The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1968 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1968
Page 4
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(A4.)' Qourta 1 Wewi - Monday, June J, MM- Calls for 1,000 More Police for D.C. By MAftTHA COLfi Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Pfesi dent Johnson has asked Congress for 1,000 additional policemen for the nation's capital where crime has increased 24,5 per-cent in 12 months and tourist visits have declined' sharply. Crime has mounted at the same time in some other major U. S. cities and the problems of dealing with it are basically much the same throughout the country. But this city's role as a world capital and tourist mecca spotlights the Washington situation mor* intensely, Johnson repeatedly has said he wants the city to he the nation's pride. In March he sent a special message to Congress asking for a redoubled attack on crime here, saying: "Crime today is the first problem in the nation's first city." massivt denttnstfition has been announced for around June 19. Tourist * * Demonstrations here have brought a measure of uncertainty over what might happen. Some 2,000 participants of the Poor People's Campaign have set up their plywood shanties near the white marble columns of the Lincoln Memorial and business wai off an estimated 20 per c«nt in May. Uncertainty about what will happen caused the reduction, the City Visitors Bureau said. But while tourists drive to see the encampment of the poor, Resurrection City, U.S.A., the vast majority of Washington citizens go about their daily business as usual. Since the civil disorders in early April, more people are speaking out about crime arid about putting more policemen on the streets. change, 'holdup The holdup-killing of a bus driver May 17 focused attention on bus robberies. It also brought a.stop to night bus service with drivers refusing to carry, change at nigfil. The drivers said the frdm $50 to $100, was bait." The city has been without regular night bus service since May 20 while solution to the dispute is sought. for the additional policemen last week when he signed a bill raising the starting salary of Washington firemen and policemen to $8,000 annually. The manpower increase, if approved by Congress, would mean a total of 4,100 policemen. Most of the new ones would be put on street patrols, city officials said. * . ,* * The officials already have increased patrols in high-crime neighborhoods and authorized substantial overtime for police- RFK, McCarthy Agree, Disagree NEW YORK (AP) — Follow-] McCarthy? I didn't say I was ing are highlights of the discus- going to force a coalition gov- sioh Saturday night in San Francisco between Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Eugene J. Mearthy on ABC radio and television: Q. What would you do to stop violence and riots In this country? Kennedy: "I would help police departments through funds ... I have gone into the ghettos ... and said we can't solve these problems overnight ..., I think we have to provide jobs with the government being the employer as a last resort and then bringing the private sector in in a major way ... doing away as much as possible with the welfare system.. .and getting people jobs by giving the private sector tax incentives and tax credits." McCarthy: "I think I am in general agreement ... there ought to be federal money given to state and local authorities— that the use of either federal troops or national guards should be a very, reserved use ... and .what we have to do is to begin to build a million houses a year lor the low-income people. Unless we do that ... no matter how many police we have ... there will be protests, there will be some violence." . '. : Q. If you were president, whal would you .do in Vietnam? McCarthy: "I would be de-escalating the war in Vietnam and drawing back from some of our advanced positions while stil holding strength ... I would not have the secetary of state mak ing statements about how we would have no coalition govern ment to come out of the conference in Paris ... I'm not particularly concerned whether it is called a coalition or fusion ... and we have to recognize that that government will include the National Liberation Front." Kennedy: "I'd pursue the negotiations in Paris. At the same time I'd make it quite clear that we would expect Saigon ... to 'begin their own negotiations with the National Liberation Front. I would be opposed to what I understand Sen. McCarthy's position is of forcing a Coalition government on the government of Saigon,- a coalition with the Communists even before we begin the negotiations .., that sh6uld be determine: by the negotiators, and particularly by those people of South Vietnam. ! 