The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1937
Page 6
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BLYTOEVjLLE'jARR.) COURIER NEWS.; BIG;EIIIES World Series, However, Goes Do^n, As Dullest In Baseball PY GEORGE KJRKSEY United |Tes» Maff Corresponds NEW YORK. (UP) — Important baseball champions foi last season follow: W-rld's champions—New Yo Yankees. American League _ New Yo Yankees. National League — New Yoi Giants. "Little World Series" Champion —Newark Bears International League — Newai Bears. \ •-...-ikan Association—Cnlnmly Red Birds '" "if coast League—San Die Fadies (a). Dixie Series champions — po Worth Cats. 'outhein Association — uu Rock (b). 1p\as League—Fort Worth (c New York-1'cijnsylvanla Ij -Elmira (d). Western . League—Cedar Rapids I (a) Sacramento finished flist o season, but lost in playoffs, I (b) Finished lirst and also wo plajoffs I (c) Oklahoma City finished flrs but tost iji playoffs, i (d) Finished fiist and also wo playoffs Czar's Favorite NEW YORK (UP) — Through stoimy, checkered and highly sue ce.ssful baseball ycai, the might , rmv York Yankee? dominated th diamond even more completely than in 1930. | The Yanks, thriving on the j>ol- i-'v that "Might Makes Right. 1 bludgeoned their way to the world's thamplonshlp for Hie second successive jear by coiiQuerins then city rivals, Hie Oianls, with ilJlcu- lous ease m the iMst-waion playoffs. It nas perhaps the dullest championslilp buttle in (he '34 years of world series play. The .Yanks won four games to one They scored a total of J8 urns to 12 in ,the five games which just about 'represented the difference iu -the two teams , ' . , Not a single- game nas a iellqut, iond after the first two games, ^which the Yanks won by identical • scores, 8-1 the customers .started looking for the exits when the American League champions got out in frpnt Only Can Hubbell's masterful 6-bit piteliinj In Die fourth game In which he be-it the Yanks, 7-3, savecl the Giants from , utter rout Hubbell was one man against a lesion His performance was perhaps tile sear's greatest individual one-day baseball feat. ' Play to. 2,200,900 I - If Uie world series was a flop eroo, the' baseball season wns a smashing' success The Yanks, master of the new hit and run play (over the fence and run slowly around the bases), drew 1200,000 at Yankee Stadium and am other 1,000000 on the load to lead the American League hi both respects It »as one of the greatest financial jcars any team has eu- joyed > The close ding-dong National League race enabled six club", lo show improved attendance over 1936. The Giants led In home at- t l*ndance, nosing out the Chicago Cubs by about 25000, with both •Just under a million The Cubs, Giants and Cardinals were the best road clubs, all drawing about the same Only the Reds and Cardinal'! fell under the 19JG figures at home. The big men In the Yanks' sweep to the peak again were Ix-fty Gomez, who staged one of the season's most dramatic comebacks after two bad years; Joe DiMaggio, who in ills : sophomore year became the game's No. 1 figure; Red RufUns. who surprised the baseball world by Tinning 20 games after staging a bitUr holdout campaijn; Lou Gthrig, the iron" horse, who completed his I2th season without missing a game; and Bill Dickey, the deadly hiUIn? catcher who with HORIZONTAL I Thc.lost C/ai-s lavorHe. Crlgoryi 8 He was a native of —. 13 Threw. 14 Flowers. 16 Long Brass.' 18 To iippoiUbn. 20 Scolds/ 22I)asca). 25 Domestic slave. 26 Harasses 28 To soak flnx. 30 Musical Dole. 3) Uncle. 33 Morindin dye 34 Flowering plant 3!iAnd. 31 Female fowl. 38 Note in scnle, 39 At no time Answer to Previous Puzzle 4G Collection of fee Is. 50 Snaky fish. 51 Dally papers,' 53 Nut covering. 54 Entrance into soi'iely • 50 Striving 08 He -— monk. VERTICA1, 2 Sound o( surprise. 3Ho)lini; billows.. 4 Suddenly I) Ituuler tree.) C Scatters, as a V Idant, 8IJoistO!'OUS' 11 Definite iirlicle 59 This was play 43 To stuff, f hated by the B To employ « Wrble. poop]*. V) 10 LocTposlilon. M Mu^lnolc. 