The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1933 Hl.VTUKVM.l.rc. iAl!(U : AGE THRER Where Ten Pupils Died in Florida Crossing Crash Colorful Political Figure Will Make Race a Warm One. BY FRANW MrNAUGIITON !:n'i»ii Press Slntf Correspondent OKIAHOMA CITY (UI'I—Vet- oral) of venrtellas whicli hive ruined most wnrriors. John C. (I-on Jfick) Walton, corpora-, 'f'?. lion cominl.'-sloner. once impraclicil * as irnvrrnor. Iwlnv loomed us a Vailing coiiu-sliiiil In the 1011 rues f«;r ilic slate's liiijliesl political of- (Icc. When Walton, v.-lio nulled the throttle on President Porflrlo Diav.'s train during the Mexican involutions, recently niinounceil 40.000 Okkiliomniis had petitioned liltn to ruti for Rovernov. [jolili- ctaiw bcRan to think seriously of liis chances. That, iiiirnucr 01 voces r.l the outset would almost assure him of f. ]ilare in the ntn-off primary. Hot Camjiaien Forecast Walton's ciiirv into the Governor's race, which lias practically been assured. u-ill turn Oklahoma politics into a tcmiicst, political :.n"r.s predict. Wnlton has campaigned for practically every office of any size in'lhe state, and is the one man \vho c:>n draw as large a crowd a.s Oov.-W. II. (Alfalfa Billl Murray, v;ho has a.ssailed him bitterly recently, after supporting him for corooration commissioner. Walton's first office ivas as city commissioner of nublic works here in 1917; in 1320 lie was Mayor of Oklahoma Citv: in 1022 he cmn- mieneri Tor governor willi a jax/. band and n coterie of old pioneers, to win by 50.0^10 votes, the largest, majority recorded to that time. Martial Law Kltin uprisings led to martial Inw. and later the unsuccessful use of troops to prevent impeachment Proceedings. Grand juries \vcre forbidden to meet, habeas corpus VYHK .suspended, and curies; ran^ In the capital, until an emergency election was held, voting the legislature power to meet without being cnlled. Walton was impeached on 22 counts charging corruption, misuse of power und incom- petencv. He was ousted 10 months. rifn>r he became governui. In 1926. Senator Elmer Thomas defeated him for the wnato ?eat. t,a(er. Ren. T. n. Core duplicated his colleague's feat. He was defeated bv C. J. Blinn in a race for j mayor of Oklahoma City recently,] and since then Blinn has been removed by recall. . Mall Fraud He was ;1nUictc<l in a mail fraud with RiclinTd E. EnrMit. form-:New York Police Commissioner in the alleged 53,000.000 Universal Oil streamlined (rains unolher truck, (Iraiiiiiu Don't think one of I hose monster 01: the highway. It'.s ji-st a 1500-uaHcii oil truck, but H CMI DC used to convey milk, beer or li(|iiid cheiin>;:il tnijine is in Hie rear anil all tin rontr'oLs nr.c air-opcrati'd—brakes, liorn. clutch. is coming toward you, whcr. you meet till? l along the latest aerodynamic lines. This as well, '.s and even The tlie 3ut Disappointment Bo Their INp Lot Unless : 7 o rtl ico. n ing. little boy;: and yl elulti d and vilh Illlli' •at, aiv happy l'i tlu'lr |Mi:irly lur-1 nlshi'il hciiiie tixir.y as they me I ii|ilici;;:nlni! th'^ visit from Hiinin Clau- u:i Smu'.iy nlylu. 'lliisc i. from two to ten years of ;ike, lire U'liiiiK eai-h othorj .Ic.rUs <i[ ho- 1 .' Huint Nk-lKilaS| cnii-iitiH's vuits [-<K>r pvripU'- |iay- \t\( i"' iillentiivi to then iii(iilii-r, ;U-k MI l.'d fur the p:iM tln-i e inoi!'!: . \\ho '.viiiii-; Ihtni th-y imiy lie disutJi/.lntcd.. In ar.iither fau.lly Ihr-ri' nre also five Miiall eliildien. Tin; oldest Ncsro Kniie WieWer * Picked "Big House" 1IOSTON (UP)—Jniues Brown, H neiiro round millly or assault with n kulfe. e.