The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 27, 10-13 .' BLTTDVILLl 'fABK-T, COURIER NEWS PAGE .SEVER IMPORTAHT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising la The Conner Newt Will Be CASH ONLY ictpt U Bulneu Firm*. CHDM Ibe low cc»t »f fd id] Aoft not Justify Ibe «or biwkkcfpliix »nd col- clloiis, we liave adopted thli Hey rullier than a r»l» in If. No EiccpMims to this Policy! For Sale 'radically new oil burning cli'cu- liuor. lieal bargnin. 1010 Clilck- nsawba. , 27-pk-3l Continental belt distributor system, cqnluijcd with ball beiulnsjs and bell, l Continental ii'i'lal (J drum Incllnpd cleaner, with by- pas.s mid steel supports. 1 Con- thu'iitnl revolving drum melnl separator, l 4 DO Conlinenliil lint line. 1 wood 4 80 Conlliicntnl condenser. Address liox 391, Dcr- iliolt, Ark. 5-19-pk-28 224 ncro fnrm. Rich Little lllvcr bottom land, about 15 miles NW of Slkcxton, Mo. $26.000—terms. 0. CLARENCE SCOTT Slkeslon, Mo. 5-17pk-lV Cum, Alfa/fii Hay, Oats, Chops , Wiiral. Wylheville Ornln & Elevator Co. Phone 2112. 5/10-fk-l SOUTH AMERICAN STATESMAN Answer to Previous Futile HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured Soiitli American leader, Dr. . del Rio 11 Uncommon 12 Ambary 13 Behold! 14 Kind of gull 10 Upward 17 Irish fuel 19 Lash 21 Type of moth 22 Ever (contr.) 23 Nine and one 25 Kind of nut shceptoltl 27 Florentine iris W Atmosphere 30 Overthrew 47 Hen product 32 Sacred song 48 Near 3? King of Juctoh 50 Arabian GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Crnpplc's fnvorltcs." G. C. lliuvks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 5-13-ck-13 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tally rate per line for comeculiwerlions: iltnutn Charge fiOc me per line 15e mes per line per ilny . i2c mcs per line per day *Jc lines per line per day 7c .lines per line per day 5c Innlli per line OOc <ls ordered for three or six times stopped before expiration will charged for the number of limes nil appeared I'.iul adjustment of made, 11 Classified Advertising copy milled by persons residing oul: of Ihe city must he accom- ied by cnah. Rules may tic ensi- computcd from the above table. Eiilsing ordered for . Irregular eilions takes the one time rale, lo responsibility will be taken morn than one incorrect Inser- i or any classiilcd nd. For Rent mished apartments. One '.^-room arlincnl, one :i. OM 1 learn. '22-pk-29 Rooms—IDfi East Main. 5-22-pk7-22 conditioned rooms $5 weekly, cnbody Hold, Dial 3908. 5-18-pk-18 ly furnished front bedroom, dc- ghlfully cool. Gentlemen. I'hone (J4. 4-pk-C- ins for men. Harry Atkins. 4-2B-pk-28 od grocery store building and Ixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552 3-lB-ck-t Wanted To Buy :iodric rcfrlgcmbr.- Ciil Mrs. K(l- u:n- noruin, I'lionc 451 or 1)123. 27-j>k-29 Will pay cash for ?10,000 worth of Rood used ftirni- lure. \V:ule Furniture-Co. 1-20-ck-tf (Bib.) :J4 Portuguese : money o{ '• account 35 Center . ! 