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The Potter Enterprise from Coudersport, Pennsylvania • Page 10

The Potter Enterprise from Coudersport, Pennsylvania • Page 10

Coudersport, Pennsylvania
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The Potter Enterprise, Coudersport. Thursday, May 21, 1903. Something About CooKs And KJtchenj i I It! Warm Weather Goods Are On The Jump at Cole Brothers A Sartllng Test. To save a life, Dr. T.

G. MerrlH, of Meboopany, made a Btartling test resulting Id a wonderful cure. He writes, "a patient was attacked with violent hemorrhages, caused by ulceration of the stomach. I bad often found Electric Bitters excellent for acute stomach and liver troubles so I prescribed them. The patient gained from the first, and has not had an attack in 14 months." Eleotric Bitters are positively guaranteed for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation and Kidney troubles.

Try them. Only 50c at M. S. Thompson's. The Wastes.

or the Body. Every seven days the blood, musclps and bones of a man of average size loses two pounds of wornout tissue. This waste cannot be replenished and the health and strength kept up with-perfeot digestion. When the stomach and digestive organs fall to perform their functions, the srength lets down, health gives way, and disease sets up. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure enables the stomach and digestive organB to digest and assimilate all of the wholesome food that may be eaten into the kind of blood that rebuilds the tissues and protects the health and strength of the mind and body.

Kodol cures iodiges-tion, dyspepsia and all stomach troubles. It is an ideal spring tonic. Sold by Dr. W. Tassell.

INTO a great downtown restaurant I know of lunchers throng by the hundred at the uoon hour, largely because of the exquisite cleanliness of the place. Tatrons are free to go through the kitchen at any time and witness the broiling of steaks, the brewing of coffee, the making of omelets and puddings. If the proprietors of that restaurant allow this as an advertising device, they could hit on nothing better. The wooden tables shine with cleanliness, the cooks are clean and bright, with spotless white aprons and caps. Some of them are women, otliirs are men.

It gives one an appetite to look into that kitchen. The shiny, spotless restaurant kitchen gives a hint of a new occupation opening to women; if college women, all the better. The new occupation needs all the intelligence and refinement possessed by the most highly developed human specimen. In brief, the new profession is the superintendence of kitchens in asylums and sanitariums yes, and prisons, too, and all public institutions. The cujlnary and sani NKW YORK (entral HUDSON RIVER R.

New Patterns in Dress Materials Arrived This Week, Among Them We Notice a 44 inch Navy Sicilian which would be cheap at sixty cents a yard. We have placed the price at 55 cents. Also thirty-six inch Mohairs in black, white, navy and red; big value at sixty cents a yard, our price fifty cents, Penn'a DlYlslon. Fall Brook Distal Condensed Time Table. In Eflect Nov.

28 1902, SOUTHWARD. Week Days, jHuudays Pennsylvania RAIIiHOAID. BUFFALO AND ALLEGANY VALLEY DIVISION. Taking Effect, May 25, 1902. Trains leave Port Allegany as follows: WAMHINWTON, PHILADELPHIA AND BUFFALO FAB LINK, Dally, 4:65 a.


For Emporium and pom if east and west. EMPORIUM MAIL. 10:67 a.m. PHILADELPHIA, AND WASHINGTON SPECIAL, 11:40 m. Dally, with Ihrouirb Hoachos and Parlor Cam EMPORIUM MAIL.

7:01 p. m. PHILADELPHIA AND WASHINGTON FAST LINE, Daily, 11:15 p. witb througn Coaches and Pullman Ballet Sleepers. Trains leaving PortAllegany at 2:46 p.

m. will connect at Olean with Chautauqua DivlBion for Allegany, Warren, Oil City and Pittsburg. Connects at Buffalo with all lines east and west. Trains run dally except Sunday, Get time tables and dill InfortnuMnn fr-v i, Lyons 8 1 50 2 25 9 06 9 40 Geneva 8 36 7 15 7 85 Dresden 2 51 IU 10 Penn 9 28 3 20 10 38 8 12 2 19 Henri HlmroilB f) 17 3 tary arrangements of all colleges and boarding schools should be directed by the woman professor of dietetics. If they were, we should not have the epidemics of typhoid and other danger 9 42 10 22 10 80 8 23 7 07 7 57 8 07 8 80 9 10 9 26 Dundee Walking.