11 Observes, IZI-Msls. ,15 lie- had tremendous 17 UnconlrollnblO licmtnorragcs, 19 M:ile pronoun. 2) Constelliilioii. , 23 Credit, IP 2-1 Mountain. ' Ej 27 Solemn. 2!) He was 32 Males. 33 Intention, , 30 Slilpworm.' 37 Skirt edge. 40 Valleys. ' 41 Three-. 42 JVoplict. 44 To make Incc. 45 Cotton fabric. 47 To border on. 46 To meditate. 49Pnir. 61 Old garment. 52 Courtesy title 55 To exist. CAN'T STOP HIM The Bope Bucket Ky J. T. Friend That Arkansas, particularly Bly- KM'ilic; is com'jig in fur her share 'IWe. Pretty goml for lilyllicvillc —don't vou Ihink? |ARKANSAS PRODUCTS 'Ilieu there's I'lnc BlulT, Ark. I Hie •cwcss publicity because of the of her football sons In , = .j and Gfhrte formel the backbone of Ihe Yanks' attack. Some Notable Brawls- It was a rowdy, rough-and-ready year;'in which several free-for- alls and near riots broke out. Tlie Cardinals and Giants staged the biggest demonstration at St Louis j V r _ . . . . . I t I I 10 Rose Howl, is exemplified by . .rJIpuhiu Ircm (he Los Angeles Imes . . u was sent to ,1. A, one of Ihe mail, nrdent ntip- • of iilvtlu'vllle nnd'her nth- Itc.Uanis, nnd piisswl on to us. -. .The nrtlde taken from thn ilumn ct SporLs Kdllor Bill Ilen' Is self explanatory ami is as Hows: "Tile-noble slnte of Arkansas Is a terrific dither concerning the i thcouiing holiday football games California. The Arkansas Stntc eachers are coming here to play resno Stale Christmas Day at ilmore but there are oilier rc/i- 115. HOSE •SOimiKKN'EKS "Arlmnsns nnnunlly supplies Al- 'wma with a mess of nlily loot- 11 players—or didn't, you remmi- • that? Hcrschcl Ci'ildwell, one the lieroes of 'Bamn's first Rote owl apixarance In 1D20 and than who kicked tlie goal in at gave 'Bania n 7-to-7 tic with Gilford, was the ftret of the Alabamans to visit us. was from Elythrvlllc. Ark. Dm" Whilivorth and Jess Eberdt the 1930 'Bama 2-1-to-O victory cr- Washington state were also oil! Blythcvllle, Whltworth kicit- ri-field goal in that same .inil bcrdt intcrceiited n pass Ihat d.'up to a 'Bama ils year Blylhrvlllc .Mipjillc-s ,ri:u- y Tipton, first string trickle; rschel Moseley. ' pafs-tossiui; ilfback. and Eugene Blnckwcll. phomorc end, to the Crimson reinemliei' some Alabamans — 10.17 sophomore down at Alabama, but lie has already played two years sent home Aug. 28. He previously had engaged in an carlv mornin» hotel rcom brawl with two teammates. Jimmy Bucher and WooJv English. His ruies durinr; the year amounted to about S3.000. Johnny Broaca, ex-Yale athlete, mysteriously jumped Ihe Yankees forfeiting about J10.000 in salary and world series spoils. Feller Comes Rick Bob Feller, the lowa schoolboy wonder, came through a year of engaged in a gati^ fisht as the hlrti spot of a;Carl HUbbcll-Dizzy Dean pitching duel. The Giants Ton the patne and the fight. The Yanks and Senators engaged in a brawl groTing out of an argument between Joe Kuhel and Jake Powell. Burleigh Grimes. Brooklyn's belligerent pilot, was tossed out ot the park 8 times. - It «?»s a sad season for several i( nl'ching- stars DIZHY rx'an wis hit < on the toe by a line drive in the ill-star came, and was ne\Pr the , aurte afterwards He won only one <. fjg»me stter that, and rmnllv was -:»ent home from an eastern trip by -- M»na«r Prankie Frisch. Dizzy ^caaipWned'of a sore arm the doc•--'— couldn't locate He woundup ors. He snapped lib elbow .in' his first start, and for a time his career was threatened. But when his ailment healed Feller performed in spectacular fashion. He fanned 16 Red Sox, one short of his vec- ~ r d. in one ^nme. Twice he whllfrd 12 of the mighty Yanks. .Tolinnv Allen, Cleveland's fastball pitcher, hnd n notable your He was oirerated on for appendicitis in May. and then cnmo back lo sui 15 straight, one short of lyhis tlie American League record, before losing tlie season's final game when Jake wade. Mroil southpaw, hurled a one-hitter. Bill Dietrich, While Sox's bespectacled hurler, pilcheoV Ihe only