38 Restrain i 40 Breathing noise \ 41 Taxi 4? Follows eighth )5 Scpttish 52 Tyjie of molding 54 Juntbletl type 56 Small drink 58 Therefore 59 One. (Scot.) CO Bellow 62 Be persistent 63 More solid , VERTICAL 1 Head cover 20A-tlpto« 22 He Is president of 24 Getting closer to 25 Milkman's hand carls 20 DyestiifT 28 Odorous 29 Worker In metals 31Kxplre p 3(1 Sleeping visions 37 Sidelong glance 2 Area measure 38 Cut 3 nelternto 33 Jungle hcasts 4 Harem room 5 Perched C Vestment 7 !'-ish CRBS • 8 Musteline mammals 0 Biblical prop.cim 10 Limit (comb. form) 1) Symbol for ruthenium 15 Negative- WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS DISCOUNT F, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 31!) \V. Ash I'll. 551 18 Sea eagle- __ 41 Mensure 42 Sloth « Wide 48 I'nid notice •10 Three (prefix! 51 OnnRcr 53 Driving command 54 Standard of- • vnluo 55 Symbol for jrldlum 57 Any ,01 Whirlwind NEW TIRES For Curs, Trucks, Traclori T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash 1'liunu glit'j Wayne Chick anil Ikiullry K«ds Vill pny 20c per cloz. for wire coat Imiifjcrs. Hudson Cleaner:;-. , 10--0-ct-tr Farm INceds Bring us your poultry, hog and slock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle serums, vncclnt-s. Dr. Hess Ton- Ics nnd disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad.. iMG-ck-tJ Help Wanted Avon wants sales rcpresciilaUve for good territory in ;Dlythevllle. Commission and bonus with 'opportunity for promotion. Write ]][>x BL, Courier. 27-pk-31 Colored maid for general housework, no cooking, br. Riser's Clinic, 1214 Cliickasawba. 2Cpk29 Experienced retail saleslady for permanent, job. Prefer Jewelry experience. Salary $100 and up. Write fully. liox J.G. Courier. 5-14-ck-14 li'sKI on Wuynn (|ual!ty wlicn l'l)> 111),' flTll.l Of Illl killilS. HAYS STORE "Kirjntr'i In KlyihcvlUf * Several suull llljlhi-vlllc Hiinirs I'lipv^ In. SI2SU lo JCiOU, Trims '« »v:illiilili\ THOMAS LAND CO. RKFRIGKRATION mill KLKCTRIC MOTOR SKRVICEl F. W. Tal urn, Jr. l>h. fiS? IS[\llii-villi-, Ark, (.'ONCUKTK ST()H,\! SIOWICU I'll!' Silll' Al,I, SI/US Osccola Tile & Culvert Co. u, Aril I EXPERT AITTO REPAIR WORK Commie Slack »f 1-irtt. HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Oilier farm Equipment 517' W. Ash vh, 2551 I 24 HOW TIRE SERVICE Vulcanlzlni— Tlr* . uU Tob<). Ktpilrlnr, AU Work WADE COAL CO. Alabama Itcil Ash Coal. N. Hwy, «1 Ph. KM WI'I NIWI) USED CARS TRUCKS Top prices fur I,»ti> Models - - "See Keny llctnrc You Sell." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New rlvniDlli.s ,t t'hrjriilrra i;".i w. A«h fii, 2i2j DON EDWARDS "Tlio Typcwrlltr Mi>n" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND HKMINQTON POItTAllLR TYPEWR1TEHB 118 N. 2nd STREET , PHONE 33U2 (livery Transaction Must 5ic SntUfnctory) USED CARS With A (luarnnte'e That Counts! Every One Carefully Selected With An Eye To Long, Dependable Ser.vicc. Buy Yours NOW—The Supply Is Dwindling. . Illll CIIKVSUiH N.I-IW VOlt- I'.lt'eil IlllUll, lirn-ii li'ililiri H|iliiiUli'i'y. II.iilln. llralrr, ,\ nMlly eleiiu ear. K|m!l!}!h(, fi KiMnl tv.s. 