9 ftl 10 14 3 1H 8 43 4 25 5 25 10 n.m Corning Ar Corning Lv pa 6 00 8 27 10 47 11 10 5 51 iawrencevuie Elkland. 8 18 11 so 0 26 5 64 6 30 6 60 7 05 6 30 6 60 12 12 9 03 Knozvllle 0 41 12 27 7 0 7 a in 11 00 The Following Goods in New Designs, Just Received Lace Curtains, Mull Curtains and White Waistings, Ladies' Underskirts in black and in colors. 7 6 41 11 83 Ulysses Tioga. Btoaesdale Jn- 6 11 6 11 7 15 12 10 0 511 6 SO 12 2(1 Wellslioro Ar 7 00 ous diseases in bo many colleges. We shall have, in time, a college where women may learn such superintendence, also dietetics for sickness and health, for everyday life and for extra occasions, but such a school is not yet.

The only present way for the professor of dietetics to acquire her learning is to attend an approved cooking school, then piece out her culinary learning with a thorough knowledge of chemistry, physiology and hygiene. A woman 11 10 wellsboroijT 0 7 OH 6 311 7 16 12 29 7 26 0 66 7 S8 7 5C 8 17 9 9 SOi Ticket Agent. Port Allegany. J. B.

HUTCHINSON, J. R. WOOD Anson la Blackwells Blate Run Jersey 7 00 7 40 8 02 9 06 9 40 a 1 00 1 21 2 20 2 56 7 40 812 9 15 9 40 uenerai Manager uen'l rassetijgei 11 45 WilltamsportJ 12 20 Ip.m.i la p.m. p.m. Reading P.

A 5 00 6 00 6 60 6 59 7 30 New Yort PennsylvaniaRailrcafl ruuaaeipnia. 5b MRS. GARRET A. HOBART. 1 OO 1U li lp.m 1a.m.

p.m I la.m capable of superintending public kitch Timm Table No. 19 Taking Eflect at 12 01 a. Monday, Nov. 3, 1U01, ens may be absolutely certain of NORTHVl Al l). getting paying employment at once.

WKST BOUND BAST BOUND Much speculation haa been caused by the rumored engagement of Senator Frye of Maine and Mrs. Garret A. Hobart, widow of the late Vice President Eobart Mrs. Hobart Is Just In the prime of matronly beauty. She has a fortune of about $2,000,000 in her own right Senator Frye has been widower Already a young lady has been put in charge of one of the great poorhouses of New York city.

The Minnesota board of control has appointed Mrs. lor many years. Summer Millinery Cole the Acknowledged Leaders, are Showing the Correct Styles Fashion has given the final edict. The hat shown today Mary B. James to look after the cook Iy obvious questions' which they" could answer themselves if they stopped to ery of all the state institutions, Mrs.

tShe Very Helpless Sort 6 P.M. 3 20 3 16 2 65 2 38 2 80 2 21 2 07. 2 00 1 45 1 35 1 27 1 17 1 01 12 65 12 45 12 26 James will have her hands full. In think two minutes!" Massachusetts women are employed In "I have always thought It one of the I Of Woman reasons why women do not progress more rapidly that they are forever wanting to lean on each other. They won't stand up straight and use the the same capacity In charitable Institutions and hospitals.

The demand is almost inexhaustible and the supply Is not there. From all over the land at once seems to ascend the cry, "Give us the woman professor of dietetics!" 2 Stations. 1 i 8 M. A M. A.M.