rio-hit, no-run game, against the Browns June 1, winning 8-0. Rowe .of the Detroit . Alwth<!r of • tho ' ^^ » sl »? up with a mysterious slare was .Rudy York, who was «nd «as placed on the col »ericd into n catcher by Mickey *i«rt iut LO. n , „- Cochranc aflcr {ho Detroit record of 13 since he won and 10 rcarhed the ',retired list July 24 He WT, pilch again Van Bwoklyn's firebrand wis *, Mr )Mubordln»Uon uid aprs near tragic auldent wh'e hit by a pitched ball thrown by Bump ifadiey at Yankee btao'ium Surely you Ihcsc .stiilwait ii'cni I'ine Bliill 1 , Ark.? There four of 'em on (ho '35 Alabama leani that tiui.wncred Stanford. Tlicrc \\-aR Don Unison, the greatest of liass-cnlcht'i'S, and Charlie Mnrr who ripped up (he Stanford line and Hnppy Campbell mid Lc- roy Cioldbi'rc, who subbed in the l-'nckflchl. This yenr Pine Bluff L'BS jjiven 'Baiiia Jlerliert lliiflies, Blurting quartcrluick, and Francis 'Imlrht Khm, n i.'lnnt liiiemin. I'CtB ClHlllillglllllll Of I'ilie Bluff Is niiolher Arknnsn'n wlio plnycd In Hip Rost- TJowl but ha never sot any further east than Tulauc and he vepresonli-d the Cliecnies aghiiiKl. the Trojans. 'Mm-incbbe some o: our local scouts oiKht lo -•'-" • • visit Arkansas. .SANFOKI) ALSO "Oh yes—I forgot lo mention that this chap Hayward Allen Sniiford, who plays end and kicks fifld gcals for Alabama, is another one of Ihose Arkansas Al- nbnimuis. tie's the guy who : slep- J)('d out on the Greeiisivnrd this year and beat Tulane anil Vaii- (lei-bllt with place-kicks right whc-n iOkla^'and (he (^Olllf UHS I'prv (nnult fr*r I' 'Bama Lcroy Monsky, Alabama cnptain and All-Amcric;i guard, doesn't intend lo let o liltle thing like a damaged eye keep him out of the Rose Howl (inme when the Crimson Tide meets Cnlifornl;/. Jim. ). Monsky had live stitches taken In a cut over liis left eye. which lie received In a collision with a teammate during a workout. He insists he'll be ready for action by Ne\v Year's Day. Other Horses; Including Sea Biscuit, Made Excellent Records Roy Welch Comes 'From Under' To Sink Mr. Sinkey Ruv Welch .'il:ii>cd n "submarine nllac-k" to sink big Charles Sinkey in their ijuilch nt the Legion arena- here last, nlBht. With the i-.vnii and each performer ' r n u V ,,, i'—'«nnti ii ;un tuiiiiucieu oy tie Amor can % ' '^S.. fn '•, SI »?- ™ imrt.sporui «'8est, was the Hie ey losseci the Canadian over ropes. Welch attempted to through, the ropes but Slnkcy's remly feet noored him again niid afjain. Finally, while Heferce Mike Mcroncy was ndnionlKhlng Sinkey Welch crawled iiinlerneath the riiiif and ciiinc out on the iijose tide. Unnoticed by Sinkey who was —„ with Hie referee. Welch bounded Into the ring- and threw haymaker lo Ihe back of Sinkey's neck that sent the big fellow lo the canvass where Welch piled on and won the full. Sinkey gave his usual rough and ready performance. He won tile first fall with a rocking chair split in 19 minutes, and lost the second (o Welch In ten miiiulcs via (lie Irish whip. Eddie Mai one, who substituted on the.card for -Rough House" Reynolds, UK awarded the decis- on orer Nnjeeh Rnbbnn when'the hitter commuted n foiil 'The mulch «-ns even at the time the foul was called bv Meronev with each wrestler having a tiniible to his credit. Low kicks sent by Rnb- bnn accounted for the decision the referee. Porkers Win Tourney Game At Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA~crrY,' Dec 28- Tlie University of Arkansas basket ball learn ran h llo unexpectedly iere last nic-lit " v »»•>.! u B m. wu.-ii UMa., mul hjli-elv ninn nnn 1 * , rw-sw S,": isars5«» basket ball tournv |«ent with a one point i'iclorj™45 Kansas State Students Organize "Gripe" Club of college foottall-this is hls| IVenty-two teams llnrtl. lie played the two previous in the lournev vuirs at Arkansas Tech, Russell- villn. Ark.—don't get excited-It's' it junior college. His coach there was John Tucker who played quarterback at 'Bnma while" Wallace Wnde ivns doivn there as head coarh, SIOKK COS1ISO "No(e to .sleuths—while looking over Hie scvi'ijil hiiiulrcd head of! fine Arkansas lootball players don't spend all your time at lilythoviP.e c.