'I'lii'K. A ii'iil liny! • Illll 1'ACKAIl'l) 111) 4-DOOIt Sl'DAN. I'liiM, 1,1:11-11, radio, lii-uli'i- A wlillr slilnuill liu'-y. ton) iirici; srirui. NI'.KS (X)UI'I' 1 ., Kl;»-|(. S r.mlli HITS ,v 1111:1 Aik. llmisiv Illll 11)111) 1111)01!. fi-Oi. A vny ffiinoiiiii'iil cur |u »|i. Illll I'ONTIAC 1-DDOlt Sli- DAN, llhu-k linlsli. lt:iilio, lu'ikfi'r niul nniny 'otbt'i- CK- - truK. 'Otis <*Ur Ir.m uiily biM'ii • ililvrn 11 fi-iv tluiiisnud miles. i!iti <:i|i-:vitoi.i; ; r TOWN Si-:i)AN. Uliuk llniHli. l.oln itl SHI.MCT YOURS NOWI V MANY OTUKItS TO CMOOfW FROM—$?r> tip.- Hiisy (i.Al.A.C. Payment I'lim ...... Wo Never Close fiiile.s ])t'pt. Open Until 0 p.m.!; Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. I'hone 57B Want otTite manager ami hook-keeper. Either man or lady. Permanent position. (;,| 0( ] salary. Tom Little Hardware Co. s-n-ck-tf Lost mforlable bedroom. Twin beds, 'r :eam heat. ChlcKasawba & 10th. 'hone 2413. . 11-ck-tf mforlahle bedroom. 1017 Walnut, 'hone 2510. 11-7-ck-tf I Large blue suitcase and cardboard box at bus station 8-10 o'clock Saturday night. Reward. Maude Bradtly, Gen. Del., St. Joseph. Mlc1 '- 27-pk-29 Lost or Strayed ck horse mule, weight about. HOQ pounds, a^c 8 ycavs. We.nv- ng grass halter. One young marc mile, \veiyht alioul MOO pounds, mioolh iiirnilh. Can nolify own- ;r—call O. N. Hill, Wilson 01 i-rile J. R. Middleton, Rt. !, liox 122, Osccola. 2G-pk-G-3 ick mare. Whito .spot, on fore- ipad, branilrd riyhl hip. Last :een Bnrdi'tlc vicinity. Reward Write Miitlie Wilson, Osceola, ., or phone (!!•!. 5-24pk-3D Wanted To Rent ;o or three bedroom honse with arge living room. C. A. Hiiul- nau, I'hone 2283. 25-pk-33 rnishod house or apartment, desired by LI., wife and baby. Call >21, cxloiison '121, or 3110 after 5 Ueut. Pollak. 25-pk-2 Services most complete line of notions ind gifts.. Hemslitching and bul- ouholes expertly done. War in.. ;ct sewing lessons, $1.50 for t,wu- riour- sessions. Com])letc coursf: 510. Classes now forming. Sii Sewing Center or call 2782 for nn appointment. 18-ck-G-18 In Hie Engbnd of Ihe llth cen- ry, .splinters of wood dipped in .low. wore used as candles. About 75 per cent of the earth's surface remains unexplored—Hie part that is covered by water JHold Everything RATION CALENDAR June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 Eiplres. We want to boy Bomn. We hive parchuera for »U kinds of home*. If jan want t« Mil quick, K« THOMAS LAND COMPANY U. V. Campbell,' Sal WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING Fb. ZM2 1115 SUIn If you want tn buy more War Homls SKI.Ij US THE FIIRNITIIHK YOU AKK NOT VISINT. for tusb! Also liljnrul Imilc-in ullou'ancc for old furniture on new, Alyin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 K. Mnin 1'hune 2302 Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Bljthevilk, Arkatua* SPECIALS Extractions Jl.Ofl Full llp'r & Lower Plates >:i:l up 1912 Blythevllle 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. 