6 30 9 01 Ar Erie Jn. Dp 9 III, 3 45 0 45 5 45 9 15 Canisteo 8 551 3 40 6 67 6 9 Zt 8 4H; 8 83 7 12 6 00 9 32 8 10 8 Zj 7 22 6 06 9 8- tVorlonHollow 8 S3 3 16 7 30 6 10 9 44 8 29 8 12 7 40 6 16 9 50 tUonehi Ready 8 22 8 OS 8 18 6 22 9 55 Rexvllle 8 18 00 8 38 6 29 10 01 8 12 2 54 8 48 8 34 10 07 8 07 2 48 8 51 6 3 10 10 8 02 2 44 9 02 6 45 10 16 Whltevllls 7 58 2 38 9 18 6 54 10 24 tCulveru 7 49 2 30 9 25 6 68 10 28 7 45 2 2D 9 35 7 03 10 32 Genesee 7 41 2 IS 9 62 7 12 10 41 7 31 2 (' 10 03 7 17 10 47 7 25 2 01 10 12 7 23 10 52 7 20 1 57 10 16 7 25 10 64 7 17 1 55 10 30 7 S3 11 00 7 111 1 41- 10 36 7 35 11 03 7 08 1 46 10 50 7 41 11 12 Uswayo 7 00 1 89 7 48 11 17 6 52 1 32 7 52 11 22 6 48 1 2 7 58 11 27 Millport 6 44 1 24 8 03 11 81 Sharon Center 6 38 1 18 8 13 11 40 Shlugle H. use, 8 80 1 1(1 11 49 Myrtle 1 00. 11 52 S. N.

Jno 12 57 11 55 12 55 A.M 1 P.M. A.M. A.M. M. Week Daya.

jsundays. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.

a ra 7 20 2 40 5 47 7 20 Jersey 7 60 II 6 23 7 00 Blate Run 8 40 3 68 7 18 8 40 Black well 8 69 4 17 7 40 8 68 Aneonia 9 30 4 46 8 15 0 SO WellsboroAr 10 05 5 20 8 55 10 5 9 35 4 45 8 2d 9 35 Btokesdale Jet 9 65 6 10 8 45 9 55 Tioga 10 5 88 9 12 10 21 Ulyssea 8 35 3 50 8 35 Westfield 9 1 4 32 9 17 Knoxville- 9 32 4 47 9 32 Elkland 9 50 5 05 9 Lawrenceville 10 36 6 54 9 27 10 35 Corn lag a.m 11 05 6 20 9 55 a.m. pro. r-ornlng 7 25 11 10 6 25 p.m 6 25 Watkins 8 03 11 48 7 07 7 07 Dundee 8 24 12 10 7 29 7 29 Hlmrods 8 33 12 18 7 87 7 37 Penn 9 28 IS 58 8 23 8 28 Penn 8 12 11 57 7 (J7 7 07 Dresden 8 47 12 32 7 56 7 56 Geneva 9 20 12 67 8 22 8 '22 Lyons 9 45 1 20 8 60 8 60 i a.m p.m. m. p.m.

I Auburn, N.Y.C 10 30 2 34 9 6 25 8 45 Syracuse 10 55 2 5010 3 00 lit 40 Albany 2 80 6 57! 2 60 50 New York 6 00 9 59 7 00 7 00 Rochester 10 60 2 20 10 00 2 20 10 00 Buflalo 12 55 4 15 11 65 4 1611 65 Niagara Falls, 2 45 5 17 12 SO 5 17112 80 p.m (p.m a m. p.m. a m. rOW, there's one of re marked Successful Woman to 12 16 12 02 II 68 brains that God gave them." "Oh, they'll improve after awhile, her friend Old Bachelor. Civilized peoples have developed to answered Successful Woman, "and aft is the correct hat for summer, and it is in a hundred different variations- never departing from the true art lines that has made this year's hats the prettiest in many seasons.

1 45 1 42 He looked up from the that point where their stomachs refuse er all it isn't the woman who asks 11 30 depths of his comfortable armchair the ailment of the days when mankind questions who is the worst. The very by the window. "Er I thought fact that she asks questions shows that he ventured as he watched their visitor White rules, also black and natural straw with white. In she is anxious to change her condition, departing down the street. "She Is a helpless woman she'll spite of all said and done, the principal use of bright colors is never be anything but a helpless worn to improve.

The woman I simply can't stand is she who allows herself to be snowed under by circumstances, the woman wbo lets things stay just as an," remarked his friend, "Look at the way she walks. She shows it in to give a glow to the white hat. Flowers of course summer is made of flowers; but never they are because 'Oh, what's the use that alone." 1 The girl was a plump, rather pretty theless more ostrich plumes are used than usual. t-Signal only. Trains dally except Sunday Trains No.

1 and 8 connect wltb the B. ft. at Genesee for Wellsville. Train 1 con nects at Erie Junction with Erie train 2 east Train 8 connect at Erie Jn. with Erie train IS weHt and train 24 east All trains make close connections at Canisteo with Electric Cars for Homellsvllle.

