The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1943
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS UKSDAY, AI'IUL 20, Oid-Time Ring Rivals \Vill ; Stage Exhibition Match , In Cleveland 'CLEVELAND, Aurit "o. am— | Two of boxing old-timers fiet together in .Cleveland tomorrow evening to settle ,1 dispute of 20-yonvs standing. The prinripals ure Johnny Kll- baiie and Mntl Brock who will renew their "Abie's Irish Itac" flstlc rivalry us they step out of (he past 'into '(lie Cleveland Arena for n one-night comeback. KJIbane, who rnleil Ihi? fcnllier- .veighl division from 1912 lo 192:!, an era in which Seiners wore ihc modest- nttfre of IOIIR drnwers, rules the fitvorite for Ihc three- round exhibition bemuse In- still sports a full crop of hair. Brock,"who fought a no-decision bout with '"Johnny 2G years iigo, ignores the odds nnd asserts Hint 16-omiec glows will int- tle harmlessly oft the Brock bay- window. "Now 51, and lioldlni; n thrcn year age ndvantaee over ICilbane. Brock- admits that the toughest part of the finhl was r.cttini; his wife's 'permission to nnrllrlpnlc in the exhibition. Says he: "Slic tells me what a fool I am to be ligiulni; at my age. And pretty soon we're In a good fight tight nt home." •Kllbanc' says a dozen fellows hXyc-lold him how to beat Matt. Johnny a former Ohio stale sen- 0^,,^ TS S X'WS ator, hss been holding secret - UCiucit training sessions lot tlic tout, ' Until recently. Brcck was ;, imi- tuel ticket seller at .race trucks throughout Ohio and he says Hie running around has kept him in good shape. He now is a guard in a Cleveland war plant and pronounces himself In "line fighting form." .Both "boys" will he watched by n - critical nutiirncc of oldtinic fighters, many of w|iom saw Ihc last Kilbane-Brock bout. And the man in the middle—as referee— will be Abe Attcll, the fellow Kil- banc beat to win the fcntliertvelelil crown in n 20-roiind scrap Ijaclt in 1012. Neither Tighter will reveal his weight which admittedly is considerably more' limit Uielr former 125 pounds. As Johnny.says: "The fnns might lake us for n couple of these "comebacks'' heavyweights." ^15,000 Beauty The Fleet's In —« — Mn. Killili Juliniuii Nsil' |j.7 Itekccc.1 l>alU'i-»oH K 1-3 ->.;;.u •• lt«'b«M-|l I'mu-rsirn W l-il -J.I J. r. I'rlJe ,!'- i•„,.,•» „„„„. ),av, ".,...'". "" ' ill, ,),„ .iwu.1,1 "\OT/r»tl ._ K M\- - faynnind llndt.'y—SK KK I '.I'll Nl,l|.l.-y- i; is,, KW Sivy" II. T. Hiij-,1,.,—HI,: /.;,;, .SI' W. Jl. I.,m-Ii,jm—NW "SK • -A. Spciir,.--!-: '.ica W V . -£," -V. S'IJI-IH-J—WJl HK UK A. .Spi'iin —B (I. UK x w ' < J. II. liohcri, . H I'ux Mary (;,,v llli,; Ji.irr Illdj n.rr r I ril I all- Knit Tat.