- Tine HiHir— there are other spots in the Slnle worth vislliii" Veil might, for irslatlce. visit Con- v.ii!-. Ark. The Conway High foot- Vail Irani (his ( , a st season had one lackta uamcd Lowell Roberts. who weighed 258 pounds, and an- (.•llirr named Lc.slie Craf(on, .Jr., are entered the beam al a mere vlio 2M pounds. You needn't hurry. fellers— (he boys still have anoth- c-r year in high school in whbh to build up thrir somewhat fragile physique!) to the true Arkansas Sleel grows 'tired" when snb- m;ttca to severe strain for a nuni- - of j-cars. rWt. . XN ' Kfts - < up >—Stli- Y.™ at Kansns slate college cawatisned with college lite, ban' < rganized "ijrip« sessions." at which '•iZ'a'n'ccs 1110 filC " lly "'"' a ' r tllclr Chief complaint of students at Kansas Stale College, as voiced at a recent meeting. i s that of compulsory military (rainhw for all men students. Oliver Ritey o f Stafford, Kas wlio spoke at the first "gripe session," in opi»sitio,ii to compulsory military training, proposed hat th e studenls pelitloii Ihe slate eglslnuire to repeal the law requtr- ng all male students to sludy military science. Oilier student .complaints were against college rules requiring students to attend assembly and forbidding smoking on the campus. Gocd greyhounds sell tor as much as $315 each in England. SENTRY 'COAU :S ^—, i*> E.v THOMAS II. NOONK (Jniled I'ress Haclui; IMllor NF.W YORK (UP)—War Admi- J'f>), gnltant little son of Man O' War, wrote a new chapter Into turf history during 1031. Other horses—Keabfccult, M-.>- uow «nd ICsposn—all turned In excellent |K-rrormaiicos to make till! year one of the most successful in rncliiff history, iiut it remained for the to cap- lui'i? public fancy and gain a uiacc amo»'! Immortals uf '.he tui-f. V^ith Charley Kurl-siiiger pilot- Ins him, War Admiral scored the "gcldcn triple"—winning the iccn- tueky Kvrfcy, Preakne.s.s lat.iites and Belmont Futurity, in ail, ti\e Aclmlrnl started eight times and wen ol»hi for a total purse of ?lCU.!iCO. That mark was excelled only hy Seabiscuit, the luuuHcap chani- pion, wlilch ciinml S1(!8.SJ2.5B. fiaUscuit raced H Umca as a •!- yi:iu--old and won 11 times. May Meet *at Santa Anltu All the world walls as Ihe dawn of 19'Jfl approaches, for meeting between these two—hop- OUR^OARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopl 7H HOOPLE MIME \f, WAS WORKED K our LOWS /^ AGO ~v~~lVE BGEM PK5GIWG FOR YEARS OM SOME OF MY CLAIMS OW HIM, BUT I'VE MEVER HIT PAY PIRT, YET' ing they will clash .for tlie first thiiD in the rich Snnta Antta handicap In Mnrcli. War Admiral, • which was voted (lie outstanding horse of 1937 in poll conducted by the American fourth horse to score Shin olden B.irlon in 1930; and .ripte." Others Were 1!)I9; Gallanl Pox Giiiaha in 1935. The Admiral retired for thesca- scn after winning Ihe Pimllco Scabiscuit, with earnings of S1C8.G42.50, won ]1 of Ills 14 starts as a 4-yi'ar-olcl. He b a bay oolt by Hard Tack-Swing On nnd is owned by Col. clmrtes S. Howard of San Francisco. He finished second to Rosemont in the Santa Anita Handicap early this year and is being pointed' for the mile and a quarter classic again next year. Menow. a bay son of Pharamm n. was the best juvenile colt and Mrs. E. Friemlly's Jacola the best S-year-old filly. William Zlr^ler, Jr.'s Esjiosa, a S-year-old daughter of Espino-Quick Batter, was Ihe best mure. . Motion- Set Kccoril Menow won three out of six storls, including the Slakes land Belmont Hie lal Ions American record of l:is 1-5 His earnings were $67,025. 