Trains 2 and 10 oonneot at Ceres with P. a. N. R. R.

lor Olean. a. BROWN.Oon'l Vanarer They can't be The woman Who when things go wrong takes refuge In those eternal tears that woman drives me wild. Why, there Connections at j.yons and Geneva wltn main line and Auburn road trains: al WilllamsportwlthPlilladelphlaand Reading Railway. OKO.


Agent, General Agent, New York. WlUlamsport, Pa A. H. SMITH. Gen'l NewYork.

blond, whose fair hair straggled quite untidily from under a hat pinned on crooked. Her skirt was held haphazard so that it was well up on the side Jsn't anything which can't be changed If a brigtit, persevering woman puts COLE BROTHERS her mind to it." "After all, the helpless women are a godsend," put in Old Bachelor with Table Mi. 27 COUDERSPORT PORT ALLEGANY R. Taking Effect Monday, May 27, 1901, at 6 A. M.

his little smile. "If they were ail clev er, what would you clever women Are The Authority on Dress In 'I'm not selfish enough to take your viewpoint," answered Successful Wo West Bound Trains. East Bonnd Trains. man. "There no woman I more Stations.

sorry for. Put the self reliant woman 10 This Section We believe thai the millinery business centered here, far in any position, in poverty, in disgrace P. P. A. P.

M. 0 40 2 25 even, and she will work her way out, 9 08 11 30 7 05 til 41 but the helpless woman, she is a failure even with the best of starts, and she is lucky indeed if she does not t6 34 6 28 8 54 11 47 t2 01 1 51 7 16 7 25 8 47 11 65 Port Allegany Coleman Hurtville Knowiton Mina.8 Olmsted Hammond, exceeds in volume that of any other store in town, and that more careful dressers come to Cole Brothers for hats than any other establishment. P. M. 3 15 t3 20 t3 23 t3 30 3 40 t3 45 3 56 t4 05 '4'20 6 21 t6 17 transmit to her unfortunate children til 591 heritage of weak wills and vacillating 6 10 8 37 12 05 1 37 31 minds." MAUD ROBINSON.

7 35 t7 38 f6 05, t8 33 tl2 09 fl2 13 This is a belief, based on many creditable reports. It 1 20 6 00! 8 28 7 45 15 NOTES ABOUT WOMEN. P. P. M.

A. P. P. M. What They Are Doing and What Coudersport, means a whole lot to the woman who wants the best, and at a fair price.

Poor goods are dear at any price, we do not handle that kind. A They Are Wearing. 8 25 3 30 t3 28 Never indulge in the deadly poison 6 00 0 I 1 00 tl 05 tl 12 1 20 THE WOMAN PR0F2S60R OV DIETETICS. ous entertainment of pitying yourself. ta f8 12 North 10 45 tlO 35 U0 20 tlO 10 tlO 02 t6 17 to 11 What it does is to intensify and clinch the ills that already apparently afflict TO 04 i t8 01 Colesbure, knew not bathrooms.

The sensitive digestive organs repel at uncleanlinefea 3 09 t3 06 2 54 2 49 ta 20 30 t9 4 7 49 Seven Bridges, and unsesthetic culinary arrangements, 9 40 7 44 you. Mrs. Mcltostie of Minnesota confesses to a natural womanly liking for cows. tl 24 1 35 1 41 tl 45 1 50 tl 53 even when the victim himself doea not t2 46 T7 41 uoid, j. 6 36 6-45 16 46' know it.

It is probable that a consid 2 4: 7 37 KewHeld Cole Brothers, No. 61 Main Street. She has ten cows and sells milk and t2 37 erable number of the ailments that at f7 32 Newfield Junction 9 32 t9 26 t9 22 tack us with no known cause are due tl 571 t2 34 t2 32 femiDS, f7 27 Carpenter cream, getting therefrom $70 a month. When improved machinery is used. Mrs.

Mcltostie finds dairying no hard t2 01 to unclean bake shops. tu'53 7 05 T9 1 9 10 2 2a 7 HO Urowell 2 10 THOSE ETERNAL TEARS. Tiled floors and walls, marble slab m. lv Ulysses, ar A. tables and white enameled kitchen sinks er than poultry keeping, and she also finds cow keeping more profitable than and trailed In the back.