- Cauyiiip 122 pounds ghlng nine •nuiy fiom seven of the best 3-y Jamaica. The time, • - • Jimmy lo opponents, Mi-, John 1) 'ear-olds In training to win Angler's Paradise Plan For Arkansas three and a Imlf lunutlis at tiiiri.' u i ,A r i „ i, i"'"" ~"""* " rt '' 1 s Eclair Stud's Rosstiet, e ""- v K * lo & favorite In Kentucky Jjerby, May 1. HOT SPIUNGS, Ark., April 20.- i inns to make Arkansas "the the Nation for ••"*">• Bicatesl, state In nt USD, were nmiouiicnl Jicre by the Arknnsas Game and pish Commission, which revealed Hint 10 itc tlltioiiiii reni-lng ponds will be mined lo the state-owned fish mtchcry on Lake 'HnmlUo'n. 'I'. A, Mc-Ainlx, commission soc- •clary, the 10 ponds had pro- diiccd in llio neighborhood of 250 000 same fish. "With 20 ponds'lHiii; utilized ',vc ;ope to be able to give Lake llnin- Iton, Lake Catherine and other streams In ti, c state favored by iporUmicn not less llinn half n mil- iou fish slate for giunt and fish in u,e Nation." Spa Gridders Turn Out MOT Si'KINOS, Ark., April 20- Coach Miiini Civifh'.on (; n:etcd one of Hie Inriji'st (ji'h; st|ii;ui,s Hot Sjirlnus I Huh School has had in yearn this afternoon when In; issued a formal call for Spring practice, bill the squad iva.",' n ho itbnut the lightest and yrcenost the Spa has seen. The Trojans, who wore nosed out, by Kl Uoruilo lor the conference titte Just year, will have a Icnin built around Ilaskel Stndcfcr, blocking back, and David Kow- Iniul, 21. r i-pouiul lacklo. the only IAVO first slrlngcrs who will be linck. Rend Courier News Wnnl Ads. Cash for Any Make — WE NEED 50 All Models USED CAR'S Phillips Motor Co. Tel. 453 BUY WAR BONDS! To keep oa the offensive, to bring Victory sooner, to shorten (be days 'til our boys come marching home— our Government need* 13 billion dolkrs! That's why the big 2nd WAR LOAN DR1VB is on. That's why we must lend thi* money during April Of course, we're buying War Bonds now. But there's a big job to be done! We all have to do our share! We all have to BUY MORE WAR BONDS NOW! YOUR idle Mian FIGHTING dollars! Slttf . *IOOK at him sweet At? hear him CUSS People like HIM Are just M£AT for us!" IEAKV LOU.- "Yef, an' what the HLCK tie just ted with his CHIH With a TIRE Pre-Check His wouldn't have BEEH!" Waliir o Dnags paid Dek] Wakefield 545,000 for s ' s mn B and Michigan youth is more than liv- ' l,"?f U M !?,. cx P cctal '™s hi Detroit witJield. The son of the old catcher Howard, led Texas League with 3«' was adjudged most, valuable |>laycr' A. A. K,,,.,,,.,. .-lil,,, M ; | sw •'• II- -1. .tlTlier--SK SI! •Mrs. K. Itiin|.—.SK XW "Ilni " i>. ii. M:u-ii,,--sir. Vw Sr : |SI ' . U. Martin—KW UK H- !• Mi,tlcy—SW .SK .ImiK-s (irivi—K'.i XW SK s I It NW .Ml' .'•••ij- ;,— l,on li7sw ....... ---- l.raf)- K.l«,ts u-r, Vtt' ......... ;i«"'l.'s lloll,rm.k-\V III;, NU' , N -v. ..... -- !Inl...,l ll— NW "K ---- ---- S-I5-LO 17-15-IU in-is-m I l.iiO SO •111 10 -i in I I S7 10 inivn-.X of II H\V Nh" A. Trnniuii'll—!.