126 E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: Uvd Fnrnltare. Al- 10 yon can trade jour old furniture ID on new. J. E. JOHNSON Firr, Life and Casualty INSURANCE .UZ N. 2nd Street "Better Safe Than Sorry Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Oft More and Hetttf Food for your ration books. 3 Dtllverfts Dill; C. L HABERS Grocery & Market 1M H. UlrUen St. Fh»nc Ml •That's eno'ish! 'i..op V/ing \r get in the last word!" Swearengen & Co, SPOT COTTON BROKERS BIytheTllle, Ark. DRS. MES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main BIythcville, Ark. Phone 2921 PIANO, ORGAN and VOICE Classes announced lor SPRING Mrs. Dorothy W. Fowlslon, B.A. M.S.M. ORGANIST A TEACHER Mhnslcr of Music, First Presbyterian Church Write Mrs. Fowlslon 1101 Cliickasawni or I'hone Z019 $8.30 'BIG THREE 1 Ford Summer Reconditioning CHANGK TO RUMMKU WKIGIIT I.UHRICANT Krinnvc lipavy worn-mil hilmrunt from (ransniission anil cliffrrcntbl mill frnnl wheel hearings—rrpbcitif wilh New light weighl Sinnnirr I.ubriranl. t, CHANGU TO CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS Tlie rlTlrirnry of sjark plujs is small alter 10,000 miles CROSS-SWITCH ALL FOUR TIRES Greatly increases lire lire. "Big Three" Summer Special Only $8.30 Drive In Now T c ] ,jr )( ^ PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Your Car Wasn't Made to be driven only 35 Renew Your Car The Factory Way 1. Install New Vision Kings, 2. Install New I'lston Pins, 3. Grind Valves ami Clean Carbon. •1. Adjust Main niul . Con. iiccting Hod Hearings. S. Keface Valve Kocker Arms. (!. Clean Oil Serceu ami Oil Lines. 7. Time Motor Complete, 8. Clean anil Adjust Cnrbn- rclor. ' 9. Clean ami Stiacc S|iark Muss. 1(1. Clean anil Sji.iee Ignilinn I'oiuls. 11. Ailjust Seleelor. 12. Clean Fuel l'uni|i Sercen. 13. lns|ieel Generator. II. Inspcet Starting Motor. This includes new rings - piston pins - Ra.skrls - oil All for only Chcvrolcls only any additional cx(r;i LOV EICH CHEVROLET CO. Finest Setvlee nept. WASH TUISliS The KU-rnal OiHimisI THIS ONES ASIRL.S1R. J'U HAMD'ER OOWN / FORAMOMEUT 1THOU6HT... I 1 WEWJ, 1 HOPED.., yoU WESll V 60MEONE 1 VIE VE Pk:«(iD UP SOME SURVIWRS FROM A, Llf E RAFT! No, ThnnUs. Doclor Hy KRMI) IIARiMAN, VOUC KNOWLEDGE r 1NOI^N ecip.Nc •aHOULD...^!!. VEBt'S CEO RVDEC 6UCE . M'T MIND VOUQ. JOINING OUB PARTV vcu AND VCUB. PliD-HEAOElO FRIEND IJEO, MEE.T DOCTOC KDDEWf HE KNOWS M-L ^acw^ CUGO .\ND '<; TO GO ^K> INTO NfWAJO CCUKfCV r vai w/ KNOW M.L MKXJT RUG6. BUT I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT . THKE. INJUNS TO S liOOTS AND HICK IJU ) )1 « Itv BIMiAR MARTIN • i WtVV.Wf F\t ~ oww \ T U6WE.O so W\\V 6UOUVO Ity V. T. II AIM LIN BLAftTEO SNEEZES UHE.VU- CNLV CATCH UP VIlTH U6 WHEN VOJOE M.L CXTTK BEEATH....AN' IS ' 1 V\HKV NOU'BE &ONMN UEEDf HOLY MA.CKEREL! LOOK Kf THOSE TIN SOLOIEP^ , .. _ _ _ BO1L1MG UP ^QOU^!O / A PRETTV US...LET>S GET OUTA HERE F • 1VE TO KX-\rr THERE'S IN THW. ALL RIGHTJ ARE VOlA WORLD FHKCKI.RS AND HIS Uv MERHILL HLOSSKH . 1 TOLD you TO I WMO oo Vou SWV AWAY / THINK YOU FROM LAMA, f ARE, J. . I ARRAMGIMG JUST I YOU CAW'r YOU KNOW—WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT/ /

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