She dragged I should characterize the place where her feet along listlessly, and one hand, 8 10 chicken keeping. SHERIFF'S SALES. human food is prepared; absolute, spot thrust into an unbuttoned glove, swung tFlag Stations. Telegraph Stations. Blank Do notstop less cleanliness, refinement and good ALSO, All that certain parcel or tract ol land situate, lying and being In Die township ot Pike, county of Potler, Btate ol Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, ui-wit: Bf ginning at a stake in the east line ol the lands of James Ives, thence along line ol lxndB of Mahlon Frazter north thlrty.five and one-halt degrees west tbirtv-nlne rods.

aimlessly by her side. I have lately seen the picture of a comely, spry old lady who danced a minuet and sang the sweet songs of Connections At Ulysses with New York Central and Hudson River R. R.for Cornina. 1 "And she thinks she can go on the temper should characterize those wbo cook it The kitchen ought to be the BY VIRTUE o( sundry writ of Vendition Expand. Fieri Facias.

Levari Facia stage," sighed Successful Woman At Newfleld Junction with Buflalo Susquehanna R. north for WellsvlJle: south for Galeton and Addison. At Port Alltiirnnv With PfinnHvlvantn Rati marl nnrl 1. 1nt nlnan XJ 1.. ,1 her youth at the age of ninety-seven Mortgage, ltwued ont ol the Court oi Common Pleas and OrnhanB' Court of Potter brightest, prettiest room in a house.

'the stage, where not only neatness, thence north thirty-nine degrees west.tblrty- An awful howl would be raised if the There is lying on my desk a picture of King Edward's oldest subject 111 Smethportj south Austin, Emporium and Williamsport. B. A. MoCLURE, Cen'l Sup't, County, and to me directed, 1 Bhall expose to public sale or outcry at the Court House, in Coudersport, on surgeons in a hospital should be igno but chic In.

personal appearance, Ib required; the stage, where one lias to hustle from morning till night, where rant, unclean and careless in their MONDAY, JUNE 8. 1903: dress and coarse and disagreeable In alertness is needed, if in no other pro their manners. Well, ten timeB more At one o'clock p. the following described fession. I tried to dissuade her from diiib ana uve-ientDs roai-; tnence norm thirty-three degrees twelve minutes west thirty six rods; thence continuing along lands of Mahlon Frozler ninety-one rods to a point In the south line of lands owned by Bailey; thence south eighty-three degrees east forty seven and three-tenths rods to the east line ol said James Ives lands; tbence south ten degrees west one hundred sixty-nine rods to the point ol beginning.

Containing seventv-six and eight-tenths acres ol land, be same more or less. Except lng and reserving herefrom the right of way through said land from a point in the Bailey lands southeasterlv toa nolnt in -hnejiRt linn years of age the 12th of this May. She is Mrs. Margaret Ann Neve, and she lives in the pretty isle of Guernsey. She is sweet faced, gentle and fair, looking like a handsome old lady of seventy.

Brave old girls Very aged women need no longer look like hideous old mummies. important and vital is it that operator it," she went on. "I encouraged her bracui or parcel. 01 uuiu, wwiu ALL that certain niece, narcel or lot ol land SCENIC ROUTE BUFFALO SUSQUEHANNA RAILROAD Condensed Time Table, In effect July, 1st 1901 drawing. She does that fairly well, and operating room where human food is prepared should be perfect.

Food is situate, lying and being In the village ol Shingle House, connty ol Potter and slat of But she said it was useless, there was reniigyivania, oounueu auu uescnucu as follows: Beainnlne- In the east line of the A. so much competition nowadays. I ask the thing that goes inside of us and touches the very root of life. If pure BEAD DOWN C. Voorhees estate land two hundred thirty- ed her If she had ever tried to sell any I saw a beautiful parasol the other of the above described lands.

Said right ol of her sketches. And she actually said: ur and one-tenin 234 i-iu) leet irom me oenter of the Honeoye road, and at the southwest corner of land contracted to P. H. Failing; thence sontb seventy lour(74) feet to the northwest corner ol land contracted to air, immaculate cleanliness and daintiness are necessary to fight and conquer the microbes of disease in hospitals. No.