«( J K j.f~ ~- "r. Bur. .N>; HK I . .1. Arnol.l —Lot t) M; , SK II- .1. Arnnld — KK HI-: •Mrs- M. A. Adkins—Ut ff~"jjf; . .. i'iiiu llalc: MinnK— S\V ' KW JV. .M. Il..y,l_Krl K'.l, NW — - Uul.lll^llll ,t 'rJlylllHs — Frl All ~^~l~~~<!t~ i f,«.,i«_h, sw cor sw KIV" •''• ». 'I'. Orr-NB KK _ ---- kiiwii— ]•: r>f i, sw stf ..... """ . D.CI 1 IU . 1U2.00 xii.ri i SB..11!) 71,SI) Hi.IMI in.110 ii'J.OI) I.'..-I! iS'a'i, .111 f. Hail— sij." XB IV.irl Mon ri i — I:. CITY OF BLYTHEVILLB Suii. Owner 1,01 Blk Allison Addition nl Cn AliM nit -Aiina .Mncklin Anil. 1.01) I.OB „ i.Di, ; 1.01) 1.00 IIK) I.DI MIIIII K lllivi.r Siuiili,,,, -Ill-Karlaiiit . 1.01) 1.00 J.OO 1.1)0 1.01) 1.1)0 I - iiuhi.iit , , V. Ilarlw | s \. :i s A. Iliirljur ., H Will Muss 7 K Miiek and {'.ivrii- lli.nard 1 i) Bailor Addition Karl Kni.lcr -, Earrou t Lilly Addition 1.00 Unknown 1.00 I. .1. .Inllnst W- T. InL-nim Jlal..-l Id.ljinsun S. K. Murris Wnlt.-r \Vi-1jslrr K. E. .V.jrri. :>. K. Sl,-ivurl I. .Sl,i,,i>,, I. IV I. I). \Viliifm,! iur.1 Ti,>lur Klliirl T.,y|.,r Dan .ll,-((r,-.-i,r Dan Jli-Cin.,;,,,- I. W. Cli|.r,u-,vr,r W., Ilurloii H I-) I 00 Flurine .lailjui 1.00 .V. .(„[„,.< J-00 X. ,l,,},ns N'. nlins . . .1,,!,,,, X. .li.lin A West Main Near 2)sl SI. &»«. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1-45 NiRht shows 5:15 Except Slondar, opens C 4' Continuous sh ows SaL and ' s " un Tuesday liUlH)Y NITK 2 (ickcts for the price of 1 "EAST OF TIIK KlYEK" John Gnrflcld ,v .Marshall Comedy — Vatlic News Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "MISS ANNIE UOONEY with Sliirlcy Temple and "PASSAGE FROAI HONG- 'i- ril; v. y ^^f-> How Esso Dealers'new'TIRE PRE-CHECK SKKVIfK" can save you trouble and Save Jour Tires! M. M. C.o(..l»i, Vanliil.l.i. V. 11. l-'airfk-lil \- II. l-'airfiulii S. Wi-liTht S. WiiKln fi. «'ri..-|[| J. Ni'fc-k y Kinmrn K*sir Kii.mru \rllinr Itnlk-r 5 [::n-rin S. CritniiK-tt II) ^irrii- S. liriimnell KVi I I \lnsirii. JlnKltTi i:i fi-ii<-ll Ki.iilli I r.l,:n.-li Hill -j I. .1. .liilin-'in :, T. II. 1,..,, ,; Mnllic \Vri = l,l s li. ,1. I>rm-M>ii I BcciNinan Adtlitton S. K. Bishon Addition" - -. M. IK-wr :i S^ni Barnes Addition Hiflinid Mi-Drrniult I Blythc Addition Mr«. l.l.i .Uull |:; L'I I!. 11. X,,lil.:i 1 I -jr. d (i. KuliUa ]•• 2.-. II. H. nnd 11. M. Xi'iliiTin- '.'• M II. II. i,,.d II. Jl. NVibn.y 1 2« J. II. I'isliiT \V. A. Dnl.Mis .110 . .(ill .no .IiO .00 .IiO Jill .ni) .'JO .(iO .(iO .60 .(il) .(iO .(ill .(il) .til) . .110 -ill) .r,o .110 .ISO S LOW leaks caused by nails, lacks, bad valves, ctc.