\presseil (lie desire to i!0 la Ilic "HI;; House-" rnlher than .,,,... Uo llmisc ol Correction, when the! Will I Juilw i-iuitonciNl him Hrotvn loiiiul only uiii> fnnlt wlini hi:, uiiui'st wus eranled. Ills! i :Vnleiuv liacl been clmtiiitil from .1 t'.vo year; to Uo an<l one-luilf -to i. barely H"'" 1 S v - u -~> ; 'l "(all 1 prison, fdcxl tol ~ -rssfiilly DnfcncJ Wool- Plant Against Invasion by Strike Breakers. Ball Hits Player, Rolls Into Pocket! KANSAS CITY, KITUIM- U'ulfe NIK! wer ol thi- all tli has bi yean IB id- 11 u-ry sick trtn di-.slluiU' fo: Mo. (Ul>) — Walter I.nrson olf on Swoire I'nik Nrnrlnu Nu. -I RITI-H, Wolff made hi: approach mid walked ahead. Aiiunt iiiids ahead of his part- in r, hi- heard the undent cry "l-'ou 1 ," paused, tinned, only lo be r.rcund the str'k* breakers aril clmrged the mob on .their ye-'" hides but they ivi-ro stopped by the sheer force ol » human blockede. Now Even Tr ucks Arc Rcing Streamlined Mi, wliu is len, diK-s A-urk as ilu- mother ill lieullh for .severa oiiu: 1 : of (he children Tills family has seviial iiiiintlus. 1*<^!'I in ary ronn will In- i;rnn!y ,ipprt'C'al"<J by a widow nnil l:ei i hire children, Ikiys of li-n, six mid tin i C years. Bin- b> Mrns- jjlhu. to nlve Iv-r children u home 10 tliat [hey may be kept tosilher but uitluiiii the i'iirnlnj;.n at u iRtl.M Hlic Is f:.clni5 u dllllcult sili::d on. 'Ihi-.-o fniiiilles 1» cured fot. 'lhi-se chililm: must nut wuki 1 1.11 Mi;:-d.iv p-n:nlntj to the .sumo '.il'l'.L :r, in n'.lii-!- itiiy;. Somi! uiu 1 ni'rl ^ivc tli'in some to>.s. ijoitie ]/;oil hir n nice dinner and, ptr- ha|i:. :.c:iii- cl'jlhini;. \ 'Ilio.'. tjcodfclluv:.s club believes 11 is • u privilege lo play Simla Oiaius lo null'! 1'i.e [urtiitniti: tjian ihi' £iv,?r and the ltic:il (0111- luilti • i;> n-hicl-n; lo lie;; (icoylc lo aiiuul llii'.fl! ininilies. 'lt:i' l-,-.i is loin; -almost :IOO. Aiiy- i nc caiim; to iie'.p by di)natl'.ui.i ol niuney. food, clothing ur iilher yifls t;r anyone i-urlng to adujjl a li'iiilly may t-all "KS, courier Hews, Ijel in Irmch vllh Hosi Stevens. 0',i!f:-)!o'A^ chnJ/niiLn. HKKPKLKIi. Out, Dec. '20 (UP) I'liikvr.s riintrd -is pollr; oiricers mid a ijnnip of slilkc breakers Unlay Mhon Iliey ntli'inpk'il to l:aUle thi'ir wi^ through plekel iluv.s aruinid th: Dominion Wool- cixs ('(jmpany. • j A [ilirhed hi 1 lie iosnlte<l which! In.-iod fur a ti:il hour. Strike l.ii'iikrrs lied from Hie scene, i'l-ri-aiiiliuj and I ndly bniLseil. 'Ilu 1 strikers .-,11! down n barrase i.[ 'itoin-s ami siruek nl ollkvri ttilli tlHr lists lo ]irevent jiollro I'iiiirU'tl slrllie Ineakeis liom hit In the clu-sl by Luisni'i's bull.! I'-a'lilne Ihe plf.r.l. l.aiani JiilniMl Wolfe. Tiijji'lhcr! Apiiiuslmatelv MD slrikers Joln- lliey luinlcil for thi^ hall. Thcyjul the pickets svlien the battle nurlv li'id ijlvi-n up hojie. of llnd- j ilaiU'il. Niniiei-iK. 1 ; woinni In Hie MI: II whi-n Uirain hupiienocl lo.cnwcl .screnini'd l-.yslei-lcally. Holm: put his hur.d In (he |«H'ket of ills' falnlnl. Ollu'irs litci. Jacket, lie found I lie lull. Moloicycle ulfii.-ev.s formed a Ituu Woman gu<c»d> on Farm FOND DU LAC, Wls. (UP)—Wo-_ men cnn nmnagc farms us well a£L men. In the opinion of Miss Mary Martin, formerly of Pond du Lac, J who ijavLs up her work as a II-" brnrlnn to study horticulture. She. Is now mniinKer of a farm on an estate near iiryn Mawr, Pa., and rclurwd recently to visit her inotaeV. Head Courier News Want Ads. Mothers! In treating children's cold*, don't take chances.. use PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS G. C. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadway Phone 197 Deaih struck with uaruly an's warning wticn p. Irei-jht tiain crashed mlo at n railway crossina near Crci.cent City, Fla. Ten children were killed and 10 of whom may die. Terrific force of the Impact is fhowti by UK wreckage of this .school bus injured, several I the overturned buy. I Babv's Christmas Merry jollicsl of ClirislmiLi. Tile nen Joyce ha.s 12 living the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gill, Jackson, has every prospect, of ,thc seasons, for Ejyantiparents Everyone of them thinks Joyce! Lee is the flr.esl baby in the world, \ Company stock swindle, but cxon-i and so. all things considered, a: crated. [ merry competition is on. j Penniless, he campaigned for j Joyce's grandparents include one corporation commissioner with '• grcat-srcat grandmother. two I added a distinctly new service to ] the garage-filling station operated With 12 Grandparents " crp »y vlr B» Hudtfeto,,. I Tourists -driving :n ;or gas and LAWSON, Mo. (UP)—Joyce Lre, oil usually'carry a delicious supply of bugs and grasv.oppsrs on the radiators of their automobiles. liccks mil the Insects, droppinj them to Lhe gratinri. b:ie then inspects the machine from stem to stern for other dainty bits. When the car drives away, the hen enjoys a real meal. She rcosU atop the town hearse, and Cursinp; Cost Quaker ' State Man 33 Days in Jail MIFFLINGDUUG. Pa' (UP) — Cuisim; cost 70 cents here. Mariyn Frederick, of near Lau- rclton. Union County, was fined that much by Justice of the Peace Ij. F. Lybarijcr. under an net of 1724. In addition to £5 on n disorderly conduct charge. He coiildn'f pay the fines, with /the result that he was sentenced to 19 days in the Union County Jail on the two charges, and 14 days for failure to pay the costs Pennine Hiley LOUR oratory, dc-, RICal . grandfathers, two featiiifi the Kmsfoh's brother,; mothers, and two yrandfatherr,. George L. Lonif. of Tulsa, and 13; t , vo step-srandmotliurs and one other candidates. His oratory I itep-grandfather. sweiit him to victory. -I ~ \ _/ Walton's checkered political ca- MT. T ij reer (s a patchwork quilt of ad- "ISC 1CX3S nen vcr.skIra and successes. There are only about 40,000 Eski- \ mos In the entire Arctic. I Dainty Tidbits from Autos HOLLAND, Tex. (UP)—A hen that, wearied of barnyard fare Ins i Girt Ideas For Late. S/ioppers Hirlhsfono Rii:jrs. Sl.'iO Un Cnmw King;, $2.50 Up Di;tmcml Rings, S1ft Up l,;idics' Wrisl \V:itchcs. SS.75 Up C'nslumc Jewelry, S! Up Sheaffer I'cn-1'cncil Sets, S3.r>0 Up Electric Clocks for Mantle or Desk Men's SI rap Watches, S5 Up lioyx 1 Strap Wulrhes, Sil Up diesis nf Silvc:warc, ?!).!)') Up H(il[n\v Silverware, $2 Up .Men's Signet R'ngj, S .Men's Lodge Rings, Si) Men's Leather liili FnW:-;, SI Up I/tdie?' Purses, All Styles, S3.SO Up l!e;uitiful T;il)lc Lamps Up Up I'Y.sloria Dinrter\v::re in Complcto Sets or Individual Pieces GUARD JEWELRY STORE The Dependable Jewelei AEr-r ••:-:•• s--' -int ; .> • e FROC $3.77 Tune is up! ThrK? i!rr>_sts ll'llsl (;"— room for fn-sli spring slo'ck'i! So wr'vo Ilicni down to pricrs you can't Many style'?, materials, colors —\>u every one's a winner . . . a once-:n-o lifetime VALVE! OATS B« here EARLY U you w»nt one! Exciting b«rg»inj, eren at orlglrMl prices! But now -»l these "Cl«niw«y" reduction*—you can 't afford to mlu I hem 1 Lavithly furred or self-trimmed, with toads of style! Yiinllcy Sets To 18,50 Cnly and Hntilii ganl Hcls ToJ5.00 Whitmans Candy Ettc to $3.e» 1 Ib. Ch. Cherries 39c Tbr Drll'<- r. Jusl press II uiul the uriuk Is I !, < Dresser Sets | Conih - Urtish - Mirror f SI to $8.50 ^ Manicure Sets 1 filii/o - Cntox $1 to S3.50 •t Manicure Rolls | $lio$5 1 Ciirlinj; Irons - (i!)c Up THAVKI, SETS SHAVE sins mnvi Perfumes -- Cosmetics Marvelous Sets 55c to $100 Compacts - - - !$cto$5 Coty New Compact Sels - - $1 Up Le DeBut Perfume - - - $1.50 Eve in Paris Perfume - - $1.10 Bath Powders - - - 55clo$1.50 Playing Cards - - - - 25c to Camels, 5Cs 39c Fountain Pens - - $1 to $85D 1 Lb. Choc. Covered Nuts - - - 49c Hollywood Make-up Mirror $1.49 'ts ..... €c to $149 $1.00 Kodaks Gifts for I L1-. Sir Waltcn Raloitrh - - - - Kay\v<xxlie Pipes Yellci-ttolo Pipes - - "".". |3.5fl ..$1 rne UP KIRBY'S Main at Broadway Main at Second

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