How would you go about it? I would like to draw for the Fashion AH how absolutely vital it is to prevent Frills Magazine, but I don't know the 7 J5 11 10 A. A. Mulklns; thence nortn Bixty-eignt (() degrees west one hundred seventy-three (173) feet ta a nost corner, betra the northeast Lv day. It was part of a trousseau for a recent wedding of importance. The parasol was of ivory white surah, with a deep ruffle of chiffon set on very full and with a tiny niching at the edge to give it still more tiara On the silk there were four lace inHlal-lions on each section in graduated 7 4tJ woman or man who accepts the draw 11 41 way to ioiiow ine oourse of a small nollow and a road therein as now located.

Being same premisesdeeded to said Lnvica McCastln by deed dated October twenty eighth, eighteen hundred ninety-seven, and Recorded Records ol Potter county, August tenia, eighteen hundred ninety-nine, In Deed Book forty-three," page one hundred fifty. Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as the property of Lovica MoCaslln at the suit of Jalnes Ives. J. Walter Wells, Plaintiffs Attorney. 7 51 11 4ti 8 11 55 these microbes so far as possible from getting into us in the first place.

And yet much of the food we swallow is actually prepared in human pigsties! Ings. Couldn't you give me a letter of I don't know them, and 8 5BJ 3 481..... 8 161 12 II Osceola, Westfield June, 10 ool 12 47 10 20 1 00 6 25 The woman sex naturally represents 10 2bl 6 31 German li sizes. All nround the edge was a row of cream silk chenille fringe just as Cleanliness and refinement. Man is the corner Ol lands contracted A.

A. mains; thence north twenty-two (22) degrees west sixty eight and live-ten tbB (68 6) feet to a post corner, being the southeast corner ol land contracted to F. tf. Falling; thence south slxtyeight (68) degrees west one hundred forty-live (lt5) feet to the place ol beginning. I'ontalning one fourth of one acre of land, strict measure.

The party ol the first part reserving, however, the use ol a strip ol land twenty-five leet wide and sixty eight and five tenths feet long ofl from the northeast end ol this lot of land, the said strip ol land to be used for the purpose of one-naif of a 7 07 7 15 7 40 iu a 6 44 Oorbett. 5 15 CHARLES WELFLING. Sheriff: eating sex, woman the cooking sex, ac 10 581 7 long as the ruffle was deep. A bow of 11 8 04 Cross Fork Junction, Wharton, Costello 10 -2A, 36 cording to the division of our fathers. Let the division stand, but raise the li 4y a 5 cream satin ribbon was fastened to the top and another to the carved ivory handle.

8 4518 U0 8 45 ,2 25 Keating bummlt, Lv woman's share to its highest and best. PM in ah NOTICE IN DIVORCE. Lillle M. Lewis) vs No. 180, June term, lii2.

Jos. Lewis. Aside from the ridiculous aigrets. Let the woman professor of dietetics rank socially with the professors of ubllc street running nearly at rigui, angles the Honeove road aforesaid, also first AH PM 0 40 the new millinery is in the main pretty party reset ves the oil and gas In said land nnon which there shall be no oil or gas that. We command you, Jos, D.

Lewis, 54 setting aside all other business and excuses Anson la. Maubattan South Gaines. -Uaines June Ar) and sensible, though some of the bats are extremely large ponderous, one drilled either party.tbelr heirs or assigns. 9 57 9 5U 10 20 mathematics and languages. Her work Is enongh more important than theirs.

Send her forth to introduce air, cleanliness, sweetness and sunshine into the civilized kitchen! KATE SHAItP. wuaisoever, you ue ana appear in your proper person before our judges at Couders-DOrt. at a Court of Common Pims thorp tn Having inereon a two swiy uaiue uweuiui house and a frame barn. fLv might call tlicm. Still they seem to 10 101 Ur Seized, taken in execution ana to ne sola please the wearers, who look pretty in 1 05i 8 30 Lv uiuw 1 24 6 47 Walton 1 50' 7 I3 -Newfleld Junction, as the property of A.

Manley at the suit of 1 10ld(for the couut7 oi Poller, on the second Monday of June next. 1903. to" answer the 9 51 them; so there is no more to be said. tier Den aicuregor. petition or libel of I illie M.