-j can exist "ion;; lipforc (lie tire actually fails on the road. JSiit sucli tires waste nililior liy tunning "soft," ami finally j,i- o ,l,iec flats" that need not luijipcii.. I usl ropliicin^ air once a "Week is not eitougli. A rcconi du-ck of over 2000 cars showed thai nearly ihrrc- «]naricrs of iLcm needed »ir in one or more lircs: Slow leaks can l»c spotted, and die ironhlc metl »j;ie times out often before llie lire goes Jim. To do thfs, your Esso Dealer offers this new, simple, and proved WS PRE-CHECK service; We itili accurately hand-gauge ctich lira liejoro air ii pumped in. '.'Any excessive lots of pressure, in mic lire is in- Mimlly spollcdy can then cnsily rimJ r/mVfc/y J, n repaired-with a patch, a ncio ivrd-e, or irhulcrei- W ncnled-before the damage goes too far. He \ti\l scientifically check mileage If ft on r.acK IMPORTANT! No mailer how littt« you drive, your car needs th«s« Spring services to help make i! last!... 1. DON'T CAMIll on woni-oni winter oil. Ch.ingc now to I^solulic, the same high.quality oil motorists have dqicmlc.l ou for years. 2. LUMICATION-'ioiir car must have ihcrigbt grade ni (lie right v l. 1C cs. Ti out Esso Urnlor liaa tliem! 3. MTTWY-\Vinter U liar.l o,, batteries. Have yours t-licckc,! now, tctininala cleaned,>-c,I irncecssary. 4. MDt*TOR-R,, 3 i gocs on cv en when cars stand Btill! Dram, flush, refill witli clean water plus Tri-Ilad litist 1'rcvcnlive. Esso Dealers are Gremlin chasers) care saves wear 1.01> i.oo I.DO 1.00 .Hi .fiO Clou l'i,|.|. 22.\ Ml .Sa X. <>. (ir.-inl Ksl. :i ;ia .so Kill!,- Walker H :;•• .so IVarlitiF Martin (^ ::•• SI) -'. I'. Allison •_: :::i I 'Jo .1. ]'. Allitiin :i nn ll-rirn:, 111,.1,1 | •.: llviirii-lli, i;.,|.1 .-, -i;i -I. II. KMn-r WS' II, :i:i -'. H. fiM.rr Kir -j(, :;:i Blythcvillc Ltir. Co First Addition i: n. ii'Mi-d sir,- i •• .27 Elythoville Jjfcr. Co. .Second jtddition •'• T Hi.j-d a i 411 .1. T. ll,,y,| -J I .„„ .'- T. llnyil :t I ' .30 U. M. Brycans .Subdivision II. .1. l>mv-.,n :i I .12 . H. •'. na« 1 1 .12 (Art., fn- A St.,r. (>.. \\"'-'. ]:t 1 .()ii | ArV [r,- J- Slur. Uu. I-: 1 /- It 1 .01 .'. W. l;.,,l,.r 1 .1 .13 •I. »'. •_> ,( .IL; •I, \V. lliid.-r n I .12 •l W. Hiuli-r I I .12 Arilnir .', t .12 Arllinr UtM-nii C. I .12 Atllnir llryi-an -Vrlluir Ilr>.-nn Aillinr llryi-an T. c. l).,vix T. r. n.,viv T r i>ivi- V .K, NnMi-r V. i: Kni,|,. r Finally, lirei are accurately filled to of tMUtt Am 32 feu mi* S X X,,dl, i. M. ii.-mir""" Mr,. K. .1. llnyil Mrs. K. ,1. lloyO •'. T. Travis <'<ir.i H:,rl,,-r ! K. K. llairkini 1<. C. ,v M.vrlK- Sivirr IAITI rt liarlier 'i'!,o r! 1 'i r "" y M. T./'llnrris iT i'" i """„" Myrlll: "f'^i" T .1 II .l.i.-ksnn Mvril,. S.,vi^r Aililition II 1 1 i:i 1:1 13 1:1 Alli.-.ii.l,, X.-i»|, ituiiaic n Wi I.'. 'I'ri'lo 11. I-:. Klayl.irli II. K. r.laylm-k Diin I., Ai,u-ii,an B|,|.r A. (i. Wlnat l>:iity It, Hill n.iiM li. Uil Maisj 'it. Mil! l)»i\>- II. Hill Milvy tili'vvart II. «'. May -I'.l- Miirlin .IIK- -Marti,, .I...- M.,,111, -I'.i- -M.