one docs not have to use the least bit of imagination to discover, or exa£seratlon\to detail the facts tint Dr. Lyimm'P. Walter has demonstrated his superior abilities as a skilled operator on ailments of the eye and diseases of the ear, nose aiki throat. The state ment Is borne out by the number, of operations performed by Mm since coming to Lofpinsport. Less than three weeks in the city and over fifty cases •equiriug? the use of the surgeon's kuH'e jflvc presented themselves anil opera- tlons'have bean made. Polypus tumors vithout number have boon taken from Jie noses of Cass county people, tumors if tlic eyelids; the ears and the throat mve been successfully operated upon. ataiacl's removed, in short, an opera tug room in n hospital whore daily Hnics were received, would have been nit a side show to Dr. Walter's surcii- _al operations since coining to Logansport, and tho more remarkable fea- ure of the work its the'universal praise vbicb is bestowed upon this man of kill. J CROSS EYED ALL MY LIFE. Mrs. E.'B. Sliideler who lives in Lu- Ji-ne, ln.d., says: "I have been cross ycd all my life until I called upon Dr. Valter at Murdoek hotel Monday. June st, and lie straightened my eye Hi one minute nud without pain or chloro- orw and I left liis parlors without any dase whatever over n>y eyes awl ID glad to say they are as straight as any ones nnd cannot thank Dr. Walter nough as I regard him as a scientific man." TOPPED NOISES IN MY EARS IN FIVE MINUTES AND RESTORED MY HEARING. T. C, Lowell; near Royal Center says: I have been gradually growing, dent rom catarrh; for eight years I had onstant noises in my ears nnd stopped up in my nostrils and so on. I called pon .Dr. Walter, June 1st ot Murdoek otel and be'.stopped the noises' In my. ead aud ears In five minutes and now my hearlnff is perfect." '- AN ENGINEER'S CHILD. Who Suffered With TJiro.it Trouble Since Birttj a Ed Wns Relieved in One Treatment. Mr.. Pierce Richason, an engineer on Much Improved at one Treatment and" Greatly Relieved in One Week. Edward McCr«v Bnrlingotn, Ind, the Panhandle railroad, who lives .it j c^rroll county was almost entirely dent 1913 Market street, brought his liule ] girl to Dr. Walter last week. She had been suffering from i.hront trouble all her liCe and could nanUy sleep at nights being restless and distressed at all times. Dr. Walter removed her tonsils aud now the cliild sleeps sound nnd without any distress whatever. HAD CATARRH AND WAS DEAF AND HAD CONTINUAL NOISES IN MY EARS. Mr. George TulUe who lives in Frankfort, Indiana says: "For twenty- years I have had catarrh and couM get no relief whatever, for ten years I iiave been greatly-troubled by constant noi.s- es in my ears, sometimes like the chirping of crickets, nud at other times a roaring or singing noise. I continually grew worse until about five years ago I almost entirely lost my hearing and during this time 1 have dociored with a great many noted doctors but from some reason or other I could 3iercr obtain any relief until I called upon Pr. Walter. He examined me aud treated me by his new method of treatment -awls - -''•"'•;'•'' '•' in five minutes the noises in my ears, had stopped aud in three tre.itmeuts.-l could hear .ia ordinary conversation and now I am glad to say I can hear as good as any one, the noises in my head have entirely disappeared. I regard Dr. Walter's new melitod of treatment for deafness as something wonderful and I cap not sing liis prais es too highly as he has done something for me that dozen? n f otuer doctors failed to do aad I regard Mm ns .a doctor of remarkable ability." and. bad been so for over ten years. lie could not he.'ii' a watch tick and:, was compelled !o nsc an car trumpet'., to carry ou .1 conversation. He iwd heard of Dr. Walter and his new method of rreiuin? deafness an<f wheu the doctor visited Logansport be called upon Jiim ;i.t the Murdoek hotel , nud commented treatment nnd in ouc-- tre.iUB<ait he was nMc (o bear a vrateh.. tick -ind within one ivoek he could hear an ordinary conversation nud was over- - joyed nt liis 1'oitannlx? recovery from, > deafness. He naturally has a high regard for Doctor Walter's ability ancK, says: "I wish it was in my power to > bring every <lcaf person in' this sur- rounding country to Doctor let their hearing be restored. ONE MORE WEEK O.a-.-Account ot the Large Number Patients Dr. Waller Will return Dr. Walter will return to the Murdoete- hotei -In Ixigansporl, Monday June 22aJ and remain until Sunday June 2S on-%. account of the large number of paiiente- under his treatment and at the request of numerous persons who desire to commence treatment All are invited to call upon his returc* visit and consult him as consultation fc=. entirely free. . . ;

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