'I would demand privately and publicly an end to the corruption that exists in Vietnam ... I would make it clear as we went along that the South Vietnamese are going to carry more and more of the burden of conflict." irnment on the South Viet- lamese. I said we should make clear we are willing to accept hat. If the South Vietnamese want to continue to fight, work tut their own negotiations, hafs well and good. Q. What about tax increases —the President has made a very strong appeal for a 10 per cent surcharge. Kennedy:"! have said that I would take an'increase in taxes. ! think the 10 per cent is too ligh, and I think it's too unfair ,o middle income groups Secondly, I-would like-a-tax re- :orm program ... there are doz- ms of people who make more jian a million dollars a year who pay no taxes at all ... I think it's unjust and unreasonable ... I would like to see a program jo that .all people pay Iheir.just share of taxes." McCarthy: "I think everyone is for that; the question of eliminating inequities in the code; these real loopholes were the things we should have attacked in the big tax cut of '84... So far as•the surtax is concerned, 1 recommended earlier that they use credit controls and some se lective excise tax ... I think we may have to be forced to ... i surtax of 6 or maybe 8 per eenl ... 6 per cent plus a $6 billion cul in expenditures." Q. President Johnson has been emphasizing that, no mat ter who is the next president the United States will keep it: commitments in Asia. What di you think? Kennedy: "I expect that world that we:earinot ignore. I] don't think that position rests on military power so much as what our morar leadership is... think hat aggression would be against' the United Nations, which is still the power in South Korea ... I do think we have some commitments around the [lobe... to Israel, for instance but what I don't think is that we can be policemen of the world." •-;'-• McCarthy: "I have been a strong defender of-President Truman and his intervention in Korea. I think we have clear ob- jgations to the Chinese in Fbr- are going to remain in Korea.; think we have a position in the obligation to the Japanese by virtue of the treaty .;. we have a clear moral, legal responsibility in the Middle'East to Israel, and also I think a strong obligation to maintain strength in NATO." Q. Should Secretary of State Rusk be replaced? Kennedy: "I think he's.been a very dedicated American ... I happen to disagree with the policies he's espousing ... but I don't question his integrity. I have a direct difference, quite Washington Convention and Visitors bureau, 16.8 million visitors came and spent about $531 million. But this year the bureau estimated a 25 per, cent loss In visitor trade for April and 21.5 per cent loss in May, based on known cancellations. Hudson S. Moses, president of the Washington Hotel Association, said that in the first week after the April disorders the hotels went from "full to empty." A week later things began to pick up, he added. As the Poor People's Campaign started, he said, hotel sales began to fall again and about the middle of May were between 10 and 20 per cent below those of last year. Downtown restaurants and movie houses have complained about business being off. , .. "The tourists'are not coming tary of state. I doubt very much j penence^ m the executive I jn . we>ve had g number of can . * •». Johnson asked men. Tourism is Washington. big In business in the spring school children by the thousands come in their chartered buses and the families come after school is out. Last year, according to the The latest final report of the FBI, for 1968, showed Washington had the sixth highest crime rate of the 12 largest metropolitan areas. Five holdup killings have occurred, in the last month, includ- ing the bus driver. Four 17- year-old youths, have been charged with his murder. Other „ victims were a liquor store own»« er, a drug store worker, a hardV ware merchant and a grocery worker. that he!would want to remain under those.circumstances... McCarthy: I think we give cabinet members too. much protection .'