-irlin A (J H'Kcit A. (I. VVhi'Jil A, (i. Will-;.! i)'. M'. Kn't'il' 7 I I 7 IT, I 17 a n :i 17 is l» Addition 1 -Spradlcy .Subdivision l.ii- ,s no- ;j -S | -I W. II. Hi.lli. II. I!i,li. It. iVilsu Slarlor llif IVuslc Cliick»E!iwba Addition Wrielit I !) 1 H . . 11. l-'i^lior l.uiira MfC'liiiloek \V ',{.. I 11 l.iitira MrClinti.i k :, n Mate Daniels Addition fliiirIVy Kviins 1 I Lo I Dovis First Adaitioii .M. Gray ,fr (1 Davis Second Addition .1.) I .10 ' . . .Mrs. Sain ltli.,.l,s Siiii DaviB Tliird Addition sliinc Swift ]•> ' . I.I., 1..IH .at l ni LID II. II. Ilia, kMi.n.l 1:1 Donga')) Acldition L. - t >'. Ilri^cui- \\'lt)' -SjH' (i •?. I.. K. llrij.cot Sari' 72 I.. S. I'.ri^'.i: S:,S' .1 2 llale SuMlrldoit l\ If. ArK.n II Hearn Addition Hl-ur.*- Hitvm-ry 'J I yatil K.I.! f^tali; Kla)' 1 r> llearn k Pcny Addition Mrs. .l.ilin lljilslvad I 2 Place Addition m I 1 .00 an 1-'. Mi :iit !•'. Mn. e l)r«r'.vcr 1'. \Vliilt- I'. T. .Mr*. Dura Davis Unknown Unkmiwn Curry Wiiinllium I'. 1.. l.hilA.-nulj X. C. Conilidlv iiln 1)1 i VD l!«.s:< HcjiUm llj li Mrs. M. C. llnrli-r la r, O. Klinnyi, KIO' uf X.'.O' I.', r. I). S.honvo N,-,lj' I.-, C, I.. Jl. Cl,a].liHl I B K. M. t'lpi'i'ilw :< S K. II. r»|i!.,.|lge 10 •• Clm IVi|.i; 12 H Kast ArVan-ns l.lir. Cir. I '.) HUM l.lir. C.i. i 9 K, Arliiinsas l,l,r. Co. r, :) -li-JK Wliilu s '.) l.' :: lo (li-n. Wnhl 1 III l)'»kmnvl) S III Mrs. ti. Tinker 1 la Ilolbnilalc Aiinillon II. M. Culler II C r.. rVvior W!. i:: <: Troy Carnrr " 7 K Kolliiicter-SUonyo Addition 0. Klionv,, i i I is nri.vvii K 1 Hisirnnk •' •( W. C. and l)i\i O. Kluinvi, l(.n« Arlhiir K, l!.).|ii|.|iii,r,' II •• /Jf, Ksilhor Curtis -FnliiiMjn :i :'. .211 ic t.'.iricr -i :i .::(( 0. Kl y> 1:1 :i .2,1 liales '• I .2(> ..... \Varrun 1 .', .-.« Man' l'arni-11 12 - r i .20 1,. Ili-ll I.'. r, .2,1 .1. \v. Kli.yd :: ii .2') Kalic .liiiint 11 li .HI -Itii! I'i'ids I-i D .21) LVlliirrd Uuirrli Hi li .211 I.ois -- Scfr. ^-iri-ll M. <!. lii-nlry l.iil IS .'. K .21 Irregular Lots — Sec. 10-15-11 Diana Cnrr Krl .SK XW .IS Snin Cn.liy Krl. KS NW ,H ... M. Lsint I .'it 0 NW 2.H) W. H. Hill l..,t 7 . . . K. M. Mrl.i-<iil l.f.t 17 . .10 , Na^l, | u SK c..r NW SW ,0r. IrrcgnUr Lots — Sec. 17-la-H W. il. M c F; l.'.l I .VK .1!) (i. W. Hliiiip W I-1 l.ol <l ,NK .0.- \,in:rir:,,i lllds (. l.nnn r. 3-1 Lin :i B .:>.:, J.IULCS Addition • 12 Kvcrrll ll.-ill.ur K'i 2 A -12 Jolly Addition •I- J. It. Kvans a • I'- Marsh Addition -I" J. 0. Hlrni'S S if I,Is I K 2 2 jMillcr-Brecnleo Knlmtrliliui .12 Mrs, (F. A. Clorli-i Ui>v 1)111 inl ifl 0. C. ,., , J*clc Milclicll Addition i, \V.jt,' X1.1.V I Morris Addition Xi.-,ll h1 . 111 .80 W. T. Mn 11 he* a • SO \V. T. ilnllhr.vs -SO W. T. .M/ilHu-m -SO \V. T. Mallhov., .CD W. T. JUilhcwi .^ W. T. Mallhcws .60 W. T. Mnulipws It. M. Mnvris Ksl. .80 .SO .80 .SO ,.S() .SI) v .It. M. Morris Ksl. F. Johns i; Ada Hicks :, Unknown S2:>" I ( », ..,«-. .M'•-.iiifln, , in .!