Lewis, and show Pkhk ahonandPeck.Stonb A DuBois. 7 30 1 est 7 41 9 27 9 09 8 58 8 53 8 30 I I answered. 'Anyway I wouldn't. alive! If your drawings are good, they'll take them, and if they're not no amount of letters of introd uction will persuade them. Just walk in and leave your drawings there, and then if they refuse them try to find out what is the matter with them, and then go on and try "Women are certainly fond of having some one else do their thinking for them," remarked Old Bachelor somewhat cynically.

"I should think you would find that to be the case in that column of questions and answers you run in the Daily Screamer." "Humph! Do returned Successful Woman. "They are all the time asking me; 'How would you go about it to write a successful novel? What should I do In order to become a schoolteacher? Trained Anything that can be answered immediately by applying to the school or the hospital or the proper place, even the spelling of words and historical facts which involve only the opening of a book on a shelf In the very room where they Bit jjpuitltude Qfiov4ish. iniaw, pect- cause, li any you nave, wny tue said Liine M. Lewis, your wife, shou'd not be divorced from the bonds of matrltmmv. ntrrauhlv In Traveling Is Dangerous.

7 4b ALSO. 1-rOt oi land located in Clara town 06 Ar The coarse straws with almost severe trimming seem to be greatly affected by the smart set, and the coarser and rougher the straw the better they like the Acts of Assembly in such cases made and PM AM Constant motion jars the kidneys ship. Potter county, Pennsylvania, bounded nmf rtPRnrihed as follows: On the north by AM hich are kept in place in the body by AM lands of William French; east by latds of proviuea, nerein iaii not. W. A.

Strvenb, Deputy Sheriff. It 3 05i 1 00 3 55; 2 00 delicate attachments. Tola -is the 11 50 11 00 PM I FUJI 8 0016 351 2 1015 45! pm pm I 6 Cross Fork 7 20: Ar Cross Fork Junction- AM reason that travelers, trainmen, street One of the best things for the general PM PM car men, teamsters and all wbo drive Am health, also for the shapeliness of the All) I I PM I 8 581 9 551 .,10531 feet. Is to go barefoot Country chil very much suffer from kidney disease in Borne form. Foley's Kfdney Cure iLv r- From a Cat Scratch.

On the arm, to the worse sort of a w.Lv' 8 05, B. li. Ham li a ana oi tiers; suulu vy wuiu ui said Hamlin and others, and west by lands ol Daniel Uackett. Containing fifty acrec. more or less.

Said lot conveyed to Ada Knowiton by deed dated April seventeenth, eighteen hundred ninety-nine, recorded in Deed Book forty-one, page stx hundred thirty-eight. Records of Potter ccunty, Near-ly all improved, a frame house, frame barn and other outbuildings and an apple orchard thereon. Bel zed. taken in execution and to be sold jAm Am treoethens the kidneys and cures all form? of kidney and bladder disease. dren who were permitted in the old time to run barefoot In summer rarely had corns and misshapen feet when they were grown.

''OTNKTIONH. At Keating Summit with P. R. (Buffalo Division). At Ansonla with the N.

T. C. 4 H. K. (Penn Division.) At Newfleld Junction with O.AP.A.B.R.

At GanflNna with burn, Bore or boil, DeWitt'a Witch Hazel Salve is a quick cure. In buying-Witch Hazel Salve, be Darticular to Geo H. Hausan, locomotive engineer, Lima. writes, "Constant vibration At Addisou with the Erie Railroad. At Wellsville with Erie Railmah eet DeWitt'a thin ia a salvw that hpaln JEAN DOW LINO.

as the properly of Mrs. Ada Knowiton and of the engine caused me a great deal of trouble with my kidneys, and I got Slzwemahonlnif, P. R. R. (P.

fg DIv.) Daniel knowiton at the suit of Cummings without leaving a scar. A specific for The moon was full Monday night. relief until I used Foley's Kidney H. H. GARDINER, It.

J.MoMAHON, W. PARK, Gan'l Pas. Agent, DU. Pass'r Agent, Gn'l Hupn, Bmnr am, T. GAirroji, Paf It had quite a shine on.

Cure." For sale by Dr. W. PlalntlfPa Attorney. truding piles. Sold by Dr.

W. Tassell..

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