'Champugne 3 Land Belmont Futurity. In liter he set a new 6',f. fur- Jacola, a brown lilly by Jaco'w, out of Lfl France, won four of her nine starts for a total of $28,415. Her outstanding victory was the Selinin Stakes at Laurel, SAY, BUPDiE, POES A MAW MAAAED HOOPLE LIVE HERE? ME DID ME A <3COD TURN ONCE/ OWE HIM A LOT/ WHEW I HAMP HIM WHAT HE MAS CTOMIMQ,! WAMT n TO BET A Bia SURPRISE / TH 1 GOOD-BYE MAWDSHAKE/ CREDITOR- ... D. Mars' Milky Way stable by a small margin. The toiler slable had $208,125 to its credit'when the Eastern racing season closed in late November. Belli stnbles are expected to battle It out for the leadership at the Santa Anita meetirig which opens Christmas Day. Jockey Adams leader Jockey Jack Adams, with close to 200 winners, was far out in front of all other jockeys and -,ti!l going strong as the' Tanforan meeting closed on Dec. 18. Tlie 17-yctir-oM Kansas apprentice had the leadership'clinched at that lime. John Hay Whltrfty's stallion. The Porter, apparently held a safe ii-ad over Man O' War as the leading sire as the season drew Esposa successful in eight to a close. His get had won approximately $250.000 in first moni-s before official tabulations weie made known. A total of 187 yearlings—528 at Saratoga and 25!) nt Lexiu»ton —were sold for $1,408,115, an average of $1.789 this year The highest price of the sales and highest for seven years, was $2li- 000. paid by Warren Wright for « bnv colt by Sir Gallahiul III- Miu-chlng Along, which will be known to the turf as Temulac. Canadian racing enjoyed a moderately prosperous year. Distribution of purses and stakes at the 21 tracks operated In the Dom"i- iou totaled $1,007,512, an increase of $45,097 over 1936. The Cocgrave' Stable, H C _ Hatch and Erindale Stable fmis 1 !- Jn ed ns named cm the monev winning list. None of that trio's ca.n- Alabama's Choice for Lucky Star Make events for earnings of $48.880. Her mast important .success was in the Itawie Handicap in which she scored a Irard driving victory over Seabiscuit. _ --„.,„ ^^ ittai. IIHJ & Cit(ll~ paigners earned less than $30000' Goldiure was the leader amon" the ermine performers, winning- 5"i(>l J. A. Brent led the trainers by saddling 4C winners and Pat Emi- Hircch Jacobs,, for the fifth con- Hard headed (lie Jockey list with sea, ,ve yetar, led the trainers by, 101 victories during the Cana h a wide margin. NOW awaiting Mis! (.'anipnten Canadian jpening of the Florida season in " . Miami, the former plgeon-fanci«r Breaking n f -1,1,, has 131 winning races to his credit, item on ocean * Farly In December the stable of erage voyage a Charles S. Howard led the list of 12000 wjjh close to 5210,000, pass- plates. bl ff on ocean liners. An an av- , Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. W. 0. Reeves, Agent So. ]{. R. S(reet Kiyihcvillc Ark. I'hone 555 Margaret Early, above, has a job envied by other Hollywood starlets—she has been selected to serve as Alabama University's luck star" (mascot, in plain American) for the Rose Bowl football game at Pasadena on New Year's day. Miss Early is 17 and a native oj New Orleans. IF. You Take Advantage of Our FREE SERVICE for Brakes . . . Lights ... Battery . . . Wheel Alignment you can be sure of good performance from your car all through the winter. LET US SUPPLY YOUK "WIN- TEH CAB NEEDS." Ford Anti-Freeze Prestone Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas 13]c Tax Paid Brands „, Beer, „„,,„,, Winc , G|n and ^^ Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton Highway 61—Holland, Mo. I AUCTION SALE MONDAY, JANUARY 10th try'our NEW StA/TRV GAY & BILLINGS I'llONK 7fi OVER 200 FARM IMPLEMENTS 20 HEAD CHOICE MULES Several Repossessed Tractors AND ONE I,OT OF TRACTOR EQUIPMENT SALE STARTS 9 A. M. TERMS CASH Due to extreme conditions we are forced to repossess several thousand dollars worth of farm machinery and mules which we arc forced lo sell to the highest bidder. Rain t or Shine, this sale will hs held. Don't miss It. SALE AT Paul By rum i>r vnni»c»\TtT » i-. . . BLYTHEVILLE, AKK. ——^= ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest cl sing ^^ of ^ FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance .. Fire l nsura nct Investment Secnritie* OSCEOLA, ARK. .,'. •>»a*i5

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