><> i P. J. O'Brien Subdivision Chicago Mill ft Llir. Co. Second Addition jjoph O'llricn II « ucvisid rial of N'/ 2 01 Blocks 5 k 0 Mrs. Anthony 20 " C- S. 7 li 1.CIU '"-' " ' ~ C K- K'.lli-.m S 15 1.00 C. s. Uolllnm HI f. l.Oi) ('- S Ki.llisnn II (1 1.00 t . ^. K.illinon 12 (i 1.0") rnVmnin n; r, (go in II) 1- , ,gu Mill i- r,j,r. co. Scrond Addition OIL COMPANY F ! t "Mi'lFj." l.l.r. Co. 10 l on 1.00 1.0(1 .so 1.00 iM - ..r. Co. 10 ii Chtogo Mil) i Lbr. Co, Third «ldllloll I). ;'. <\irlor .110 (I. K. Cros? (inad Original Survey Itcnriclla , Dr. W. A. Griinnlctl Dr. \V. A. (Irinnnptl r. . . r Mr-'. Kalo Pcrc Frpcaian . •/,. T. Q.liDM Mrs. \V. M. l'liilli| S. C. Critil! S. C. Craie t) V'. .Stowart .1.' ir, Itnn.T J, T, A I til r.l .1.1 i.a D 1 . w'll I.'ill 1.211 ).20 1.20 1.10 1.10 1.1,1 1.10 l.lft I.Ill I.Ort i.on 1.00 1,00 I.II ft 1,00 ,811 .SI) .SO .so .po .80 .CO Sumiyatdo Addition il. K. l!',li,.rl« -, S.-.r,i!i Hin-lncr 7 ll-lhr, Dn-.vHI •liilili Kvi,,.. •liilin Kivin- •'• Cii.-ri, (,„.!.. I-M ^ '!. W. Mi,,-,,; lv ,., Illy;,,, 1 , ' ,?> Annre \\';ilkt.-r ~ ;J ' i. Kiiliuii: Allen 7 7 Illyllinvill,. l.vr (•„ •> ., Vick's Snhdifision l.'nl.ila l,a-.vicii'-i- | West Kitd Subdivision Unliiiiny.,, . ] , Fi.lih -r, | t',,kn,,»-,, . -]-; ] UfiLnnivn Cnknoivn t;nkn,,, II.' /""'"iki,,, II. I.. Alt!,., H. !.. Alfems If. I.. Al)i!,,> H. I,. Alkins 11. I., Aikins Ii. I.. -Itlin^: li! I"'. s'lTuT I TOWN OF YARUKO .Miiinip S.nH.-r i) -j j no All |HTM,n,< and ,-, >r |iiir:iliiins mli-r- ,("d ill t-aid hin.l-,. an. lii-rehy imtifii..! Ilia, llicy an: r..|iiin-il. liv law, in .-,,,. |.i',,r u-tlliiii fnur (I) wu-l.-s .-iml nmkii 'f.!iise M ,aiif s.iil, t.r lliu sanii- »ill : Inli-n as ec.nfi.ssnl, a,,d final jmli;. i-ii, "ill lin .-nlori'd. ilii-ci-llii- tin: ^a!^. nine sniii las.-.;. iD-eili.-r \viil. Hie. . (|if :,,,,i, ,,, ^.iicre..,, |WMllr and ,„>, Willie*., my |,and mid III,- seal l.f id fun,-I. lai., iliv •>:, day uf .Mau-li, WAKMNO OltDKIt Mrs. Vnlcria tamriro is tn ^])pcar in the 1 . Chancery Court I'cr Ilic ClHck;\t:i'.vl);i District of MiMi!?i|:\)i County. Arkansas, within thirty (lirv.s next lifter the date licrcof. to an.swcr a coinplnhit. filed ap'.iml )jer thc'rciii hy Michael l>'in/;no. Cnl«i this April 10. 1013. HAHVKY MOR1US. Ciianccry Court Clerk. By Elfiora Nral, Ucpuly Rcitl & En-nvd, Attorneys for Plnlnllir. V/nltcr [... t'0|ic. Attointy ntl-Litcm. •1/2U-27-5/-I-11 FiflCJ'n countries provided markets for Canadian products during the first half of 1041. Open 7:00 p.m. Show Stnrls 7:30 p.m. Arlin. Alwavs lie and Z5« Tiicsduy PAL N1TK ^ tictcts for 25c B!ondic For Victory I'piiiiy SinElcton A Arthur I,:ikc Sctcctfd Sliorts Wednesday 'Overland to \vilh diaries Slan-cU * Husscll I'araiDoniil News C'onicily.

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