.. They ought to be held answerable for policy mistakes arid for position mistakes ... cabinet members ought to be more expendable than senators." : - : .' . Q. Why should you be the next president of the United States? Kennedy: "I've had the ex- Accepted Fact It is a generally accepted fact that matter can neither be mosa, Taiwan. We have clear destroyed nor created. It may be changed, rearranged, adapt ed in innumerable ways, but this does not involve actual creation or destruction. Trichinosis Americans accountfor 21 million of the approximately 28 million, persons in the world who are. .infected with trichinosis annually. The thorough cook ing of pork is one means of prevention. All pork schould be cooked to 137 degrees throughout, according to the Encyclo- clear difference with the secre-'paedia Britannica. CONTRACTORS WANTED Individuals Or Crews • Framing Carpenters • Inside Finish & Trim • Plumbing; • Electrical • Painting- • Foundations , , • •- Brick .Work Must Have Experience Arid Be Good Craftsmen. Excellent Opportunity for the future. . BOYD BILT, INC. 406 East Main St. — Blythevffle :ranch of the government ... I j ce u a tj 0 ns was involved with the problems of.peace, the problems of races getting along with each other I've sponsored specific pieces of legislation ... I'm going to dedicate myself, uno. matter what happens, to the betterment and improvement :of this country and the people." McCarthy: "I've served in the Congress for 20 years ... and in that time I think I've served on nearly every one of the critical committees ... in addition•'• to that, since 1949, I've been involved in the problem of civil rights ... I think that in this year I sensed what this country needed ... there's a new confidence in the future of America." from tour groups," said Marvin Goldman, head of a chain of movie theaters. And, he said, the suburban population Won't come in for the movies. Goldman estimated business was off 15 to 25 per cent in his downtown theaters but said his theaters in the suburbs were doing "a little better than normal." Police Department statistics show that, as a whole, crime increased 24.5 per cent here in the 12 months ending April 30. This included the April disorders. .: The latest figures from the FBI, a preliminary report on 1967, shows that over the nation, as a whole, crime increased 16 per cent. Health Report From Get the BEST..Get ALLSTATE TIRES COMPARE PRICIf >n4 QUALITY wlfh ANYOHII CALL PO 3-1600 for SEARS extra-low catalog price. Catalog Sales Offiee plaza Shopping Center PROFESSIONAL RUG CLEANERS CALL PO 2-2433 PEERLESS Free Pickup And Delivery WEDNESDAY BIYTHEVILLE SPRAYING AIRPLANE Hint sun Equipped With i?Wiy lUdFe Better Caitomer Service BEWARE OF TOO MUCH SUN Too much sun can torn an anticipated pleas* arable vacation Into days of ceaseless pain and discomfort. With just a little caution and a good suntan product, you can prevent both agony and days of unsightly peeling of your skin. Expose yourself to the sun, with plenty of a good suntan preparation lightly patted on the skin, for a short time to start. Then as your suntan develops taka more sun each day. Watch out for those foggy days with the tun hidden. Ultra-violet 1 rays can filter through to give you a burn. Protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses, created to filter out most of the harmful ultra-violet rays. Stop in and we will be glad to help you select dependable protection against the sun. YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when yon need a medicine. Pick up your prescription if chopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people entrust us with their-prescriptions. BJay w« compound ing dispense yours? Plaza Drugs PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Ph. PO 3-4507 Blytheville The People's Candidate For SHERIFF Vote For The Progressive Candidate CHARUE SHORT 9 Y««n l!yrh«yill« Chief of Police * Years Deputy Sheriff VOTE FOR CHARLES 1 "CHARUE" SHORT FOR SHERIFF ,Pol. Adv. Paid For By Charles W, Short CONTINUOUS SHOWING DAILY PROM 2 P.M. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••«•*••••••••••• LAST TIME TODAY ~ (GA) "THE PARTY" — with Peter Sellers & Marge Champion • TUES. •WED; t>THUR. (NC) She isn't the girl you thought you knew! TRiUQi COMING SOON TO THE RITZ SGT. RYKER — Lee Marvin SECRET WAR OP HARRY FRIGO — Paul Newman NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY — Rod Stelger & Lee Remick BLACKBEARD'S GHOST — Dean Jones & Suzanne Plcshette —r, Highway 61 South BlyHieVille, Art. ••••§•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••""**"*. • MON. •TUES. •WED.- A WINNER OF fi ACADEMYAWARDS I ACARLOPONTI PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAKS DOCTOR ZHltAGO IN PANAVISION-AND UETROCOLOR FOR RENT NEW BALDWIN PIANO MO RENT APPLIED '• TO PURCHASE _.w.w~ "Check Our Baldwin Prices Before You Buy" BOOTHEEL MUSIC CENTER Phone TU 8-4889 — gennett, Mo. 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